Letting Go

By Katie 59

Chapter One

Walker was late yet again and Alex wondered exactly where he was at because she knew for a fact that he wasn't at work because Trivette had told her so when he called the ranch looking for Walker because of some assignment that the Captain had for him. Giving up on her husband getting home in time to help put the twins to bed Alex did that herself and went to their bedroom where she got ready for bed. As she was getting into bed Alex heard the front door open so she went downstairs to see if her husband was okay. He looked like he had been in a fight and when Alex neared him she smelled booze so she asked "Walker what happened? Are you all right? Were you drinking?"

Getting an ice pack from the freezer he answered "I'm fine you go ahead to bed." Taking the ice pack off of her husband Alex told him "Just tell me where it hurts that most and I hold the ice pack for you because you look really tired."

Taking the ice pack back Walker said "Will you please just go to bed already?" Holding her hands up in surrender Alex replied "Okay, I'm going. Don't bite my head off." She headed up the stairs as Walker sat down on a chair as he wondered how to tell his wife that he had been in a bar room brawl because of Merilee Summers, his former lover that Alex was still a little jealous of. After awhile Walker decided that Alex was asleep and that he could to go to bed without having to worry about answering any questions, besides he planned to tell Alex everything tomorrow anyhow. However when Walker got to the bedroom Alex was still awake but she told him "I know that you don't want to be questioned tonight and I'm not planning on grilling you. I was just concerned that you were hurt and needed some T.L.C., which apparently you don't. If you need me to do anything for you let me know."

"Alex I'll tell you about it first thing in the morning." Walker said to his wife who pointed out "I have to meet with D.A. Paulson first thing in the morning, don't you remember I told you that you had to watch the twins until Josie got here? That I had to leave here really early?"

"Okay, then I'll tell you about it when you come home in the evening because I'm taking the day off and spending it here at home." Walker replied. Alex told her husband "I'm sure that the twins would like that, spending the day with their Daddy. I'll try to get off early myself so that I can spend some time with the three of you."

"Okay, I guess that I'll tell you about it then." Walker said.

"Walker you don't have to tell me anything if you don't want to, you know that. I won't demand answers from you. I just get worried about you sometimes, that's all. You may be the toughest Texas Ranger that there ever was but you are still my husband and I'm allowed to be worried about you. Now how about we get some sleep?" Alex told her husband who teased "How about you inspect my bruises for me?"

"I guess that I can do that as long as you let me kiss them and make them all better." Alex teased right back. Walker quickly stripped got into bed with his wife who did a lot more than kiss his bruises better. When they were done Walker pulled Alex close and told her "I don't deserve you lady."

Alex replied "But cowboy I deserve you so I'm keeping you for the rest of my life." Then they drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.

Chapter Two

After her meeting with D.A. Paulson Alex went back to her office where she wrapped up some of her paperwork so that she could head home to her family. When she was nearly done with that Trivette entered her office and asked her "Well did you find your wayward husband last night?"

"He can home a little late, why?" Alex questioned back and Trivette replied "No reason the Captain was looking for him. So how are you two getting along now? Everything okay?"

"We're doing fine Trivette and now if you don't mind I would like to go home to my family." Alex said as she stuffed some papers into her briefcase. Trivette told her "Alex, I'm glad that you and Walker were able to get past what happened that night. For awhile there C.D. and I were worried that you and Walker were going to break up over it." [*LaRue who had been released on a technicality had assaulted Alex while Walker was off helping Merilee instead of going home to Alex like she had pleaded with him to do.]*

"Jimmy, thanks for being a friend but please don't bring that up again, it was hard enough to get through it first time without having to be reminded of it. Walker and I are fine now and that night is in the past where it shall remain. Now I'll see you tomorrow and don't you or C.D. dare call the ranch the rest of the day or tonight either." Alex said as she headed to the door as Trivette replied "We wouldn't dream of it Alex. Have fun."

Before Alex could open the door it opened and Merilee Summers entered Alex's office and asked her "Where's Cordell at?" Alex replied "My husband is at home with our children. What is it to you?"

"Well I wanted to make sure that Cordell was all right after that brawl at the bar last night, you know the one where he jumped in to protect me after my regular bodyguard got hurt. It was so sweet of him to do that for me, it was like old times. Him protecting me and then we would... Oops I shouldn't have said that part to you now that you're his wife, should I have?" Merilee smirkingly told Alex who bit her tongue and replied "My husband isn't here so I suggest that you leave."

"Well when you see my Cordell tell him that we'll be leaving at seven o'clock tomorrow morning so he'll have to be there before then. Whoops I guess he didn't bother to tell you his wife that he's going on tour with me, did he?" Merilee questioned and then strolled out of Alex's office without waiting for an answer. Trivette said "Alex, she's lying. Walker isn't crazy enough to go on tour with her. Not after you two just managed to overcome what happened the last time he was protecting her."

"No, I'm willing to bet that Miss Summers isn't lying about that because she was way too smug about it. See you Trivette." Alex said and again headed to the door when Trivette grabbed her arm and asked "Am I going to be breaking in a new partner?" Alex removed his hand from her arm and left without answering her husband's partner.

Walker looked up when Alex walked into their house and told her "Hey I see that you managed to get home early." Alex snapped back "What's that supposed to mean?"

Holding his hands up Walker said "It means that I'm glad that I'm able to spend time with my beautiful wife and our children, that's all. Did something happen at work to upset you?" Alex answered her husband "You're latest assignment came into my office looking for you, that's all."

"Merilee came to see you? What did she tell you?" Walker questioned Alex who answered "Nothing important, just that you got hurt last night jumping in to protect her and that you are going on tour with her starting tomorrow morning."

"Alex her regular bodyguard got hurt last night in that brawl and I had to help her out. As for going on tour with her, yes I am but the Captain had already assigned me to do it. I went to that bar to set the ground rules but the brawl broke out before I could do that. Alex I have to do this but there will also be a female Ranger going along because she can go places that I can't. I did not ask for this assignment. Alex do you think that I would do something like that after we've managed to rebuild our marriage?" Walker said.

"Does Merilee know about this female Ranger? Because the way she was gloating in my office she doesn't." Alex asked her husband who replied "No but she'll find out about Ranger Smiley tomorrow morning because Ranger Smiley will be the one with Merilee all the time, not me."

"There's a Ranger whose name is Smiley?" Alex questioned Walker who said "Yes there is, she just transferred from Waco. Alex, you aren't jealous are you? Because you have no reason to be, ever."

Looking at her husband Alex smiled and said "No, I'm not jealous because I know that you'll never stray from me because I make you very happy, mainly at night. Now enough about tomorrow, right now I say we just enjoy the day with the twins, okay?"

"You got it Mrs. Walker but you get to clean up after Gordon." Walker teased his wife who teased him right back "That's okay dear you get to clean up after Elizabeth who by the way has been a little more stubborn than her brother lately about getting into things. Just make sure that you don't get too tired out because we're going to be busy after they go to sleep."

"Doing what may I ask?" Walker questioned Alex who told him "Reminding each other why we like being married, Are you up to it?"

"All night long lady." Walker vowed then they turned their attention to the twins. Later on that night Alex and Walker reminded each other why they liked being married to each other and when they were done Alex asked "How long are you going to be gone?"

"A week at the most because after that the Houston office is going to take the assignment over. But you know what Alex since Smiley will be with Merilee at night there is no reason that you can't meet me at the hotel at least one night."

"That's tempting but I don't want to distract you from doing your job plus I don't think that there are too many people willing to watch the twins all night. Tell you what Cordell your first night back after the assignment how about we make up for lost time?" Alex suggested to her husband who didn't answer but pulled her close again and made love to her.

Chapter Three

Walker met Merilee the first thing in the morning and she practically purred at him "Cordell, you're here to protect me just like you used to. Remember what we would do afterwards. I miss that don't you?" Walker replied "Yesterday is over and done with Miss Summers. Now about the way we are going to do things, Ranger Smiley will be the one who will be by your side at all times."

"What's the matter Cordell, doesn't your wife trust you around me? I don't blame her though as good as it was between us. I'll bet that Cahill can't turn you on like I can, how about I prove that later at the hotel?" Merilee said to Walker who ignored what she had just said and calling Smiley over introduced them "Ranger Smiley this is Miss Summers, Miss Summers this is Ranger Smiley who will be by your side until we reach Houston and they take over the assignment. Now Ranger Smiley please escort Miss Summers to her tour bus so that we can get started. It isn't good to be out in the open like this if you really do have someone after you Miss Summers." Merilee went and got on her tour bus with Ranger Smiley. Walker got into his truck and followed the bus out of town.

It was now three days later and Walker was getting disgusted because Merilee did everything that she could to get him interested in her again. Each and every time Merilee got the chance she would she made a point of sitting as close to him as possible and kept rubbing up against him too. Finally Walker suggested "Miss Summers I suggest that you change your detergent if it's making you itchy enough to rub up against things."

Merilee however replied "I wasn't itchy and you know that Cordell, you used to love it when I did that to you before you got trapped into marriage by Cahill. Come on Cordell you can take over guarding me at night and the wife won't ever have to know. What do you say?"

Walker answered "Not interested Ranger Smiley will be protecting you at night, that's not going to change." Merilee tried again "You will never have it as good with Cahill as you had it with me."

"Miss Summers you are so very wrong about that." Walker said and walked away as Merilee got furious and vowed to herself 'We'll see about that.'

Meanwhile back in Dallas Alex who was really missing her husband at night sat in her office thinking over whether or not she could manage to see him on one of the tour stops was brought out of her musing when the secretary told her that there was a man in her office wanting to see her so Alex had him sent in.

"Hello Cahill, how are you doing?" Dalton Reed asked as he sat down in a chair. Alex replied "Fine Dalton, what brings you to town?"

"Cahill I still want you, now before you say anything I know that your husband let you get hurt and that he's off with his girlfriend Merilee Summers again. I know that you won't divorce him because of the children but we can see each other while he's out at town. What do you say?" Reed said to Alex who not quite believing that she had heard what she just heard questioned him "Are you suggesting that we have an affair? Do you think that I'm some sort of a tramp? That I would betray my husband like that?"

"Alex he is already betraying you with Miss Summers and you know that, besides you know that I'm much better at that than he is. Come on Cahill we'll be discreet and no one will ever know." Dalton Reed said.

Furious Alex answered "First of all Dalton, Walker is far better at that than you ever were and second of all my name is Walker and third of all if you want to have an affair with someone I suggest that you go sleep with Miss Summers because my husband isn't. Now get out."

Reed tried again "But he let you get hurt and you know that he'll do it again." Alex took a deep breath then answered "Walker made a very bad choice that night but he did not let me get hurt, Walker would rather die first." Alex then went over and held the door open until Reed took the hint and left.

Chapter Four

Alex entered C.D.'s with the twins looking for her father but as luck would have Dalton Reed was there and he said "Did you change your mind Cahill? There's a motel in the next block, why don't you get old C.D. here to watch your children while we go have fun?" Alex ignored him and went and sat at a table while C.D. brought out the highchairs he kept there for the twins. As they were putting Elizabeth and Gordon into the highchairs Reed walked over and sat down across from Alex. After C.D. went back to the bar he asked her "You're really not interested, are you?"

"Dalton I am very happy with Walker and I will never be interested in anyone but him for the rest of my life. Why can't you just accept that and let it go?" Alex said to Reed who told her "Alex when we were lovers I know that you really loved me, we can have that again."

"Dalton Reed we had sex exactly once so that didn't make us lovers. I cared for you then but what I feel for Walker is so much more than that. Walker is the love of my life. Dalton please you are a decent man or at least you were, just let the past go. How many times do I have to tell you that I will never be interested?" Alex asked Reed who sighed and said "Okay Mrs. Walker I get the idea. We can be friends, can't we?" Alex shook her head no and Reed left the table but not before grabbing Alex and kissing her.

As Reed walked out the door Gordon Cahill Alex's father asked "Who was that man you were kissing? Does this mean you want a divorce now?"

Alex replied "Dalton Reed and he was kissing me. He's an old boyfriend and no I don't want a divorce." Gordon then told her "Want to talk about it? I'm a good listener."

Alex then explained her past with Reed and how she had briefly dated him before she had married Walker but that Reed was almost as bad as Merilee Summers when it came to accepting that they were over and done with. When she was done Gordon asked her "Speaking of your husband, where is he?"

"Off protecting someone." Alex answered and sensing she wasn't saying everything Gordon questioned his daughter "This someone wouldn't happen to be Merilee Summers, would it?"

"Yes he was assigned by his Captain to protect Miss Summers for a week until the Houston office takes over. There's also a female Ranger by the name of Smiley who's along to be by Merilee's side each and every moment. Dad if you had told me a couple of years ago I would miss a man the way that I miss Walker I would have told you that you were insane."  Alex told her father.

"Is there anyway that you can go see him?" Gordon questioned Alex who replied "Walker suggested it but there's no way that anyone will watch the twins that long."

"I will, you go ahead and make arrangements to meet that husband of yours." Gordon ordered his daughter but Alex hesitated "They really are a handful right now getting into everything. I thank you for offering but I can't do that to you."

"You can and you will Alexandra." Gordon was saying when Trivette sat down at the table and asked "You can and you will what Alex?"

"Go meet that husband of her's while he's protecting Miss Summers. Alex doesn't think that I can handle my own grandchildren. However if a nice young man like you would shall we say agree to help out I'm sure that my daughter would then be able to go see her husband." Gordon said to Trivette who muttered "Now I see where Alex gets it from. You go ahead and go see your husband and I'll help your father with the twins. But you owe me big time for this."

"How about I set you up on a date with Carly Bolner? She needs a date for the opera a week from Saturday and I told her that I'd find someone for her." Alex suggested and Trivette replied "It's a deal Mrs. Walker, now I know that they will be staying at the hotel Sinclair tonight so I suggest that you get going. Give me your keys to the S.U.V. so that we can take the twins home." Trivette said to Alex who kissed him on the cheek then kissed her children goodbye and left to surprise her husband.

Chapter Five

Walker entered his hotel room and decided to call Alex at home because he wanted to see how his family was doing. When nobody answered he hung up a little concerned but then he decided that Alex most likely took the twins to see either C.D. or her father Gordon Cahill. About ten minutes later there was a knock on the door and Walker answered it to find Merilee standing there she asked him "Well aren't you going to invite me in?"

Holding the door with his hand Walker said "No, I'm not. Where is Ranger Smiley?" Merilee replied "Back in my hotel room, I told her that I would be spending the night with you."

Walker went over picked up the phone and called Merilee's room and told Ranger Smiley "Ranger Smiley will you please come to my room and get Miss Summers?"

Smiley answered "She's not spending the night with you? She told me that she was." Walker answered "No Miss Summers is not, never mind you stay there and I'll bring her back there myself."

Walker hung up the phone took Merilee by the arm and told her "Let's go." Merilee tried to break away but Walker kept a firm grip on her arm as he opened the door and led her to her room where he instructed Smiley "Do not let her wander the hallway again. Do you understand Ranger Smiley?" Smiley said "Yes I do Ranger Walker." Then she closed the door and Walker went back to his room where he took a shower. When he was done with the shower Walker heard another knock on his door. Wearing only a towel Walker opened it as he said "How many time do I have to turn you down before you get the idea?"

"A lot, I'm kind of on the stubborn side in case you've never noticed." Alex answered then stepped into the room and closed the door behind her. She asked her husband "I take it that Miss Summers is hitting on you?"

"Yes and she just won't accept the fact that I'm not interested in her." Walker said as he pulled his wife close but Alex backed away and told him "I had the same problem with Dalton at C.D.'s earlier tonight. As a matter of fact he came right out and suggested that we have an affair."

"What did you tell him?" Walker questioned Alex who answered "That he wasn't nearly the stud that you were, what else would I have told him?"

"So you think that I'm a stud?" Walker teased as he started to remove Alex's clothing. Removing Walker's towel she answered "You bet I do, now get busy proving me right."

Picking Alex up and putting her on the bed Walker said "You are so bossy at times, did you know that?" Alex replied "Yes I am so deal with it cowboy." Walker did exactly that. When they were done Alex said "My dad is watching the twins along with Trivette but I'll have to leave pretty early to get back home so that I can get ready to go to work."

"Okay I'll just have to give you one for the road." Walker told his wife as they made love again.

Chapter Six

Walker was more than glad to hand over Merilee Summers to the Houston office and drive back home to his family, as he was getting into his truck Merilee noticing that there were reporters nearby kissed Walker before he could stop her. Then she said in a loud voice "The other night at the hotel Sinclaire was so great Cordell."

One of the reporters then asked "What did you do at the Hotel Sinclaire with Miss Summers?" Walker growled "Nothing." So the reporter asked Merilee "Miss Summers what did Ranger Walker do that was so great?"

Merilee smirked and replied "A lady doesn't kiss and tell." Then she turned her attention to Walker who was still trying to get into his truck and said "I'll be sure and look you up the next time I'm in Dallas, you were great."

Walker finally managed to get in his truck and Ranger Smiley got into the passenger side and they drove off. Smiley asked him "What's Miss Summers talking about? She never left the room after you brought her back, did she?"

"Nothing important Ranger Smiley." Walker snapped and Smiley got the idea and dropped it. Alex however had her own problem because someone had placed a picture of Dalton kissing her on her desk. On back of the picture they had handwritten 'Once a tramp, always a tramp.' Alex picked up the phone and called Trivette to her office.

"Hey Alex, what's up?" Trivette questioned and Alex handed him the picture. After looking at it he asked "When was this taken? Do you know?" Alex replied "That night my dad talked you into helping him watch the twins. You know the night I went and met Walker at the hotel Sinclaire. After I told Dalton that I wasn't interested in betraying Walker with him he grabbed me and kissed me. Dalton did ask me to have an affair with him. Trivette, I swear that the only man I've ever thrown myself at was that cowboy of mine. I do not behave like a tramp."

"Relax Alex; we all know that about you. Are you going to tell Walker about this? I think that you should and the sooner the better." Trivette asked as he handed the picture back. Alex told him as she gave it back to him "Yes I am but until then do you have any ideas about what I should do about it?"

"Hopefully it's just someone being a jerk but I'll look into it for you. By the way Walker's due back today isn't he?" Trivette said as he headed to the door with the picture. "Yes he is. Thanks for watching Elizabeth and Gordon the other night. How bad were they? I don't think that I've ever seen my dad flustered."

"Alex they weren't really bad it's just that they gang up on you at times and your father is used to one sweet child at a time, not Walker's head-headed offspring." Trivette assured his partner's wife then he left with the picture. About an hour later Alex was heading home when her secretary handed her an envelope and said "This was on my desk and it's addressed to you Mrs. Walker." Alex opened it to find another copy of the picture that she had given Trivette to look into. Putting it into her briefcase Alex left.

Alex was watching the evening news when Walker came in and she said "I see that you had fun with Miss Summers?" Sitting down besides Alex Walker asked "What are you talking about?"

"The news just showed that tasteless stunt she pulled as you were trying to get into your truck after you handed her over to the Houston Rangers." Alex replied as she snuggled close to her husband. Kissing her on the head Walker said "I see that you know she was lying about it."

"Of course I do because I was the one who had a great night with you at the hotel Sinclaire. However I do have a problem, that night before I came to meet you as you know Dalton asked me to cheat on you with him. After I turned him down he grabbed me and kissed me before I could stop him. Someone took a picture of that and so far they have sent me two copies of it. On the first one which was left on my desk they wrote 'Once a tramp, always a tramp.' I have Trivette looking into it but as I was leaving my office today there was another one in an envelope on my secretary's desk, here it is." Alex said as she handed her husband the picture. Walker looked at it and got mad but Alex told him "Look at the back please."

Turning it over he saw that someone had written 'The tramp should watch herself because there are ways to make tramps pay.' Now concerned Walker said "It's probably someone being a jerk but I promise you Alex that you will be okay. I will not let anyone hurt you ever again, not as long as I'm breathing." Alex looked into his eyes and replied "I know that Walker."

Chapter Seven

Trivette had caught up to Dalton Reed and asked him as he showed him the picture "What do you know about this?" Looking at the picture Reed remarked "It's a picture of Cahill kissing me. It's not a crime you know." Then he started to walk away when Trivette said "No so fast Reed. Look at the back." Reed turned it over read the back and said "So what about it?"

"I want to know how the person who took this picture knew to be in C.D.'s that night and why that was written on the back of it. I suggest that you start talking before Walker asks you the same questions and he's liable to use his fists and maybe his feet." Trivette suggested.

"Okay it was Merilee Summer's idea to have the picture taken but I swear that I didn't know anything about writing that stuff on the back of it. Merilee told me that we could break up the two of them by sending Walker that picture and then the both of us could be with the person that we wanted to be with." Reed answered.

"How do you expect to get Alex back when she loves Walker?" Trivette questioned Reed who told him "You didn't watch the news tonight did you? From the looks of it Walker slept with Merilee yet again at the hotel Sinclaire and once Alex knows that it will be only a matter of time until she divorces him and comes back to me. Alex would be forced to admit to Walker that she wants me after he sees that picture and Walker will admit that he wants Merilee after Alex watches the news tonight."

Trivette replied "I hate to break it to you Reed but the woman who spent the night in Walker's arms at the Sinclaire was his wife Alex. Her father and I watched the twins so that she could meet Walker there." Reed questioned him "Are you lying Trivette because you think that they belong together?"

"Reed, Alex went and met her husband at the Sinclaire that night. Alex loves Walker and she will never leave him. Reed if you care about her at all you will stop trying to get her to leave her husband. They have two children for goodness sakes. You say that you care for Alex and yet you want to destroy her family, what kind of man are you? To try and scare her like that after what LaRue did to her. What is the matter with you anyhow? Alex lost her baby that night." Trivette told him.

Dalton Reed answered "I didn't know about the baby and I know nothing about calling Alex a tramp because I would not have gone along with something like that. I do care a great deal for Cahill. As for who took the picture it was this busboy that was there, I paid him twenty bucks to do it. I didn't catch his name but he looked like he was a body-builder or something like that."

Trivette told him "Okay for now but if we need to talk to you again can we find you here?" Trivette questioned Reed who nodded yes and Trivette then left.

Trivette called up Walker and told him what Reed had told him and Walker said "I'm not all that surprised to find out that Merilee was involved in the picture taking but I don't remember C.D. having a body-builder busboy."

"I did see someone in there that night that looked like a body-builder or a weight-lifter Walker. He left shortly after Gordon talked me into helping him with your children. We can talk to C.D. about it tomorrow. How's Alex doing?" Trivette replied. Walker said "She got another copy of that picture and this time it said 'the tramp should watch herself because there are ways to make tramps pay.' That really doesn't sound like Merilee either, I know that she dislikes Alex but I don't think even she would do that."

"Walker, Merilee hates Alex for taking you from her. Now take care of your wife tonight and tomorrow we'll see what we can do about this." Trivette told Walker and hung up the phone.

Chapter Eight

The next morning they were in Alex's office discussing what to do about it when Alex found another copy of the picture in her case files and this time it said 'Maybe when the tramp gets what she has coming the Ranger will be happy.' Alex got mad and said "We have to put a stop to this because I will not go back to being terrified of my own shadow."

Trivette suggested "Maybe that's why they are doing this, to rattle you. Alex, do you have any big cases coming up?" Alex replied "Not really just the Colfax case. You know the case where the defendant taped himself assaulting women after he drugged them. But that should be an easy case to win because we have all of the attacks on D.V.D. thanks to Colfax."

"I don't remember that case, what does he look like?" Walker questioned his wife who answered "He looks like an accountant and carried himself as though he's very mild, that's why everyone was so shocked when he was arrested for being the Ranch Rapist. His victims were all found dazed on ranches and none of them could remember the night before but when they were taken to the hospital it was learned that they had all been assaulted. When the rape kits were done on these women the assailant's D.N.A. was the same in all of the cases. But it can't be him doing this because he's under house arrest. Any other ideas?"

"Other than Reed I can't thing of anyone." Walker replied. Alex then asked him "Aren't you forgetting Miss Summers?"

"Alex I really can't see her doing that to you but I can see Reed doing something like that because he wants you and can't get you." Walker told Alex who told him "I can see Merilee doing something like that because she hates me but I really can't see Dalton doing that to me."

Trivette interjected "Listen it can be either one of them or neither one of them. I suggest that we have another talk with Dalton and see what he says when all three of us talk to him at the same time. He's still in town; I can call him and see if he'll meet with us at C.D.'s for lunch." Alex and Walker agreed to Trivette's suggestion.

Reed walked in and sat at the table where the others were and said "Okay let's get this over with. Yes I paid someone twenty bucks to take a picture on me kissing Cahill. It was Merilee Summer's idea because she said that once the two of you broke up we could then get back the person that we love. I would send Walker that picture: he would then confront Cahill and they would then both admit that they wanted other people, Merilee and me. Cahill I swear that I knew nothing about anyone sending you copies of that picture with things written on the back. I care about you too much to do something like that."

Walker asked him "What does this so-called busboy look like? What did you do with the original picture?" Reed answered "Like I told Trivette he looked like he was either a body-builder or a weight-lifter, my height, blue eyes and brown hair. The picture was taken by a digital camera and we met later at a cyber cafe so that he could print me the picture up. He then said that he would delete the picture from his camera."

"Are you sure that you didn't catch a name because C.D. doesn't have a bus-boy that looks like a body-builder? What's the name of the cyber cafe?" Trivette asked. Walker broke in to say "There is no name because Reed is just trying to terrorize my wife because she won't leave me for him, ever. What's wrong with you Reed? How could you do that to someone that you claim to care about? After the hell that Alex went through? She lost our baby that night."

Reed answered "I do care about Cahill, I love her and I would never hurt her. Can you say the same thing Walker? After all you let her be hurt when you were off having sex with Merilee."

"Dalton, Walker did not let me get hurt. Yes he made the wrong choice that night but in the end it was LaRue who hurt me and killed our baby. Dalton please understand this, Walker is not having an affair with Merilee because he loves me as much as I love him. Whatever they had ended the moment Walker and I got married as did whatever we had. Walker would never betray his wedding vows and neither will I. Dalton who told you that Walker slept with Merilee that night?" Alex said.

"Merilee in Waco, we ran into each other and she told me that I could get you back because Walker was still seeing her for sex, that he was only staying with you because of the twins that it was a marriage in name only. That night after we talked in the bar I went to her hotel room and she had a man in there who was taking a shower and she told me that it was Walker, I never saw the man." Dalton answered Alex then turned to Walker and questioned him "Did Cahill really lose a baby that night and was it yours?"

"Yes she did and yes it was mine. Reed you have to accept the fact that Alex will never leave me. I won't have my wife being terrorized by an old boyfriend who thinks that he can scare her into taking him back." Walker said to Dalton Reed who replied "I am not terrorizing your wife. I have nothing to do with those pictures being sent to her. I'm sorry that I ever went along with Merilee's suggestion but I really thought that I had a shot of getting you back Cahill."

"Dalton my name is Walker and you do not have a shot of getting me back. Dalton at least think of my children if you can't admit that I don't love you and stop trying to destroy their happy home." Alex said to Reed who asked her "Do they have a happy home?"

"Yes they do because Walker and I make sure of it. Dalton if you can think of anything else about the person who took that picture please tell us because we need to get this person as soon as possible. Also we need the name of that cyber cafe. It is a little unsettling to be called a tramp more than once." Alex told Dalton.

"Okay Mrs. Walker, the only other thing that I can remember is that this man had a tattoo on his right bicep. It was an odd one because it was a purple star with a red heart in the middle of it and it had what I'm assuming was a name under it, 'Tronkie'. The name of the cyber cafe is Cafe Dot Com, with the dot spelled out. Alex I am sorry for everything, I think that it's time for me to let go of my hopes of ever getting you back, goodbye." Reed said and left C.D.'s.

Trivette told Walker "I'll start hitting the tattoo parlors after I run a check on my computer for criminals with that kind of tattoo, why don't you see Alex back to her office?" Walker said "I will, come on let's go Alex."

Chapter Nine

Walker escorted Alex to her outer office kissed his wife and then told her "I'll see you tonight." Then without another word Walker went over and yanked open the door to Alex's private office. There was a man standing there who matched Dalton's description of the man who had taken the picture that night. The man attempted to get by Walker who quickly subdued the suspect while Alex was calling Trivette to tell him to come to her office.

While waiting for the man to come to Walker rolled up his right sleeve and he had the tattoo that Dalton had described. After the man came to Walker questioned him "Where are you? Why were you here in this office and why are you sending those pictures to my wife?" The man tried bluffing his way out of it by saying "My name is none of your business and it's no crime to send pictures to a woman. It's also no crime for be to be here in her office because she's a public servant."

"Is that so?" Walker asked and the man sneered as he got up "Yes it is; now I'm leaving." Walker slammed him back down into his seat and said "I guess we do this the hard way then. Now what are you doing in this office?"

"You can't charge me with anything for being in this office so get out of my way or I'll charge you with police brutality." The man said to Walker who answered "You can and will be charged with stalking and terrorizing an A.D.A., a crime by the way which is considered a felony and will result in you going to prison for a long time. You were just caught in the office of the victim. Now for the last time start talking."

The man didn't say anything but Trivette who had arrived by then said "Well well, if it isn't 'Wee-Wee' Blair. When did you get that tattoo, you know the one that allows us to nail your hide to the wall because of how unusual it is? You might as well start talking Blair because as I see it you're got two strikes against you, so that makes you eligible for imprisonment for life under the third strike and you're gone law."

Blair groaned and answered "Of all the luck, running into you Trivette. I never should have gotten that tattoo for my girl Tracey Ronkiel." Then he turned to Walker and asked him "If I tell you everything that I know will you just forget about my part in this? I mean really it was just a practical joke anyhow."

Walker questioned "You terrorize my wife and I'm supposed to forget about your part in it?" Alex however told Blair "We might be willing to overlook your part in this if you tell us who put you up to it and how you were able to get into my office so easily. Now start talking."

Blair replied "After that man in the picture paid me another man then said that he would pay me a hundred bucks a picture if I printed up some more of those pictures and delivered them for him. He told me that it was a practical joke and he gave me a set of keys to get in here. He said that he knew one of the janitors and she let him make copies of the keys. I was just helping him play a joke, that's all."

"What about the threats that you wrote on the back of those pictures?" Walker asked Blair who answered "It was him that wrote those things, when I asked him about the tramp thing he told me that it was his nickname for her. I swear that's the truth."

"Name and description plus where you met him at." Walker demanded.

"That's easy his name is Jonas Wilkins and I met him at C.D.'s. We have a meeting for tonight at C.D.'s, he's supposed to give me one last picture to deliver along with a gift that he said she would love. I'm supposed to get paid five hundred bucks for it. Please I'm begging you let me meet him at C.D.'s and you'll see that he's just playing a joke on your wife. I wasn't terrorizing anyone and I don't want to go to prison for the rest of my life." Blair said to Walker who growled "Hand over the keys now and you'd better be telling the truth."

That evening Walker sent a very reluctant Alex home to be with their twins and went with Trivette to C.D.'s to wait for Blair to meet with Jonas Wilkins. As they were waiting in C.D.'s backroom Trivette said "Walker does this seem a little too easy?"

Walker answered "Yes it does Trivette and I'm going to the ranch right now. You stay here and let me know what happens, if anything happens." Walker hurried home praying that nothing was wrong at his house but beginning to think that Blair had lured him away from home so that Alex would be alone with the twins.

Chapter Ten

Trivette was surprised when Blair actually did meet with Jonas Wilkins in C.D.'s. Knowing that he was wired Blair said to Wilkins "Where's the last photo and the gift at? I want to get this done and over with."

Wilkins replied "Wait a minute until I tell you what exactly you are going to be doing to the lovely Mrs. Walker and believe me she won't like it one bit." Blair answered "I am not going to be doing anything to the lovely Mrs. Walker; you aren't paying me enough to risk jail time. Exactly what are you up to Wilkins? You told me that you were playing a practical joke on her and that she was a friend of yours."

"You're right about me not paying you enough to risk jail time but no matter because by the time Rangers Trivette and Walker figure out that you were lying to them Mrs. Walker will have been taken care of anyhow. As you've seemed to have figured out, she's not a friend of mine and you're not playing a practical joke on her. What you've been doing is stalking and terrorizing the lovely Mrs. Walker. Just think Blair even though you didn't really do anything to that tramp you will be the one going to jail for giving her what she deserves." Wilkins said.

Blair objected "You can't pin this on me. I'll tell everyone it was your idea." Wilkins replied "Go right ahead because they will never believe you, will they 'Wee-Wee'? Me on the other hand, I'm a respectful member of the community and when she gets hers I'll be home scott free."

"Why are you doing this? You got me to go along with it because you told me that it was a practical joke. What do you have planned for her? What has she ever done to you to make you hate her enough to plan her, what rape and murder?" A desperate Blair questioned Wilkins who laughingly answered "Why yes the same thing that Victor LaRue did to her except this time she dies. As for what she did to me, well she turned me down for a dance after leading me on not once but twice then she nailed me where shouldn't have. But sad to say I won't be the one paying her back in person because I hired your former cell mate Gary Packson to do the actual work but I will be able to watch it over and over again because he's taping it for me. If they ever arrest him for it he will say that you hired him to do it. You see this way I'm killing several birds with one stone as it were. First I'm making sure that she gets hers, second I've already pinned it on you, thanks to her office keys that you have in your possession and third I'm getting my cousin Brett Colfax off, at least for now. You see they will have to drop the charges against my cousin because the prosecutor is dead."

Blair asked "Are you insane? That husband of her's will kill you when I tell him what happened, that you planned everything and gave me the keys to her office. Also they won't drop the charges against your cousin they will simply assign someone else to prosecute him. Wilkins call Packson up and call it off, the Walkers have twins for God's sake."

Wilkins however replied "Packson won't have a problem with taking them out either. As for who her husband is going to kill, that's going to be you. You were the one who stalked her and then lured her husband and Ranger Trivette here tonight leaving the coast clear for someone to take care of her. Bye Blair and have fun in jail assuming that you live long enough to stand trial." As soon as Wilkins got up from the table Trivette burst out of C.D.'s backroom and arrested him.

With a choke hold on Wilkins Trivette demanded "When is the attack taking place? Answer me now." Wilkins laughed "Why about twenty minutes ago making it too late for you to do anything about it. That so sad isn't it Ranger Trivette? Say where's Ranger Walker at? Don't tell me that he smelled a rat and went home? No matter if he did because he's going to get there too late. Now I believe that you have to read me my rights Ranger Trivette?"

C.D. In the meantime had called Walker but he wasn't answering so he then called Dallas P.D. to send a squad car to get Wilkins so that he and Trivette could go out to the ranch.

Walker went to his house saw that the door had been kicked in and hurried upstairs as he heard a man yelling "You might as well make this easier on yourself and open this door because I will break this door down and then take care of you and those screaming little brats of yours. The longer it takes me to do break down the door the longer you and those brats of yours will suffer and believe me, you will suffer."

Walker jumped and kicked Packson in the back with both feet then when Packson tried to get up Walker kicked him in the jaw. Packson again attempted to get up and Walker quickly punched him in the head three times while saying "Go ahead get back up so that I can give you the beating that you deserve." Then he kicked Packson in the chest and Packson fell to the floor as he cried "No more I give up."

Walker threw Packson on his stomach and quickly cuffed him then tied his feet together to be on the safe side. Walker then said "Alex honey it's me. Please open the door." Alex opened the door and said "You finally made it home." Then she went and sat down on the bed in a daze. Opening the bathroom door and picking up the screaming twins up Walker answered "Yes I finally made it home but not in time it seems."

Chapter Eleven

C.D. and Trivette went to the ranch and after seeing the front door kicked in they hurried into the house and went upstairs to see Packson on the floor cuffed and tied up, Walker was holding both twins who were still crying. Alex was still sitting on the bed in a daze. C.D. approached her and said "Alex honey, the twins are crying. Why don't you help Cordell with them while Trivette and I removed this piece of garbage?" Coming around Alex got up from the bed took Elizabeth from Walker and left the bedroom. Walker still holding Gordon followed his wife downstairs to the living room where Alex sat on the couch and started to rock Liz as she told her daughter "Mommy's got you, its okay sweetheart."

Walker patted Gordie on the shoulder until he quieted down then he asked his wife "Honey are you all right? Alex do you want me to call Sharon for you?" When she didn't say a word Walker said "I'm sorry that I didn't get home in time to protect you Alex." Finally looking at her husband Alex replied "It doesn't really matter now does it?"

"What do you mean by that?" Walker questioned his wife who told him "I'm sick of psychopaths breaking in here. I'm sick of being scared to death in my own home, I'm sick of worrying about some nut hurting my children. I can't live like this Walker."

Not sure that he wanted an answer Walker asked her "What do you think you can do about it?"

"I don't know but I do know that I will not allow my children to suffer because of lunatics." Alex answered then placed a by now calm Liz on the floor secured the gates and left the room without another word. Walker sat Gordie on the floor and then started to follow Alex into the kitchen when the Dallas P.D. arrived to take away Packson. Trivette and C.D. explained what had happened and Trivette told Walker that he would go to Ranger headquarters and take care of the paperwork.

C.D. asked Walker "Cordell how is Alex doing?" Walker answered "Not good C.D. Can you watch them while I go talk to her in the kitchen?" After C.D. agreed Walker went into the kitchen where he heard Alex tell her father "Dad I'll see you first thing in the morning, okay?"

After she hung up the phone Walker questioned her "What are you going to see your dad about the first thing in the morning? Are you going to ask him to help you file for a divorce? Alex I know that you blame me for not protecting you yet again but the children need the both of us together."

"Walker while I am upset about what happened here tonight I do not blame you for it. I am not asking my father to help me get a divorce because I have no intention of leaving you, ever. All I said was that I was sick of being scared in my own home and that I didn't want our children to suffer because of lunatics, what's wrong with that?" Alex told Walker who pulled her close and said "Nothing is wrong with that Alex. Why don't you let me call Sharon for you?"

Alex removed herself from her husband's arms and told him "I already said no, please don't ask me again." Seeing that Walker was still concerned about her Alex said "Walker I promise you that if I need to talk to her I'll call her but tonight I don't feel like talking to anyone about it. I'll tell you everything tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay Mrs. Walker, now what's for dinner? Anything good or should I plan on getting take out?" Walker asked attempting to lighten the mood. Alex smiled and replied "Actually going out to eat sounds good right about now, can we? It won't take me long to get the children ready."

"How about we see if C.D. would watch them here and we go out for a nice quiet dinner?" Walker suggested instead and Alex declined saying "Right now I don't want to be away from them, can we make it another night?"

Kissing her on the cheek Walker replied "We sure can, come on I'll help you get them ready to go out to eat." As Alex was getting herself ready to go out Walker asked C.D. "Do you think that you can tell Cal to replace the broken front door? I don't want Alex coming back home to that in her state."

"I sure can Cordell, you and Alex go have a nice dinner with your children and by the time you're done the door will have been changed." C.D. assured Walker.

Chapter Twelve

After Trivette filled him by phone on what the motive had been for the attempted murder of his wife Walker hung up the phone and looked over at Alex. When he noticed that his wife was awake he asked her "Do you want me to call Sharon for you? You were tossing and turning a lot last night." Alex replied "No I don't." Then she got out of bed and got dressed. Walker got up got dressed and followed her downstairs where he found his wife in the living room on the couch so he sat down besides her.

Alex questioned "Who was that man and why did he break in here? Was he the one who was scaring me?" Walker explained "No he wasn't the one leaving the pictures. His name is Gary Packson, the former cell mate of 'Wee-Wee' Blair who Dalton had take a picture of him kissing you that night in C.D.'s. After Blair printed that picture up for Reed he was offered a hundred bucks a picture if he would print up more of them and leave them for you. The man who paid him to do that was none other than Jonas Wilkins."

"Jonas Wilkins, I don't think that I know him." Alex said to Walker who told her "Yes you do, he was the one who was so persistent about wanting you to dance with him at C.D.'s. Remember the one you had to forcefully tell him that you weren't interested in dancing with him?"

"Just great, a man comes on to me several times and each time I tell him that I'm not interested and he just won't get it so I was forced to make him let me go and he decides to have me killed in front of our children. What kind of lunatic is he anyhow?" Alex asked.

"There's more to it than that, he's also the cousin of Brett Colfax and Wilkins thought that if you were killed the charges would be dropped against his cousin. He got the keys to your office from a janitor and gave them to Blair with the pictures that he wrote those things on. Wilkins told Blair that he was just playing a practical joke on you." Walker told her.

"This makes it quite clear that I never should have returned to work because I've placed my family in danger due to the job I have. I'll call up D.A. Paulson and resign, hand me the phone." Alex said stunning Walker who quickly told her "You will not be quitting your job anytime soon Mrs. Walker."

"That's my choice to make not yours." Alex pointed out so Walker said "Listen Alex, you can't let what happened force you to quit your job. Honey you are the best A.D.A. that I know and the D.A.'s office really needs you. Alex I can understand you thinking about it after last night but maybe you should give yourself some time and really think it over before you do anything about it, okay?"

"I don't know, we can't have criminals coming after me and scaring the children." Alex said to Walker who then told her "If that's the case then I'll quit my job too. Alex what I do for a living has just as many criminals mad at me as are mad at you. I'm placing the twins in danger too if you think about it."

"You are not quitting your job Cordell Walker." Alex sternly replied. "Neither are you Alexandra Walker." Was Walker's response. Alex just shook her head at her husband and informed him "You are the most stubborn man that I have ever met, did you know that?"

"That's okay because my wife is as stubborn as me, isn't she?" Walker teased Alex who smiled and said "Not by a long shot cowboy. I have to meet my father before I give my statement to the police so we'd better get the twins up and fed so that we can get started on our day."

"About your statement Alex, when are you going to tell me what happened last night?" Walker questioned his wife who asked him "Do you have time to stop in at my office about ten? I can tell you then."

"Okay." Walker replied and they got ready for their day.

Chapter Thirteen

Walker entered his wife's office sat down by her desk and waited until she looked at him. "Okay what do you want to know?" Alex asked.

"Whatever you feel up to telling me." Walker replied.

"I might as well tell you everything and get it over with. As you know when you sent me home without you I was pretty upset with you because I wanted you to be home with me in case anything happened. But you decided to go to C.D.'s to wait with Trivette for my stalker. Anyhow after I locked the doors and made sure that the windows were locked I took the twins upstairs to our bedroom because it was the one room that I could lock ourselves in if it came down to that. I don't know how long we were in there but I had just about decided that nothing was going to happen and was leaving our bedroom when I heard the front door being kicked in. I hurriedly relocked the bedroom door and put the twins in the bathroom. Walker I had decided that I was going to do anything that I could to make sure that he didn't get to them, that if need be I would die if it gave someone enough time to get there to save the twins. I would give my life for theirs without a second thought. I don't know how long he was at that door trying to break it down before you got there and took care of him." Alex explained.

"Alex after I took care of Packson you seemed a little out of it, are you sure you don't want me calling Sharon for you? It might help for you to talk to her." Walker told Alex but she shook her head no and told him "What I want you to do for me Walker is to teach me some self-defense because I want to be able to protect myself and my children in my own home. I also want you to do the same thing for Liz and Gordie when they are old enough."

"Alex do you blame me for last night?" Walker asked his wife who replied "How can I when it was because of me?"

"But you said that you were upset with me for not going home with you." Walker stated. "Yes I was but I also realize that you can't be at my side all the time, that's why I want you to teach me some self-defense. Walker what happened last night was not your fault nor was what LaRue did to us your fault either. Honey sometimes bad things happen."

"Yes but Alex I should have been there both times for you and I wasn't." Walker said to Alex who told him "Walker both times you did what you thought was right and that's all you can do. Walker please you have to let go of this guilt that you feel about what LaRue did to me. I know that you love me and will always do your best to be there for me."

"So what did you meet with your dad about?" Walker questioned and a smiling Alex said "Change the subject why don't you cowboy? What my Dad wanted to meet with me about was what to get the children for Christmas and I've decided that you are going to be the one to talk him out of buying them an enormous swing set and a humongous jungle gym set."

"What? Alex they aren't even two yet. They could get hurt on something like that at their age. I'm going to call your father up right now and tell him about it." Walker told her but Alex laughed and said "Got you dear. No seriously my father heard about a job opening at a high powered law firm and was trying to talk me into applying for it."

"What did you tell him dear?" Walker asked his wife who answered "That I wasn't interested because I have to make sure that the people that my husband arrests end up in jail."

"You're right about that." Walker replied then stood up to leave but stopped and came back to Alex and whispered into her ear "You know tonight after Elizabeth and Gordon are sleeping maybe you could show me how to let go?"

"You're pretty good at it but I'll give you a refresher just to keep you in shape." Alex answered as Walker winked and left. That night Alex gave Walker his lesson in letting go. When they were done Walker pulled her close and she asked him "Walker you don't still blame yourself for what LaRue and Packson did, do you?"

"No because my hard-headed wife told me that it wasn't my fault and I have to listen to her because she's right most of the time." Walker answered Alex who snuggled closer and asked "When are you going to start my self-defense lessons?"

Walker replied "I know this female karate instructor and she would be glad to give you lessons."

"I want you to teach me." Alex objected but Walker replied "Alex, there is no way I can teach you what you need to know because every time you're near me I get distracted and we can't have that if you're really going to learn some self-defense. Okay honey?"

"Oh all right but since you won't teach me self-defense you owe me and you'd better start making it up to me right now." Alex said as she began to run her hands over his chest. Walker told her "There you go distracting me again but right now I don't mind. I love you Alexandra Cahill-Walker."

"Cordell John Walker stop talking so much." Alex said and then they made love again.

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