By Katie 59

Chapter One

Tuesday night about eleven o'clock Alex rolled over in bed reaching for her husband who had just gotten into bed with her. Avoiding Alex's hands Walker told her "Not tonight Alex, I'm really tired."

"Okay we can take this up tomorrow night then." Alex answered Walker who questioned her "I'll still be tired tomorrow night too. Why can't you just keep to your side of the bed and keep your hands to yourself for one night? Is that too much to ask of you when I'm tired?"

After looking at him for a minute because Walker until very recently was always interested in being with her, tired or not Alex rolled back onto her side away from her husband. Alex then began to wonder if the weight she had gained because of the pregnancy was turning Walker off and that was why he had been so 'tired' lately. Alex told him as she tried not to cry "No, it's not too much to ask of me when you're tired. Goodnight."

When Walker heard a small sob he got out of bed and reaching for his pillow snapped "What's the matter with you now?" For the first time in their relationship Alex lied to Walker "My back hurts, I'm sorry that I'm disturbing you."

"Well you should have thought about that before you got yourself pregnant with twins." Walker said to Alex stunning her. Getting mad Alex said "It takes two people to get pregnant in case you hadn't noticed."

"You're the one who was so gung-ho to have a set of twins not me." Walker stated as he headed to the door with his pillow.

"What is wrong with you Walker? You can't tell me that you don't want the babies, not now. It's too late in case you hadn't noticed." Alex said getting even more upset by his actions than his words. Walker answered "I've noticed, believe me I've noticed all the weight that you've been putting on lately.”

Alex was beyond mad at this point so she told him in an ice cold voice "Since you've already got your pillow I suggest that you take yourself and go sleep elsewhere since I'm too fat for you."

"Gladly." Walker said and started to do just that. After he closed the bedroom door behind him Walker stood in the hallway listening to his wife crying because of him. Walker knew that he was hurting her with his words but he couldn't make love to Alex and it had been that way lately. Walker also knew that he couldn't tell Alex why he wouldn't make love to her without upsetting her. It was so hard because their love live had always been very good; god knows that he still wanted her. Walker then opened the door and re-entering the bedroom said to his wife "Move over so that I can massage your back for you."

Refusing to move Alex said "My back isn't hurting me, I just told you that because what's really hurting me is the fact that my weight has turned you off. I'm sorry but I can't help being heavy because I'm carrying twins. Walker you agreed about them before I got pregnant so why have you changed your mind now?"

"Alex your weight hasn't turned me off." Walker answered Alex who then questioned him "Then why don't you want to make love with me?"

"I do want to make love with you but right now I can't. Look Alex it is late and I am tired. Can we please talk about this tomorrow?" Walker asked his wife who nodded okay so he got back into bed with her and said "I love you Alex and I want those babies that you are carrying."

"How about we get some sleep?" Alex suggested they both had a hard time falling asleep. Alex because of Walker 's words and Walker because he was lying to Alex.

Chapter Two

The next morning when Alex awoke Walker was already gone for the day which really didn't surprise her because he had been spending a lot of time at Ranger headquarters lately. Alex had begun to wonder if there was something going on with him besides the amount of time he had been working but when Alex at hinted that there might be something bothering him Walker had snapped at her that he was really busy with work so Alex had dropped it. Alex then decided to give him time to come to her with whatever was going on with him because Walker usually realized that he needed to talk with her about things. Although this time it was taking him a lot longer than it normally would. Therefore she was surprised when Walker came home around noon to eat with them. Spotting their father Angela and Ray ran to him and he picked them up and kissed them on their cheeks. Walker then turned to Alex and asked her "Well Mrs. Walker aren't you happy to see me?"

Alex replied "Sure am, do I get a kiss too?" Walker kissed her on the cheek and said "I've decided to take the rest of the day off and spend it with my family."

"Okay lunch is almost done, why don't you and the kids go sit at the table while I put it out?" Alex told him and they did exactly that. When lunch was done they went into the living room where Angela played with her dollies while Ray played with his cars. Alex said to her husband "Angela is all signed up for school, we met her teacher today."

"Already? I thought that wasn't until next week?" Walker questioned her. Alex answered "No it was today. Walker I called you at Ranger headquarters to remind you about it but the receptionist told me that you were in a meeting and couldn't be disturbed."

"Well you should have reminded me about it last night." Walker said but Alex pointed out "You got in very late after I went to bed so I couldn't remind you then but I did leave you a note taped to your dinner, didn't you read it?"

"No, it must have fallen off I guess." Walker replied and then changing the subject said "Alex I need to go to the reservation this weekend."

Alex questioned "Do you want us to come with you?"

"No I need to go by myself. Alex I know that I've been testy lately and that I promised to talk to you today but can you please wait until after I get back home from the reservation? I will explain what's been going on with me Sunday evening, okay?" Walker requested. Alex sighed and then answered "Okay I guess that I can wait until then."

Walker pulled Alex into a hug and told her "I love you Alexandra Cahill-Walker never forget that, no matter what happens from this point on." Walker 's words sent a chill through Alex because it almost sounded like he was saying goodbye to her but she didn't pursue the matter right then. Alex was worried about why he had said that to her and she did decide that as soon as Walker got back on Sunday evening they were going to have that talk and clear up whatever was the matter with him. The children got Walker 's attention and he got down on the floor to play with them.

Chapter Three

Late Thursday Alex was tossing and turning so much in bed that she woke Walker up. He was going to wake her up when he heard her cry out " Walker no. Walker please don't go. Cordell John Walker , no." Alex woke up then and he questioned "Honey what were you dreaming about? You were telling me not to go, where didn't you want me going to?"

Sitting up in the bed Alex replied "The reservation." Getting mad Walker said "You've never objected to me going there before so why don't you want me going there now?"

Alex answered "I don't mind you going there and you know that."

Walker told her "You just said that you didn't want me going there."

"I didn't say that I didn't want you going there. You asked me what I was dreaming about and it was you at the reservation. Walker the dream was so vivid, you were driving your truck on the reservation and there was a woman sitting besides you. She looked like a full-blooded Cherokee. She then grabbed the part of you that only I'm allowed to touch, you removed her hand from you. Then you drove on for a little bit more and she grabbed you again causing you to swerve off the road and she jumped out right before your truck exploded into a fireball. I woke up before I could tell if you survived the wreck." Alex explained to her husband.

Walker said "You sure have some wild dreams when you're expecting."

" Walker please don't make fun of me or make light of this dream. I feel the same way right now that I did when I had those dreams of you and Trivette and someone shooting at you all those years ago. If I recall right my dream nearly came true." Alex told her husband.

"I'm still going to the reservation Alex, there's something that I need to do there." Walker informed his wife who sighed and said "I know that but will you please be careful, okay? And no strange woman in your truck either. You're my man, no one else's ever."

"Alex, I'll be careful and I promise you that there will be no woman in my truck, okay? I'm happy to be your man and nobody else's" Walker assured Alex who replied "Okay, I guess." Alex then settled herself into Walker 's arms so she could go to sleep while Walker laid there thinking about the fact that he had just lied to his wife. He was going to the reservation to meet White Eagle's niece and in Alex's state of mind he didn't think that she needed to know about it. It would needlessly upset Alex due to the fact he hadn't made love to her recently. Walker then decided that what Alex didn't know wouldn't hurt her and besides he was going to tell Alex about what was going on as soon as he returned from the reservation Sunday evening.

Friday morning before he left for work and then the reservation Walker had to reassure Alex again "Yes dear I will be careful, I'll see you Sunday evening." Walker kissed her and then drove off.

Chapter Four

That night Alex had the same dream again only this time there was more detail, Walker took off his wedding ring and placed it in the pouch that contained his parent's wedding rings. ( Walker always wore the pouch around his neck when he was at the reservation.)  Awakening Alex started to call her husband at the reservation but hung up the phone not wanting to disturb his sleep. Again Saturday night Alex had the dream and this time the Cherokee woman who jumped out of Walker's truck right before it burst into flames looked right at her and said 'Washo has gone to join the spirits of his ancestors, do not try to find him.' This woke Alex up and she called her husband at the reservation but he never answered the phone. Alex then spent the rest of the night and the next day trying to convince herself that Walker was perfectly okay and would be coming home that evening.

About seven in the evening Trivette rang the doorbell at the Walker ranch, opening the door Alex was stunned to find Sam Coyote standing there with Trivette who had red eyes and looked like he had recently shed tears. Sam asked her " Mrs. Walker , may I come in?"

Motioning for them to enter Alex told Trivette "The children would love for their Uncle Jimmie to take them to the barn." Trivette quickly agreed and took Angela and Ray to the barn. After they left Sam Said "Firewalker's mate I don't know how to tell you this but."

Alex saved him the trouble by saying "You think that Walker is dead, that he died when his truck exploded into a fireball." Stunned Sam questioned Alex "How did you know about that?"

"The last three nights I've dreamed about my husband driving in his truck on the reservation with a woman from the tribe who jumped out of Walker 's truck right before it exploded into a fireball." Alex replied fighting back tears. Sam told her "The woman is Mary Brightstar , White Eagle's niece. She said that they were driving out so that Washo could talk to White Eagle when he began to drive erratically. That he ended up veering off the road and she jumped out right before he sped up to go over an embankment and his truck burst into flames. Mrs. Walker I am so sorry for your loss."

"Where is my husband's body at now?" Alex asked Sam. Holding back his own tears Sam answered "We buried what was left of him before I came here to tell you about your husband's death." Alex said "You buried my husband without notifying me so that I could be there with our children to say good bye?"

"Again I'm sorry but after that H.I.V. scare that you had there was a tribal council and you were voted out of the tribe and by tribal law you were no longer Washo's mate and it was up to me as next of kin to see to the burial of my cousin." Sam told Alex and then held out Walker 's pouch while saying to her " Mrs. Walker we found this near where what was left of the truck ended up at." Taking the pouch Alex said "My children and I need to see where you buried him at."

"I can take you there tomorrow. Alex, the tribe wants Washo to remain buried on the reservation." Sam informed Alex who opened the pouch took out Walker 's parent's wedding rings and Walker 's wedding ring and after looking at them said "He shall remain there, that is if he's actually Walker . I have always respected all aspects of Walker 's heritage. Sam are you sure it's him?"

Sam answered "Yes I'm sure." Alex began crying so Sam went and got Trivette to comfort Alex.

Chapter Five

Once they got to the reservation Sam took Angela and Ray to his house so that his wife Sharona could watch them while he took Trivette and Alex to where they had buried Walker . Looking at the marker that read Washo Firewalker Trivette said "I can't believe that he's gone. What was he doing here anyhow?" When Alex didn't say anything Sam answered "Washo was going with Mary Brightstar to talk to her uncle White Eagle so that Firewalker could get the tribe to let his wife be a member."

Trivette questioned "But I thought that when they got married and White Eagle attended it meant that Alex automatically became a member of this tribe. That's what Walker told me so what changed?"

Sam replied "When Walker's wife came here the last time and she was seen by Dr. Storm at the clinic and people later found out that she was H.I.V. positive a tribal council was held and she was removed as a member of this reservation and was banned from coming here. Washo went with Mary to see if he could get White Eagle's help in getting his wife reinstated. White Eagle had already turned him down once and that was why Washo took Mary along, to see if she could change her uncle's mind."

Trivette objected "Alex isn't H.I.V. positive and everyone knows that. So why won't you just reinstate her?" Sam answered "What's done is done."

Finally speaking Alex said "I need to see where the accident occurred." As Sam was leading them there Mary Brightstar approached them and after being introduced told Alex "I'm sorry Mrs. Walker . We were driving to meet White Eagle when Washo said and I quote 'That it's no use going to see White Eagle. I'm not man enough to deserve her, not when I've lied to her like I have recently and did what I did.' Washo then took off his wedding ring and placed it in the pouch with his parent's wedding rings. Then he began to drive erratically, when he neared the embankment he slowed down and told me to jump that he was going to join the spirits of his ancestors."

Looking at Mary Brightstar Alex asked "Are you trying to tell me that my husband killed himself?"

"I'm sorry but it seemed that way to me. After I jumped out he drove over the embankment as fast as he could and then his truck exploded into a fireball." Mary Brightstar replied and then walked away. Sam offered "I can take you to the scene but it does look like he deliberately drove head first over the embankment at a high rate of speed."

"My husband would not have killed himself; he was just overworked lately and must have dozed off." Alex said but Trivette told her "Alex, Walker has been leaving work early everyday for the past week and a half, he wasn't overworked." Not knowing what to believe now Alex broke down and was led to Walker 's house. Trivette was taken to the scene and when he came back to the house with Sam, Trivette reluctantly told Alex that it did seem like Walker had killed himself.

            Looking at the both of them Alex said "The two of you can say whatever you want but I know this, Walker did not kill himself and furthermore I don't think that he's even dead. Jimmy if Walker were dead I would know in my heart and my heart tells me that he's still alive. If he were dead it would be as though I lost a part of my soul and I don't feel that way. No, you're both wrong. I'm going home and I'm going to try and make some sense of the lies that people are telling about my husband." Alex then showed them out.

That afternoon as they were getting ready to leave Alex asked Sam "When Angela and Ray are older, will they be welcomed here?  I want them to know their Firewalker heritage."

"Yes they are members of the tribe. Washo's children will always be welcomed here." Sam answered Alex who said "But not me, his wife. Goodbye Sam Coyote ." They got in Trivette's car and drove away.

Chapter Six

Later as they were nearing the ranch and the children were napping Trivette asked Alex "Do you want me to plan the memorial service?" Alex replied “My husband hasn't left me and our children, I would know if he were dead. I would have lost part of my soul and I haven't. So stop telling me that he's gone."

"Alex I know that it's hard to believe but I saw no way that anyone including Walker could have survived that wreck. Walker 's truck was burnt to a crisp, what was left of it. How about I call Sydney and have her come out here to stay with you? You could use the company." Trivette said but Alex snapped at him "I don't need to be babysat." Softening her tone Alex added "I'm sorry for snapping at you Trivette but this is so hard to deal with right now. I'll be fine."

"I know it is Alex." Trivette told her while fighting back his tears. Looking over at him Alex said "Can we hold off planning Walker 's memorial service until tomorrow? I just need some time by myself to deal with this. I don't know how to tell Angela and Ray that everyone says that their father won't be coming back. Trivette I have to tell them before I do anything else."

"That's fine, I'll see you tomorrow after work, okay?" Trivette asked Alex who agreed and then got out the car. Trivette helped her carry a still sleeping Angela and Ray into the house and then he left. Alex spent the rest of the day fighting back her tears and Angela who had noticed that asked her mother "Mommy are you okay? You look like little Ray does when he's getting ready to cry."

"My back hurts a little from the babies, that's all honey." Alex told her. They spent the rest of the day doing normal things. That night Alex had another dream and in it a hawk and a swan were telling a doe not to give up on the lone eagle. Awakening Alex decided that it had been a vision and that her husband was alive like her heart and soul had been telling her he was. Alex also decided that she was going to go to Walker 's parent's house that he had recently shown her to look for answers.

Not wanting anyone to know about it Alex got up early and disabled the tracking device that was in her car. She then packed up the car and fed Angela and Ray their breakfast. While they were eating Alex sent Trivette a time delayed e-mail telling him that she was going away for awhile with her children. Several hours later Alex opened the door to Walker 's parent's house while silently praying that he was there, he was.

Hurrying to her husband Alex said "Thank god you're alive." Walker replied "Just barely. Alex I will explain everything to you later."

"You bet you will, I was told by Mary Brightstar that you had killed yourself because you were upset about lying to me recently about things you should have told me." Alex told Walker who pulled her into a hug and said "I will explain as soon as I can. Did anyone follow you here?"

"No I disabled the tracking device on my car and left a time delayed e-mail for Trivette telling him that I was going away for awhile. So no one should be able to find us until we want them to." Alex told her husband.

Angela said to Walker "Daddy, Mommy has been crying because the babies are making her back hurt. You should tell the babies to be nice to Mommy." Laughing Walker answered his daughter "I will later honey."

Chapter Seven

After Angela and Ray were sleeping Walker asked Alex "How did you know to come here to look for me?"

"I had a dream last night, in it a swan and a hawk were telling a doe not to give up on the lone eagle. I decided that it was your parents telling me that you were still alive and to start looking here for answers. Walker why did you tell me that you were working overtime every night making you too tired to make love with me when in fact you were leaving work early everyday. That in fact you won't make love to me because I've gained so much weight that you've lost your desire for me." Alex asked him.

Walker answered "This isn't going to be easy for you to hear but you deserve to know the truth. Yes I have been lying to you. I have been leaving work early for the last ten days and on those days I've told you that I was working late. Some of that time I was meeting with Mary Brightstar to get her to help me change White Eagle's mind about reinstating you. On some of the other days I was visiting my parent's grave and Ellen's grave. As for telling you that I was too tired to make love to you when I wasn't tired, well I didn't want to hurt you be telling you that I couldn't make love to you."

"I've never had a problem with you visiting Ellen's grave and you know that. As for the reservation, it would have been nice if my husband had bothered to tell me that I was booted out. Why didn't you have the decency to tell me at least that much Walker ?" Alex questioned her husband who answered "After the other night when I turned you down and you then had that dream I didn't want you getting upset by what was going on. Alex I am worried about you and those twins that you are carrying."

"So you thought it was better to let me think that I had gained so much weight with this pregnancy that you found me undesirable? You didn't think that would worry or upset me? Thanks for being such a thoughtful husband." Alex snapped at Walker .

"Honey you will always be desirable to me." Walker was saying when Alex broke in to say "Yeah right, don't lie to me. You won't make love with me because of my weight. You said so the other night and you don't lie to me. Let me take that back you haven't lied to me until recently but I do believe that you told me the truth the other night when you said I was too fat for you."

"Alex that's not so. I do.." Walker tried to answer but Alex again interrupted him "I don't want to talk about this right now with you. I'm going to take my fat undesirable self for a walk, alone. You can watch Angela and Ray for a change." Alex left the house.

Chapter Eight

Walker waited about five minutes for Alex to cool off then he went looking for her and found her sitting on the porch steps with her hand on her stomach. He asked "Are you okay? You're not having problems with the babies are you?" Ignoring Walker 's questions Alex asked him "Do you have any idea how I felt when Sam showed up at the ranch to tell me that you were dead?  Damn it Walker three nights in a row I had dream where your truck exploded into a fireball with you in it. Then he shows up and tells me that you died when your truck exploded into a fireball and for while I believed it in my mind. For that short time I believed it, it felt as though I had lost the best part of me. I did tell both Trivette and Sam that you weren't dead because I would know if you were because I would have lost part of my soul. My heart and soul felt that way but my mind kept telling me that Trivette and Sam weren't lying to me, that you were really dead. Walker what is going on? White Eagle has always been more than helpful to you in the past. What changed that you needed Mary Brightstar 's help in talking to him?"

"I needed her help because when White Eagle turned me down I told him not to make me choose between you and the people because they would lose. That you mattered more to me than where I came from." Walker explained to his wife.

" Walker please tell me that you didn't tell him that. It doesn't matter to me if I'm a member of the tribe just so long as you and the children remain one. Walker I would never ask that you choose between us, I want Angela and Ray to know all about your Firewalker heritage. There is no reason for you to choose, you and the children should always be members of the tribe and I will always be your wife and their mother." Alex told him but then she changed the subject by asking "Now explain to me why you had her in the truck with you after you promised me that you wouldn't have a woman in your truck? After you do that I want you to explain to me about her groping you twice in those dreams that I had for three nights in a row, can you do that?"

"I know that I promised that I wouldn't have anyone in my truck but I needed her help with White Eagle. Mary told me that she had arranged a meeting with White Eagle for me. She told me that White Eagle said I had to come to him pure in spirit and in order to be pure in spirit I had to forgo the pleasures of well... you know, that's why I wasn't making love with you. Mary Brightstar also told me that White Eagle said I had to pray to the spirits of my departed love ones, I did that. On the way to the meeting she said that White Eagle requested that I take off my wedding band and place it in the pouch with my parent’s wedding rings. As we were driving there Mary started to flirt with me and I told her that I wasn't interested. Then she grabbed me and well my body sort of responded. Anyhow after that she tried to kiss me and she groped me again causing the truck to swerve. I turned her down again. Mary told me that I was foolish man when it was clear that I was interested. I stopped the truck and told her to get out that I would never betray you. As she was getting out she said 'watch out.' When I turned my head to see what she was talking about Mary hit me over the head with something. The next thing that I remember is coming to with the truck going over the embankment. As I was crawling away I heard her talking to a man who said now that I was gone they would be able to take care of White Eagle. I came here to think." Walker finished his explanation.

"So you responded to being groped, I guess that could have happened, I suppose. However you should have found a way to let me know that you were still alive instead of letting me think that you were dead like everybody else. After all I'm only your wife." Alex replied and then after sitting there in silence for a few minutes she questioned "What are we going to do next? We can't keep on letting our friends think you are dead."

"Alex it took me quite awhile to get here and this place doesn't have a phone so I couldn't call you. I was planning on walking to town and getting a hold of you there. Alex we need to figure out who the man who was with Mary Brightstar is. We also need to know what they plan on doing to White Eagle, it can't be good." Walker told his wife.

" Walker we still have some more talking to do but I need to know this. Do you still love me? Do you still want me? Do you still desire me?" Alex questioned her husband with tears in her eyes. Pulling Alex close Walker said "Yes to all three and when we get back inside I'll prove it to you."

"I'd love to take you up on that but with Angela and Ray in practically the same room as us we can't. However when we get back home I'll be more than happy to let you prove your love to me. Now about Trivette, I can call him tomorrow and he can get our location from my cell phone in the morning. Tonight I just want to sleep in your arms without worrying about anything else. What do you say cowboy?" Alex said to Walker who pulled her up from the steps and answered "Yes." He took her into the house where they got into bed and went to sleep in each other's arms.

  Chapter Nine

When they woke up in the morning Alex called Trivette up and told him to come to where she was at. When he asked where that was Alex told him to use his computer skills and figure it out. Trivette followed Alex's advice and drove to where Alex was at but he bought Sydney and Gage with him. Trivette had Sydney knock on the door. Opening it Alex told them to come in and when they did they were stunned to find a still very much alive Walker there. Trivette questioned him "Walker what is going on? Sam Coyote said that you died when your truck exploded into a fireball and I've seen what's left of your truck and there was no way you were in it when it exploded. Plus a lady by the name of Mary Brightstar told us that you had killed yourself because you had been lying to Alex. That you didn't deserve her because of the lies and you were despondent over it leading you to kill yourself by flying over an embankment. Sam showed us where they buried what they thought was left of you. So if you're alive who did they bury?"

" Mary Brightstar and her unknown partner did their best to kill me but as you see I survived. As for who Sam buried thinking that it was me, I don't know." Walker answered Trivette who still upset asked Alex "How could you let me think that Walker was dead? I thought we were friends?"

" Trivette Alex herself didn't know that I was alive until yesterday when she showed up here. Listen Mary Brightstar knocked me out and with her partner's help sent me hurling over that embankment. As I was crawling away from the wreck I heard him say that now that I was out of the way they could take care of White Eagle. I don't know what they are planning on doing to him but we have to stop them." Walker said to Trivette.

"Yeah right Walker , let me guess Alex had a vision that you survived the crash and it led her here. You're the one with the sixth sense not her so tell me another one." Trivette said to Walker .

"Yes Trivette that is exactly what happened; I dreamed for three nights in a row that Walker was driving on the reservation with a woman who turned out to be Mary Brightstar . She jumped out before his truck exploded into a fireball, then you and Sam came to tell me that my husband had died when his truck exploded into a fireball, well I believed it for a little while. Then I had a dream in which a swan and a hawk were telling a doe not to give up on the lone eagle. I took that to mean that my husband was still alive like I felt he was in my soul and to come here looking for answers. This house is where Walker 's parents lived when they were first married because they weren't welcomed on the reservation and where Walker was born. Trivette if you remember when you and Sam told me that he was dead I told you both that I didn't believe it because I would have lost part of my soul and I didn't feel like that." Alex explained to Trivette who hugged her and said "Alex I know and I'm sorry for jumping on you."

Turning to Walker Trivette asked him "Now what do we do?"

Walker answered "Find out what Mary Brightstar has planned for White Eagle and who her unknown partner is.”

Chapter Ten

Their plan consisted of Sydney, Gage and Trivette going to the reservation so that Gage and Sydney could pay their respects to Walker at his grave. While they were doing that they were also going to see if they could find out where White Eagle was at and who Mary Brightstar 's partner in crime was. They drove to the reservation where Trivette explained to Sam that Sydney and Gage wanted to pay their respects. As Sam was leading them to what he thought was Walker 's grave he asked Trivette "How is Alex doing? I'm worried about her with Washo gone."

"She left me an e-mail saying that she was going away for awhile. Alex is pretty upset by everything that's happened lately, first to find out that her husband killed himself and then to find out that he did so because he had been lying to her for quite some time. Alex was so upset and I'm worried that she herself might do something crazy in her condition." Trivette replied.

"What condition? I thought that you said that she wasn't H.I.V. positive?" Sam questioned Trivette who answered "She's not. Alex is pregnant with twins, she's due between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sam all I know is that right before Angela was born Alex swore to Walker that she wasn't raising his child by herself and now unless something changes it seems likely that she'll be raising four of them by herself."

"We need to find a way to put her mind at ease." Sam suggested.

"About the only thing that will do that is for her to know that Walker didn't kill himself, Alex will find it impossible to live with knowing that he choose to leave her. That Walker killed himself because of lying to her. Also knowing that the people he was raised with seemed to be demanding that Walker choose between them and her, a choice that while it would have been his wife would still have caused Walker to be troubled because being a member of this reservation meant as much to him as being a Ranger. I still can't see him taking his own life no matter what the evidence shows. Walker has always faced everything head on since I've known him. Are you sure that's what happened?" Trivette said to Sam who suggested to him "Look how about we go over everything with Mary again? We can do that while your friends pay their respects."

While Sydney and Gage were paying their respects Sam and Trivette went to talk to Mary Brightstar again. She said "Like I told you the other day, Washo and I were driving out to see my uncle when he started driving erratically. When he approached the embankment Washo told me to jump out then he said and I quote 'That it was no use in going to see White Eagle. That he didn't deserve her when he had been lying to her like he had been and after doing what he did.' After I jumped out he speeded up went over the embankment and his truck exploded into a fireball. If it hadn't been for George Greywolf coming along then I would have had to walk back to town."

Trivette asked her "Do you have any idea what Walker meant when he said that he had been lying to his wife and didn't deserve her? I mean what could he have possibly done that would have caused him to think that he didn't deserve her?"

Mary answered "Please don't let his wife know but on Friday night things went too far between us." A stunned Trivette questioned her "Are you saying that Walker cheated on Alex with you?"

"Yes it was just that one time, he said that she had gotten so heavy lately that he no longer found her desirable but that he still loved her. Please don't tell her this; I don't think she needs to know about it. What with him having killed himself and all."  Mary Brightstar told them and then walked away.

Sam said "She just lied about that and I wonder what else she's lying about. I remember how Washo came here himself to pick out a pretty horse for Alex. In our culture when a man presents a lady with a horse he is telling her that he will be committed to her and only her for the rest of his life. I know these two things as surely as I'm standing here, one Walker would never cheat on Alex and two if Mary's hanging out with George they are up to no good. George has hated Walker ever since he joined the Rangers and arrested George's brother Curtis Greywolf who then was sentenced to prison where he died. Also White Eagle was very opposed to Mary seeing George because he's old enough to be her father. Trivette I think that I have some investigating to do."

Trivette replied "Sam I have to ask that you tell no one this and I mean no one, but Alex was right about her husband." Sam asked "You mean?" Trivette nodded yes and then questioned him "Do you know where White Eagle is at? I'd like to see him before I leave because the eagle is worried about him."

"No one has seen him for at least a week. If I see him I'll tell him that you'd like to see him but I wouldn't count on him getting in touch with you. I'll call you if I find anything out." Sam told Trivette who said "I'll see if I can dig anything up on George Greywolf ." Trivette collected the others and they left the reservation.

Chapter Eleven

After the others left Walker turned to Alex and told her "We're going back home just give me a minute to get the car packed and then we'll leave." Alex questioned her husband "Are you sure that's a good idea? Wouldn't it be better to let them think that they had got away with killing you?"

"I'm worried about your health. Alex you need to be back home where I can keep an eye on you, not out here in the middle of nowhere. As for Mary Brightstar and her partner whoever he is I'm going to keep them from hurting White eagle." Walker replied as he packed up the things that Alex had brought along with her for the children. They went outside and as Walker was loading the car White Eagle showed up.

Walker asked him "White Eagle are you okay?"

"Yes Washo, I'm fine but I need to talk to Mrs. Walker alone." White Eagle told Walker who then took Angela and Ray back into the house. As soon as they were in the house Alex said "White Eagle Walker truly didn't mean what he said about choosing me over the people because there is no reason that he needs to choose. Please don't hold it against him for trying to get me reinstated into the tribe. While I would be honored to be permitted to rejoin I will be fine not being a member just so long as Walker and our children remain members. White Eagle, I want Angela and Ray to know their father's Cherokee heritage and be as proud of it as he is and I am. I am very proud to be his mate and the mother of his children and I don't need anything more than that." Alex then abruptly changed the subject by questioning White Eagle "Now can you tell me why your niece Mary felt that she had the right to grope my husband twice right before she and her partner tried to kill Walker ?"

White Eagle looked at Alex for a minute as though he was considering something before he asked her "How do you know this? Did your husband tell you?" Shaking her head no Alex replied "No Walker didn't tell me. I know that it happened because I had a dream for three nights in a row in which my husband was driving his truck on the reservation and there was a woman in it who turned out to be Mary Brightstar . In those dreams she groped Walker twice right before she jumped out of his truck and it exploded into a fireball. Then on Sunday Sam and Trivette came to my house to tell me that my husband was dead. That he had died when his truck exploded into a fireball."

"Then how did you know that your husband was still alive and to come here?" White Eagle asked. Alex replied "I know because after they told me that Walker was dead we went to the reservation where Mary told me that Walker had killed himself out of remorse for lying to me. After that I told Sam and Trivette that Walker wasn't dead because I didn't feel it in my soul. That night after I returned home I had a dream where a swan and a hawk were telling a doe not to give up on the lone eagle. I took that to mean that Walker was alive like I felt he was in my soul. That I should go to the place he was born. The house where his parents lived when they weren't welcomed at the reservation, not even by you."

"Washo was very wise when he choose you for a mate, you share his spirit." White Eagle said and then getting serious he added "We need to go to your ranch."  

"That's what Walker wants to do." Alex said and they got into the car and headed to the ranch. On the way there Alex called up Trivette and told him to meet them there. Walker said "Alex, I'm going to tell everyone that I remember nothing of what happened that all I can remember is crawling away from the wreck. That the weekend is pretty much of a blur to me. Hopefully that will lead them to think that they got away with trying to kill me. That should give us some time to find out why they did what they did."

"Okay since Angela and Ray are napping I'm going to take one too. Wake me up when we get there." Alex answered her husband.

Trivette, Sydney and Gage arrived at the ranch shortly after the Walkers and White Eagle did. Trivette said "White Eagle we are glad to see you with Walker . He was worried that Mary Brightstar and her partner had done something to you."

"I am fine; I will take the little ones outside while the big ones talk." White Eagle replied and took Angela and Ray outside.

" Mary Brightstar has been hanging around with a man by the name of George Greywolf . Sam said that you arrested his brother Curtis Greywolf and that he died in prison and that George hated you because of it. Also Mary said that you killed yourself because you had cheated on Alex with her Friday night." Trivette informed Walker .

"That didn't happen but I will admit that she tried to make it happen. What was Sam's reaction when Mary said that?" Walker said.

"That since she was lying about you cheating on Alex with her Sam wondered what else Mary was lying about. He also said that White Eagle had been opposed to Mary seeing George Greywolf ." Trivette answered Walker who requested "Trivette could you let everybody know that I'm alive?"

"Are you sure you want to do that?" Trivette questioned. Walker answered "Yes, I'm sure. I don't want Alex under anymore stress right now. I plan on saying that I don't remember anything about the crash except for crawling away from the wreckage. That the weekend is pretty much of a blur to me. That I plan on returning to the reservation next weekend to see if I can jog some memories."

"Okay I'll let everybody know that you're alive but I think you should tell Sam yourself." Trivette pointed out and then he Sydney and Gage left the ranch. Walker called Sam "Sam, its Walker . I just called to let you know that I survived the crash. Mary and whoever her partner is tried to kill me. However I'm planning on telling everyone that I don't remember anything about the weekend or the crash other than crawling away from it."

"I'm glad that you're alive Washo. I was worried about Alex when she insisted that you weren't dead. You should know that Mary told both your wife and Trivette that you killed yourself out of remorse. Then Mary told Trivette that you were remorseful because you had cheated on your wife with her." Sam said to Walker .

"Yes, I know. Listen Sam I plan on coming back to the reservation this weekend. I'll say that I came back to see if I can jog some memories of what happened to me. Sam White Eagle is here but can you not tell anyone that until we figure out who her partner is and what they plan on doing to White Eagle?" Walker said to him.

"Okay, that way we can investigate Mary some more. By the way does your wife know that you're alive?" Sam asked Walker who answered "Yes she came to my parents' old house after she had a dream and decided that I was there. Alex knows what Mary told Trivette about the two of us."

"Are you still married?" Sam questioned.

"Yes, Alex believes in me. See you this weekend Sam, I'll tell you everything then." Walker answered and hung up. White Eagle came in with Angela and Ray and agreed that Walker 's plan was the right thing to do. He also turned down Alex's offer to sleep in the guest bedroom insisting that since it was warmer out he would be okay in the barn.

Later after their children were in bed Walker entered his bedroom to find Alex under the sheets wearing nothing. Walker quickly stripped as he asked her "I believe that you want some proof of my love for you, of how much I want you and how much I desire you?"

Alex questioned "You're not too tired?" Slipping into the bed with his wife Walker answered "For you, never." Walker then very tenderly made love to Alex mindful of her condition. When he was done Walker asked "Well is that enough proof for you?"

Pulling him closer Alex answered "I think that I need some more of that proof." Walker replied "Gladly." They made love again.

Chapter Twelve

Walker and Alex fought about her going to the reservation with him but Alex won when she pointed out that she wasn't about to let him go to the reservation alone after he had almost been killed the last time he was there by himself. Walker admitted defeat and they went as a family. After they had unpacked Sam knocked on their door, making sure that Angela and Ray weren't listening Sam said to Walker "We don't know who we buried as you. Mary said that you were alone in your truck and she's sticking to her story that you tried to kill yourself out of remorse for cheating on your wife with her last Friday."

Walker asked Sam "Anyone missing that you know of?" Sam answered "Just her brother Carl Brightstar , if anything he was even more opposed than White Eagle was to Mary seeing George."

White Eagle then said "Then he most likely the one buried as Washo, I haven't seen Carl since he told me that he was going to tell George to stay away from Mary last sometime last week." Sam questioned White Eagle "Her own brother, why would she kill him?"

"She may not be aware that he's dead if he's dead. Tribal politics would be the reason; Carl is studying with me to take my place when I cross the river." White Eagle explained but then Alex asked "Why would they kill him before killing you? Why kill Walker also?"

White Eagle answered "I don't know."

"I do with both White Eagle and his understudy gone someone else would have to take your position White Eagle. Someone who wasn't opposed to a casino being opened on the reservation which you are opposed to. The money that would come from a casino would be more than enough motive for murder. As for killing me, with me and White Eagle dead and Alex not allowed here anymore they probably thought that the deaths would be forgotten once the money started rolling in by a lot of people. Sam would be about the only left here who would really care about it." Walker explained to them.

"I agree with your assessment, now how do we prove it?" Sam asked.

Alex spoke up "Just give me five minutes alone with Mary Brightstar and I'll get her to confess. The nerve of her to say Walker cheated on me with her and then to try and kill him." Walker objected "You're not going anywhere near her, you got that Alex?"

"Maybe she does have the right idea." Sam was saying when Walker looked like he wanted to object White Eagle said "Listen to the plan first Washo."

After Walker nodded okay Sam outlined his plan, Alex would confront Mary about her saying that she had slept with Walker . Alex would then get Mary to believe that George was cheating on Mary with Connie Ellis , a younger more attractive woman from the gambling syndicate. They had investigated all the parties involved and it was believable that George would cheat on Mary Brightstar with Connie Ellis if he wasn't already doing so.

As they were out walking around without Angela and Ray Alex spotted Mary Brightstar and said to Walker "Showtime." Then Alex raised her voice and asked "How could you do that to me?"

            "Quiet down, you're making a scene." Walker answered but Alex yelled at him "I'm making a scene? You're the one who cheated on me."

"Alex I don't know what you are talking about." Walker answered his wife. Alex then marched over to Mary and demanded "Trivette said that you slept with my husband the last time he was here, did you?"

After looking at Walker who appeared puzzled by everything Mary answered "Yes I did last Friday, I'm sorry." Walker protested "Alex honey she's lying."

Alex yelled at her husband "You can't even remember last weekend so how can you tell me that she's lying? After all before you left our house to come here last weekend you complained about how much I weighed, didn't you?"

"Alex, I love you. If I did it, it didn't mean anything to me. You know that you and the children mean everything to me." Walker told Alex.

"Just go away and leave me alone you unfaithful jerk." Alex told her husband who got mad and left. Looking at Mary Alex asked with tears in her eyes "How could you sleep with my husband?"

"It was just that one time, he loves you very much. He said so right before he tried to kill himself." Mary was explaining when Alex turned white and looked about ready to pass out. Alex grabbed Mary to steady herself then she stepped back and snapped "He sure looks like he's dead. You probably helped him stage the whole thing so that the two of you could be together at his secret house that's not far from here. Were you two planning on living there happily ever after? Because I'm not about to let him leave me, ever."

Mary questioned "What are you talking about? What secret house?"

"The one that I found my husband waiting at for you, his lover. Don't bother denying it." Alex replied.

"You have it all wrong, I have a boyfriend his name is George Greywolf . What happened between me and your husband was just one of those things and it meant nothing. He really does love you; he only came here last weekend trying to get you reinstated. That should show you how much he cares about you in spite of how heavy you are." Mary told Alex.

"Yeah right, George Greywolf is your boyfriend when he has been all over town with Connie Ellis from a gambling syndicate. Tell me another one why don't you. Alex scoffed at Mary who questioned "What are you talking about?"

"You don't get much news here do you? It was all over the T.V. news and the papers about how them working together to bring a casino to this reservation led the two of them to fall in love." Alex replied. Getting upset Mary protested "No, George is my boyfriend."

"Yeah right, George is your devoted boyfriend just like Walker is my oh so devoted husband." Alex said and walked away. Mary stood there starting to believe Alex when George showed up and told her "Hey I have to cancel our date tomorrow, I have a meeting with Connie."

Mary said "You go near her and I'll kill you." Getting mad George forgot that there were people watching them and said "You don't tell me what to do, you listen to me or else."

"Go to hell." Mary said and started to walk away when George grabbed her arm and said "If you don't listen I'll get rid of you just like I did your brother."

Stunned Mary asked "My brother, what have you done with him?"

Laughing George answered " Walker 's alive so who do you think is buried in his grave. Sam was in such a hurry to bury his cousin that he didn't make sure that it was actually his cousin that he was burying. Although poor Carl was so badly burnt that you couldn't tell the difference anyhow."

George started to drag Mary away by the arm when Sam and Walker neared them and Sam said " George Greywolf and Mary Brightstar you are both under arrest for the murder of Carl Brightstar and the attempted murder of Cordell Firewalker." Then he quickly cuffed them as George sneered "You have nothing on us."

"We have it all on tape; the voice quality is really something on these new gadgets they make nowadays." Sam said as he pulled the hidden microphone from where Alex had placed it on Mary. Sam led them away as Walker went back to his house. Walker asked his wife "Are you okay? You looked like you were really going to faint when you placed that microphone on her."

"Darling I'm perfectly fine. I just needed her to think that I was going to faint in order to get close enough to her to place it." Hugging Alex Walker told her " Mrs. Walker , you are one hell of a woman."

Alex replied "That's because I have one hell of a man. However right now I need to get off of my feet because your babies are really kicking me right now." Picking her up Walker carried Alex into the house where he laid her on the couch and told her to take it easy, that he would watch Angela and Ray. Alex closed her eyes and took a nap.

Chapter Thirteen

The next morning they were eating breakfast when Sam knocked on their door and Walker let him in. Sam said "Mary has confessed to her role in trying to kill you and plotting to kill White Eagle her uncle but she said that she knew nothing about George killing her brother. Apparently earlier in the day Carl had confronted George about seeing Mary and George killed him. After Mary knocked you out George had her walk away a distance and he then put Carl Brightstar 's body in your truck with you. Then he rigged it to go over the embankment and explode into a fireball. Then Mary was supposed to use White Eagle's grief over your death to get him out in the badlands where George would then kill him. We don't have any information that the gambling syndicate knew anything about their plans and Connie Ellis after hearing about the arrests issued a press release stating that they were no longer interested in opening a casino here."

"Okay thanks for telling us Sam." Walker told Sam who then left. After lunch there was a tribal council meeting that Alex was told to attend without Walker . Walker objected but Sam talked him into letting Alex attend by herself since he Sam was going to be there also. There was a panel of tribal elders there. White Eagle asked " Mrs. Walker , tell us about your dreams concerning your husband."

"I had four of them, the first three start out all the same. Walker is driving on this reservation with a member of this tribe in the truck with him; she turns out to be Mary Brightstar . In my dreams she groped my husband twice right before she jumped out of his truck which then exploded into a fireball. On the second night's dream Walker took off his wedding ring and placed it in the pouch that contained his parents' wedding rings. In the third night's dream after the explosion Mary Brightstar looked right at me and said that 'Washo has gone to join the spirits of his ancestors, do not try to find him.' The fourth dream I had after Trivette and Sam told me that my husband was dead, that he had died when his truck exploded into a fireball. In that dream a swan and a hawk were telling a doe not to give up on the lone eagle. I decided that it meant that my husband was still alive like I felt he was in my soul. To go to the house where his parents live in when they were first married and not welcomed at the reservation." Alex answered.

One on the elders said "She made up these dreams to get reinstated."

"No, I did not. Now don't get me wrong, while I would consider it a great honor to be a member again I'm okay with not being one just so long as my husband and our children remain members. I have always respected all aspects of Walker 's heritage and the both of us will raise our children to respect the ways of the people. I would never do anything that would jeopardize my husband's or my children's standing in the tribe." Alex told the panel but the same elder again questioned "How do we know that you are telling the truth?"

Sam answered "I know that Washo's mate is telling the truth because when I went to her house to tell her about her husband she told me that I thought he had died when his truck exploded into a fireball. When I asked her how she knew that Mrs. Walker told me about the first three dreams she had. Mrs. Walker also told me and Ranger Trivette that her husband wasn't dead because she didn't feel it in her soul and she would if he were dead. Then she went and found him alive when everyone else including all of us thought him dead."

White Eagle spoke up "Thank you Mrs. Walker , we must think on this now." Alex left and went back to the house. About two hours later Sam told Walker that the council wanted Walker and Alex to appear in front of the council along with their children. A smiling White Eagle asked Alex "Firewalker's mate, are you ready to accept your Cherokee name and everything that goes with it?"

Alex proudly answered "Yes I am."

White Eagle did the honors "From now on you will be known here as Seeing Doe, Washo's mate and the mother of Spirit Sent and Red Crow Firewalker." A smiling Walker watched as Alex was hugged by council members.

Chapter Fourteen

When they got back home on Sunday night Walker insisted on making a doctor's appointment for his wife. He told her "Alex I want to make sure that you and the babies are okay. I really thought that you were going to pass out when you were getting the goods on Mary and George." Alex replied " Walker honey I already have a doctor's appointment for tomorrow. Dr. Bates called me last week when everyone thought you were dead and we decided between the two of us that my appointments would be biweekly until the babies get here. If you like you can come with me."

"You can't switch it to Tuesday?" Walker asked Alex who puzzled by his requested questioned him "Why do you want it switched to Tuesday?"

"Because if you have a doctor's appointment tomorrow you won't... you know tonight." Walker answered while starting to redden,

"Darling our love life can still make you blush, that's so cute. As for tonight well I don't want my doctor to know...well you know what I don't want her to know." Alex replied.

Walker pointed out "Alex, she knows that know. After all you're pregnant with a set of twins. And I do not blush."

"Yes you do. I prefer to keep the details of what we do between us." Alex told Walker who suggested "How about we drop Angela and Ray off at the Hope house tomorrow and come back here for awhile?"

"Already taken care of, Aunt Josie and Aunt Erica are going to take them to the kiddie pool for five hours along with some other children and women from the Hope center. Is that enough time for what you have in mind cowboy?" Alex teased him. Walker teased back "If it's not we can always put them to bed early."

" Cordell Walker you are so bad." Alex said. They went to see Dr. Bates who said that Alex was fine and then they hurried home. Pulling his wife into a long deep kiss Walker asked "Well Seeing Doe, do you want to see just how bad I can get?"

Kissing him back she answered "Hell yes." They made love and when they were done and resting in each other's arms Alex told her husband "The next time you have a reason for not making love with me tell me."

"I've learned my lesson on that one. As for making love with you, are you interested in doing it again?" Walker said. Alex informed him "You do know that's it's my turn to be bad, right?"

Walker laid back with a smile as Alex was bad.

I don't own Walker Texas Ranger, C.B.S. and other entities do. Neither I nor this story is meant as an infringement on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a good show nothing more.