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The Perfect Spring Morning



Walker sat sideways on the top step of the front porch, one knee pulled up to his chest and the other stretched out comfortably before him as he cautiously sipped at the mug of steaming, hot coffee in his hands. Dressed only in his favorite old pair of faded and thread worn Levi’s, his feet were still bare and the tanned expanse of his broad, muscular chest lay exposed to the soft kiss of the morning sun’s rays. He leaned back with a sigh, resting his strong, bare back against the white rail of the banister, his thoughts lost in the beauty and magnificence of the beautiful spring morning that surrounded him.

Spring was still his favorite time of the year. He always thought of it as a new beginning...a re-birth of the land surrounding them. The time of year when the earth was able to get a fresh start; bursting forth in an endless array of colorful plants and flowers after the dark grayness of a long winter’s sleep. From the first tiny flowers poking their heads up, to the plaintive cries of the newborn animals seeking their mother’s comfort, it remained a time of hope and renewal.

Walker’s gaze was drawn to the brilliance of the rising sun peeking over the distant horizon, brushing away the predawn shadows as it gently showered the first of its loving rays upon Mother earth. A long forgotten memory of Uncle Ray rose, unbidden, in Walker’s mind as the golden rays soaked into his body, offering both warmth and sustenance. It was something his beloved Uncle had told him when he had first gone to live with him on the reservation after his parents’ untimely death. Uncle Ray had already begun to teach him the ancient ways and beliefs of his father’s people. They had been learning about nature and the land that surrounded them and Uncle Ray had said that one of the most important lessons he would ever learn was to always let Mother earth know that you honored and respected her. One of the ways of doing this; the Cherokee people believed, was to always say hello to the morning sun. He could still hear the gentle words of his Uncle in reply to his question of why. “Washo, if you do this every day; rain or shine, it will show the sun your respect of its magnificence and power. In response to your esteem, the sun will always return each morning with out fail, to sustain and honor Mother earth with its warmth and light.”

A smile creased Walker’s ruggedly handsome face at the pleasant and very welcome remembrance as he continued to watch the sun gently bathe everything in it’s path with saffron hues, chasing away the final tendrils of darkness. The picture of his cherished Uncle, etched forever in his mind’s eye, was as clear at that moment as if he was actually standing before him. With a soft chuckle, Walker quietly spoke, “Hello Uncle Ray, I miss you and I won’t forget the things you taught me.” Then turning to look directly toward the sun he whispered “Good morning sun; thank you.”

His mind still filled with pleasant remembrances of his Uncle, Walker luxuriated in the sensations of the sun’s luscious rays touching his skin. He could feel the sun’s magical fingers seeping into his body, spreading their tendrils of heat through his body, warming him to his soul.

A soft breeze blew gently over him, teasing the fine red hairs across his sinewy chest, causing his muscles to ripple and contract as if feeling the amorous caresses of a lover. Like Alex’s caresses.

He closed his eyes, her image rising before him as his mind began sifting through the tender memories of Alex that were stored in his heart for all eternity. His thoughts drifting aimlessly, he began to recall all of the wondrous days and nights they had enjoyed together since they had met and ultimately married. Their first argument. The moment he knew he truly loved her. Their wedding day. The first time they made love. Every moment was etched deeply into his very heart and soul.

Of all the memories though, Walker’s favorites were of the nights. Every night was a precious time of finally being able to end a busy and some times danger filled day. A quiet, calming time. Settling cozily under the covers wrapped tightly together; wrapped safe and secure in each others loving arms as if there were no one else on earth. It was just the two of them and the warmth and tenderness of their love for each other. Gentle words whispered softly against his skin as Alex would snuggle close to his body; fitting her feminine curves perfectly to the hardness of his before finding just the right place to lay her head on his chest and let her fingers softly roam through the hair there until the slow tendrils of sleep overtook both of them.

A tender smile crept across his face as he leaned his head back against the railing, thoughts of Alex warming him inside even as the sun’s gentle caress heated his skin. Drawing a deep breath, he savored the crisp scent of springtime. The air was still cool in his lungs, fresh and clean and filled with the soft scent of the dew laden grass and Alex’s flowers peeping their blossoms up in the flowerbed behind him. Walker grinned, thinking that the only thing still missing was the sweet fragrance of the beautiful roses that grew all along the front of the porch. The buds were just now beginning to form but, in his minds eye, Walker could picture the perfect blossoms and the brilliant variety of colors that would bloom in a vibrant cascade later this summer.

He sighed happily, reminiscing about how every bush had been so lovingly planted there by Alex two springs ago. She had worked hard every evening for nearly a week, tilling the soil, making sure the ground was just right, before she had dragged him off with her to a nursery the next weekend. They had spent most of the afternoon there selecting just the right bushes. He chuckled softly, remembering her enthusiasm that day as she made her choices. He had never realized there were so many different colors, sizes and even smells of roses until that day; and he swore that Alex had compared, smelled and looked at every single one of them before she had eventually made her final decision as to what bushes she wanted to purchase. They had then carefully loaded the new plants into the bed of the Ram and hurried home.

 Alex had spent the rest of the day and most of the evening lovingly planting and watering them. Walker had watched her with such pride as she worked so diligently to make sure that each plant was nestled safe and secure. She had ended up being covered with the rich brown earth from head to toe by the time she had finished; with smears of dirt across her cheeks and nose, and covering her clothes. Even dressed in worn jeans and dirty tee shirt with dirt all over her, she was still and always would be the most gorgeous woman in the world to him.

 The rustling of leaves on the trees caught Walker’s attention, bringing his thoughts back to the present. The euphonious sound of the leaves united with the awakening cries of impatient baby birds waiting to be fed, and the neighing of the horses as they playfully frolicked in the pasture. The wind chimes that hung at the end of the porch joined in as they swayed softly in the billowing breeze, their melodious tinkle drifting on the wind. Each sound was pleasant and musical in it’s own right but, when combined, they created a unique and magical song all their own.

Reveling in all the miraculous sights and sounds surrounding him, as well as those in his mind, he sipped slowly at his coffee, savoring the bitter liquid against his tongue before swallowing. Walker was pulled from his reverie by the creak of the screen door opening behind him. He turned his head slightly, watching as Alex stepped through the doorway and onto the porch. There before him stood one of the most beautiful of God’s creations...Alex. The sheer sight of her made his breath quicken and his heart ache with love for her. She was his soul mate for all of eternity; not only his wife, but his lover and his best friend. She was his destiny...his reason for living.

Walker smiled warmly as Alex moved out onto the porch, her bare feet silent as she walked over to stand beside him, letting the screen door slam behind her as she rubbed her eyes and yawned; trying to shake off the lingering effects of a peaceful nights slumber. She was wearing one of his button down shirts, the tail just long enough to cover the curves of her firm and tempting bottom from his yearning gaze. “Unfortunately.” Walker thought with a grin. Almost as soon as the thought crossed his mind, Alex stretched gracefully, reaching her arms high into the air. He felt his heart skip a beat as the shirt slid up the curve of her thigh, revealing the silky beige panties that she wore and exposing every inch of her long and shapely bare legs. She was lithe and unaware of how erotic her movements were to him as she continued to twist and turn from side to side.

“Mornin’,” she mumbled softly, as she finished her stretching and dropped unceremoniously down onto his lap. Giving him a quick peck on the cheek, she snuggled against his chest like a kitten and sighed serenely as she closed her eyes.

“Morning sleepy head,” Walker replied tenderly as he wrapped his muscular arms around her, relishing the feel of her warm, sensuous body pressing tightly against his. Lovingly he kissed her golden and sleep tousled hair; breathing deeply of it’s sweet scent.

“Sleepy head?” Alex questioned groggily as she yawned again reaching for his coffee cup.

“Yes. You are a dreadful sleepy head.” Walker teased.

“Walker, it is not even 6 o’clock on a Sunday morning.” Alex said, defending herself, as she took a long and lingering drink of the still warm liquid and before reaching to place the cup on the step below them.

“Didn’t you know Alex? The worst possible kind of sleepy heads are the ones that sleep in on a Sunday morning. Especially on a perfect spring morning like this.” Walker replied playfully.

“All right Cowboy...let me get this straight.” she said, looking at him with teasing  laughter shimmering in her bright blue, eyes. “I’m a horrible sleepy head just because you,” Alex poked him in the ribs with her one finger to emphasize her point, “don’t know how to stay in bed and sleep past 5 am?”

“Yep, that’s what I said.” he replied, serious as a judge.

“I guess I’ll just have to think of a way to make you take that statement back then, won’t I Cordell Walker.” Alex retorted, snuggling tightly up against him.

“ can try...but it won’t work.” Walker declared, his words issuing a subtle challenge.

Alex began to rain tiny little kisses across his face and lips. When she saw no response to her actions she gave him the most superlative pout she could muster.

“Oh no you don’t...pouting isn’t going to work this time Alex. You are going to have to do a whole lot better than that.” Walker chuckled, knowing full well that she had indeed, already won just by taking on the challenge of persuading him. He might be strong enough to fight off a dozen criminals single-handedly, but Alex had the amazing ability to wrap him right around her little finger with nothing more than a tender smile and a gentle kiss. The worst part was....she knew it.

“Well we’ll just have to see about that.” Alex answered with a wicked gleam in her eyes, as she repositioned herself on his lap so she could wrap her legs around his waist. Seductively running her hands up his sides and onto his lightly furred chest, she leaned forward, placing her mouth against his ear and teasingly tracing her tongue around the edge before whispering, “Are you sure there is nothing I can do to sway your opinion of me?”

“I’m sure.” Walker managed to respond just before his lips were enthusiastically claimed by hers. The kiss changed swiftly from teasing to heated as Alex’s lips took his with a burning passion and desire. Her hands caressed his back and shoulders, drawing a soft shudder from him, before aimlessly running  her fingers through his soft auburn hair. 

When they were both breath-less from her ardent kiss, Alex pulled back slightly to murmur, “You know Walker, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. It’s really up to you.”

“I guess it’s going to have to be the hard way.” Walker grinned slyly, an ulterior motive foremost in his thoughts; he in no way wanted her very pleasurable actions to end quite yet.

With a careless shrug of her shoulder’s, Alex’s hands slid suggestively to the buttons on her shirt, drawing Walker’s attention along with them. Hesitating for only the briefest of moments, she unhurriedly began to unbutton them. When the last button was undone, she tantalizingly pulled the soft material of the shirt back far enough to bare her breasts for his viewing pleasure. Leaning gently into his body, she brushed against him seductively, watching the flames of desire leap instantaneously into his gray eyes.

“You don’t play fair.” Walker growled in a low throaty voice, as she continued to brush her breasts temptingly across his chest, sending electrifying pulses of sensations coursing through his body.

“I never said I did.” She purred as she idly began to rock her hips provocatively on his lap; feeling the immediate response of his swiftly growing arousal straining against the tight confines of his Levi’s.

“You’re playing with fire lady.” Walker moaned, closing his eyes for the briefest of moments as he fought for control.

That was the opportunity Alex had been waiting so patiently for; to catch him totally off guard and completely vulnerable. Her hands moved with lightening speed to grab both of his sides as she began tickling him unmercifully.

Walker’s immediate howls of laughter echoed throughout the peaceful morning air, as he squirmed and wiggled trying to capture and still Alex’s tormenting hands, without dumping her off of his lap and down the front steps.

“You had your chance Cowboy. Now you are going to pay.” She giggled as she continued her loving skirmish on his sensitive and extremely ticklish spots. “Come on Walker. Take it back.”

Walker gave it a valiant fight, but finally he gave up and gasped, “OK...OK...I give...I take it back,” as he tried to catch his breath between bouts of laughter.

 Stopping her hands momentarily, her eyes filled with teasing laughter, Alex questioned, “You take it back?”

“I said you win...I take it back.” Walker chuckled.

“Say it.” Alex said sternly, trying unsuccessfully to hide the grin on her face.

“Alex...” Walker protested.

“I said say it Walker...or else more of this...” Alex replied, threatening him with her hands still poised, ready at a moments notice to attack his ticklish spots once again.

“All right...All right...I'll say it. Geez...” Walker sighed, his eyes full of love and laughter. "You sure are awful tough...even for a sleepyhead.”

“YOU!!!” Alex growled; her hands pouncing to his sides to begin their torment once more.

Walker, however, was prepared for her this time. With a deft move and  lightning speed, he had Alex pinned to the floor of the porch before she even knew what was happening to her. “Gotcha!” he crowed triumphantly. His laughter, mingled with her squeals of surprise, echoed in the morning air.

“You let me go right now Cordell John Walker.” Alex demanded half heartedly as she squirmed and wiggled, trying to free herself from his grasp. With her arms firmly, but gently held above her head and the rest of her body pinned intimately against his, there really was nothing she could do about her present predicament.

“This isn't fair.” she protested with a giggle.

“What was it you told me a little while ago? Something about ‘you never said you played fair’. Well guess what my dear...neither do I.” Walker grinned mischievously as Alex continued to squirm. “Now all I have to do is figure out what I am going to do to you to pay you back...” his voice trailed off as if in deep thought as he lowered his gaze to meet hers.

Walker’s thoughts of revenge swiftly turned to desire as he gazed intently at the woman beneath him. Her breath came in swift little gasps, her cheeks still flushed from her exertions. The brilliant blue of her eyes sparkled in anticipation of his retribution. And her lips...her lips begged to be kissed with slow and lingering passion.

“Walker...” Alex sighed, ceasing her struggles. The intensity of his gaze shook her to the core,  a flood of heat raking through her body as shivers of excitement raised tiny, tingling  goose bumps on her aroused flesh. Raising her head, willing him to lower his lips to hers, she moaned, “Please...”

Growling low in his throat, Walker answered  her plea, lowering his mouth to claim hers. In the moment before their lips met, he whispered her name... ‘Alex”, his heart hammering loudly in his chest as he slowly began to trace the shape of her lips with the tip of his tongue. Her tiny moans of desire filled his ears, sending a rush of heat flowing through his blood to pool low in his gut. Aching with desire, he ended his game and closed the final space between them to take her lips in the deep, soul satisfying kiss they both longed for.

As their kiss deepened, their tongues touching tentatively, Walker released his hold on her arms, allowing  his hands to caress their way down her slender arms, stopping to tangle his fingers in the soft, golden strands of  hair. Everything about touching her was so exhilarating; so sensual. From the feel of her satin skin against his callused hands to the sweet scent of her hair, she was utterly  intoxicating to his senses.

Alex wrapped her newly freed arms around him, gathering him tightly to her; overcome with the need to feel not only the touch of his lips but the length of his whole body crushed against hers. Needing....wanting the sensation of his hard, muscled chest pressing against the nakedness of her breasts,  the golden hair that curled there teasing her skin with its feather touch. Aching for the weight of his thighs against hers, the feel of his hard manhood straining for release against her stomach. With a growing urgency, she arched her back, her hands trailing down the hard planes of his muscular body, stroking down across his shoulders and back to his waist and hips, and finally ending her journey by slipping her hands firmly over his buttocks and squeezing the taut curves.

Walker lifted his lips from her mouth, thrusting his hips against hers in response to her unspoken appeal. Their eyes locked, aching hunger burning in their depths, he murmured softly against her lips, “Care to conclude this enjoyable little encounter of ours upstairs?”

With her enthusiastic nod of agreement, Walker reluctantly unwrapped his body from hers and rose to his feet, bringing her gently up to stand beside him. Kissing the tip of her nose before lovingly encircling her body in his arms once more, they moved as one into the solitude of their home; locking the door to the outside world behind them.


The tangled satin sheets were entwined with their damp, sated bodies; caressing their skin as they lay quietly, their breath slowing, the thunderous pounding of their hearts steadying in the aftermath of their lovemaking. Alex sighed contentedly as she slid her leg sinuously across the top of his strong thighs. Her fingertips grazed his belly in a sensuous caress; her head nestled safely against his broad chest. She could feel the steady, rhythmic pounding of his heart against her cheek lulling her senses. Walker's hand sluggishly traced the smoothness of her back and side as he tenderly kissed the top of her head.

“A penny for your thoughts Cowboy.” Alex purred, raising her head to look into his eyes. The depth and intensity of emotion she found in their gray-blue depths took her breath away.

“I was thinking about how perfect everything is.” His smile was tender as his arm tightened possessively around her.


“Mmm hmmmm....How perfect we are together...both as friends and as lovers. How perfect our life together has been and how wonderful it feels to lie here with you in my arms on such a perfect spring morning. Seems like for once all is right with the world.”

“That sure is a lot of perfection.” Alex replied; love shining brightly in the smile that softly touched her lips.

“Yeah it is.” Walker chuckled, as Alex's hand inadvertently stroked his chest; unaware of the renewed desire she was evoking in his very heart and soul. “But it's not near enough though.” Walker said casually.

“Not enough?” Alex asked, her look of disbelief causing Walker to laugh as he shook his head.

“Tell could this morning possibly be any more perfect than it already is?” a questioning look crossed her face. She felt his sudden, wolfish chuckle beneath her hand, giving her an inkling of where his off handed statement was leading to.

“I don’t want to tell you...I want to show you.” Walker grinned as his mouth descended once more towards her waiting lips.

“Ohhh...You got it Cowboy!” she whispered as he claimed her lips once again with fiery, renewed passion.


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