Mid December 2001

He sat beside his wife and placed his hands where he could see all the movement; smiling he said, “This one is definitely going to be a soccer player.”

“How do you know it’s not a fist?”

“Okay a boxer then.”

They both laughed and she said, “All I know is I hope the doctors are right about them being born soon; my insides have to be black and blue.”

“Don’t rush them; the longer they stay put the better.”

Leaning forward she kissed him softly saying, “I know, but I can’t wait to find out if they’re boys or girls, to count fingers and toes, to hold them in my arms.”

“I know what you mean; I’m looking forward to that as well.”

The doorbell rang and he hopped up yelling, “Hold your horses; be right there.” Opening it he said, “I knew it would be you guys; Fred’s already stopped by.”

Alex laughed and taking Walker’s hand she pulled him inside saying, “I can’t help it, I’m going to be an aunt any day now.”

“Yeah, Aunt Alex.” He almost missed the flash of pain on his partner’s face and knowing exactly what caused it he asked, “You okay man?”

Feeling her husband’s fingers tighten around hers Alex sucked in a deep breath as she realized what had happened; she used her free hand to stroke the side of his face saying, “I know darling.”

Seeing the sadness in all three faces Erica asked, “What am I missing?”

Walker responded, “A few years ago Trivette and I rescued a young boy during a drug raid; he ended up staying with me at the ranch and he always called my wife Aunt Alex.”

“Do you still keep in touch with him?”

Squeezing her husband’s hand Alex said, “Lucas was born with AIDS; he died.”

“I’m sorry; it sounds like he was very special to both of you.”

“He was.”

Angela chose that moment to babble out one of her long baby speeches and all of them laughed before Jimmy asked, “Okay, what did she say?”

In a completely serious tone Walker said, “The gist of it was that you can’t live in the past, only in the present.”

It took a second for Jimmy to realize he was being teased and he said, “Oh this is great, she’s not even a year old yet and she’s already picking on me.”

Noticing the direction her daughter was staring Alex said, “Look at her, she sees the babies moving, she’s fascinated.”

With a laugh Erica said, “Bring her over Walker, let her feel.”

Taking his daughter’s hand he placed it over the baby bump and several things happened instantaneously, the babies stopped moving, Angela moved her hand over the baby bump by herself and Walker blurted out, “They’re both boys.”

All of them were stunned at first then Jimmy groaned, “Not another Walker with that “Cherokee intuition” thing?”

Remembering what White Eagle had told them a while back Alex just smiled as she said, “I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Walker mentally shrugged off the strange feeling and removing his daughter’s hand from Erica’s stomach he stood up saying, “Okay that even freaked me out a little.”

“Relax honey, if she really inherited that…well Jimmy will just have to get used to it.”

As she fed their daughter later that night she looked at the strange expression on her husband’s face and asked, “What are you thinking?”

“I’m wondering why you’re so calm about the possibility she might have the gift.”

“After all these years of loving you, I’ve seen it many times darling, a lot more than Jimmy has I’m sure.” Giggling she added, “But if she starts appearing and disappearing like White Eagle does…now that might be a little much.”

Going to her side he tilted her lips up and gave her a long kiss before saying, “Honey if that ever happens, it will definitely be too much.”

Later that night they put their daughter in her crib and after making coffee they went out and sat on the porch swing where they cuddled together; a few minutes later he noticed Alex was shivering a little and he got up saying, “Be right back.” He retrieved the blanket from the back of the couch and sinking back down beside her he wrapped it around both of them asking, “Is that better?”

“Definitely, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

This had always been one of their favorite times of day, where they could relax, enjoy their coffee, fill each other in on the events of the day, or just enjoy the solitude. Since Alex wasn’t planning to return to work until after Angela’s birthday and he wasn’t working any big cases at the moment…tonight was about snuggling, not words.

After a while Alex said, “Okay, it’s time for me to go inside, even with the blanket I’m cold.” She smacked him when he laughed and added, “I know you can walk barefoot on hot coals and probably barefoot through a blizzard, but I can’t”

Easing himself out from under the blanked he stood up and surprised her by scooping her up into his arms; he laughed at her startled squeak and carried her up the stairs; setting her down in the bathroom he said, “Why don’t you soak in a nice warm tub of water while I feed the horses.”

Catching his hand before he could escape she said, “Go feed them and then we’ll both soak in the tub.” She saw his eyes darken as they filled with desire and her body instantly reacted to it; she linked her arms behind his neck and ran her fingers lightly through his hair right at the nape, a move she knew made him crazy.

“You’re playing with fire Lady.”

“Well as soon as you get back…you can make me burn Cowboy.” The kiss he gave her made it perfectly clear he intended to do just that and she smiled as she heard him running down the stairs.

A couple of minutes later the phone rang and she muttered, “Why am I not surprised?” She answered and hearing the Captain’s voice she said, “Hold on a minute and I’ll take him the phone; he’s out in the barn.”

Seeing her approach with the phone he grimaced and took it from her. “Walker.”

“Sorry to bother you so late but I got a call from the governor asking for your assistance; I have a chopper on the way to pick you up.”

“Yes sir I understand.” He hung up the phone before saying, “I have to go to Austin; the Captain has a helicopter on the way to pick me up; I’m going to grab a quick shower.”

“I’ll get your overnight bag out of the Ram and grab your suit from the closet.”

“Thanks hon.” He gave her a quick kiss saying, “I’ll make it up to you when I get back.”

Four hours later he looked at the expectant faces of the people in the room with him and gave a mental groan; they acted like he had a choice in what they wanted from him, but he knew he really didn’t. “Okay, I need to call my wife and give her the details then I’m all yours.”

“Thank you Ranger Walker.”

He was guided to a private office where he quickly dialed home and as soon as she answered he said, “You’re not going to like it.”


“No, personal protection.”



“You’re right I don’t like it.”

“It should only last a couple of days though.”

“I’ve heard that before.”

“So have I.”

“Who’s my contact?”

“Agent Tyler.” He gave her the number and said, “I better go; I love you.”

“I love you too…be careful.”

For once the time frame proved close to accurate and three days later he called saying, “I’ll be landing at work in about two hours; I should be clear a couple of hours after that.”

“Sounds good; I’ll pick you up.”

“I’m still dressed up from this last meeting with the governor; why don’t you find someone to take care of Angela and I’ll treat you to a night of dinner and dancing.”

“Feeling guilty about something?”

“Does fending off the advances of a diplomat’s daughter count?”

“That’s what you get for being so irresistible.”

“Alex! She was a kid…maybe mid-twenties at best.”

“You weren’t even tempted were you?”

“Not one bit; you’re the only woman I want and you know it.”

Deciding to let him off the hook she said, “Dinner and dancing sounds great; see you later darling.”

She made a couple of calls and went to start getting ready; her husband was in for a surprise!

When she walked into the office later Gage glanced up and whispered, “Wow.”

Walker looked up and as his eyes roamed over his wife’s outfit he said, “I agree with that comment.” Making his way to her side he gave her a lingering kiss as he said, “You look fantastic Mrs. Walker.”

“I’m glad you approve; are you ready?”

For just a second he thought about the unfinished report on his desk then he said, “Definitely, let’s go.”

All through dinner they couldn’t keep their eyes off each other and neither of them really tasted the food; when they got back to her car he said, “I promised to take you dancing.”

Flashing him an enigmatic look she replied, “I know you did.” A short time later she pulled up in front of a luxury hotel and ignoring his puzzled look she said, “Come on Cowboy.”

They danced inside the lounge for a few minutes then she whispered, “Do you really want to dance anymore?”

Chuckling he replied, “After I saw you in that dress in the office? You’re lucky we made it through dinner.”

“Good answer.” Taking him by the hand she walked out through the lobby and went straight to the elevator.

“What are you up to Mrs. Walker?”

“I’m kidnapping you for the night; any objections?”

Bemused, he answered, “Not a one.”

December 17, 2001

The next day Jimmy walked into the office and faked a look of surprise as he said, “I didn’t see your truck outside.”

“Alex dropped me off.”

Seeing the slight blush on his partner’s face he grinned and answered, “I’m taking it you enjoyed Alex’s surprise last night.”


Raising his hands in surrender he went to his own desk before saying, “Any time you want to return the favor…we’ll be happy to watch Angela again.” He expected one of Walker’s standard “mind your own business” glares and was floored when the man smiled saying, “Soon partner…I just have some plans to make first.”

Laughing, Jimmy said to himself, “Must have been some night.” He watched as his partner absently began rubbing his wrists and his eyes widened as he thought, “No way, surely not!”

Unaware of the direction Jimmy’s thought had gone Walker forcibly cleared his mind and worked on finishing the report in front of him; he knew the Captain was going to expect all the details of his latest assignment.

By lunch time Jimmy was more curious than ever; Walker had not voiced one word of complaint about patrolling in the car or the fact that he wasn’t driving; his partner definitely had other things on his mind.  

Walker kept his head turned as they drove hoping he was giving the illusion he was watching for trouble; the reality being he was absolutely unable to forget the night before; he and Alex had been lovers long before they got married but she still managed to surprise him with new ideas. Without realizing what he was doing he began rubbing his wrists again only to stop abruptly when he caught his partner’s questioning look.

Wondering how to broach the subject on his mind Jimmy was startled when his cell phone rang; when he answered he listened for a minute then pulled off the side of the road as he said, “What?”

Hearing the shock in his friend’s voice and seeing the unfocused look he took the phone away from him saying, “This is Walker.”

“Thank God you’re with him; my water broke.”

Immediately going into professional mode he responded, “Erica we’re about 90 minutes out at least; call 911 and I’ll get him to the hospital.” Turning to his partner he said, “Trade places with me Trivette; you’re in no shape to drive.” He used that couple of minutes to call Alex and tell her what was going on, then he flipped on the lights and making a u-turn he sped towards the hospital.

Alex was already there when they arrived and she guided Jimmy to where he needed to go get ready then joined her husband in the waiting room asking, “Are you going to be able to stay?”

“Hopefully; they’ll call if any emergencies come up.”

“I don’t suppose you could put out an APB on Fred’s car? I’ve called everywhere I know to look.”

“Did you try Trent? I know Fred’s been taking lessons for a couple of weeks.”

She dialed the number, relayed the information and hung up saying, “Good call.”

He arrived few minutes later and sat down with them asking, “Any news yet?”

“Not yet.”

They took turns pacing the floor until a doctor finally approached Fred and asked, “Are you with Erica Trivette?”

Motioning to Walker and Alex he replied, “We all are.”

“Congratulations, two healthy baby boys!”

“My daughter is okay as well?”

“She did great; her husband wasn’t much help though; he passed out before the first one was born.”

Trying desperately to control his mirth Walker glanced at Alex and realized she was having the same problem; a quick glance at Fred and suddenly all three of them collapsed in laughter.

Walker’s phone rang and he said, “Looks like it’s time for me to go; give Erica a kiss for me and throw some ice water on Trivette.” Giving Alex a quick kiss he added, “I’ll see you later, I love you hon.”

“I love you too and don’t you dare put a scratch on Jimmy’s truck.”

It was much later before Walker got a chance to return to the hospital and it took him a few minutes to track down everyone; walking into Erica’s room he saw Trivette and said, “What happened to you?”

“Oh man, one minute I’m fine and the next thing I know the nurses are helping me into a chair; I missed all the excitement.”

“Maybe you’ll do better next time.” Changing the subject he asked, “Where are Fred and Alex?”

“They went to the nursery to see the boys.”

“Did you name them yet?”

“Simon Frederick Trivette and James Cordell Trivette.”

Choking up Walker whispered, “You named him after me?”

“You have a problem with that?”

“I’m honored Trivette.”

“You can probably get a look at them if you hurry.”

After he had left the room Erica looked at Jimmy saying, “I don’t think he was expecting that.”

Grinning he replied, “I know he wasn’t but the boys all have family names and he is definitely family.”

Alex saw him when he walked in and going to his side she pointed saying, “Simon on the left and James on the right.”

He studied them for a couple of minutes then whispered for her ears only, “I’m trying to envision them 18 years from now so I can figure out which one is going to be our son-in-law.”

“Any luck?”

“No clue.”

They both chuckled and she said, “Either of them will be perfect.”

Fred picked up on the conversation and asked, “Perfect for what?”

Putting his arms around his wife Walker replied, “Ask Trivette what I told him is going to happen when our kids grow up.”

Alex laughed and said, “If he doesn’t know what you’re talking about remind him of the “Cherokee “intuition.”

Shaking his head Fred responded, “I’m not sure I even want to know.”

They went back to Erica’s room and Walker gave Jimmy the keys to his truck saying, “I’m going to ride home with Alex; you two did great, very handsome babies.”

Pocketing the keys Jimmy said, “We should be able to take them home tomorrow.”

“Let the sleepless nights begin.”

“Geez, did you have to remind me of that?”

It was much later that night when Walker woke up drenched in sweat; for a minute he was totally disoriented then he carefully climbed out of bed; he felt Alex stir and whispered, “Go back to sleep hon; I have to take a ride.”

She thought about questioning him but made herself say, “Okay, be careful out there; it’s still dark.”

Without bothering to saddle Ranger he swung up and made his way to the final resting place of Lucas Simms; he sat cross-legged on the ground and closed his eyes.

From behind him a voice said, “Washo, my apologies for manipulating your dreams, but I needed to see you.”

“Hello White Eagle.”

“I had a vision; Little Visitor wanted me to tell you that when the time is right you and Alex will have a son, but you must be patient.”

“Eighteen years is a long time.”

Chuckling, White Eagle said, “It is not your namesake I speak of Washo; there will be a natural born son for the two of you; Little Visitor says the white man’s medicine is not accurate.”

“A baby?”

“The spirits do not lie Washo; remember what I said.”

Walker turned to see his old friend and realized he was alone; he stared down at the grave and as his tears fell he said, “Lucas…if you say it will happen…I believe you, but I know my wife, I’m not going to tell her because if I do and it doesn’t happen right away she will worry; this will remain our secret.” As he made his way back to the house it dawned on him what else White Eagle had said; his namesake, James Cordell Trivette was the one that Angela would marry in the future. He grinned and said aloud, “Good thing Trivette didn’t name him James Walker…that would be confusing.”

Alex was awake when he returned and she asked, “Is everything okay?”

“Yes; I had a dream about Lucas, so I took a ride out to his grave.”

She sensed there was more to the story but knew that unless he chose to tell her she would never know.

Later that night Walker had another dream in which he saw himself holding Angela as they looked through the nursery window at a little baby boy; she looked up at him and said, “This is our gift from Lucas, if he’d arrived a little earlier he could have been my fifth birthday present.” Waking up with a smile he looked as his sleeping wife and thought, “Won’t you be surprised when that happens.” His smile grew wider as he thought of what was in store for him and Alex and tightening his embrace he whispered, “I love you Alexandra.” Secure in the knowledge of what his future held he allowed sleep to claim him once again.