Precious Moments

By Sissy (

& Chris (

“Well, Alex, you’re in perfect health. Considering.” He turns away from her and begins writing in her medical folder.

She sits up on the table, pulling the gown tighter as she watches the doctor. Not really comprehending his last word. “Doctor Ramsey … what do you mean … considering?”

“Alex, I’m not sure how to tell you this.  Like I said, you’re in great shape. Except ….”

Alex’s face sobers, “Except … what?” not really sure she wants an answer.

“Except … you’re pregnant.”

Alex’s eyes widen, her mouth gapes open, her body stiffens, “I’m what?

“You’re pregnant, Alex.  Only about a month but you are definitely going to have a baby.”

“Dr. Ramsey, are you sure?”

“Yes, Alex, I’m sure. I’ve got the results of your blood test that were drawn a week ago right here in your folder.”  He senses a change in her voice and looks up into her face. “I know this is unexpected but I’m sure everything will be fine.  I want you to make another appointment in 60 days and have another blood test taken about a week before the appointment.  You get dressed and I’ll be back in a few minutes with some directions for you.” He pats her on the shoulder and goes out of the examining room.

Alex shakes her head, trying to process this new bit of information. She only came in for her yearly physical and she’s told she’s going to have a baby! Talk about shock.  As she gets her clothes on, she thinks about what Walker’s reaction will be. ‘Oh, God. How do I break the news to him?’ Alex is sitting quietly in a chair when the doctor comes back and gives her an order for another blood test and some papers containing information on her diet, vitamins and exercises.


Alex rides up the elevator in a daze, seeing no one, hearing no one-her mind still focused on what Doctor Ramsey had told her.  She enters her office and walks right by Amy without replying to her greeting. She enters her office and sits at her desk.

Amy watches as Alex sits down at her desk staring blankly into space.  As the door swings shut, Amy sits back down at her desk wondering what is wrong with the Deputy DA.


“Hey, Walker, what’d you do to Alex?  She’s walking around in a trance. Or shock. What’d you do, agree to a wedding date?” Laughter is heard throughout the room.

“What are you talking about Trivette?”

“I’m talking about the way Alex is acting.  When she came back from lunch, she was there, but she wasn’t, if you know what I mean.”

“No, Trivette, I don’t know what you mean.”

“I mean she was a walking zombie.  People spoke to her but she acted like she didn’t hear them. She sure must have a lot on her mind cause that’s not like Alex.”

Walker mulls over what Trivette has just said.  He can’t remember her saying anything about a problem case.  As a matter of fact, she had told him that things were pretty light for a change. He knew she had a doctor’s appointment.  Maybe something is wrong.  He stands, grabs his hat and walks out the door.


He opens the outer door to Alex’s office, “Amy, is she busy?”

“No, sir, Ranger Walker. But she sure is acting funny.”

“Funny? How so?”

“Maybe it would be better if you see for yourself.”

He gives her a perplexing look, taps lightly on Alex’s office door and pushes it open. The first thing he sees is Alex standing at the window staring out over the city. He isn’t even sure she knows he has entered the room. He softly says, “Alex” and moves up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist.

She jumps slightly when she feels him touch her, then relaxes back against him. “Hi, darling. I didn’t hear you come in.”

Her voice sounds dreamy, almost like she’s in a different world. “Alex, are you all right? You seem … preoccupied … Is anything wrong?”

She turns around in his arms, puts her arms up around his neck, looks him straight in the eye, “No, darling, nothing is wrong. As a matter of fact, everything is wonderful. I hope.” She softly touches her lips to his then murmurs, “I love you.”

“Alex, what’s ….”

She silences him with another light kiss. “Walker, can you come over for dinner, tonight? Say, about 7:00?  I’ll explain every thing, then. Okay?”

“Okay.  If you’re sure nothing’s wrong, I guess I can wait till then.”


Walker stops in front of Alex’s apartment door, still a little apprehensive about the way she was acting all afternoon but knowing he won’t get any answers by standing in the hall. He knocks and waits for her to open the door.  As he raises his hand to knock again, she pulls open the door, smiles at him, takes his arm and almost pulls him into the room.

“Alex …”

“Shh ….” She turns and wraps her arms around his neck, pulling him close and kissing him deeply, releasing him only when she has to draw a breath. “I love you.”

“I love you, too, Alex, but what …”

“Darling, would you like a glass of wine or maybe a cup of coffee?” She pulls him over to the couch then turns to look at him. “Walker, please … sit down.”

He sits down, then looks up at her.  He watches as her eyes dart from one object to another then back to him.  She twists her hands together, then sits down beside him only to jump up immediately and go to the kitchen. She returns a few minutes later with two cups of coffee.

“Alex, will you please sit down here and tell me what’s wrong.”

She sits the cups on the coffee table then, taking a deep breath; she slowly sits down next to him. She picks up his hands and looks into his eyes. “Darling, as you know, I went in for my physical today … and I found out some shocking news … well, not exactly shocking … yes, shocking.  I guess it all depends on how you look at it … doesn’t it.  At the time … I wasn’t sure …  but now, I don’t know …”

Walker places his fingers over her lips to stop her ramblings, “Honey, will you just tell me what you found out?”

She gets real still and her eyes take on a shine, “Darling, we’re going to have a baby!” She watches his face but his expression doesn’t change. He just keeps staring at her. “Honey, did you hear me?”

He stands, still looking at her, then turns and takes a few steps away.  She stands too, feeling a little scared.  Maybe he’s not ready for this.  Tears slowly trickle down her face, “I’m sorry, Walker … I …”

Her voice, breaking with sobs, pushes through his jumbled thoughts.  He turns toward her, sees her tears and immediately gathers her into his arms, holding her tight against him. “Don’t be sorry, baby.”  He kisses her tears away, “It was … quite a shock, but …” he begins laughing, “ … oh, baby, it’s the best kind of shock. I think it’s great.” He grabs her and starts twirling her around the room, laughing and kissing her at the same time. 

“Oh, God, Alex, you had me scared to death. I was beginning to think they had found something wrong with you.”  Suddenly he stops and his face sobers, “Are you happy with this, Alex?”

“Darling, I knew you wanted children, but I wasn’t sure if you were ready for them now. I could never be unhappy carrying your child.”

He kisses her then, a deep passionate kiss, which shows exactly how much he loves her. She holds onto him as her knees weaken.  He scoops her up in his arms and carries her to the bedroom.


They sit on the balcony looking out over the city of Dallas and up at the stars twinkling in the sky, each one lost in thoughts of a new beginning.  Walker tightens his arms around Alex and points to a shooting star. “Make a wish, honey, and it’ll come true.”

“My wish has already come true, darling. I have your love and you’re baby growing inside of me.  What more would I need?” She snuggles deeper into his arms.

He kisses her head and whispers, “How about a wedding?”

She giggles, “I guess that would probably keep the tongues from wagging wouldn’t it?  But right now I don’t think that would even bother me. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier, darling.”

“Well, little lady, it’s time I got out of here and let you get some rest. Tomorrow is still a work day.”

She turns in his arms, “Darling, don’t go, stay here with me tonight. I’m still riding on cloud nine and I want you with me.”

“Just for tonight, your wish is my command.” He stands bringing her up with him, scoops her up in his arms and carries her inside.


The next morning, Walker leaves early to go to the ranch to take care of the horses, shower and change clothes.  When he arrives at Ranger Headquarters, he makes a slight detour into Alex’s office first.  “Hi, honey.” Kisses her softly. “Meet me at C.D.’s for lunch?”

“I’ll be there, darling.” Hugs him tight, “But it will probably be closer to 1:00 before I can get away.”

“I’ll wait for you. We’ve got lots of plans to make.” Kisses her again, “I guess I'd better go before Trivette comes looking for me.  He said you were in shock yesterday because I agreed on a wedding day. Maybe I’ll just let him believe that.”

“Oh, darling, you wouldn’t.”

“Yeah, I would. See you later, baby.” Kisses her quickly and leaves her office.


After setting the wedding date in three months, they spend the weekend deciding on the wedding list and writing the invitations.  Walker and Alex are both like kids waiting for Christmas morning.  They pick out the room upstairs that they will make into a nursery and begin cleaning it out.

In the month that follows, they paper and paint the room, order nursery furniture, and a pile of baby clothes slowly appears as Alex can’t resist the urge to pick up anything that catches her eye when she is out shopping.  One day while working in the nursery, Alex steps back to assess the progress they have made, “You know, honey, we really are rushing things. We probably shouldn’t even be doing this yet. Just in case …”

“Just in case what, Alex?  In case we have twins, or triplets.” Laughing, he takes her in his arms and begins kissing her passionately. This action quickly ends the work for the time being as he picks her up and carries her to the bedroom.


One week before her next appointment, Alex goes in and has blood drawn during her lunch hour. When she enters her office, the phone starts ringing. “Alex Cahill.”

“Alex, this is Dr. Ramsey.”

Her body stiffens as a premonition of bad news hits her, “Yes, Dr. Ramsey.”

“Alex, I just got a call from the lab regarding blood they drew this morning.  Alex, I’m sorry but it seems that there was some kind of a mix-up on the first blood test.  They sent me the wrong results…you aren’t pregnant, Alex.  I am so sorry.  This is inexcusable.  It doesn’t happen often but I’m afraid it does happen.”

“But, Dr. Ramsey, I’ve had morning sickness a few times and I’ve even gained a little weight. Are you sure?”

“I’m sure Alex. Those symptoms could just be psychosomatic.  They’ll probably disappear in a few weeks.  The lab noticed that the first blood drawn and the blood drawn this morning are two different types.  That’s what alerted them.  I really am terribly sorry, Alex.  I know this is going to be hard on you.  I’ll cancel your appointment for next week. Okay?”

Quietly, she murmurs, “Okay, Dr. Ramsey.” She hangs up the phone and slowly sits down. She feels like she has just gotten news of a death.  She did.  The death of their baby.  Tears fill her eyes and start flowing down her cheeks just as Walker pushes the door open. “Hey, baby, I just wanted see you before I go to …” He stops when he sees her crying.  Quickly pulling her into his arms, he holds her close until her sobs quiet, then, “Alex, what’s wrong, honey?”

“Oh, Walker! I’m not pregnant.” The tears begin again.

He feels like someone just hit him in the polar plexus. “Honey, how … what …?”

“Dr. Ramsey just called and said that there was a mix-up on the first blood test. I got someone else’s results.” The tears start anew.

“Oh, God … no … oh, honey, I’m so sorry.  We both wanted this baby so bad, it’s almost like … a death to me.”

“That’s just the way I feel.”

“Alex, why don’t you take the rest of the day off. I would, but I’ve got to testify in court over in Ft. Worth.”

She pulls back slightly, wiping the tears, “I can’t either. I’ve got to be in court at 2:30.  Oh, Walker, I was so looking forward to having your baby.” She buries her head into his chest.

He holds her close, letting her cry, feeling close to tears himself, he whispers, “So was I, honey, so was I.”


That evening at the ranch, Walker and Alex sit in the swing, trying hard to get past the disappointment of Alex not being pregnant. Her head rests against his shoulder, his head leans on hers, sitting quietly, knowing that they didn’t really lose a baby, but they had gotten so deeply into the dream of being parents, that it almost felt like a loss.

“Honey, why don’t we wait awhile before we finish up the nursery, at least until the memory fades a little, okay?”

“I was kinda thinking along those lines, too, Alex. We still have a lot to do to get ready for the wedding.” He kisses the top of her head, “then maybe after we get back from our honeymoon, we could finish it up.”

“I love you so much.” She turns her head and his lips meet hers in a soft tender kiss.


With just four weeks till the wedding, their efforts to get everything ready in time takes their minds off of the bad news. With C.D. and Trivette not knowing about the news in the first place, they didn’t have to worry about sympathetic looks. Even though Alex is still having morning sickness, almost every day now, and her clothes keep getting tighter, she doesn’t think too much about it, as other thoughts have slowly filled her mind. Little by little, the pain becomes more bearable and as the wedding gets closer the excitement grows in leaps and bounds overtaking the sadness.

Friday, her last day of work, she tries to get ready for work but is spending more time in the bathroom being sick then getting dressed. Wondering why the morning sickness hasn’t gone away yet, she decides to call Dr. Ramsey when she gets to the office. Knowing that the next week will be hectic with lots still to do before the wedding, she can’t afford to take time to be sick.

Monday morning finds the Ram sitting in front of the ranch house full of boxes. Walker hands down a small box to Alex to carry into the house. Just before she starts up the stairs, the phone rings. Placing the box on the floor, she goes into the kitchen to get the phone, “Hello.”

“Alex Cahill, please.”

“This is she.”

“Alex? This is Dr. Ramsey.”

Walker is just coming in the door with another box when he hears Alex whisper, “Are you sure? Really sure, this time?” He stands watching her as a smile lights up her face and tears start sliding down her cheeks. He sits the box down, and moves up to her, “Alex, what’s wrong, what is it?”

She drops the phone and throws her arms around his neck and begins placing kisses all over his face. Laughing and crying at the same time, “Darling …”   kiss “I’m having”   kiss  “your baby!”

“Alex, honey, are they sure this time?” He picks her up, her happiness and jubilation starting to spread to him. “I don’t want to see you hurt again.”

“Dr. Ramsey said they checked and double checked this time. That’s why the morning sickness hasn’t gone away. And look at me! I’m getting fat! Oh, darling, isn’t it wonderful!”

“But the blood test?”

“I wasn’t pregnant on the first blood test. Dr. Ramsey said that they noticed the difference in blood types, they went ahead and ran the test but no one ever checked the results. I wasn’t pregnant when I went in for my physical; I got pregnant between then and the second blood test. Oh, Darling, I’m going to have your baby after all.”

He kisses her deeply, and murmurs, “The first of many, I hope.”

“Me too!”

The End