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It was a beautiful afternoon in Fort Worth, Texas.  Near the Stock Yards was a little bar and grill called C.D.’s.

Tarrent County Assistant District Attorney enters the bar.  Her mood was cheerful, she finally had a night free.

A whole night to spend with the man of her dreams, her fiancée Cordell Walker.

She greeted the bars owner : Hey C.D.  Have you seen Walker?” she then asked.

“Not since breakfast, honey” the older man answered.

“Oh” she said, her disappointment showed.

“I’m sure he’ll be in soon darlin’”

“I hope so C.D.” she said as he handed her a cup of coffee, she continued “ Do you know how long it has been since Walker and I have had s-----”

The older man cleared his throat, his face turned red and he stuttered a little “Honey I don’t think--well  I  really--”

She looked very funny at him and continued “sometime to spend with one another.”

Just then Texas Ranger Jimmy Trivette came into the bar followed by his partner Cordell Walker.

Jimmy said “Gee big dog, your face is as red as a beet  What’d ya do Alex embarrass him?”  he asked jokingly.

Alex turned red also.

Walker said “Don’t ask Trivette”.

Alex gave her love a ‘thank you’ look.

He winked at her and whispered as he kissed her cheek “That doesn’t mean I won’t ask later.”

Once all the greetings were exchanged and their orders were placed, Jimmy sat at the bar eating some cookies while he drank his milk.

Alex had managed to steal her cowboy away to their favorite booth in the back of the building.  She slid in and he sat down and slid next to her.  There was silence for awhile, each one just enjoying being with the one they loved.  Finally Alex said “I have the whole night free.  I thought we could find a romantic spot with candle light and soft music.”

“Humm, lady are you trying to tempt me?”  Walker joked.

“Well Cowboy.”  she said,  then kissed his lips.  The passion in the kiss began to build and for a moment they both forgot when they were.

The moment was broken when Jimmy yelled from the bar “Walker, man we gotta go.  There’s a bank robbery on 5th street.”

Walker looked at Alex, He wanted to tell his partner go on with out him.  But he knew he couldn’t do that, he couldn’t live with himself if he did.

“I gotta go,  I’m sorry.”

“I know” she said  “go”  she smiled as he kissed her cheek.

As he left the bar he called back to her “I’ll pick you up at 8 call Dawson’s and make a reservation” then he ran out the door.

After a few minutes C.D. went over to Alex and said “Honey the bad guys never seem to take a night off.”

“I know that C.D. but one of these days” she said smiling.

The bank robbers were taken down easily.  They ran right into the Rangers on their way out.

After the robbers were cuffed and taken away, Trivette said “They weren’t the smartest crooks I ever saw.”

Walker just laughed.

Then Trivette said “Let’s go back to C.D.’s for a drink, my treat”

“Well, can I take a rain check on that?”  Walker asked.

“Sure, but why?”  Jimmy questioned him.

“I’m going to head home and get a few things done before I meet Alex for dinner.”  He dropped Jimmy off at C.D.’s and went to the ranch.

He fed the horses first, then he cleaned the stalls.  Once that was done he went to the house to take a shower and get ready to go meet the woman he loves.

Once in the door he puts his gun and badge on the hall table.  He pulled his shirt from inside his jeans and took his wallet out of his pocket.  He walked into the living room and everything went black.

At C.D.’s Jimmy was eating a sandwich, he was talking to the retired Ranger  “Big dog I’m telling you, Alex has got to be the most patient woman I ever met.  Walker doesn’t know what he has.”

“He knows Jimmy.  It’s just the way he is”,  then he said “Shh, here she comes.”

She walked in the room.  C. D. thought ‘she is so beautiful’ he was as proud of her as if she were his own daughter.

She looked around and asked “Where’s Walker?” she asked.

“He went home to get ready for your date”  Jimmy said taking a bite of his sandwich.

“We were supposed to meet here.  He probably is on his way” she said.  She sat on the stool next to Jimmy and said  “How about a cup of coffee while I wait C.D.?”

“Comin’ right up”  he said.

Walker woke up.  He opened his eyes but he was blindfolded.  Boy did his head hurt, he tried to move and realized he was bound hand and feet.

He was lying on a bed, his hands were tied to the headboard and his feet were tied to the foot board.  Along with the blindfold he was also gagged.

He tried to struggle to get loose or to make a sound but it was no use he only managed to tired himself out.  He was frustrated.  Lying there he thought ‘I wonder what time it is?’  then he thought ‘if I don’t meet Alex for dinner she will have everyone looking for me, or she will think I just stood her up again’  he yanked the ropes again and thought ‘DAMN’.

Just then he heard what sounded like a door open.  He turned his head toward the noise.  Footsteps came toward the him.  He felt someone sit next to him on the bed.

A female voice said “Well you’re awake.  Good” she said, the woman ran her fingers through his beard.  Then she said “You are so ruggedly handsome,  I’ve loved you since the first time I saw you.”

Walker tried to say something.  She removed the gag, but left the blindfold on.

“Who are you and what do you want?”  he snapped.

“Let’s just say I am someone who loves you very much and I am going to make you love me too.”

“There is only one woman I love and it is not you.”  he said, with anger in his voice.

“I know that you think you love Ms. Cahill but you are wrong.  You will find you love me more” she said.

“Look” Walker said calmly “Untie me and let me go.  We’ll just say this is a mistake and no harm done.”

She began to rub her hands over his shirt and bent over to kiss him.  As her lips touched his, he managed to break free from her kiss.

She laughed and said “You’ll come around.”  Then she replaced the gag over his mouth.  “I have to go but I’ll be back,  I love you” she said then he heard the door close.

He lay there for a few moments wondering where am I?

At C.D.’s Alex had went from being angry to being worried.

“Relax Alex he probably got busy and lost track of time”  Jimmy said.

“Yeah, darlin’ you know how he is when he gets around them horses” C.D. told her.

“Well I’m calling him anyway”  she said and took the cell phone from her purse.  As she dialed his number.

Jimmy said “Big dog, she is as bad as Walker, she takes her cell phone on a date too.”

Their laughter is short, from the look on the lady’s face they knew something is wrong.

“He’s not answering” she said.

“Honey he’s probably on his way then.”  C.D. assured her.

“I don’t know C.D. something doesn’t feel right,  I called his cell phone and he doesn’t answer it.”

“I’m going out to the ranch”.  She starts to get off the stool.

“Alex look, you wait here for Walker, I’ll drive out to the ranch.  This way if you’re wrong he won’t know you were worried.”  Jimmy said.  He smiled at her and hugged her. “Call me if he shows up Big Dog.”

“Will do” C.D. said, then he turned to Alex and asked “How about another cup of coffee, sweetheart?”

She nodded, he filled her cup.

As Jimmy drove down the long driveway to Walker ranch and saw Walkers Ram parked in front of the house he thought ‘Boy Walker if you just forgot your date with Alex I wouldn’t want to be in your boots when she gets a hold of you.’ he laughed a little.

He parked his car near the Ram and went onto the porch.   He knocked on the door and got no answer so he opened it and went inside saying “Walker, where are you man?”  he walked inside and noticed Walkers gun and badge on the entrance table.  He went into the living room and saw his partners wallet on the couch.  He started up the stairs and said “Walker man, you better get a move on Alex is waiting for you at C.D.’s and she madder than a ----”  he stopped when he didn’t find Walker upstairs either.

“I’ll bet he is in the barn with the horses” he said to himself.

He walked gingerly to the barn, but Walker wasn’t there either.

Now concern had gripped him,  he ran back to the ranch, this time he noticed a chair had been knocked sideways.  Upon closer examination he noticed a spot of what looked like blood near the chair.

A red light went off in his head.  Immediately he called for help, then he called to let Alex and C.D. know what he had found.

By the time his friends had arrived, the crime team was there gathering evidence.  Although they found a number of fingerprints they would be of little help until they sorted out the prints that belonged there against the prints found there.

They also took a sample of the blood and a partial foot print found off the driveway.

Even though there was a flurry of activity at the ranch Jimmy immediately greeted his friends

“Jimmy, what happened?”  Alex asked with a terrified look in her eyes.

“I’m not sure, Alex.  This is just what I found.  From what I can figure he had finished in the barn and then came into the house. The horses have been fed and watered and it looked like someone cleaned the stalls.  His gun and badge are right were I found them and I found his wallet thrown on the couch.”  he let out a sigh.  “I can’t understand anyone getting the drop on Walker.”

“He was probably in a hurry and after all you don’t really suspect anyone is hiding in your own house” C.D. said.

“Just never knew Walker to let his guard down”  Jimmy said.

Back at the office Alex joined the Rangers in formulating a search plan.

Walker had tried to get free of his bindings, struggling uselessly.  At some point frustration was overtaken by sleep.  He woke when he heard the door open once more.

His captor made her way to his bedside.  Slowly she sat down and began to unbutton his shirt.  He moved and tried to get away from her touches.  He struggled to say something, she removed the gag.

“Who are you and what do you want?”  he snapped.

“Cordell, calm down dear.  You will love me I promise.”  She began to run her fingers through the hair on his chest under the buttons she had opened.

He jerked away “Leave me alone you bitch”  he said.

She pulled back and said “Flattery will get you everywhere.”  She laughed and captured his lips in a kiss.  Once again he managed to break free from her kiss. “I love a man with fire.”

The phone rang “Damn” she muttered.

She replaced the gag and left the room.  After awhile there was silence again.

Walker felt helpless, which was a feeling he did not like.

At Ranger Headquarters the task force was laying out a search grid.  The Sheriff’s Dept. and D.P.D. were called to help.

Jimmy was coordinating the teams.  Alex had not left all night she wanted to be involved in finding Walker.  By morning there was still no news.

Alex was weary but also very worried.  She sat at the conference table in the middle of the Ranger’s office.  She had laid her head on her arms on the table to rest.  

Officer Paula Depree walked beside her and said “Miss Cahill. I’m sure Ranger Walker will be okay.”

Alex dried the tears which she had shed and said “Thank you, I hope you’re right.”

“I just can’t believe anyone would kidnap him” the officer said.

Alex shook her head.

“That would be the last thing he would have expected after working in the barn.” she said as she walked off.

Once she had left Alex stood and crossed the room. “Jimmy did you say anything in your report about Walker might have been working in the barn before he was taken?”

“What?” he asked. Then he thought “No as a matter a fact I even forgot I checked the barn when I found the blood.  We just concentrated on the house.  Why?”  he asked.

Alex turned around and searched the room with her eyes, to see if the female officer was still there.  But she was gone.

“Jimmy I think something funny is going on.”

“Alex what’s bothering you?”  he asked.

She then relayed the conversation she had just had with the female officer to him. 

“Honey, maybe she guessed.  Most of the officers know how fond he is of those horses of his.”  C.D. suggested.

“C.D. I just don’t like it.  She sounded like she knew more than she was saying” Alex said.

“I, for one, am going to trust Alex’s instincts on this, she has been right before Big Dog” Jimmy said.

Then he turned to Alex “ Did you know her or get her name?”

“I’ve never seen her before but I saw the name plate under her badge it was something like Depree----yes Depree.”

Jimmy left them, he then returned in a few minutes. “Alex, the officer’s name is Paula Depree”.  She is assigned to the 4th district.  In fact she is one of the officers from D.P.D that is here helping.

He pointed to another officer and said “He’s her partner, his name is Jerry Smyth.”

All three of Walkers friends approached the officer.

“Hello” Jerry said “Can I help you?”

“Yes” Jimmy introduced them to the officer then he asked “Do you know where your partner is?”

“Well not really she just said she had to leave and might be gone awhile.”

“You didn’t even ask her where she was going?”  Alex asked.

“Not really” he looked at Jimmy “We’re partners.  You know how it is partners cover for one another.”

“Look let’s go somewhere a little quieter to talk” C.D. suggested.

All four of them go into an empty interrogation room.

“What do you guys want with Officer Depree?”  Jerry asked.

“Just to ask her a few questions that’s all.  Do you know if she knows Ranger Walker?”

“Not exactly, I mean we worked with you guys on a warehouse bust about 6 months ago.”

“Warehouse bust?”  Jimmy said trying to remember the one the officer was referring to.

“Yea Jimmy” C.D. said “Cordell got the information from------”

Before he could finish Smyth said “Cordell?” 

“Yes that’s Ranger Walkers name” Alex said.

“Paula has been talking about her new boyfriend, his name is Cordell.”

“How long has she know him?”

“Come to think of it I think she said she met him at C.D.’s about 6 months ago.  He’s a cop she said.”

Alex looks at Jimmy “Alex it might all be a coincidence.”  Jimmy said.

“How many Cordell’s do you know on the force?” Alex asked her fiancée’s partner.

Jimmy said nothing at first, he knew Alex was right.  Cordell was not a common name.  He turned to the officer and said “Thanks for your help” he shook Smythe’s hand and said “If Officer Depree comes back please let us know.”

“Sure thing Ranger.” he said and left the room.

“Let’s run a check on Officer Depree” they all left the room and went to Jimmy’s desk to access what information the could find on Paula Depree.

“She has a good record with D.P.D.  She lives in Plano with an elderly Aunt.”  Jimmy went through her records then he said “Here’s something strange”.

Alex and C.D. moved in closer to see the computer screen.

“She rented a cabin outside of Springfield about 2 weeks ago” Walker lives near Springfield.

Walker heard the sound of the door to the room open.  He tried to call out but the gag around his mouth only allowed muffled sounds.

Footsteps came near the bed, then he felt a touch.  As she caressed his beard she said, “Cordell we will share our love tonight then end our lives.  That way we can be together for eternity our souls intertwined as one.  When we are found we will be in each others arms showing the world the love we have for each other.  What do you think Miss Cahill would think of that.  You lying in the arms of another woman” she laughed an evil laugh.

She reached to remove his gag when she heard a noise outside the cabin.

“Those pesky raccoons must be in the trash again.” she said “Cordell, love I’ll be right back.  Don’t go anywhere” she ran her hand across his chest.

He moved to get away from her touch.  He shuttered when she left the room, he had to get loose.  The thought of this crazy woman touching him again made his skin crawl.

He worked at loosening the ropes which bound his hands.  Slowly the rope began to loosen this time.

Paula went out on the porch to shoo the rodents from the trash.  As she crossed the porch three Texas Rangers grabbed her.

Jimmy, Alex and C.D. ran onto the porch.  Trivette asked “where’s Walker?”

She just laughed.

“Where’s Walker and what have you done to him?” Alex demanded.

“He’s inside, but he loves me not you” she laughed again “I’ve made sure of that!”

Alex threw a right hook that Walker would be proud of and knocked the woman into one of the Rangers.  Then she said “Bitch, that will never happen.”

Alex went into the cabin and opened the bedroom door just wide enough to see her cowboy tied to the bed.

Jimmy had walked inside behind Alex and was by now looking over her shoulder into the bedroom too.  He started to say something but Alex motioned for him to be silent.

They walked outside onto the porch.  She said “Why don’t you guys take care of Officer Depree.  Let me take care of Walker,” she said with an impish smile.

“Alex” he began to scold but then he said “Okay but I don’t want to know any more” he threw his hands in the air and said “we’ll be back to get you tonight.”

“Tomorrow night” she said smiling.

He just waved his hand as acknowledgment as he walked towards the other Rangers.

Alex then re-entered the cabin, slowly opened the bedroom door and walked inside.

Hearing the door open once more Walker began to struggle.

Alex stood there for a moment and looked amorously at the sight before her.  His strong muscles tensed in an effort to break his bonds.  He tried to talk but only muffled sounds came out from under the gag.

She then approached the bed, sat down next to him and began running her hands through his beard and tracing the gag with her finger tips.

She removed the gag and he immediately said “Leave me alone, bitch, don’t touch me.”

She then began unbuttoning his shirt farther.

He pulled at the ropes with great fury now.

She moved her hand down his chest and as her hand stopped to rest on the top button of his jeans.  He yelled “Keep your hands off of me.  I’ve told you before there is only one woman for me.” he struggled harder.

She came close to uniting him feeling guilty for teasing him she thought how angry he would be when he found out what she was doing.  But then she looked at his body lying there every muscle straining to get free.  How sexy he looked.

She decided to continue her tease.

Slowly she moved her hand back to his face, lowered her head to capture his lips in a passionate kiss.

With the fury he felt for this woman for holding him captive and the fury at himself for allowing himself to be captured he was able to summon all the strength he needed to break the already weakened ropes.

Once his hands were free he grabbed the hands of the woman on top of him with one hand and with the free hand he removed his blindfold.  His eyes needed to adjust to the light but as they focused he saw his fiancée.

“ALEX” he shouted.  “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?” he then demanded to know.

The look on his face was like none she had ever seen before.  She wanted to laugh but she was afraid he would not understand why she was laughing.

“Hold on --- I can explain” she said as he let go of her.

He sat up and untied he feet. “I think you had better” he said.

“Well” she started  “Maybe later, after all you did yell at me” she teased.

He grabbed her and tossed her on the bed then straddled her.  Pinning her to the mattress “Now woman, you had better start explaining fast.” he said.

“Okay, okay” she said then explained how the D.P.D. officer had kidnapped him and somehow brought him there.  “When we figured it out we found out she had just rented this cabin 2 weeks ago.  Once we got here the Rangers were able to take her with out much trouble.”

“She was planning to kill us both once I made love to her.”  Walker said. Then he continued, “Can you explain to me why we are still here if Trivette and the other Rangers were here why didn’t they release me?”

Sheepishly Alex said, “I told Jimmy that I’d set you free.  But when I saw you lying there, well it has been a long time since we were alone together.”

“You decided to have some fun” he continued for her.  “Well did you have your fun?” he asked.

“No.  After I realized how hard you were struggling to get away from her, I was about to set you free after the kiss.  But you broke free first.”

He had an angry look on his face.

She was worried.  She said “I’m sorry Walker, maybe I went too far.  I was desperate, every time we seem to have sometime together, something always happens.”   She gave him her best sad face look and asked “Can you ever forgive me?”

Staying angry at her, he knew, would be impossible but he kept a stern look on his face and said “Alex  you ---” he was unable to finish her lips looked too inviting.   Instead of scolding her he kissed her and asked “When is Trivette coming back?”                

“Tomorrow” she said looking into his steel grey eyes.

“I guess” he said then kissed her lips again “we should make” he kissed he neck, “the most of” he moved his hand to her breasts “our time together” he finished as he made soft caress on her breast through her shirt.

He kissed her again and again each kiss more passionate than before.

Once he saw the desire building in her eyes he decided to tease her now.  He stopped his seduction and pulled back.

“Walker” she said “What’s wrong?”

“Alex, I just can’t.  There are too many bad memories from my abduction in this room” he sat up and turned his back on her.

She wasn’t able to say anything at first, she had been selfish.  He must be going through a lot, he was usually the one to take care of everything but this time he was in the vulnerable position.  That had to be hard on him.

He continued to sit with his back to her hanging his head.

“Oh Walker” she started to say sympathetically.

Suddenly he turned around and took her into his arms and said “Got ya”.

“Oh you” she said as she playfully hit his chest with her fists.

This moment didn’t last long he had kissed her once more, the kisses became urgent, he helped her remove her shirt and jeans as she did the same for him.  The under clothing was discarded as quickly.

As the kisses continued Walker moved Alex under him.  She caressed his muscular back.  Walker’s hand found it’s way to her womanhood.  Slowly caressing and massaging it until she could stand the teasing no longer.

“Walker, please make love to me” she pleaded.

He smiled and looked deep into her blue eyes as he slid his hard manhood into her.

The trusts were slow at first.  He wanted to make this last as long as possible.

Sooner than he had planned the pace quickened and they both were riding waves of passion.  Reaching a climax they both fell apart.

Walker brushed the hair from her face and kissed her lips gently.

They lie there in silence until sleep overtakes them both.  After a short nap Alex was awaken by a soft kiss.

“Hi Cowboy” she said.

“Hi beautiful, did you have a nice nap?’ he asked as he kissed her again and then moved from her lips to her neck trailing kisses from her neck to her breasts.  He began to massage her breasts and let out a moan of pleasure.

Then she said “don’t start something you aren’t going to finish” she warned.

“I have no intentions of doing that” he said as he rolled back on top of her. 

The love they made that night and the next day was something they both had been holding back because of their jobs.  Walker told her then that their jobs should never interfere with their time together again.

Alex loved him for saying that but she knew it would only last as long as the weekend.

the end.

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