One Night
By Sarah Lauren09

“Hi, Alex! I was just calling to ask you to meet me at C.D’S around 8? Thanks. Call me back!” Walker hung up the phone and rushed to the ranch to get dressed. Alex got out of the shower and listened to the message. As soon as it was over, she called Walker.

“Hello?” Walker answered.

“Hi,” Alex said. “You called me?”

“I did.”

“I’ll see you at C.D’S tonight.”

“What are you….oh yeah.! Okay. I’ll see you there.





At 7:50, Alex arrived at C.D. 's. She wondered why Walker wanted her to meet him here. She walked in and sat down at a booth. Walker came in just minutes after she did. He immediately found her.

There was a slow song playing so Walker asked Alex to dance.

Lying beside you here in the dark feeling your heartbeat with mine.
Softly you whisper you’re so sincere how could our love be so blind
we sailed on together we drifted apart, and here you are by my side,
so now I come to you with open arms nothing to hide believe what I s
ay so here I am with open arms hoping you’ll see what your love means to me, open arms…….

Walker listened closely to the words and decided that it was the right moment to kiss Alex. He leaned in for a kiss. When their lips parted, they were breathless.

“Do you want to sit down?” Walker asked Alex.

“Yes,’’ replied Alex.

They ordered their food and left.

Walker escorted Alex to her car and opened the door for her. He grabbed her and pulled her close. They stayed like that for what seemed like forever. He kissed her again and watched her pull away from the parking lot. He did the same, also.

When Alex got home, her door was cracked. She could hear voices inside. She ran to her car and headed toward Walker’s ranch. She called Walker.

“Walker, someone is in my apartment because when I got home, I heard some people talking. They sounded like men. I’m headed out to your ranch.” Alex was practically crying.

“Alex, calm down! You can come to the ranch. When you get here, I’ll drive back with you and we’ll go inside together.” Walker reassured her.

As soon as she arrived at the ranch, Walker ran to her car and they headed back to Alex’s apartment.

When they arrived, there were still some people in her apartment.

Walker made noise on purpose so that the people inside would hear him.

He walked through the door and there stood John Bodie. He had some of his workers with him. They all ran towards Walker. He fought them all off, but not before Bodie grabbed Alex.

“Take one more step and she dies,” said Bodie.

“Let her go,” said Walker.

“No way! She deserves to die for shutting down my operation!” Bodie said.

“I shut down your operation,” said Walker.

Alex finally hit Bodie’s feet with her heel and ran to Walker. Walker shot Bodie and killed him. Alex started crying. Walker pulled her into his arms and hugged her. He whispered words of comfort into her ear while he stroked her hair. He took her to her bedroom and called Trivette. He told him everything that had happened and told him that he needed to get down here with an ambulance.

When the police got there, they arrested Bodie’s men. Trivette stayed for at least an hour, then left. Alex had drifted off to sleep. Walker got a pillow and a blanket and lay down on the couch.

Alex woke up screaming. Walker was there in a hurry. He comforted her again.

“Alex, I’ve got something I need to tell you. I will always be here for you. You can come out to the ranch whenever you like. And most importantly, I’ve got something to ask you. We’ve been dating for a while now and I was wondering if you would marry me?”

He pulled out the box that had the most beautiful ring inside of it.

“Yes!” Alex answered him.


The song is called Open Arms by Journey. Thank you for reading.