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He stood in the room watching her sleep.  She looked so peaceful.  A new day was beginning and the sun was just peeking over the horizon.  It was his favorite time of the day, a time when he could think and reflect.

His life had changed so much.  He had changed so much.  He remembered a time when his job was the most important thing in his life, when being a Ranger was the best part of him.  That wasn’t the case anymore.  Being a Ranger was still important to him but his job no longer controlled his life.  He found that he didn’t take unnecessary chances anymore.  Oh, he’d still do whatever it took to save a life but he was a little more cautious these days.  He didn’t go running off half-cocked like in the old days.  Even Trivette had noticed the difference.  He’d commented on it once, but didn’t push the issue.  He knew what had caused the change.

He had a decision to make today.  He’d been offered a promotion to Captain, AGAIN.  Their current Captain was retiring and they wanted him to take the lead for Ranger Company B.  He’d had the same offer several times during his career.  Each time, it had taken him only a minute to turn it down and every time Trivette had told him he was crazy.  This time was different.  He’d asked if he could have a few days to think about it.  They’d given him until today to make a final decision.  He hadn’t said a word to anyone.  This had to be his decision and his alone.  Taking the promotion would mean less time on the streets.  In the past, that fact alone made him turn it down.  He wanted to be on the streets—needed to be on the streets.  But now?  He’d told the “powers that be” that if he took the position, he wouldn’t be a Captain that sat behind a desk all day.  He’d want to get out in the field at least a couple of days a week.  They had agreed, said they wouldn’t have it any other way.

He stared down at her, knowing that whatever decision he made would affect her too.  She was so precious to him.  He always wanted to be there for her and he tried never to think about leaving her.  As the sun slowly rose on the horizon and began shining in the window, she stirred and opened her eyes, those beautiful sparkling blue eyes.

She looked up at him and a smile lit up her face.  He smiled back at her.  That smile and those eyes!  One look from her and he melted.  One smile and he always said ‘yes’.

“Good morning, angel.”

Her arms reached toward him and, as he leaned toward her, a small voice replied “dada.”  Reaching into the crib, Walker lifted his baby daughter into his arms and held her close, kissing her blond curls.  She snuggled into his bare chest with her head on his shoulder as he rocked her back and forth.

Lost in thought and enjoying the quiet time with his little girl, he startled slightly when a soft hand touched his shoulder.  Turning, he was greeted by his beautiful wife, “Got room for me too?”

His arm embraced her and brought her to his chest where she too rested her head on his shoulder, gently stroking their daughter’s back.  “I’ve always got room for you, Alex.”

Standing in the nursery watching the sun come up with the two most important people in his life wrapped in his arms, the decision was an easy one to make.  He would take the promotion.  It was time to turn the streets over to his more than capable partner and the new breed of Ranger coming in.  He’d still be on the streets, just not as much.  There were more important things to consider now.  He had promised himself the day his daughter was born that she would always have her father to love her, teach her and guide her spirit.  Being a Ranger was still an important part of his life, but not the most important part.  That part was right here in his arms.


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