By Katie 59

Chapter One

Walker stood in the doorway and watched as his wife played with their twins. Noticing that he was home Alex looked up and asked "Can you watch them here while I meet with Sharon at her office? I won't be long; she said that I'm making real progress in recovering from what LaRue did to me."

Walker replied "I'm glad that you're doing better but if I had been home with you like I should have been LaRue wouldn't have been able to hurt you causing you to lose our unborn baby." When Alex didn't say anything to that Walker then changed the subject by asking his wife "So how have they been today?" Alex answered "I think that they decided to start their terrible twos a little early but considering that you're their father I shouldn't have been all that surprised about it."

Walker asked "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Just because they have a mule-headed cowboy for a father doesn't mean they have to be so stubborn about getting into things. I swear that I've removed your son from the bottom of the T.V. stand at least a hundred times today not to mention that your daughter thinks it's funny to keep yanking the place settings from the dining room table onto the floor. Liz did it so many times that I gave up and put them away so when you're feeding them dinner you'll have to set the table again." Alex said to him and as Walker was watching his wife explain he felt as though it would be just a matter or time until he had his wife back in his arms, god willing.

Walker asked her "So they are just my children when they misbehave, are they?" Alex teased him "Sure are dear and you know it because I was a sweet little baby according to my parents but we both know that you've always been so hard-headed. Uncle Ray told me all about your stubbornness."

Walker teased back "No way was I stubborn and my twins are sweet little angels. However since there are no place settings on the table I'll just take them to C.D.'s for dinner, that  way I won't have to set the table." Alex told her husband "That's cheating cowboy but you know what, maybe I'll join you there after I talk to Sharon. C.D. said that he's been wanting to see them and I'm sure that Trivette will be there to so he can see them also."

"Okay we'll meet you at C.D.'s, won't we guys?" Walker said as Liz and Gordie took the papers off the end table and tossed them on the floor. A laughing Alex told Walker "It's your turn to clean up after your sweet little angels. See you later Cordell and don't you dare let them trash the house, got that?"

"Yes Mommy. Here take my truck and I'll take your S.U.V., it'll be easier than switching their seats." Walker said as he tossed Alex his truck keys then she left the house. Walker turned to the twins who were starting to rip up the papers and said a little too loud "That's enough of that, you two stop it." They both began crying at the same time so Walker picked them both up and walked around with them until they settled down. Then he told them "How could two such angelic looking toddlers possibly trash a house?" An hour later he had his answer because when one was getting into something and he went to remove that one the other one then got into something else when his back was turned. Glancing at the clock and realizing that he was running late Walker didn't clean up the house but instead put them into the Alex's S.U.V. for the drive to meet his wife at C.D.'s.

Chapter Two

Alex was waiting for Walker at C.D.'s when a man asked her to dance and she turned him down then went to the ladies' room. On the way back he again asked her to dance and Alex again told him no then went and sat at a table to wait for Walker. The man sat at the table by her side and laid his hand on Alex's arm and said "Hi, I'm Jonas, are you sure that you don't want to dance with me? A beautiful lady like you shouldn't be sitting here by yourself."

Alex told him "Remove your hand now, I've already told you several times that I wasn't interested in dancing with you." Jonas didn't remove his hand instead he tried again "Come on pretty lady, how about just one dance? It's not going to hurt you to dance with me is it?"

Having had enough Alex bent Jonas' pinky back until he released her arm and told him "For the last time, I'm not interested get lost." Rubbing his pinky Jonas said "Come on I'm good at it."

Alex got up and told him "Go bother someone else." Jonas however stood up himself and grabbed Alex's arm again. Looking at his hand on her arm Alex told him "Mister if you know what's good for you, you will let my arm go now."

"I don't think so lady." Jonas smirked at Alex who said "You were just told to let me go." Then she promptly kicked him in the shin. Jonas yelled and took a swing at Alex but it was blocked by Walker who asked his wife "Is he bothering you?"

Jonas said "Why don't you mind your own business?"  Walker replied "She's my wife so it's my business now get lost if you like breathing." Jonas walked away as Alex told her husband "He wanted me to dance with him and wouldn't take no for an answer. How were the twins for you? You didn't let them mess up the house too much did you? Speaking of the twins, where are they Walker?"

Walker replied "Over there with C.D. and Trivette. And no I didn't let them mess up the house too much, just a little bit. Alex, are you okay?" Alex questioned him "Why wouldn't I be okay?"

"No reason, speaking of dancing I don't suppose that you want to dance with me either?" Walker asked Alex who answered "I guess that I could, that is if you promise not to step on my feet. What do you say cowboy?"

Walker replied "I say let's dance lady before you change your mind." Walker then led his wife onto the dance floor where he started to hold her at arms length so as not to crowd her but Alex told him as she moved closer and laid her head on his chest "I've missed dancing with you."

            "Me too honey, me too." Walker answered as he pulled his wife even closer as they danced to a slow country ballad. Meanwhile C.D. and Trivette who were watching the twins grinned at the couple and C.D. said "I think those two are going to be okay."

Trivette replied " I hope so C.D., I was so sure that Alex was going to divorce Walker after he went and helped Merilee leaving LaRue free to terrorize her. I'm glad that they are getting back to where they were before all that happened."

Walker went to kiss Alex on the cheek but pulled back not wanting her to get upset by his actions Alex however said "Well since you didn't step on my feet once you deserve a kiss cowboy."

"You don't have to if it makes you uncomfortable." Walker told his wife who answered "I want to Cordell." Then she pulled him into a gentle kiss. Liz and Gordie however ended the moment between their parents when they managed to get up on a table and knock a bowl of peanuts and a bowl of chips onto the floor. Breaking apart Alex and Walker went over and picked them up off the table as Walker suggested "I think that we'd better put them in the highchairs C.D. keeps here for them before they get any other ideas."

Alex replied "I guess that we'd better." Walker started to put Gordie in his seat when Alex placed her hand on Walker's arm and told him "I enjoyed the dance." Walker smiled and said "Me too."

Chapter Three

Entering her house ahead of Walker Alex took a look around and questioned her husband "Walker, what exactly is your definition of just a little bit messed up? This place looks like a hurricane hit it."

"Well it was more like your little twin terrors. Every time I took one out of something the other one would get into something else when my back was turned. At times I could have sworn that there were six or seven of them instead of a pair of one year old twins." Walker defended himself but Alex told him "Honey they are sixteen months old now and that's why you never turn your back on them, because they tag team you. By the way I thought that we decided that when they were bad they were your children."

"No dear you decided that when they were bad they were mine but I doubt if I got into the things like they do and at such a young age no less. No they must be taking after you with your hard-headedness." Walker teased his wife who laughed and told her husband "No dear we also decided that you were the one who was also hard-headed not to mention just plain stubborn."

 Not thinking Walker grabbed Alex to pull her close like he would have before that night but when he noticed a look of panic in Alex's eyes Walker quickly released her and stepped back as he said "I'm sorry I didn't mean to frighten you."

"I know but the way you grabbed me... well... never mind. I suggest that we get these two to bed before they get into anything else then we clean up the place and go to bed ourselves so that we'll be rested enough to deal with them tomorrow." Alex replied but Walker questioned his wife "Do you want to talk about why the way I grabbed you frightened you? I wouldn't hurt you for the world Alex."

"Walker can we please just put our children to bed?" Alex pleaded so Walker picked up Liz and told his wife "You get your stubborn son, I have my hard-headed daughter." Alex picked up Gordie and they took the children upstairs bathed them and got them to go to sleep eventually.

Walker said when they were back downstairs "Why don't you just go up to bed? I'll clean up this mess." Alex replied "No, I'll help you, I don't feel like going to bed just yet."

After they were done cleaning the house up Alex said "I'm going to make myself some tea, do you want some?" Walker replied "That sounds good." Alex made the tea and after handing Walker a cup sat besides him on the couch and told her husband "You are a great father." Walker turned his head to look at her and Alex leaned in to kiss Walker but he said "Alex I don't think that you should do that, not when it's only because you think that I'm a great father. It has to be about more than that for us."

"You're right." Alex answered then she got up from the couch went over to the window and looked out it for awhile before she told him "When you grabbed me before it brought back memories of that night. I was in our bedroom and I heard a noise which I thought was you but when I turned around it was him and he grabbed me the exact same way that you just did. I fought him with everything in me but he dragged me into the nursery and... well you know what happened then."

Walker got up went and stood behind Alex as he said "I'm sorry that I wasn't there for you, if I could go back and do it differently I would." Alex turned back around to face her husband and said "But you can't, can you?"

"No I can't. Do you want me to call Sharon for you? You look like you're afraid or something." Walker asked Alex who responded "Don't call her, it's too late at night. Walker, I am very scared. I know that LaRue is dead but right now for whatever reason I am terrified that he's going to hurt me again. I know that sounds crazy."

"No it doesn't sound crazy, Alex after my parents were murdered it took me awhile before I stopped thinking that the killer was coming after me. Honey why don't you try and get some sleep? I'll be right here if you need me." Walker told her.

"Right now I'm afraid to go to sleep. Would you mind staying up with me? We can watch T.V. or something." Alex questioned Walker who turned on the T.V. and answered "Here's the remote, why don't you find something to watch while I get a blanket for you?"

"I need a pillow too." Alex said and Walker got her one. After making sure that she was comfortable on the couch Walker settled into the chair before he noticed what she had on and objected "Alex, this is a sappy love story."

"Yes it is now be quiet so that I can watch it." Alex told him. About an hour later Alex was asleep and Walker turned off the lamp but left the T.V. on. Walker then got his pillow and blanket and settled himself on the floor in front of the couch but not before kissing Alex on the cheek and telling her "I love you lady." Alex mumbled back "Me too."

Chapter Four

Several hours later Alex was tossing and turning in her sleep because she was reliving what LaRue had done to her. This woke Walker up who turned on the lamp as Alex still trapped in her nightmare began pleading "Please don't hit me there, you'll kill my baby. No please don't. Walker, where are you? Please Walker he's killing our baby. Walker, please." Alex quieted as a Walker knelt besides her on the floor and started to pat her shoulder while saying "Alex, I'm here." A few minutes later Alex still asleep screamed "Walker, stop him. No don't kill them, not my babies. Walker stop him. Walker. WALKER. Please LaRue I'm begging you don't kill my twins. No. Walker, please stop him."

Walker sat back down on the floor as he realized that Alex had pleaded with a rapist for the lives of the twins and her unborn baby because he, her husband hadn't come home that night like he should have. Alex woke up and after looking around to get her bearings she asked him "What are you doing in here with me?"

"I was sleeping on the floor in case you needed me. Want to talk about your dream?" Walker asked his wife who said "No, yes, I don't know, maybe."

"Alex, I heard you calling out for me to stop him from killing our baby and for me to stop him from killing the twins as he threatened to do. You were begging him not to kill the twins. Alex I will never be able to tell how sorry that I am for going to Merilee's aid that night leaving LaRue free to hurt you and cause the death of our baby. I understand now that you will never be able to forgive me because I will always blame myself for it." Walker told Alex who got up and went to the window to look out it. After awhile Alex questioned "Walker, if I'm never able to forgive you for what happened to me how are we going to make this arrangement work?"

"What do you mean Alex? Are you saying that you want me to move out? That you want a divorce?" Walker asked dreading the answer.

"I don't know about getting a divorce just yet but what I really meant how are we going to keep this from hurting the children too? Because it's not normal for the father to sleep in a different bedroom from the mother. They won't know that it's wrong now but what happens when they go to school and they figure out that we're just staying together for their sakes?" Alex was explaining when Walker told her "I'll pack my things in the morning and move back to that cabin. I won't contest the divorce because I let you get hurt by LaRue. You'll let me see the twins, won't you?"

"I wasn't asking you to move out nor did I ask for a divorce either. What I want to know how are we going to make sure that we don't put them in the middle if I can't get over what LaRue did to me and our unborn baby. How do we protect them then?" Alex said.

"Alex we both already know the answer to that one, neither one of us would ever do that to them. We both will make sure that they know they are loved by both of us. As for our sleeping arrangements, that's our business." Walker assured his wife.

Turning away from the window to look at Walker Alex asked "Can it be that simple?" Walker replied "Yes it can be that simple because it is that simple. Alex we can make this work because we are both too stubborn not to make it work if we really want it to. Now how about you going upstairs and trying to get some more sleep before they wake us up?"

Alex answered "I'm still a little afraid, I don't know why it's so bad tonight. Would you mind?" Walker answered as he fluffed his pillow and laid back down on the floor "I don't mind, you go ahead and lay back down on the couch. I'll sleep on the floor."

Alex laid back down on the couch and said "Could you get the lamp? I don't feel like moving." Walker got up and turned the lamp off and as he settled back down on the floor Alex told him "Thanks cowboy."

"You're welcome, now get some sleep." Walker said to his wife who snuggled into her covers and went to sleep.

Chapter Five

The next evening Alex was running late and Walker was getting worried that something may have happened to her when the phone rang, grabbing it Walker questioned "Is that you Alex? Are you okay?"

"No, it's me Sam. Listen Washo White Eagle had me call you to see if you would bring your family up here this weekend, will you?" Sam Coyote asked Walker who answered "I'll have to see if Alex wants to come, I don't know if she's up to it."

"White Eagle said that you needed to bring them here this weekend and that he wasn't taking no for an answer." Sam told him.

"Sam, I'm not sure that would be good for Alex right now. Can't we make it another time?" Walker was answering when Alex came in and asked "Can't we make what another time? You're not planning on protecting another woman, are you?" Holding his hand over the mouth piece Walker explained to his wife "Sam said that White Eagle wants me to bring my family to the reservation this weekend. I told him that I don't think that you're up to it and can't we do it another time."

Alex took the phone from Walker and said "Sam we'll see you this weekend." Then she handed the phone back to Walker and went into the kitchen to start dinner. Walker told Sam "Well I guess you'd better tell White Eagle that we'll see him this weekend."

"I'll see you then." Sam replied and hung up. Going into the kitchen Walker said to his wife "Are you sure about this? I can call him back and say that something came up and that we won't be able to make it."

"Walker, I'm sure about it. I want the twins to know all about your Cherokee heritage and we might as well start teaching them when they're young. Now what time are we leaving on Friday?" Alex replied.

"I'll pack your S.U.V. Thursday evening and meet you at C.D.'s about five Friday, okay?" Walker asked his wife who answered "Okay, I'm looking forward to getting out of town. I think a nice relaxing weekend on the reservation will do me a world of good."

Just then they heard the sound of a glass breaking and hurried into the dining room where the twins were laughing. Alex just shook her head and as he was cleaning the glass up Walker teased her "I don't know how relaxing it's going to be if they keep getting into things and breaking them."

"It will be real relaxing for me because I know to put things up where they can't reach them so that way they can't break them. However dear you haven't figured that one out yet so you'll be having fun cleaning up after them all weekend." Alex teased him right back and Walker questioned "Is that so Mrs. Walker?"

"Sure is Cordell. Now would you mind putting them into their highchairs so that we can feed them?" Alex requested of Walker who did exactly that. As they were eating Walker appeared to be deep in thought so Alex said "A penny for your thoughts cowboy." Walker answered "Well as you know my house there only has one adult bed in it so I was wondering if I could get a better couch in it before the weekend because the one that's there is pretty uncomfortable to sleep on."

"Oh it's either that or we share the bed?" Alex asked Walker who replied "Alex, I won't ask you to share a bed with me when you're not ready to."

"I could possibly share a bed with you as long as you didn't put any pressure on me to have sex with you." Alex said stunning Walker who vowed "I will never ever demand that you have sex with me. It's the worst thing that a man could ever do to the woman that he loves."

"Okay I guess we share the bed then but remember I get the bathroom first in the morning." Alex replied. Walker told her "Honey as pretty as you are you won't need it first but go ahead if it'll make you happy."

"I'll use it first but I promise not to use all the cold water, how does that sound?" Alex questioned Walker who answered "It's a deal."

Chapter Six

Friday Alex was again waiting for Walker at C.D.'s with the twins and he was running late so C.D. insisted on taking the twins into the back room to show them off to some of his staff who were taking a break. Alex was sitting at the bar when Jonas again bothered her "Hey Lady I didn't get my dance the other night and since your husband isn't here to stop me I'm going to make you dance with me." Jonas then yanked Alex up from the barstool but she surprised him by nailing him between the legs causing him to fall to the floor in pain. Trivette who had just entered the bar whistled and told her "I hope I never make you mad enough to do that to me."

Ignoring Trivette's comment Alex questioned him "Where's that husband of mine? Off protecting another woman yet again?"

Trivette replied "No he's parking his truck in back for C.D. to keep an eye on because you're taking the S.U.V. to the reservation. As a matter of fact Alex the Captain threatened to suspend Walker because he refused to protect a Mrs. Halston this weekend. Walker told the Captain that he was taking his family to the reservation and that I could protect Mrs. Halston this weekend."

"Walker didn't get suspended because of me did he?" Alex asked Trivette who answered her "No because Walker made it clear that he was going to the reservation this weekend and if the Captain didn't like it he could accept Walker's resignation. The Captain wasn't very happy about it but Walker won. So you go and enjoy your weekend together while I protect Mrs. Halston."

"What's the matter Jimmy, isn't she pretty enough for you?" Alex teased Trivette who complained "No she isn't pretty and to make it worse, she's old enough to be my mother but when I met her I swear that she flirted with me. She kept running her hand up and down my arm then she said I was so good looking."

"You poor baby. Try not to let her flirting distract you from your duties protecting her shall we say, body?" Alex told Trivette who shuddered and said "Thanks a lot for that image, now I won't be able to enjoy my dinner."

Just then Jonas who had recovered from what Alex had did to him yelled at her "I see you in here again without that husband of yours I'm going to make you regret what you just did."

Alex answered "You even think about it and you'll be in jail so fast that you won't know what hit you. Now for the last time, get lost creep." Jonas told her "This is a public place so I'm free to come in here anytime I want to."

Trivette told him "Not for idiots now like the lady just told you leave." Jonas sneered "She's no lady, leading me on and then nailing me for no good reason. If I wasn't heading home I'd teach her not to tease a man and then cry for help." Jonas left and Alex seemed to get upset so Trivette told her "Alex you should just ignore what he said, he's just a loud mouth."

Walker entered the bar as Jonas left so he went to Alex and asked "Was he bothering you again?" Alex didn't answer Trivette did by saying "Yes and she taught him a lesson that he won't soon forget. Man Walker she really nailed him."

Walker questioned "Alex are you all right? If you don't want to go to the reservation just tell me and we won't go." Alex answered her husband "No I want to go and since you told the Captain that you were going to the reservation instead of protecting Mrs. Halston this weekend we'd better go."

Walker growled "Trivette you have a big mouth." Before Trivette could say anything Alex said "It's okay Walker besides Trivette gets to spend the entire weekend personally protecting a woman who's interested in him, at least that's what he told me."

Walker replied "Better him than me, that woman thinks she's in her twenties when she's at least sixty or seventy and she's under the mistaken impression that every man wants her." Trivette threw his hands up and said "Thanks a lot you two I have to spend the weekend protecting her while fending her off and you two will be off enjoying yourselves."

Alex told him "Have fun Jimmy and we'll see you Monday that is if you survive the weekend." Then she asked her husband "Are we about ready to go? I don't want them up too late because if they are they will be a real handful tomorrow."

"They weren't a handful the other day when they trashed the house when I was watching them?" Walker teased his wife who teased back "You're the one who couldn't handle a set of twins not me. Come on let's go and no you can't change your mind and switch places with Trivette." They got Gordon and Elizabeth from C.D.'s backroom and left for the reservation.

Chapter Seven

In the morning when she woke up Alex was in Walker's arms and not wanting to get out of bed quite yet laid her head on his chest as she remembered some of the times they had shared before that night. Without realizing it Alex began to run her hand up and down Walker's chest causing him to pull her closer in his sleep. Instead of being scared Alex began to wonder if they could be together because right now she really wanted her husband so she kissed him several times. When he awoke Walker started to pull away but Alex slid her leg over his as she again kissed him. Walker unable to resist began kissing Alex back as he laid his wife on her back. As Walker moved over her Alex had a flashback of what LaRue had done to her and panicked "Please don't hurt me." Alex begged and Walker hurriedly got out of bed as Alex turned away from her husband.

"Alex, what's the matter? Did I hurt you?" Walker questioned his wife who replied "No you didn't hurt me. Walker, I'm sorry."

"You're sorry, for what?" Walker asked Alex who answered "For teasing you and then not letting you do anything."

"Alex, its okay I know that you're not ready to do anything with me. I should have slept on the couch instead of sleeping in this bed with you." Walker told her.

"Don't try to make me feel better about leading you on then not letting you have sex with me." Alex said stunning her husband who tried to assure his wife "Alex, you didn't tease me or lead me on."

"Yes I did just like I did to Jonas and to..." Alex's voice trailed off but Walker figured it out and asked "Like LaRue, is that what you were going to say? Because you did not lead him on. Alex that man was an animal and you are not responsible for what he did to you. As for that Jonas you did not lead him on, you told him no more than once and he wouldn't listen. Some people are like that, they only hear what they want to hear and when they don't get their way they behave like jerks and he's one of those."

"If I'm not responsible for what LaRue did to me how come he came after me a second time? No I must have done something wrong to let him think that I wanted it." Alex said upsetting Walker because this didn't sound like his Alex but he firmly told her "Answer this for me Alex, is any woman who's been assaulted responsible for that assault? Don't you tell the woman that they are not responsible for what happened to them? Then why do you think you're responsible for what happened to you that night? Because there are only two people responsible for what happened to you and that's LaRue for doing it and me for not stopping him."

"You're not responsible for what happened I am because I..." Alex said and Walker asked "You what Alex?"

"I didn't lock the door knowing that he was out of jail. Walker when he raped me LaRue kept telling me that I really wanted him to do that because I made sure that he could get into the house. He told me that it proved that I wanted him, and since I couldn't stop him maybe he was right about me." Alex replied.

Choosing his words very carefully Walker told Alex "You listen and you listen well Mrs. Walker, you did not lead him on. You did not want him and as for locking the front door you did but he forced it. Alex you are not responsible, he is."

"But in the barn after I begged him not to kill the twins I told him that he could do whatever he wanted to me as long as he didn't kill the twins. LaRue told me that after he killed the twins he would take me up on my offer for sex. I would have betrayed you and been with him if it meant saving my babies lives. You see Walker, I am responsible." Alex replied.

Walker stated "No you are not Alex. You were staked out in your own barn by a madman who told you that he was going into your house and kill your children. You did not offer him sex, what you did was try to plead for the lives of your children. Alex, you love the twins and you were trying to save their lives. I know you and you offered yourself under extreme duress and you would not have betrayed me, ever. What LaRue did to you was rape you and if anything else had happened after that it would still have been rape no matter what you said in an attempt to bargain for your babies, you have to trust me on this."

"You believe that I'm not responsible? That I didn't lead him on? You don't feel that I would have betrayed you? Walker you aren't just telling me that so I feel better about myself, are you?" Alex questioned Walker who answered "Alex I do not lie to you, I never have and I never will."

"Deep down inside I know that you're right but how do I move on with my life? I can't go on like this Walker. I need to put it behind me but every time I think that I'm over it something happens and I'm right back where I was that night, terrified." Alex said as she began crying. Walker took her into his arms and said "You can't let him win now Alex, you've come too far to give in. The Alex that I know and love will get over this. Alex it's natural to be scared sometimes because you went though a horrible ordeal. Hasn't Sharon told you that?"

"Yes but." Alex started to answer when Walker told his wife "No buts about it Alex Cahill." Walker then wiped her tears away as Alex looked at him and said "It's Alex Cahill-Walker to you cowboy."

"Okay Alex Cahill-Walker now how about you use the bathroom so that I can use it after you're done?" Walker asked Alex who told him "I think that you'd better use it first but please save me some cold water."

"Don't you mean warm water?" Walker questioned.

"No I meant cold water because I think that I'm almost in the same state that you are." Alex replied and Walker realizing what she meant said as he headed to the bathroom "Okay, I'll save you some cold water."

Chapter Eight

They had the twins in their double stroller and were walking around the reservation when Alex asked her husband "Walker can you take me to meet Sharona Wolf? I want to thank her for making the dream catcher for Liz and the bow and arrow set for Gordie."

"Sure, she's usually at the gift shop. We'll go see if she's there now." Walker answered and they went to the gift shop where Walker introduced them "Sharona, I'd like you to meet my wife Alex."

Sharona replied "It's nice to meet you Mrs. Walker." Alex told her "Please it's Alex. I asked Walker to introduce us because I wanted to thank you myself for the dream catcher that you made for my daughter Elizabeth and the bow and arrow set that you made for my son Gordon. It's obvious by looking at them that you are a fine crafts woman, thank you again."

"You're welcome. When Ray Firewalker asked me to make them I wasn't sure that they would be appreciated because most people who aren't from here really don't appreciate things like that. You aren't just saying that you like them, are you?" Sharona asked Alex who answered "No, I'm not we put the dream catcher above Elizabeth's bed and the bow and arrows we put up until Gordon is old enough to learn how to use them with his father teaching him. I know that the dream catcher will ensure that Liz doesn't have nightmares. The bow and arrow is something that can be passed down from father to son and now Walker will be able to do that with our son who will pass them on to his son thanks to you."

"I'm glad." Sharona answered. Sam entered the gift shop and spotting Walker there said "Washo there you are, White Eagle said that he wanted to see your family and that he's not getting any younger. He's out by the creek under the kissing tree."

"Okay we'll go there right now." Walker answered Sam but Alex said "Wait a minute Walker." Then she turned to Sharona and asked her "Are you free for dinner tonight? Walker and I would like you to eat with us to thank you. Sam we would like you to eat with us too. What do you two say?"

Sam and Sharona avoided looking at each other but then they both said yes at the same time. The Walkers left the gift shop and Walker asked Alex "Okay lady what are you up to?"

"Sam is sweet on Sharona and she feels the same way about him." Alex answered but Walker objected "Alex you can't make them a couple you know?"

"Walker, its just dinner. After that they are on their own." Alex replied while smiling at her husband who said "I bet."

"What's the matter, don't you trust me dear?" Alex teased. Walker teased back "Now when it gets into your head to do some matchmaking. Why is it that when a woman is happily married she feels the need to pair other people off?" Before Alex could say anything Walker told her "Forget I said that, I know that you're not that happy to be married to me right now."

"Walker believe it or not I am happy that you're my husband. Honey I won't want any other man, ever. You're stuck with me whether or not you like it." Alex said to her husband who replied "I'm glad to be stuck with you. But right now we'd better go see what White Eagle wants."

When they got to where White Eagle was he told Walker "Washo I must speak with your wife alone. Take the children for a walk." Walker questioned him "What do you want to talk to Alex about?"

"You question your elder?" White Eagle asked Walker who answered "When it comes to my wife I do." Before White Eagle could say anything else Alex said "It's okay Walker I have been wanting to talk to White Eagle myself." After looking at them both Walker said "Okay but I'll be right over there if you need me."

White Eagle asked "If who needs you? Your wife or me?" Walker answered "You, Alex can be pretty tough." Walker then walked away as White Eagle asked Alex "If you didn't have those children would you be married to Washo?"

"Not right now but in the future we would be because he's the only man for me and I'm the only woman for him. I believe as Uncle Ray did, that Walker and I were meant to be." Alex stated.

"If that's the case why don't you forgive him for making a bad decision that night and become a true wife to him again? Does he not deserve that?" White Eagle questioned Alex who answered "I have forgiven him but right now I can't be a true wife to him until I get LaRue out of my mind. I can't be with my husband until I know for sure in my own mind that I've overcome LaRue and what he did to us that night. It isn't only the assault, it's also that we lost our baby because of that madman. I do however feel that I'm getting to that point with Walker's help."

"Trust in your husband, that is the only way that you will overcome what happened to you. As for the baby you must mourn the child together then you will be able to have more." White Eagle said then after a few minutes of silence he asked "Did you know that you are the only woman that Washo has ever brought here?"

"He didn't bring Ellen here?" Alex questioned back and White Eagle replied "Just you. Now when you have other children, can I get one of them named after me?"

"You'll have to wait in line White Eagle because Walker wants a son named after his Uncle Ray and a daughter named Angela." Alex teased him and he teased right back "I have to wait until you have a fifth child? I should have taught Washo to respect his elders better."

"I'm sure that you tried but in case you haven't noticed my husband is a little on the stubborn side." Alex said.

"Yes he is but I'll bet that his wife matches him in that department." White Eagle replied as they headed to where Walker was with the twins. "I have to be with him for my husband." Alex defended herself.

White Eagle told Walker "You have a wise mate Washo, I'll see you at dinner." Then he walked away as Walker asked "Did you invite him too?" Alex replied "No he just invited himself." Then getting serious Alex said "Walker when we are back home we're going to have to rebuild our marriage. I want to be your wife in every sense of the word and I want you to be my husband in every sense of the word. I want to be able to make love with my husband again."

"So do I Alex." Walker answered.

Chapter Nine

At dinner Sharona not knowing what had happened to Alex asked her "These children are so cute, are you going to have anymore?" Alex replied "We hope to in the future but right now we want to enjoy these two." Just then Gordie tossed his plate on the floor as Liz tossed her pasta at her brother. White Eagle said "Perhaps these two will cause you to rethink having anymore children. Is that not so Washo?"

Walker answered as he cleaned up after Liz "We will have more children, I just have to make sure that they don't have their mother's hard-headedness."

Alex replied as she cleaned up after Gordie "We will have more children but I have to make sure that they don't have their father's stubbornness."

Sharona questioned them "How long are you going to wait to have another one? Are you going to wait until these two go to school?" When neither one of them answered she said "I'm sorry I shouldn't have asked such personal questions like that. I've been told before that I'm too bold at times." Alex said "It's all right but the reason we didn't answer is because we just lost a baby and we don't know when we'll be ready to have another one."

"Oh I'm sorry did you have a miscarriage?" Sharona asked Alex who replied "Yes I did, now can we talk about something else."

Sharona said "I didn't mean to upset you Mrs. Walker." Alex replied "Please, it's Alex and you didn't upset me but I don't want to think about that right now. I want to enjoy having dinner with my husband and our friends, that's all."

After dinner Alex suggested that all of them take a walk but White Eagle told her "I will watch the little ones here while the big ones go for a walk." Alex looked at Walker who winked so she said "Okay but I plan to get Walker alone under the kissing tree so Sam and Sharona you'll be on your own then."

Both Sam and Sharona looked happy about that. After dinner they went for their walk and as they neared the kissing tree Sam teased Walker "Okay Washo you are on your own with your hard-headed wife, will you be okay?" Alex teased him "Sam shouldn't you have asked me if I would be all right being on my own with my oh so stubborn husband?" Sam laughed and said "See you." Then he and Sharona went off on their own.

Walker asked "Now that you have me here lady, what do you plan to do to me?" Alex replied "Well we are under the kissing tree, how about you giving me a kiss?" Walker leaned in to kiss his wife but paused and asked "Are you sure about this Alex?" Thinking that he was talking about more than kissing Alex replied "I just wanted my husband to kiss me, is that too much to ask?"

"No it's not." Walker said as he pulled her into a kiss which started out sweet but quickly turned passionate. After breaking apart Alex questioned "There isn't a cold shower out here, is there?" Walker answered "Tell you what if I find one I get it first."

"Sorry about that, I didn't mean to turn you on." Alex told Walker who said "Alex you can't help it. Anytime I'm near you I want you."

"All the time? What about when we're at work?" Alex asked not quite believing him. "Pretty much all the time but I can control myself and I will until you're ready to be with me." Walker replied.

"That's just it Walker, this morning I really wanted you but then I had a flashback to LaRue and I panicked. I know that you would never hurt me but for a second there I thought that you would because I got you and LaRue confused in my mind.  How do I stop that?" Alex told her husband stunning him.

Walker said "I don't know the answer to that. I wished that I did." Then he walked away from Alex thinking for the first time that they wouldn't be able to get over what LaRue had done to Alex.

Alex was waiting up for Walker when he returned to the house and she said to her husband "Walker what I said to you under the kissing tree, well I didn't really mean it." Walker however told her "Yes you did Alex and don't bother denying it. You think that I would hurt you the same way that animal did. How could you think that of me?"

"Can I explain?" Alex asked but Walker broke in "How do you plan on explaining that you consider me to be no better than a rapist? Alex if you think that way about me there is no point in our staying married because I don't want a wife who feels that I'm going to hurt her any second. When we get back to Dallas we'll have your father arrange the divorce and visitation rights for me. Good night."

"Good night? Are you crazy? I was explaining something to you and you tell me that you want a divorce because I was afraid of you for just one second? After everything that we've been through? What is wrong with you anyhow?" An irate Alex questioned her husband who snapped back at her "There isn't anything wrong with me. You said that you were afraid of me when you know damn well that I would never hurt you. You either trust me or you don't now which is it?"

Instead of answering his questions Alex smiled and told him "Finally." Beyond puzzled by now Walker asked "Finally what?"

"Finally you are being honest with me instead of worrying that I'm going to fall apart at any moment. Walker I don't want you to treat me like I'm fragile, I want you to treat me the way that you did before that night. Now as I was saying before you broke in, yes I was afraid of you but that was just for a second because you were in my mind somehow mixed you up with LaRue. I won't deny comparing you to LaRue  for that second but I do know that you would never hurt me. What I meant when I said that was when I think of him hurting me I also think of not being able to tell you about the baby before we lost it. That's why you are linked with him in my mind not because I think that you would hurt me. Honey if I upset you tell me because I still intend to tell you when you upset me. We have to be honest with each other like we've always been." Alex explained and then she started crying.

"Alex why are you crying?" Walker asked Alex who told him "I'm crying because we lost a baby. Walker we never even got the chance to be happy about the baby and now it's gone."

Walker pulled his wife close and said "I know honey, I know. Was it a boy or girl, did you know yet?" Alex replied "No I wasn't far enough along to know but in my heart it was a girl. I even thought of names for the baby."

"What names?" Walker asked Alex who replied "Just one name really, I was going to call her Rose even though we agreed that our second born daughter would be called Angela."

"Rose for a first name and Eleanor for a second name, is that okay with you?" Walker questioned his wife who looked up and noticing that there were a few tears in her husband's eyes answered "Rose Eleanor Walker, we would have loved her as much as the twins." Walker pulled Alex even closer as they finally grieved together for the child that they had lost.

About an hour later Walker told her "How about going to bed now?" Alex replied "That sounds good, are you coming?"

"After I lock up." Walker said and Alex headed upstairs as he locked up then he went and joined his wife in their bed. Alex snuggled close to Walker when he got into bed with her and Walker wrapped his arms around his wife. The next morning when they woke up Alex told him "You can use the bathroom first."

Walker got out of bed as Alex said "I do want you but I'm still a little unsure about it." He questioned "Why are you unsure about us being together?"

"Because I don't want it to be different between us, what we had was so good and I'm afraid that now I won't be able to... you know please you." Alex replied. Walker told her "Don't worry about pleasing me because when the time is right and we get together again I promise you that it will be like it was between us."

"Okay cowboy, I believe you but right now you'd better get your shower while I take care of the twins." Alex said as she got out of bed and went to take care of their twins.

Chapter Ten

Monday morning Walker was in Ranger headquarters and Trivette was talking his ear off complaining about Mrs. Halston and her less then subtle attempts to flirt with him "Walker do you have any idea how hard it is to protect someone when all you want to do is to leave them as far behind you as you can? I mean that women all but asked me if I was interested in sleeping with her. I wouldn't have minded if she was my age and pretty but at her age, how gross could that be?"

Walker said "Well you were next in line to protect a woman. Wasn't it you who kept telling me that you could protect a woman that needed protecting?" Trivette answered "Yes but."

"No buts about it Trivette, if these women need protecting and they ask the Rangers to do it we have to protect them. Some of them may actually be in danger." Walker was telling Trivette when the Captain entered the office with Ranger Gill and said "Glad that you feel that way Walker because the Governor has asked me to assign my best man to protect Miss Malone while she's in town. I know that your wife is recovering from a terrible ordeal but Miss Malone needs my best man to be her bodyguard at her hotel twenty four-seven until she leaves town in four days. Now I suggest that you fill Ranger Gill here in on your current cases then go to the Concord where Miss Malone is currently being guarded by the Dallas P.D." Then he told Trivette who was still there "Trivette I'll need a report how your weekend protecting Mrs. Halston went."

The Captain then left the office as Ranger Gill said "Walker you get all the luck, being assigned to protect a beautiful woman like that. If you and the Mrs. are still not getting along I'll bet that Miss Malone would more than make up for it. I hear that she'll sleep with just about anyone." Walker got furious and replied "Knock it off Gill just because you're..." Walker stopped as he noticed that Alex had entered Ranger headquarters looking for him "Hey cowboy got a minute?"

"Yes." Walker answered as Gill said "Just a minute, isn't that right Walker?"

"Okay what's going on?" Alex questioned her husband who answered "I have to protect Miss Malone at her hotel until she leaves town in four days."

"Okay I'll see you when you get home." Alex said to Walker who asked "What did you want to talk with me about?"

"Nothing that I want to talk about with you here." Alex answered and started to leave but Gill said loud enough for Alex to overhear "See Walker I told you that Miss Malone could make up for what the wife isn't giving you. Man to have a beautiful woman who wants you when you're wife doesn't, how lucky can a man get?" Alex stopped and told her husband "Don't forget the border rule."

Gill asked "What's the border rule?" Alex smiled and said "That's something that you will never have to worry about, will you Gill?"

"Did you just insult me?" Gill questioned but Alex just walked away so Gill asked Walker "Okay Walker what is the border rule and why doesn't it apply to me?" Walker ignored him and left Ranger headquarters while Trivette laughed at Gill.

Entering Alex's office Walker told her "Alex the Captain assigned me to the case, I didn't ask for it." Alex assured him "I know that honey and I do understand that you will be protecting women from time to time. I just didn't like it when you volunteered to do it, all the time it seemed. Walker at the time I thought that you regretted being married to me because for awhile there you were hardly ever home with me and the twins. I know now that you thought you had to help all those women by protecting them yourself."

"Alex I will not protect just any woman who asks me from now on, I've learned my lesson on that one. By the way lady, what is the border rule?" Walker asked his wife who smiled as she placed a hand on his belt and then told him "This is the border cowboy and anything south of it only I'm allowed to touch. That's the border rule. Maybe when you get home we can how shall I put it, visit south of the border?"

Walker moaned and answered "God Alex how do you expect me to get through my assignment after you say something like that to me?" Alex replied "Just do what I'm going to be doing, take cold showers."

Walker pulled her to him and after kissing Alex said "Lady I love you." Alex replied "I know that you do and you will be proving it to me when you get back." Walker stepped away and said "I'd better go now before I lock that door and we... you know."

"See you." Alex said and Walker left her office.

Chapter Eleven

Walker arrived home on Saturday evening instead of Friday like he was supposed to have been because Miss Malone decided to stay in town an extra day. Walker wasn't sure of the reception that he was going to get because he was a day late. Walking into the living room he spotted Alex playing with their twins who saw their father and went to him holding their arms up so that he would pick them up. Sitting on the floor with both of the twins Walker asked "How were they?"

Liz and Gordie both decided to yank on Walker's beard at the same time. Alex helped him stopped doing that as she smiled and said "Like that. I think that they missed their father." Walker placed the twins on the floor and going to sit on the couch questioned his wife "What about their mother, did she miss their father?"

Sitting down besides him Alex replied "She sure did cowboy. So how did your assignment go? How many times did you have to fend off Miss Malone?"  Walker answered "A few times and how did you know about that?"

"Because Miss Malone has never been subtle about wanting to sleep with you in particular. But then again you do seem to have that effect on most women." Alex told Walker who asked "What effect? Alex you make it sound like every women wants me. Where did you get a crazy idea like that anyhow?"

"You really don't have any idea just how very desirable that you are, do you? I'm beginning to think that you really are clueless when it comes to women flirting with you. Walker while I know that you would never do anything with these women you should start realizing that some of them are interested in you. So why did you have to spend an extra day with Miss Malone?" Alex said.

"Well it was her idea and you're right about her because that last day she came straight out and asked me to have sex with her." Walker replied while Alex held back a laugh and asked him "Did you tell her that the border rule was in effect?"

Walker turned a little red as he admonished his wife "Alex I can't go around telling women that." Alex still laughing said "I can see you turning beet red while you tell them that they aren't allowed to touch you below the belt because your wife won't allow it."

"Are you having fun?" Walker questioned Alex who replied "Yes but nearly as much fun as we're going to have later. That is if you're interested, are you?"

After pulling her into a kiss Walker asked "Does that answer your question?" Alex never at a lost for words said " For now dear. But later is a different story." Walker just shook his head at his wife.

After they had gotten the twins to bed Walker and Alex were in the living room when Alex said "How about we turn in ourselves?" Walker instead lit a fire and then said "Alex we have to talk."

"About what?" Alex asked as she attempted to unbutton his shirt. Removing her hands Walker told her "These women that I protect, Alex I am not interested in them and I never will be."

"I know that Walker." Alex replied but Walker questioned "Do you Alex? Do you trust in me to be there for you?"

Looking straight into her husband's eyes Alex answered "Yes." Walker then asked "I believe that you said something about wanting to go to bed?"

"Yes but that can wait, since you made a fire we might as well take advantage of it." Alex said as she began to unbutton his shirt again. Walker removed her clothes and they just stood there looking at each other. Walker thinking that Alex wasn't real sure about it said "Alex, its okay if you don't want to. We can do this another time."

"I want to make love with my husband but would you mind letting me be on top this time?" Alex asked Walker who laid down on the floor on his back and told her "Do what you want but don't you dare stop halfway through to tell me about my birthmark."

Moving over her husband Alex said "It's a deal cowboy." When they were done Walker noticed that Alex had a few tears in her eyes so he said "You weren't ready, we should have waited until you were."

"No it's not that, it just that it was as good as I remembered. I love you so much Cordell John Walker." Alex said to her husband who pulled her close and said "I'm crazy about you lady."

"If that's the case, how about we go upstairs to bed so that you can make love to me? And yes you will be on top." Alex suggested. Walker picked her up and carried Alex to their bed where he made love to his wife. When they were done they fell asleep in each other's arm having rebuilt their marriage.

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