·        This WAM was actually the beginning of a story that I've given up on ever finishing so I decided to turn it into a WAM for Tammy's list to give myself a sense of accomplishment.  Hope you all like it.

Walker, Texas Ranger

"Rain Check on Dessert"

By:  Clarise (rose_usss7@hotmail.com)

            Texas Ranger Cordell Walker and Assistant District Attorney Alex Cahill sat contentedly in the front seat of Walker's silver gray Dodge Ram that was idling in front of Alex's condo complex.  They had just come from a satisfying dinner at C.D.'s Bar and Grill and were reluctant to have the night end.   The murmur of their conversation and the purr of the Ram's finely tuned engine were all that disturbed the silence of the mid-summer night.  Walker had the windows down to let in a cooling Texas breeze that was blowing in from the south.  The movement of air caused a stray wisp of Alex's hair to fall into her eyes.  Before she could brush it away Walker intercepted her hand. 

            "Let me," he whispered softly as he opened his fingers to carefully comb his fiancée’s errant strand away from her face. "Do you know how much I love doing something as simple as pushing your hair away from your face like this, Alex?" Walker asked, wonderment filling his soft voice.

            "Not as much, I think, as I love you doing it Cowboy," answered Alex laughingly.  "If you only knew the affect you have on me when you are just sitting or standing next to me, let alone actually touching me," admitted Alex shaking her head to emphasize her own amazement of that fact.

            "Ohhh.  Do tell," laughed Walker.  "So, just sitting close to you, huh?"  Walker inched closer to Alex.  "And… what?  Running my hand up and down your arm?" questioned Walker playfully as he did just that.  "What does that do?"

            "Oh, about the same as this does to you," giggled Alex as she met Walker's unspoken challenge by moving her right hand seductively up and down Walker's muscled thigh.

            "Okay, okay," conceded the red bearded Ranger, his gray blue eyes dancing with merriment.  "I get the picture.  You better stop right there if you don't want to start something I promise you I'll have no problem finishing!"

            "I'd be lying if I said the idea was not tempting Walker," admitted Alex as she absently caressed his beard.  "But, like I was saying at dinner I have an early meeting with the District Attorney."

            "Jameson Andrews," nodded Walker.  He's been around at least a couple of weeks.   It's only now that he has decided to meet with his best Assistant District Attorney?  He obviously doesn't know what he's missing," added Walker with a tilt of his eyebrows as he took Alex's hand from his beard and beginning to message lazy circles into her palm.

            "Walker!" giggled Alex in mock horror pulling her hand from his grasp and playfully hitting at his shoulder.  "I'm sure Jameson Andrews has more professional thoughts on his mind than whether or not one of his attorneys looks good in a skirt," she chided her husband to be who still wore a playful leer on his handsomely kind face.

            "Well, for the record Counselor, this 'ol Ranger thinks you look dang good in a skirt."

            "Ohh, Walker," sighed Alex lovingly. "I believe that little remark deserves a kiss."  Leaning into Walker's chest Alex raised her lips to meet her fiancée’s, already descending head.  She had intended only to give Walker a short loving peck. But the instant their lips met the effect was electric.  What started out small accelerated into a mutually impassioned response.  Walker moved his left hand to capture the back of Alex's golden blond head to give himself a better hold on her while he trailed love bites down her exquisite neck and then back up to her impatient lips.  Alex moved her right hand between the button of Walker's white, western style, cotton shirt to play with the hair on his chest and tease at his already aroused nipples.  From there she moved her hand up his chest and around to the back of his neck where she could run her hands through his sandy red locks as she answered the growing passion of his kiss with equal intensity.  A frustrated moan escaped from Walker's lips. 

            "I'd better see you to your door if you're serious about making this an early night," he whispered against Alex's lips breaking the kiss and leaning his forehead against hers as he brought his breathing under control."  Reaching awkwardly with his left hand Walker turned off the Ram's engine.  Turning away from Alex he depressed the handle on his door.

            Alex sighed her agreement, "You're right.  I should go."  She ran her fingers one last time through the hair at the base of Walker's neck and sighed again as she moved to follow her Ranger out the driver's side door.  Standing on the Ram's runner Alex reached out and was caught by Walker's hands.  He lifted her up and against his chest and slowly lowered her down his body to the ground.

            "Bad idea," he thought ruefully.  The intimate contact did nothing for his self- control.  "Looks like a cold shower is what's called for tonight!" he mused to himself as he placed his right hand to the small of Alex's back.  Shutting the Ram's door he continued on and guided Alex around the front of his truck and towards her luxury condo.

            "I had a great time tonight Walker.  We should go out with Jimmy and Josie more often," chattered Alex mindlessly trying to get her thoughts on to safer ground.

            "You're right," agreed Walker.  "Now that you mention it, I think I'll head on back to C.D.'s.  Maybe they will still be around.  If they aren't there maybe I can interest C.D. in a rematch at chess."

            "That's a good idea.  I'm sorry I had to cut tonight short.  I'll make it up to you," promised Alex suggestively.

            "A rain check on dessert then?" questioned Walker meaningfully following her lead.

            "It's a deal," Alex agreed laughingly. "Dessert has always been my favorite part of the meal!"

            Having made it to Alex's front door Walker took the keys that she proffered and easily turned it in the lock.  "Maybe lunch tomorrow?" suggested Walker over his shoulder as he pushed Alex's door open and moved aside to let her pass.

            Frowning slightly she answered hesitantly. "I don't want to make a date I can't keep.  I don't know how long Jameson will keep me.  I'll call you when I'm done and we can make plans then.  Okay?"

            "It will have to do I suppose," kidded Walker with exaggerated disappointment.

            Alex's lowered head shot up and alarm filled her shining blue eyes at Walker's remark.  At the sight of Walker's mischievous grin she laughed in relief. "Oh, you! What am I going to do with you?"

            "A good night kiss wouldn't be a bad idea," was Walker's innocent reply.

            "I can do that," agreed Alex happily as Walker gently pulled her close and captured her soft lips with a lingering kiss.

            Breaking the sweet contact reluctantly Walker stepped back and placed his black Stetson on his head.  "Good night, Alex."

            "Good night, Walker.  Thanks again for dinner," replied Alex wistfully as she backed into the entrance of her apartment.

            Walker tipped his hat in response, turned on his heel, and headed back to his truck.