By Katie 59

Chapter One

Alex was getting ready to leave for her doctor's appointment when the phone rang. Answering it she found out that it was her husband Cordell Walker calling her. “Alex, it's me. Something just came up and I won't be able to go with you to see Dr. Bates.”

Alex protested “Honey, it's the appointment where the sonogram is being done to determine the genders of our babies.” Walker answered her “I know but something just came up that I really have to take care of. Alex, I'll go to the next doctor's appointment of yours to make it up.”

“It’s okay; you don't have to do that. I know that you can't help it when things come up. Besides the sonogram is just a formality, I already know that we're having one of each.” Alex said to Walker who teased “Is that so?”

“You know it cowboy, I'll see you later.” Alex replied and then hung up the phone. Back at Ranger headquarters Trivette entered Walker's private office and asked him “Hey Walker, shouldn't you be leaving so that you can meet your wife at her doctor's appointment?”

“Something just came up and I won't be able to go." Walker answered Trivette.

“Whatever it is, I'm sure that I'll be able to take care of it. Just go to the appointment, will you?” Trivette said to Walker who replied “It’s personal and not business. Alex doesn't need to know about it in her condition.”

Trivette objected “Walker you shouldn't blow your wife off for personal business. I hope you know what you're doing because once Alex finds out she's going to be mad at you.” Walker then hinted to him “Trivette, don't you have some cases that you're supposed to be taking care of?”

Getting the idea Trivette left Walker's private office. About ten minutes later a slim brunette entered Ranger headquarters and went straight into Walker's private office closing the door behind her. When they came out twenty minutes later Walker told the receptionist that he would be gone the rest of the day on personal business and if anything came up to contact Trivette.

Alex was getting the sonogram done when Dr. Bates said to her “Well Mrs. Walker it appears that you were right. The sonogram shows a boy and a girl.”

Smiling Alex replied “I knew it, Michaela Sydney and Cooper James Walker.”

Dr. Bates told her “Everything appears to be going just fine so we'll make your next doctor's appointment for a month from now. I'll just print up a picture of the sonogram for you and then you can be on your way.”

When Alex got home she called up Ranger headquarters looking for her husband only to be told that he had left for the day on personal business. So thinking that the receptionist was wrong about Walker being gone on personal business Alex left a message with her for Walker to call her when he returned to Ranger headquarters.

Alex had cooked dinner and was holding it so that it would be warm when Walker got home but it started getting late so she fed her children. Alex fixed Walker a plate and put it in the fridge for him. Later after she put Angela and Ray to bed Alex went into the living room to wait up for Walker, she fell asleep on the couch. The next morning Alex woke up with a stiff neck and went up to her bedroom looking for her husband but he wasn't there. Coming back down the steps Alex spotted Walker entering the house. Going to him Alex wrapped her arms around Walker's neck and asked “Where were you all night?”

Removing Alex's arms Walker answered “Taking care of some business, why?” Placing her arms back around her husband's neck Alex replied “No reason, I was just worried about you. Are you hungry? Do you want me to fix you something?”

Removing Alex's arms again Walker said “I’m not hungry, I already ate. I'm going to take a shower and then I'm going to work.” Walker started to walk away from her when Alex placed a hand on his arm and told him “Dr. Bates printed up a picture of the sonogram, it's in my nightstand if you want to look at it.”

“Maybe later besides aren't we having one of each?” Walker asked not appearing to be all that interested in anything that his wife had to say. Growing concerned about his lack of interest Alex questioned him “Walker, are you okay? You seem distracted or something. Is there anything that I can do for you?”

Finally looking Alex in the eyes Walker answered as he pulled her close “I’m okay. You shouldn't worry about me; it's not good for you in your condition.”

Alex said “Which means that you'll tell me about whatever is bothering you when you feel like it and not before then.” Then changing the subject Alex asked Walker “Do you need someone to scrub your back for you?”

Walker teased “That depends if you're any good at it, are you?” Teasing right back Alex said “I’ll have you know that I had a very good teacher, a cowboy that I'm madly in love with.”  They went upstairs to their bathroom where Alex scrubbed Walker's back among other things. When they were done Walker seemed to get distracted again but then Ray called out for her so Alex didn't say anything about it. She was however upset when Walker left for work without telling her. Later Alex when went into her bedroom and discovered Walker's wedding band on top of the sonogram picture Alex really became concerned because as far as she knew her husband had never taken his wedding band off before.

Chapter Two

Alex had some legal business to take care of for the Hope center and after she was done doing that she dropped in on her husband at Ranger headquarters. Alex had some concerns about Walker removing his wedding band and his distracted manner that morning. Alex ran into Sydney Cooke who told her “Alex, you look like you're doing good.”

“Thanks Sydney, I am. I just stopped in for a minute to see my husband.” Alex replied as she headed for Walker's private office. Gage who had just entered Ranger headquarters said to Sydney “Stop her, Walker's in there with a hot looking babe who's been hanging all over him and calling him Cord.”

“Gage, you're being silly.” Sydney told him but Gage pointed out “Alex has been gaining a lot of weight ever since she quit her job at the D.A.'s office. She doesn't need to see a younger slimmer woman all over her husband." [Alex and Walker hadn't announced her pregnancy yet so Gage was unaware of why Alex was gaining weight.] Sydney got up to stop Alex but she had already opened the door to Walker's office.

“Walker, are you busy?” Alex asked as she opened the door. Then seeing that he wasn't alone, that he had a woman in his office Alex said to him “I’m sorry, I thought that you were alone. I'll let you get back to work.”   The woman who was there answered “Don’t worry honey, it's not business. It's something that Cord is taking care of for me, isn't that right Cord?”  Looking at his wife Walker said “Ma’am if you would please wait in the outer office for a few minutes then I'll be able to help you.”

After first raising her eyebrows at her husband Alex then decided to go along with whatever he was doing for the moment and she told him “I would appreciate that Captain CORDELL Walker of the Texas Rangers. I'll just wait at the desk of my good friend Sydney Cooke.”  Alex left Walker's office and headed to Sydney's desk. Gage seeing her coming quickly said “Hi Alex, bye Alex. Come on Sydney we have to interview some low life, don't we?” They left and Alex sat at Sydney's desk waiting on her husband to come out of his office and explain a few things to her. Alex was sure that the explanation was going to be very interesting.

About ten minutes later Walker and the woman left his office and the woman told Alex "Cord's free for now but don't take too long because we have plans for the rest of the day.” Then she left Ranger headquarters as Alex practically dragged Walker back into his private office. Closing the door behind her Alex handed her husband his wedding band and informed him “You forgot this this morning when you left for work without telling me.”

Taking the ring Walker started to put it back on then handed it back to Alex as he told her “Maybe you'd better hang on to it for me.”

“Why?” Alex asked wondering why her husband didn't want another woman knowing that he was married.

“Because I don't want her to know that I'm married." Walker answered his wife. Sighing Alex said “I already figured that out. Do you care to tell me why you don't want her to know that you're a married man?”

Avoiding the question Walker asked her “What are you doing here? Are you checking up on me?” Alex replied “No, I wasn't checking up on you. I had some business at the courthouse for the Hope center and decided to drop in on my husband, that's all. Walker you know how I am when I'm pregnant, wanting to be with you all the time.”

“Alex I will explain everything tonight. I know what it looks like but I'm not interested in her, okay?” Walker said.

“Okay, but when you get home you had better put your ring back on Cowboy.” Alex said to him.

“Here give it to me, I'll keep it in my pocket and put it back on before I get home. Then if you want you can still be with me, if you know what I mean?” Walker told Alex as he kissed her on the cheek. Alex then said to him “I want you so much but I guess that I have to wait until tonight. See you later and don't you dare be late because you have some explaining to do before we can be together.”

Chapter Three

That night Alex was in the living room waiting for her husband to get home. It was well after midnight when she heard the front door open and Walker entering the house like he was trying to sneak in. As he headed for the steps Alex called out “Walker, why are you sneaking into our house?”

Going into the living room he answered “I thought that you would be asleep and I didn't want to wake you.” After staring at Walker in disbelief Alex told him “You were supposed to explain to me why you removed your wedding band so that another woman would think that you weren't married. Did you really think that I would go to sleep without hearing that explanation?”

Sitting down on the couch besides his wife Walker put his wedding band back on and said “Alex, I took my wedding band off because I didn't want her to know that I'm married.”

“I already know that, what I don't know is who that woman is or what would possess you to want her to think that you aren't married. Walker, if you want to stay married to me you had better explain it to me." Alex told her husband who explained “She’s Ellen's niece, her name is Madison Ellen Courtland. She came to headquarters the other day to ask me for help, she has someone stalking her. Alex she was going on and on about how much her Aunt Ellen had loved me and she said that she was impressed that I had never forgotten Ellen, which I haven't. Madison told me that my staying true to Ellen's love was so touching. She assumed that I wasn't married because I had taken my wedding band off to clean my gun right before she came into my office. I didn't want to upset her so I didn't tell her that I was married. Can you understand why I want her to think that I didn't marry?”

Alex replied “Are you crazy? All she has to do is to ask anyone and they will tell her that you're married, that is if she doesn't already know. Did it ever occur to you that she's going to get mad when she finds out that you're married? Walker think about what you're doing, letting another woman think you're aren't married so as to not upset her. Have you lost your mind?”

“No, I haven't lost my mind. Alex try to understand, Madison told me that Ellen and her twin sister Virginia who is Madison's mother had a falling out about me. Virginia had begged Ellen to break it off with me because of the danger. Ellen refused to do so telling Virginia that as long as I was around she was safe. I guess that I'm helping Madison in an effort to make up for her Aunt Ellen's death.” Walker said to Alex.

“I thought that we had an agreement that you weren't going to personally protect other women anymore?" Alex questioned Walker who answered “Yes. But.”

Interrupting him Alex told her husband “No buts about it mister. Tomorrow you are going to tell her that you're a married man that is if you want to stay married. As for protecting her maybe you should assign Sydney to help Madison with her stalker that is if she actually has one.”

Walker said “Okay.” Alex then said "Walker, you have no reason to feel guilty. You had no way of knowing that Pike would have the both of you gunned down. You were in love with Ellen and you had a right to be without having to worry about someone harming her in order to get at you. Walker, it wasn't your fault. It was Pike's fault and no one else's."

Pulling his wife up off the couch Walker replied “First thing in the morning I'll assign Sydney to help with protecting Madison and I'll tell her that I'm married to you." As they headed up the steps Alex told him “You're learning dear."

Chapter Four

About four o'clock in the morning the phone rang and Walker answered it. This woke Alex up and she asked him “Who was that on the phone?" Getting out of bed Walker answered “Ellen, I mean Madison. She wants me to come to the hotel; she said that she thinks the man who's been stalking her has taken the room next to her's."

As Walker was getting dressed Alex questioned him “You're not thinking of going to her hotel room at this hour, are you?” Putting his boots on Walker replied “Alex she needs my help, I have to go.”

Getting out of bed Alex attempted to reason with her husband “Walker, please don't go there by yourself. Call Sydney and have her meet you there. You could get yourself into all kind of trouble going there by yourself.” Thinking that Alex was acting out of jealousy Walker teasingly told her “Honey, I don't need Sydney to protect my virtue.”

Getting mad Alex snapped “This isn't something to joke about Walker. You're leaving our bed in the middle of the night to go to another woman's hotel room. Do you know how that looks? You could get yourself into trouble that way and furthermore why are you calling her Ellen? Her name is Madison, isn't it? By the way, just how much does she look like her Aunt Ellen?”

“Alex, honey everything will be okay but you sure do get some crazy ideas when you're pregnant. However as soon as I get there I will tell her that I'm married and that Sydney will be assigned to protect her. Yes, she does look a lot like her Aunt Ellen; as a matter of fact she's a law professor like Ellen was.” Walker told his wife and then left.

Unable to go back to sleep Alex went downstairs where she sat on the couch thinking that Madison was up to no good. That her husband was being his usual unsuspecting self when it came to other women and what they really wanted from him.  Alex was certain that Madison was one of those that wanted Walker for his body. Alex decided that Walker for all his instincts really was clueless when it came to women even after she had told him what they were up to more than once.

About six thirty Walker entered the house in a hurry calling out “Alex, where are you?" Alex replied “In the living room."

Walker went in there and Alex was appalled to find that his face had several very noticeable scratch marks on it. Alex questioned him “What happened? What did she do to you?” Sitting on the couch beside his wife Walker said “Alex, you have to believe me.”

“I do honey, now tell me what happened.” Alex assured him. Walker then explained what had happened “When I got to her room the door was open and the lights were off so I went in. She had candles lit and was dressed in a skimpy nightgown, anyhow she told me to call her Ellen. I told her that I wouldn't call her Ellen because there had only been one Ellen and she wasn't her. I turned the lights back on and then told Madison that I was assigning Sydney to protect her because I was a married man. That I wouldn't be protecting her anymore. Alex, after I told her that she went crazy. She scratched up my face while yelling that her name was Madison and why was I calling her Ellen. I tried to get her to calm down and eventually she did. Then I left her hotel room and went to Ellen's grave for awhile then I came home. Alex you do believe me, don't you?”

“I believe you but no one else is going to. Walker you are in a lot of trouble.” Alex informed her husband. Walker asked “What do you mean that I'm in a lot of trouble? I thought you said that you believed me?”

Alex explained things to him “I do believe you and you know that. However you have to face the fact that you are at the very least going to be accused of attempted rape. Madison will say that either you tried to assault her this morning or that you did in fact rape her. Walker she set you up pretty good. Now come on let's go upstairs where I'll take care of those scratch marks for you.”

Alex took her husband upstairs and took care of the scratch marks for him. When she was done Walker said “Thanks, Alex I should have listened to you earlier.”

“Walker I know that you really thought she needed help because you've always been a sucker for a woman who says that she needs your help. Honey it will be okay, we'll face whatever scheme she has going together.” Alex vowed.

Chapter Five

At eight when Walker was getting ready to leave for work Alex answered the doorbell to find D.A. Moody standing there with a man who he introduced as Detective Garrity from the Dallas P.D. Moody asked Alex “Mrs. Walker is your husband here?” Knowing that her husband was in legal trouble by how formal her former boss was being Alex replied “Yes, my husband is here. May I ask why do you want to know?”

Garrity then questioned “Was your husband home all night?” Alex didn't answer him and started to close the door on them when Walker entered the foyer and asked “Alex, who's here?”

Moody and Garrity both saw the scratch marks on Walker's face and a smirking Garrity questioned him “Mr. Walker do you care to tell us where you were last night and this morning?” Before her husband could say anything Alex stated “D.A. Moody and Detective Garrity, Captain Walker will not be answering any of your questions concerning his whereabouts last night or this morning until you explain why you want to know.”

Moody said “Captain Walker you are to consider yourself on suspension until this matter is legally resolved. Please remove your gun and badge and hand them to Detective Garrity.” Stunned Walker removed his gun and badge and handed them over.

Garrity told Walker “You have to come to Dallas P.D. headquarters to have pictures taken of those scratch marks and to submit a D.N.A. sample. Now either you can come with me now willingly or I can and will drag you there in handcuffs. What's it going to be?” Garrity then pulled out his handcuffs. Alex said “Captain Walker is willing to have pictures taken of those scratch marks and freely submit a D.N.A. sample but as his attorney I can't permit him to do that by himself. I have to be there to make sure that everything is done by the book and that won't be possible until after we have dropped our children off at the Hope center.”

When Garrity looked like he was going to try and drag Walker to headquarters in handcuffs anyway Moody said “Detective Garrity I will see to it that Walker goes to Dallas P.D. headquarters to have pictures taken and to submit a D.N.A. sample. Mrs. Walker, a Madison Courtland has filed sexual assault charges against your husband. I'll expect the both of you to be at Dallas P.D. headquarters no later than an hour from now. Good day.” Moody and Garrity then left the Walker ranch.

After dropping the children off they went and got the pictures taken of Walker's face and he submitted a D.N.A. sample. Walker was warned that he was to stay away from the victim in the case. When Alex asked for copies of the evidence she was told to file discovery motions next week. They picked Angela and Ray up from the Hope center and returned home where Walker pulled Alex close and told her “I'm sorry honey.”

“Walker we will be okay.” Alex answered her husband who told her “I'm going to have to hire someone to defend me. Do you know any good defense lawyers?”

Alex said “I can do it.” Walker objected “Alex, I don't want you getting stressed out with worrying about defending me in your condition. It won't be good for you or our babies that you're carrying.”

“How about we hire someone to help me and if it starts to get too stressful for me they can take over?” Alex questioned and when it looked like her husband was going to object Alex added “Honey it will be a lot more stressful on me not being able to help you. Walker, I swear that if I start feeling dizzy or anything that I shouldn't be I will promptly hand over defending you to whoever we hire to help.”

“Okay stubborn.” Walker answered.

Chapter Six

A week later Alex was headed to file the discovery motion when she ran into Phil Holland who said to her “Alex, I would like to help you and Walker. I've taken a leave of absence from the D.A.'s office, so there's no conflict of interest there. What do you say?" Alex questioned him back “Are you sure about this Phil? I don't want you risking your career to help us.”

“I'm sure Alex. I've already talked to Moody about this; he said that I could take a leave to help you and Walker. Moody says that he's uncomfortable with Madison, her mother and the allegation of rape but he has to follow through with it." Phil explained to Alex.

“Great I could use someone to point out things that I might miss because I'm too personally involved to notice them. Now the next order of business is to see what their evidence consists of. I was just on my way to file a discovery motion, want to come with me?" Alex said to Phil who agreed to go with her. As they were in the hallway outside of the room where Alex was to file the discovery motion a process server handed her some papers. After quickly looking over the papers Alex shoved them into her briefcase and asked Phil “Can you do me a favor and file the discovery motion for me? I need to tell Walker about the civil suit.”

“I'll be glad to file the discovery motion for you. It didn't take them too long to file a civil suit did it? How much are they asking for by the way?” Phil questioned Alex who answered “Five million and I think that's why Miss Courtland did what she did to my husband. Phil please don't tell anyone about the civil suit until after I've had a chance to talk to my husband."

“Alex you go home and tell Walker about the civil suit and I'll handle the discovery motion for the two of you. We should meet later to go over what they have on Walker. Is six o'clock this evening at your ranch okay?” Phil told Alex who nodded that it was okay. Alex went home as Phil Holland filed the discovery motion.

When Alex got home Walker was waiting for her and he told his wife “I can't figure out why Madison would lie and accuse me of something like that." Alex replied “I can think of five million reasons she would do that to us."

“What do you mean by that?” Walker questioned Alex who showed him the papers as she said “Madison Ellen Courtland is suing Cordell John Walker for five million dollars claiming that he forced himself on her at her hotel room while calling her by her deceased Aunt Ellen's name. Walker that's why she was yelling that you were calling her Ellen when she wasn't her. That's also why she scratched your face up, to make it look like she was trying to stop you from raping her. That's also why she filed a criminal complaint against you so that she would still have a reason to sue you after the criminal complaint is quietly dropped."

Walker objected “I didn't do anything to her and I don't have five million dollars either. I was trying to help her because she was Ellen's niece."

“No you don't have five million dollars but I do. Phil Holland has taken a leave of absence from the D.A.'s office to help us. He's getting a copy of their evidence as we speak and then he'll come out here this evening at six so that we can plan your defense." Alex told Walker.

Chapter Seven

When Phil Holland came out to the ranch to plan Walker's defense his wife Kim came along with him and she took Angela to the barn so that Angela could show her the kittens. After they left Phil said to Walker “The only physical evidence they have is your skin under her fingernails from when Madison scratched you.”

Alex questioned “What about the rape kit? Does it show anything?” Phil answered “It was negative but she said and I'm quoting Miss Courtland's sworn statement here 'Mister Walker was raping me when he pulled out to finish.' The hotel staff said the sheets were washed because they weren't notified not to wash them and that's why there wasn't any evidence on them."

Walker getting mad said “I didn't rape her. I went to her hotel room because she called me and told me that the man who was stalking her had taken the room next to her. I was trying to help her, not hurt her.” Phil then asked “Do you know if she ever mentioned a stalker to anyone but you? Because I'm willing to bet that Miss Courtland will deny ever telling you that.”

“No.” Walker replied as he realized just how completely Madison had set him up. That she had been using the fact that she was Ellen's niece and his feelings of guilt over Ellen's death to do so.

Alex picked up the report and after reading it over said “There's no evidence of bruising being present." Phil questioned “No there isn't, why?”

Alex told him “Trust me if Walker had forced himself on her like she's claiming there would have been bruises." Walker exclaimed “Alex!” Ignoring Walker's admonishment Alex added “And here in the physical characteristics section she said that there were none. That Walker was a normal male with no birthmarks or anything else."

“Should something be listed?" Phil asked and Alex answered “Yes."

Phil then said “Good, we'll need to get a picture of it.” Walker realizing what they were talking about turned red as he objected “You want to take a picture of my...”

“Walker, we'll need one to get her to drop the civil suit. After all suing you was most likely her plan from the very beginning. Miss Courtland is already backing away from the criminal complaint.” Phil explained to Walker who turned to his wife and said “Alex you can't just stand up in court know.”

“We may not have to; all we have to do is to catch her lying in a legal setting about there being nothing unusual about know. Then we can threaten to have her arrested for perjury and then hopefully all of this will be over." Alex told Walker who turned even redder. Alex then suggested “Maybe you two should go into the guest bathroom and Phil can take a picture of you.”

A very reluctant Walker went along with it although he had never been more embarrassed in his whole life. Phil assured him that it was unlikely that they would have to actually show anyone the picture but that they needed some proof that Madison was lying unless Walker wanted to give her five million dollars. After that was done Phil marked the picture as evidence and then he and Kim left the ranch.

Later on as he was getting into bed with Alex Walker told her "I have never been more embarrassed in my life. Are you sure that had to be done? "Alex replied "I know it bothered you Walker but it had to be done unless you want me to give her five million dollars. I'll do it if you want me to."

   "I don't want you giving her one red cent." Walker said.

   " Walker when Madison said that you were a normal male with nothing unusual about you it was clear that she had never seen the part of you she would have to have seen if you assaulted her like she's claiming you did. So when she gives her deposition we'll have her right where we want her. Then we'll threaten her with perjury charges and it should be over with fairly quickly after that." Alex assured her husband.

“But what if she persists after that? I won't have to you know...?” Walker questioned Alex who replied “My darling husband I assure you that the only one you'll have to drop your pants for is me."

“Okay, how about I drop them now?" Walker teasingly asked.

Alex answered and they made love.

Chapter Eight

          Walker was reinstated to his job as Captain of the Texas Rangers Company B due to Madison refusing to co-operate with the prosecution resulting in the D.A. dropping the criminal complaint. Alex was dismayed to find out that the presiding judge in the civil case was Karen Fullbright. When Walker asked if that was going to be a problem Alex said that it might be because when Fullbright was a defense attorney she lost most of the courtroom battles she had engaged in with Alex. Alex said that Fullbright told several people that Alex had only won the courtroom battles because the judges were swayed by her looks. Noticing the deep look of concern on Alex's face the night before he was to give his deposition Walker made love to his wife to take her mind off of the depositions.

When they were all seated in the judge's chambers except for Walker who was told he had to wait in another room Keith Coltrane who was representing Madison Courtland reminded Judge Fullbright that she had agreed to remove Alex as one of Walker's attorneys. Phil Holland objected “Your honor I must protest your decision to remove Mrs. Walker as one of Mr. Walker's attorneys in light of the fact we weren't informed that such a motion had even been presented to this court. There is no reason to disqualify Mrs. Walker as an attorney in this case."

"I've made my ruling, Mr. Coltrane just presented me with his witness list and Mrs. Walker is one of his witnesses so she can not be an attorney in this case." Fullbright told Phil who again objected “Your honor Mrs. Walker knows nothing about being a witness here today. Why wasn't I notified?”

“Mr. Holland you were just told that Mr. Coltrane just presented me with his witness list which I approved. Now on to the business at hand. Mrs. Walker you know how this goes, I remind you of the penalties for perjury before Mr. Coltrane begins his questioning of you." Fullbright said to Alex who answered “Yes your honor, I am very well aware of the penalties for perjury.”

Coltrane asked Alex “Mrs. Walker you are aware that your husband was engaged to marry my client's Aunt Ellen a slim attractive brunette, are you not? That Ellen Garret was the woman that he truly loved?” Alex replied “Yes."

Coltrane then questioned Alex in an attempt to upset her “When was the last time you engaged in sexual activity with your husband? Also what kind of lover is he?” A stunned Alex said “I'm sorry I don't think that I understood the questions.”

Phil also objected “What the Walkers do in their bedroom is their business and has no bearing on this case." However Fullbright told him “Objection overruled. Now Mrs. Walker let me make this clear to you. You understood the questions and if you don't answer them you will be jailed for contempt of court. Now answer Mr. Coltrane's questions.”

An upset Alex replied “Last night, a considerate one." Now smirking Coltrane said "Really? He isn't put off by your weight? Never mind that answer this, did your husband ever tell you about Ellen Garret?”

“Yes.” Alex answered and Coltrane then asked her “How long after you and Cordell Walker starting dating did he tell you about Ellen?”

“Awhile.” Alex was again brief in her answer. Coltrane questioned “Did you know about Ellen before your husband told you about her?”

“When the man who had Walker and Ellen gunned down was released from prison C.D. Parker told me about Ellen. Walker and I had a talk about Ellen after the man who was responsible for her death was put back in prison for four counts of attempted murder." Alex answered him.

Coltrane asked “Mrs. Walker, how long have you been married to Mr. Walker?” Alex replied “Six years."

“Now you said that Mr. Walker was a considerate lover, what did you mean by that?” Coltrane asked still trying to upset Alex who responded knowing she had no choice in the matter “I meant that my husband is a very kind and caring man in all aspects of our marriage."

Alex who was furious that Fullbright was allowing that sort of questions to be presented to her never the less answered “Fine.” Phil Holland again objected “Really your honor one would think that by allowing these sort of questions to be asked that you're presiding over a T.V. talk show not trying to find out what really happened in that hotel room. We're here to get to the truth not question people about their private lives among other things."

Fullbright said “Wrap it up Coltrane."

“One last question Mrs. Walker, why do you call your husband by his last name?” Alex replied “Because when I first met him I called him Cord and he very politely asked me not to call him that again. So now most of the time I call him Walker when I'm not calling him mule headed.”

“Did you know at the time that Ellen had called him Cord?" Coltrane asked Alex who answered “No I did not."

Coltrane questioned “Have you ever called your husband Cord after he asked you not to?” Alex replied “No."

Judge Fullbright then said that Madison would be giving her deposition next and since Alex had already given hers she was permitted to remain in the room as long as she kept quiet. Judge Fullbright also said that since Walker would be after Madison he wasn't allowed in the room until he gave his deposition.

Chapter Nine

When it was time for Madison to be questioned Judge Fullbright allowed her attorney Keith Coltrane to question her first. “Miss Courtland I know that is very hard for you but can you please tell us what happened between you and the defendant?” Sniffling back a few tears Madison answered “Mr. Walker approached me in a hallway outside of a courtroom telling me that I looked just like Ellen Garret. I told him that she had been my aunt until she was killed when I was ten. Mr. Walker then told me how much he had loved her, how her slim shape and her brunette hair had made him fall madly in love with her the first time he saw her. He also told me that looking at me was like looking at her because we looked so much alike. I wanted to know more about my aunt so I agreed to meet with him on several occasions. I know now that I shouldn't have but I did want to learn about my Aunt Ellen, my mother doesn't like to talk about her because they were twins. Looking back on it now I realize that he was still very much in love with her and confused me for her. When I asked Mr. Walker if he was married he told me that he was still in love with Ellen, I'm sorry this is so upsetting to me.” Madison tailed off.  Judge Fullbright handed her a tissue and gave her time to compose herself while Alex did a slow burn knowing that Madison was lying about Walker and faking the tears.

After Madison composed herself Coltrane asked “Ms. Courtland can you please tell us what happened in your hotel room? Take your time we know how painful this is for you."

“About five in the morning I awoke to Mr. Walker in my hotel room calling me Ellen. I told him that if he didn't leave I would call hotel security on him. He didn't leave instead he called me Ellen again and said to me ‘Ellen I really missed you.' I again told him to leave but he then asked me 'Ellen why are you doing this to me I need you Ellen I want you so much Ellen.' He then held me down while he forced himself on me while calling me Ellen. Even when I scratched his face in an effort to get him to let me go he wouldn't. I was yelling at him that I wasn't Ellen that I was Madison but he didn't stop not until.... Oh god this is so hard."

Fullbright told her "We know that this is hard on you dear but we must hear everything that happened in that hotel room in order for Mr. Walker to be held accountable for his actions." Madison wiped her tears away and said “When he was almost done he said 'We can't make a baby yet Ellen.' Then he...uhm..pulled out to...uhm finish. Mr. Walker got up and after standing there with a blank look on his face for a few minutes zippered himself up and left my room. I was so shocked about what had happened that I didn't do anything for awhile. After collecting myself I called my mother and she took me to the hospital." Coltrane then told Phil he was done questioning Madison.

Phil asked her “Why did you drop the criminal complaint?"

Madison replied “Because I didn't want to cost him his career." Phil then questioned “If that's the case why are you still suing him?”

“Because I think that he needs to understand that I'm not Ellen and that he can't force his intentions on me while thinking that I am. I just want him to realize what he did to me and get help because he really needs it." Madison answered.

“Now in the criminal complaint you stated that Mr. Walker was a normal male, what did you mean by that? After all according to you the man had assaulted you. Is that normal according to you?” Phil asked Madison but Coltrane objected “Your honor Mr. Holland is attempting to upset my client with this line of questioning."

Before Fullbright could rule on the objection Madison snidely said “I was being kind when I said he was normal. In fact he's more than a little on the small side." Phil asked “And when did you observe that fact?”

Madison replied “I already told you that after he raped me he stood there with a blank look on his face before he zippered himself back up. I had enough time to see how small he is. That's why there wasn't any bruising when he assaulted me because he's a shrimp." When Phil started to ask Madison another question Judge Fullbright said “That's all Holland. Your client will be giving his deposition next and be sure to point out to him that he will be taking an oath to tell the truth." Then Fullbright told Madison “You can leave by that door dear so you won't have to run into Mr. Walker but don't go anywhere because you may have to rebut his testimony."

After Madison left Coltrane took it upon himself to remind the judge that everything said in her chambers could be used in a perjury case. After Judge Fullbright pointedly looked at Phil he responded “I am aware of that fact as is my client Cordell Walker.”

Chapter Ten

When Walker entered her chambers Judge Fullbright told him “Mr. Walker you are to answer all questions put to you and you are to tell the truth. Do you understand? “Sitting down Walker answered “Yes your honor."

Coltrane asked him “Mr. Walker are you in love with Ellen Garret?” Walker replied “No."

“Are you telling this court that you didn't love Ellen Garret?” Coltrane questioned Walker who said “I was in love with her twenty years ago; I'm in love with my wife now.”

Coltrane asked “When you first saw Madison Courtland did you not in fact tell her that she looked just like Ellen Garret?”

Walker replied “Yes.”

“Mr. Walker did you engage in sexual activities with your wife last night?” Coltrane asked Walker who didn't answer the question but looked at Alex instead. Judge Fullbright told him “Mr. Walker you are to answer the question now or be held on contempt of court charges which will land you in jail this evening.”

“Yes.” Walker answered and Coltrane then sneeringly asked “Her weight doesn't turn you off? It would most men." Walker snapped “No.”

“Mr. Walker did you go to Miss Courtland's hotel room and force yourself on her while thinking that she was her Aunt Ellen, the slim attractive brunette that you still love?" Coltrane questioned Walker.

“I am in love with my wife Alex Cahill-Walker and there is no woman on the face of this earth that is more attractive to me than her. As for that morning Ms. Courtland called me and said that the man who had been stalking her had taken the next room. I went there to help her not hurt her. When I got there she had the lights off and was dressed in a very revealing nightgown. I turned them back on and she said to call her Ellen. I told her that I wouldn't do that because there had only been one Ellen and she wasn't her. I also told her that I was a married man and that I would be assigning a female Ranger to help her. After I told her that Ms. Courtland went crazy, scratching my face and yelling that I was calling her Ellen when I wasn't. I have never forced myself on a woman and I never will." Walker explained.

Coltrane questioned “So you didn't rape her?” Walker replied “No I did not."

“Then why would she accuse you of such a terrible thing?” Coltrane asked him and Walker said “For five million dollars would be my guess."

“After you raped my client you didn't stand in front of her for several minutes before you zippered yourself back up and left her hotel room? Why on earth would Miss Courtland lie about something like that?” Coltrane questioned Walker who replied “I did not rape your client or any other woman ever. As for why she lied I believe that I just answered that question.”

“Mr. Walker your wife in her deposition said that you were a considerate lover, what did she mean by that?” Coltrane asked hoping to upset Walker who again looked at his wife but she avoided looking at him so Walker said “Alex has always said that I...uhm take her needs into consideration. That I never hurt her in any way.”

“I would think so as small as you are." Coltrane told Walker who looked puzzled as he said “I don't think that I'm that short."

“Oh come on Mr. Walker it has already been established that after you raped my client you stood there exposed for several minutes before you zippered yourself back up and she noticed that you were small in that department. That's why there weren't any bruises present after you assaulted her." Coltrane told Walker then he added “I’m done talking to this liar."

Phil then said “Mr. Walker I know that you haven't done anything to Ms. Courtland but I do need to ask you this question. Are you what could be considered a small man in a certain private area?” Walker turned red but managed to reply “No."

Phil asked “Mr. Walker do you have any birth marks and if so where?” By now beet red Walker stumbled through his answer “I...uhm...have one on...uhm my privates."

Coltrane then said "Well then how about you showing this court your birthmark? Or is that a lie?” Walker objected “I am not showing anyone but my wife my birthmark and most certainly not a judge.”

Phil hastily said “Your honor I have a picture of Mr. Walker that I would like to present to this court instead of him having to expose himself when he's done nothing wrong.” Coltrane told the judge “Your honor we have no way of knowing who the picture is actually of. No in order for justice to be done Mr. Walker if he has a birthmark must prove it by showing it."

Judge Fullbright ruled “Mr. Walker I will have my bailiff here be the court's eyes in this matter. If you refuse to show him your birthmark I will be forced to conclude that both you and your wife lied to this court and have the both of you arrested and thrown in jail for perjury, tonight. Since you have children the state would then be forced to take custody of them while you're in jail. Now Mrs. Walker since I relieved you of being an attorney for the defendant you are to leave these chambers with me now. We will reconvene in ten minutes at which time I'll read my bailiff's report and then consider what perjury charges should be filed.” Alex and Fullbright left the judge's chambers.

Chapter Eleven

When they all reassembled in Judge Fullbright's chambers she read her bailiff's report on Walker and then asked Madison “Miss Courtland would you like to reconsider your testimony?” Madison unaware of what had transpired stated “No your honor, I told the truth. Mr. Walker came to my hotel room and forced himself on me while calling me Ellen."

Fullbright then questioned Walker “Captain Walker would you like to reconsider your testimony?” Walker replied “No your honor."

Looking at Alex Fullbright questioned “Mrs. Walker would you like to reconsider your testimony about your husband?” Alex firmly answered her “No." Fullbright then said “Mr. Coltrane I suggest that you advise your client not to file assault charges and sue an innocent man in the future. I will be dismissing this lawsuit due to the fact that trying this case would be a waste of the court's time. This case is hereby dismissed. I won't recommend that perjury charges be filed in this matter because that would also be a waste of the court's time. However Miss Courtland you should seek some help to deal with why you felt compelled to repeatedly lie about Mr. Walker."

Madison stood up and said “He raped me; there were scratch marks on his face from when I tried to stop him. He's as guilty of raping me as he is my Aunt Ellen's death. If it wasn't for him my aunt would still be alive." Coltrane attempted to quiet Madison down but she grabbed the bailiff's gun and pointing it at Walker said “I'll have to make sure that he doesn't get away with what he did to me like he got away with my aunt Ellen's death." Then motioning to Walker Madison told him “On your knees."

As Walker got onto his knees Alex said “Don’t you dare shoot my husband." Madison asked her "Who's going to stop me, you? Please you're a fat cow. I don't understand what he sees in you when he could have me. I'm as slim as Ellen was but no he didn't want me. I look just like her, he should love me too."

“Walker loved Ellen very much and he's never forgotten her but you aren't her. Please just put the gun down.” Alex pleaded with Madison who turned towards Alex and said “Make me." By this time Alex had her Beretta in her hand and fired a shot that whizzed by Madison's ear. Alex then calmly said “The next one will be between your eyes, now drop it."

A stunned Madison lowered the gun and the bailiff grabbed it. Courthouse security rushed in but Fullbright told them that everything was okay and they left. Fullbright said to Alex “Where did you learn to shoot like that?”

“My husband insisted that I learn because of our professions.” Alex answered and Fullbright told her “Mrs. Walker you and your husband deserve each other." Walker hugged Alex and said “That we do."

Alex however told the judge “Judge Fullbright I have some real concerns about the way you handled the questioning of my husband and myself. The questions you permitted to be asked of us should never had been allowed to be asked. Then for you to use your position to force us to answer them under the threat of being arrested for perjury or jailed for contempt of court. Judge Fullbright you even went so far as to threaten to have the state take our children, that was wrong and you know that. At the very least you owe us an apology."

Fullbright answered “I really thought that your husband had raped Miss Courtland and was going to get away with it. As for the questions maybe I let them go a little too far." When Alex looked like she was going to say something else Walker suggested “Honey why don't we go get our children and go home? We can decide what to do about what happened here today some other day, legally." Alex hooked her arm through his and they left the judge's chambers.

Chapter Twelve

As they were nearing the house with their children the Walker's noticed that Sydney's car was in their driveway so Alex said to her husband “Sydney said that she wanted to ride her horse and I told her that it was okay and if she wanted she could bring someone along to ride my Angel. She really does need ridden."

“That’s fine Alex. Maybe she'll join us for dinner. Why don't you take Ray and Angela into the house and I'll go ask her if she'll join us for dinner?” Walker said to Alex who took Angela and Ray into the house while Walker went to see if Sydney would join them for dinner. As Walker neared the barn he heard Gage say to Sydney “I hope things went okay for Walker today. I can't believe that Ms. Courtland accused him of raping her when she was hanging all over him and calling him Cord like he was her boyfriend. Hey Syd, you don't think that Walker cheated on Alex with Madison because of all the weight that Alex has been gaining?”

“Gage stop being silly. Walker would never cheat on Alex.” Sydney answered Gage but he said “I know but it did look like he was tempted. Walker didn't seem to mind her hanging all over him and he wasn't wearing his wedding band whenever Madison was in the office. Hey maybe she tried to get Walker to do something with her and he came to his senses and turned her down. I'll bet that's what happened and Madison got mad about being turned down and then did what she did to get even or something."

Walker entered the barn and said “So Ranger Gage you thought that I was either cheating on my wife or was about to?” Gage backtracked “No, no way not me."

Walker then said “It’s okay Gage, I know what it looked like at the time but looks can be deceiving. I came out here to see if the two of you would join us for dinner after your ride, interested?”

Sydney answered for the two of them “If you're sure if Alex is up to it?"

“She’s up to it and we would like the company." Walker told Sydney then Gage said “Oh my god Alex is sick, isn't she? That's why she's been gaining so much weight. It's got to be cancer. Walker Alex will be okay won't she?"

Walker replied “It will all be over with between Thanksgiving and Christmas. When you're done with your ride come to the house dinner will be waiting." Sydney and Gage went for their ride. In the meantime the Trivettes had shown up at the ranch because James Trivette had heard that there had a shot fired during the depositions but hadn't heard the details.

After they had all sat down to eat Walker looked at his wife who stood up and said to them “After talking it over with my husband I decided that now is the time to tell our friends the reason that I've been gaining weight lately. It will all be over with between Thanksgiving and Christmas because." She got no further because Gage broke in to say “Oh no you're dying." Sydney smacked her partner on the arm and told Alex “Never mind him go on Alex."

“As I was saying it will all be over with between Thanksgiving and Christmas because God has seen fit to bless Walker and I with a set of twins. We are having a boy and a girl. I already named them; their names are Michaela Sydney and Cooper James Walker. And for your information Francis Gage my husband will never ever be tempted by another woman." Alex said. As Alex was being hugged by Erica and Sydney Gage meekly replied “I know that."

A smiling Walker teased “In the future Gage you would do well to remember that my wife is almost as good of a shot as I am." Trivette looked at Alex and asked her “That was you today?”

Alex answered “Sure was no woman is going to point a gun at my man and think she can get away with it. I will protect what's mine and he's mine." Trivette grinned and told her “Alex you and Walker really do deserve each other."

Grinning herself Alex replied “Yes we do."

Chapter Thirteen

When they were getting into bed Alex told her husband “It was so unprofessional of her to do that to you. I mean I know that she dislikes me from when I won most of our courtroom battles but still I didn't expect her to be so biased against you. I'm sorry for what you went through today because of me."

“What do you mean?” Walker questioned his wife.

“I mean having to expose yourself like that during a deposition. Any other judge would have allowed Phil to submit the picture and if the defense objected most other judges would have made you see a doctor who would have confirmed your birthmark for the court. I swear that I never expected Fullbright to allow her dislike of me to make a ruling that would cause you to be embarrassed." Alex explained.

“Alex if I had just once used my brains after I met Madison none of this would have happened. She reminded me so much of Ellen that it never occurred to me that she was lying to me and using Ellen to set me up. I should have listened to you when you expressed your concerns about me going to her hotel room that morning." Walker said.

“Walker after all of these years I do know how you are when it comes to other women." Alex answered Walker who questioned “And how is that?”

“Completely clueless." Alex replied.

“How can you say that about me?” Walker asked his wife who told him “Because my dear you still can't tell when one is coming on to you. All they have to do is to appeal to your protective instincts and you don't see that they want you the way that a woman wants a man."

“Yes I can, I knew when you were coming on to me." Walker said but Alex laughed “Yeah right."

“I knew when you wore that really short robe and kept crossing and uncrossing your legs you were hitting on me. So there." Walker replied.

Alex said “You took off out of my apartment that night like someone had lit a firecracker in your shorts."

“Someone did, a blonde A.D.A. Alex I wanted you so bad that night." Walker told his wife.

“I know honey I wanted you just as bad that night, that was why I wore that short robe and hit on you. But I must say that I am glad that we took our time getting together because once we did get together it was forever." Alex answered.

“The best things in life are worth waiting for and you Alexandra Cahill-Walker are the finest thing that's ever happened to me." Walker said as he pulled her close. Alex teased him " Well since I had to testify today that you were a consider lover how about you being one right now?”

“Okay." Walker said and made love with Alex. When they were done Walker asked her “Would you have really shot Madison between the eyes today?”

“Yes if it meant saving your life. Walker I don't want to live a life that doesn't have you in it. You're the best part of my life." Alex answered and then drifted off to sleep in her husband's arms.

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