Past and Present

By Katie 59

Chapter One

Alex rolled over and reached for her husband, he wasn't there. Getting up from the bed she went looking for Walker and found him downstairs in the living room asleep on the couch. Shaking Walker's shoulder to wake him Alex asked him after he was awake "Honey why don't you come upstairs to bed?  This couch isn't that comfortable to sleep on compared to our bed." Walker picked up Alex's hand that was still on his shoulder and kissed it. He then said to her "You go ahead up, I'll be there in a little while."

"Walker is there something on your mind?" Alex asked her husband.

Walker again kissed his wife's hand and said "Alex please go back upstairs and get some sleep, you need your rest in your condition."

"Okay I get the hint. When you're ready to talk about whatever's bothering you, you know where to find me." Alex answered and then went upstairs.

Walker pulled a letter from his pocket and read it.

Cordell Walker,

Do you remember that night in Austin?

I do and if you don't want your wife to know

about it, I want you to meet me in my hotel

room at three o'clock on Wednesday, October 18th,

otherwise your wife will find out just how kinky

you were. You know the sex games you were

into with me. You know bondage and other things.

Now don't be late or I'll tell your wife about your less

than wholesome past.

                        Courtney Hargrove

Sighing Walker folded up the letter and went upstairs to his bedroom. Alex was just getting into bed when her husband entered the room. Looking at him Alex smiled and said "Hey Cowboy, how about warming me up?"

Walker took the letter out of his pocket and handed to Alex saying "Read this." Alex took it and read it then she questioned him "Who is this woman and why is she lying about you and sexual things?"

"She was obsessed with me years ago. I thought that she had gotten over it but I guess not. Alex I want you to go away for awhile until she gives up and leaves town." Walker told his wife who said "No way am I going anywhere. I don't believe that you ever did anything like what she's referring to in that letter. Now tell me when you met her and why you think that she was obsessed with you?"

"This was about two years after Ellen's death and before I met you. C.D. fixed me up on a blind date with her, anyhow it was pretty bad. Her hands were all over me and she wouldn't take no for an answer. I can't tell you how many times I had to remove her hand from my zipper on that date from hell. I dropped her off at her door after telling her that I wasn't nor would I ever be interested in what she had in mind. I also told her that I wasn't interested in dating her or anyone else for that matter. But that didn't deter her, Courtney took to calling me at the office then she just started dropping by. One day I had had enough and told her in front of the entire office that I wasn't interested and to get lost. After that I started to receive nude pictures of her with obscene suggestions written on the back of them. Well anyhow I met her in a hotel one night thinking that if I. . . you know she would stop. But when it came down to it I couldn't do it, but she told everyone that we had and she eventually left town. I hadn't heard from her again until I got that letter."  Walker explained to his wife.

"Walker honey you were still mourning Ellen and that Courtney was just being like a dog in heat, wanting you for your body. As for now, you are not going to meet her in Austin or anywhere else for that matter. If she even thinks about trying to get her hands on you, I'll break them." Alex stated. Smiling Walker said "Honey just keep two things in mind. One, you are seven months pregnant with twins and two I'm the martial arts expect in our family. I'll take care of this."

"Oh okay if you insist. Now do I get a kiss for letting you have your way?" Alex teased Walker who pulled her close and replied "Beautiful, I plan to do a whole lot more than kiss you."

A purring Alex said as they slid under the covers "Sounds good to me." When they were done Walker noticed that Alex seemed unhappy so he asked her "Alex what's wrong? Did I hurt you just now?"

"It was a little uncomfortable, I guess that this was the last time we'll make love until after the babies are born." Alex answered and Walker told her "Alex if it was hurting you, you should have said something, I would have stopped. You know that honey."

"I know Walker but I wanted to make love with you just one last time, and it didn't hurt. I just felt uncomfortable, that's all."  Alex replied. Kissing his wife Walker told her "Okay but no more lovemaking until after the babies are born, right?"

"Right honey." Alex answered.

Chapter Two

The next morning as they were eating breakfast Alex questioned Walker "It's the middle of September, why would this Courtney Hargrove send you that note a month early?"

"Because she's unbalanced, that's why" Walker replied.  Alex then changed the subject by saying to her husband "Now that Angela is going to school I want to start potty training Ray, if that's okay with you?  I'd like for him to be potty trained before the twins arrive and he'll be two by then." Puzzled Walker answered "Of course it's okay with me. Why would you even think that you had to ask me about that?"

"Walker you'll have to help me with a certain part of it." Alex tried to explain to her husband who didn't understand and asked her "What part of it?"

Alex scolded him "Walker not in front of Angela." Still not understanding what Alex meant Walker questioned her further "Alex, exactly what are you talking about when you say that you need my help potty training Ray?  You trained Angela just fine without my help."

"Walker think about it, will you?" Alex said.

"I'm still lost Alex." Walker pointed out and as Alex started ushering her husband to the door she told him "Honey just go to work. I'm sure that you will understand what I mean by the time you return home this evening."

At work Walker said in front of Trivette, Gage and Sydney "I don't understand women at all, this morning Alex said that she wanted to potty train Ray but would need my help, why?" Sydney hurriedly excused herself by saying "I think that I have something to do at my desk, I'm out of here."

Trivette said to him while trying not to laugh "Walker think about it will you?" Walker replied "That's what Alex told me this morning but what did she mean by that?"

Trivette and Gage were all but laughing at Walker by this point but Trivette calmed himself down and explained "Walker for a son the man has to teach him how to aim so to speak." With his face coloring Walker said "Oh you mean?"

"Yes, now can we get to work?" Trivette asked and they got busy with work.

Later on that day Walker received a picture of a nude Courtney Hargrove in the mail with a  letter that told Walker the name and address of the hotel that she would be staying at in a month's time in Austin. The letter stated that Walker had better meet her there or she would be forced to tell his wife about the things they had done in the past. Getting disgusted Walker was throwing the letter away when Trivette entered his office and after seeing the nude picture asked Walker "Why is a married man getting a picture of a naked woman in the mail?"

"It's a long story Trivette. If you have the time later maybe you can help me figure out how to get rid of her?"  Walker asked him and Trivette suggested "How about we take a long lunch today?" So that's what they did.

Chapter Three

As they were eating lunch Trivette asked Walker "So who is that lady and why is she sending you a nude picture of herself?"  Walker answered "Courtney Hargrove, C.D. fixed me up with her on a blind date years ago."

"Before or after you met Alex?"  Trivette questioned him and Walker replied "It was before I met Alex and about two years after Ellen died."

"All this time later and she sends you a nude picture of herself? Man you must have made her night a memorable one."  Trivette teased him.

Sighing Walker explained "That's just it, nothing happened. She wanted to very much so but I didn't. I was still grieving for Ellen and C.D. in his own way was trying to help me when he fixed me up with her. It was a disaster, Courtney kept putting her hands on my zipper no matter how many times I told her that I wasn't interested. Finally after an hour I dropped her off at her door and told her that I never wanted to see her again. After that she took to calling me at the office and when that didn't work Courtney started just dropping by unannounced. So one day I told her in front of the entire office that I wasn't interested in her and never would be. That still didn't stop her, she then started sending me nude pictures of herself with what can only be called obscene suggestions written on the back of them. Finally to put a stop to things I agreed to meet her in a hotel room, after that I never heard from her again until I received a letter from her the other day. It said that if I didn't want my wife to find out about my past 'kinky' behavior that I was to meet her in a hotel room in Austin a month from now."

"So Walker exactly what kinky thing did you do with her?"  Trivette asked him.

"Nothing, I couldn't because I was repulsed by her behavior but Courtney told everyone that we had you know." Walker answered Trivette who told him "So what are you going to do about this Courtney Hargrove?  The sooner that you tell your wife about her the better."

"Alex knows about the note but I didn't tell her everything." Walker replied.

"Walker what did you leave out?" Trivette questioned him.

"I told Alex that Courtney left town eventually but I made it sound like it was right away when it wasn't." Walker started to explain when Trivette interrupted him to ask "Why did you do that?"

"Trivette I don't want Alex worrying about a nut case in her condition that's why. Are you forgetting Alex is still recovering from what Dewey Baker and Garrity did to her?" Walker said and Trivette replied "Okay, I get the point. Alex is your wife and you know what you're doing."

"Anyhow a year after that there was this woman I sometimes went out with strictly as a friend, she was interested in this other guy. One evening after we had been out she returned to find her apartment trashed and a note telling her to stay away from me. This woman left town shortly after that with this other man whom she married. I always felt that Hargrove was behind it but I never could prove it. After that I met Alex and you know the rest of it. I mean if it was Courtney threatening this other woman why didn't she go after Alex or Merilee for that matter? As far as I know this Hargrove didn't leave town until at least two years after I met Alex." Walker said.

"I don't know, maybe she was fixated on someone else during that time but I suggest that you at least think about telling Alex the rest of it." Trivette told Walker who shook his head no. Trivette changed the subject after looking at his watch and said to Walker "Hey we'd better get back to work."

Chapter Four

When Walker returned home from work that day Alex after greeting her husband asked him "Walker can you watch Angela and Ray for me later?  Shelley wants me to meet her for dinner." Walker knowing that Alex was really going to a surprise baby shower told his wife "I'll keep an eye on them, you go and have some fun. You need an evening out."

Alex questioned Walker "Are you sure?  You look like you've had a rough day."

"Yes I'm sure. It will do you some good to get out of the house for awhile." Walker answered and after the children ate Alex headed off to meet her friend Shelley.

Meeting Shelley outside the restaurant Alex told her "I'm glad that I'm getting out for awhile." Shelley asked " Do you miss working?"

"More than I thought that I would but having two healthy and happy babies are what's important here." Alex replied.

As they entered the restaurant Alex noticed that it was decorated with baby things so she remarked "I wonder who the baby shower is for?"  Laughing Shelley said "You silly. Erica, Sydney and I figured what with you expecting twins you could use all of the baby things that you could get your hands on."

Hugging Shelley Alex said "Thank you so much, you guys are so special." Sydney and Erica who had entered the restaurant behind Alex and Shelley smiled and Erica said to Alex "That's what Rangers and their wives are, special people."

The evening went pretty good, a lot of women that Alex knew attended and she received a lot of baby things. Alex also received several things for herself for as Sydney put it 'after the babies are here and you want to be a wife instead of a mommy.' As Alex was getting ready to leave a woman that she didn't know approached her and said to her "Mrs. Walker, I knew your husband years ago. Is he still the 'wildman' that I remember so fondly?"

Alex didn't bothering answering the woman but instead turned to leave when the woman added "So did your husband enjoy the picture of me that I sent him?  You know the one where I'm in the bluff?  He so enjoyed them in the past before he became all moral."

Realizing that the woman had to be Courtney Hargrove Alex responded "It didn't impress him at all, not when he has me."

Getting mad Courtney said "Honey I had him begging for me once and I'll do it again, after all he likes to walk on the wild side. What with you pregnant and all there is no way that you can meet his needs, at least not the kind of needs he had when we hit the sheets in my hotel room. He was so wild then and by the way if you're interested he's agreed to meet me in a month so that I can take care of his needs again."

Alex hauled off and slapped Hargrove across the face and then said to her "Don't you ever talk about my husband like that again. I know all about your sick behavior in the past, so do yourself a favor and stay away from Walker. If you don't stop bothering him I will make you regret it because I will protect my family at all cost. Now get lost."

After making sure that Hargrove had left they loaded up Alex's van and Sydney offered "Alex, do you want me to follow you home and help you unload the van?"

Smiling Alex placed her hand on her stomach and answered "Since this is all my husband's fault Walker can unload the van himself." Also smiling Sydney teased Alex "Just his fault?"

"Yes just his. I'll see you Sydney, thanks again." Alex replied and got into her van and headed home.

Chapter Five

By the time Alex got home Walker had already put Angela and Ray to bed. After kissing her husband Alex said to him "Thanks for watching our children."

"Alex they are my children too, you don't have to thank me for watching them. So how did the baby shower go?" Walker said as he led his wife to the living room and they sat down on the couch.

Putting her feet up Alex answered "Really good, there were a lot of women there and I got quite a few things that I'll need after these babies are born. By the way the van's pretty full, do you think that you can give me a hand unloading it?"

"I'll do it myself tomorrow morning, tonight I want you to get some rest. You look tired." Walker said to Alex who replied "Not tired so much as disgusted."

Walker asked "Disgusted, about what?"

Alex sighed and answered "Courtney Hargrove."

"I thought that you said that you believed me when I told you that nothing happened between us?" Walker questioned his wife who laid her head on his chest and answered "I did honey, you know that. However Miss Hargrove showed up at the restaurant tonight and asked me in front of everyone how you liked the nude picture of herself that she had sent you."

"What did you do?" Walker asked.

"Told her that it didn't impress you because you had me. Then she said that I couldn’t take care of the 'wild' side of you. So I hauled off and slapped her across the face and told her to stop talking about my husband like that. That if she didn't I would make sure that she regretted it." Alex explained and her husband said "Alex, I wish you hadn't done that."

Puzzled Alex asked "Why not?"

"There's more to it than what I told you." Walker replied.

"Well then I suggest that you tell me what you left out." Alex informed Walker.

"About a year after this happened there was this woman that I went out with strictly as a friend, she was interested in someone else. Anyhow one night after we had been out she returned to her apartment to find it trashed and a note telling her to stay away from me. I always thought that Courtney had done it but I could never prove it. Also after I met you I hadn't heard from Courtney in awhile and since she didn't go after you I dismissed my concerns about her having trashed my friends apartment. I know that I made it sound like Courtney had left town fairly quickly after our date but she didn't leave town until about two years after I met you as far as I know." Walker told Alex.

"Well if she thinks that she can scare me into letting her get her hands on you she had better rethink her thinking because you're mine. She can't have you, her or any other woman ever." Alex said to her husband who replied "Alex honey I'm concerned about your safety."

"I'm fine and I shall remain that way. We will do what we always do, face this thing together, okay?" Alex told Walker who kissed her and pulled Alex up from the couch and said to her "Okay Mrs. Walker, now how about we get some sleep?"

"That sounds good Walker." Alex answered her husband and they headed upstairs.

Chapter Six

Several weeks had went by and Alex heard nothing further from Courtney and as far as she knew neither had Walker. So Alex decided that Courtney had gotten the idea when Alex had hauled off and slapped her across the face and had given up on getting Walker and had left town. One morning Alex was in the upstairs bathroom and called for Walker to come in there. When he did Alex said to him "Ray has to go, can you show him how?" Then she left the room before Walker could say anything so he turned to his son and told him "Just try and get it into the potty."

After Ray had managed to do that he asked "Did I do good daddy?" After pulling up Ray's trainer Walker washed his hands and replied "You sure did son."

They left the bathroom and went downstairs where a puzzled Alex was hanging up the phone so Walker asked "Who was it?"

Alex answered "The caller I.D. said the D.A.'s office but when I answered it they hung up." Walker said " It was probably someone who called you by mistake and realized it when you answered and so they hung up on you. So what are your plans for today?"

"Would it be okay with you if I turn my office into the nursery?" Alex questioned Walker who replied "Sure but let me do the painting and other things that need done."

"I was hoping that you would, you did such a great job on Angela's room." Alex said as she hugged her husband.

Walker then asked "Where do you plan on putting your office at?"

"I was thinking about the downstairs bedroom, we don't have many people staying over and we really don't need a guest bedroom." Alex said.

"Sounds good to me. That way you can keep up to date on everything for when you return to work." Walker told his wife who questioned him "You wouldn't mind me returning to work someday?"

"No Alex, I know that you miss working. I know that while I would give up being a Texas Ranger if you wanted me to I would miss working. I know that you gave up working because of the babies and that you do miss working at times. I will support you returning to work after they are born if you want to because you are without a doubt the best A.D.A. that I ever worked with." Walker said to his wife.

"That's why I would never ask you to quit the Rangers being a Ranger is a part of you." Alex then kissed Walker who changed the subject and told her "My son did a very good job just now."

Smiling Alex teased "That's because he has the best daddy in the world."

Walker protested "Alex stop, you'll make me get a big head."

Still teasing Alex replied "That's okay darling, I really like you then."

"I'm leaving for work now before you can tempt me into calling off and us doing what we're not supposed to do until after the babies are born." Walker said and then left their house.

Chapter Seven

Several more weeks passed and it was now the morning of October 18th. Alex was seeing to Angela's and Ray's breakfast when Walker told her "I have to go to Austin today."

Shocked Alex questioned her husband "Are you going to Austin to see Courtney Hargrove in her hotel room?" Walker got mad and snapped "What ever happened to you trusting me?"

"I trust you but you said that you were going to Austin and it is October 18th. Walker you told me when you got that note that you would take care of it and I thought that you might have gotten it into your head to go talk with her." Alex explained.

"Okay I'm sorry that I snapped at you. Alex I've been keeping something from you." Walker told his wife who asked him "More undressed pictures of a certain someone?"

"Okay how did you know that?" Walker questioned.

"I thought that it was a little too easy when it seemed as though Courtney have just given up after I slapped her. So how many did you get and just how bad were the suggestions written on the back of them?" Alex asked Walker who answered "Just about everyday and very. Alex hear me out, I thought that if I saw her in her hotel room today and made it clear that nothing would happen she would finally get the idea."

Alex said "Oh Walker she knows that you aren't interested. This isn't about that, it's about getting you to react and you are playing into her hands by meeting her in her hotel room in Austin. She wants to be able to flaunt the fact that she got you into her hotel room. By going there to meet her you are letting Courtney win."

"I think that you are wrong Alex and I'm going to put a stop to this today." Walker replied.

It was Alex's turn to snap "You go right ahead and go to Austin to meet a woman in her hotel room to talk sense into her when she's not in the least bit interested in being sensible. Although I would have thought that by now you would have enough sense to stay out of woman's hotel rooms but I guess not. You haven't learned anything from the past, have you Walker?"

By now he was just as mad and he snapped back "That's quite enough Alex, I'm going whether you like it or not. Oh by the way, by the time I get back I hope you've learned to trust in me like you're supposed to do." Then Walker slammed out of the house while Alex fought to hold her tears back.

Halfway to Austin Walker who had been mulling over the fight with Alex pulled off to the side of the road and after sitting there for awhile headed back home. When he was pulling into his driveway Walker heard a shot and ran into his house calling out for his wife "Alex, where are you? Are you okay?"

A very pale Alex came down the steps holding her gun and said "She's in our bedroom." Walker raced upstairs to find Courtney Hargrove dead on his bedroom floor. He then went back downstairs and called Dallas P.D. and told them that he had a dead woman in his bedroom. Walker then questioned Alex "Why did you shoot her?  Do you realize that you're gong to jail now?  Do you want our babies born in a jail cell?"

Stunned Alex replied "Yes, Walker I shot and killed your stalker just so I could be arrested and give birth to my babies in a jail cell."

"Alex I" Walker was saying when his wife said to him while grabbing her stomach "Save it because if even I do get arrested for shooting her I'm not giving birth in a jail cell because my water just broke and I'm in labor. I guess what I thought was my back acting up was really labor pains." Walker then picked the phone up and called an ambulance to take his wife to the hospital. After that Walker made arrangements for Josie to pick up Angela from school and for Caroline to come and pick Ray up and take him to Hope House until Walker was able to get them both later.

The police and ambulance arrived at the same time, Walker quickly explained to the police that his wife had shot an intruder in their bedroom but was now in early labor and would answer question when she was up to it, not before then. He told the paramedics everything that they needed to know about Alex's condition and they placed her in the ambulance and left. Walker went to the hospital after Caroline took Ray to the Hope House.

Chapter Eight

On the way to the hospital Walker called up Trivette and told him that Alex had fatally shot Courtney Hargrove in their bedroom then she went into premature labor and was on her way to the hospital. Walker flew to the hospital and caught up to Alex as she was wheeled in the E.R. They were greeted by Dr. Bates who hurried Alex into a delivery room. About an hour later Dr. Bates came out to collect Walker "Well Mr. Walker, it looks like your babies have decided to enter the world now. If you'll follow me I'll take you to your wife."

Hesitating Walker said "Isn't it too early for them to be born?"

Dr. Bates answered "It's a little over a month early and that's not at all unusual in the case of twins. Babies usually spend the last month of the pregnancy gaining weight so they will be smaller than Angela was when she was born. Their lungs also may be a little underdeveloped so we'll have to watch out for that."

Once in the delivery room Walker took Alex's hand in his and asked her "Are you okay honey?" Just then Alex had a contraction and squeezed Walker's hand to the point where he thought that she had broken it. After the contraction a testy Alex said "I'm in labor, does it look like I'm okay?" Then noticing that Walker looked like he was in pain Alex asked him "What's wrong with you?"

Shaking his hand Walker answered "I think that you just broke my hand, did you have to squeeze it so hard?"

"Poor baby, if you thought that hurt try giving birth." Alex replied not the least bit concerned about Walker's hand.

"No thanks, it looks and sounds painful. Alex about earlier, I'm sorry that I jumped on you but can you tell me what happened today?" Walker said to his wife who in turn asked him in disbelief  "I'm in the middle of giving birth to our children and you want me to tell you about my shooting an insane lady in my bedroom?"

"Well you are going to have to tell the police what happened and I would like to know before they do." Walker pointed out.

Alex then had another contraction and after it was over said "Fine, maybe it will take my mind off of the pain that I'm in. After I got back from dropping Angela off at school I put Ray into his toddler bed because he had fallen asleep in the van. I went to our room to lay down because my back was hurting and Courtney Hargrove was there with a knife shredding my clothes. Courtney came after me with the knife raised. Walker, all I could think about was what would happen to the babies or Ray if she stabbed me so I got my gun out and shot her."

"Did you warn you to stop?  That if she didn't you would shoot her?  Did you tell her to drop the knife?" Walker asked Alex who started to cry and said "Damn it Walker, I told you that I was worried about her hurting Ray or the babies. I shot her to protect them. If you're so upset by my actions I suggest that you go back out into the hallway and wait until after I've given birth because I am not up to you questioning me. I am not a cop, I'm a pregnant woman who was worried about a nut job trying to hurt her children; born and unborn."

Walker picked up Alex's hand and kissed it while saying "You're right sweetheart, now let's just concentrate on you giving birth to our babies."

About three hour later both of the babies had been born and Dr. Bates was directing the nurses to take the babies to the nursery when Alex blanched and said to Dr. Bates "Help, something is really wrong." Then Alex passed out. Dr. Bates hurried Walker out of the room saying that he could see the babies as soon as they were cleaned up, that they looked good.

Chapter Nine

Walker went out to the waiting room where Trivette was and Jimmy asked his friend "Hey Walker, are the babies okay?"

Sitting down Walker answered "They are cleaning them up now, Dr. Bates said that they looked good."

"That's good, so why do you look upset?" Trivette asked and Walker replied "Because there is something wrong with my wife. After the twins were born Alex turned white and told Dr. Bates to help her, that something was wrong. God Trivette I can't go through this ever again, wondering if Alex will survive giving birth to my children."

"Walker, Alex will be okay, she's as tough as you are." Trivette tried to assure Walker as detective Grear approached them and asked Walker "Captain Walker I've been assigned to this case. Are you up to answering some questions?"  

"Yes, I might as well answer them and get it over with. About eighteen years ago I had a blind date with one Courtney Hargrove, she was interested in having sex but I wasn't. She then started to call me at work, when that didn't work she then started to show up where I worked. I told her in front of the entire office that I wasn't interested in her and never would be. Courtney Hargrove then started sending me nude pictures of herself with obscene suggestions written on the back of them. To get her off of my back I agreed to meet her in a hotel room, after that I didn't hear from her until about a month ago. She wrote and told me to meet her in her hotel room in Austin today so I started to drive down there to confront her but halfway there I turned around and headed back home. When I got home I heard a shot and went into my house to find my wife coming down the steps with her gun in her hand. Alex said that Courtney was in our bedroom, I went up to check on her and she was dead. After I came back down and called the police my wife told me that she was in early labor. I waited until someone came to my house for my son then I came here. Any questions?"

"Did you have sex with Courtney Hargrove back then?" Grear questioned.

"No, all those years ago I went to her hotel room to do that but I couldn't because her behavior repulsed me but she told everyone that we had. She left me alone until recently like I said." Walker replied.

"Okay Captain Walker, do you know why Courtney has been telling people that you would leave your wife for her because of how much you enjoyed the sex?" Grear asked Walker.

"She was insane, we never had sex and I would never leave my wife and children for anyone, ever." Walker stated.

"Okay I had to ask, the police interviewed her co-workers in Austin and they told them that Courtney seemed fixated on you recently. Hargrove told them that the two of you were having an affair but most of her co-workers didn't believe her because she had claimed to have had affairs with notable men in the past, none of whom were married though. I think that she lured you to Austin while all along she was planning on getting rid of your wife to make her claim of a love affair more believable. There was a knife under Hargrove's body which didn't belong to the set that you have in your house. Also some of Mrs. Walker's clothes looked like that had been shredded with a knife. We have to talk with Mrs. Walker when she's up to it but from here it looks like she was defending herself from a lady who was going to kill her. Let me know when we can talk to your wife." Grear told Walker and then left.

Later on Dr. Bates came out into the hallway and said to Walker "Well Mr. Walker the twins are doing very good."

Walker asked "What about my wife?  What's wrong with her?"

"We got an surprise that we weren't prepared for. " Dr. Bates answered and a upset Walker snapped at her "I know that, I saw my wife pass out."

"The reason that Mrs. Walker fainted was because there was a third baby that we had been unaware of, a very little boy. He's in a incubator right now because his lungs aren't fully developed. Now after Alex recovers from giving birth I highly recommend that she get her tubes taken care of. Having anymore babies may be dangerous for her, what with her previous pregnancy being twins and this one triplets, quads would be too much for her." Dr. Bates explained to Walker who looked like he was going to pass out. Trivette smiled and teased Walker "Well partner it looks like you have a son to name, after all Alex already named the twins that she was expecting."

Dr. Bates said to him "You can go and see your wife now, she needs to rest and I know that Alex won't rest until after she sees you."

Chapter Ten

When Walker entered the room a frantic Alex asked her husband "How are the babies? Are they okay? Did you see them?"

A still shaken Walker said to Alex "I haven't seen them but Dr. Bates said that the twins were doing okay. Alex, I've decided that I'm naming one of the babies."

"Walker you agreed with me months ago on their names, so why are you changing your mind now?" Alex questioned him.

Walker asked his wife "Honey do you remember anything after you told Dr. Bates to help you, that something was wrong?"

Alex asked getting upset because she thought that there was something wrong with one of the babies "No why? What's wrong with the babies?"

Walker hastily answered "Mrs. Walker the reason that you passed out was because my youngest son was in a hurry to get here."

Puzzled Alex said "Cooper James, I was awake for his birth Walker."

"No honey, there was another baby. A very small boy, Dr. Bates has him in a incubator because his lungs weren't fully developed when he was born. Dr. Bates said that the other two's lungs are okay." Walker explained.

"Oh so that's what felt so wrong. It did feel as though my body wanted to give birth again. All the sonograms that I had and they missed a third baby?  Wow, I guess it was meant to be. Damn Cowboy that really was one hell of a Valentine's night that we had wasn't it?" Alex teased him and Walker teased right back "Sure was lady and we have three babies to prove it." The door opened and the nurses wheeled in all three of the Walkers' babies. They then handed the bigger boy to Walker and handed the girl to Alex while the head nurse made sure that the incubator with the smallest Walker in it was working, then they left the room.

After looking the twins over Walker went to the incubator and looked at his youngest son and told Alex "Hey he looks like my Uncle Ray."

"We already used his name so we can't name him after Uncle Ray." Alex answered her husband.

"We'll call him Samuel Eagle Walker, if that's okay with you?" Walker asked.

"That's a good name honey, now help me up so that I can look at him." Alex told Walker who placed the other two in their bassinets and then carefully helped Alex up and took her over to see Sam. Walker questioned "You don't mind that he looks like my father and Uncle do you?"

"Oh darling how can you even ask me that? You know how much I adored Uncle Ray." Alex replied and after looking At Sam said "Oh Walker he's so small."

"I know but he will be all right, here let's get you back into bed." Walker said as he settled Alex back into bed. After she was settled in Alex asked him "Walker would you mind if I get my tubes taken care of?  I think that five children are enough."

"I agree Alex but if you don't want to have an operation I can get a vasectomy." Walker offered and Alex quickly answered "No, you're not. I want you as you are right now. It's better that I have it done, I don't want to take the chance of the surgeon's scalpel slipping and damaging you."

Breathing a sigh of relief Walker said as he kissed his wife on the cheek "Okay, now I'd better go and get our two oldest and take them home. I'll see you tomorrow. You get yourself some rest while you can."

In the hallway Trivette was still waiting and asked "Well what's the youngest Walker's name?"

"My youngest son name is Samuel Eagle Walker, he looks just like my father and Uncle Ray. You already know the names of the other two." Walker replied.

Smiling Trivette said " Michaela Sydney, Cooper James and Samuel Eagle, those are three very good names for little Walkers. So how are Alex and little Eagle doing?"

"Alex is okay but Sam is in a incubator for now because of his lungs but I think that he'll be just fine. Now I have to get Angela and Ray home, can you handle things tomorrow?" Walker said and Trivette assured him that he would.

Chapter Eleven

When Walker got home there was a member of the Dallas P.D. department watching the ranch and as soon as he saw Walker the officer said "Detective Grear assigned me to keep people away, now that you're here I'll be going." The officer got in his squad car and left. Walker took the children into the house and started dinner. About an hour later there was a knock on the door and Walker answered it to find Sydney, Gage and Trivette standing there so he asked them "What are you guys doing here?"

Sydney answered for the three of them "We're here to clean things up, we don't want Alex coming home to a messy house." Walker replied "It isn't that messy."

Trivette said "Grear came by the office and told us how messy your bedroom was, that's what needs clean. Walker we'll finish dinner, why don't you go upstairs and check out what needs to be done?"

Walker went upstairs to his bedroom and was stunned to find that he hadn't noticed that some of Alex's things had been strewed about after having been shredded with a knife. Picking them up and looking at them Walker realized that Alex had done the right thing when she had shot and killed Courtney Hargrove because from the way Alex's thing had been destroyed it look liked Hargrove had come to his house in a blind rage to harm his family. That if Alex hadn't shot her she might have killed his wife and children. Picking the phone up Walker called Alex at the hospital and asked "Alex how are you?"

"I'm fine but Walker I am going to have to hire someone to help me with the babies for awhile. I was thinking about paying them $300. a week. Walker, you won't object if I use the money that I got from my father to pay the nanny will you?" Alex told her husband.

"No I won't, you will need some help for awhile. Alex I don't have the nursery ready yet. I was planning on going to the mall with you to pick up a few things for the babies but with you in the hospital I don't know when I can do that." Walker said.

"Honey I made my checking account a joint one, I know that you're opposed to spending the money that I inherited from my father on the ranch but Walker I think that you can make an exemption in this case. There's a debit card in your name in my wallet, I already activated it. The pin number is your birthday, the month and the day you were born." Alex informed Walker.

"Okay just this time since there's three of them instead of two. Trivette, Sydney and Gage are here. They said that they wanted to clean up so that you wouldn't come home to a mess." Walker said and Alex asked him "How much of my clothes were destroyed?"

"A lot of your nightclothes. Alex you did the right thing today. You protected our children." Walker told her.

After yawning Alex told her husband goodnight and hung up. Walker returned downstairs to find that dinner was ready so they ate. As they were eating Sydney asked Walker "Do you want me to pick some things up for Alex to replace the stuff that's useless now?"

"No, I'll do that. However I would appreciate it if the three of you could watch Angela and Ray while I go shopping for another set of baby things." Walker requested and they agreed. After he left Trivette and Gage went upstairs and put the cribs and other things together while Sydney kept Angela and Ray occupied downstairs.

When Walker got back home Trivette and Gage took him upstairs and showed him what they had done. Then Trivette teased Walker by saying "Well since we put the things together for the twins you have to put the things together for Sam, after all he's your fault. Alex just wanted twins but you went and added another baby."

"Thanks a lot guys." Walker replied and they left. Walker tried to get Angela and Ray to go to bed but they only settled down after he promised to take them to see the triplets tomorrow.

Chapter Twelve

The next morning before Angela and Ray were awake Walker called his friend Sam Coyote "Sam it's me Walker, I just called to tell you that Alex had the babies yesterday."

"Weren't they early?  Are they okay?" Sam asked Walker.

"Yes about a month early but Dr. Bates said that Cooper and Michaela were doing okay. "Walker answered and then Sam said "I guess now is not a good time to ask you for a favor?"

"What do you need." Walker questioned him.

"Well Sharona's younger cousin Sheila needs a place to stay while she goes to school at night. We were hoping that she could stay with you." Sam replied and Walker told him "That could be a problem because we got quite a surprise when Alex gave birth yesterday." Sam interrupted Walker and asked "What surprise? Alex is going to be okay, isn't she?"

"Alex will be just fine. The surprise was that there was another baby, a very small boy. He's in a incubator right now because his lungs weren't fully developed when he was born. We've named him Samuel Eagle Walker. That means though we are going to need the guest bedroom for a live-in nanny until Alex decides that she's not needed." Walker explained.

"Sheila Raven Sharona's cousin also needs a job during the day. Maybe you could have her help with the babies, that way we know that she's in a safe place and you have someone that you can trust to help with the babies." Sam said to Walker.

"Alex would have to meet her first and approve of it." Walker replied and then changed the subject "You should see them Sam, Cooper has Alex's looks and Michaela has mine."

"And my namesake who does he look like?" Sam asked and Walker proudly answered "Uncle Ray and my father."

Sam then questioned "Alex is okay with that?"

"Alex loved Uncle Ray as much as I did. Sam Alex has always been very respectful of my heritage and you know that." Walker said.

"Now why did you have to give your youngest son the middle name Eagle? You that White Eagle will claim that little Sam is named after him too?"  Sam teased Walker who replied "He is. About Sheila, can you bring her to Dallas for an interview?  Alex will be home from the hospital in four days and I would like to have a nanny in place by then." Walker asked Sam who said that he would and they ended their phone conversation.

About five minutes later the phone rang and Alex asked her husband "Did you miss me last night cowboy?"

"Stop flirting with me lady. Seriously Alex Sharona's younger cousin Sheila Raven needs a job and a place to stay while she attends classes in the evenings. Sam suggested that we hire her to help with the babies, I told Sam that you had to talk to her first." Walker told Alex.

"Okay but she doesn't have to speak with me first whatever you decide is okay with me. Now when are you bringing Angela and Ray by to see their siblings?" Alex asked him and he answered "Right after I pick Angela up from school. See you then Mrs. Walker."

Chapter Thirteen

Alex called up Dallas P.D. and had them send detective Grear out to interview her. Entering the room he said to her "Mrs. Walker, if you're not up to this now we can do it another time."

"I'd prefer to get it over and done with. About a month ago my husband Cordell Walker got a note from Courtney Hargrove wanting him to meet her in a hotel room in Austin on the eighteenth of this month. Walker explained to me who she was and what had happened all those years ago. Anyhow I was given a surprise baby shower the next night and near the end of it Miss Hargrove approached me and asked me how my husband liked the nude picture of herself that she had sent him. I told her that it didn't impress him because he had me. Then she got offensive so I slapped her across the face and told her to stop talking about my husband like that. That if she didn't I would make her regret it because I would defend my family. I thought that she had given up on Walker until he revealed yesterday morning that he was going to Austin to confront Miss Hargrove about the nude pictures of herself that she had been sending him with what he said were obscene suggestions written on the back of them. We fought about him going there but he drove off to Austin. Anyhow after I dropped my daughter Angela off at school I returned home with my son Ray who had fallen asleep in the van. I put him into his toddler bed and headed to my bedroom to lay down because my back was hurting. Courtney Hargrove was there with a knife shredding my clothes. After she saw me she raised her knife and came after me. Her eyes were wild looking and fearing for the safety of my sleeping toddler and my unborn babies I got my gun out of my nightstand and shot her. I didn't mean to kill her but I so was scared for the safety of my children." Alex finished her explanation of what had happened.

"Do you have a permit for your gun?" Grear asked Alex who answered him "Yes, the permit's in my nightstand drawer. I never meant for her to die, I was just trying to protect my babies. I couldn't take the chance of her hurting a sleeping Ray or the babies that I was carrying, I thought that she would hurt them and I had to protect them no matter what."

"Just a few more questions Mrs. Walker. Do you think that your husband had an affair with Courtney Hargrove all those years ago?  How about recently, was he cheating on you with her?" Detective Grear asked Alex.

"No he wasn't cheating on me with her. As for the past, Walker didn't sleep with her then because he was still grieving for Ellen Garret, his fiancée who had been gunned down beside him." Alex stated.

"What about those nude pictures of Courtney, did the sexual suggestions that she wrote on the back of them upset you?" Grear asked Alex who stated "I never saw the pictures, I never wanted to because I knew that Walker wasn't interested in Courtney Hargrove and her suggestions. My husband will never betray me for another woman."

"Thank you for your time Mrs. Walker, like I told your husband yesterday it appears to be a case of self defense. I'll be in touch, good day." Grear said and then left.

Later on that day Walker brought the children in to see Alex and found her in tears. Walker pulled his wife into his arms and asked her "Honey what's wrong?  Is it one of the babies?"  Quickly drying her tears she answered "My body won't produce any milk and I can't breast feed them like I did Angela and Ray."

"Alex the babies will be okay, lots of babies have been fed formula and they are perfectly fine. Now how about we show Angela and Ray their siblings?"  Walker said and then picking the bigger boy up showed him off saying "This is your baby brother Cooper James."  He then picked the girl up and said "This is your little sister Michaela Sydney." Then he took the older two to the incubator and said "This little one is Samuel Eagle."

Angela said "Daddy why is this little one darker than the other two?"

Alex answered her daughter "That's because baby Sam looks like Daddy's father and Uncle Ray."

"Okay, but he so small." Angela replied and Walker smiled and said "He'll get bigger in no time." The children visited for a hour until Trivette and Erica came and took them home. As they were leaving Trivette teasingly asked "So Alex have you done anything to Walker for adding a extra baby, after all you only wanted twins?"

"That's true but little Sam is so handsome how can I object to his being added by my husband?" Alex teased right back.

After they left Alex started to cry again "Oh Walker I so wanted to nurse them too."

"Alex honey, there are three babies and you only have two..." Walker was saying when he stopped talking and blushed slightly.

"Cowboy, what am I ever going to do with you? You still can't even talk about some things with me." Alex couldn't help but tease her husband.

Leaning close he said "Dear you have the most beautiful breasts that I have ever seen, so there I can say some things to you."

"Okay that's enough. No turning me on until we can do something about it." Alex said to Walker who kissed his wife and replied "I'll let some other people see our babies, I'll be back later."

Chapter Fourteen

The next day as promised Sam brought his wife Sharona's cousin Sheila Raven to see the Walkers. White Eagle also came along, as they were admiring the triplets Sam asked Alex "Mrs. Walker how do you really feel about the way that my name sake looks?"

"Like a very proud mother, he looks just like Uncle Ray did. I am proud of all my children and the way that they look and their heritage. I always have been and I always will be a proud mother." Alex answered.

White Eagle then said to her "Seeing Doe you should have named the child yourself instead of letting Washo pick his name." Smiling Alex answered him "Hey I named the twins that we were expecting, the extra baby was Walker's doing not mine so it was up to him to name the baby."

White Eagle then told her "Yes but he got the name backwards, if you had named the baby at least you would have named him Eagle Samuel not Samuel Eagle."

Walker just laughed, then Sheila Raven spoke up to say "Mrs. Walker, I have watched newborns before at my father's reservation and I'm taking classes to be a family practice nurse."

Alex replied "If it's okay with Walker for you to help us with the babies it's okay with me."

"Alex you're the one who's paying her and the one that Sheila will be helping, not me. So it's your choice not mine." Walker pointed out and Alex informed her husband "First of all cowboy, we're married and who we hire to help out with the babies affects the both of us. Secondly there will be times when you help with them just like you did with Angela and Ray."

"Okay Alex." Walker answered and Alex turned to Sheila and said to her "Sheila if you're willing to help us we're willing to hire you. Now we'll need to work out a schedule and you'll be paid every two weeks. The pay will be $300. a week plus room and board before taxes, is that okay with you?"

"Yes that sounds good, thank you. I'll be ready to start when you come home from the hospital, I have to get my car and then pack some things." Sheila answered and then left the room. Sam said to Walker "Thank you, Sharona will rest easier knowing that Sheila has a job and a place to stay while she attends evening classes."

"Don't thank me, thank Alex. If she had said no I would have gone along with it because I trust her judgment concerning our children." Walker told Sam.

"About time dear." Alex teased her husband. Sam then left and White eagle gave a last look at the babies and said to Walker "There are very few white women who would be proud of the way that my name sake looks."

"Alex and I are proud of our children, the way that they look and their heritage from both of us." Walker replied and White Eagle then said "Like I've told you before Washo you were very wise when it came to choosing a mate." He then left the room.

Alex looked at Walker and told him "White Eagle got that a little backwards, it was I who was very wise when they choose a mate."

"Is that so dear?" Walker teasingly asked.

"Sure is, after all you gave me three beautiful babies at one time. Not to mention two other ones and you made it such fun while we were making them." Alex teased right back and after kissing his wife on the cheek Walker winked at her and left.

Alex was taken to surgery the next day to get her tubes taken care of. Two days later Alex left the hospital with Michaela and Cooper, a week later they were able to take Sam home.

As they were getting into bed after a very long day Alex questioned Walker "So tell me dear, exactly what were those obscene suggestions? Did we ever do any of them?"

"Alex they were mainly suggestions involving bondage and some other things that nobody should ever do to any one else. And no we never did any of them, well except for one thing." Walker answered.

Alex couldn't help asking "What one thing?"

"Let's just put it this way, it was how you discovered my birthmark on our honeymoon in Paris." Walker replied and Alex said "Honey, it's going to be awhile until I can make love with you. If you need me to I can take care of you that way until Dr. Bates tells me that I can make love with you again."

Pulling her close Walker said "No you won't, at least not until I can return the favor. Alex I can and will wait until we can both make love with each other as always."

"I love you so much." Alex said as she drifted off to sleep in her husband's arms.

                I do not own Walker Texas Ranger, C.B.S. and other entities do. Neither I or this story is meant as an infringement on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a very good show.