NOTE: These events take place shortly before Widower Walker

Memories of Love


Katie 59

Chapter One

The Walkers were spending a quiet evening at home sitting on their porch swing relaxing after their latest encounter with the Rappaports. The couple seemed to have appointed themselves permanent enemies of the Walkers after their son Michael had kidnapped and raped Alex. They had sued the Walkers for wrongful death after Sydney's fatal shooting of their son. They had also alleged that Walker had intentionally endangered Ray  when Alex was carrying him because Walker thought that Ray was the result of Alex's assault.[A court ordered blood test had proven that Walker fathered Ray.] Walker had been forced to explain his behavior then to a judge. Realizing that her husband was still thinking about that Alex asked "you're not still bothered by how things were when I was carrying Ray, are you?  I told you that I really did know that you cared about him but that you needed time."

"No, I was thinking how lucky I am that you have the patience of a saint, that you were willing to wait so long for me to admit that my life would be nothing without you in it. I have loved you for far longer than you've known about. Probably from that first day in court."  Walker said as he pulled her close to him.

"Like I told you the other night, you were more than worth the wait. Besides my darling if I had nagged you into marriage I would always wonder if you married me out of a sense of obligation, not love. Cordell we got married when we were meant to get married. Please let the past go, we're here, we're happy and we have two of the most beautiful children that I have ever seen." Then changing the subject Alex added "now cowboy, as lovely as these stars are if we don't get some sleep we may have trouble keeping up with our children tomorrow." Alex told Walker as she removed his arms and got up from the porch swing. Locking up the house they then went up to their bedroom where Walker began to kiss his wife. Smiling Alex said " I think that I need a shower but I can't reach my back to scrub it. Know anyone who would scrub it for me?”  Without answering her Walker smiled and led Alex into the bathroom. About an hour later as they returned to their bedroom Alex said "I think that I'll let you keep the job of scrubbing my back for me, you're pretty good at it."

    "Oh I am, am I?” Walker questioned. "You'd better believe it."  Was Alex's answer as they got into bed and went to sleep in each other's arms.

 Chapter Two

           The next day after work Alex stopped by the Hope Center to pick up her children.  The husband of one of the women that was attending Alex's battered women's group came in and was yelling at his wife when he spotted Alex and turned his anger on her by yelling at her instead "you, you're the one causing my Dolores to run away from her home by telling her that I'm mean to her. I'm just correcting her many mistakes. If she would just listen like she's supposed to as a good wife, I won't have to punish her."

Keeping a calm tone in her voice Alex tried to reason with him while Josie called the cops from another room "Mr. Clancy I know that Dolores leaving is upsetting to you but she has that right." Alex was interrupted by him screaming at her "what about my rights?  She's my wife and I say that she'd better get home right now if she doesn't want to be punished again."

Having had enough Alex said to him "Mr. Clancy, you are violating a restraining order by being here so I suggest that you leave this center now."  Balling his hand into a fist Clancy said as he neared Alex "I'll leave all right, right after I teach you a lesson about butting into other peoples lives. You need to learn to keep that big mouth of yours shut." Then he punched Alex in the chin causing the back of her head to hit into a wall. Clancy hurriedly left the center as Josie called Walker at Ranger headquarters and told him what had happened.

A while later when Alex came to a paramedic was treating her and there was another man kneeling by her side who asked her "Alex, are you all right?”  After nodding her head Alex looked around the room and asked the paramedic "where am I?” 

The man answered first by saying "Alex, we're at the Hope Center. We're going to take you to the hospital to make sure that you're okay."

            After Alex was placed on the stretcher she said to the man who appeared to want to ride in the ambulance with her "thank you for your concern but you don't need to bother yourself with me. I'll be fine." Stunned Walker asked her "what are you talking about Alex?”  The paramedic then asked her "Ma'am, can you tell me your name?” 

            Puzzled by why he wanted to know her name Alex none the less answered him by saying "my name is Alexandra Cahill, I'm new to town and I'm also the newest A.D.A. for Tarrant county." Taking the paramedic aside Walker said to him "that was about fourteen years ago, she's my wife now. Her name is Alex Cahill-Walker."  Reassuring Walker the paramedic said "Mr. Walker, the blow to her head probably caused this memory loss, it may be temporary but the doctor at the hospital will be able to tell you more. Why don't you follow the ambulance to the hospital and ask him about your wife?”  Alex was placed in the ambulance as Walker got Josie's assurance that she would be able to watch Angela and Ray for him, then Walker went to the hospital.

Chapter Three

At the hospital the doctor examined Alex and said to her "Ms. Cahill we'll keep you overnight for observation and if all goes well we'll release you tomorrow."

            "Good because I have to step in for someone tomorrow and present my first case. I need to be there on time, they said that I have to present as my first witness that mule-headed Texas Ranger Cordell Walker, who would have everyone believe that he single handedly took on five guys at once saving a younger cop's life in the process." Alex finished up as Walker entered her room. He looked a little wistful as he had overheard what Alex had just said about him. Holding her hand out to Walker Alex said to him "tThank you for your concern Mister?” 

Looking even more wistful Walker shook her hand and answered "Cordell Walker, I'm a Texas Ranger Ms. Cahill." Ignoring the fact that she had just called him mule headed Alex said "pleased to meet you Mr. Walker. Do you always follow new A.D.A.'s to the hospital?” 

"No." Walker answered and motioned for the doctor to follow him out into the hallway where Dr. Blaine said to him "Mr. Walker, this memory loss is probably just temporary because of the blow to the back of her head. I'm sure that she will remember in time. I would however caution you not to tell her things on your own, if she asks about things answer her but keep it brief. It would do your wife more harm than good for you to force your memories on her, however unintentionally. Ms. Cahill needs to get her memories back at her own pace."

"Okay Dr. Blaine but what happens tomorrow when it's time for her to be released?  Because this is no way that I'll allow her to go anywhere but to our home. We have two young children who need their mother." Walker questioned Dr. Blaine who thought it over and answered "you may have a point there Mr. Walker. We'll tell your wife that she has a temporary memory loss and let her decide where to go."

They re-entered the room and Dr. Blaine asked Alex "Ms. Cahill what year is it?” 

"1991, why?”  Alex answered the doctor and before he could say anything Walker said to her "Alex, it's 2005."  Holding his hand up Dr. Blaine said to him "Mr. Walker, please remember what I told you in the hallway about your wife's condition."

            Now really puzzled Alex asked "what does the condition of Mr. Walker's wife have to do with me?”   Dr. Blaine answered "Ms. Cahill, you are Mr. Walker's wife."

A very shocked Alex then said "No way would I have married that stubborn know it all of a lone ranger, no way." Before thinking Walker bluntly told her "well you did, whether you like it or not."

            Dr. Blaine again intervened "Mr. Walker, if you upset my patient you will have to leave.”  Somewhat ashamed of his behavior Walker said "I'm sorry, I'm just concerned about Alex."

Looking at Alex Dr. Blaine asked her "Do you want Mr. Walker to leave?”  After looking at Walker for a minute she answered the doctor "no, if he's really my husband he should stay, I guess. Hopefully I'll get my memory back and understand why I married him although from what I've heard about him I can't imagine ever wanting to marry him to begin with." Dr. Blaine then left the room and Alex asked Walker "are we really husband and wife?”  Holding his hand up and showing her his wedding band Walker answered "yes." He then showed Alex her wedding band and engagement ring that were on her finger, then Walker pulled a chair close to the bed and said to her "I'll be here for you Alex, every step of the way. Whatever you need me to do I will, no matter what. You have my word on that. Now how about you trying to get some rest?”  After looking at him for awhile Alex turned on her side away from him and went to sleep.

Chapter Four

The next day after being cleared to leave the hospital a very reluctant Alex agreed to go home with Walker.  As they were approaching Walker's truck Alex asked him "how long have we been married?” 

            "Five years." Walker answered.

"Do we have any children?”  Alex questioned and Walker was again brief in his answer "two."  Stopping to look at him Alex said "look Mr. Walker, I know that this has to be hard on you but if you expect me to go home with you there are some things that we need to get out into the open.  After all, you are a stranger to me because of my memory loss."

"Okay Alex, what things should we get out into the open?”  Walker asked and Alex replied "for starters the names and ages of our children won't hurt."

"Alex, I'm sorry for the short answers but Dr. Blaine said not to volunteer information, to answer only what you ask me about and to keep the answers brief. As to the children; Angela's the oldest, she's four and as beautiful as her mother. Our son's name is Ray, he's not quite one and he's named after my uncle Ray who crossed the river years ago." Walker answered Alex leaving her deep in thought as they got into his truck and drove off.  When they got closer to the ranch Walker pulled the truck to the side of the road and said to her "we're almost there. Alex please don't let the children know that you don't remember them."

"Mr. Walker, I would never do that. I've always wanted children." Alex said. As Walker went to start the truck back up Alex grabbed his hand to stop him and asked him "Mr. Walker, where am I going to sleep at?  I don't feel right about sharing a bed with you when I don't remember you."

Walker assured her "you can sleep in the downstairs bedroom until you get your memory back. Please call me Walker, it's what you've always called me."

"We're married and I call you by your last night?”  Alex asked him in disbelief. Smiling he answered "yes, that's a long story but you also call me cowboy at times."

"For some reason that seems like something that I would call you." Alex said as Walker said to her "At first you called me a crazy cowboy but then you just called me cowboy, although there are times when you call me by my given name Cordell."

Not thinking Alex asked him "just when do I call you Cordell?”  Not quite meeting her eyes Walker answered "Alex, you uhm.. you call me Cordell at night."

Looking at Walker Alex realized that she called him Cordell when they were in bed together and said "Oh." Then thinking of something more serious Alex questioned her new found husband "Walker, you're not the sort of type to insist on your martial rights, are you?” 

            "What do you mean?”  Walker asked back and Alex replied "I mean that you won't insist on sex, will you?  Because I have no intention of sleeping with someone that I don't remember."

"Lady, I assure you that I will not insist on sex.  I'll just wait until you want to make love with me and you will because you have a problem with keeping your hands off of me." Walker answered Alex who was quiet the rest of the way home.

Chapter Five

They entered the house and were greeted by Josie Wells who smiled at Alex and said to her "Alex, I'm so glad that you're okay. The children slept okay last night although Ray cried a little. I told Angela that her Daddy took her Mommy to the doctor's office and was staying overnight with her. Now, I've got to go. Bye." She left and Walker explained to Alex "that was Josie Wells, she runs the Hope Center that you founded for you on a day to day basis. She's also a good friend. Now remember what I told you about the children, I don't want them hurt."

With her nerves a little on the edge because of her memory loss, which meant that she didn't even know what the Hope Center was Alex snapped at him "Mr. Walker, what did I tell you in the truck?”  Just then Angela came running into the room "Mommy and Daddy, you're home. Miss Josie said that Daddy took you to the doctor's. Mommy, are you okay?”  Picking her daughter up and kissing her on the cheek Alex answered "I'm fine honey." Getting down Angela then jumped into her father's arms saying to him "Daddy, I was good last night but Ray cried for Mommy." Putting Angela down Walker went and got Ray. Returning to the room he handed his son to Alex who took Ray and said "come here my baby. Mommy's here now." Smiling at his wife as she held their son Walker got a tear in his eye when Alex said to him "Mr. Walker, they are so beautiful."

Angela asked her mother "Mommy, are you mad at Daddy?”  Alex questioned Angela "No honey, why would you ask me that?” 

"Because you called Daddy Mr. Walker, you always call him Walker." Angela explained. Thinking quick Alex answered "No dear, I'm not mad at your Daddy. I was just teasing him by calling him Mr. Walker."

            "Okay Mommy,  I'm going to play with my dollies now. " Angela replied and went and played with her dolls. Clearing his throat Walker said to Alex "Here's the guest bedroom, I'll bring some of your stuff down for you later."

            "Okay, but what do we tell Angela if she asks why I'm sleeping down here?”  Alex questioned Walker who answered her by saying "we'll tell her that the doctor wants you to avoid the steps for awhile." Hugging Ray again and kissing her son on his head Alex said to Walker " I want to remember the children, they are so precious." 

            "You will." Walker assured Alex who asked "how can you know that when I don't even know it?” 

            "I know that because you are without a doubt the most stubborn woman that I have ever met. You are relentless when it comes to something that you truly want. That tenacity has made you a top prosecutor. That was why I fell in love with you, your stubbornness matched mine. You will remember our children Alex Cahill-Walker." Walker said with love and respect in his voice.

Alex mused aloud "two mule-headed stubborn people married to each other, that must be fun." Unable to stop himself Walker said "oh, it's been great fun being married to the most beautiful woman that I have ever known, her stubbornness is so attractive at times. If you know what I mean?”  

Ignoring his teasing tone Alex curtly replied "Walker, I'm quite sure that I don't know what you mean."

Chapter Six

They spent a fairly tense day together because Walker was getting on Alex's nerves big time. Every time she was anywhere near the children Walker was listening as though Alex would say or do something wrong any second. When the doorbell rang Alex was somewhat relieved hoping that whoever was at the door would take up Walker's attention so that she could be with the children without him hovering over her. Opening the door Walker found Trivette standing there and invited him in "hey Walker, I just came by to see how Alex was doing. Can I talk to her?” 

"Ask her yourself, she's standing right there." Walker answered Trivette who turned to Alex and said "Alex, how are you?”  Instead of answering him Alex looked at Walker and then at the door, getting the hint Walker took the children outside and Alex answered Trivette "okay, I guess considering that I apparently don't remember the last fourteen years of my life. I have two beautiful children but I also have that man for a husband. He is so egotistical, he thinks that I'm going to swoon at his feet any minute known because he's so..." Alex stopped talking realizing that she was complaining about Walker to someone who knew him. Smiling Trivette said "my name is James Trivette, I'm Walker's partner and I'm also a friend of yours."

            "Nice to meet you James Trivette, please don't tell Walker what I said about him, but he does have a big ego." Alex answered him.

"It's okay Alex, I wanted to kill Walker a time or two myself. So what do you remember?”   Trivette asked Alex who answered him "that I was preparing to handle my first case for the D.A.'s office, I was stepping in for someone else on short notice and everyone was taking great delight in telling me how Walker was so hard to present as a witness. This was the case where he supposedly stopped five men from beating a younger cop to death during a riot, Walker claims that he did it by himself."

            "I hate to break it to you but he did do that, it was my hide he saved that night and even after we became partners Walker never said anything about it. Alex, Walker is a very good Ranger, he's a little rough around the edges but that's what makes him so good. Although I will admit that he can be very annoying at times with his stubborn ways. About the only other person that I know that can be just as stubborn as Walker is you. Hang in there and don't strangle him without giving him a chance because I don't want to break in a new partner." Trivette said as Walker entered the house with the children. Getting ready to leave Trivette asked "Walker, will you be coming to work tomorrow?” 

            Alex answered "yes he will be."

Taking Angela's hand and heading to the steps Walker said "I'll let you know later." Then Walker went upstairs and put the children to bed. Returning back downstairs he found Alex in the living room waiting for him. "I don't need you to baby-sit me with my own children, I'm not going to hurt them you know." Seeing that he was unsure Alex pressed on "I'm hoping that by spending some time with them alone I'll start to remember them. If you're here I won't be sure if I'm remembering them or you're supplying the answers. I need to remember my babies."

"What about us?  Don't you want to remember me?”   Walker asked and then quickly said to his wife "I'm sorry Alex. The children are what's important here, not me."

"I hoping that if I remember the children it will lead to me remembering you. That I will understand why I married you. Walker, I do want to remember falling in love with you enough to marry you because right now I can't understand why we're married. You are so stubborn and mule-headed about everything." Alex told her husband who smiled and said to her "you've called me that before and like I all ready told you, you are just as stubborn and mule-headed as I am, so there."

            "Does this mean that you'll go to work tomorrow?”  Alex asked Walker who replied "yes Alex, you win like always. I'll go to work tomorrow. But I want you to promise me that if for any reason you need me to come home, you'll call me." Alex nodded okay and went into the guest bedroom while Walker went upstairs.

Chapter Seven

That afternoon when Ray was taking his afternoon nap Angela asked "Mommy, don't you have to go to work today?”  Alex answered her daughter "not today sweetheart.  Say Angela how about you help me make turkey meatloaf for dinner?”  An excited Angela said "can I Mommy, that's Daddy's favorite." So they made the meatloaf together and put it into the oven to cook.

Answering the ringing phone Alex was asked a question about a current case by a colleague who was unaware of her memory loss, Alex was stunned when she realized that she had known the answer. Alex assured her colleague that she would be in to work tomorrow to help him on the case and ended the conversation. After hanging the phone up Alex thought about the fact that she remembered her current cases but not her personal life. She then decided that she was going back to work tomorrow whether Walker liked it or not. Alex then called Dr. Blaine and explained what had just happened and asked if her going back to work would be a problem. Dr. Blaine said that he didn't think so but that he wanted to see Alex first thing in the morning before he would give his okay. Alex also decided to wait until after they had eaten to tell Walker that she was going back to work tomorrow, but she didn't have to wait until after they had eaten dinner because he didn't come home in time to eat so Alex made a plate and put it in the fridge for Walker.

It became apparent that Walker wasn't going to be home in time to put the children to bed so Alex did that. After they were asleep Alex went by the master bedroom and after looking in the door went into it. Going over to a nightstand Alex picked up what was obviously a wedding picture but she couldn't figure out why her father was in it. Just then Walker entered the bedroom and thinking that Alex's memory had returned said "thank God." Walker pulled her into a kiss, when he realized that she wasn't kissing him back Walker released Alex and asked her "what are you doing in here?” 

            "I just put the children to bed and I was curious. What was my father doing at our wedding?  I haven't talked with him in years." Walker explained that Alex's father Gordon Cahill had gotten help for his drinking problem and that he and Alex had grown closer as a result of Gordon being in A.A.  After listening to the explanation Alex informed her husband "I made turkey meatloaf for dinner, there's a plate in the fridge for you. By the way I'm returning to work tomorrow." As expected he objected "how can you?  You don't remember the last fourteen years of your life."

"A colleague called me today and I remembered the case he was asking about, as a matter of fact I remember all of my cases. I just don't remember you or the children, I'm sorry about that because I know that I love Angela and Ray. Walker if I remember my cases it has to be just a matter of time until I remember my family." Alex said to Walker who told her "Alex, please ask the doctor first."

            "I already called him and Dr. Blaine said that he didn't see why I couldn't return to work but that I should stop by his office first thing in the morning, okay?”   Alex said to Walker who knowing that he had all ready lost the fight replied "okay." Alex then left the bedroom as Walker stood there hoping that his wife would begin to remember at least the children because Dr. Blaine had warned Walker at the hospital that there was a possibility, however slight that Alex might not remember everything. That there was a chance of permanent gaps in her memory. If Alex only remembered the children Walker decided that he could deal with it, after all he had gotten Alex to fall in love with him before and Walker was sure that he could do it again.

Chapter Eight

Alex did indeed return to work without any problems. What she tried to hide from Walker was that she was having nightmares each and every night for the past week. One night as Walker was getting a glass of water from the kitchen he heard Alex cry out in her sleep. Entering the guest bedroom Walker saw that she was thrashing around on the bed and crying out "help me please, somebody please. "  Walker took Alex into his arms and said to her "I've got you Alex, everything's okay."

            Waking up Alex removed herself from his arms and said "I'm okay, you can go back to doing whatever you were doing."  Shaking his head no Walker insisted "tell me what you were dreaming about, maybe I can make sense of it for you."

Looking into his eyes Alex decided to trust him and told Walker "A man is raping me and I can't stop him because I'm tied to a bed. When he finishes assaulting me he says that he's going to beat me to death when he comes back. I cry out for help but no one comes to help me. How can you possibly make sense out of that for me?” 

Paling Walker answered "oh God, Alex you've remembered what that animal did to you." Getting upset Alex questioned him "I was raped?  Where were you when it happened?  Did you rescue me?” 

"No, I didn't rescue you, Sydney Cooke did. She's a Texas Ranger and a friend of ours. I was out of town helping someone else. Alex, I'm so sorry that I wasn't there for you when you needed me." Walker answered his wife.

"So in my other nightmares, in one I'm shot, in a couple of others I'm strapped to bombs. Not to mention the ones with a madman by the name of LaRue in them, they really happened?”   Alex asked hoping that he would say no.  Walker said to her "yes those things happened, I'm sorry to say."  Hurriedly getting out of bed Alex began to pace the room as other disturbing memories began to come back. Going to her Walker attempted to lead her back to the bed when Alex stopped and glaring at Walker asked him "I was raped, is Ray's yours?” 

"Yes, he's mine but we didn't find that out for sure until several months after he was born." Walker answered Alex who then said to him "you named my son after your uncle without knowing whether or not you had fathered him, I find that hard to believe."

            "Well I did, Alex you are my wife. I realized that your son was my son no matter how he came into being. Please Alex Dr. Blaine told me not to force my memories on you, to let you remember on your own. Why don't you get back into bed and try to get some more sleep?  I'll make you some tea to calm you down." Walker said as he led her to the bed and seated her. As he was leaving the room Walker heard Alex mutter to herself "why am I still married to that man?  All those times that I've been hurt or threatened. It had better be because I love him because otherwise I'm just plain crazy." Walker came back into the room and told Alex "you're not crazy, you're in love with me. It will always be because of love Alex." Then he pulled her into a smoldering kiss which Alex responded to before shoving him away. Smiling Walker then left the room as Alex said to herself "God Cahill, you picked a man who can really kiss."

Walker brought the tea into Alex who took it and after drinking it said to him "Thank you for the tea Walker, now goodnight. I promise no more nightmares." Walker teasingly said "well if you have anymore I'll just have to take you mind off of them by kissing you again."

Firmly pointing to the door she answered "good night Walker, we'll kiss again when I remember when you told me that you loved me for the first time. Not until then." Walker left the room feeling a lot better about things while Alex was still a little unsure about things.

Chapter Nine

The next evening after dinner was over Alex was in the kitchen cleaning up when she began to get more memories back.  Hurrying into the living room Alex asked Walker "do you remember Dr. Mike?  I do. I remember her delivering Ray for us at her homestead and the help that Dr. Mike and Sully gave us concerning Ray. The emergency operation that I had to have when Angela was born. I remember those madmen and their terrible vengeance. The shooting of Betsy and her husband but you stayed by my side until you were sure that Angela and I were okay and then you went and got them." Getting up from the couch and pulling her into a hug Walker answered his wife "that's good Alex, now you'll start remembering everything I'm sure of it."

Just then the doorbell rang and Alex said "I'll get it. You watch the children." Going into the hallway Alex answered the door and Merilee Summers was standing there. The sight of her triggered Alex into remembering her miscarriage where she lost the twins. Merilee asked Alex "Is Walker here?  I need his help." Walker came into the hallway then and asked "who's here?” 

Really upset and lashing out at Walker without thinking because of the pain that she was in Alex said to her husband "Merilee Summers, your girlfriend. You know the one that I found you with in the shower right before I fell down the steps and lost my babies." Alex then headed to the door but Walker grabbed her arm and said to Merilee "I told you never to come here again, now leave."

"Walker, I really need your help this time, I'm not trying to get you. You've made it clear that you would never leave her."  Merilee answered Walker as Alex removed her arm from Walker's grip and said to him "I'm going for a ride on Angel and your Miss Summers had better be gone when I get back." Alex paused at the door and glaring at Merilee said to her in a no nonsense tone of voice "if you are still here when I get back I will personally wipe the floor with you. Walker is the father of my children and I will never let you or anyone else have him ever, got that?”  Alex then left the house.  Walker held the door open and said to Merilee "if you have a problem go to the police, I can't help you. I'm a happily married man and there's the door, leave." Merilee left. Within a minute the doorbell rang again and Walker ripped open the door saying "look I already told you that I was a happily married man." Trivette who was standing there said to him "so am I.  So what's up Walker?  Where's Alex?”

"She had just remembered Angela's and Rays births when Merilee showed up and Alex left to take a ride on Angel but not before threatening to wipe the floor with Merilee if she was still here when Alex returned." Walker explained to Trivette who said to his friend "that's great news Walker."

In a tone of disbelief Walker questioned "my wife threatening to wipe the floor with someone is great news?  Trivette, are you nuts?” 

"Just think about it Walker. Alex threatened to do what she really wanted to do those other times, fight for her man." A smiling Trivette answered Walker who asked him "can't you be serious?” 

              "Walker, I am being serious. Walker if your wife who doesn't remember you wants to fight to keep you it means that deep down inside Alex does remember you. Now all you have to do is to help her remember certain things and I think that you can figure out what those certain things are." Trivette said as he began grinning at Walker who went to the door and held it open and said "goodnight Trivette, I don't need advice on my marriage." Trivette headed out the door but yelled back over his shoulder "hey Walker just turn on the charm, that's how you got Alex to marry you in the first place."

Walker yelled back "keep it up Trivette and Erica is going to become a widow."

Chapter Ten

Walker waited up for several hours hoping that Alex would come back home. Walker had thought about following her but he didn't for two reasons. One, Walker didn't have anyone to watch Angela and Ray and two Walker knew that as upset as Alex was with Merilee showing up at their house it was probably better to let her cool off some. Walker went up to his bedroom and read for awhile. He then turned his lamp off and right after Walker did that Alex entered the bedroom and without a word to her husband got into her side of the bed. Unsure of why Alex was in bed with him Walker mumbled "goodnight." He then rolled onto his side away from Alex who also rolled onto her side away from him. They both fell into a troubled sleep.

Later on that night Walker was having a very erotic dream of Alex trying to have her way with him. Waking up he realized that his wife was indeed trying to have her way with him by running her hands all over his chest and a little lower at times. Walker grabbed Alex's hands to stop her and said "Alex, you don't have to do this. I won't stray from you ever, I will never betray our wedding vows. Honey, I can and I will wait until you remember your love for me." Sitting up in the bed Alex turned on her lamp and smiled when Walker's eyes almost fell out of his head when he got a good look at what she was wearing.   Alex said "let's see, Alex's love for Walker. I think that it started that first day in the courtroom when you were a witness for me or maybe it was on that white water rafting trip that I took you on.  Although that was probably pure lust on my part because you are really built."

Getting flustered Walker said "Alex!"

"No, I really think that it started when you threw that surprise birthday party for me, you know the one where I answered the door with cold cream on my face. The look on your face when I answered the door that evening was priceless, that was when I admitted to myself that I loved you. The next morning after you left was when I wrote to Dalton and told him that you and only you were the one that I loved and that it would be that way for the rest of my life. That birthday present that you gave me after Trivette and C.D. left was incredible." Alex told her husband who pulled her close and went to kiss her. Walker was surprised when Alex placed a finger on his lips and told him "No cowboy, no kissing until I tell you when you told me that you loved me for the first time."

Walker answered "Alex, It was when I was blind."

"On no my darling, you told me that you loved me for the first time when I was in that coma after Storm shot me. I could hear you telling me not to leave you then you placed your head next to mine and whispered in my ear that you loved me." Alex said to Walker with tears of joy in her eyes.

"You heard me?  I didn't think that you had because you never said anything about it to me." Walker questioned his wife who replied "Yes, you telling me that you loved me was what brought me back. I had just about given up on life because of the bright light that was drawing me upwards but when you told me that I knew that I to come back to you. I knew that I wanted a life with you and I also knew at that moment that you had loved me for quite sometime. I love you Cordell Walker."

Pulling Alex even closer Walker said "well since I'm better with actions than words, I'm going to show you how I feel about you." They made love and went to sleep in each other's arms.

Chapter Eleven

The next morning when Walker awoke he rolled over in bed expecting to find Alex there, she wasn't. Lifting up the covers Walker saw that he was dressed in the shorts and t-shirt that he had worn to bed. Now thinking that last night had been nothing more than wishful dreaming on his part Walker groaned and laid back down. Walker had had some dreams of that nature about Alex before they had became lovers but hadn't had any since then for obvious reasons. Finally getting up from the bed Walker took his shower, got dressed for the day and headed downstairs to find that Alex and the children were already gone so he went to work where Trivette teased him "so Walker did you charm your wife into remembering you again?” 

Walker all but growled at him "that's enough Trivette." Quickly getting the idea Trivette changed the subject by telling Walker "Captain Peterson said that he wanted to see you as soon as you got in." Walker went to see Captain Peterson and Merilee was in the Captain's office. Peterson asked him "I believe that you know Miss Summers?” 

Walker answered "Yes."

"Miss Summers needs the Texas Rangers to protect her while she's in town for the next three days. Miss Summers has requested that you personally protect her." Peterson explained to Walker who objected "might I remind the Captain that I have two small children at home and that there are other Rangers available for such an assignment?” 

"I know that Walker but you also have a wife at home who can see to your children. Walker, Miss Summer's safety is important to the Governor and he wants you to protect her, so for the next three days you will be her bodyguard like it or not." Peterson told Walker who nodded and left the captain's office.

             Meanwhile back at Ranger headquarters Alex entered looking for Walker and when she didn't see her husband Alex asked Trivette "Jimmy since my husband isn't here can you see that he gets this?”  Alex then handed Trivette a small wrapped package which he put on Walker's desk. Walker entered Ranger headquarters and seeing the package on his desk swept it into the garbage with his hand. Trivette asked "hey Walker, what is with you?” 

"I've been assigned to personally protect Miss Summers who is claiming yet again that someone is stalking her." Walker answered as Alex entered the office and seeing her gift in the trash asked her husband "why did you throw my present in the garbage without opening it?”   Taking it back out of the trash Walker asked her "can we go to your office?”  Alex agreed and they went to her office where Walker placed the present on Alex's desk and took a seat while trying to figure how to tell her about his assignment, finally he just said "Captain Peterson has assigned me to personally protect Merilee for the next three days. She claims that someone is stalking her yet again." Alex held out her present to Walker and said "before you open this I want to tell you how sorry I am about the way that I jumped on you last night.  I know that the miscarriage wasn't your fault and that you were hurt by it as much as I was, it's just that when I saw her standing there those memories came back so powerfully and because of how much they hurt I lashed out at you and I shouldn't have. I'm sorry."

Walker gave Alex a quick hug and assured his wife "It's okay Alex, I know how painful that was for you."

"I love you too cowboy, now open my present." Alex said as he unwrapped the present to find a small stuffed eagle with a note attached to a string around it's neck. Taking the note Walker read it aloud "cowboy, thank you for hanging in there with me until I remembered you, but most of all thank you for making my dreams come true last night." Walker put the note in his shirt pocket as he realized that last night hadn't been wishful dreaming on his part. Walker then hugged Alex again as he said to her "you did a pretty good job at making my dreams come true last night too."

"I don't know about that you didn't seem too happy last night when I made you put your clothes back on after we were done in case one of the children came in.” Alex said to him and he replied "yeah well you know that I don't like anything between us but with kids I go along with it, besides you're more than worth getting redressed for." Still in his arms Alex changed the subject and assured him "my husband, I'll be okay with you doing your job and protecting her because you are the truest man that I have ever met. However you might want to take Sydney along, she can go where you can't."

"I was thinking that about Sydney too. Mrs. Walker, you are something else." Walker answered as Merilee walked right in without knocking. Still lingering in her husband's arms Alex said to no one in particular "I'm so glad that you insisted that I know how to fire a gun, it can come in handy at times." Then Alex looked at Merilee who paled. Alex then pulled Walker closer and after kissing him said "call me later, okay?” 

"I will Mrs. Walker, I promise."  Walker answered and left Alex's office followed by Merilee.

Chapter Twelve

Three days later Merilee was preparing to leave town when Walker spotted a roadie coming out of Marilee’s trailer and told him to stop. Instead of stopping the man pulled a gun and shot Walker who fell to the ground as Sydney quickly subdued the man who had just shot Walker. After he was handcuffed Sydney checked on Walker, noticing that Walker was bleeding profusely from his head Sydney called for an ambulance. When Merilee said that she wanted to ride in the ambulance with Walker, Sydney said that she was and got into the ambulance and closed the door on Merilee. Walker was rushed to the hospital where Sydney called up Alex and told her that Walker had been shot.

Alex came hurrying down the hospital corridor with her children, spotting Sydney and Trivette there Alex asked "how is he?”  Taking the children Trivette moved away while Sydney answered Alex "he was shot in the head. The doctor hasn't come out and told us anything yet." When Alex paled Sydney assured her "Alex, you more than anyone else knows how tough Walker is. That man has a lot to live for."

"I know Sydney but he's my life. More than I ever thought was possible." Alex was answering as the doctor came out and asked "Mrs. Walker?”  After Alex nodded yes he said to her "The bullet didn't penetrate his skull. There was no major damage done but he does have a mild concussion. I want him to stay overnight for observation but your husband is refusing to. See if you can talk some sense into him." Alex answered the doctor. "My husband is pretty stubborn when it comes to hospitals. I'll try but I doubt if he stays overnight."

Alex went into the room Walker was in and after hugging her husband said "the doctor wants you to spend the night here."

            "I'm fine Alex. Get me my clothes, I'm leaving." Walker told Alex who sighed and said as she handed him his clothes "I figured that. However just so you know, I'm driving." Merilee entered the room and asked him "Walker, are you okay?”  Giving his hand a squeeze Alex said "I'll go get the paperwork started for your release. When you're ready to go I'll be waiting in the hallway." Alex then left the room.

            Merilee then wistfully said "you really love that woman, don't you?  It's always been her, hasn't it?”  When Walker didn't say anything Merilee added "when you were shot the only words that you said were 'Alex, I love you.' I know now that you never cared for me the way you care for her and you never will, goodbye Ranger Walker."

Walker got dressed and met his family in the hallway. Taking Ray from Alex he said to them "let's go home." Noticing the bandage on her father's head Angela said "Daddy, you have a boo-boo." Smiling Walker answered "that's okay honey, you mommy will kiss it all better later."

"You've got that right cowboy." Alex answered as they headed down the corridor where they ran into Trivette who asked "Walker, where are you going?”  Walker replied "home Trivette."

"At least take tomorrow off." Trivette requested and Alex firmly stated "he most certainly will. Walker will be back at work Monday, not before then." Angela then piped up to say "Mommy is going to kiss Daddy's boo-boo and make it all better later."

Trying hard not to laugh Trivette said "well, Walker I see that my advice about your marriage worked." Then getting serious Trivette asked  his friend "by the way Walker, did you know that Peterson's retiring?”  

"Yes, I did Trivette." Walker answered and then left the hospital with his family.  After they got home Walker said to Alex "as you know from what Trivette said Captain Peterson is retiring in a couple of weeks."

"Do you know who his replacement is going to be?”  Alex asked her husband who said to her "how does Captain Walker sound?” 

"It sounds great but you don't have to take it because of me. If you want to keep on doing things the way you have been it's okay with me. I know how much you like the field work." Alex answered Walker who then told her "Alex, I'm taking the job, I'll just do more fieldwork than Peterson did."

"Okay, maybe later we can celebrate your promotion." Alex said.

Chapter Thirteen

As they were getting ready for bed Alex asked Walker "what advice did Trivette give you concerning our marriage?”  When her husband didn't answer her Alex pressed him on it "come on Walker, don't be mean. I've never known Trivette to give you good advice, so what did he say?” 

Walker turned down the covers on his side of the bed and said to Alex "will you just drop it." Alex got mad and snapped off her bedside lamp. Knowing that he had just made her mad Walker left the bedroom and went downstairs. Alex followed him down and finding Walker in the living room said "Walker, I'll drop it okay?  Come on let's go back to bed." They went back upstairs where they got into bed and as Alex snuggled into his arms Walker said "it was silly, really."

            "What was silly?”  Alex asked Walker who replied "Trivette's advice, you know the night Merilee showed up at the ranch and you went for a ride on Angel after threatening to wipe the floor with Merilee?”  After Alex nodded yes Walker added "Trivette showed up right after I had gotten rid of her and when I told him what had happened he said that was great news and that all I had to do was to help you remember certain things."

"What certain things?”  Alex asked.

"Alex, I'm pretty sure that you know what I'm talking about. Trivette said for me to turn on my charm because according to him that was how I got you in the first place. I threatened to make Erica a widow then." Walker explained to his wife who told him "Walker, I don't think that you know just how charming and irresistible you can be. You do unbelievable things and then act like it's nothing, that is so attractive in a man. There are a lot of women who would give anything to spend a night in your arms."

Walker asked not believing her "Alex, can't you be serious?” 

"Walker, I am being serious. You have a charm about you whether or not you realize it. You are a very honorable, decent man. Not to mention the sexiest man that I have ever met. Honey why do you think that I waited those two years to marry you after you asked me?  I waited until you were ready to be married because you are a man worth having in every sense of the word." Alex told her husband as she began running her hands over his chest. When Alex tried to kiss him Walker grabbed her hands to stop her and said in a teasing manner "On no, no kissing until you tell me when you told me that you loved me for the first time and meant it."

"Okay cowboy, it was after Jimmy and C.D. left my surprise birthday party and you gave me your 'present'." Alex answered Walker who said to her "No, it wasn't. It was when that reckless driver put me in a coma and you stayed by my side the entire time. I heard you whisper to me that you loved me and I knew that you meant it."

            "You're right, now can we please get to the kissing?”  Alex questioned him. Smiling Walker asked "just the kissing, or are you planning on having your way with me again tonight?”   Moving over him Alex began to remove his shirt while saying "having my way with you sounds like a very good idea." Removing Alex's nightgown Walker said to her "Alex, how about you have your way with me while I celebrate my promotion to Captain with you?  How does that sound?” 

            "You get some really good ideas Cordell." Alex said and they made love.

       I don't own Walker Texas Ranger, other entities do. Neither I or this story is meant to infringe on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a very good show.