Katie 59

Chapter One

Monday morning Alex was standing in the nursery watching her sleeping triplets when her husband Cordell Walker came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist "Alex, what are you thinking about?"

Turning in his arms to face him Alex gave Walker a kiss and then answered "I'm thinking about how much I love you and what to get you for Christmas. We have the children, our friends and nanny Betty taken care of." Walker smiled and then hugged Alex tighter and replied "I have all that I have ever needed or all that I would ever want right here in my arms.

"Cowboy, you are so sweet at times but seriously Walker how about I buy you a new hay baler for Christmas? Your old one has seen better days." Alex asked her husband who stepped back from her and stated "You will not buy me a hay baler for Christmas or anything else for this ranch. Alex we've had this talk before and I thought that you had accepted the fact that I will be the only one who will pay for any ranching equipment this place might need."

"Yes, we've had this talk before but a baler isn't cheap and I just wanted to make things easier for you, that's all." Alex told her stubborn husband who then responded in no uncertain terms "I will not have you paying my way just because your father left you some money and you're rich now, get that through your head."

Getting mad Alex replied "Yes dear, I'll get that through my head just as soon as you stop being so muleheaded."

"Muleheaded? Lady you take the cake for being muleheaded." Walker told his wife who then questioned him "And you've never been known to be just as muleheaded, Walker?"

"Of course not." Walker teased trying to lighten the mood.

"No just as stubborn as a donkey not to mention being so hardheaded." Alex teased back and then getting serious she said to him "Okay, the hay baler is out. I'll just have to get you something else for Christmas."

Still teasing Walker said "You know Alex the best Christmas present you could get me would be is a sexy little nightie."

"Honey I don't think that they make them in your size, although I bet you would look adorable in a pretty red one with matching green panties. Not to mention a white bow on top of your head but you'll have to dye your beard white to look really cute." Alex couldn't help saying to Walker who told her "Very funny lady, you know what I mean."

"I'll think about it, maybe I'll get one when I'm out this afternoon. Caroline is coming by to help Betty with Ray and the triplets, Angela will be in school." Alex answered and then the babies began fussing so they turned their attention to them.

Chapter Two

When Walker got to work Trivette asked him "Hey Walker are you still going to be breathing after your wife reads this morning's paper?"  Walker questioned Trivette back "Okay Trivette, I'll play along. What are you talking about?"

"Come on Walker I was just teasing you. I know that you never called Alex those things that the newspaper article said you did." Trivette replied.

Still thinking Trivette was teasing Walker bantered "What things, mule headed and stubborn?  She is that."

"No the article has former Texas Ranger Brad Ledge quoting you as saying that Alex was completely frozen inside, that no amount of heat would ever defrost the ice princess. That any man foolish enough to pursue her would get a bad case of frost bite. That Alex gave a whole new meaning to the word frigid. Also that after your first meeting in court you compared her to a dog with a bone and that was probably insulting dogs." Trivette explained.

"I did compare Alex to a dog with a bone, she knows about that." Walker said and Trivette told him "The newspaper is on my desk if you want to read it in case Alex reads it and gets upset by Ledge's lies."

Walker got the paper and read the article. When Walker was done reading it he said to Trivette as he threw the paper down "Damn him, why did Brad Ledge feel the need to tell the newspaper something like that?"

"Come on Walker, Alex will know that they are lies." Trivette tried to assure Walker who stunned Trivette by saying "No they are not lies, I did say those things about Alex."

Trivette said to him "Just tell Alex that Brad Ledge lied or that you said them before you got to know her. Although if I were you I would say that he lied."

"I won't lie to Alex because we've always been honest with each other and I'm not going to start lying to her now. I did say those things to Brad Ledge after I kissed Alex that first New Year's Eve. I already knew then that she was my future but I didn't want to admit it so after Alex left, Brad told me that he was interested in her. I told him not to bother because she was a ice princess that could never be thawed. That if he persisted he would get a bad case of frostbite. That Alex did give a whole new meaning to the word frigid and that she was like a dog with a bone and that was probably an insult to dogs." Walker explained to his friend who replied "Alex will understand that you didn't mean what you said then."

Sighing Walker said "When I said those things I meant them and Alex will know that.  She is going to be pretty upset with me for awhile." Then changing the subject Walker said "Come On Trivette, the state of Texas pays us to take care of the bad guys."

Chapter Three

When Walker got home from work he said to his wife "Honey there was an article in this morning newspaper with former Texas Ranger Brad Ledge quoting me saying some things about you."

"Don't worry Walker, I know that he's lying and that you never said those kinds of things about me. As for the dog with a bone remark, we settled that years ago. It was the first time you gave me flowers if I recall right." Alex told her husband who said to her "Alex, I have to be honest with you. Brad Ledge was correctly quoting me, he wasn't lying."

Shocked Alex told Walker "Honey, why are you saying that he's telling the truth?  I know that you would never had said such offensive things about me. You don't say nasty and vindictive things about anyone let alone me."

Walker replied "I'm sorry Alex but I did say those things about you."

"When was this?" Alex questioned still not really believing Walker.

"Right after that first kiss that we had on New Year's Eve." Walker answered upsetting his wife who got mad and said "If you thought that I was so cold, why did you grab me and kiss me?  Never mind let me guess, you thought that it would be fun to show me up in front of your co-workers to pay me back for having the nerve to question your abilities that day in court."

"Alex, I wasn't trying to show you up so much as I was trying to shut you up because of how you had been carrying on to C.D. about my attitude in court that day." Walker responded not realizing that he was upsetting Alex even more.

"That's just great, I thought that our first kiss meant something to you but it meant nothing more to you than shutting up a ice princess who was getting on your nerves." Alex told Walker who answered "It did mean something to me and you know that."

"Yeah right it really meant something to you all right, all these years later the truth comes out. What I have always considered to be the start of our relationship turns out to have meant nothing more to you than shutting up, let's see how did you put it?  A woman who gave a whole new meaning to the word frigid. " Alex asked with tears in her eyes.

"Alex, I'm sorry if you're upset about it but that was years ago so just forget about it. It doesn't mean anything now." Walker was saying when one of the babies began fussing so Alex left the room to tend to the baby.

Chapter Four

Later on that night after the children were sleeping and the Walkers were getting ready for bed Walker said to his wife "Alex, I am sorry that Brad Ledge told that newspaper what I said all those years ago about you."

"You're sorry that Brad ledge said those things but you aren't sorry that you were so ignorant?  So tell me Walker, when you said those things about me, how much of it did you mean?"  Alex questioned her husband.

"Alex, you've got to understand that night when I gave into my impulse and kissed you I knew then that you were my future but then I felt as though I was betraying Ellen's memory. So when Ledge told me that he was interested in you I said those things to him. I can't really explain why I said those things but I did. Alex deep down inside I hoped that you weren't those things that I had said about you but you were so aloof and professional in the courtroom, it seemed likely that it was likely that you were." Walker explained.

"So you were saying what you really felt at the time and don't bother to deny it because you've always been honest. Brutally so at times to the point of not sparing people's feelings. What I don't understand is how you ever could have such terrible things about me after our first kiss. Didn't it mean anything to you at all?" Alex questioned her husband very upset.

"Because it would have been easier for me if you were those things and you did a good job of making me think that about you." He answered.

Alex then said "You are not making any sense to me. I wasn't cold that day, I was just doing my job and don't go blaming this on me. You said those things, not me."

"If you were those things I felt about you and then said, I wouldn't had to worry about betraying Ellen's memory by falling for you." Walker tried to explain.

"Walker for the last time, when you said those things about me to Brad Ledge did you mean them?" Alex asked.

Walker honestly replied "Yes I did."

Alex became even more upset and questioned "So our whole relationship has been based on a lie all of these years? I thought that you always respected me unlike most of the other Rangers who saw nothing more than my body, boy was I ever wrong. You were just like the rest, all too ready to put me down."

"Damn it Alex how we got to this point doesn't matter. I love you and you love me." Walker objected.

Pulling back the covers on her side of the bed Alex said as she got into bed "It does  to me but what do I know, I'm just a frigid ice princess." Then she turned off her lamp and rolled onto her side away from Walker's side of the bed and closed her eyes. Getting undressed Walker got into his side of the bed and also rolled onto his side to be away from Alex. The rest of the week the Walkers barely talked to each other.

Chapter Five

On Saturday the gang went out to the ranch for dinner, as they were sitting in the living room Erica asked Alex "So how are you doing?" Knowing that she was referring to the newspaper article Alex replied "Okay."

Sydney who had also read the same article asked if she could see the triplets so her, Erica and Alex went upstairs to the nursery. Meanwhile downstairs Angela asked her father "Daddy, what's an ice princess? And what does frigid mean?"

Walker questioned his daughter "Why do you want to know that?"

"Because Tommy Ledge said that his father said that you called Mommy those things and that they were true." Angela explained.

Trying to change the subject Trivette said to Gage "Hey Gage, aren't you supposed to be riding Thunder?"

"No, I'm not." Gage answered and Trivette turned to Angela and asked her "Hey, how about you show your Uncle Jimmy your pony Baby princess?"

"Not right now Trivette, I have to answer Angela's questions first. Why don't you go and put Gage on Thunder instead?" Walker suggested to them and Gage objected "I am not getting on any horse named Thunder." Trivette took him by the arm and they went outside with Ray and little Jimmy.

Turning to his daughter Walker said to her "Honey I said those things about your mother years ago." Angela then asked him "Oh were they nice things that you said?"

Sighing Walker answered "No they weren't." Not giving up Angela asked "So you were being mean to Mommy then?"

Walker answered "Yes I was."

"Daddy you should tell mommy that you're sorry that you were mean to her. Maybe if you buy her some pretty flowers she'll forgive you." Angela suggested.

"I will sweetheart, I promise." Walker was replying as Alex came back into the room with Sam in her arms. Alex then asked her husband "You promise what?"

"Mommy, Daddy promised to tell you that he was sorry for calling you a ice princess and saying that you were frigid. I told him to buy you pretty flowers after he tells you that he's sorry for being mean. Daddy promised me that he would and you'll forgive him for being mean." Angela explained as Erica and Sydney entered the room with the other two babies.

After looking at Walker first Alex then said to her daughter "Honey that was a long time ago, but I would like some flowers for the table."

"I'll get them later." Walker promised Alex who handed him Sam and told him "Be sure that you do otherwise I'm not giving you a kiss goodnight." Walker handed Sam back to his wife and said to her "I'll go now, I can't get to sleep without my goodnight kiss." Then he left the house and Angela explained to her mother what Tommy Ledge had told her in school. When she was done explaining Angela asked Alex "Mommy, how come Daddy has to have a goodnight kiss like little Ray but not me because I'm a big girl?  Isn't he a little too old for them?"

"Because he won't go to sleep without one just like Ray won't go to sleep without his goodnight kiss." Alex answered while trying not to blush as Sydney and Erica did their best to stifle their laughter.

Chapter Six

As Walker was returning to the ranch a truck from Bailey's Tractor and Feed Company pulled up and the driver asked him if there was a Mr. and Mrs. Walker there so Walker called for Alex to come outside. When she got there the delivery man said to her "Mrs. Walker, where would you like us to assemble the hay baler at?"

Getting mad Walker told him "Nowhere, it's going back right now."

"Sir it's already paid for, we can't take it back because all sales are final. It's a Christmas present for a Mr. Walker from his wife Mrs. Walker. Are you Mr. Walker?"  The delivery man asked him and after Walker nodded yes the man handed him the instruction manual.

Alex then said "There must be a mistake, I didn't order this.  Take it back."

"As I just said, all sales are final and I can't take it back. Now where do you want me to assemble it at?"  The delivery man asked and Walker handed the instruction manual back to the driver and said "Take this manual and put it and the hay baler in the barn but don't assemble it because I will never use it."

Alex questioned "Do you have the bill with you so that I can see who ordered this, because I didn't."  The delivery man started to hand the bill to Alex but Walker took it and again requested "Take the hay baler to the barn now please."

After the baler was taken to the barn the delivery man asked Alex "Mrs. Walker would you please sign here that you received your husband's Christmas present?" Alex replied "No I won't sign for it because I didn't order a hay baler, take it back." The delivery man then wrote on the form 'refused to sign' then he gave Alex a copy and left.

A furious Walker asked "How could you Alex?  You know that I don't want you buying things for the ranch." Alex protested "I didn't."

"Stop lying Alex, this bill says that you did." Walker told his wife who said "You know me better than that Walker."

"I thought that I did. Damn it Alex I will not be a man who lives off of his wife. Here take your bill and your flowers. I need to get away from you right now." Walker said as he opened his truck door took the flowers and the dozen of roses that he had gotten Alex and practically tossed them at her. She let them drop to the ground as Walker got into his truck and took off.

Alex picked up the bill and the flowers for the table but left the roses laying on the ground. Alex took a minute to compose herself and then entering the house Alex put the flowers into a vase and told the others "Walker had to go somewhere, let's eat."

After the gang left later Alex called Bailey's Tractor and Feed Company to see who had ordered the hay baler but was told that a Mrs. Walker had paid cash for it Monday afternoon after ordering it online Monday morning.  Alex argued with the clerk that she hadn't ordered it but got nowhere.

 Chapter Seven

When Walker finally came home after eleven o'clock Alex was waiting up for him and said "Walker we have to talk about this." Still mad he said "No we don't."

"This isn't going to go away just because you ignore me." Alex pointed out to Walker who snapped "All right, I'll talk and you'll listen. First of all you decided that you were going to get me a hay baler for Christmas and even though I told you that I didn't want one you went right ahead and got one for me, which is going to sit in the barn and rust because I will never touch it. How do you think you buying me that makes me feel?  I'll tell you how, like a low life scum who lives off of his wife, that's how. You know how I feel about earning my way."

"Damn it Walker, I didn't buy it for you. It was some sort of mistake. I wouldn't go behind your back like that. Why won't you believe me?" Alex questioned her husband.

"I checked it out Alex. I was so mad about it that I went down to Bailey's Tractor and Feed Company and the clerk after looking the sale up told me that it was paid for in cash Monday afternoon after you ordered it online Monday morning. Care to explain that away dear?" Walker demanded of Alex who replied "I looked at them online Monday morning but I didn't order you one, you have to believe me."

Walker got madder and said "Give me one good reason to."       

Getting mad herself Alex said "No I will not give you a reason to believe me, either you do or you don't. Now which is it?"

Before Walker could answer Angela came down the steps and said her father "Daddy, you're home. Where were you?"  Picking his daughter up Walker answered as he headed up the stairs with her "Taking care of some business honey."  Walker then tucked Angela into bed and returned back downstairs where he told Alex "For now I'll be sleeping in the barn. I'll be here first thing in the mornings and I'll be in the house every night until the children are sleeping so that they won't know what is going on."

Really upset now Alex asked Walker "Do you care to tell me what's going on because I don't have any idea what you're doing or why?"

"I need to be away from you right now and for the foreseeable future. Alex if you had just listened to me about the hay baler none of this would have happened. I don't know if I can forgive you for that." Walker told Alex as he headed to the door.

"Well that makes two of us because I don't know if I can ever forgive you for those cruel remarks you made about me to Brad Ledge. Not to mention the fact that you have a complete lack of trust in me. You can freeze out in the barn for all that I care." Alex said to her husband's back as he left their house.

Chapter Eight

On Thursday evening when Walker came into the house Angela asked her father "Daddy, is Mommy okay?"

"Why are you asking that honey?" Walker questioned his daughter who said "Mommy was rubbing her back like she would when the babies were in her."

            Walker assured Angela "Nothing is wrong with Mommy her back just hurts her sometimes, she'll be fine."

Alex came into the foyer and told them that dinner was done, as they were sitting down to eat Alex began to rub her lower back. When they were eating Walker said to them "After dinner I have to go out to the barn to do something. I'll come back to the house and read you your goodnight story Angela."

"Me too Daddy, me too." Ray said and Walker replied "You too Ray." Alex looked away from her husband got up from the table and said "I'm not hungry, you children finish your dinner. After you have your baths your Daddy will read you guys your goodnight stories." Then she left the dining room.

Later on after Angela and Ray had their baths Alex went into the nursery where Walker was watching the sleeping triplets and told him "Angela and Ray have had their baths and their waiting for you to tell them a story." Then Alex placed her hand on Walker's arm and said to him "Walker we have to talk about this."

"Not yet Alex." Walker answered and started to walk away when Alex grabbed his arm and angrily asked "Walker, why are you being this way to me?"

Shrugging Alex's hand off of his arm Walker answered as he walked away "You know why Alex."

"No I don't know why you are being such a jerk to me." Alex said as she began to rub her lower back yet again. Noticing this Walker told his wife "Give it up Alex, I'm not massaging your back for you even if you are having cramps in your lower back from your monthly. You won't seduce me into forgiving you after your monthly is over."

"No one asked you to. I'm not interested in having sex with you once my monthly is over or ever again for that matter. And for your information I wouldn't seduce you if you were the last man on the face of the earth. After all I wouldn't want you to get frostbitten, remember I'm frigid. Isn't that what you told Brad Ledge among other nasty things?" Alex said and then when Angela came out into the hallway Alex softened her tone and told Walker "Our daughter is waiting for her story, after you've read to them I'll tuck them in."

"Mommy please stay for Daddy's stories, the babies are sleeping." Angela pleaded and Alex agreed. After the stories were done Alex tucked them in while Walker went to the nursery. Alex entered the nursery and Walker said to his wife without looking at her "There is some of White Eagle's cream on my dresser." Walker then went downstairs and left the house.

Chapter Nine

Saturday morning Betty the nanny took Angela and Ray to the mall so Walker went to the barn leaving Alex with the triplets in the house. Shortly after they left Brad Ledge drove up and asked Walker if they could talk after Walker agreed Ledge handed him a cup of coffee. As Walker started to drink it Ledge said to him "Walker I'm sorry that I accidentally told the paper what you said about Cahill all those years ago. I was drunk and I wasn't thinking, it turned out that there was a reporter there who listened to every word that I said. I didn't cause you any problems with Cahill did I?"

After taking several more sips of the coffee Walker answered him "It's okay, It's my fault for having talked about her that way. No harm done."

Walker then started to get dizzy and Ledge  grabbed him said "At least not yet but there will be." He then tied Walker to a post in the barn. Brad Ledge made sure that Walker was secured and then started slapping him on the face until he woke up saying "Come on Walker wake up."

Walker struggled against the ropes as Ledge taunted him by saying "Don't bother, you can't get away." Walker stopped struggling and asked him "Ledge, why are you doing this?"

Money, your wife was supposed to get mad enough at you to leave you after hearing all that garbage that you said about her years ago but she didn't. What did you do, tell her that I was lying?" Ledge questioned Walker who replied "No I told her that I said those things but you're wasting your time because Alex will never leave me."

"Yeah I kinda of got that idea so it's on to plan B. While you're tied up out here I think that I'll go into your house and see just how cold the ice princess really is. When I'm done I bet she'll leave you for letting her get hurt." Ledge told Walker.

Walker not thinking blurted out "You can't, she's having her monthly."

Shrugging his shoulders Brad Ledge replied "Yeah so, what difference does that make?" When Walker didn't say anything Ledge than added "My god she really is frigid isn't she? Doesn't matter I'll have my fun one way or the other."

Walker yelled at him "You touch her and I'll kill you." Ledge left the barn and Walker began to struggle against the ropes again.

About a minute later Alex entered the barn and Walker said to her "Thank god, Alex untie me Brad ledge is looking to hurt you." Reaching into his pants leg Alex took Walker's knife out and as she cut the rope said "I hit him in the head with a shovel, he's out cold but you'd better go tie him up or something."

After Walker had Ledge secured he asked her "Alex how did you know what was happening?" Alex explained to her husband "I came down here one last time to try and talk some sense into you and I saw you pass out and him drag you in here. I heard him taunt you about hurting me so I got a shovel and whacked him in the head with it when he left the barn."

"Okay thanks." Walker said.

"You deal with him, I have to go back to the house to take care of my babies." Alex said and went to the house.

Chapter Ten

After Brad was awake Walker questioned him "Who was paying you to hurt my wife?" Brad replied "Untie me Walker, you have nothing on me."

"You drugged a peace officer." Walker pointed out.

"It wasn't traceable so you have to let me go. Come on Walker it's over and done with." Ledge said and Walker got mad and told Ledge "Okay if you want to be that way, I'll untie you and make you tell me."

Ledge sneered "How do you plan to do that?"

"Simple, I'll just beat the answers out of you." Walker said as he untied Ledge and then backhanded him across the face knocking him down. When Ledge got back to his feet Walker kicked him in the chest knocking him down again, Walker then punched Ledge in his face. Brad Ledge threw up his arms and pleaded "Okay, I give up. I'll tell you what you want to know just don't hit me again."

Walker told him "I just want a name."

"Virginia Courtland, she approached me in the bar that night after I repeated what you had said about Cahill and offered me some money to repeat the remarks to a reporter. She said that she wanted your marriage broken up because you don't deserve a family. She then said that you were responsible for the death of her sister Ellen. When the newspaper article didn't work she offered me more money to come out here and see to it that your wife left you." Brad Ledge explained to Walker who then asked him "So you were going to what assault my wife for money?"

"No not really, I was just planning on smacking her around some while taunting her with what you had said about her. Any woman in her right mind would leave you then." Brad answered and Walker grabbed him by the throat and asked "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't end your miserable existence? Go ahead I'm waiting."

Ledge begged Walker "It was her idea, please I'm begging you I have a son. I only did it because I really needed the money." Walker released Ledge and then questioned him "Was the hay baler Courtland's idea also?"

Puzzled Ledge asked "Hay baler? I don't know anything about a hay baler. She just wanted your marriage broken up is all that I know." Walker then snarled "Go back to Miss Courtland and tell her to stay the hell away from my family. As for you, if I ever catch you near my family again I will personally break your neck."

Ledge shook his head in agreement and Walker added "Just get out of my sight before I change my mind and give you the beating that you deserve." Brad Ledge hurriedly left while Walker went to his house.

As he entered it Alex went to hug her husband but he shrugged her off and a unsure Alex asked him "What's wrong Walker?"

"You know what's wrong, the hay baler." Walker answered.

"How many times do you need to hear the truth before you believe me? I didn't order the hay baler." Alex questioned her husband.

"Come on Alex, Ledge knew nothing about it so it had to be you. Why won't you just admit it? The description of the woman who paid for it matched you and it was paid for by Mrs. A. Walker. Virginia Courtland paid Ledge to repeat those things to a reporter in the hopes that you would get mad enough at me to leave me. When that didn't work she then paid him to come out here today and drug me. Ledge was then going to in his words smack you around some while he taunted you and then you would leave me and my marriage would be over. Virginia Courtland paid someone to try and destroy our marriage but it turns out that you are doing a far better job at that than anyone else ever could do." Walker told Alex devastating her. After taking a very deep breath to calm herself Alex responded "You know Cordell John Walker, you are a very foolish stubborn man and if anyone is destroying this marriage it's you. Before this hay baler thing came up I had just about forgiven you for those very cruel remarks you made about me years ago.  However with the idiotic way that you've been behaving lately I should have done myself a favor and left you tied up out there."

Walker  then snapped at his wife "Why didn't you?"

"Because like I've told you before; I am not raising the children by myself. As for you sleeping in the barn after Betty moves to her cabin you can sleep in the guest bedroom because it will be a cold day in hell before I sleep with you again. I won't divorce you because I will not allow my children to lose their father even if he's a stubborn jerk. Walker, I will not be treated this way, not even by you." Alex said and then headed up the stairs then she stopped and turned and asked Walker "You do know that hay balers isn't the only thing that Bailey's Tractor and Feed sells don't you?" Alex turned back around and went upstairs before he could answer.

Chapter Eleven

About a hour later Trivette showed up and finding Walker in the barn teasingly asked him "Hey Walker, did Alex give you the boot to the barn because of that newspaper article?"

Walker growled "This is my choice not her's."

"Yeah right, come on Walker stop kidding around. I know that there's no way that you're sleeping in the barn." Trivette said to Walker who walked over to his sleeping bag and replied "Well I am."

"Walker just tell Alex that you're sorry and she'll forgive you like she always does. That woman can never stay mad at you. Why I don't know." Trivette told him.

Walker then stubbornly stated "Trivette, it's Alex that needs forgiven not me." Trivette asked him "Yeah right, for what?"

"For going behind my back and buying me a hay baler for Christmas after I told her not to." Walker said to Trivette who responded "Alex won't do something like that to you Walker and you know that."

"What I know is that there is a hay baler sitting right over there and it was paid for by a Mrs. A. Walker. Alex is the only Mrs. A. Walker that I know of." Walker insisted.

"Come on Walker use your head, it's has to be some kind of mistake." Trivette trying getting Walker to be sensible but Walker stubbornly replied "That's what Alex said but I checked it out. The clerk at Bailey's Tractor and Feed Company said that Mrs. A. Walker paid for it Monday afternoon. Alex knows how I feel about this ranch, I pay for the expenses concerning it. She knows that I will never live off of her and her father's money."

"I never thought that I would say this to your face Walker but you are being a fool. The Alex that we both know has always respected your wishes when it comes to this ranch. Tell me Walker are you really going to throw your marriage away just like that over a hay baler when you're probably wrong about it to begin with?  You must know that you are wrong and you're just being too stubborn to admit it. Or are you tired of being a husband and father and you're really looking for an excuse to get out of a marriage that you no longer want to be in?" Trivette questioned Walker.

Before he could answer Trivette the delivery truck from Bailey's pulled up to the barn and the driver got out and said to Walker "Mr. Walker, there has been a mistake made. My boss Mr. Hextall would like to explain it to you."

"Mr. Walker, you weren't supposed to get the hay baler. "Mr. Hextall was saying when Walker broke in and said "What do you mean I wasn't supposed to get it?  My wife paid for it after ordering it online, that what the clerk at your store said when I questioned her about it because my wife said that she didn't buy it."

"No, your wife didn't buy it, see here's what happened. The day the hay baler was purchased  there were two sales, one to a Alexis Walter and one to a Alex Walker. Mrs. Walter brought the hay baler for her husband Charles Walter and shortly after that Mrs. Walker paid for her Christmas present for her husband Cordell Walker. Because of the names being alike the clerk mixed them up. Now my driver said that you were quite upset the day the hay baler was delivered and that your wife insisted that she hadn't bought the hay baler which she hadn't. I came out here to personally explain it and to tell you that we are sorry about the mix up, I hope that it didn't cause any problems. Now my driver and I will load it back onto the truck and be on our way." Mr. Hextall told Walker and then he and the driver loaded the hay baler onto the truck. As they were getting ready to leave Walker asked "Well what did my wife get me for Christmas?"

"You'll have to ask her, we are not to deliver it until Christmas Eve. That's how we found out about the mix up, Mrs. Walter paid for delivery last Saturday and when the baler wasn't delivered she came in and we straightened out our mistake. good day." Hextall said and they drove away.

Walker then said "I'm a foolish stubborn man."

"I agree." Trivette told him and then he left.

Chapter Twelve

After Trivette left, Walker went into the house and looked for Alex until he found her in the nursery trying to take care of all three babies by herself. He told her "Here, I'll take care of Michaela while you take care of Cooper then we'll both take care of Sam."

He started to feed Michaela her bottle and as she was feeding Cooper's his bottle while rocking Sam's cradle with her foot Alex asked Walker "I noticed that the delivery truck from Bailey's Tractor and Feed Company was here, what did they want?"

"They were picking the hay baler up, it was all a mistake. Mr. Hextall explained it to me, on the day you bought my Christmas present from them a Alexis Walter bought her husband Charles Walter the hay baler and the clerk mixed the orders up. I'm sorry Alex, will you forgive me?" Walker pleaded with his wife who put Cooper down and while picking Sam up answered "No, I can't."

Changing Michaela's diaper Walker said to her "They made a mistake, it's over and done with."

"I told you how many times that it was a mistake and you wouldn't believe me. No you accused me of lying to you repeatedly and then to top that off you removed yourself to the barn and told me that I was destroying our marriage. Now someone else tells you that it was all a big mistake and you believe them when you wouldn't believe me. Now, I'm supposed to forgive you just like that, are you insane?" Alex questioned her husband.

"No I'm just a very stubborn man which you knew when you married me. Alex you know important it is to me to earn my own way. My parents didn't have much but they were hardworking people who taught me to value hard work and never taking the easy way out. You were raised differently, your father was a well known man who afforded you the finer things in life." Walker was explaining when Alex interrupted him to say "I had to pay my way through college and law school without one single penny from my father or anyone else for that matter. I didn't qualify for any grants because of him never mind the fact he wasn't helping with my tuition. I worked several jobs each and every summer and during the school terms I still worked at least forty hours a week. I do know the value of earning my way perhaps more than you do."

"What do you mean by that?" Walker questioned Alex who in turn asked him "Since you were a veteran the government helped you with college didn't it?"

Walker replied "Yes."

"So don't you ever tell me that I don't know what it's like to earn my way because I have earned it every step of the way. I fought my way through college and then law school. After I got the job as a A.D.A. I had to be better than all of the men and most of the women because there were all too many people waiting for me to fail so that they could say 'what else do you expect from a blonde bimbo.' I had to be totally professional because if I wasn't the men would hit on me and the women who said 'see I told you so just another pretty face.' When I did that the men then started to say that I was cold, but I never thought you felt the same way about me too. If I had known that you were just like those jerks I never would have allowed you to get close to me. Do you have any idea what it feels like to have to prove over and over again that you were more than a pretty face?" Alex asked and when Walker started to answer she glared at him and added "No you don't, you've never had to prove that you were more than just another pretty face and don't try to tell me that you know how I felt because you don't."

"Alex, I'm sorry." Walker stated.

"Are you Walker?  Or were you so ready to believe that I ordered the hay baler because you wanted out of our marriage?" Alex questioned her husband with tears in her eyes.

"No, I don't want out of the marriage, my vow was for the rest of my life." Walker answered Alex who then told him "I don't want you to stay in the marriage because you vowed to. I want a husband who loves me and wants to be married to me, not one who stays in a marriage only because he vowed to." Alex said and then left the nursery.

 Following her into their bedroom Walker asked her "Is your back still hurting you from your monthly?  Do you want me to massage it for you?"

"No, my back isn't hurting anymore because my monthly is pretty much over with. I don't want you massaging my back for me so that you can seduce me into forgetting how badly you've treated me this past week." Alex replied.

"Alex, I'm concerned about you is all. I'm not trying to seduce you into forgiving me for being so darn stubborn. It seemed like your back was really acting up this time." Walker explained and Alex replied "My back is just fine. My monthly was shorter this time but a lot more painful, I guess it has something to do with the tubal litigation that I had after the triplets were born."

"Okay the back massage is out. Alex I am truly sorry for this past week and saying those things I did about you years ago." Walker said as he went to hug her. Avoiding his hug Alex told her husband "I don't want the children's Christmas being ruined by this so you should sleep in our bedroom because Angela has noticed that you've been spending a lot of time in the barn. She asked me if you were going to leave us. I told her no but after Christmas is over we'll have to see where we're at."

Walker said " Okay, we'll figure things out after Christmas."

Chapter Thirteen

Christmas evening they had the gang over for dinner and to exchange gifts with the Walkers going last because they were the hosts. After the gifts had been handed out Angela asked Alex "Mommy, can we give Daddy his gift before he goes to the barn?" Walker told his daughter "Honey, I'm not going to the barn."

"But Daddy you've been going there every night since those men put that thing in there. Mommy said that you were working on something in there. Is it Mommy's Christmas present and you don't want her to know about it?" Angela questioned her father. In an attempt to change the subject Alex said to Walker "Honey how about the children give you their gift tonight, would that be okay?"

"Yes because I just can't wait until tomorrow to see what my children got me." Walker answered. Trivette and Alex left the room to get his present while Angela explained to her father "Mommy helped me and Ray pick this out online. When Mommy paid for it she told them they had to deliver it Christmas Eve so you would be surprised because if it came early you might peek. Also Daddy when I told the babies about it they smiled so they like it too."

"Okay Walker, here's your present from your children." Alex said as she and Trivette placed a large wrapped box in front of him. Opening it Walker found a beautiful new saddle with the name Firewalker and his horse's name Thunder engraved on it. Walker got up and after hugging both Angela and Ray told them "Thank you guys very much, Daddy loves it."

"We're glad that you like it Daddy, we were afraid that you saw it last week when the men delivered it early but Mommy told us that they had delivered the wrong thing and would be back to get it and bring your saddle then." Angela said to Walker.

"Yes honey, your Mommy was right like she always is. Now I think some children are getting tired." Walker said and getting the hint the others left. The Walkers put two very excited children to bed and went to their bedroom.

Walker asked Alex "Why didn't you just tell me that the children got me a saddle from Bailey's?"

Alex responded "Why didn't you just believe in me?"

"I guess that I blew a Christmas present from you this year, didn't I?" Walker questioned his wife who went to her dresser and taking a package out of the top drawer handed it to him "No, no matter how upset I was with you I would never do anything like that. Go ahead and open it."

Walker opened it to find a beautiful painting of his family with Alex's parents, his parent's and his uncle Ray in the background. Walker didn't say anything so Alex said "I thought that you might like it for your study. I wasn't sure about having your father and your uncle Ray in buckskins but I felt that it represented your heritage better. If you don't like it I can find something else for you."

He pulled her into a hug and replied "I love it, I couldn't ask for a better present that this. I have just the place for this in my study, thank you Alexandra Cahill-Walker."

"I'm glad that you like it, now how about we call it a night?  I have no doubt our two oldest will have us up bright and early." Alex told Walker as she started to get ready for bed. "Okay, I'll sneak their presents downstairs and put them under the tree and after I'm done I'll go to sleep on the couch. You go ahead and get some sleep, okay?"  Walker said to Alex  who objected "What if Angela sees you sleeping down there?  She's already worried that you're leaving us. I don't want them getting upset on Christmas so you'll have to sleep in here."

Walker answered "Okay but the floor looks a little too hard to sleep on."

"Stop being silly, you can sleep with me as long as you promise not to take advantage of the situation." Alex said.

"I promise but you have to promise to keep your hands to yourself too." Walker told Alex who just looked at her husband who then said "Okay, you go ahead and get some sleep. I'll be back up after I put their presents under the tree.

Chapter Fourteen

Early the next morning a half asleep Alex stumbled into the bathroom to get a shower, pulling the shower door back she saw that Walker was already taking one. Walker quickly turned away from his wife, not thinking Alex reached in and after feeling how cold the water was asked him "Walker, why do you have the water so cold?"

            Staying with his back to her Walker answered "Because I want it that way." Not understanding Alex questioned "Why?"

"Alex please go back into the bedroom, you're not helping matters any." Walker all but begged her. Still not getting the idea Alex grabbed him by the arm and turning him to face her asked "What's the matter with you?" Looking down his body Alex quickly figured out what Walker's problem was. She then told him as she looked at his pride and joy "My honey, that's very impressive."

Turning a little red he said "Alex for god's sake go back into our bedroom now or I won't be responsible for my actions." Instead of leaving the bathroom Alex reached into the shower and adjusted the temperature. Alex then took off her robe and nightgown and got into the shower with her husband.

"Alex I thought that you were mad at me, that it would be a cold day in hell before you slept with me again." Walker questioned her as she moved closer to him.

"I'll have you know that it is a cold day in Hell Minnesota and besides this isn't sleeping with you. It's taking a shower with you." Alex answered as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Walker stepped back and asked "Alex, are you sure about this?  I don't want you doing this just because I'm know."

"I'm very sure about this because I'm also know." Alex replied as she stepped closer to her husband. Walker held her back and looking into Alex's eyes said "I love Alexandra."

Looking into his eyes Alex replied "I love you too Cordell. Now can we get our shower before our oldest two start knocking on our door?"  Walker pulled Alex close and began kissing her.

After they were done Alex sighed and Walker asked "What's the matter Honey?  You don't regret what we just did, do you?"

"No, I've never regretted making love with you, it's just that... Walker, why did you spend the last week in the barn?  Do you truly want to be married to me?" Alex questioned him.

"I spent the last week in the barn because there are times when I'm still too stubborn for my own good and yes I do want to be married to you. Can you forgive me?  I guess now that you have some money there's a part of me that worries that you'll find someone else who suits you better than me. You are so beautiful and so very classy. Just what do you see in me Alex?  I have put you through so much and yet you stay with me, why?  Most women would have given up on me a long time ago and left." Walker opened up to Alex about his fears.

"Walker, how many times do I have to tell you that you are the only man on the face of this earth for me?  Trust me darling I will never want another man besides you because I know that there is no man who can take me to heaven like you do. Yes, I can forgive you." Alex told him.

"Alex, it's more than our love live, isn't it?" Walker asked her.

"Yes there's more to us than our love live but that part of our marriage is pretty good if I do say so myself. I love you and I know that you love me in spite of the fact that you are so stubborn and muleheaded at times. Now I suggest that we get dressed before the children come looking for us." Alex said and they left the bathroom.

Angela and Ray were thrilled with their Christmas presents and Walker showed them the painting that Alex had gotten him. That afternoon Angela asked "Mommy what did Daddy get you for Christmas?"

"I don't know honey, your Daddy hasn't given it to me yet." Alex replied while looking at Walker who had just gotten off of the phone. "Something just came up, I have to go to work now." He told her.

Angela protested "But Daddy, it's Christmas."

"Honey your Daddy is going to go to work so that some of the other Rangers can go home and spend part of Christmas with their families like daddy just did with you children." Alex explained.

"Okay Daddy be careful." Angela told her father as Alex walked him to the door and teased her husband "See you later, I expect my present when you get back. If I like it I just may give you a kiss." Walker kissed her on the cheek and left.

Chapter Fifteen

About two hours after Walker had left Trivette came by the ranch to pick up little Jimmy's favorite pair of gloves that he had left behind last night. "Hey where is Walker at?" Trivette asked Alex who answered "At work as far as I know."

When Trivette didn't say anything Alex then said "My husband isn't at work, is he?"

"Sydney and Gage were both on call in case something came up. Look Alex maybe something did come up that they thought they needed Walker's help for. I'll just call there and see if they need my help too." Trivette told her and then called Ranger headquarters to find out that Walker wasn't at work. Ending the phone call Trivette shoved his son's gloves into his jacket pocket and headed to the door saying "Look I have to go, see you."

Alex demanded of him "Walker isn't at work is he?  Tell me the truth Trivette."

Trivette tried to assure her while still trying to get out of the door "Alex, I'm sure that there's a simple explanation."

"It's Christmas Trivette and if Walker's not at work he had better have a good explanation of where he's at and what he's doing. Otherwise he will be completely moving into the barn by the end of the day, just tell Walker that if you happen to see him." Alex said as she shut the door behind Trivette.

Calling Walker up on his cell phone Trivette said to him "Walker, Alex knows that you aren't at work and she's about ready to kill you." Walker replied "Alex won't do that, she's crazy about me.."

"Just where are you anyhow?" Trivette questioned him.

"Taking care of some business." Walker answered and Trivette swore that he heard a woman's voice in the background saying to Walker 'come back over here sweetie, I'm not done with you yet.' Getting mad Trivette said "Damn it Walker you left your family on Christmas to see another woman, what's wrong with you?"

"Good bye Trivette and if you breath a word of this to Alex you're a dead man." Walker told him and hung up. Walker didn't return home until well after the children were in bed. Alex was waiting in the living room for her husband and questioned him "Where were you all evening?  And don't say at work because I already know that you weren't there."

Walker shot back "What's with the 3rd degree?"

"Answer my questions or take your things and move into the barn." Alex told Walker who replied "No way the barn is too cold." Then he took the package that he had with him and went upstairs. Alex followed him upstairs and after checking on the children went into their bedroom saying "Look I'm sorry about jumping on you as soon as you got in the door but I think that I have a right to know where you were at." Alex went to go into the bathroom where Walker was but the door wouldn't open so she jiggled the knob.

"I'll be right out Alex." Walker said so Alex got ready for bed and then got into bed because Walker took a long time in the bathroom. Finally opening the door he entered the bedroom and asked Alex "Well, do you like your Christmas present?"

Getting up from bed Alex walked to him and said while looking him over from head to toe "Unbelievable, you look so cute in that outfit." Reddening a little Walker replied "Alex, I'm not cute. I'm a man so it's handsome. Now will you please help me get these things off?"

"Sure darling right after I take a picture of you in that 'nightie'." Alex teasingly answered.

"Alex you wouldn't dare." Walker protested as she neared him with her camera. Smiling she reached up and removed the white bow from his hair while tossing her camera behind her "No this is one image that I want to keep to myself, my very virile husband dressed in a pretty red 'nightie' with I hope matching green 'panties' on underneath."

"Alex stop teasing, these things are getting tight." Walker pleaded and taking pity on him Alex removed the 'nightie' and stood there all but licking her lips at the sight of her husband barely contained in the 'panties'. Finally unable to take it any longer Alex yanked them off and they fell into bed together. When they were done Alex said " Now that's a great Christmas present."

"Does that mean that you don't want this one?" Walker teased as he handed her a wrapped present. Quickly opening it Alex said as she held back her tears "Oh darling it's beautiful, thank you."

"Not nearly as beautiful as you." Walker replied as he helped her put the charm bracelet on her wrist. "Walker I love these charms, five baby bottles, the scales of justice, a snake and a bear but what's the key for?" Alex asked as she admired the bracelet. "The key is the key to my heart, which you own." Walker answered.

Pulling her into his arms again he said "I am sorry about what I put you through these last several weeks." Alex said "Honey you more than made up for it by doing what you just did for, there are very few men who would do something so romantic for their wives."

Smiling he asked "Can I make up for it some more?  It is several weeks that we are talking about." Crawling up his body Alex replied "Oh yeah Cowboy." They made up some more before falling asleep in each other's arms.

            I do not own Walker Texas Ranger C.B.S. and other entities do. Neither I or this story was meant as a infringement on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a very good show.