Sequel to The Doubt

By Vonnie (

When Trivette hears the heels clicking on the hardwood floor, he looks up and smiles at the ADA as she moves up to his partner's desk. "He's with the Captain, Alex, probably signing out for his vacation. Are you all set?"

"Yes, all signed, sealed and delivered. One week all to ourselves." The smile she flashes belies the turmoil that had wrecked havoc on her marriage just a few short weeks ago.

"Everything … all right now?" He asks with the warmth of a true friend.

She moves closer, takes his hand, and softly murmurs, "Yes, we're fine, now, Jimmy. Thanks for caring."

Their first vacation since their wedding barely two months ago, Alex is very possessive of this time together. The first month had ended a little shaky and they both needed this time to heal the misunderstanding. They knew their marriage wouldn't be without a few ripples considering the forceful personalities of the two participants. They can only hope that their love will withstand any problems that come up.

After a beautiful night of making love, Alex stretches, and hearing her husband in the shower, jumps out of bed to join him. After much playing around, the bathroom door is opened by two sated lovers, who finally dress, have a hearty breakfast and head for the barn for a morning ride.

On the return trip they are discussing the surprise party that C.D. is planning for Trivette in five days. "I think the party for Jimmy is really going to be a surprise. You know we have to go in Wednesday afternoon to help decorate, don't you?"

"Yeah, I know, shouldn't take too long, though. It'll be a nice party." Hearing a clap of thunder in the distance, "Alex, I think we're going to get wet." With that explanation, the horses are spurred into action. They feel large drops of cool water just as they make it to the barn. Quickly taking care of the horses, they make a dash for the house, but their luck fails them as the skies open up with a deluge of water.

They stand on the porch, soaked to the skin, laughing with sheer exhilaration. "Walker, we look like two drowned rats." Looking at him with the water running off of him in rivulets, forming a large puddle around him.

He chuckles, "I feel like a drowned rat." Then he turns his eyes to her as she shakes her head, sending water everywhere. Then seeing her shirt plastered against her chest, outlining her rounded flesh with the nipples pressing against the wet fabric, sends little bolts of desire racing through him.

Walker takes his shirt off, and wrings it out then turns to Alex, with a lustful smile on his face and begins to unbutton her shirt.

"Walker … stop it. It's broad daylight." She tries to push his hands away but he just pulls her closer.

"Baby, we're the only ones here." Begins nibbling on her ear. "Besides, you don't want to take all this water in the house, do you?" His hands finish with the buttons, then slips the garment off her shoulders, draping it over the swing. Sliding his hands up her sides, his fingers move up under her bra, closing around the swelling flesh, and she arches against him as desire sweeps through her.

Circling his neck with her arms she moans softly, "Walker, this is insane … out here in the open … ahh … where anyone can … see us … what's … what's that noise?" Glancing up she sees the mail truck coming up the lane. "Oh, God, Walker…" She pushes away from him, grabs her shirt and quickly darts through the door, leaving Walker to the mailman.

After accepting the package from the mailman, Walker enters the house, drops the package on the table by the door and goes upstairs to change out of his wet clothes. Returning down stairs, he finds Alex sitting on the stool at the bar, talking on the phone.

Blowing a kiss at her husband when he enters the kitchen, she brings her thoughts back to her conversation. "I agree C.D., I think he will be very surprised … No problem, we'll pick some up when we come in Wednesday … How do you plan on keeping Jimmy out of there Wednesday afternoon?" Walker moves closer and begins brushing his fingers lightly across her neck just above where it joins her shoulder sending shivers down her spine. Stepping closer, he begins placing soft kisses to the bare skin where his fingers had just been.

Her concentration begins to slip as his fingers wend their way down to the opening of her shirt, working the buttons, sending tiny little tremors through out her body. C.D.'s saying something about flowers? Alex's free arm slides around Walker's back, holding on for balance. As her shirt falls open she feels his warm breathe then his lips at her breast, sucking her nipple into his mouth, sending jolts of pleasure clear down to her bare toes. She closes her eyes, letting her head fall back, trying to bring her senses back to the conversation on the phone.

She can hear C.D. but he sounds so far away, a mention of a cake and what else did he say? She grabs at Walker's shoulder to push him away, and muffling the phone against her neck, she whispers frantically, "Please, Walker, I can't follow what he's saying!" Returning the phone to her mouth, she manages a slightly shaky "Uh-huh' hoping it lands in the right spot

Walker grins and proceeds to slip a hand between her legs. She squeezes them together, but it just enhances the hot sensation.

C.D.'s mind is completely on the party's planning, so he doesn't hear the change in Alex's breathing. "Do you think you can do that for me, honey?"

An answer, C.D. wants an answer. Alex tries to remember the question, but it is difficult with Walker's hand stroking her that way. Something to do with the party, but what?

Taking a handful of Walker's hair, she tugs sharply. Much as she enjoys what he is doing she needs to answer C.D. and get off the phone.

With her body and her senses smoldering with desire, she tugs harder then she intends. Walker yelps and feeling contrite Alex rubs her hand over the hurt and mouths, 'I'm sorry.' It's then that C.D. finally realizes that something is happening.

"Alex, what in tarnation is going on out there?"

"What? Oh … uh … that was Walker, C.D. He's having problems … with something. Can I call you back … later?"

"Yeah, I guess … but I need to know by tomorrow afternoon, Alex."

"I'll call you later, C.D." She has to lean into Walker to replace the receiver on its hook, because his head is back against her breast.

"What did C.D. have to say?" His voice is muffled and barely audible.

"I don't know," she murmurs. "I couldn't concentrate 'cause someone … kept distracting me. But that might have been just the storm…" she puts a frown on her face, "you know, a bad connection?"

With a growl, he grabs her by her hips, and standing, lifts her off the stool, tugging at her jeans. But before he can follow through with his intentions, the phone rings again.
"Not again," he moans.

Thinking it might be C.D. again, Alex reaches for the phone, "Hello?"

"Hi, Alex, is Walker there?"

She hesitates, "Yes."

"Would you call him to the phone?"

"Maybe." Jimmy calling was not a good sign.

"Uh … well, would you?"

"He's on vacation, you know?"

"I know, but this is important, it won't take long. Please?"

"Well, okay, but he isn't coming in." She muffles the phone against her hand, "You're on vacation, you are not going in." Smiling seductively at him she hands him the phone as he sits down on the stool that she had just vacated. Then she slides her arms around his neck, and standing on her toes, touches the tip of her tongue to his free ear. Ahh … revenge is sweet.

"What do you want, Trivette?" He isn't too happy about this intrusion either.

"That paper work you did on Bailey? I need it." Trivette asks, unaware of the shudder that had passed through his partner.

"What … paper, Trivette?" When Alex lightly nips at his ear, he clears his throat.

"On the Bailey case, I just told you."

"It's in your computer, Trivette." The sarcasm covers the huskiness of his voice, because Alex is tracing large circles on his bare chest. When he tries to push her hands aside, she brushes him off and places her thumbs on the center point of her circles.

"I've got it right in front of me. But it doesn't have the part that you wrote up. Where is it?"

Since Alex isn't backing off, he decides to fight fire with fire, slipping his hand around her, he runs his fingers slowly down her spine. She leans forward then and places an open mouth kiss to his neck where it connects to his shoulder, while her hands begin creeping slowly downward. "Look … in the … uh … drawer of my desk."

"Walker, you sound funny, are you feeling okay?"

"Feeling … okay?" he answers in a strangled tone. Releasing the buckle of his belt, Alex lowers the zipper and is working her hands into his briefs. "Uh … I'm fine. Just … fine." He sways on the stool, his part in the seduction completely forgotten. He clutches at her hip because his balance on the stool is precarious at best. His blood is pounding through his veins and his muscles begin twitching. It's always like this, this instantaneous desire. Alex's nearness is like an aphrodisiac. What did Trivette say?


"Forget it Walker, I'll look through your desk. I feel like I'm interrupting something."

"Not … yet, Trivette, not … yet?" How did she expect him to think straight when she was touching him like that?

"Walker, if I can't find it, I'm gonna call back."

"Sure … whatever." With a low growl directed at Alex, who has sunk to her knees and is about to… "I … gotta go." He tries twice before getting the phone on the hook, then turns his attentions to what Alex is doing.


Later, after finishing what had been started in the kitchen … and after a light lunch, they go to sit in the swing on the porch, listening to the patter of light rain on the roof. Alex nestles back into the arms of her husband, his arms resting on her bare skin underneath her shirt. No seduction intended, but it seems that just touching her skin brings a certain peace to him. And to her, as her hands rest over his.

"One of these days, darling, one of these day…" Thinking back earlier to the blushing moment on the porch with the arrival of the mail truck.

"One of these days … what?"

"One of these days we're going to get caught in a very embarrassing position."

"Think so." His eyes shut, murmuring into her ear.

"It's very possible, giving your penchant for wanting to make out wherever we happen to be."

"Nah, I'm discreet."

"Oh, yes, like this morning?"

"That was a fluke. That's the first time I've ever seen the mail truck come in here."

"That's what I mean, it can happen."

"We won't let it happen, now relax, the time is ours to do as we want." He tightens his arms and lays his head against hers. With the steady pitter-patter of the light rain, they both succumb to the relaxing setting and doze off.


Wednesday at 1:00, Alex and Walker enter the back door of C.D.'s Bar and Grill loaded down with several sacks of decorations and a Happy Birthday banner to be strung across the ceiling. They spend the afternoon putting up the decorations, assured that C.D. has Trivette occupied some where else. The finally head home with just enough time to shower and change before heading back for the party. Parking in back, they leave the truck, heading for the back door.

Walker opens the door and just as Alex starts through, "Oh, I forgot the gift. Go on in, honey, I'll be right back." She kisses him lightly on the cheek and hurries back to the truck, gets the gift off the seat and walks back and pushes the door open.

Stepping into the darkened room, she hears, "Oh, Walker, I've missed you so much." Finds him in the crowd, his arms reaching out, love shining on his face, "Hi, sweetheart I've missed you, too."

Alex closes her eyes as tears threaten, sinks back against the wall, her fist shoved into her mouth….

The End

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