By Katie 59

Chapter One

Walker went into the living room sat on the couch and just sat there staring at nothing. Entering the living room awhile later Alex noticed that Walker was staring at nothing so she asked her husband "Walker, are you all right? Is there anything that you want to talk about?" Walker didn't answer so Alex didn't bother to ask him again knowing that her husband would talk to her about whatever was on his mind when he was ready to and not before then. After awhile Walker came out of his trance-like state and asked "Alex, what are you doing here?"

"I live here, remember?" Alex asked back. Walker then questioned her "But shouldn't you be at work?"

"No honey I shouldn't be. Walker what time do you think it is anyway?" Alex asked Walker who replied "Not really sure, I've been thinking about something and lost track of time I guess."

"Anything you want to tell me about?" Alex said. Pulling her close Walker answered "Not right now, what I want to do is to make love with you right here and right now."

Removing herself from his arms Alex told her husband "There is no way that we can do that Walker, our children are still awake and waiting for their bedtime story from their father but when you're done I'll be right here waiting for you." Walker kissed his wife on the cheek and said "Stay right here and I'll be back before you know it lady, then we'll make love all night." Walker quickly left the room.

A hour later Alex went looking for her husband only to find him sound asleep in their bed, sighing Alex got her shower and got into bed with Walker who didn't stir. Several hours later Walker woke Alex up and asked her "I thought that we agreed you would wait in the living room for me, why didn't you?"

"Walker, I waited an hour for you to come back downstairs and you didn't, I then came upstairs and found you already asleep so I got my shower and joined you. Honey what is the matter with you?" Alex said to her husband who instead of answering his wife's question kissed her and then told her "We can talk tomorrow, right now I want to make love with you beautiful."

Pulling back a little Alex teased "All night long Cordell?" Walker teased back "All night long Alexandra." However when Walker was done he returned to his side of the bed and promptly fell asleep leaving Alex to ask herself 'Whatever happened to making love all night long?' Then she got up from bed got dressed and went to her in home office to do some work on her computer. Returning to her bedroom later Alex noticed that Walker was moving about in his sleep and moaning so she ran her hand over his chest as she told him "It's okay Cordell, everything is okay dear."

Walker then mumbled "No Alex don't you dare. Alex I mean it." He then settled down for awhile but then Walker became restless again and mumbled "Goodbye Alex." Alex just laid there as Walker woke up and headed off to the bathroom without a word to her. When he returned from the bathroom Walker got dressed kissed Alex on her cheek and told her "Kiss the children for me." Then he went downstairs. Alex thinking that he was sleepwalking followed her husband but when she got downstairs she heard him on the phone "Yes, I'll be there in an hour."

There was a pause and then he said "Me too and when I get there I'll prove it to you." Walker then hung up the phone and Alex questioned him "Who was that on the phone?"

"It's nothing that you need to know about, go back to sleep." Walker replied and left the house. Alex by this point was so upset that she decided to wait up for her husband to come back so that they could talk about whatever was going on with him but he didn't return home that night.

Chapter Two

When Walker finally arrived home the next evening Alex grabbed her husband by the arm and led him into the downstairs guest bedroom then shut the door and asked him "Okay Walker what is going on with you?" Heading towards the door he answered "Like I told you last night, it's nothing that you need to know about. Now I'm going to check up on my children to make sure that they are okay and then I'm going for a ride on Thunder." Alex grabbed a hold of his arm again and said "I don't think so Walker. Tell me what is going on and do it now."

Shaking off Alex's hand Walker told her "You were just told that it doesn't concern you and I don't want to have to tell you that again." Alex was by now steamed so she said "Fine I guess that I'll have to get my answers from someone else since you can't be bothered to tell me yourself."

Mad himself Walker snapped "Don't even think about calling Trivette up and ask him what's going on." Alex didn't back down as she questioned "Why not when you my own husband won't tell me what's wrong with him?"

"Alex you had better not talk to Trivette about what you think is a problem when there isn't one." Walker informed her.

"When I think there is a problem? How can you stand there and insist that there's nothing wrong after what happened last night?" Alex asked her husband who replied "Last night? What's the matter wasn't I good enough for you in bed? If that's the case, feel free to go looking for someone else who'll please you in bed."

"I wasn't talking about the sex although you did cut it short, what I was talking about was your behavior. First you seemed to be in a daze all night then after we made love you returned to your side of the bed and fell asleep never mind the fact that you said you wanted to make love all night long. Then you wake up get dressed, go downstairs and talk to some woman on the phone, then you tell me it's none of my business and then you leave our house and don't return until just a little while ago. Walker I think that I have a right to know who that woman was and why you were talking to her in that manner and why you left our house in the middle of the night to meet her." Alex explained.

"Well I don't think so and I'm not going to tell you anything about her because it is none of your business." Walker replied making Alex even madder so she said as she got out her cell phone "That's it, I'm going to ask Trivette what is going on."

"No Alex, don't you dare call Trivette. I mean it Alex." Walker said as he grabbed for the cell phone. Stunned Alex dropped the phone and left the room. Walker left the house to take a ride on Thunder.

When Walker returned the children were all ready for bed but Alex was having trouble settling them down because they were insisting that their Daddy read them a story. Walker told them to settle down and then he would read their story which they did so he read them a story. After they were sleeping Walker went to his bedroom where he said "Alex I don't want to hear another word about last night. I can't and I won't tell you who she is and why I went to see her last night."

Looking at him Alex asked "Is that so?" Gathering his shorts and t-shirt Walker replied "Yes." Then he went and took his shower while Alex went into her office and did some work on her computer, when she returned to her bedroom Walker was already asleep so she got into bed with him. Awhile later Walker began mumbling and Alex thought he said something about brunette hair but she decided that she had heard him wrong because Walker would never cheat on her.

 Chapter Three

When Alex woke up the next morning she started to get out of bed when Walker grabbed her by the arm and asked "Where are you going to in such a hurry Alex?" Puzzled by the question Alex replied "I'm going to the bathroom to get ready to go to work, where else would I be going?"

"How about we stay in bed for just a little longer?" Walker questioned Alex as he starting pulling her closer but she removed herself from his arms and answered "I don't have the time for this."

Walker then said "Why don't you have the time for this? Is it because you've decided that I'm not good enough for you anymore, now that you have money? Tell me Alex, do you all ready have my replacement lined up?" Shocked by the way Walker was questioning her Alex replied "How dare you ask me those kinds of questions? You know damn well that I love you and that I will never be interested in another man, ever. Walker I don't know what is the matter with you right now because you won't tell me what's going on but I think that you'd better talk to someone about it before you say something to me that I won't be able to forgive you for. You're coming pretty close to that point as it is."

Walker got up from bed and grumbled as he headed to the bathroom "I don't know why I ever got married." Having had enough Alex answered "I don't know why I married you either because you're not exactly the world's best catch." Walker turned to look at Alex for a minute and his eyes seemed to soften but then they hardened and Walker told his wife "Neither are you dear." Then he went into the bathroom slamming the door behind him.

Neither one of them spoke another word to each other before they left for work. As Alex was heading down the hallway to her office Captain Folsom asked her "Mrs. Walker are you going to defend your husband when we get him arrested for Coulson Sharpe's murder?"

"Folsom, you know that Walker didn't kill Sharpe. Now if you don't mind I have work to do." Alex told Folsom but he asked "Well are you going to divorce him for cheating on you? I hear that he was with a really hot looking brunette the other night. The man must be nuts; he has something like you at home and he has to have some on the side too. That doesn't say much about his character does it?"

Alex just ignored him and entered her office where the new law clerk was saying to her secretary "Are you going to sign the petition that Folsom has to get that Ranger removed? You know the one who followed a man and killed him in cold blood because he was let go on a technicality?"

Alex told the law clerk "Take yourself and that petition and leave my office right now." The law clerk asked "Why should I?"

"Because the man you are talking about didn't kill anyone in cold blood but more importantly, he's my husband Cordell Walker. Now get out." Alex replied. After he left she called up her husband and said before he could get a word in "Walker I know that we're not speaking to each other right now but I think that you should know that Folsom has people signing a petition calling for your removal from the Rangers."

"I know about that. Alex I don't know when I'll be back home, there's something that I need to take care of and no I can't tell you about it so don't bother asking me.  Take good care of the children, will you? Goodbye Alex." Walker said and hung up the phone. Alex was now even more concerned about the way her husband was behaving.

Chapter Four

Walker returned home two nights later he checked on his children who were already sleeping then he went to his bedroom. The first thing that Walker said to his wife was "Did you go behind my back and ask Trivette what was going on? Because if you did he doesn't know about it." Steamed Alex answered as she got into bed "No I didn't but I am not going to put up with you treating me this way. If you want to have your secrets you can but you will not talk to me like this. Walker you've never kept things from me before and now that you want to I can only go along with your wishes and hope that you know what you are doing. I love you and only you Cordell John Walker and you know that. However I strongly suggest that you to start treating me like you used to before this thing that you're doing came up. I do not like the fact that you've been saying that I want to replace you with another man. I won't put up with that sort of behavior from you, have you got that?"

"Yes I've got that and I won't treat you that way again. I'm sorry about the way I've treated you lately. Alex what I'm doing has nothing to do with you or our children, I swear. Just give me another week or so and hopefully I'll be able to tell you then what is going on but in the meantime please don't question me about it again. I'm sorry that I have to keep what I'm doing from you but right now I have to."  Walker replied as he got ready for bed.

"Okay I'm not happy about it but you have my word that I won't question you about it again. Now don't take this as me questioning you about it but will you be spending anymore of your nights away from home in the next week or so?" Alex said to her husband who answered "I don't honestly know."

"Fine. Now about what Folsom is doing, is there anything that I can do to help you?" Alex questioned. Walker replied "There's not much we can do about it, if Folsom wants people to sign a petition asking for my removal as a Ranger he can."

"You're probably right about that but it makes me so mad that he's trying to cost you your job when Coulson Sharpe was most likely murdered by his mother and brother. I wish that someone would tell the public that fact." Alex lamented.

"Moody didn't tell you?" Walker asked his wife who answered "Moody didn't tell me what?"

"That the autopsy showed that Coulson Sharpe died from a punctured heart due to several kicks to his chest that caused his sternum and several ribs to break. One of the kicks forced one of the broken ribs to puncture his heart. That the blows were most likely delivered by a martial arts expert." Walker replied as he got into bed with his wife.

"Do they have any suspects?" Alex asked Walker who asked his wife" Besides me is that what you mean?"

"No I don't mean you and you know that Walker, I know that you didn't kill him. I mean do they have anyone in mind because there are a lot of people who had motive to kill that scumball. I just want to know if they are going to arrest someone for Sharpe's murder because you don't need people thinking you did it when you didn't." Alex said.

"Not as far as I know but there are certain members of the police force who would like nothing better than to pin this on me, never mind the fact that I didn't do it." Walker told Alex as he pulled her close. Snuggling against her husband she said "I know, led by that jerk Folsom but enough about this for now. Walker I've really missed the closeness that we share, I don't like it when we're fighting."

"Neither do I honey and I'll make it up to you starting right now." Walker replied as he began kissing Alex. When they were done Alex had a big smile on her face so Walker teased "I'm that good am I?" Rolling on top of her husband Alex teased back "Yes you are but then again so am I."

"Prove it lady." Walker told his wife who did exactly that. Later on Walker was again restless in bed which caused Alex to awaken and when she reached for him Walker muttered 'Baby I love your brunette hair and those hazel eyes.' Alex then tried to convince herself that Walker wasn't talking about another woman but it took awhile before she was able to go back to sleep.

Chapter Five

The next morning Alex was very tempted to question her husband about why he muttered 'Baby I love your brunette hair and hazel eyes' in his sleep but decided not to because she was pretty sure that Walker wasn't cheating on her and that it most likely had something to do with whatever he was doing that he said he couldn't tell her about. Walker entered the dining room in a very happy mood and kissed all of his children on their heads then gave Alex a great big kiss leading Alex to say "Well someone is in a pretty good mood this morning."

"I sure am, must have something to do with getting a good night's rest for a change. I sure enjoyed it." Walker answered as he sat down at the table. Just then the phone rang and Alex said "I'll get it."

Quickly jumping up Walker told his wife "No honey, I'll get it." Then he went into the kitchen to answer the phone. When he returned ten minutes later Walker was like a different man as he said "I have to go now. Alex make sure that my children are taken care of properly, okay?"

Alex decided to let that remark pass as she answered "Yes dear. Do you have any idea when you will be back?" Walker replied "No, I'll be back when I'm back." Then he left the house with Alex becoming even more concerned about what he was actually doing because her husband usually told her what he was up to and for some reason this time it didn't seem to her that he was conducting Ranger business, that he was really up to something else.

Later on that day Alex ran into Trivette in the hallway outside of Ranger headquarters and he asked her "Alex what is with that husband of yours lately?" Alex questioned back "What do you mean by that Trivette?"

"What I mean by that is that Walker is acting a little strange, he's been leaving work to go do lord knows what and the other day I saw him meeting with this woman. She was real pretty, early thirties with brunette hair and hazel eyes. When I asked him about it Walker almost bit my head off. If it was anyone but Walker I would swear that he was having an affair." Trivette explained upsetting Alex but she told Trivette "Jimmy please don't go telling people that Walker is having an affair, remember the trouble you cause the last time you did that?"

"Yes I remember the trouble that I caused then and I didn't say that Walker was cheating on you, I know that he wouldn't do that to you Alex. I just wanted to know what's going on with him is all." Trivette told Alex who replied "Jimmy I don't know what's going on with Walker, honestly."

Trivette then asked "You don't know or you don't want to tell me?" Alex replied "I do not know what is going on with Walker right now."

"Okay I guess that means you don't want to tell me." Trivette said and walked away without another word. Alex stood there in the hallway wondering for the first time if her husband really was seeing another woman. Then as luck would have it Folsom spotted Alex and said "Well well, Mrs. Walker I think that you need to do a better job of keeping track of that husband of yours. You know the one I'm going to get sent to prison for murder? But since he's having an affair maybe you don't care about him anymore, do you?"

Alex didn't bother answering Folsom but that didn't stop him from adding "There's a real good picture of the big bad Texas Ranger Cordell Walker and his lover posted on the internet. If you're interested in seeing who your husband is sleeping with besides you it's on the web page that run by that group who catches do-gooders mis-behaving and then lets the public know all about it. I have their web address if you want it Mrs. Walker, do you?" Alex just walked away from Folsom as he yelled out the web address.

 Chapter Six

Alex didn't have to look the up the web page because someone changed her computer's desktop wallpaper to a picture of her husband in an embrace with a younger slimmer brunette with the web site that Folsom had been talking about in the corner. Alex couldn't stop herself from looking at it and by the looks of the picture Walker seemed to be enjoying himself. Alex changed her desktop wallpaper back to the usual one of her family then she asked her secretary if anyone had been in her office and was told the new law clerk had dropped some papers off for her to sign. Alex located the papers signed them and took them out to her secretary and told her that no one was allowed into her private office anymore. Alex then went back into her office pulled up the picture of Walker with the other woman located the web site from it and went to it to see what else it had on Walker. Alex then read an article there that went into detail about how her husband had been spending a lot of time with his mystery woman. The web site went on to say that they hadn't found out the name of the woman that Captain Cordell Walker of the Texas Rangers was seeing on the side and it also pointed out that he was thought to have killed Coulson Sharpe in cold blood but as of yet hadn't been arrested for it. Alex then printed the picture up stuffed it in her briefcase and went to the Hope Center to pick Angela and Ray up.

When Alex was putting Angela and Ray into the van Erica arrived to get her children and asked Alex to wait until she came out, that she wanted to talk with her and Alex agreed to wait. Erica came out with her children and said to Alex "Can we meet for dinner sometime? I would like to thank you for arranging that job for me at the legal aide center."

Alex replied "If you don't have any plans this evening why don't you follow me out to the ranch? I'm sure that Angela, Ray and J.W. would like to play together for awhile." Erica agreed and followed Alex to the ranch. After they were seated in the living room Erica said "First of all I want to tell you how sorry I am for that time I named you as the other woman. I don't really know why I did that because I knew that it wasn't true but I was so determined to cause trouble for Jimmy that I dragged you into it and I shouldn't have. I also want to tell you that I love my new job and I couldn't have gotten it without the good word that you put in for me with the legal aide center, thank you Alex."

"Erica you don't have to thank me for that, you were more than qualified for that job and the legal aide center is lucky to have someone like you. As for you naming me as the other woman, I've forgiven you because I know now that it was mostly Winslow's doing." Alex answered her former friend who said "Alex I know that I have no right to ask you this but I would like us to be friends again."

"I would like that also. Erica let's just forget about what happened when you were involved with Winslow, okay?" Alex said and Erica replied "Sounds good to me. So how are you doing friend?"

Erica was stunned when several tears rolled down Alex's face so she asked her "Alex, what's the matter?" Wiping the tears away Alex answered "I think that Walker...I mean he has...there's this woman...Oh Erica Walker is."

"Alex, Walker is what? You almost sound like you're trying to say that your husband is having an affair and that can't be right because Walker would never do that to you. Alex you must know that." Erica told Alex who said after a minute "I used to know that but right now I'm not so sure. Erica I love that man so much and I don't think I could take it if he was. But he's been."

Just then Walker entered the room and asked "But he's been what? And who is he by the way?" Erica got her children and quickly left while Alex said "It's nothing, really." Then she left the room. Walker followed his wife and caught up to her in her home office and said "Alex if something happened to upset you please tell me, maybe I can help you."

"It's nothing that concerns you." Alex replied but Walker insisted "Tell me. Alex listen I know that you're upset because I'm keeping something from you right now but I want you to know that you are everything to me. I wouldn't be able to do my job the way that I do it if you weren't there for me. Honey, what's the matter?"

Alex looked at her husband for several minutes then she said "I couldn't take it if I were to lose you, Walker you are the love of my life. Please promise me that we will always be together no matter what happens." Walker pulled Alex close and vowed "You won't lose me lady, we will always be together and nothing is going to happen. You have my word on that."

"I know but." Alex was answering when Walker broke in "No buts about it. Alex I am not going to jail for killing Sharpe because I didn't kill him. I don't want you worrying that you are going to lose me because of what Folsom's doing, okay?"

"Okay cowboy I believe in you, always have and that won't ever change no matter what happens in the future." Alex said to her husband as she was also vowing that to herself.

Chapter Seven

Several days later Folsom entered Alex's office uninvited and asked her "Well are you ready to admit that your husband is cheating on you and stop covering for him and admit that he wasn't home with you the night that Sharpe was murdered?" Alex replied "Enough is enough Folsom, I don't know why you seem to dislike my husband so much but you'd had better stop saying that he's cheating on me because he's not. As for who murdered Coulson Sharpe, it wasn't Walker and you know that but for whatever reason you are trying to railroad him. Why is that Folsom? What has Walker ever done to you to make you so determined to send an innocent man to prison?" Maybe you ought to stop wasting the taxpayers time hounding me about my husband and start doing what you are paid to do, protect the public from criminals."

Folsom however handed Alex a picture of Walker with the brunette and asked her "Do you still deny that your husband is cheating on you?" Alex looked at the picture then handed it back and calmly replied "Yes I do because I know Walker and he would never betray me by having an affair."

Folsom then said "I just showed you proof that he was cheating on you and you stand there and deny it, what's wrong with you anyway? Any other woman who have admitted the truth by now, why won't you see the truth when it's right in front of your face?"

Alex said "I suggest that you ask yourself that same question Folsom because you are the one who won't see the truth when it's staring you right in the face, Walker did not kill Sharpe. He is not cheating on me. Furthermore I am not just any other woman, I am Cordell Walker's wife and very proud of that fact. Goodbye Folsom." He left and Alex sat down at her desk to go over some paperwork.

A little while later Trivette entered Alex's office and said "Alex, will you please tell me what your husband is doing? There are rumors going around that he's cheating on you with another woman." Alex replied "I know what the rumors are Trivette and I know that Folsom is the one spreading them. Trivette all I can tell you is that whatever Walker is doing with that woman he is not having an affair with her. Other than that I can't tell you what it's about because Walker hasn't told me but I've decided to trust in him like I've always have. Let's just let it go for now, please?"

"You're sure that he's not cheating on you? You really don't know what he's up to, do you?" Trivette questioned Alex who answered "No Walker is not cheating on me and no I don't know what he's up to but when it's over he has promised to tell me. Now Trivette have you heard any rumors about who killed Sharpe?"

"No just that Folsom has a petition going around to have Walker removed as a Texas Ranger because he thinks Walker killed Sharpe." Trivette said.

"Okay, Trivette do you have any idea why Folsom dislikes Walker so much? I mean they are both in law enforcement." Alex asked Trivette who answered "Because Walker beat out Folsom to become a Texas Ranger and Folsom carried on so much about a half-breed being selected over him that C.D. saw to it that Folsom would never become a Texas Ranger. Folsom is so blinded by his resentment of Walker that he's using Sharpe's murder as a way to prove to everyone that he's a better man than Walker, that they made the wrong choice when they choose Walker over him for the Texas Rangers but we all know that's not so. Listen Alex I Just stopped in to see if you knew what that husband of yours was up to and since you don't know I'd better be going."

Chapter Eight

Alex dragged herself home that evening and Walker who was home for a change asked her "Alex where have you been? Why are you so late?" Alex answered as she slipped off her shoes "In court, where else would I have been Walker?"

"I was just wondering that's all, no need to bite my head off." Walker said and started to leave the room when Alex told him "I just had a really bad day, the judge wouldn't allow me to introduce some crucial evidence and most likely the defendant will walk from the most serious charge because of it. I didn't mean to take it out on you."

"I'm sorry about the judge. As for snapping at me, it's okay because I was taking the stress of what I'm doing out on you, wasn't I?" Walker questioned his wife who answered "I didn't say that Walker. I'll go start dinner now."

"No you didn't say that but I was doing it Alex. About dinner, how about we go out for dinner tonight? We can take the kids to one of those places where they can eat and play at the same time. How does that sound?" Walker asked. Alex replied "It sounds like a good idea to me but do you have any idea how noisy those places can get? There are usually a lot of children there running around and carrying on. Are you sure that's what you want to do?"

Going over to her Walker pulled Alex into his arms and said "I'm sure. Alex I'm a Texas Ranger, I can handle a bunch of children that are running around." Alex put her shoes back on and replied "Don't say that I didn't warn you my hard-headed cowboy." They went out to eat with all of the children and Alex had been right about how chaotic those places were. Were they returned home Walker looked like he had a headache so Alex told him "Honey you look like you have a headache, I have some aspirins in my briefcase if you want to take some. It's in my office."

"Okay between the lights on the games and the way some of the kids were behaving I do have a headache, I'll just go get a couple of aspirins from your briefcase." Walker said as he went and got into Alex's briefcase looking for the aspirins but instead he found the picture of him with the brunette. As Walker was looking at it Alex came into her office and asked her husband "Did you find the aspirins honey?"

"No but I found this, Alex why do you have this in your briefcase? Do you think that I'm cheating on you with her?" Walker questioned his wife who took the picture tore it up and answered her husband "No I don't think that you are cheating on me with her, whoever she is. The other day when I returned to my office someone had changed my wallpaper to that picture and well I printed it up."

"Why don't you just admit that you think that I'm betraying you with her?" Walker asked Alex who replied "Walker, I just told you that I don't think you are cheating on me with her. Yes I printed that picture up because it shows my husband with another woman but I also needed to get the web address from it so that I could see what else that web site posted about you. Walker it does say that you are having an affair with her and it also says that you killed Coulson Sharpe in cold blood. You are my husband and it's only natural that I would want to find out what's being said about you. I was thinking of demanding that they pull that stuff about you but if I did that it would then be shown on more places."

"Alex I am not cheating on you, I never have and I never will. You know that don't you?" Walker said. Alex moved into Walker's arms and told him "I know that. Can we please just forget about whatever it is that you're doing for tonight?"

Walker removed Alex from his arms and told her "I wish that I could Alex but I can't because I have to go see her tonight." When Alex sighed he said "This will be over with real soon and I promise that I will tell you what it is all about. You have to promise me that no matter what happens you will see to it that our children are okay."

"Now you're starting to worry me, Walker the way you're talking almost sounds like you think you're going to be leaving us. I want you to promise me that you will be extra careful because like I told you right before Angela was born I am not raising your babies by myself." Alex replied.

"Alex I can't tell you what's going to happen but I need you to believe in me for just a little while longer no matter what anyone tells you about me, okay?" Walker asked his wife who put her arms around his neck and vowed "I will believe in you no matter what anyone tells me. You go do what you have to do and know that I'll be here for you when it's over." Walker kissed Alex on the cheek and then left.

Alex was in bed when Walker came in and fired his boots into the corner waking her up so she asked him "Are you okay honey?" Stripping his clothes off Walker answered "I don't know if I can do this anymore."

"Do what anymore?" Alex questioned her husband as she sat up in bed and turned her lamp on. Walker shook his head no and told her "I'm sorry I didn't mean to wake you up. Go back to sleep Alex."

"Walker, how about you lay down on the bed and I'll massage your back for you? Come on honey, you look like you could use a nice back massage." Alex urged her husband who laid down on his stomach. Alex got the massage oil and massaged her husband's back for a half an hour and when she was done Alex asked him "There do you feel better?"

Walker rolled over and said "A lot better and I think that I'll return the favor." But Alex told him "Not tonight, tonight I just want you to get some sleep, okay?"

"Okay Mrs. Walker but I get to massage your back tomorrow night." Walker replied as he pulled the covers up over them. Laying her head on Walker's chest Alex said "Tomorrow night, I promise."

Chapter Nine

Alex was preparing to leave her office when the brunette walked in and told her "I think that it's time we met. I know your name is Alex Cahill-Walker and my name is, well lets just say for now that I'm the woman that your husband is seeing on the side. However if you really want to know my name I suggest that you ask Cordell to tell you it. Now I understand that you have children as do I so I'm just here to assure you that I don't want to break up your family. What Cordell and I are doing together is just having a little fun while we can, no harm in that."

"That's nice, now I suggest that you leave my office." Alex replied but the brunette sat herself down and told Alex "I think that we need to set some grounds rules before I leave."

Alex asked "You're trying to take my husband away from me and you have the gall to suggest that we set some ground rules, are you insane?"

The brunette answered "I am not trying to take your husband away from you, what I am doing is just having an affair with him and really it's not a big deal. So don't carry on and make it a big deal, it happens all the time Now as to the ground rules, I think that we should decide between the two of us when he should be with his family and when he's with me. I think that Cordell's hiding our relationship from you was getting to him so I decided to visit you so that we could get everything out in the open and make life easier for everyone involved. Now when do you want him at home with your children? You should take the evenings because I spend the afternoon with my two leaving my nights free to spend time with Cordell."

"That's it get out of my office while you're still breathing." Alex told the brunette who stood up and said "Okay if you want to be that way but just so you know that whenever I call him he will come running."

Alex told her "Whatever." Then Alex slammed her door shut and sat at her desk trying to assure herself that the brunette had been lying about Walker. Still upset Alex picked up a potted plant and fired it at the door as it was being opened by Trivette who ducked the potted plant and asked "Alex was that 'the brunette' that I just saw leaving here?"

"Yes it was Trivette. What do you want?" Alex replied. Trivette walked over to her and asked "Do you want to talk about it?"

"No I don't Trivette." Alex answered Trivette who said "Alex if Walker's other woman just paid you a visit I think that you need to talk to someone."

"She is not Walker's other woman and I had better never hear you say that again James Trivette." Alex snapped at him and Trivette said "Okay I get the idea, you still don't believe that Walker's cheating on you with her never mind the fact that she  just stopped in to tell you that he was, right?"

Now mad Alex told him "I suggest that you leave now Ranger Trivette." Trivette started to say something else but stopped because of the look on Alex's face and left her office without another word.

Trivette went back to Ranger headquarters and finding Walker in his private office for a change said to him "In case you're interested Captain Walker your mistress just paid a visit to your wife. Walker how could you do that to Alex? I asked her if she was okay because of your other woman paying her a visit and Alex told me that the brunette wasn't your other woman and that I had better never say that again. Then she all but threw me out of her office. Walker how can you pay back Alex's total devotion to you by having an affair?"

Walker answered "My private life is none of your concern Ranger Trivette, now if you don't have any Ranger business to discuss I suggest that you leave my office." Trivette replied "Fine throw me out too." Then he left Walker's private office as Walker sat in his chair and hoped that his wife had really meant what she had said to Trivette because right now he wouldn't blame Alex if she thought he was cheating on her. Walker then decided that he was going to try and bring the case to a close because Alex didn't need to have people telling her that he was cheating on her.

When Alex got home from work the nanny Betty looked at her and said "The triplets have been getting into everything that isn't nailed down. Bye." Betty then left as Alex looked at the triplets who were ganging up on Ray. Taking them away from Ray who was trying to play with his army mens Alex sat down on the floor with the triplets and diverted their attention to some of their toys. When the triplets started to play with their own toys Alex picked up Ray and kissed him on the cheek, Ray wiped it off as he said "Mommy. I'm a big boy now I don't need kisses anymore."

"Okay big boy. I'll just kiss the triplets from now on." Alex told her son who asked "As bad as they are?" Alex laughingly replied "Sweetheart they are no badder than you were at that age, it's just that there are three of them. They will start being better as they get older just like you did."

            "Okay Mommy." Ray answered as he began to play with his army mens. A little while later Walker came home and asked his wife "Hi honey how was your day?"

"I think you know how my day went. I'm only going to say this to you once, I trust you and you had better not betray that trust. Walker just tell me that this is going to be over with soon because it's a little unsettling to have a woman come into my office and suggest that the two of us set ground rules at to who gets you when." Alex said to Walker.

"Alex it will be over with soon and I am not betraying your trust in me, I would never do that. When this is over with I will repay you for trusting in me. I couldn't do what I need to do in this case if you didn't believe in me." Walker answered his wife who told her husband "You bet you will repay me and you can start with an evening at the opera."

"Opera? Can't I make it up to you with a night of dancing instead?" Walker half teased Alex who replied "No you enjoy the dancing too much, at least the kind we do in our bedroom. Opera first and then some dancing my cowboy."

"Okay opera and then some dancing." Walker agreed.

Chapter Ten

Walker was trying to relax at home when he got a phone call which caused him to leave. Shortly after that Trivette showed up and asked Alex "Hey is Walker around? I wanted to ask him something." Alex replied "No he's not."

"Let me guess he went to see that brunette?" Trivette questioned Alex who told him "This is not a conversation that we are going to have. Jimmy you've been a good friend of mine for years but you have got to stay out of it for both Walker's and my sake. Please Trivette drop it, will you?"

"Alex I just don't want you to get hurt." Trivette replied.

"I'm not going to get hurt but I'm not so sure about my husband. I'm really worried about him because at times it seems like he's almost saying goodbye to us. Walker keeps asking me to make sure that our children will be okay. Trivette we need to find out who killed Sharpe before Folsom succeeds in getting Walker arrested for it. Can you help me out?" Alex pleaded.

"Alex as far as I know Grear who is handling the case is still trying to talk to Miss Stacey and her son L. Anthony because he thinks they were involved in Sharpe's death. However the Attorney General's office won't let him near them because they think those two can tell them what happened to some missing children. His death is something I wouldn't put past those two never mind the fact that Sharpe's her son and L. Anthony's brother. Listen Alex I have some friends in the police department and I'll see if any of them know anything. If they do I'll call you and let you know but in the meantime I wouldn't worry about too much about Walker. He always seems to come out of these things okay, the man has good luck." Trivette replied.

"Yes but what happens when his luck runs out?" Alex questioned.

"That will never happen. I'll call you later if I find anything out." Trivette told Alex and left the ranch. After getting into his car Trivette decided to see if he could find out where Walker was at and go there to talk some sense into him before it was too late.

Walker entered the bar and the brunette said to him "Cordell I told your wife all about us today." Walker sat down besides her and said "Yes I know that because we had a big fight about it. Didn't I tell you that I didn't want her or anyone else knowing about us? She'll never give me a divorce now. Thanks to you Anne."

Anne took a sip of her drink and said "Why would you want a divorce? All we all doing is having an affair, at least it will really be one once we sleep together. Now that your wife knows about it there's no reason we can't go to my place and have sex. What do you say Cordell? We've put it off long enough."

"Aren't your children there?" Walker asked Anne who replied "They know to stay in their room and not bother me when I have a man there unless. Never mind about that part Cordell I doubt if you're into that sort of thing. Most people aren't."

"What sort of thing Anne?" Walker questioned Anne who smiled and answered "My you are naive, aren't you?"

"Are you saying what I think that you're saying? Aren't you worried about being arrested for using your children that way?" Walker asked.

"Will you relax. I just have them in pictures for now besides I have someone watching out for me, he makes sure that I don't get into trouble. Now come on let's go to my place." Anne said as she got up from the table. Walker followed her out the door and Anne said "Since you still don't want to let people know about us how about we take my car to my place? You can leave your truck in the lot. My car is around back."

However when they got around back Anne told him "Wait here Cordell while I get my car." Walker became wary but wanting to get more evidence against Anne for what she was doing to her own children stayed there. Several minutes later Anne came back but she wasn't alone, Folsom was with her. Folsom said "Well well if it isn't big bad Texas Ranger Cordell Walker. Are you ready to die?"

"No and I don't suppose that you plan to tell me why you think that I'm going to die? It would be nice." Walker answered Folsom who kissed Anne on her cheek and told Walker "Well you see it's like this, Anne here who by the way is really my girlfriend was just setting you up to be killed. Now as you know Anne knows how to make money when it comes to children, her's and other's. As you've already figured out Anne was a part that ring you busted Sharpe for."

Stalling for time Walker asked "If she was part of that ring can she tell me who killed Sharpe?" Folsom answered "I did because he threatened to go to the F.B.I. and cut a deal for himself by turning me in and I couldn't have that now could I? Former cops don't last long in prison."

"You killed Sharpe?" Walker questioned Folsom who answered "Yes I did and by the way I'm going to kill you too. I'm also going to get away with it because everything that you think has been recorded here hasn't been because we have a jammer that blocks transmission to your backup. By the time they get here you will have been killed."

"You may be a martial arts expert but you can't beat me in a fight and you know that Folsom so give yourself up." Walker demanded but Folsom whistled and more men appeared as Folsom told Walker "That's why I brought help. Get him."

Trivette who after locating Walker had been following him radioed in for help then stepped out of his car saying "Hey Folsom, haven't you ever heard of the one riot one Ranger saying?" Then Trivette waded into the group of men that where trying to subdue Walker. Folsom took Anne and tried to leave when Joe Prine leading a group of F.B.I. agents yelled out "F.B.I. freeze. We have this place surrounded."

The men who were fighting with Trivette and Walker stopped and raised their hands but Folsom pulled out his gun and fired it at Walker who fell to the ground as blood seeped from his head.

Chapter Eleven

Walker groaned and sat at up holding his head as Trivette told him "Take it easy, you've been shot." Walker stood up and said "It's nothing, by the way what are you doing here Trivette?"

"I took it upon myself to follow you and see what you were up to, lucky for you I did. Everyone is convinced that you were having an affair with that lady, who is she by the way? Walker why didn't you or Alex tell me what you were up to?" Trivette replied.

"Alex didn't know what I was doing, so she couldn't have told you. I couldn't tell you about it Trivette because Folsom was involved in this case, on the wrong side. Listen I have to go home to let Alex know that it's over, I'll tell you about it tomorrow." Walker answered as he started walking away but he swayed a little and Trivette told him "I don't think so Walker. You are going to checked out by a paramedic first and if he says you can go home then I'll drive you there myself and no arguing because if you do I tell your wife."

Walker was seen by a paramedic who said that Walker had only been grazed by the bullet but that maybe he should see a E.R. doctor to be on the safe side but Walker refused saying that he was going home. The paramedic told Walker that he didn't want him driving in case he got dizzy so Trivette drove Walker home and Joe Prine told Trivette that he would arrange for someone to drive Walker's truck to the ranch. A reluctant Walker got into Trivette's car and was driven home. Trivette tried to get Walker to tell him about the case but Walker insisted that he had to tell Alex everything first. Trivette scoffed "Yeah right like you would do something to lead everyone to believe that you were having an affair without explaining exactly what you were up to to your wife."

"Trivette all Alex knows is that I was working on something, I didn't tell her anymore than that. I told her that I wasn't cheating on her and that she had to believe in me for just a little while longer." Walker replied stunning Trivette who asked "You mean to tell me that Alex knew nothing other than the fact you were running off to see another woman and it was supposedly to work on a case? And she believed that you weren't cheating on her with another woman?"

Walker replied "Yes Trivette."

"No wonder you are insisting on going home now. Walker you are going to lose Alex if you do something like that to her again, you're lucky to not have lost her this time. I'll just drop you off and be on my way home myself." Trivette told Walker who suggested "Why don't you come in and that way I can explain it to you when I'm explaining it to Alex."

Trivette teased "What's the matter Walker, do you want me there to protect you in case Alex gets mad at you? Hey do you have any potted plants? If you do she can fire one at you like she did at her door after the brunette paid her a visit." Walker answered "Yes, we have potted plants so you can protect me if she tosses them at me. Besides I don't feel like explaining it twice."

Trivette helped Walker into the house and Alex hurried to Walker's side as she asked "How bad was he hurt?" Trivette answered "It's just a graze, I swear. I drove him home just to be on the safe side."

"Okay thanks for driving my husband home." Alex said dismissing Trivette who told her "Walker wants me to stay and listen to his explanation of what he's been up to."

"And to protect him too in case I'm tempted to throw something." Alex said to Trivette and then turned to her husband and told him "Well since it seems that the case is over with I suggest that you tell me what was going on."

Walker sat down on the couch and explained "I received a call from Sharpe saying that he knew there was a member of the police department involved in that internet porn ring and that he wanted out. I got Joe Prine involved and I did go meet Sharpe the night he was killed, he told me that he was acting on orders when he filed that P.F.A. against me and was harassing you. Sharpe also told me that he had been raised by his mother Miss Stacey but that he had been told to tell everyone that she had adopted him as a baby. That L. Anthony wasn't really his brother because his mother had stolen him when he was a baby and told everyone that he was her's. Now as to why I was letting everyone think that I was having an affair, Sharpe showed me some pictures of children that L. Anthony had taken and told me that their mother, Anne was basically using her children to make money. I found out who this woman was and the only way I could get close to her and get the evidence that the F.B.I. needed was to let her think that I was interested in her. Sharpe didn't know what police officer was involved in that ring so I also had to find that out too. It turns out that Folsom was in on the ring and also the boyfriend of Anne. Folsom found out that Sharpe wanted to cut a deal with the F.B.I. so he killed him and was doing his best to get me arrested for it. We needed Anne to say to me while I was wearing a wire that she was exploiting her children and we were able to do that tonight. Then Folsom showed up to kill me then Trivette showed up to stop him and shortly after that the F.B.I. showed up but Folsom shot me and so Trivette insisted on bringing me home."

Alex looked at her husband then said to Trivette "Thank you for bringing my husband home now if you don't mind I think that he should get some rest." Trivette stood up and said as he headed to the door "Okay I'll see you guys tomorrow."

Chapter Twelve 

After Trivette left Alex said to her husband "I think that I deserve a better explanation than the one you just gave Trivette." Walker questioned his wife "What do you mean by that Alex? I just told you why I did what I did."

"I'm your wife not your partner, I want to know why you were keeping all of this from me. Walker you went out of your way to let people think that you were having an affair with her, myself included. I deserved to be told about what you were doing and why you were doing it when you were doing it, not after the fact." Alex replied.

"Alex I didn't know who all was involved in this and I couldn't tell anyone in case they said something to the wrong person. Honey if I could have told you I would have." Walker said to Alex who told him "I have never betrayed your confidence in me and you know that Walker. You know that if you had told me what you were doing I would not have told anyone about it."

"Alex I was trying to protect you." Walker said as he hugged Alex but she backed away and asked "How can you say that you were protecting me when you were running off to see another woman just about every time I turned around? Walker I had so many people tell me that you were cheating on me because of the way that you were behaving. Why didn't you tell me? Is it because you didn't trust me?"

"Alex I had to do anything that I could to get Anne for what she was doing and the only way that I could get close to her was to let her believe that I was interested in her. I couldn't tell you because the fewer people who knew what I was up to the better. If there had been another way to have done it I would have." Walker explained.

"I understand the part about you needing her to think that you were interested in her but I can't understand you not trusting me enough to tell me what you were doing. Did you think that I was going to tell someone? Walker I am your wife and you've put me through a lot by doing things the way you did them." Alex told him.

"Look Alex I am sorry about that but I needed to get Anne and I did." Walker was saying when Alex asked "Yes you got her for what she was doing and you also got Folsom for killing Sharpe but you also have me wondering why you couldn't believe in me when you were telling me to believe in you in spite of everything. And you know what? I believed that you weren't cheating on me in spite of everyone telling me that you were and you acting like you were."

"Alex honey I know that I've upset you with the way that I did things but I thought it was the best way to go about it." Walker tried explaining again but Alex questioned him "Walker if you had it do to all over again, would you have done everything the same including not telling me what you were doing?"

"No I wouldn't have, I know now that I should have told you what I was doing. But at the time all I could think of was nailing her." Walker honestly answered Alex who said "After all of these years you still have a one track mind when it comes to criminals who get under your skin."

Walker winked and asked "Does that mean we can do some dancing tonight?" Alex smiled and replied "No we can't for two reasons, one you owe me a night at the opera first and two I don't think that you are up to anything like that tonight. Now come on upstairs with me, to get some sleep and nothing else." Walker said "Darn." But he followed Alex upstairs.

Several hours later Walker woke Alex up with his moving about in bed and muttering "No Alex don't you dare. Alex don't." Alex turned on the lamp and was getting ready to wake up her husband when Walker bolted awake. Alex asked him "Walker what were you dreaming about? You were moving about and saying 'No Alex don't you dare. Alex don't.' What don't you want me to do?"

"Leave me, in my dream you had had enough of me and left me taking the children with you." Walker answered Alex who said "Walker I am not going to leave you, I would never take our children away from you no matter how mad I get at you."

Walker laid back down and told his wife "Trivette said to me that if I ever did anything like that to you again I would lose you and that I was lucky that I hadn't lost you this time with the way I behaved during this case. But what they were doing it made me so determined to get them for it. I'm sorry Alex."

Laying back down herself Alex replied "Walker I know that this case really got to you because of the children just like the first case involving Coulson Sharpe did. Is that why you kept telling me to make sure that our children were okay?" Walker nodded yes and Alex then added "As I recall I was pretty upset with you back then but I know how much you care about children and we got over it then and we'll get over this too." Walker smiled and asked "Does that mean you'll let me kiss you so that we can make up?"

"Sure cowboy right after we spend the night at the opera and not a minute before then. So I suggest Cordell that you start figuring out who's going to be watching all five of our children that night. I don't think that there are too many people willing to watch five young children." Alex answered as she laid her head on her husband's chest.

Somehow Walker talked Trivette and his ex-wife Erica into watching all five of the Walker children. As they were getting ready to leave for the opera Alex asked them "Erica and Jimmy, are you two sure you want to do this? I mean Erica wouldn't you rather be at home with your daughter Destiny?"

Erica answered "She's fine with my father and Walker said that J.W. was staying over here tonight so you'll be returning the favor, as for Jimmy he needs to spend some time with J.W. and he can do that and help me with your children at the same time. Now you go and have a nice time Alex."

Alex and Walker went to the opera which Alex enjoyed but Walker didn't because he didn't like them. After the opera they got into Walker's truck and Alex teased him "Well I think that we should go home so that you we can dance."

Walker said "Not yet lady, we are going to have dinner at LaMancha's first and then we can go home and dance." Alex kissed her husband on the cheek and told him "Thank you Walker you didn't have to take me to dinner, the opera was enough."

"I wanted to because we both need a little time to ourselves." Walker answered his wife. As they were eating their desert Walker handed Alex a wrapped gift and she opened it to reveal a bracelet. Picking it up Alex said "Oh Walker it's so beautiful, you didn't have to get me this."

Walker took Alex's hand and told her "Look at the back of it." Alex turned it over and saw that it was inscribed 'Alex, I love you. Cordell.' Wiping away a stray tear Alex said "I love you so much Cordell." Then she put it around her wrist.

"Alex about the way I did things on this case, I know that I put you through a lot but that wasn't my intention." Walker told his wife who told him "I know that it wasn't your intention to upset me and you really didn't because I did not believe that you were betraying me. You would never do that to me and I know that. You stopped them from hurting anymore children and that's what matters here. The end did justify the means, okay?"

"Okay Mrs. Walker." Walker replied. When they got back home all the children were sleeping and the Walkers thanked Erica and Trivette for watching their children but Trivette asked about the opera and couldn't understand why Erica told him that he could hear about it tomorrow that she wanted to leave now.

Walker and Alex watched them go. After they locked up Walker asked "Well lady what kind of music do you want for our dancing?" Taking her husband's hand Alex answered "None let's just skip the dancing and make love instead." Walker said "Sounds good to me Alexandra." They went upstairs and followed through on their plans.

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