Lost Future - Part 1

By Katie 59

Chapter One

After spending the afternoon at the lake Walker and Alex rode their horses back to the ranch and put them in the barn. As Walker opened the front door of his house for Alex he said to her “Maybe we should just stay right here instead of going to the Holland Mansion for dinner. I'll light us a fire and we'll spend all night in front of it doing whatever comes to your mind." Alex kissed Walker on the cheek as she replied “Okay by me but you get to call Phil and Kim to explain why we're missing the dinner."

Walker questioned Alex with a grin on his face “Do you really want me to call Phil and Kim up to tell them that we're not going to dinner at the Holland Mansion because you can't keep your hands off of me?" Alex called his bluff by picking up the phone and handing it to him said "Be my guest but when you make that phone call you really should tell them that you're the one who can't keep your hands off of me. You do remember last night, don't you Cordell Walker?"

Walker took the phone back from Alex and hung it up as he answered her “Okay you win, as always but once dinner is over we're coming back here. Got that lady?" Alex replied “I can't. Honey remember that I have to be at the Holland Mansion the first thing in the morning to help Kim get ready for her wedding. You understand why I can't stay, don't you?"  Walker tried again “You can still stay here tonight, I'll wake you up bright and early in the morning so that you'll still be able to help Kim get ready for her wedding to Phil. What do you say lady?"

Alex shot him down “I don't think so cowboy. The last time I stayed over here when I was supposed to be somewhere bright and early the next morning I was an hour late. That can't happen this time so you will be dropping me off at home after the dinner and no you won't be staying at my place either." Walker pulled Alex close and after kissing her asked  “I can't change your mind about that?"

Lightly pushing on Walker's chest to get some space between them Alex said to him "No you can't change my mind. Walker I spent the night out here last night and when I was ten minutes late for work this morning D.A. Moody said something to me about it. I really can't take the chance of being late tomorrow morning but if you're a good cowboy at the wedding I just might let you talk me into spending the night here, after the wedding, okay?"

"Okay, come on we'd better get going then." Walker answered and they left the ranch.

  After the dinner Phil's father looked at Alex and Walker as he hinted "Are there going to be any more weddings in the near future? Because if there are I can tell you everything you need to know about throwing one." Walker ignored the hint while Alex looked at her hands. Trivette however who had over indulged when it came to the wine answered Mr. Holland "If you're talking about Walker coming to his senses and marrying Alex, boy are you barking up the wrong tree. Walker will never ever make that kind of commitment to Alex; he takes her for granted."

Kim hastily interjected "Alex would you mind helping me with something upstairs? Please, it's important." Alex got up and left the room with Kim as Walker glared at Trivette who decided that he needed to go to the men's room and quickly excused himself. Alex came back into the room ten minutes later and told Walker that she was tired and wanted to go home.

At the door to Alex's apartment Walker asked her "Can I come in for coffee?" Alex shook her head no and turned to enter her apartment but stopped when Walker laid his hand on her arm and asked her "Do you want to talk about what Trivette said earlier at the Holland's Mansion?"

  Removing his hand Alex answered "No I'm really tired and I need to get some rest because I have a long day tomorrow, see you at the wedding." Alex then closed the door on Walker.

Walker met Alex before the wedding and he told her how beautiful that she looked to him and she told him that he looked kind of good himself. Then Walker said that he wanted to meet Alex after the wedding so she whispered to him "Yes cowboy, I'll stay at your place tonight. That is if you don't yawn once during the wedding."

Walker whispered back "Just keep looking at me like that during the wedding and I promise you that I'll be really alert." Then he added in a louder voice "Alex after the wedding there's something that I want to ask you."

"What?" Alex couldn't help asking but Walker insisted "I said after the wedding." All during the wedding Alex kept glancing at Walker who responded each time with a slight smile as though he knew something that she didn't. Near the end of the wedding everything went bad as Carl Storm had his people shoot up the wedding and Alex was seriously wounded.

Chapter Two

Walker had just taken care of Carl Storm when Trivette's phone rang, answering it Trivette said "That's great I'll let you tell him yourself." Trivette then handed the phone to Walker who took it and C.D. said to him "Cordell, Alex is awake and she's going to be just fine. The doctors checked her over and they said although she'll need some physical therapy for her back she'll be as good as new in to no time at all."

"Okay C.D. tell Alex that we'll be there to see her just as soon as we finish the paperwork on Storm." Walker replied causing C.D. to ask him "Did you get him? Is he going to pay for what he did to our Alex?"

"You could say that C.D., he's dead. Tell Alex that we'll be seeing her shortly." Walker answered then hung up the phone. Trivette and Walker went back to Ranger headquarters to get started on the paperwork but Captain Halston told them that it could wait until tomorrow to go to the hospital to pass on the Texas Rangers of Company B good wishes for a quick recovery to A.D.A. Cahill. As they were getting into Walker's truck Trivette asked him "Walker can we stop at the Blooming Blossoms Boutique? It's on the way to the hospital."

Walker questioned his partner "For what?" Trivette answered "To buy Alex a plant, what else? Isn't that what you buy people who are in the hospital? It won't take me long and while we're there maybe you can buy Alex some flowers. She'd really love flowers from you."

"I'm not buying her flowers Trivette, I have something else that I want to give her." Walker answered as they headed to the flower shop. Trivette mumbled only half under his breath "Of course you won't give Alex flowers. What was I thinking? One of these days you're going to lose her Walker."

"I heard that Trivette and my relationship with Alex is our business, no one else's. Besides if Alex wanted me to give her flowers she would tell me to get her some." Walker was saying when Trivette broke in "Man you are completely clueless when it comes to women and flowers. Did you happen to notice Alex's face when Susie the receptionist received a dozen of roses from her boyfriend? How could you not have seen the wistful look on Alex's face that maybe some day you would buy some flowers for her? Alex wants you to buy them on your own, not because she told you to buy them for her. Every woman feels the same way about their boyfriends giving them flowers. And you are her boyfriend, aren't you? Or are you going to deny that you have a serious relationship with Alex?"

Walker didn't answer Trivette who decided to drop the subjects of Alex, Walker and flowers. They went to the Blooming Blossoms Boutique where Trivette went into the shop while Walker stayed outside. When Trivette left the shop he noticed that Walker had something in his hand that he was staring at so Trivette asked "Hey Walker, what's in your hand?"

Shoving a ring into his pocket Walker answered "You'll see it later Trivette, wait here while I get Alex some flowers will you?" Trivette nodded okay and got into Walker's truck while Walker went into the shop. As Trivette was sitting there a car pulled up and two men got out of it and ran into the flower shop. Realizing that they were up to something Trivette hurriedly followed them in but as he entered one of them shot Walker in the back while the other shot the clerk. Pulling his gun Trivette yelled "Texas Ranger drop your weapons, now."

The men turned around and fired at Trivette but he hid and returned fire. After it was over Trivette checked on Walker and found out that he was still alive so he called an ambulance then the Police department to report the shooting and attempted robbery. The store clerk who had been shot in the shoulder handed Trivette a rag to put on Walker's wound as she said "He said that he wanted to buy some beautiful flowers for the beautiful woman that he was going to marry and the next thing you know he's laying on the floor in his own blood. Is he going to be okay?"

Trivette answered " I hope so."

Alex was sitting up in her hospital bed talking to C.D. when Trivette came into the room and handed her a plant. C.D. questioned him "Where's Cordell?" Before Trivette could answer Alex asked "How bad Jimmy?"

"Bad, he was shot in the back at the Blooming Blossoms Boutique during an armed robbery. Walker's in surgery as we speak. The nurses have been told that just as soon as Walker's out of surgery to let us know how he's doing." Trivette replied as he wearily sank into a chair.

"What was Cordell doing in a flower shop? He doesn't believe in buying flowers for anything or anyone." C.D. asked Trivette but Alex answered "Buying me flowers, Walker was shot because of me."

"If it's anyone's fault it's mine because I told Walker that Alex really wanted him to get her flowers." Trivette responded. C.D. told them both "It's no one's fault. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, Cordell will be just fine. He's as tough as they come." Both Trivette and Alex nodded okay but they both still blamed themselves for Walker's shooting.

Walker survived the surgery but was now paralyzed below the waist. The doctor told Walker that he might regain the use of his legs or that he might not. Alex who had been going to see Walker in his room as often as she could was stunned when Walker said to her "Alex I don't want you coming to my room to see me like this.  Please stay away."

"Okay, I'll come visit you when you're all better. Walker, darling I know that you're upset about your condition but it's not permanent. When you're feeling better you'll see that I'm right." Alex answered Walker then she attempted to kiss him on the cheek but Walker jerked his head away. Sighing to herself Alex left his room.

Chapter Three

A week after her release from the hospital Alex was going to her doctor's office for a follow up appointment but decided that she would stop by Walker's room one last time to see if his mood had improved. When she got there Captain Harland was there asking Walker "Are you sure that this is what you want to do son?" Walker replied "Yes it is Captain Harland."

"Okay then, I'll get started on it for you. I'll come by later and fill you in on the details." Harland said and left Walker's room. Alex asked "What was that about?"

"I'm going away Alex. I won't stay here and have you see me like this for the rest of my life." Walker answered upsetting Alex who pleaded with him "Walker please don't do this. You don't know whether or not your condition is permanent. Give yourself some time to heal from your shooting before you leave me. I love you and I can't live without you. Don't I deserve better than a goodbye and good luck from you? What about everything that we share? What about our love?"

"What you deserve Alex is a complete man and I may never be that way again. I will not have the woman that I love pity me. I'm going away and that's final." Walker stubbornly answered Alex who snapped "The only person in this room who feels pity for you is you Cordell John Walker."

Walker didn't reply to that so Alex told him "I have a doctor's appointment that I have to get to, will you still be here when it's over? We need to talk about this." Walker told her "Go see your doctor and I'll be here when you get back, it's not like I can go anywhere."

Alex nodded and left Walker's room. During her appointment Dr. Schapel said to her "Okay Miss Cahill you're doing pretty good and I see no reason that you can't return to work on a part time basis for the next month, as long as you keep up with the therapy for your back. We'll see how you're doing at your next appointment in a month's time then we can discuss you returning to work full time. In the meantime you are not to engage in any physical activity that would strain your back and that includes sex. Any questions?"

Alex didn't have any and left Dr. Schapel's office and headed to Walker's room where she found him in heated discussion with Trivette who was telling him "Walker don't turn your back on Alex, the woman loves you. You're not only throwing your future away, you're also throwing Alex's future away."

Walker answered his partner "Trivette what happens between Alex and me is our business. Stay out of it." Trivette said "I know that Walker but the clerk at the Blooming Blossoms Boutique said that..."

Alex questioned "The clerk said what Jimmie?" Trivette looked at Walker who answered "Nothing important, see you later Trivette." Trivette took the hint and left Walker's room.

Before Walker could say anything Alex stated "Now I love you and I know that you love me so that means if I have to wait until you get better I will. I will wait the rest of my life for you because I will never love anyone the way that I love you." Walker answered her "Alex you can't wait the rest of your life for me to get better. I think that it's best if you forget about me and move on with your life."

"That's not going to happen cowboy, so accept it. Now do you know where you're going to be at during your rehab?" Alex asked Walker who answered "I'm going out of state for my rehab and no you won't be visiting me there. Alex will you please stop trying to act as though everything will be okay when it's not going to be? I could be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life and you know that. You have to make a clean break from me for your sake. The way I am now I won't be able to give you children, have you even thought about that?"

"Yes I have thought about having children but I want you to be the father of my children, no one else. Walker if you can look me in the eyes and tell me that you don't love me I'll walk out of this room and never bother you again. But you and I both know that you can't do that so I'll give you some time to come to terms with everything that's happened to you. I won't visit you at the rehab center, you have my word." Alex stood her ground.

"Alex, I can't tell you that I don't love you, that would be a lie but you deserve to be happy. Will you at least think about moving on with your life if I don't get better?" Walker said to Alex who shook her head no then questioned him "How long do you think that you'll need to be by yourself?"

"Six months, maybe longer and I do love you Alex Cahill." Walker told Alex who kissed him on the cheek as she said "Okay Walker." Then Alex left his room and hurried to the ladies room where she went into a stall and cried her heart out.

Later on that day Alex was in her office getting ready to leave for the day when Trivette came in and said to her as he handed her an envelope "Walker told me to give you this Alex."

Opening the envelope Alex found a deed to Walker's ranch which had her name on it. Enclosed was a note from Walker which said


     I've signed the ranch over to you. I want you to live there.

     Please make it your home as it would have been if I hadn't

     been shot. I will get in touch with you in six months or so

     and let you you know how I'm doing. You have my word.


After reading the letter Alex looked at Trivette who told her as he took a jewelry box out of his pocket and handed it to her "The day Walker was shot according to the clerk he was in that flower shop picking out flowers for the beautiful woman that he was going to marry. Walker asked me to hang onto this for him but I think you should have it. It was in pants pocket the day of the shooting." Alex opened the box to find an an engagement ring inside. After admiring it Alex closed the box and said "Someday Walker will put this on my finger."

"Just hang on to that thought Alex and the six months will be over before you know it." Trivette said to her.

Chapter Four

At a veteran's hospital a month later an orderly pushed a gurney down the corridor which had a clean shaven Walker on it. Nurse Klemn who was the head nurse on the floor looked over a chart the orderly handed her and said "Well our newest patient is one John William Collins, take him and put him room 5327." The orderly asked her "Isn't that the room where Daschel killed himself?"

"Yes but we have no other room available right now as you know Orderly Jackman. So why don't you take the patient to his room and get him settled in?" Nurse Klemn told the orderly who started wheeling Collins to the room. As Jackman was helping Collins into the bed he said to him "Well Collins I hope you do better than the last fellow that was in here."

Collins asked "What do you mean by that?" Jackman replied "The last fellow killed himself, everyone thought that he was doing better. Then the next thing you know he died from a drug overdose. Apparently he had saved up his pills until he had enough to kill himself with."

"Is that so?" Collins questioned Jackman who answered "That's so and it's a shame too because he and Nurse Harte had a good thing going for them. I mean from what I heard he was starting to get some feeling back in his legs and he had a beautiful woman waiting for him so why would he kill himself? It makes no sense to me. What about you? Is there someone waiting for you?"

"I had a beautiful woman in my life but I lost her when this happened. Now if you don't mind I'd like to take a nap." Collins told the orderly who nodded okay and left the room. Collins (Walker) said to himself ' God Alex, I hope you can wait for me but I'll understand if you can't.'  

Alex was in Dr. Schapel's office for her follow up appointment and was stunned when Dr. Schapel asked her "Did I or did I not tell you that you were not to engage in any physical activity that would set your progress back?"

"Yes you did and I followed your orders to the letter." Alex replied not understanding why Dr. Schapel seemed so upset with her. Dr. Schapel then asked "If you followed my orders how is it that you're pregnant? You know that a pregnancy is the last thing you need to go through with your back still not completely healed from your shooting. What were you thinking?"

Managing to collect her wits Alex answered "Dr. Schapel the pregnancy must have happened before I was shot because my...well the father...well he was shot shortly after I was, also in the back and he's now paralyzed from the waist down."

"Miss Cahill as I have told you your back is still not healed and a pregnancy could cause permanent damage to your back. I'm talking about serious damage to the nerves and muscles in your back. I think that it's best that you terminate your pregnancy as soon as possible. I hate to think what the drugs that you were given during your stay in the hospital could have done to a fetus." Dr. Schapel told Alex.

"Dr. Schapel I have to tell you that I will continue this pregnancy, no matter what the risks are to my back." Alex informed her doctor who said to her "That's what I thought you would say but you need to know this, even if you don't do permanent damage to your back during the pregnancy there is a possibility of the baby being damaged from the drugs you were given. What I'm saying Miss Cahill is that there is a possibility that the fetus will wind up being brain damaged, physically challenged or both. If you don't believe me go talk to a maternity doctor, she'll tell you the same thing. After you've taken care of this matter make yourself another appointment with me so that we can see where we go from here."

Alex stood up as she said "I'll make an appointment with a maternity doctor and then see where I go from there, thank you Dr. Schapel."

Trivette entered Alex's office and asked her "How did the doctor's appointment go? Is your back okay?" Alex questioned him "Jimmy, are you sure that you don't where Walker's at?  I really have to talk with him about what the doctor told me."

"No Alex, Walker didn't tell me where he was going to be at. Just hang in there, the six months will be up a lot sooner than you think." Trivette answered Alex who blurted out "But I have to tell Walker that he's going to be a father before I start showing."

"You guys are going to have a baby? That's great, will I be the god father? What about C.D. being a godfather too? Do you have a name picked out yet?" Trivette started throwing questions at Alex who got sad and started crying. Trivette quickly asked her "Alex, is there something wrong with the baby?"

"Dr. Schapel said that there was a possibility of physical damage, brain damage or both to the baby from the drugs that I was given when I was in the hospital and said that I should terminate the pregnancy. Jimmy, I'm going to have Walker's baby and hopefully it will be all right. I just wish that Walker were here so that we could talk about this because he needs to know that he's going to be a Daddy." Alex responded as she wiped her tears away.

Trivette offered "How about I talk with Captain Harland about Walker's location? He might be able to get in touch with Walker and let him know what's going on." Alex answered "Thank you, if I could just tell Walker that he's going to be a Daddy I know that everything will be okay for us and our baby. Walker is going to make a great father."

Trivette left Alex's office and went to Ranger headquarters where he explained everything to Captain Harland who told Trivette that he would get in touch with the contact agent for Walker who was currently undercover in a Veteran's hospital.

The next morning Harland called Trivette into his office and told him "Ranger Trivette, F.B.I. Agent Seden who is Walker's contact at the Veteran's hospital said that he told Walker everything and Walker said and I'm quoting Agent Seden here 'Tell Alex that it's over between us, she can keep the ranch and raise her baby there by herself because I'm never going to marry her, not when I'm in this wheelchair for the rest of my life.' end quote. I know that doesn't sound like the Walker that we know but the shooting might have changed him permantly. If you want me to I can arrange for you to talk to Agent Seden yourself."

Trivette suggested to his boss "Why don't we give Walker some time to deal with this before I talk to Agent Seden? Walker might change his mind about the baby and that way Alex will never have to know that Walker suggested that she raise his baby by herself." Captain Harland agreed.

At the veteran's hospital Agent Seden who was there to see Walker told him "Well Collins I have a message for you from a certain someone here it is." Seden then handed Walker a folded note and watched as he read it.

   You were right about me moving on with my life.

   I'm sorry about everything, goodbye. A.E.C.

After Walker crumbled the note up and threw it away in disgust Agent Seden said to himself ' There now he won't be distracted by a woman and can do the job that he was sent here to do, catch the person who is killing veterans.'

When Alex asked Trivette several times if he had been able to get in contact with Walker he avoided the questions each time so Alex decided that Walker still hadn't come to terms with his shooting and that she would wait until he called her like he had promised her that he would. The call never came and a heartbroken Alex made plans to raise her baby by herself even going so far as to contact Sam Coyote at the reservation to see if after the baby was born could she bring it there to see where it's father came from. Sam assured Alex that Washo's baby was welcomed there anytime as was Alex.

Chapter Five

It was now seven months later and Seden told Walker "I'm going to make an arrest in Daschel's death." Walker asked him "Are you going to arrest just Nurse Klemn? Because I don't think she acted alone. I know she doesn't like handicapped people but that's not motive enough to arrest her. You have no proof that she actually killed Daschel."

"Walker Head Nurse Klemn was in a position to slip enough drugs into Daschel to cause his death. She also had a life insurance policy on Daschel for $25,000 which she just put a claim in for. Once she shows up at the insurance office to get the money she'll be arrested." Seden said to Walker who replied "Well I guess that means I head back home to Texas."

"You'll have to stick around long enough to testify in the case, then after that you're free to go. We'll get you a special needs place to live in until then. Nurse Harte has said that she knows just the place, an apartment that's equipped for a handicapped person in the same building that she lives in. After the arrest how about the three of us go there so that you can look it over?" Seden suggested to Walker who asked him "How will I pay the rent?"

"You're disabled now so that means you are entitled to a disability check from the government each month, as a matter of fact there's a bank account set up in your real name with the money that you've already received due to your being handicapped. Also Nurse Toni Harte knows that you were undercover in the veteran's hospital because I told her the other night when I told her that Klemn was going to be arrested for the death of Daschel." Seden said.

"I'll look at the apartment after I call Ranger headquarters and let them know that the case is over and that I'll be returning to Texas." Walker answered Seden who as he handed Walker some documents said "Here's your real I.D. and information on that banking account. We'll talk about everything else later Walker, right now I have to get going."

That evening Walker called Ranger headquarters and asked to talk to Captain Harland but was told that he was on vacation so Walker called Trivette who didn't answer the phone. Walker then called C.D.'s but the connection was bad so Walker hung up the phone. Nurse Harte came into Walker's room then and said to him "How are you doing Ranger Walker? Are you ready to go see that place with Seden and me? He's waiting in the car for us."

Walker replied "I have to make a phone call to a very good friend of mine to let her know that I'm coming home." Harte asked "Would that friend be Miss Cahill? Seden told me about how she dumped you when you ended up in a wheelchair. Before you make that call I think that you should see a recent article in the paper about her." Harte then handed Walker the newspaper article which had a picture of a pregnant Alex. Under the picture were the words 'A.D.A. Twellman wins again'. Then under that was an article which stated that A.D.A. Twellman was looking forward to going on maternity leave and spending time with her husband Jacob Twellman.

Walker looked out the window as Harte smirked then she placed a hand on his arm and said "I'm sorry John but maybe you're better off staying here. I mean the woman that you love is married to another man and having his child. Listen I'll wait for you in the hallway, okay?"

As Walker was leaving his room there was an explosion from outside the building and a few minutes later Jackman came running down the hallway as he said "My god, Seden's car was just blown up with him in it."

Nurse Harte cried out "No, he can't be dead, I'm carrying his baby. How can this be happening? I can't raise a baby by myself. What am I going to do?"

Walker told her "Nurse Harte, I know you don't know me very well but I promise you that if you ever need anything I'll help you anyway that I can. Here come back into my room while I call someone for you."

In a Dallas hospital Trivette and C.D. were nervously pacing a hospital hallway where Alex was giving birth. The door to Alex's room opened and the nurse told them "Miss Cahill can have visitors now." They entered the room and Alex was holding her baby. Looking up she said to them "Guys I want you to meet John Cahill Walker, Walker's and my son. He looks just like his father, doesn't he?"

C.D. said " That he does honey. Did the doctor say anything about...you know?" Alex replied "The doctor said from all the tests that were performed the baby seems to be okay and as far as she could tell he doesn't have any kind of damage from the drugs that I was given at the start of the pregnancy."

Trivette said to her "That's great Alex. Now I know that you wanted to give Walker time to deal with things but it's been too long for him to be out of touch. Something is just not right. If it's the last thing that I do I'm going to find Walker and let him know that you gave birth to his son."

"Would you Jimmy? There has to be something wrong that we don't know about because Walker would never have turned his back on his child even if he had stopped caring for me." Alex answered but with Seden's death Trivette got nowhere because he was the only one who knew where Walker was at. After Trivette told C.D. that he had gotten nowhere in his search for Walker C.D. told him that just maybe Walker didn't want to be found and that they should worry about helping Alex out with John instead of wasting time searching for Walker.

Meanwhile Walker moved into that apartment on Harte's floor and one night she came to his apartment and said that she couldn't raise a child by herself and that maybe she should have an abortion. Walker told her that she wouldn't be raising the child by herself that he would raise it with her if she would keep it. Harte agreed on the condition that they got married. Walker thinking that he had no reason to return to Texas married her. After they were married Antoinette Harte told Walker that she would prefer to call him John instead of Cordell because that was what she knew him as and that he should call her Toni, Walker agreed. Several months later Toni gave birth to a daughter that she named Susan but Walker quickly started calling her Susie Q. After the baby was born Toni began to belittle Walker in subtle little ways which Walker ignored because he had vowed when Susan was born that he would never leave his daughter, no matter what.

Chapter Six

It was now three years later and Walker began to get sharp needle like pains in his lower back and legs at night which he told his doctor about but the doctor told him that it was highly unlikely that Walker was going to able to regain use of his legs. After all it had been three years since the shooting and if it was possible for Walker to walk again he most likely would have already been able to do so by now. At home Walker took care of his daughter just about every moment of the day because Toni had made it very clear and quite often that was the only thing that he was good for. As time had gone on Toni had become more and more belittling of Walker who having had enough said to her one night after Susan was asleep "I'm going to take my daughter and move back to Texas with her. I will not put up with you anymore."

Toni answered "You can move back to Texas whenever you want to but that brat won't be going with you. You are not her real father and you have no legal rights when it comes to her. She will stay here until I get tired of her always crying and being bad and give her to the state to raise. Now if you think I'm bluffing I suggest that you look over these legal papers that my lawyer drew up for me. After you read them you'll see that I can and will give her away if you don't do a better job of keeping her mouth shut and her out of my way."

Walker read the papers over and they were in fact papers so that Toni could give Susan to the state. Tossing them down in disgust Walker said "Fine have it your way, I'll stay here with my daughter, for now. Understand this, you will not call my Susie Q brat or any other mean and spiteful names. I will not have you belittling her."

"Fine, I'll just stick to belittling you. After all you're not even a real man, are you? Don't bother answering that because we both know that I have to go out on the town to get my sexual needs met because you can't begin to have sex. Not when you're in that wheelchair and will be for the rest of your life." Toni laughingly told Walker who boiled inside while letting nothing show on his face.

Several days later Toni out of nowhere told him "We're going to the local reservation for some fresh air this weekend. Make sure that you have your daughter on her best behavior while we're there or it's bye bye for her."

Alex was at the reservation taking a walk with White Eagle who had insisted that she come to visit him that weekend. Alex asked him "White Eagle what is so important about this ravine that we have to walk along it?" White Eagle answered with a question "Alex, do you feel as though your future has been lost?"

"Yes, don't get me wrong I love being John's mother but without Walker by my side it seems like I'm in the wrong future. Does that make any sense to you?" Alex returned the question with a question of her own. Just then White Eagle grabbed her arm and told her "Hide in the shadows with me and look up there on that ridge, say nothing." Alex did as he told her and she spotted a man in a wheelchair holding a blonde haired child in his lap with a woman a step behind them. Just them the woman grabbed the little girl out of the man's lap and yelled at the man "If you want your precious daughter go fetch her." Then as Alex looked on in horror the woman threw the child over the edge of a cliff and the man flung himself over the edge after the child. Walker managed to grab Susan and hug her to his chest as they both tumbled down the side of the ravine until they landed in the water. Walker said to his daughter "Be quiet and still for Daddy until Mommy leaves Susie Q." Walker then passed out.

After looking to make sure that Walker and Susan weren't getting out of the water Toni headed back to the reservation. As soon as the woman left White Eagle and Alex quickly pulled the man and the child from the water. As a stunned Alex realized that the man was Walker White Eagle told her "You must get Washo and the child  back to the ranch before she realizes that they survived. If you don't she will kill them." Alex quickly called Trivette and said to him "Jimmy, this is Alex. I don't have time to explain things but I need a helicopter to come here and take Walker and a child back to the ranch. Some woman just tried to kill him and the young girl with him. They both have a lot of bruises and will need checked out by a doctor once we're at the ranch. Also have C.D. and my father waiting there when we get there, please."

Trivette answered "I'll arrange that helicopter for you, which I'll ride up there then I'll stop by and see Sam Coyote to see if he can find out what's going on with Walker, the child and the woman who tried to kill them."

Alex said "White Eagle will explain everything to you when he sees you but for now you don't know that Walker or the child is alive. I think it was the child's mother who tried to kill them." Trivette agreed "You got it Alex. I'll get in touch with you as soon as I'm on the helicopter."

The child had come to and she asked "Daddy, where's my Daddy?" Alex answered "Your Daddy is right over there honey, see he's sleeping." The child then said as she began to cry "Why did Mommy hurt my Daddy and me? Was I bad? Mommy always tells Daddy that I'm a bad girl. Daddy tells her that I'm a good girl."

"No sweetheart, you weren't bad. Your Daddy's right about you being a good girl." Alex picked up the child and held her until she stopped crying. Alex then asked her "What's your name?"

"Susan Antoinette Harte but my Daddy calls me Susie Q., what's your name?" Susan questioned Alex who told her "My name is Miss Cahill and I'm going to take you and your Daddy to a ranch to meet my son, he's a little older than you. Would you like that?"

"Do you have horses? My Daddy said that he once had a ranch with horses and everything. Can we go there?" Susan asked Alex who replied "That's where we're going, your Daddy's ranch."

Trivette entered Sam's office and noticed a distraught woman there who was saying "He killed my baby and himself." Trivette asked her "Ma'am, who killed your baby and then himself?"

"John, I mean Cordell John Walker. He's been so depressed lately about being handicapped but I thought the trip here would cheer him up but he insisted on going out to a ravine in his wheelchair with my daughter in his lap so that she could look at the water. When we got there he flung himself and her over the side of the ravine and ended up in the water. I tried climbing down to them but I couldn't, the sides were too steep. Mr. Coyote has search parties out looking for my baby but they haven't found her. What am I going to do? He killed my baby." Toni put on a grief stricken performance causing Trivette to tell her "Look I came up here in a helicopter, how about I get the pilot to come back here and we'll start an air search for your baby?"

Toni wiped her tears away and answered "I have to find my baby, even if she's dead. I have to be able to bury my baby." Sam suggested "How about you go with Miss Wolf here who'll take you to a guest cabin while we plan the air search for your daughter?" Toni allowed herself to be led away and as soon as she was safely out of the way Trivette said to Sam "Walker and the girl survived her trying to kill them both and the helicopter is taking them to the ranch as we speak. Alex doesn't want anyone knowing that they survived just yet though. White Eagle will explain everything to us when we see him."

"Okay for now we'll let her put on her act then when the time is right she'll be arrested by me personally." Sam Coyote stated.

Chapter Seven

Two days later Walker moaned as the pain in his legs grew stronger causing the nurse who was in the room with him to go and tell C.D. "I think that he'll be coming around shortly, if you want you can wait in the room with him until then." C.D. went into the room as Walker's eyes opened. After glancing around Walker the room and not seeing his daughter Walker asked "Where's Susie at?"

"Don't you worry none Cordell, Susie is right in the living room playing. I'll bring her in to see you. After you see that she's okay the two of us are going to have a nice long talk." C.D. answered Walker then brought Susie in and she ran and jumped on the bed with Walker as C.D. told her "Watch that you don't bump Daddy's leg, honey. Remember the doctor said that it was broken?"

"Okay Mr. C.D." Susie said as C.D. left the room. Susie told her father "Daddy, Mr. C.D. is a nice man. He and that other man said that Mommy was never going to be mean to me again." Walker asked "What other man, honey?"

"Mr. Cahill, he's a lawyer and Miss Alex's father. She's real nice to me Daddy, she got me some new clothes and some dollies to play with. She never yells at me either. Can we stay here forever? Daddy they have horses and Miss Alex said that I could ride one when I got older." Susie was telling Walker when the door opened and Gordon Cahill entered the room and suggested to the child "Susie honey, why don't you go play with your dollies while I talk with your Daddy?"

Susie left the room. Walker questioned "Where am I?" Gordon replied "You're at my daughter's ranch. Now about custody of your daughter, Alex has gotten herself temporarily appointed Susan's legal guardian and we will be taking steps to make sure that you are given permanent custody of the child. Why Alex is doing anything at all for you, I don't know but she begged me to help her and I am. I mean how could you do that to Alex? Marry another woman while she was...Never mind, I promised Alex that I wouldn't tell you what I thought about the disgraceful way you treated her and I'll keep my word but someone really needs to tell you off and soon."

"I'm the one who needs told off? She's the one who turned her back on me. After the undercover operation was over I was going to come back to Texas and see if maybe I had a future with her in spite of... but she...Just forget it, after I'm better my daughter and I will find a place of our own and Alex can forget that we were ever here bothering her. It's not like she really wants us here... not when she has him." Walker snapped back at Gordon who said "If by him you mean John you ought to be thankful that my daughter didn't turn her back on his future like you did hers. She saved you and your daughter's life at the reservation you ungrateful jerk."

Gordon then left Walker's room. Later the pain in Walker's broken leg got a lot worse causing Walker to shift it. When he realized that he had been able to shift his leg Walker yelled out "C.D. come in here please."

"What do you want Cordell? I'm busy watching Alex's son John and your daughter Susie right now, the nurse left for the day. Gordon also left to get started on the custody case and Alex in is court." C.D. asked after he entered Walker's room. Walker told him "I'm sorry to have bothered you when you were taking care of John Twellman but I was able to move my leg a little bit and I need to see a doctor about it."

"Who is this John Twellman that you're talking about? I'm watching Alex's son John Cahill Walker, you know the one that she named after you who just so happens to be the child's father. Not that you cared, telling Seden to tell Trivette that Alex could raise the baby all by herself. Then you go and marry another woman on top of that. How could you Cordell?" C.D. informed Walker who now realized that Seden had lied to him about Alex dumping him so Walker answered "C.D., Seden gave me a note that he said was from Alex and in it she said that she was sorry but that she had moved on with her life. I did not know about the baby, if I had I would have returned to marry Alex and raise our baby as a family. After the case was over and Seden was blown up in his car I was going to call Alex but Toni showed me a newspaper article that showed a pregnant Alex and which said that she had married a man by the name of Twellman. I didn't return because I thought that my future with Alex had been lost. How could I have not known that Toni was lying about everything? Alex will never forgive me for turning my back on her and our baby."

C.D. answered "Cordell I think that it's best if you and Alex are alone tonight so that you can talk about things. I'll take the children to my place and watch them overnight, okay?"

Walker nodded okay then asked " Can I see him?" C.D. left the room and brought John in to see Walker who said to the child "Hi there son, my name is Walker."

"I know, you have my last name. You're Susie's Daddy. My Mommy says that you and Susie are going to live here with us. Are you going to marry my Mommy? I want a Daddy like you." John questioned Walker who replied "I hope to son."

When Alex arrived home Walker was sitting in the living room on the couch. Alex said to him "I see that you're finally awake." Walker held out his hand to her but Alex wouldn't take it so Walker told her "Agent Seden gave me a note which he said was from you and in it you said that you that you were sorry and had moved on with your life."

"Trivette told me that Captain Harland contacted Seden and that when told about the baby you said that I should raise it on my own. Still I waited for you to come back to me and our child but you didn't, did you? Not even when the undercover operation was over. Why Walker? Why did you marry another woman instead of returning to me, the woman who still loves you?" An upset Alex questioned him.

"After the undercover operation was over Toni showed me a newspaper article of you when you were pregnant, it said that you and your husband Jacob Twellman were looking forward to the birth of your child. Several months later Toni said that she couldn't raise a baby by herself so we got married. Alex, I consider Susie to be my daughter even though I didn't father her. I could never walk away from her. I stayed in the marriage for my daughter's sake and because I thought that you were married to someone else. I thought that there was nothing here to return to." Walker explained to Alex.

"Walker, what are we going to do? We both have a child and both of those children need to be raised by a set of parents, not one parent alone." Alex asked Walker who replied "I'd like to stay here with Susie, she needs a stable home after what her mother did to her. Alex I want to get to know my son. Is that okay with you?"

Alex got up and sat on the couch besides Walker as she told him "That's okay with me, John needs a sister and I would love to consider Susie my daughter if you'll let me." Walker pulled Alex close to him and said "I want a future with you Alex Cahill."

"Walker we still have some more talking to do but right now you'd better get to bed, Dr. Braken said that you need your rest in order for your broken leg to heal. He'll be here tomorrow to see you along with Captain Harland, who's going to take your statement. Jimmy will also drop by sometime tomorrow to update us on the case against Miss Harte. It's getting late, do you want me to help you into bed?" Alex asked Walker who answered "Just help me into my chair and I'll get myself into bed."

Chapter Eight

Alex answered the door the next morning to find James Trivette and Sam Coyote standing there so she let them in and told them "Walker will be in the living room in a few minutes. Would you like some coffee in the dining room while you're waiting?" The men agreed and they went into the dining room where Alex served them coffee. Sam said "How is Washo?"

"In a lot of pain from the way I heard him moaning in his sleep last night. He has a broken leg from when that woman tried to kill him and his daughter Susan and he also has severe pains in his lower back and legs. The doctor will be out here shortly to see what's causing the pain. Also Walker was able to shift his broken leg a little bit yesterday according to C.D." Alex answered Walker's old friend.

"What's this I hear about Walker having a daughter?" Trivette questioned Alex who answered him "He does, her name is Susan but Walker calls her Susie Q, She's the cutest little thing too. C.D. will be bringing her home in a little while along with John."

"Did you tell Walker about John being his son?" Trivette asked Alex who replied "Yes I did. Trivette can we please talk about everything when Walker joins us?"

A short time later they went into the living to find Walker in his wheelchair, after the greetings were over with Trivette said "Okay, as far as we can tell Miss Harte was in the habit of getting involved with men in wheelchairs. You weren't even the first man from that veteran's hospital either Walker. She was involved with a man by the name of Daschel whom was killed by a Nurse Klemn. Also Nurse Harte worked at a veteran's hospital in the State of Kansas and was involved with two paralyzed veterans, both of whom ended up dead. Each case was ruled a suicide and as far as we can tell Harte didn't benefit from their deaths. But Walker you were different, Miss Harte had an insurance policy on you which paid her double if you killed yourself."

Sam took over "Miss Harte has filed a suit against the veteran's clinic that you were going to and the veteran's hospital that you had been undercover in. She's claiming that you were suicidal and that they should have seen it and prevented her daughter's death. She has also sued the reservation claiming that we had prior knowledge of your plan to kill yourself and her daughter at the reservation. Somehow Miss Harte knows that you are part Cherokee and was raised at the reservation after your parents' deaths."

Walker said "Do you have enough proof to arrest her for two counts of attempted murder? I want her behind bars and the sooner the better. Because there is no way that I'm going to let her anywhere near my daughter ever again."

Alex entered the conversation then "Walker, my father will see to it that Miss Harte will never be allowed near Susan again. As for the civil suits my father will also be handling them. Now I have to ask you a question that may upset you but we need to know the answer, who is the biological father of Susan?"

"Special Agent Seden, the one who told me that you dumped me and told Captain Harland that I turned my back on you. He died when his car was blown up with him in it shortly after he arrested Nurse Klemn for Daschel's murder. I know that he told Harte my real name and what I was doing in that veteran's hospital to begin with. Trivette has the F.B.I. ever arrested anyone for Seden's death?" Walker finished with a question for his old partner.

"No but in light of your 'death' they are taking a long hard look at Miss Harte. We haven't arrested her for the attempted murder of you and your daughter because it would be Alex's and your word against hers and you're trying to get custody of her daughter. We need more proof against her before we arrest her for anything." Trivette answered.

Trivette and Sam stayed around until C.D. brought back the children back and Walker introduced them to his daughter. Trivette and Sam took their leave when  Captain Harland arrived to take Walker's statement.

After that was done the Ranger Captain left as the doctor arrived. C.D. was going to leave too but Alex asked that he watch the children during the doctor's examination. When Walker asked her why she wanted C.D, to watch the children then Alex told Walker that she wanted to be there during the examination to see what the doctor had to say about the pain in Walker's lower back and legs. After looking Walker over the doctor said that Walker really needed to be in a hospital so that he could examine him better. Alex told the doctor that she would make the arrangements and the doctor left.

As they were waiting for the nurse to bring the van around Walker said "Alex I can't go to the hospital. What if Harte finds out that we're still alive and comes and takes Susie when I'm in the hospital? I have no legal rights to Susie but I will not lose my daughter."

Alex vowed to him "Walker you go to the hospital to see what's wrong with you. If Miss Harte should find out that you're alive and tries to take Susie from the ranch she won't succeed. Walker I am Susie's legal guardian and you are her father in the eyes of the law."

"Harte has legal papers that allows her to give Susie to the state whenever she wants to and she will if she doesn't try to kill her again. Alex are you forgetting that I'm not Susan's biological father?" Walker replied.

"Whether or not you fathered Susan isn't the point, the point is that you were married to the mother at the time of Susan's birth and you have legal rights to the child unless you signed them away, did you?" Alex said to Walker who answered "No I didn't because I didn't know that I had any legal rights regarding Susie Q."

"Okay for now you go to the hospital and in the unlikely event the courts give Susie back to that woman I promise you that we will take both of the children and go live where the courts can't take your daughter from you; the reservation." Alex assured Walker who nodded okay.

After doing a complete set of tests the Doctor told Walker "Well Mr. Walker it seems that miracles can still happen." Trying not to get his hopes up Walker asked "What do you mean Dr. Braken?"

"The pain in your lower back and legs are from your nerves objecting to being reawaken as it were. What I'm trying to say Mr. Walker is that there is now a good chance with a determined effort on your part that you may walk again. It won't be easy and it will be very painful but if you do your part you should be walking again in  a year, maybe even less. However none of that can happen until after that broken leg of yours heals, understand? No trying to walk on your own either. I'll do some more tests later and if they go well I'll release you tomorrow." Dr. Braken said.

"I will do whatever I have to to walk again." Walker responded. Awhile later Trivette dropped by to see Walker and told him "I talked to the F.B.I., the agent investigating Seden's death told me that they have a promising new lead and would let me know if it turns out to be something."

"Okay. Trivette how were things for Alex while I was gone? I mean she's helping me and Susie out but something seems wrong. It just seems like something is missing in her." Walker questioned Trivette who told him "Alex went through a lot just to have John. After she found out that she was pregnant Alex was told that if she continued the pregnancy she was risking long term damage to her back. The doctors also told her that there was a good chance that the baby would have either brain damage or physical damage or both from the pills that she was given while she was in the hospital. Thank god Alex didn't listen to the doctors and terminate the pregnancy like they wanted her to. As for John, there weren't any birth defects from the drugs. That woman waited all this time for you to come back to her only to find out that you're married to another woman. While her head knows that it's not your fault her heart might be feeling something different. Walker talk to her about everything as soon as you can. Also I think that you should know that I gave Alex the engagement ring you told me to hang on to for you. When I gave it to her Alex said that one day you would put it on her finger. Will you?"

"Just as soon as I can walk again, if she'll have me." Walker stated.

Chapter Nine

Walker was released the next afternoon and when he arrived home at the ranch Gordon Cahill was waiting there to talk to him so Alex took the children outside while Walker talked to her father. Quickly getting down to business Gordon said "I hate to tell you this but somehow Miss Harte has found out that you're still alive and is pressing murder charges against you as we speak. Now we have to move quickly if you want custody of your daughter because it's just a matter of time until she knows that Susie is alive too. Now from what Susie has told us you were the one who took care of her. Was her mother involved with taking care of her in any way?"

"Not in private but in public she acted like a doting mother." Walker answered causing Gordon to tell him "I need to know exactly what kind of home life the child had with her mother and with you also. I also need to know what the relationship was like between Miss Harte and yourself. Was it a real marriage in any sense of the word?"

"No, it wasn't a real marriage in any sense of the word. Toni had her bedroom and I slept in my own room. After Susan was born Toni went back to work just as soon as she could and I took care of my daughter just about every minute of every day. At night Toni would come home from work change her clothes and go out on the town.  As time went on it became clear that Toni wasn't meant to be a mother, she was always complaining about every single thing Susie did. " Walker explained.

"If Miss Harte was mean to the child why didn't you take her and leave? Why did you stay there and let her harm the child? What kind of father are you?" Gordon pointedly questioned Walker because he suspected that there was more to the story and wanted to get at the truth.

"I was told by a lawyer that I contacted that no judge in his right mind would give me custody of my daughter when she wasn't even really my daughter to begin with.  Toni had papers drawn up so that she could give Susie to the state whenever she wanted to. I stayed for Susie's sake but I made it clear to Toni that she was not going to belittle my daughter like..." Walker stopped talking so Gordon finished for him "Like she belittled you for being in a wheelchair? Don't answer that question instead answer this one, did Miss Harte ever belittle you in front of anyone?" Walker shook his head no so Gordon asked him "What about Susan, was she ever mean to her in front of a witness?"

"Just one time that I remember, Jackman from the Veteran's hospital came to see me about some paperwork. Toni didn't realize that he was there and as soon as she got in the door asked me was I going to make sure that my little brat was on her best behavior for when her boss dropped by with his wife. When Toni realized that Jackman was there she said that she was sorry about the way that she had behaved and that she wasn't normally like that. Jackman said that he understood that it was a lot of work taking care of a baby and a cripple." Walker answered.

"I doubt if the judge will think much of that one time but we'll use whatever we have to. Listen Walker I plan to announce that Susan is alive and is living at an undisclosed location for her safety due to her mother attempting to kill her and you. We will be basing the custody suit on Miss Harte's being an unfit mother. We can start with those papers that she had drawn up to give Susan away. As for the divorce how do you want to handle it? Do you want to claim cruelty or do you want a divorce on the grounds that the marriage wasn't working?" Gordon asked Walker who answered " It wasn't working. Gordon thank you for helping me out."

" Don't thank me thank Alex, I'm only doing this because she wants your daughter to have a good home and she wants you to be a part of your son's life too. I don't think that you're worth the effort but Alex does and I would do anything for her. Walker if you hurt my daughter again nothing will stop me from making you pay for it, do we understand each other?" Gordon asked as he closed his briefcase.

Walker answered "I will never hurt Alex like that again." Gordon nodded and left the room. Alex came back in later and Walker said to her "How about after the children are asleep we talk?"

After they had the children asleep Alex and Walker went into the living but before Walker could say anything Alex asked him "Walker I know that explained why you stayed in the marriage but I can't understand why you didn't call me at least once to see how I was doing. If you had ever loved me you would have called me but you didn't so I can only conclude that you never really loved me."

"No Alex that's not true. I didn't call you...well because I..." Walker trailed off because there was no good excuse for his never having called Alex and he knew it. Alex said to him "That's what I thought, you can't even begin to explain why you stopped caring for me. Goodnight Walker." As Alex left the room Walker tried to stop her but he fell out of his wheelchair and banged his broken leg on the end table.

As Walker winced in pain Alex asked him "How am I'm going to get you back in that chair?" Without answering her Walker used his arms and sat himself on the coffee table then carefully placing a little weight on his unbroken leg got himself into his wheelchair. Walker asked "Could you please go into my room and turn down the covers so that I can go to bed?"

Alex went and did that. As Walker was getting into bed Alex questioned him "Walker didn't Dr. Braken say that you weren't to even think about doing anything with your legs until after the broken one healed?" Walker answered "I had to get in the wheelchair and I did, it was no big deal."

"You are the most stubborn man that I know." Alex told him.

"That's what you like about me lady." Walker said then before Alex could protest he pulled her into bed with him and kissed her soundly. Alex shoved him away and got up from the bed.

"Alex, I love you. Please stay with me." Walker urged her but Alex shook her head no as she said "You have a broken leg."

"My leg might be broken but I assure you that other parts of me work just fine, how about I show you?" Walker tried again.

"I won't sleep with a married man, no matter how much I love him. Good night Walker." Alex replied and left the room. Awhile later Walker was in so much pain that he needed to take some pain pills so he looked in the nightstand drawer for them but found the engagement ring that he had gotten for Alex all those years ago. Looking at it Walker said to himself ' We will find our future again Alex.'

I don't own Walker Texas Ranger, C.B.S. and other entities do. Neither I or this story was meant as an infringement on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a good show, nothing more.