By Katie 59

Chapter One

           Walker was out doing some field work when Trivette who had decided to tag along for the day asked him "Walker are you trying to prove something by putting yourself in danger all the time anymore? Because let's face it you're acting like you have a death wish or something right now." Walker barked back "Nobody told you to tag along Trivette. I can arrest criminals by myself; I don't need anyone's help. If you don't know how to keep your opinions to yourself I can take you back to headquarters where you can sit behind a desk all nice and safe."

Trivette replied "No Walker you are not dropping me off at Ranger headquarters so that I can be all nice and safe sitting behind a desk, as you put it. And yes Walker someone asked me to tag along, as a matter of fact both Cooper and Swanson came to me and told me off the record that they were worried that you were going to get someone hurt. That they wanted me to go with you so that I could see what they were talking about and as much as I hate to say it they may have a point about you being reckless right now. Walker I know that you can take care of yourself but did it ever occur to you that while Cooper and Swanson are good Rangers that they might not be able to avoid getting hurt following you into danger's path? That there may be other ways to get these criminals without always risking your life? Or do you want to risk your life just like you did before you had a family to go home to?"

Walker snapped “Leave them out of this."

Not backing down Trivette replied "I can't, Walker there is no way that I'm going out to your ranch one day and tell Alex that she's a widow because her husband just had to confront yet another set of criminals by himself without waiting for backup. Walker no one expects you not to arrest these criminals but maybe once in awhile when the situation calls for it you might try another approach instead of running headfirst into danger."

"What approach would that be Trivette? Should I just ask them to pretty please give up?" Walker snidely asked his old partner who replied "Something like that but you forgot the sugar on top part."

Walker growled "I don't say pretty please to anyone and you can forget the sugar on top part too." Trivette after he stopped laughing said "I know that Walker and while I know that you're always going to be doing fieldwork I just think that you ought to do it the way you used to do it after you got married; with a more tactical approach. Listen just think about it will you?"

Walker nodded okay and Trivette changed the subject by asking "Hey did you hear that there's a rumor going around that Moody might not run for re-election?"

"Alex hasn't said anything about it to me." Walker answered.

"Hey wouldn't it be something if Alex decided to run for D.A. and won? That would really make her your boss then, telling you who you can and can't arrest. I would love to see that just to see how you would react to your wife getting to boss you around at work in addition to bossing you around at home." Trivette mused aloud. Walker told him "Alex is not going to run for the D.A.'s office or any other office for that matter. And for your information Trivette she doesn't boss me around at home. Alex isn't the type to try something like that."

"Who's going to stop her from running for the D.A.'s office, you? Because let's face it man while you can put the fear of God into criminals you can't even begin to tell your wife what to do. Alex does what she wants to when she wants to, she always has." Trivette said to Walker who questioned his friend "Trivette are you going to sit there all day talking or are you coming with me to arrest Dysart who's standing right there waiting for us?"

Trivette looked to where Walker was pointing picked up the mike and called for backup while Walker got out of the truck and went after Dysart. Trivette hurriedly left the truck and began to help Walker subdue Dysart's bodyguards. When they were done and everyone had been hauled away by the cops Trivette leaned against Walker's truck and moaned "Dysart's bodyguard ruined my shirt and it was a Christmas gift from Peggy."

Picking his hat up off the ground Walker said "Better he ruined your shirt than sliced your chest open with that knife he was waving around. Come on Trivette we'd better get back to Ranger headquarters and write our reports." Trivette got into Walker's truck while still carrying on about his now ruined shirt.

Chapter Two

Alex looked up when her boss D.A. Moody entered her office "D.A. Moody, what can I do for you?"

Moody took a seat as he answered "Alex I'm sure that you've heard the rumors about me not running for re-election." Alex said "Yes I have. So, it's true then that you're not running for re-election?"

"Yes it's true that I'm not running for re-election and that's the reason that I'm here. Alex, I think you should run in the election to replace me. Now before you say anything hear me out. I think that you are more than capable of being the D.A. Alex the times you stepped in for me you did a great job and the last several years you've been helping me out more and more with training the new A.D.A.'s. You have great people skills and can handle your own with the best of them in a courtroom. And last but not least there are very few people who would think about running against you with your track record. What do you say?" Moody ended his pitch.

"It never even crossed my mind that you weren't going to running for D.A. again. As for me running for the job, aren't you forgetting that I have five children at home? That my family takes up a lot of my time? D.A. Moody right now I'm only working part-time and I was planning on keeping it that way until all of my children are old enough to go to school and that's several years away. While I'm flattered that you think I'm capable of being a D.A. I have to say no at this time." Alex answered Moody who tried again "Alex don't say no without at least thinking about it long and hard, will you?"

"Moody I really don't see any way that I could run the D.A.'s office with five young children to worry about." Alex tried turning him down again but Moody played his trump card by saying "Alex, I've heard rumors that Joseph Watson is planning on running for the other party. He has the backing of the mayor who's arranged for the oil billionaire Hal Langston to bankroll Watson's campaign."

"You can't be serious, everyone knows that Watson is currently the attorney for Brian 'The devil's son' Dante who's suspected of being behind a massive criminal empire that was run by his father William 'Pure Evil' Dante, at least until he met his demise last year. Why would Hal Langston bankroll Watson's campaign anyhow?" Alex questioned her boss.

"Two reasons; one Mayor Dimsdale is a cousin to Watson on his father's side and asked Langston for his help. Two Teddy Langston is engaged to young Brain 'The Devil's son' Dante and also asked her father to do it. The elder Langston agreed to do it after Mayor Dimsdale vouched for his cousin Watson telling Langston that Watson would run the D.A.'s office without regard to his past as a defense attorney." Moody explained.

"If that's the case, why can't you run again?" Alex asked D.A. Moody who replied "Because I recently found out that I have a problem with my heart. The pacemaker the doctor put in isn't enough to overcome it unless I start to reduce the stress in my life so I can't run for D.A. again; the job is too stressful in my condition. Alex promise me that you'll at least think about it because I can't stomach the thought of someone like Watson becoming our next D.A. Can you imagine what that would do for the conviction rate in this county?"

Alex sighed and the replied "I can't stomach the thought of Watson being the next D.A. either, so yes I will think about it but I warn you the answer most likely will still be no. But I promise to weigh the pros and cons of it before I decide what to do."

"That's all I can ask for." Moody said and left Alex's office leaving her deep in thought. After awhile Alex picked up the phone and called Ranger headquarters and asked to speak with her husband but was told that he wasn't there so she left a message with the new receptionist Jenna Renee that when Walker got a chance she wanted him to call her that she needed to talk with him about D.A. Moody. Jenna who was busy wrote down that Alex wanted Walker to call her to talk about her being the D.A.

When Walker got back Jenna Renee told him "Captain Walker, your wife called and she said that she wanted you to call her." Walker asked "Did she say what she wanted to talk about?"

Jenna replied "Something about her being the D.A." Trivette who was standing there listening teased Walker "Alex is going to get to boss her husband around at work. See Walker I told you that Alex was going to run to replace Moody."

Walker snapped "Over my dead body. Alex will never ever be my boss, not here at work and most certainly not at home." Trivette said "Come on Walker, I was just teasing. Ease up already, will you?"

Walker went into his private office slamming the door shut behind him and called up Alex but she was in court so he hung up without leaving a message.

Chapter Three

Walker's mood wasn't all that much improved when he got home. Alex smiled at him when he came in and Walker asked her "What are you so happy about?" Alex replied "Well I was happy to see my husband home from work early for a change but I guess that for some reason he's not happy to be home early. Care to tell me why?"

"No I don't, where are our children at?" A still grouchy Walker questioned his wife who answered "The triplets are out in the yard with Betty, Angela is in her room doing her homework and Ray as far as I know is playing with his army men in his room. Now in case you want to know what's for dinner, it's a chicken casserole with a side salad and it will be done in twenty minutes. Why don't you go see if you can get the triplets cleaned up for dinner?"

"Alex since when do you think you have the right to try and boss me around? Because I'm telling you right now I will not put up with you bossing me around here or at work. Our marriage vows didn't include anything about you getting to boss me around." Walker snapped at Alex who wondered why Walker was being so irritable lately. Deciding to try and tease Walker to lightening up some Alex said "Darling I promise the only place that I'll ever even think about bossing you around is in our bedroom. How does that sound?"

"Not interested." Walker barked back and left the kitchen. After they had eaten a fairly tense dinner Alex went into the kitchen to do the dishes. The children were in the living room with their father watching T.V. when a report by Teddy Langston aired. In the report she asked Joseph Watson "Is there any truth to the rumor that you're going to be running to replace D. A. Moody in the upcoming election?"

"Yes I am and I want to assure the people of this fine county that I will do my very best to make sure that the people who deserve to be in jail end up there." Watson replied while displaying a phony smile.

Teddy Langston then asked him "Do you have anything to say about the rumor that Alex Cahill-Walker is going to run against you for the job?" Watson sneered "I say bring her on. From what I understand Miss Cahill-Walker has gotten by on her looks for far too long. I pledge right here and now that when I'm elected as D.A. the very first resignation that I will accept will be that of Miss Cahill-Walker's because I will not allow anyone to hold a job simply because they look good in a courtroom. The people who work for me must be capable hardworking people, not beauty queens who play at working."

Walker snapped the T.V. off at that point. Angela asked him "Daddy why did that man say that Mommy gets by on her looks? What does that mean?"

"Nothing important honey, why don't you keep an eye on your siblings while I talk to your mother in the kitchen?" Walker asked his oldest daughter who said "Okay Daddy." Walker went into the kitchen where he questioned his wife "Alex why didn't you tell me that you're running to replace Moody?"

"I haven't decided one way or the other yet." Alex replied. Walker then informed her "Well I've decided that you aren't running for the D.A.'s office or any other office for that matter. I will not have you spending more time away from our children than you already do. Enough is enough. I'm your husband and it's about time you listened to me."

"Enough is enough, and I'm your husband and it's about time you listened to me, do you hear the way that you're talking to me? You are not my boss and I will not put up with you trying to tell me what to do. I never have and I'm not about to start now." Alex was answering when Walker broke in to ask "I can't tell you what to do? Then why do you think you have the right to boss me around? It goes both ways, doesn't it dear?"

"I don't boss you around and you know that Walker. I ask you to do things and if you don't want to do those things you can simply tell me no like you have any number of times. Walker is there something bothering you that I don't know about? Because let's face it you've been grouchy for awhile now, ever since you were held in that room by Marci and Calhoun." Alex responded.

Walker all but yelled at his wife "That has nothing to do with anything. Don't bring it up again, ever." Then softening his tone Walker asked her "Alex, are you running for Moody's job or not?" Alex said "I don't honestly know right now. Walker I turned Moody down but he begged me to really think about it before I decided."

"What about your family? Will they have any voice in your decision?" Walker questioned his wife who replied "Yes, Walker I told Moody that while I would think about it long and hard that most likely my answer will still be no but the idea of Watson becoming our next D.A. bothers me."

"Me too but that doesn't mean you should ignore what's best for your family because of it. Speaking of family, I'd better go see what your children are up to." Walker said and went into the living room where Angela told him "Daddy Ray went to ride 'Cloud'." Walker ran out of the house to the barn where he found Ray climbing up the side rails in the stall in an effort to get on his colt 'Cloud' by himself. Walker shouted "Ray no, don't." The colt spooked and Ray fell to the ground twisting his leg underneath himself. Walker knelt besides his son who was crying and told him "Take it easy son; let Daddy check your leg." When Walker ran his hand over Ray's leg to check it Ray screamed in pain then passed out.

Alex who had been told by Angela what Ray was going to do entered the barn in time to see her oldest son pass out from the pain. Alex then looked at Walker who said to her "Get me something to make a splint out of, I think Ray broke his leg. I'll take him to the hospital in my truck; it will be quicker than waiting for an ambulance." Without a word Alex found two pieces of wood and a length of rope and handed them to Walker who splinted his son's leg. Alex still hadn't said a word to Walker by the time Ray was carefully placed into Walker's truck. Walker started to get into the driver's side of the truck when he stopped and said "I suppose that you think it's my fault that Ray just got hurt? After all you were opposed to me getting him 'Cloud'."

"It doesn't really matter now what I thought back then does it?" Alex asked then without waiting for an answer went into her house.

Chapter Four

After putting the other children to bed Alex went into the living room to wait up for Walker to bring her oldest son home. After channel surfing for awhile and finding nothing worth watching Alex got a notepad out and started to write down the reasons she should run to be the next D. A. and the reasons that she shouldn't run. Several hours later Walker came in carrying a now sleeping Ray in his arms. Alex got up to take him from Walker but he told her "I'll carry him up to bed. He has a hairline fracture which should heal okay but the doctor doesn't want him placing any weight on his leg for several weeks. They put a soft cast on his leg and he'll be able to take baths if it's done carefully. Alex one of us will have to spend the next several weeks at home watching over him to make sure that he doesn't do anything else to his leg."

As she followed her husband up the stairs Alex told him "I don't have any cases for several weeks but I would like to re-interview the witnesses in the Monteray case. I could do that next week in the evening as long as you get home from work early enough on that day."

Walker laid his son on his bed and said "Okay just let me know what evening and I'll make sure that I'm home early that day." Alex replied "Next Tuesday, is that okay?"

"That's fine, I'll have Trivette and Cooper take care of anything that comes up. Alex about Ray getting hurt." Walker said but Alex told him "Walker not right now, please." Walker nodded okay and left their son's room as Alex carefully pulled the cover up over Ray and kissed him on the cheek.

Walker went downstairs into the living room and picked up the notepad on which Alex had been writing down the pros and cons of running to become the next D.A. When she joined him in the living room Walker questioned her "Alex why are you writing down the pros and cons of running to become the next D.A.?"

Taking the notepad from her husband Alex answered "Because I promised Moody that I would think about it before making a decision and writing down the pros and cons helps me to decide."

"Have you written everything down yet? Because based on what I read in the pro column the only reason you would consider running is so Watson doesn't become the next D.A." Walker asked Alex who replied "That's about the only reason that I could come up with for running. I have way too many reasons not to run. Mainly that I would be spending way too much time away from you and the children. Walker I had no plans to replace Moody and I don't think that I want to be the next D.A. but with Watson running it changes everything. If he gets elected I'll lose my job as an A.D.A., one way or the other. And just think about how many of his current and past clients would get away with their crimes."

"Just because Watson is running to become the next D.A. doesn't mean that he will win the election and replace Moody. I'm sure that there are other people out there who would be a better choice than Watson. Alex if you don't want to run, don't. After all being the D.A. was never a dream of yours, was it?" Walker said.

"No being the D.A. was never a dream of mine. My main dream was always that I would end up being married to the most generous loving man that I have ever known." Alex told her husband who replied "But you ended up married to a man like me instead."

"Honey I am married to the man of my dreams, you have always been the most loving man that I have ever known. If I had to do it all over again I would still marry you and have your children. What about you Walker? Would you marry me all over again?" Alex was saying when they heard Ray crying out so Walker told her "You go ahead to bed, I'll take care of him."

Alex teased "Okay but when you get to our bedroom I want an answer to the question of whether or not if you had to do it all over again if you would still marry me."

Walker replied "I'll give you your answer later lady, now go ahead to bed." Alex went up to bed and tried to stay awake so that Walker could answer her question but she fell asleep before he came into their bedroom. Walker instead of going into their bedroom after he had gotten Ray back asleep went downstairs and just sat there on the couch thinking about if he had it all to do over again would he marry Alex again. After thinking about that for awhile Walker got up to go upstairs to show his wife how happy he was to be married to her but the notebook where Alex had written down her reasons for running and not running for the D.A.'s office caught his attention. Walker sat back down on the couch with it and read it. Walker then decided to add his reasons why Alex shouldn't run to replace Moody in the next election. After he did that Walker also added reasons why she should run for the office but he put them on a different piece of paper, which he folded up and put back into the notebook. Walker then decided that Alex was now most likely sleeping, so instead of waking her up by getting into bed with her he would watch some T.V. Walker started to watch an old western but fell asleep during it.

Chapter Five

The next morning Alex rolled over in bed to discover that her husband wasn't there and from the looks of his pillows he hadn't joined her in their bed last night like he had promised her he would. Alex then decided that meant Walker hadn't come to their bedroom because deep down inside Walker felt that if he had it all to do over again he wouldn't have married her. That while Walker loved her he had only married her because he had wanted children. After composing herself and taking a quick shower Alex went into her son's room to check on Ray to see how he was doing. He was still sleeping so she pulled the covers up on all three of her sons and left the room running smack dab into Walker in the hallway. Grabbing Alex's arms to keep her from falling Walker said "Easy there lady, I got you."

"Maybe but you don't really want me here with you, do you?" Alex questioned her husband who asked back "What's that supposed to mean?" Removing herself from Walker's grip Alex replied "Last night you couldn't even be bothered to come sleep in our bed. That along with the way you've been behaving lately tells me that you regret marrying me. That you wished you were single again and didn't have to answer to a wife. That's the real reason that you've been accusing me of trying to boss you around, because you don't want to answer to anyone. And most certainly not a wife who has the right to know what you're doing sometimes, if only so she can tell your children where you're at when you don't come home to them. Now if you don't mind I have to make breakfast for my family."

"Alex are you on that kick again?" Walker asked Alex who told him "What kick? The one where you show me through your actions that you don't want to be married to me, that one? Because I've got to tell you Walker it's getting a little tiring to always be the one who has to declare their love when their spouse can't even be bothered to say a word about love. Maybe it's about time I faced the fact that you married me because you wanted children, not because you wanted to be my husband."

Before Walker could respond to that Alex walked away from him. When Alex got downstairs she picked up her notebook to discover that Walker had added his own reasons why she shouldn't run to replace Moody but the paper where Walker had written down the reasons that she should run for the job fell from the notebook and landed under the couch unnoticed by Alex. After reading Walker's reasons for not running Alex was even more upset with her husband and when he attempted to talk to her before leaving the house Alex said to him "Why don't you just go ahead and go? After what you did last night there is nothing that you can say to me to make me forget the fact that you don't want to be my husband."

Walker tried again "About last night Alex, I..." But that was as far as he got because Alex snapped "Will you just go away? I can't deal with this right now. I have children that I need to look after, including my four year son who broke his leg trying to get on his colt that he's much too young to have."

"I love you Alex." Walker said causing Alex to answer "I know that but the fact still remains that you really didn't want to marry me. I mean we were engaged for two years and only got married because you decided that you wanted children. Now will you please just go to work?"

"I'll go now but tonight after the children are sleeping you and I are going to talk about our marriage and the real reasons we got married. The reasons that should lead you to think twice about before you decide whether or not to run for Moody's job. Alex, you are my wife and it's going to stay that way. We have the children to think about."  Walker informed his wife.

"I know that we're going to stay married for the children's sake. I would never ever let you walk away from them no matter how much you regret marrying me. You really are something else Walker, you tell me to stop bossing you around but you turn around and tell me that I can't run to be the next D.A. because of the children. You should have..." Alex was answering when Ray called for her so she went upstairs leaving Walker standing in the hallway. After a minute he grabbed his truck keys and left the house. Walker didn't return home that evening, he had Jenna Renee call Alex to tell her that something had come up and that he would be home in a couple of days. Alex hung up the phone and said to herself  'What else is new? We need to talk and Walker finds a reason not to be home so that we can. I wish that when you married a man he came with an owner's manual but then again if there was one man who wouldn't go by that manual it would be Cordell Walker. God I love him so much and while I know he loves me I just wished that he had truly wanted to be my husband and not just the father of my children.'

Chapter Six

Alex was in her living room when the doorbell rang and Betty told her "I'll get it." She left the room to return shortly with Phil Holland and his wife Kim Rivers. After they were seated Alex asked them "Phil, Kim not that I mind being visited by friends but what brings you out here?"

Phil answered "Alex is the rumor true that you're going to run in the next election to replace Moody?" Alex replied "I haven't decided one way or the other yet. I turned Moody down when he first asked me but then after he told me that Watson's running to become our next D.A. I promised Moody that I would think long and hard about it. I have to tell you though that the only reason I would even consider running is because I can't stand the thought of Watson becoming the next D.A."

"It sounds like you really don't want to run in the upcoming election." Kim hinted to Alex who said "I don't, not with five young children. I think it would be too much of a hardship on my family. But like I said if no one else comes forward to oppose Watson I just might have to run to make sure that the D.A.'s office doesn't turn into a place where Watson's clients and friends get a free pass on their crimes."

Kim smiled as she said "I have the perfect person in mind to run for the office, all I have to do is to convince him to run." Alex questioned "Who is it?"

"You're looking at him. Alex I think that Phil has what it takes to replace Moody and I told him that but he said that you were running to replace Moody and thought he should step aside for you. That you were the better candidate to replace Moody. Alex how would you feel if Phil were to run? Would it bother you if he became your boss?" Kim said to Alex who answered "Not one bit. Phil I think that you are more than qualified to replace Moody. As a matter of fact I'll do anything that I can to help you win the election. Just one thing though when you're the D.A. Phil."

"What?" Phil asked Alex who laughed as she replied "Just don't ever expect me to call you sir because I don't do that."

"Sure thing A.D.A. Cahill-Walker. But I have a question for you, if I win will you still work part-time? Because there was also a rumor going around that you were going to resign as an A.D.A. after the election if you didn't win it." Phil said.

"I still want to work part-time until all the children are going to school full-time and that's about three years away. That wouldn't be a problem for you, would it?" Alex responded causing Phil to say "Are you kidding? With your track record any D.A. worth his or her salt would be glad that you worked for them at all. So yes, if I win the election you can set your own hours."

Alex held out her hand and said "It's a deal then." Phil shook Alex's hand. After that Kim said "Now that that's out of the way can we get to the real reason we came out here?"

"Sure, what's the real reason you came out here?" Alex questioned Kim who answered "Phil and I want you to be our baby's godmother."

"Of course I will, when's it due? Do you know what you're having yet?" Alex said.

"No we don't know what we're having yet because we want to be surprised and the baby is due in five months." Kim replied causing Alex to tell her "Well if you want to be surprised I suggest that you not let Phil anywhere near your O.B.G.Y.N. near the end of your pregnancy."

"What do you mean by that?" A puzzled Phil asked and Alex explained "Walker agreed with me that we were going to be surprised by the gender of our baby but the suspense got to him and he talked Dr. Bates into showing him my sonogram. My husband knew before I did that we were going to have a baby girl."

"I always wondered about that, when I asked Walker how he knew to paint the nursery for a girl he told me that he just knew was all." Kim said to Alex who laughed as she answered "He just knew because he cheated but once I saw him holding our daughter I didn't mind that much. Walker is a great father."

"Speaking of Walker, where is he?" Phil questioned Alex who told him "Off on some business, he'll be back soon."

"I have to hand it to you Alex; you can still handle the worry part of being married to a cop a lot better than I can. I love Kim so much but a part of me still has trouble biting my tongue about her line of work." Phil said as he hugged Kim who told him "I know that Phil and that's why I'm going to spend the next several years at home with our child."

"You're taking a maternity leave soon?" Alex asked Kim who answered "I've already resigned from the police force. Phil and I both decided that it was best for the baby if one of us stayed home after the baby was born. I decided that it was going to be me because Phil needs a break from worrying himself sick about whether or not I'm in danger. But enough about that, Alex I was wondering if we could go shopping for baby things together someday?"

"It'll have to wait for awhile; Ray broke his leg trying to get on his colt by himself. However as soon as the doctor says that he's okay I'll call you up and we'll make a day of it. I'm sure by then I'll be ready for a day out away from the children." Alex said to Kim who told her "Sounds good to me. Come on Phil, let's go get started on that paperwork so that you can run to replace Moody."

After seeing them to the door Alex took her notebook and tore up the lists for running and not running for D.A. Several hours later she had all the children in bed and was taking a bath when Walker came into the bathroom and said to her "Alex we need to have a talk about you running to replace Moody."

"Phil's going to run so we don't need to talk about it." Alex replied then changed the subject by asking "Would you mind letting me finish my bath in peace?" Walker left the bathroom.

Chapter Seven

            When Alex entered the bedroom after her bath Walker told her "The reason that I was gone for two days was because I was trying to get a witness by the name of Marsten to agree to testify that Brian Dante ordered the hit on his father William Dante." Alex questioned her husband "Well did you get him to agree?"

"Yes I got Marsten to agree to testify against Brain Dante in exchange for immunity but he was taken out last night." Walker explained as he started to get ready for bed. Alex asked him "How did that happen?"

Walker snapped "I don't know. Alex why don't you just say that it's my fault because I'm not as good at my job as I used to be. After all I was kidnapped and held in a room and my wife had to come rescue me."

"First of Walker, I was saying no such thing about it being your fault because it's not your fault. As for you being kidnapped and having to wait for your wife to rescue you; that's also not true. Walker it was just a matter of time before you escaped from that room and we both know that. I just couldn't bring myself to wait for that to happen because of the children, they were worried about you. As their mother it's my job to make sure that our children have a loving home and they didn't have that when you were missing. Walker please don't go down that path, it serves no purpose. You are still the same man that I fell in love with, the most hard-headed Texas Ranger that I ever met. The one who can take care of himself, no matter what. Not to change the subject but how was the witness taken out?" Alex said to Walker who replied "It happened while I was away from the safe house. Agent Salvo had been insisting on getting pizza delivered but I over ruled him and went to get something from the deli that was nearby. By the time I returned with the food, Marsten, Agent Salvo and Agent Cortez were dead. The third agent Kroger had been shot once in the upper chest but she's expected to make a full recovery."

"Any chance that it could have been an inside job?" Alex questioned her husband who finished removing his boots before he answered "That's what I think but Joe Prine said that the three agents had been brought in from three separate field offices so that there would be no chance of anything like that happening."

"But that doesn't mean that it couldn't have happened, does it? I mean it would take just one of them to let the hit men know where to find Marsten. Think about it Walker then tell me it couldn't have happened that way. I just thank god that you weren't killed along with those poor agents." Alex replied as she got into bed.

"You might have a point there about it being an inside job by just one of the agents, not a conspiracy by all three of them. Alex right now all I want to do is to get a shower and get some sleep, I'll worry about everything else tomorrow." Walker said as he finished undressing and headed to the bathroom. Alex asked him "Do you want a back massage when you're done? You look like you could really use one."

"Why? So you can tell me while you're massaging my back how I only married you because I wanted children. If that's your plan you can forget it." Walker said to Alex who carefully answered her still testy husband "Walker, I know that you're beat and I wanted to help you relax by giving you a back massage and no I wasn't planning on lecturing you all through it. Now do you that back massage, or don't you?"

"Yes I want a back massage; I'll just take a quick shower." Walker answered and went into the bathroom and took his shower. When he returned to the bedroom Alex was dressed in a set of flannel pajamas so Walker said to her "Nice pajamas." Alex told him "They keep me warm enough, not to mention covered up. Walker just lay down on the bed and I'll massage your back for you."

Walker put on a pair of sweat pants then laid down on the bed where Alex straddled his legs to give him a back massage. After ten minutes he asked her "Aren't you going to say anything to me Alex?"

"I'm almost afraid to, anymore it seems like anything that I say to you upsets you. Listen we can have that talk you wanted to have tomorrow. Tonight I just want you to lay there while I work the kinks out of your back so you can have a good night's sleep for a change." Alex answered as she continued to give her husband a back massage. Walker said "Okay lady we'll talk tomorrow when I get home from work but until then I want you to know that my family means everything to me."

"I know that Walker. You and the children mean everything to me too." Alex told Walker. About twenty minutes later she asked him "How's that cowboy? Do you think that you can sleep now?" Her answer was Walker's even breathing. Alex got up from bed returned the massage oil to the dresser and after turning off the lights slipped into bed with Walker who rolled over in his sleep to pull her close.

Chapter Eight

The next evening Walker arrived home early from work and insisted that Alex go in the living room with their children while he fixed dinner. Alex was only too happy to leave the cooking to her husband for a change. As they were eating dinner Angela asked her "Mommy is it true that you're going to run for office?"

"Angela I am not running for the D.A.'s office. Mr. Holland is running to replace D.A. Moody." Alex answered her daughter who then said "That's good Mommy because I didn't want you to lose and get fired."

Walker then told her "Angela, if your mother had run for office she wouldn't have lost, okay." Angela replied "Okay Daddy but the kids at school told me that Mommy was going to run and that after she lost Mr. Watson would fire her on the spot, whatever that means. Daddy since Mr. Holland is running does that mean he'll win and he'll let Mommy keep her job?"

"Yes Angela after Mr. Holland wins your mother will keep her job because she's the best A.D.A. that the D.A.'s office has." Walker answered his oldest daughter but she wasn't done with the questions because she asked him "If Mommy is the best, why isn't she running for the job?"

Alex answered this time "Mommy isn't running for the job because it's a full-time job and right now Mommy is only working part-time. Angela, I don't want to spend any more time away from my family than I have to. So until the triplets start school I will be working part-time. Now after dinner is over I want you guys to go in the living room with Daddy while I do the dishes, okay?"

"Okay." Angela replied and they finished their meal. When Alex was in the kitchen doing the dishes Sam was playing cars with Coop and one of them ended up under the couch. Since Walker had taken Ray to the bathroom to play with his army men in the sink Angela went and reached under the couch for the car, she found it and a piece of paper. After handing the car to the boys Angela opened the piece of paper and read it then she took it in the kitchen to her mother and told her "Mommy I think that Daddy really wants you to run in that election. See he wrote you a list of reasons why you should run to replace Mr. Moody."

Taking the piece of paper Alex asked her oldest daughter "Where did you find this?" Angela replied "I found it under the couch when I got the car out from under it for Sam and Coop. Are you going to listen to Daddy and run?"

"Angela honey I already told you that I'm not going to run to replace D.A. Moody, this list doesn't change that. Now how about we go into the living room before the triplets get into something they shouldn't?" Alex told her daughter.

Alex and Angela returned to the living room about the same time Walker did. Angela said to her father "Daddy I gave Mommy that list you wrote for her so that she'll run but she's not going to listen to you because Mr. Holland is running in that election." Walker looked at Alex who explained "Angela found your list of reasons of why I should run to replace Moody that you wrote down on a piece of paper. Walker I swear that I didn't see that list the other night. I only saw the one where you wrote down the reasons you thought I shouldn't run. Walker I over reacted and I'm sorry."

"Alex you didn't over react because let's face it, I haven't been the easiest man to get along with lately but I promise you that will change." Walker responded causing Alex to tease him "Well darling if you were a woman I would have thought that you had P.M.S. but since you're a man that couldn't be the case."

"For god's sake's Alex, P.M.S.? You couldn't have come up with better analogy than that one? What about a grouchy old bear? That sounds a lot better than my wife comparing me to a woman." Walker protested. Alex stifled a laugh as she hugged him then said “Okay, you've been as grouchy as an old bear coming out of hibernation. That better? And let's face it dear, there is now way that I would ever really compare you to a woman. You are way too much of a man for me to do that Cowboy."

Walker just shook his head at his wife who smiled back because they both knew that she always won when it came to doing the talking. The children got their attention and they spent the rest of the evening with them.

Chapter Nine

As Alex was overseeing her daughter's bedtime Angela asked her "Mommy is Daddy going to send 'Cloud' away because Ray broke his leg trying to get on him by himself? Because if he does Ray is going to cry a lot for his colt. I know I would if daddy sent my 'Baby Princess' away." Alex replied "Angela, your father is not going to send 'Cloud' away. Yes your father was upset when Ray tried to get on his colt by himself and broke his leg but your father would never do that to either one of you."

"Okay Mommy, I just wanted to be sure that if I got hurt trying to ride my horse Daddy wouldn't send her away." Angela was saying when Walker entered his daughter’s bedroom and asked "Who do you think Daddy is going to send away Angela?"

"I thought that you were going to send 'Cloud' away for Ray breaking his leg and I was worried that you would send my 'Baby Princess' away if I got hurt on her but Mommy said that you wouldn't do that to us Daddy." Angela explained to her father who replied "Your mother is right Angela; I won't send 'Cloud' or 'Baby Princess' away because of Ray's getting hurt. What I will do is to make sure that the both of you know how to handle your horses before I let either one of you near them again. Now how about the two of you getting some sleep?"

Later in their bedroom Walker said to his wife "Alex if you truly want to run to replace Moody I'll do anything that I can to help you win." Alex shook her head no as she answered "Walker, I never want to run for any kind of office. The only reason that I even thought about it was because Moody practically begged me to run to replace him. Now that Phil's running I don't have to worry about the likes of Watson becoming our next D.A. Phil agreed that if he wins I could set my own hours and that's all I really want, to be a mother and an A.D.A. at the same time."

            "What about being a wife? Don't you like being my wife anymore?" Walker questioned Alex who replied "I love being your wife but lately I've felt like you aren't all that happy to be my husband."

"How can you even think that Alex? I love you and you know that. You and our children are the reasons I go to work everyday, I want to make the world a safer place for my family." Walker said.

"Walker, I know that you love me and that your family means everything to you but the other night you promised me that you were going to come to our bedroom and answer my question about whether or not you truly wanted to be my husband. Then instead of doing that you spent the night sleeping on the couch. That along with your somewhat testy behavior lately led me to conclude that while you loved me you had only married me because you wanted children. That having children were the most important thing to you, not the marriage. If I'm wrong, I'm sorry but you have to see this from my point of view. During the period when we were lovers you asked me once was I on the pill and then after we became engaged you asked me several more times was I still on the pill. When I answered yes those times you joked that you didn't want to get married because you had to, that you wanted to become a father when you were ready to and not before then. Then after we set a wedding date you asked me when I was going to stop taking the pill because you couldn't wait to be a father. At the time I didn't think anything about it because I wasn't ready to be a parent myself yet. But lately with how grouchy you've been I did begin to wonder if you had wanted to be a father more than you wanted to be my husband at the time. Walker I love you and the happiest day of my life was my wedding day. I was so happy that day because I was getting married to the man of my dreams, you. Yes I admit that I did think about what it would be like to have your children but only as an afterthought to the wedding. I know that I'm not making much sense to you but its how I feel." Alex explained.

"Alex the other night when I was supposed to come up here to tell you that I was happy to be your husband I saw your lists of reasons for running and not running so I sat down and added my own. Then I decided that it was late and that most likely you had all ready gone to sleep so instead of disturbing you by getting into bed with you I decided to watch a western, I fell asleep during it. Alex I love you and I married you because I wanted you to be my wife and I wanted to be your husband. I felt that way on our wedding day and I feel that way right now. I love being the father of your children but I love being your husband even more. Honey if I had it to do all over again I would marry you again, I have no regrets about being your husband. Well maybe except for one thing." Walker told his wife who asked him "What one thing?"

Pulling her into his chest Walker replied "The fact that we weren't married sooner due to my stubbornness. Just think of all the fun we missed out on by not being married longer, mainly the nights."

Alex said "I don't think we missed out on any fun by not being married longer, after all we were lovers well before we got married."

Walker took a step back then getting down on one knee he took Alex's hand. Walker then looked her in the eye as he said "Alex, I love you and I want you to marry you all over again. Will you marry me again?"

Alex replied as she pulled her husband up "Cordell I love you and yes I would marry you all over again in a heartbeat, but honey we don't need another ceremony to know what's in our hearts. So no you won't be wearing a tux anytime soon, or me a wedding gown. However I do have one request of you."

"What request is that?" Walker questioned Alex who slid her hand under his shirt as she answered "That we get to practice over and over again for the honeymoon." Walker picked his wife up and as he carried her to the bed replied "For the rest of our lives honey."

When they were done Walker questioned "Alex what would you think about us going away this summer? You know like a second honeymoon?" Alex snuggled closer as she told him "I like the idea of going away this summer but I would like it to be a family trip if you don't mind. I mean after the children are asleep in their rooms we can still spend the nights like we would on a second honeymoon."

"Sounds good to me Mrs. Walker, this summer then." Walker answered as he pulled her even closer before drifting off to sleep.

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