By Katie 59


Chapter One



Walker entered his private office to find Trivette there waiting for him, before Walker could say anything Trivette said "You're going to sit down and listen to what I have to say." Walker replied "Is that so?"

"Yes it is, Captain Walker. Now I know that Nancy Danville is innocent of the charges that you had D.A. Moody file against her and I will prove it, no matter what I have to do." Trivette informed Walker.

"First of all Trivette I did not have Moody file charges against anyone, that was what he decided to do after Detective Grear presented him with the evidence in those home invasion cases. I had no say in it." Walker answered Trivette who snapped "Sure you didn't have anything to do with it; you were the one who got Edith Desmoine to confess and implicate Nancy in it. Just because she made a remark about Sam's looks at the tripletís second birthday party was no reason for you to railroad Nancy."

"Trivette I am not railroading anyone and you know that." Walker said while trying to keep a hold of his temper but Trivette was having no problem controlling his temper because he snapped at Walker "The hell that you're not. Nancy was placed in handcuffs in front of her staff and dragged off to jail. So how can you sit there and tell me that you had nothing to do with it? You had Cooper, Swanson, Cooke and Gage investigating her behind my back for God's sake."

"That's quite enough Ranger Trivette. I had Rangers Swanson, Cooper, Cooke and Gage investigating the widow Desmoine and it wasn't behind your back. It was Edith Desmoine who said that Nancy Danville gave her the security codes so that the home invasions could be carried out. It was Edith Desmoine who produced those security codes that had been written down on a piece of paper by none other than Nancy Danville. Trivette you know that Moody didn't file charges until after he had the handwriting analyzed and it was verified as being Nancy Danville's. Trivette maybe you should take a step back and think things over before you risk your career defending Nancy." Walker said to Trivette.

"Tell me something Walker, when Alex was arrested for Tony Seville's murder did you take a step back and think things over before you risked your career trying to clear her name? Don't bothering answering that because we both know that you didn't. You did everything that you could to clear Alex's name, so don't tell me to take a step back and think things over." Trivette answered.

"Trivette you know as well as I do that Alex was innocent then." Walker told Trivette who told him "Just like Nancy is now and I will prove it even if I have to take you on Walker."

"How do you plan on clearing her while still being a Ranger?" Walker questioned Trivette who replied "By quitting the Rangers. That's why I'm here, to submit my resignation effective right now." Trivette took out his gun laid it on Walker's desk and then removed his Texas Ranger star leaving that on Walker's desk too then he started to leave Walker's office.

Walker said "Trivette, don't do this. She's not worth it." Trivette stopped and answered "She is to me; we're going to be getting married just as soon as I can get her out of jail on bail. Goodbye Walker."

After Trivette left Walker picked up his phone and called Commander Harland "Commander Harland, this is Walker. I wanted you to know that Ranger Trivette just resigned over this situation with his girlfriend being arrested as an accomplice to those fatal home invasions."

Harland said "You didn't accept his resignation, did you?" Walker answered "No I didn't accept Trivette's resignation but he left my office before I could tell him that. I think that for right now it's best that Ranger Trivette be considered to be on leave until the matter concerning his girlfriend is settled."

"Okay, thanks for calling me to let me know what was happening Walker." Harland said and hung up. Walker took Trivette's star and gun and locked them in his desk drawer then he went into the outer office where he announced "Ranger Trivette will be on a leave of absence for awhile." Gage, Cooper, Swanson and Cooke looked at Walker and when Gage went to say something Walker told them "I believe that you have cases that you're working on?" Walker then went back into his private office.


Chapter Two


Alex looked up as Trivette entered her office and asked him "Jimmy what brings you by? Do you need a search warrant for Walker?" Trivette answered "Alex I came here to ask you to represent Nancy for me."

"I can't do that." Alex replied upsetting Trivette who questioned her "Why not? Is it because she made that remark about Sam at the tripletís second birthday party? Please Alex; I can't stand the thought of Nancy spending another night in jail. She needs your help and she needs it now."

"She hasn't made bail yet?" Alex questioned him. "No because I don't have fifty thousand dollars on hand to bail her out."

"I have that kind of money, if you want me to I'll post bail for her." Alex offered.

"You will? Won't that upset Walker, you representing someone that he's helping D.A. Moody to railroad?" Trivette asked Alex who answered "Trivette I agreed to post bail for Nancy, not represent her. Let me make this clear, I will not represent her in any legal actions. Furthermore Jimmy why are you talking about my husband like that? Walker would never railroad anyone or for that matter help anyone railroad someone. Trivette you know better that than about Walker."

"Why won't you represent Nancy? Alex I know that she's innocent; she was framed by the real criminals. Why D.A. Moody and Walker can't or won't bring themselves to see that is beyond me." Trivette tried again to sway Alex but she replied "Trivette I do not defend people, I see that they are convicted for their crimes. Also like my husband, I don't share your view that Nancy is innocent. Trivette are you sure that you're not letting your feelings for Nancy blind you to what she may have done?"

"You sound just like that husband of yours. Listen I'm wasting my time here, Mrs. Walker. I thought that you were my friend but I guess that I was wrong. Goodbye." Trivette told Alex and started to leave when she asked him "Jimmy, do you or do you not want me to bail your girlfriend out?"

"Yes I want you to bail Nancy out. Alex, can you post the bail so that she'll be out by tonight?" Trivette questioned Alex who answered "I'll call and find out when I can bail Nancy out and let you know. You'll be at Ranger headquarters, right?"

"No I won't be because I resigned. I won't be a Ranger when the captain in charge is helping the D.A. railroad the woman that I love." Trivette replied stunning Alex who said "Oh Jimmy, you didn't resign did you? Are you that sure about her?"

"I love Nancy more than I have ever loved anyone and as soon as she's out of jail we're going to get married." Trivette answered.

"For your sake Trivette I hope that you're right about her but I know that D.A. Moody isn't in the habit of filing charges against people that he can't get convictions against. However I said that I would post bail for Nancy and I will. I'll call you at home later and let you know when she'll be released. Now if you'll excuse me I have to figure out how to get fifty thousand together." Alex said to Trivette who told her "Alex, it's really not that big of a deal. I mean that you're not really risking any of your money, now are you?"

"If she jumps bail I lose that fifty thousand." Alex pointed out to Trivette who assured Alex "You won't, Nancy would no more jump bail than she would have been involved with the crimes Moody's charging her with. Call me as soon as you've arranged it Alex, I can't wait to get married."

"Trivette, Nancy can't leave the state while she's free on bail, it's considered a violation of her release and would result in her being put back into the county jail." Alex stated but Trivette told her "I don't care that the state says she can't leave it while on bail. Nancy and I are getting married as soon as possible."

"I didn't hear that. Trivette as an officer of the court I have to inform them when I know that someone is violating the terms of their release. As soon as you leave I'll get started on Nancy's bail." Alex said to Trivette who took the hint and left her office. After Trivette left Alex called up her husband and told him "Walker, I've agreed to post bail for Trivette so that his girlfriend could get out of jail."

"I don't think that you should do that Alex. You should just let her stay in jail, it's where she belongs." Walker told his wife who told him "Well I told him that I would post bail and I'm going to. I feel so bad for Jimmy; I think he's fallen really hard for Nancy. However Walker since we're both paid to work, we'll talk about this at home later."


Chapter Three


After their children were all sleeping Walker and Alex were relaxing in their living room when the phone rang. Walker told his wife "I'd better get it." He left the room and answered the phone to find out that it was Erica so he brought the phone into Alex who took it and said "Erica, this is Alex. Did you need something?"

"I really called Walker to see if he knew where Jimmy was because he didn't show up to pick J.W. up like he had promised him that he would. They were supposed to see a movie and have dinner. Did Walker say anything to you about Jimmy working late?" Erica questioned Alex who asked "Trivette didn't tell you?"

"Didn't tell me what?" Erica asked back.

"That he resigned from the Rangers today. Erica most likely Trivette is with Nancy, she got out on bail this evening." Alex answered her friend who then questioned "What kind of idiot would post bail for that woman?"

"I did, Jimmy asked me to so I did. Erica I didn't bail her out because I like her, because I don't. Trivette was so upset by her still being in jail that I felt as though I should help him out." Alex explained.

"Jimmy has always made sure that he picked J.W. up whenever they had plans unless some Ranger business came up and those times he always made sure to let our son know why his dad wasn't coming. Alex you should have left her rot in jail, it's what she deserves. Now I have to tell my son that his dad blew him off to spend time with that woman." Erica said to Alex.

"I'm sorry about that Erica but like I told you I felt sorry for Trivette and that was the only way that I could help him so I did. But I must admit that I'm worried about him because he's not seeing anything clearly when it comes to Nancy. I mean he quit the Rangers and Jimmy was always so proud to be a Texas Ranger. Listen if you hear from him can you let us know? Because I don't think that he'll call here any time soon." Alex told Erica who questioned "Why wouldn't Jimmy call there? He and Walker are good friends, aren't they?"

"Not right now because Trivette told me that he resigned from the Rangers because he couldn't stand by and watch as Walker and Moody railroad the woman that he loves." Alex replied.

"Alex, Walker didn't accept that resignation did he? I mean shouldn't he let Jimmy have some leave or something until he comes to his senses? He deserves at least that much, everyone should be allowed to make a mistake and not pay for it with their career." Erica asked Alex who answered "No Walker didn't accept his resignation but Trivette doesn't know that because he left Ranger headquarters before Walker could tell him that. So if you hear from Jimmy can you tell him that?"

"Okay if I hear from Jimmy I'll let him know that he's on leave and I'll call you and let you know where he's at." Erica replied and then hung up the phone.

After she returned the phone to the kitchen Alex came back into the living room and said to her husband "I don't want to hear from you too about my posting bail for Trivette's girlfriend."

"I heard what you told Erica and while I think you shouldn't have bailed her out, it's your money to do whatever you want with it. By the way how did you know to tell Erica that I hadn't accepted Trivette's resignation? Because I don't remember telling you that." Walker questioned his wife who told him "I know you honey and you would no more accept Trivette's resignation that you would resign from the Rangers yourself."

"I would resign from the Rangers for you, you know that don't you Alex?" Walker asked Alex who answered "I know that Walker but that's never going to happen because I kind of like being married to my very own Texas Ranger. I mean he does such a good job of making me feel so secure at night."

Walker teased back "Well Mrs. Walker, I kind of like being married to my very own A.D.A., that is when she lets me get a word in edge-wise." Alex laughed and teased her husband "Cowboy, you don't mind me doing most of the talking because you like to be a man of action."

"Is that so lady?" Walker asked as he pulled Alex close. "You know it. Now, do we go upstairs or stay down here for that 'action?" Alex questioned her husband who said nothing as he pulled Alex up from the couch and led her to their bedroom where they closed the door behind them.

The next morning when Alex woke up she was still lying in her husband's arms. Noticing that Walker was awake Alex asked him "Walker, where do you think Trivette is at? You don't think he went and did something stupid, do you?" Walker answered his wife "I have no idea where Trivette is at and why are you so worried about him doing something stupid as you put it?"

Alex replied "Because when I agreed to post bail for Nancy Jimmy told me that as soon as she was out they were going to get married."

"Alex, Nancy can't leave the state when she's out on bail." Walker pointed out to his wife as he moved away from her. Alex said "I know that and I told Trivette that but with him not bothering to pick his son up last night I wonder if they ran off to Las Vegas to get married."

"Alex you know if you hadn't posted bail Nancy would still be in jail and you wouldn't have to worry about what Trivette was doing. Maybe you should have left well enough alone." Walker told Alex who questioned him as she got up from the bed "What's that supposed to mean? I told you that I bailed Miss Danville out because Jimmy all but begged me too. Walker I think that he really loves her."

Getting up from bed also Walker said "I just think that there are times when you feel sorry for someone and that clouds your judgement. Trivette would have gotten over Nancy just like he got over all the other women that he decided were the loves of his life. That's all I meant."

"Not this time because Trivette wants more than anything to save the woman that he loves from the people that he thinks are out to hurt her. I just hope that he doesn't find out the hard way that she's not worth it." Alex replied as she headed to the bathroom but the phone rang so she stopped and answered it "The Walkers."

"Ma'am is there a Captain Walker of the Texas Rangers there?" The caller asked and Alex handed the phone to her husband as she told him "It's someone who wants to talk with a Captain Walker." Taking the phone Walker said "This is Walker."

"Captain Walker, this is Captain Tanner of the Las Vegas police department, we have a man in custody whose I.D. says that he's James Trivette and that he's a Texas Ranger." Tanner answered Walker who questioned him "May I ask why you have him in custody."

"Last night he became very drunk and disorderly at one of our hotel casinos and was brought downtown by our officers to spend the night in jail sobering up. While there he was jumped by several others inmates and had to be placed in the infirmary section of the county jail." Tanner replied.

"What was he doing in the general population to begin with?" Walker asked Tanner who answered "The arresting officers didn't believe that he was a Texas Ranger when he told them that he was and had him put in the drunk tank. That was where someone told the others that he was a Texas Ranger and they jumped him. The guards got to him before there was too much damage done but he does have several stitches and quite a few bruises. Now the reason that I called was because the brass would like someone to come and get Ranger Trivette and take him back to Texas as soon as possible. The brass would prefer to forget about the whole thing if you know what I mean."

Walker answered "I will be there to get Ranger Trivette as soon as I can catch a plane, in the meantime do you know where his girlfriend is?"

"The hotel clerks said that there was a woman with your Ranger when he checked in but that she disappeared. Why is there something we should know about her?" Tanner asked Walker who replied "The woman was most likely Nancy Danville and she was out on bail pending trial for a list of charges including conspiracy in a murder case. If you find her please arrest her and hold her until I get there, will you?"

"Okay we will, I'll see you when you get here Captain Walker." Tanner said. Walker hung up the phone and told his wife "Something happened last night between Nancy and Trivette in Las Vegas and he ended up drunk in the county jail where he was jumped by the other inmates. The brass there wants me to come and get him so that they could forget about it. I'm going to take the next plane."

"I'm sorry Walker; I never should have bailed Nancy out." Alex told her husband who said "I know but I'd better go and get Trivette from the jail that he's in."


Chapter Four


Walker entered the Las Vegas police department and told the desk clerk "My name is Captain Walker of the Texas Rangers and I'm here to pick up Ranger Trivette." The clerk told him "Yes Ranger Walker, Captain Tanner is waiting for you. Just follow me and I'll take you right to him." Walker followed the clerk to Tanner's office where he was told to take a seat that Tanner would be there shortly with Trivette.

About ten minutes later Trivette entered the room followed by a man who said as he shook Walker's hand "I'm Captain Tanner, thank you for coming to get your Ranger so quickly Captain Walker." Walker replied "No problem but have you found Nancy Danville yet?"

"No we haven't, if we do we'll let you know." Tanner answered Walker and then addressed Trivette "Ranger perhaps the next time you decide to get drunk and disorderly you will do it somewhere else because we don't need out of state cops getting drunk and adding to our problems."

Trivette said "I believe that beating I received in jail more than made up for any trouble that you think I caused last night. I should file charges against your department." Tanner replied "We can file charges too Ranger and you were the one who was drunk and disorderly according to the eye witnesses. You two best be on your way to the airport that you can catch the next flight back to Texas. You never know what might happen if you decide to stick around town looking for your girlfriend Ranger Trivette."

Walker intervened "Come on let's go Trivette, we have a plane to catch." Trivette looked like he wanted to say something else to Tanner but decided to follow Walker out of the door instead. Once they were on the plane Trivette said "I don't want to hear one word from you about Nancy."

"I won't say a thing but my wife might want to know if Miss Danville is going to show up for her trial, otherwise Alex is out that fifty thousand." Walker said as he looked over at his friend who groaned. Walker then questioned him "So who beat you up? Your cellmates or the cops?"

"Both, the cops hit me in the head with their night sticks before they threw me in that cell as they told the inmates that I was a big bad Texas Ranger. Needless to say they ganged up on me but I did manage to get a few good punches in before one of the cops thought better about what they had done and talked the other cops into removing me from that cell." Trivette answered Walker.

After they were silent for awhile Trivette asked Walker "Why did you come get me anyhow? I'm no longer a Ranger because I resigned, remember?" Walker answered "I didn't accept your resignation and as far as Commander Harland is concerned you're on leave for the time being. Trivette do you want me to take you to see a doctor or do you want me to drop you off at home?"

"Home as long as you don't show up later with that purge stuff and make me drink it again. It was the worse thing that I'd ever drank, by far." Trivette answered Walker who said "That's the whole idea, so that you'll think twice about getting yourself into that state again."

†††††††††† After a few more moments of silence Trivette questioned "Just how mad is Alex at me for Nancy jumping bail? I mean I cost Alex fifty thousand dollars, right?"

"Alex is more worried about how you're doing that she is about the money Trivette, you know that." Walker replied and Trivette then asked "Can we go out to your ranch? I want to tell Alex that I'm sorry for insisting that she bail Nancy out."

"Alex is at work right now Trivette but if you want you can go to the ranch and take a ride on one of the horses." Walker suggested to Trivette who answered "I think that I'll do just that right after I call Erica and tell her how sorry I am for not picking J.W. last night. I would have been a lot better off if I had done that instead of what I did end up doing."

"You can always have Erica bring him to the ranch and get started on teaching him how to ride horse. I just got this colt, Cloud for Ray so J.W. can learn to ride on him, he's real gentle." Walker said causing Trivette to ask "You bought your four year old son his own colt to ride? Has Alex threatened to kill you yet over it?"

"Not exactly because she doesn't know that the colt belongs to Ray, yet. So I'm safe for a little while, I hope." Walker teased.


Chapter Five


Alex came home from work early and seeing that the barn doors were open decided to go see who was in her barn. Entering the barn she found Trivette trying to talk his son J.W. into getting on the colt "Come on J.W. you have nothing to be scared of, remember how nice Cloud was when you petted him? Don't you want to learn to ride a horse like Daddy does?"

"But Daddy what if I fall off? It will hurt, won't it? I don't like it when I get hurt, do you Daddy?" J.W. asked his father who replied "You won't fall off son because I'm going to be right beside you when you're on him. We're just going to have him take you for a short walk so that you can get used to being on a horse. I promise that I won't let you get hurt."

"Okay Daddy but if I fall off I'm telling Mommy on you, she said that you had to make sure that I didn't fall off and get hurt." J.W. told his dad who settled his son into the saddle as Alex asked "That's a nice looking colt Trivette, who does he belong to?"

Before Trivette could answer J.W. said "Aunt Alex, Uncle Walker said that I could break him in for Ray, his name is Cloud." Alex looked at Trivette who tried to avoid her look so Alex said "J.W. I just know that you'll do a good job breaking him in for Ray. When you're done why don't you two come to the house? I'm sure that Angela and Ray would like to play with you J.W."

"We will Aunt Alex." J.W. answered so Trivette agreed "Okay, we'll do that." Alex nodded and left the barn. Entering the house Alex told Betty "I'm home if you want to leave now."

Betty replied "You're early, I wasn't expecting you to get home quite so early so I decided to have the children help me bake some cookies, I'll leave after the cookies are done." Alex then told the nanny "You know what Betty; I've decided that I'm taking the girls shopping. Would you mind keeping an eye on Ray, Sam and Coop until Walker gets here?"

"Okay I'll have the three of them be my official cookie tasters." Betty told Alex who laughed "You really do know how to keep them out of trouble, don't you?"

Walker who had come home asked "Keep who out of trouble?" Alex answered "Certainly not you Cordell because you're in it up to your eyeballs."

"What's that supposed to mean Alexandra?" Walker questioned his wife who answered "I was just in the barn and J.W. told me that he was breaking Cloud in for my very young son Ray. How could you buy Ray a colt at his age? Exactly when were you planning on telling me about it by the way? Were you going to wait to tell me after Ray fell off and broke a leg or something?"

"He's not that much younger than Angela was when I got her 'Baby Princess' to ride. Now am I wrong or do I smell some home made cookies?" Walker answered in an attempt to change the subject. Betty told him "I made some cookies, Ray, Sam and Coop are going to test taste them for me."

Picking one up off the cooling rack and biting into it Walker said "They taste great as always Betty." Then he picked up several more and told his wife "I think that I'll see how Trivette and J.W. are doing."

"Take your sons with you because I'm taking my daughters out shopping." Alex informed her husband then she left the kitchen, got Angela and Michaela then left the ranch. After she drove away Walker got his three sons and headed to the barn where Trivette was taking J.W. off of Cloud.

Spotting Walker J.W. said "Uncle Walker I did a real good job of breaking Cloud in for Ray. Ask my Daddy how good I was." Trivette told his son "You were real good son and I'm proud of you and so is Uncle Walker."

Trivette then questioned "So how mad is Alex at me?" Walker answered "Trivette right now my wife is more interested in how furious she is with me than being mad at you. She knows that I bought Cloud for Ray."

"Alex'll get over being upset with you, she always does." Trivette informed Walker who said "She'd better get over it soon because my son is going to learn how to ride a horse. My father taught me how to ride a horse when I was young and I'm going to teach my sons how to ride a horse when they are young too."

"So does that mean J.W. and I should just go home instead of stopping at the house so that J.W. can play with Ray and Angela?" Trivette asked Walker who replied "Alex took her daughters shopping so you might as well come to the house and help the boys and I eat the cookies that Betty made."

"That sounds better yet." Trivette replied as they headed to the house.


Chapter Six


Several hours later Trivette asked "Hey Walker, when are you planning on feeding us?" Walker answered "What do you mean, feed you? You ate all the cookies that Betty made. Alex is going to kill you, she wanted some of them."

"I did not, at least not by myself. You and your sons ate most of them. My son and I only had a couple of them." Trivette said.

"A couple at a time and you hit the cookie tray at least seven times. Therefore you get to tell Alex that she doesn't get any cookies because you ate them all." Walker was answering as Angela came into the house followed by Michaela. Angela told her father as she handed him a couple of pizzas "Daddy, Mommy wants you to meet her in the barn. She told me to tell you that she wants to talk with you about something. I think she wants to talk about Ray and his pony Cloud."

Trivette questioned "Hey Walker do you want me to back you up? After you'll be in the barn all by yourself with a woman who's steamed at you." Walker got up and said "Why don't you try and be helpful Trivette? Take the pizza and the kids into the dining room and feed them, would you? You can handle that, can't you?"

"Sure thing partner but if you need help I'll be right here, just make sure you yell loud enough for me to hear." Trivette kept up the remarks as Walker ignored him left the house and went to the barn. Noticing Alex standing by Cloud's stall Walker told her "Before you say anything Alex, I am going to teach Ray to ride a horse just like I'm going to teach Sam and Coop too when they get to be the same age as Ray is now. So I suggest that you just accept it because I'm not going to change my mind no matter how much you carry on."

"Is that so Cordell Walker?" Alex questioned her husband who replied "Yes and I don't want to hear another word from you on the subject. As far as I concerned the subject is closed."

Alex picked up the package that she had laying on the ground and all but slammed it into Walker's chest then she left the barn. Walker opened the package to find a cowboy hat and a pair of cowboy boots in Ray's size. Placing them back into the bag Walker took the bag into the house where Trivette was trying to referee the children who were all trying to grab the same piece of pizza.

Walker whistled and when the children looked at him he told them "All right you guys that's enough, settle down. Sit down in your chairs, then and only then will you get your pizza. Now who wants what?" The minute Walker said that the children all started talking at the same time. Alex who had come into the dining room from the kitchen asked her husband "Walker did you save me and the girls any cookies? Or did you eat them all by yourself?"

"Trivette and his son ate them all." Walker answered causing Trivette to say "We did not; it was Walker and those sons of his."

"Fine since you guys ate the cookies the girls and I get our pizza first, Angela you take yours first then help Michaela get her's while I get mine." After that was done Alex said "J. W. and Ray it's your turn to get your pizza then help Sam and Coop get theirs." The older boys did as she asked leaving no pizza for Walker or Trivette who both questioned at the same time " What about us?"

"I believe that your bellies are already filled from eating all of the cookies, so there." Alex answered them but she did take pity on Walker and Trivette and took a piece of pizza from both Ray and J.W. and handed it to them. After they had eaten Angela asked her mother "Mommy did you tell Daddy what you told Mikey and me at the mall? You know about the boys and the girls?"

Walker questioned "What did you tell your daughters at the mall Alex? You know about my sons and your daughters?" Alex answered "That you would be in charge of when the boys learned how to ride a horse and that I would be in charge of what the girls wore and when they wore it. Got a problem with that dear?"

"No I don't as long as I can object if I don't like what they're wearing." Walker replied but Alex informed him "You can object and while I will listen to what you have to say I will have the final say in what our daughters wear just like you have the final say about when our sons learn how to ride a horse."

"Okay, I should know better than to argue with a lawyer. By the way when are you going to give our son the things you brought for him?" Walker asked his wife who got another bag from the counter as she answered "You give them to him while I give J.W. his."

J.W. took his bag and after seeing his cowboy hat and boots told his father "Daddy, I'm a real cowboy now." Trivette said "You sure are son." Walker handed Ray his bag, Ray took his boots and hat out of the bag and asked his father "Daddy when can I learn to ride Cloud?"

"Soon son but first you have to let him get used to you and we'll start that this weekend. Now right now I think that it's time you children got ready for bed." Walker answered.

Alex walked Trivette and J.W. to their car, after J.W. was buckled in Alex told him "Jimmy if you need to talk about what happened, I'm here and I won't judge."

"I just might take you up on that Alex but right now I need to get my son home to his mother. Thanks for the hat and boots, he loves them." Trivette answered and got into his car and left the ranch.


Chapter Seven


When Alex entered their bedroom Walker asked "So are you still mad at me about buying Cloud for Ray?" Alex replied "Walker I thought that it was obvious that I had accepted the fact you were going to teach our son how to ride a horse, even though I think he's too young. After all I did buy him a cowboy hat and boots to wear while riding Cloud."

"Alex I can tell that you're still upset with me." Walker pointed out to his wife who answered "What upset me was the fact that you felt you had to sneak behind my back and buy our son a colt without talking with me about it first. Walker, if you had bothered to tell me about it beforehand I wouldn't have gotten mad at you. I'm not some sort of witch that you have to hide things from, now am I?"

"No you're not and I was going to tell you about it but I saw Cloud when I over at the Mark Two ranch. I just knew that he would be perfect for Ray so I bought him. As for why I didn't tell you about it after I brought Cloud to our ranch, I know that you think that I taught Angela how to ride a horse when she was too young and Ray's even younger than she was then." Walker explained.

"Walker, why do you want our children to learn how to ride a horse at such a young age? Is there a reason that you haven't told me about?" Alex questioned her husband who answered "The reason I want them to learn so young as you put it is because my father taught me how to ride a horse when I was barely walking, at least that was what my mother told me. Seriously Alex, I think that if I teach them when they are young they will be able to handle themselves and the horse no matter what happens. However I do not plan to just put Ray on Cloud, I want the two of them to get used to each other first. After that happens I'll teach Ray how to ride Cloud and how to care for him too."

"Okay honey but do me a favor will you?" Alex asked. "What favor dear?" Walker asked back.

"Let me know when you're putting Ray on Cloud for the first time so that I can be elsewhere. I know that I'll be nervous wreck about it and I don't want Ray picking up on that and getting nervous himself. "Alex replied causing Walker to laugh as he pulled her close "I will honey but I never remember you being a nervous wreck about anything."

"I was the first time you put Angela on Baby Princess, it took everything that I had in me not to demand that you come to your senses and take my baby off of that horse. All I could think of was that my baby was going to fall off and break a leg and if she did I was going to have to strangle you for getting my baby hurt." Alex said.

Walker looked at Alex as he told her "Alex you would never strangle me because you love me too much and you know that. However maybe I should make you prove that you love me, after all you did say that you had thought about strangling me at one time."

Alex smiled and said as she headed to the bathroom "I'm taking a shower but if you want to you can join me and show me how much you love me because after all you ate all of the cookies. Now a loving husband doesn't do that to his wife, now does he?"

Walker grabbed Alex dropped her onto the bed and said "You can shower after we're done lady." Alex told him "As long as you join me, otherwise I'm taking my shower first." Walker just started kissing his wife until Alex moaned "Keep kissing me like that and I won't care if I ever get a shower."

As they were really getting heated up the phone rang. Alex told her husband "Don't you dare answer that." Walker pulled away as he reluctantly picked up the phone and growled into it "Walker, who are you and want do you want?"

"Can I talk to Alex?" Trivette asked and Walker handed the phone to Alex who took it and questioned "What do you want?"

"Is that offer to talk still open?" Trivette questioned Alex who replied "Yes but can't it wait until tomorrow?"

"Did I call at a bad time? You're not still mad at Walker about Cloud, are you?" Trivette asked Alex and she told him "No, right now I'm mad at you because your timing stinks. Jimmy if you want to talk tomorrow I'll be in my office until noon then I'll be off the rest of the day. You can either meet me in my office or come out to the ranch, which do you want to do?"

"Is your office at nine, okay?" Trivette questioned Alex who answered "That's fine I'll see you then." After she hung up the phone Alex turned to her husband and asked him "Now where were we?"

"We were having fun but I'm afraid that I'm no longer in the mood." Walker teased his wife who slid her hand down Walker's body until she reached her target and told him "Liar, since you started this you're going to finish it." Walker finished it.


Chapter Seven


Trivette met with Alex in her office, as he sat down he said "I feel like such a fool, both you and Walker warned me that Nancy was no good but would I listen? No I didn't and now I'm married to a murderer."

Alex held her hand up and told him "Stop right there, don't say another word until after you've given me a dollar." A puzzled Trivette reached into his pocket removed a dollar and handed it to Alex as he asked her "Why do you want a dollar?"

Taking the dollar Alex replied "Now I can say that I'm your lawyer, Jimmy we need to talk but we can't do it in my office because it would be a conflict of interest. So I want you to meet me at the ranch and then we can discuss Nancy as attorney and client. In the meantime you are not to answer any questions about her or anything else got that?"

"I can't answer any questions about her because I was stupid enough to marry her in Las Vegas. That's why she married me, because spouses aren't allowed to testify against each other." Trivette bitterly answered.

"That's not exactly true but we shouldn't have this talk here, I'll see you at the ranch at one." Alex told Trivette who took the hint and left her office. Alex picked up the phone and called her husband "Walker, it's me Alex. I just called you to let you know that I'm acting as Jimmy's attorney and that he's not to talk with anyone about Miss Danville until I tell him that he can."

"Does he know where she's at?" Walker questioned but Alex replied "Captain Walker, I can't tell you anything that my client told me just yet. After I meet with him I'll let you know what he can tell you about Miss Danville."

"Okay Miss Cahill-Walker, thanks for calling me. As for your client please advise him that he's has several weeks of vacation time that he can use during his leave, okay?" Walker asked.

"I will Captain Walker, see you later." Alex answered.

At the ranch Trivette said to Alex "As you know I married Nancy in Las Vegas. Man how could I have been so stupid?"

"Jimmy you are not stupid. Now tell me why you think that you married a murderer and why you think that you can't testify against her?" Alex questioned Trivette who answered "Come on Alex, spouses aren't allowed to testify against each other, everyone knows that."

"That's not the law, the law states that you can't force a spouse to testify against their mate but there is nothing that says they can't testify against their spouse if they want to. Why did Miss Danville tell you that?" Alex told him.

"Yes. Alex are you saying that if I want to I can testify that I know for a fact that Nancy is a murderer?" Trivette asked Alex who said "Yes now will you please tell me what happened? You married her because you believed that Nancy was innocent now it seems that you think she's guilty of being involved in those deadly home invasions."

"Those deaths and several others. After we were married we were in the hotel room where she thought that I was taking a shower but I was going back in the room to ask Nancy to join me in the shower when I heard her on the phone. Alex she was talking to this other man and she was laughing about how I had gotten her bailed out of jail and that I had been stupid enough to marry her. She then told this other man that as soon as I was sleeping she would meet him downstairs in the lobby. I confronted Nancy about what I had heard and she told me that I was so stupid, that she had only married me to get away from Texas and the legal troubles that she was in. When I told her that we were returning to Texas, Nancy laughed at me and told me that there was no way she was returning there with me. That if she had to she would kill me like she had killed husband's two and three, that she had made a mistake when she had divorced husband #1 Andrew Wheeler instead of killing him too. Alex, she was only too happy to tell me all about how she had killed those men. When I told her that I would get an annulment and testify against her Nancy said that I couldn't get an annulment because we had had sex, making the marriage legal. She also said that I couldn't testify against her because you're not allowed to testify against a spouse. Nancy then laughed as she was leaving the hotel room that I was the biggest fool that she had ever met. I went down in the lobby to try and find her but I couldn't so I got good and drunk and ended up in that jail cell." Trivette finished his explanation.

"Okay Jimmy here's what we're going to do. First we have to officially tell Walker what you've told me. Then he has to find out if Miss Danville does have two dead husbands and if so was she involved in their deaths. Then we have to find her and bring her back to Texas to stand trial. Now before you say anything I want you to know that you are going to be subjected to ridicule by some people. Are you willing to go through that?" Alex said.

"Yes I am, I'm the one who saw to it that she was freed on bail and I will see to it that Miss Danville or whatever her name is faces justice." Trivette vowed.

"Okay I'll call up Walker and arrange a time for you to give a statement. Are you free the rest of the day?" Alex questioned.

"Look why don't we just go see Walker and get this over with? You can call Walker on the way there and tell him that I'm giving a statement about Miss Danville. The sooner we can get started on this the better. I want to return to work, that is if Commander Harland doesn't know that I resigned." Trivette suggested

"Neither Commander Harland or Walker accepted it and Captain Walker told me to tell you that you have several weeks of vacation time that you can use during your leave. But for now we'd better get to Ranger headquarters." Alex replied and they went to Ranger headquarters where Trivette gave his statement.


Chapter Eight


After Trivette gave his statement he asked Walker "Now what?" Walker replied "For now you're on leave until you're ready to return to work."

"Who gets to decide that? You or me?" Trivette questioned Walker.

"Trivette you'll know when you're ready to return to work. Just let me know the night before, will you?" Walker answered his former partner.

"Okay. Walker I promise you that I will find Nancy and bring her to justice." Trivette stated causing Alex to say "Jimmy maybe you should let someone else worry about finding her. Right now you might not be thinking clearly because of what you've just been through."

Walker however said to his wife "Alex, that's Trivette's call to make." Alex nodded okay as Walker told Trivette "Since you're on leave what you do with your time is your business but if you need anything call me or Alex."

"Okay see you around Walker." Trivette answered and then left Ranger headquarters. After he had left Alex told her husband "I feel so bad for him, finding out that Nancy was just using him all along."

"Right now Trivette doesn't need our pity. What he's need to do is to find a way to make things right and about the only way Trivette is going to be able to do that is to find Miss Danville and bring her to justice." Walker told Alex who said "Is that all you Rangers ever think about, justice?"

"Mostly but there are times when we think about the beautiful women in our lives." Walker teased Alex who hit him lightly on the arm as she said "That had better be only one woman that you're talking about Captain Walker. And her name had better be Alex Walker."

"It is lady and you know it. Now what are your plans for the rest of the day? With Trivette on leave I'm going to have to take part in that raid on the drug lab on White Oak Lane later this evening." Walker replied.

"I have a brief to file then I'll be on my way home to our children. You be careful on that raid Walker." Alex said as she kissed her husband on his cheek and started to leave his office when Walker pulled her close and told her "You can do better than that Mrs. Walker." He then soundly kissed his wife not noticing that his door had been opened. Hearing someone clearing their throat the Walkers broke apart to see Ranger Swanson standing there.

"I'm sorry Captain Walker but I though that you heard my knock, Gage told me that he wanted to go over the plans with you for that raid." Swanson said to her boss as Alex left his office. Walker followed Swanson into the outer office where they went over the plans for the raid on the drug lab.

Later on that night Alex was sitting on the living room couch when Walker came in and told her "Honey you didn't have to wait up for me."

"I know but for some reason I was worried about you tonight. Before you say anything I know that you can handle yourself but sometimes I worry about you, that's all." Alex said to her husband as he sat down on the couch besides her and said "I'm fine, now why don't you head up to bed? I'll be along in a little while."

Getting up and heading for the steps she asked "Do you want me to stay awake until you come to bed?" Walker got up kissed Alex on the cheek and shook his head no. Alex took the hint and went to bed. Several hours later Walker crawled into bed besides his wife who rolled over in her sleep to lay her head on his chest. Walker pulled her tight and then went to sleep himself.


Chapter Nine


Two weeks later Trivette called Walker "Captain Walker I will be returning to work Monday morning at ten o'clock." Walker questioned "Why ten o'clock?"

"I have something that I need to do first and then I'll be in." Trivette replied.

"Okay." Walker said and hung up the phone then he went into the outer office where he announced "Ranger Trivette will be returning to work Monday morning at ten. Ranger Cooper I want you to start working with Ranger Trivette, Ranger Swanson you will now be working with Ranger Gage, any questions?"

Sydney asked "Who will I be working with Captain Walker?" Walker told her "You will be assigned to see if Officer Calhoun from metro P.D. is fit to be a Ranger, he'll be here first thing in the morning and I want you to oversee every aspect of his training then you are to let me know if you think he's good enough to join us."

Sydney answered "Yes Captain Walker."

Walker returned to his private office where he called his wife "Alex, Trivette is returning to work Monday morning at ten." Alex replied "Nancy's trial is supposed to start Monday morning at nine in front of Hageman. You don't suppose that Jimmy found her and is bringing her back to stand trial do you? If he did and needs to talk about it let me know."

"If Trivette found Nancy and brought her back to stand trial he didn't say. Alex I think that you shouldn't ask Trivette what happened with her, that's his business." Walker told his wife who told him "Walker I do not intend to badger Trivette about anything, I just said that if he needed to talk I would be willing to listen unlike his Captain."

"I listen when it's important." Walker objected causing Alex to tease "Well I must admit that you do listen or at least you listen more than you talk."

"Like I've told you before lady I leave the talking to you because you're so good at it." Walker teased right back.

"That's why I leave the action to you my darling; you're very good at it. Tell you what tonight after the children are sleeping how about I do the talking while you do the action?" Alex responded.

"Sounds good to me." Walker answered and then hung up the phone.

Monday morning Trivette entered Walker's private office and closed the door behind him saying "I'm ready to return to work Captain Walker." Walker took out Trivette's gun and star handed them to him and said "Glad that you're back Ranger Trivette, you'll be working with Ranger Cooper for awhile."

Placing his star back on Trivette asked "Aren't you going to ask me where I was this morning?" Walker answered "Trivette you'll tell me if you want to but in the meantime Alex said that if you needed someone to talk to she would listen."

"I was making sure that Nancy Danville was in that courtroom to stand trial. I didn't want Alex losing that fifty thousand because of me." Trivette stated.

"Alex doesn't care about the money; she was worried if you were all right Trivette; as most of us were." Walker said to Trivette who asked "Do you think that someday we can go out to the badlands and have a sweat lodge?"

"Whenever you want to Trivette. If you want we can go to the reservation and have it there. But for now how about we get to work?" Walker replied. Trivette nodded and then left Walker's private office and got to work.



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