This grew out of an idea that Barb suggested to me awhile back.

Merilee and Dalton

By Katie 59

Chapter One

Alex sat there watching Merilee sing to Walker for as long as she could then she quietly got up and left C.D.'s. When she entered her apartment Alex said to herself  'Well tonight made it obvious that Walker will never consider me anything than a co-worker.'

A little while the doorbell rang and Alex answered it to find Trivette standing there, he asked her "Alex, why did you leave C.D.'s without telling us?" Alex replied "I was getting a headache so I came home, I didn't know that I had to tell you before I left."

"Alex, what's the matter? It's not like you to talk to me like that." A concerned Trivette questioned Alex who told him "Her singing was getting on my nerves."

"Her singing was getting on your nerves?  Come on Alex what is really the matter with you? Are you jealous or something?" Trivette asked and Alex nodded yes while trying to fight back her tears. Trivette pulled her into a hug and said, "I'm sorry Alex, I didn't know that you have feelings for Walker. Why don't you tell him that you care for him? Maybe he cares for you too."

"Trivette, the fact that Walker is sleeping with Miss Summers has been made painfully obvious to me tonight. There is no way that I'm going to tell Walker that I care for him when he's involved with someone else. It would be a waste of my time because he will never feel the same way about me." Alex answered Trivette who then said, "Alex, it's just a fling, Walker doesn't love her or anything like that."

"Trivette I know that you are trying to be helpful but I think that it's time for me to face the truth about Walker and move on with my life. Goodnight Jimmy." Alex told him as she tried to get him to leave. Resisting her Trivette questioned, "Exactly how are you going to move on with your life?"

"I think that it's time I started dating again instead of waiting around for Walker to notice me because he's not going to with Merilee around." Alex said to Trivette.

"She's not going to be in town long, she'll be touring soon and when Merilee's gone you can get Walker to notice you." Trivette suggested and Alex snapped at him "I will not chase after a man who has made it clear that he will never want me the way I want him. Goodnight Trivette." After Trivette left Alex called Dalton Reed "Dalton, its Cahill, if you're still interested in that date I'm free Saturday."

Chapter Two

Back at C.D.'s after Merilee was done singing her and Walker were sitting at a table she asked him "Walker, why don't you come on tour with me? You can take over my security."

Walker smiled and answered, "I have a job." Merilee tried again "It can be a good paying job and we can spend more time together. If I become a big star it will pay more than being a Texas Ranger ever could. We could have whatever we wanted together then."

Walker answered, "I like being a Texas Ranger." Understanding that she was pushing it Merilee said "Okay, you don't want to quit the Rangers, just promise me that you'll think about it because I think that we really have something going for us."

Walker just smiled and didn't say anything so Merilee then asked him "Walker when I get back to Dallas can I look you up again?"

"Sure." Walker answered and Merilee teased him "You won't have a girlfriend by then, you know like Cahill?"

Walker said "Alex and I are just friends, nothing more. So when can I expect to see you again?" Merilee replied "My tour last about six months after that I'll come back to Dallas for about a week until I go to California to record some new songs. I'll see you in six months, unless you meet me at a couple of my tour stops?" Walker got up kissed her on the cheek and said, "I'll let you know when I can meet you."

Chapter Three

Alex and Dalton had started dating but Dalton was putting heavy pressure on Alex to sleep with him, one night Dalton asked her "Cahill, why won't you sleep with me? Is it because of this Walker that you're always talking about? Are you interested in him sexually?"

Alex replied, "Walker's involved with someone and not I'm not interested in him that way, he's a friend nothing more. As for sleeping with you I don't like to be rushed into things." Dalton tried again as he pulled her close "Come on Cahill, I'm good at it."

"Do you have a condom on you? Because I don't." Alex questioned him but Dalton answered her "No but we can have sex anyway, aren't you on the pill?"

"No, I'm not. Dalton if you want to be with me you'll have to use a condom because I don't want to risk an unplanned pregnancy. Dalton I don't think either one of us is ready to be a parent. I mean you'll be off on the circuit again and I have a career that I'm not planning on giving up for anyone. So to put it bluntly, no condom no sex." Alex told Dalton who replied "Okay Friday is my last night in town, if I have condoms on me then will you have sex with me?"

"Yes since you're going back to the circuit." Alex said to him and that's what happened. Dalton made sure that he had some condoms with him and Alex slept with him. After they were done Dalton got up and got dressed. As he was doing that Alex asked him "You're leaving? I thought that you would at least spend the night with me."

"I have to pack my truck Cahill. Can I look you up the next time I'm in town?" Dalton asked Alex who said "I don't know, maybe I'll be involved with someone then."

Dalton joked "Who, Walker? Cahill he's never going to be interested in you. I'm the best that you can do." He then left as Alex lay there feeling as though she had just let a man use her.

The next morning while looking at herself in the mirror Alex vowed  'You, Alexandra Cahill are never going to sleep with a man again just because he wants you to, you deserve better than that.'

Chapter Four

Walker had just pulled Alex from the half-smashed van and she had fallen into his arms saying how scared she had been because of what LaRue had tried to do. After patting her on the shoulder Walker offered, "How about I take you home, you look like you've had better days?"

"You don't mind? Don't you have a date or something?" Alex questioned Walker who answered "Merilee went straight to California to record new songs after her tour instead of stopping off in Dallas."

"Okay since you have nothing better to do I guess you can drive me home." Alex told Walker who drove her home. After they were in her apartment Alex made them some coffee to drink. As they were drinking the coffee Walker asked her "What about you? Are you dating someone? What about that rodeo rider?"

"Dalton's back on the circuit and no I'm not dating anyone else." Alex answered Walker who told her "Why not? You shouldn't sit around waiting for Dalton to get back from riding the circuit. You deserve better than a part-time boyfriend."

Alex said "Okay Walker, that's enough." Puzzled Walker asked her "What do you mean that's enough?"

"I mean you stay out of my love life and I'll stay out of yours. Remember we're just friends nothing more. Your relationship with Miss Summers is your business just like whatever relationship that I choose to have with Dalton is my business." Alex informed him.

Walker got up and said "You sound like you're jealous that I'll be with Merilee when she comes back to town." Alex turned it around on Walker by telling him "You were just telling me that I deserved more than a part-time boyfriend and you put up with a part-time girlfriend. Perhaps it's time that you started following your own advice before you try telling other people how to live their lives.  Good night Walker." Alex showed him the door.

More time passed; As far as Alex knew Walker hadn't heard from Merilee again and Alex herself hadn't heard from Dalton. After Walker was wounded during a bust C.D. told Alex how restless Walker was becoming while on medical leave so Alex took it upon herself to shanghai him into a white-water rafting trip. The first night they set their sleeping bags away from the others and after Alex told Walker to 'get back over here and finish what you started.' they made love for the first time.

When they came back from the trip an elated Alex went to Ranger headquarters looking for Walker but Trivette told her that Walker had left town. When he returned Alex tried several times to get him to come over to her place but Walker never returned any of her phone calls and a devastated Alex decided that Walker had just used her that night like Dalton had done the time they had had sex.

Awhile later the Demarco case heated up and Alex and Walker went to where Dalton was at to protect him. Early one morning when she was unable to sleep because of her fear for both Walker's and Dalton's safety Alex went to Dalton's trailer.

After letting her in Dalton pulled her into his arms as he said "I have some condoms on me." Removing herself from his arms Alex said, "I didn't come here to sleep with you. I came here to get you to accept Walker's protection before someone gets hurt."

"Who are you really worried about Cahill, Walker or me?" Dalton questioned Alex who answered, "I'm worried about the both of you." Dalton shook his head and said, "Why can't you admit that it's only Walker you're really concerned about?"

"I'm worried about Walker like I would any friend, just like I'm worried about you." Alex told Dalton and then left his trailer where she ran into Walker who told her that he could tell that Dalton loved her, that he could see it in Dalton's eyes. Alex stood there hurting worse than she could ever remember hurting because Walker didn't say anything about caring for her himself. Alex knew then that she would never love anyone the way she loved Walker.

            After Dalton asked her to give him a year to finish the circuit he added "That is if Walker doesn't come to his senses before then, if he does write me and I'll understand Cahill. I want you but I'm not sure that you want me more than you want him."

Chapter Five

After they returned to town following the Demarco case Alex had a doctor's appointment because she had been feeling queasy lately. After a routine examination Dr Stine asked when her last period was and Alex said that she thought it had been awhile but couldn't really remember so the doctor did a pregnancy test also.

Alex was in her office when Dr Stine called her and told her "Well Miss Cahill, you're pregnant. I can give you the names of several OBGYN's." Stunned Alex said, "That's okay Dr. Stine, I can see Dr. Bates who's in your building."

Dr. Stine then asked her "Don't you want to know how far along you are?" Alex replied "I know how far along I am."

Alex went to Ranger headquarters where she tried to get Walker to talk to her "Walker, I have to talk to you, can you come to my apartment tonight?"

Walker brushed her off "I'm busy Alex and I don't think that we have anything to talk about." Then he started to leave the office when Alex grabbed his arm and "Walker please, it's really important."

Walker removed her hand and left the office. Alex returned to her office, made an appointment with Dr. Bates to see her about the baby and then drove out to Walker's ranch.

When she got there Walker was coming out of his house and Alex tried again as he went to get into his truck. "Walker we need to talk, just give me a minute. I wouldn't bother you but this is very important." Walker told her "Nothing is more important to me than going to the reservation. You go and have a nice life with Dalton." Walker got into his truck and drove away so Alex decided to wait until Walker returned from the reservation.

When she found out that he had returned Alex began to leave messages for him to call her but Walker never did. One day Alex spotted him on the courthouse steps talking with Trivette so she grabbed Walker's arm and said "Walker, we have to talk."

Shaking her arm off Walker answered "No we don't, I have a date with Merilee." Then he walked away as Alex began to get dizzy. Noticing this Trivette sat her down on the steps and asked her "Alex, do you want me to take you to the hospital?"  Feeling a pain in her side a scared Alex nodded yes.

Chapter Six

At the hospital the doctor after running some tests told Alex that she wasn't having a miscarriage, that she was just having some indigestion. But to be on the safe side Alex should see Dr. Bates as soon as she could. As the doctor was telling her that Trivette came into the cubicle and the doctor assuming that he was the father said to him "Take her home and make sure that she makes an appointment to see her baby doctor tomorrow to be on the safe side. You don't want her to lose the baby, do you?"

A shocked Trivette could only say "I will."

When they were in the hallway Trivette asked Alex "Are you going to get a hold of Dalton and tell him that he's going to be a dad?"

Alex replied, "No because he's not the father, Walker is."

Stunned Trivette then questioned her "Well when are you going to tell Walker about the baby?" Alex answered, "Maybe I shouldn't tell him at all. I can raise this baby by myself."

Trivette protested "Alex you have to tell him sometime, if you don't I will." Alex snapped at him "I have been trying to tell Walker about the baby but in case you haven't noticed he's not interested in anything that I have to say to him."

After pausing for a minute Alex added "Trivette, I will tell Walker about the baby. Promise me that you won't say anything to him. I need some time to get him to talk to me."

"I'll give you a week to tell Walker, if you haven't by then I will. Alex you know that Walker will make a great father." Trivette told Alex who said "I know that Walker will be a great father but I don't want him to hate me for forcing him into becoming one."

Realizing that Alex was really in love with Walker Trivette softened his tone and asked her "How about I get Walker to come to your apartment tonight and then you can tell him?"

"How are you going to do that when he's on a date with Miss Summers?" Alex questioned Trivette who assured her "Just leave it to me Alex."

Somehow Trivette managed to get Walker to Alex's apartment and after finding out that there wasn't an emergency Walker started to leave so Alex blurted out "I'm pregnant Walker."

"What does Dalton becoming a father have to do with me?" Walker asked Alex who told him "You're the father."

"How do I know that it's not his and that you're not trying to trick me into marriage because he won't own up to being the father?" Walker questioned Alex who got mad at and said, "Listen you mule-headed stubborn jerk. I made love with you on that rafting trip, or least I thought we were making love but it was just meaningless sex to you, wasn't it? I didn't sleep with Dalton during the DeMarco case, that makes you the father, not Dalton. I have no desire to have you for a husband any more than you want to be my husband but you are the baby's father. Whether or not you chose to become a real father to my baby, I don't really care about because I can raise my baby without your help. Now get out."

"I want a paternity test taken to know if I'm the father and if I am you will marry me because my child will have my name." Walker stated and started to leave when Alex fainted.

Chapter Seven

Alex came to on the couch as Walker was on the phone talking to someone "Merilee, I won't be able to return to C.D.'s tonight. You go ahead back to your hotel and I'll explain things tomorrow." Hanging up the phone he noticed that Alex had come around and he asked her "Should I call your doctor for you?"

"No, I'll just go to bed. Please leave." Alex replied as she started to get up from the couch but Walker stopped her by questioning, "Alex, am I the baby's father?  I saw you coming out of Dalton's camper that morning and you say that didn't sleep with him then? How can I believe you about the baby?"

"Walker, I don't lie to you, I never have and I'm not about to start lying to you. Yes you are the baby's father and no I didn't sleep with Dalton that morning. I went to his trailer trying to talk him into accepting your protection before either one of you got hurt. Walker, I'm sorry about this but you have to believe that it wasn't in my plans to get pregnant. When I took you on that white-water rafting trip I was just trying to keep you from going stir-crazy. I wasn't planning on sleeping with you then because if I had been I would have had condoms with me because I don't sleep with anyone without them." Alex explained to Walker who after looking away for a minute told her "Pack a bag, we're going to Vegas."

"For what?" A puzzled Alex asked him and Walker answered, "To get married."

"But I thought that you wanted a paternity test taken first?" Alex questioned him. "You've always been honest with me and I don't think that you would start lying to me now. That means that the baby is mine and it will have my name. Now come on, pack a bag." Walker told Alex who went to her bedroom and did that.

The next morning they were in C.D.'s eating breakfast when Merilee came in and spotting Walker gave him a big kiss then said "Honey I'll be in town for awhile how about we go back to the ranch and make love?"

Alex got up from the table and said, "Excuse me." Then headed to the ladies room while Walker told Merilee. "We can't do that."

"Why not?" Merilee questioned Walker as she started running her hands all over his chest. Removing her hands Walker told her "Because Alex and I got married last night."

"You married Alex last night? Come on Cordell there's no way you would have married Cahill, not when you want me the way that you do." Merilee said to Walker who answered, "Whether or not I want you doesn't matter. What matters is that I married Alex because she's carrying my child."

A furious Merilee said, "I knew that tramp wanted you. Walker the baby isn't yours; it's that Dalton she's been seeing. Don't let her get away this by falling for her lies, It's bad enough that you married her but you don't have to stay married to Cahill, you should get a divorce from her. Then we can be together again."

"The baby is mine, Alex doesn't lie to me. We got married to give the baby a name, after the baby is here we will stay married to give the baby a proper home." Walker told Merilee who tried again by asking, "We can still see each other, can't we? I mean the marriage is going to be in name only, right? Cahill can just stay at her place when we want to be together."

Alex came back from the ladies room to hear what Merilee said and waited for Walker's response also "Merilee, I am a married man and we will not be seeing each other anymore. Alex will be moving into the ranch as soon as we can pack up her things. Goodbye."

Merilee turned her wrath on Alex by yelling at her "You tramp the minute I had my back turned you stole my man. How did you trick him into sleeping with you so that you could get pregnant and force him into marriage? Did you get him drunk?"

Alex didn't say anything and neither did Walker so Merilee then said to her "You watch yourself Cahill, I will get you for this." Then she left.

Alex said to Walker "I have to leave to make my appointment with Dr. Bates. See you later, I guess."

Chapter Eight

Several days later Alex was in her office when Dalton entered it and said to her "Cahill, how about we do the town tonight?"

"I can't Dalton." Alex answered and Alex informed him "I'm waiting for Walker. He. C.D. and Trivette are going to help me pack some things."

"Why do you need to pack some things, are you going somewhere?" Dalton questioned Alex who said, "I'm moving into Walker's ranch."

"Why are you moving in with Walker, he doesn't care for you and he never will. Come on Alex be reasonable, I'm the one who's best for you. Listen I'll finish the circuit in a couple of months and then we can get married. What do you say?" Dalton asked.

"Dalton the reason that I'm moving into Walker's ranch is because we're married." Alex told Dalton who not quite believing questioned her "Why, did he get you pregnant and was forced to marry so that the baby would have his name "

Alex replied "Something like that. Now if you don't mind I would like you to leave. We have no future because I'm married to Walker."

Dalton said "Cahill are you really going to be married to a man who will never love you simply because he got you pregnant? After the baby is born you can get a divorce and then we can get married, I'll be a good father to the baby and then we can some of our own later on. How does that sound?"

Walker who had quietly entered Alex's office told him "After the baby is born Alex and I will stay married because my child is going to be raised by both of it's parents; together. There will be no divorce as long as the baby is around."  Then he turned to Alex and said "Trivette and C.D. are already at your place waiting for us, why don't you go ahead there and I'll be along in a little while."

Alex left her office and Walker told Dalton "Reed, you are to stay way from my wife, have you got that? Like I just said, Alex and I will be staying married for the baby's sake."

            "You are such a jerk Walker. You're going to stay married just for the baby's sake when you could have a real marriage with Cahill." Dalton answered Walker who then asked "What is that supposed to mean?"

"It means that I would give anything to have Cahill care half as much for me as she cares for you. In case you don't know it, Cahill is in love with you but what do you care about her feelings? After all you don't even care about her, not one little bit do you? Tell me Walker will you still be seeing that Merilee Summers while married to Cahill? Because if you are, then there's no harm in my seeing Cahill."

Walker just said, "Stay away from Alex or you will hear from me. I will protect my family." Dalton answered "Whatever and then left.

At Alex's place they were helping her pack up and noticing how sad Alex looked Trivette tried assuring her "Alex, Walker does have feelings for you. Just give him some time and he’ll admit that he cares for you."

"No Trivette, Walker will never care for me the way that I care for him. I love him but that's okay as long as he's a good father to our baby. Jimmy when my father left my mother and me I vowed that if I ever had a child it would never lose it's father and I will make sure that Walker stays in my baby's life no matter what I have to put up with from him." Alex replied.

C.D. then tried "Alex listen to me, Cordell does care a great deal for you but there are things that you don't know about holding him back from admitting just how much he does care for you. Honey hang in there and one day you and Cordell will have a true marriage in every sense of the word. You two were meant to be, his Uncle Ray told me that awhile back."

"Whatever you say C.D." Alex said as she went to her bedroom and began to cry.

Chapter Nine

When Walker came into Alex's apartment he asked, "Where's Alex at?" Trivette answered, "In her bedroom resting."

Walker said as he headed to the bedroom "She'd better get up and finish packing." Getting mad Trivette said to him "Walker you had better knock your attitude off because Alex is having a rough enough time without you causing her any more problems."

"It wasn't my idea for her to get pregnant." Walker told Trivette but C.D. answered Walker "Cordell, this wasn't Alex's idea either. Do you really think that she wants a husband who resents being married to her? I'm pretty sure that the only reason she married you was because you're her baby's father, not because you're a good catch. Lord knows you're not because you're as stubborn as the day is long. Try being a little nicer to her because if you aren't, how nice of a home do you think your baby is going to have? The both of you have got to get along for the baby's sake if nothing else."

"Okay, C.D. I get the point. Why don't you and Trivette take some of these boxes to my truck while I see how the mother of my baby is doing?" Walker suggested to them so they left the apartment.

Walker entered Alex's bedroom, seeing that Alex was crying he sat on the bed beside her and asked "Alex, are you okay?"

Wiping away her tears Alex sadly said "No, I'm not but that doesn't really matter to you does it?"

"It does matter to me Alex, believe it or not I do care about your well-being." Walker answered and Alex told him "Only as long as I'm pregnant with your baby. I have a feeling that as soon as this baby is born you'll be back in Merilee's arms."

"That isn't going to happen. What about you, don't you want to run back into Reed's arms?" Walker questioned Alex who bluntly answered "No because I don't care about him the way that I care about you but that doesn't matter to you either does it?"

"Alex I'm not ready to love anyone including Merilee. As for feelings for you, I do have them. Alex you deserve more than someone like me could ever give you. Now how about I finish packing you up while you tell me what to do?  I want you to just sit there taking it easy, okay?"

"Okay. Walker you have to understand something, my emotions are going to be getting the best of me for a while. Dr. Bates told me that was normal and it would pass just like the morning sickness would pass, I hope." Alex answered Walker who asked, "You're still getting sick?  Is that normal?"

Getting up Alex said as she headed to the bathroom "Yes, it's normal because here I go again." Walker waited until she was done then he entered the bathroom and after gently wiping Alex's face with a damp cloth led her back to the bedroom then said "Come on tell what clothes to pack."

Smiling a little as Walker opened her top drawer Alex replied "All of them cowboy." Walker took some clothes out of the drawer and started to put them in a box. When he looked at them he saw they were Alex's intimate things. As Walker placed them into the box Alex laughed at him "What's the matter, haven't you seen those types of things before?  They aren't going to bite you, you know?"

"I know that Alex, why don't you go sit on the couch until I'm done in here?" Walker suggested and after looking at a blushing Walker Alex went into the living room.

Chapter Ten

          When they got to the ranch Alex asked Walker "Where's my bedroom?" She was stunned when he answered "My room, where else Alex?"

Alex objected "Just because I slept with you before does not mean that I plan to jump in bed with you just like that. I do have some morals you know." Walker replied, "Relax Alex, I'm planning on sleeping down here. I just thought that since the nursery will be upstairs you should have the master bedroom. That way after the baby is born, you'll just have to go into the next bedroom to take care of our baby."

"I got news for you Cordell Walker, you are going to be helping me take care of the baby too because I still intend to be an A.D.A." Alex informed Walker who asked her "You're not quitting your job?"

After glaring at him Alex said, "I will take a maternity leave but make no mistake about it, I will not give up my career. If you're that worried about it, I suggest that you quit your job. I make enough money to support my family."

Holding his hands up Walker muttered, "Okay Alex, I was just asking. Don't kill me." C.D. laughed and said "Don't worry Alex if you feel the need to kill Cordell I'll just tell the judge that Walker drove you to it."

"Walker I didn't mean to snap at you, my nerves are shot. I really need to get off of my feet and lay down." Alex said to Walker who told her "I know, why don't you just go ahead up to my room and get some rest while I unpack the truck? We can decide tomorrow where to put everything." Alex headed upstairs.

Trivette who was helping Walker unload the last of the boxes said to him "Walker I have to tell you this and Alex will kill me if she finds out that I told you but, Alex loves you. Please keep that in mind, it can't be easy on her knowing that you don't have any feelings for her at all."

"Trivette, stay out of my marriage." Walker growled at Trivette as C.D. came out of the house. As Walker went into the house C.D. told Trivette "Walker loves Alex but he's not ready to admit it to himself let alone anyone else. Mark my words before they know what hit them those two will be a real family and that baby Alex's is carrying won't be a only child."

"I hope that you're right C.D." Trivette answered as they got into his car and drove away.

Chapter Eleven

Walker insisted on going to the next doctor's appointment with Alex. After an examination Dr. Bates said to her "Alex, I'm a little worried about your blood pressure, it's a little higher than it should be right now. I suggest that you cut back at work and take it easy when you're at home."

Alex said "I'll just take a medical leave from work until after the baby is born. Anything else that I should be doing?" Dr. Bates hesitated and then said "Well maybe you should consider not having sex until you're a little further along. I'm not saying that you have to go without sex for the rest of the pregnancy, just the next few weeks until your blood pressure comes down." Dr. Bates answered Alex who muttered "That won't be a problem at all."

As they were leaving Dr. Bates' office Walker questioned Alex "I thought that you weren't planning on giving up your career for the baby?"

"Walker, I still want a career but there is no way that I'm going to risk this baby by going to work with my blood pressure too high already. Don't worry I have some money saved up to help with my share of the expenses until I return to work after the baby is born." Alex told Walker who then asked her "When were you planning on doing that?"

"Well I had planned on returning to work after the baby was a year old but with me having to go on maternity leave much earlier I don't know if I have enough money to do that now." Alex replied.

"Alex, I have some money in the bank that we'll use to get things for our baby. I promise you that if you want to stay home for the baby's first year you will be able to do so without having to worry about us having enough money to live on." Walker assured Alex who replied "Okay, I do want to stay home with our baby for the first year."

"That's settled then. We'd both better head back to our offices." Walker said to Alex then started to walk away when he stopped and asked her "How about I buy you lunch at C.D.'s?" Alex answered, "It's a date cowboy."

When Walker was waiting for Alex at C.D.'s Merilee came in and said to Walker as she sat in the booth besides him "Good, you're alone. Walker I know that the baby Alex is carrying isn't yours."

"How do you know that?" Walker questioned Merilee who replied, "Because that tramp Cahill lied to you. I know for a fact that she slept with Dalton Reed during the DeMarco case, it's his baby. He said that to me when I ran into him during a stop in Waco."

"Enough Merilee, Alex is my wife and that isn't going to change. Now I'm not going to tell you again, I am not interested in being with you, it's over." Walker told Merilee as Alex entered C.D.'s.

Merilee saw Alex enter but Walker didn't so Merilee said in a loud voice "Okay I'll meet you at the hotel later Cordell." Then when Alex gasped Merilee smirked and said "Whoops you weren't supposed to hear that Cahill."

"The name is Alex Walker, now I suggest that you have the brains to stay away from my husband because I will not let my baby lose its father." Alex snapped as she sat down across from Walker in the booth.

Walker then said to Merilee "Miss Summers you just heard my wife and I suggest that you listen to her. Now for the last time, goodbye." Merilee left C.D.'s in a snit as Alex questioned her husband "Want to tell me about it?"

Walker answered, "She tried to tell me that you were lying about the baby." When Alex looked like she was getting upset Walker assured her "Alex, relax I know the baby is mine and that we're both going to be good parents to it. Now what do you have planned for the rest of the day?"

Alex replied "Well I took my medical leave already, D.A. Clark was only too happy to get rid of me. I'm going to shop at this cute little baby store and then head home, want to come with me?"

Walker shuddered and said, "No, I hate shopping." A smiling Alex then asked him "Well since I'm going to be home before you, do you want me to make you anything special for dinner?"

"How about turkey meatloaf, if it's not too much trouble? It's my favorite." Walker requested. "Okay turkey meatloaf for dinner, if you get home late there will be a plate in the fridge for you and all you'll have to do is heat it up when you get in. See you later Walker." Alex said as she got up from the booth and Walker asked her "Don't you want me to call and tell you if I'm going to be late?"

"Like I expect you to check in with me. Walker, I know that you wouldn't like doing that. I'll see you when I see you." Alex said and left.

Chapter Twelve

When Walker got home later on that day Alex was just taking the turkey meatloaf out of the oven so Walker told her as he grabbed some plates "Here since you cooked it I'll put it out for us. You go sit in the dining room while I do that." Alex went into the dining room and slipped her shoes off while she waited for Walker to bring the food in. After he had placed it on the table Alex asked him "Where's Uncle Ray been? I don't remember seeing him around lately."

Walker said, "At the reservation getting ready to cross the river." Stunned Alex questioned "But I thought that when someone crossed the river it meant that they had died?"

Walker answered, "That's what it means, Uncle Ray is dying." Alex then said, "Oh Walker, I'm so sorry. Is there anything that I can do for you? How can I help you?"

"Uncle Ray wants me to come to the reservation this weekend, do you want to come with me? I want my child to know about my Cherokee heritage." Walker questioned Alex, who assured him “Yes of course I want to come with you, that is if you really want me to come with you and aren't just being polite to me. Walker, I too want our baby to know all about your Cherokee heritage."

Walker half-smiled and asked her "Alex, when have you ever known me to be polite to you? I've always told you exactly what I think, so yes I want you to come with me. You know a lot of women wouldn't be so interested in letting their baby know that it's father is part Cherokee, so why are you?"

"Because I love Uncle Ray but more importantly I want our child to know where both of its parents come from and the reservation is part of where you came from." Alex answered.

They went to the reservation and Uncle Ray told Walker to take a hike while he talked to Alex "Alex, I know that you love my nephew and I want you to promise me that you won't give up on him returning your love because I know that he loves you but won't admit it yet. He's has to overcome some things in his past before he can commit himself to you for the rest of his live but I believe that in time he will."

"Oh Uncle Ray, I love that man so much but he makes it so hard sometimes to keep on loving him." Alex replied and Ray pulled her close and said "It's the hard things in life that are worth it and I think that my nephew's love is worth fighting for, don't you?"

Looking off into the distance Alex vowed "I will hang in there because I will never love anyone the way I love Walker but that doesn't mean that I won't be tempted to strangle him a time or two."

Ray laughed and said, "You are well suited to be the mate of my bull-headed nephew. Come on let's head back so you can get ready for the ceremony."

"What ceremony?" Alex questioned Ray who told her "Washo taking you for a mate, although I think the two of you have already acted like you were mated." Alex blushed.

At the ceremony Walker presented Alex with a horse, which she accepted, and as they were headed to his house Alex asked him "Why didn't you tell me that we were going to be getting married today?"

Walker answered, "Alex, we're already married." Sighing Alex said "Well then if we were already married, why this ceremony?"

"Uncle Ray knows that you're pregnant and he insisted on it. I thought he was asking if you wanted to go through with it when you two were off talking." Walker replied and Alex said "No we were discussing whether or not I would be tempted to strangle you in the future."

Walker laughed,  "How many times does he think you'll be tempted to do so?"

Alex laughed also "We didn't decide on how often I would be tempted to strangle you just that I would want to." Changing the subject Alex asked "Walker, if the baby is a boy can we name it after him?"

"No Uncle Ray said that our first born son should be named after your father and have my first name as his middle name." Walker replied but Alex objected "But my father hasn't had anything to do with me since he walked out on my mother and me."

"I know that Alex but it would please Uncle Ray, look if it bothers you we can name him something else." Walker offered.

"No, it's all right, if the baby's a boy he'll be Gordon Cordell Walker. Now can we go inside so that I can rest for a while? " Alex said to her husband who told her "About my house, there's only one bed in it but I guess I can sleep on that rickety old couch."

"Walker, you might as well share the bed with me, we're married after all and it's not like you'll be tempted to do anything with me. You've made it painfully clear, that you don't desire me sexually." Alex replied but Walker teased "But what if I do?"

Alex shot him down "Too bad because Dr. Bates said we couldn't do anything, tough luck."

Walker and Alex shared the bed but Walker had a tough time sleeping because he wanted to wake Alex up and make love to her. The next morning when they awoke, they were in each other's arms and after moving away from Walker, Alex said she needed to use the bathroom first but Walker said "Let me take a shower before you do anything in the bathroom."

Tossing off the covers Alex asked, "Why can't you..." then her voice trailed off as she saw the state Walker was in. Laying back down Alex told him "You can have the bathroom first, I'll just lay here until you're done. "As Walker hurried into the bathroom Alex called after him "Don't use up all the cold water." Walker shut the door as Alex smiled because she realized that Walker did desire her sexually.

Chapter Thirteen

At her next doctor's appointment, which Walker also attended, Dr. Bates told them "Well good news, Alex your blood pressure has been reduced. So that means Mr. and Mrs. Walker you two can resume having sex anytime you want to. Now Alex if you would just lay back on this table I'll do a sonogram to check the baby. Now before we start I have to know whether or not you want to know the sex of the baby." Walker said yes at the same time Alex said no. A smiling Dr. Bates asked them "Well, which is it?"

Alex looked at Walker and said, "We want to know the gender of our baby." Walker squeezed Alex's hand to thank her. As the sonogram was being done Dr. Bates "Oh my I wasn't expecting this."

Walker questioned, "You weren't expecting what Dr. Bates?"

Turning the monitor to where they could see it Dr. Bates pointed at the screen and said "Twins and I think that there's one of each." Walker wasn't able to say anything so Alex asked "We're having twins, are you sure?" Dr. Bates again pointed to the monitor and replied, "Yes, see there's the boy and here's the girl. I'll print up a picture for you to take with you of the babies." After Alex got dressed Dr. Bates handed Walker the picture.

As they left Dr. Bates' office Alex said to him "If this is too much for you Walker, I'll understand. After all you had no intention of becoming a father to one baby let alone two." Shaking his head Walker told her "Alex I need some time to think about this, I'll drop you off at home then I'll go for a ride, okay?"

Shaken because she thought it meant Walker was going to ask for a divorce when he got back from the ride Alex nodded her head yes.

When Walker was off on his ride Alex answered the door to find Merilee standing there, she lit into Alex "You tramp, you may have thought you got away with taking Walker from me but as soon as that brat you're carrying is born he'll return to me. It's me that he wants a future with. Not some tramp like you who got him drunk to get him into bed so he would be forced to marry you when Reed wouldn't."

Alex replied "You're not welcomed here Miss Summers so I suggest that you leave." Merilee stood her ground by saying "When I present Walker with proof that you've been lying to him about the baby he will throw you out on your butt and he'll move me in here and marry me before the ink is even dry on your divorce papers. Cordell and I will have the life we were meant to before you pulled your stunt."

Instead of answering her Alex went to sit on the couch as Walker entered the room and demanded "Merilee, what are you doing here?"

Handing Walker a piece of paper Merilee answered "Walker, I have proof that Cahill has been lying to you about the baby. It's Reed's like I've been telling you all long." As Walker was reading what was on the paper he seemed to be getting mad so Merilee told Alex "Your lies have caught up to you Cahill so I suggest that you go pack your things and leave so that Cordell can be with the woman that he loves, me."

Crumbling up the paper Walker snapped, "Miss Summers, how many times do I have to tell you that it's over between us? Now would you please leave my house?"

"Cordell, don't you want to be with the woman who loves you as much as you love her?" Merilee questioned Walker who sat down besides Alex then answered as he picked up her hand "I am married to the woman who loves me as much as I love her, my wife Alexandra Cahill-Walker."

"You're just saying that because you think she's pregnant with your baby." Merilee tried again but Walker responded, "No, I'm saying it because it's true. I love Alex more than I have ever loved anyone else ever, including you. So you can come up with all the fake 'proof' that you want to but I will never leave my wife and our unborn children. Now for the final time get out of my house and don't ever come back."

After Merilee left Alex questioned, "What was on that paper?"

"A statement from Reed claiming that he was the father and not me." Walker answered Alex who said, "That's not the truth, I swear that you are the father of these twins."

 Walker pulled her close and said, "I know that honey." Pulling back Alex questioned, "Did you just call me honey?"

"Yes and a little while before that I said that I loved you." Walker told Alex and then getting serious he got down on one knee and asked her "Alexandra Cahill-Walker, will you become my wife in every sense of the word?"

"I would be happy to be your wife in every sense of the word but I want you to sure that it's what you really want too. Not just because I'm pregnant and you think it's what you should do. Because if you don't want me as a true wife just tell me and we'll work something out so that our babies will know both of us." Alex said to Walker who in turn asked her "Alex do you want out of our marriage?"

"No, I love you so much Walker, I just want to be sure that you care for me too." An emotional Alex answered.

"Alex, I love you more than I have ever loved anyone else in my entire life." Walker assured his wife who threw her arms around his neck and after kissing him several times said "I love you, you crazy cowboy."

"Does that mean we'll be sharing a bed again tonight? I mean it is getting late and we need to get some rest in." Walker teased Alex who teased right back "I guess we can share the same bed but I don't know how much rest we'll be getting."

Taking her hand Walker led Alex to the steps as he said "It's okay if we don't get much rest tonight, tomorrow's Saturday and we can sleep in then."

"As long as you let me sleep in tomorrow I don't mind not getting any rest at all tonight." Alex replied and they headed upstairs. Alex hesitated at the bedroom door and said "Walker, I don't want this to be just sex for us."

"Lady, I'm not planning on having sex with you, I'm planning on making love to my wife, is that okay?" Walker questioned as he swept Alex into his arms and she said, "What are you waiting for?" Dropping her on the bed Walker answered "Nothing." He was true to his word about making love to Alex most of the night.

Chapter Fourteen

It was now a year later, about a month before their twins were born Walker's Uncle Ray crossed the river. It was then as Alex was holding him in her arms while he mourned his Uncle that Walker told her about Ellen. Alex realized that night why her husband had a tough time with telling her that he loved and Alex also realized that she could live with that because her husband had no problem when it came to showing her how much he loved her. Several months later her father Gordon Cahill re-entered his daughter's life. He was at the ranch when Alex took him to the nursery "Dad, I think that you should meet your grandchildren. They are Elizabeth Alexandra and Gordon Cordell Walker."

Looking at the babies Gordon said "You named your son after me? Isn't your husband upset that he's not named after him? "Walker entered the nursery and answered, "My Uncle Ray said that my first born son should carry your name and he does, he also has my name as his middle name. Our daughter is named after my mother and my wife."

"Aren't they so cute Dad?" Alex asked her father while Walker picked up his son and teased "Alex my son is handsome, your daughter can be the cute one."

"No Walker, both of my babies are cute so there." Alex teased back as Walker handed the boy to Gordon and asked, "So how do you like your namesake?" Taking the baby Gordon answered his son-in-law " He's a good looking boy and his sister is beautiful just like their mother."

Putting his arm around Alex, Walker said, "You've got that right."

Gordon then asked "This Uncle Ray of yours, why didn't you name the boy after him? He sounds like he had big impact on your life Walker."

"Our second son will be named after him, my Uncle Ray raised me after my parents were murdered in front of me when I was twelve." Walker answered and Gordon said, "Well where is he? I'd like to meet him before I go into rehab."

Alex answered, "Uncle Ray died several months ago." Walker kissed Alex on the cheek and said, "When you're ready to leave let me know Gordon."

After Walker came back from dropping Gordon off Alex was in the nursery watching the sleeping twins when Walker said to her "Come on, let's get some rest."

"Let's talk about our second born son first, when do you plan on me having him?" Alex questioned her husband who smiled and answered "Whenever you want to, if you want to wait a couple of years while you go back to work that's fine with me. However you should also know that I also expect a daughter named Angela from you too."

"At different times or twins again?" Alex teased him.

" Different times lady because I like making babies with you. Now come on let's go to bed." Walker told Alex who replied, "You're pretty good in the baby making department yourself."

Walker and Alex went into their bedroom and after they were done making love Alex said, "You know it doesn't matter how we got to this point what matters is."  Walker finished her sentence "That we love each other."

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