By Katie 59

Chapter One

Walker looked at the group of Rangers surrounding him in his private office and said to them "All right everyone listen up. We are going to be conducting a raid on the Cell Block Bar at midnight. It's been the scene of a lot of illegal activity lately and it needs to be shut down. Those activities include book making, prostitution and selling drugs, mostly meth. A.D.A. Blawnox should be getting the warrants ready for us right now. As to who's doing what, Gage I want you Swanson and Cooper to cover the back door. Trivette will take the side door with Ranger trainee Brighton and Ranger Harlan from Austin who's on assignment to our company for the time being. I'll take the front door with Cooke, any questions?" Cooper asked "Are we arresting everyone who's there?"

            Walker replied "We're going haul away anyone who's there, the D.A.'s office can sort them out once we get them back here and decide who will be charged with what. Dallas P.D. and the F.B.I. will be providing backup for us in case things get bad. Now I want all of you to read over the reports that Trivette has prepared for you and then be back here at eleven o'clock ready to go. Also when you come back here you are all to make sure that you are wearing your bullet proof vests. Any Ranger who is found not to have theirs on will no longer be a Ranger under my command. The Cell Block Bar is known to be the hangout of people who won't have any problem with shooting anyone of you if they think they have you outgunned. So when we execute the warrant all of you are to ready for everything and anything. See you at eleven." The other Rangers left Walker's office except for Trivette who questioned him "Walker why are you taking the front door with just Cooke to help you?" Walker answered his longtime friend "Because Trivette I expect some of them to go out the back door when I serve the warrant and try sneaking back around front to get the drop on me. Whoever doesn't try to get out the back door will most likely try to leave by the side door running into you, Brighton and Harlan."

"Okay just wondering. I'd better go call Erica and let her know that I can't pick J.W. up tonight like I promised him that I would." Trivette replied causing Walker to tell him "Why don't you bring him out to the ranch tomorrow to see the horses?"

"I just might do that, see you later Walker." Trivette replied then he left Walker's private office. Walker picked up the phone and called his wife "Alex, it's me. I'm going to be getting home real late tonight. Will you read a story to the children for me?"

"Yes I will, do you want me to wait up for you?" Alex asked her husband who answered "No by late I mean two or three o'clock in the morning if not later. After you've gotten the children asleep why don't you go to sleep yourself. You've been looking tired lately, I think you're coming down with the flu or something."

"I have been feeling really tired lately so I will go to bed after our children are sleeping. You be careful tonight cowboy." Alex told her husband who answered "Alex. I'm always careful, aren't I?"

"I think you and I have different ideas about what being careful means. Just you make sure that you come home in one piece Cordell Walker." Alex said to him.

"I will see you at home lady." Walker replied then hung up the phone. After a  minute Walker picked the phone back up and called A.D.A.'s Blawnox's office "This is Walker, are those warrants ready yet?"

Blawnox questioned Walker "What's your hurry? I'll have them done by eleven, isn't that the time you said you needed them by?" Walker replied "I would like them before then so that I can look them over before we serve them."

"Ranger Captain Walker, I know what I'm doing and I don't need anyone looking over my work to see that I'm doing it right, got that?" Blawnox told Walker who told him "Just make sure that those warrants are ready by eleven and that there's nothing wrong with them, got that?" Before Blawnox could say anything else Walker hung up on him.

Chapter Two 

It was now 11:15 and A.D.A. Blawnox still hadn't appeared with the search warrants so Trivette offered "Hey Walker how about I go get the warrants from Blawnox and meet you downstairs with them? That way you can go over the last minute details with everyone else." Walker agreed by saying "Okay because we are running out of time." Trivette left Walker's office while Walker turned his attention to the other Rangers questioning them "Does anyone have any questions about what they are to be doing tonight?" Harlan raised his hand and after Walker nodded he asked him "Why am I going to be stationed at the side door with Ranger Trivette and Ranger Trainee Brighton? I mean wouldn't you be better off with me going through the front door with you and Ranger Cooke?"

Walker replied "I want you at the side door with Trivette and Ranger Trainee Brighton to take care of anyone who decides to leave the bar by that door. I'll be fine with Ranger Cooke to back me up. Anyone else have any questions?" Cooper asked Walker "When we arrest everyone does that include the bartender and any other employees?"

"Yes that includes the employees too. Everyone who is the Cell Block Bar when we serve the warrants will be taken out of there in handcuffs and brought down here tonight. The D.A.'s office along with the police department will then sort through them and decide what charges are going to be brought and against who. I want everyone of you to check your weapons then we'll be on our way." Walker said.. The other Rangers checked their weapons then they left Ranger headquarters and went to meet Trivette in the lobby. When they got there he wasn't there so Gage called him up on the cell phone and after talking with Trivette told Walker "Trivette just got the warrants from Blawnox and is his way down here now.

When Trivette left the elevator he handed the warrants to Walker and the Rangers split up into their assigned teams. At the Cell Block bar Walker and Cooke went in the front entrance with their weapons drawn. Walker yelled "Texas Rangers, you are all under arrest. Now raise your hands where I can see them." The bartender asked him "Where's your warrant?"

Walker tossed the warrant on the bar as he said "Here's my warrant, now are we going to do this the hard way or the easy way?" The bartender then replied "I didn't hear a name Ranger."

Walker told him "It's Captain Walker, now everyone face the wall with your hands above your heads." The bartender said to the crowd "Okay folks I don't want any trouble here so do as Walker says because he won't think twice about shooting you." Some of the crowd listened but three guys headed for the back door where Cooper, Swanson and Gage arrested them. Four guys headed for the side door and Walker said to the others "Okay keep your hands above your heads. You will all be placed in handcuffs one at a time then seated. You will then be removed from here by the police department." As Walker nodded for Cooke to start cuffing the people he heard Harlan tell her "I've got them Cooke."

Walker ordered him "Get back to your post right now Harlan." Almost as soon as the words were out of Walker's mouth there was the sounds of guns being fired by the side door. Walker snapped "Harlan stay here with Cooke, if anyone moves shoot them." As Walker ran out to the side door the police began to move in and cuff people. Joe Prine caught up to Walker as he ran to the side of the building and told him "Trivette's been shot."

"How bad?" Walker questioned Prine who answered "The leg but from the way he's moaning his vest stopped at least one bullet if not more. His next of kin should be notified."

Walker replied "His brother Simon is in Washington D.C. but I'll tell Erica Johnston his ex-wife so that she can tell his son before the media finds out about it." Prine then said "We got the shooter, he's over there in the police van. If you don't mind me asking Walker, what was Trivette doing at the side door with just a Ranger Trainee?"

A terse Walker answered "Because Ranger Harlan took it upon himself to leave his assigned post beside Trivette and Brighton." Walker then leaned over Trivette who was laying on the ground moaning in pain and asked him "How are you doing Trivette?"

"I got a bullet hole in my leg and my chest feels like it's been hit by a couple of sledge hammers. How do you think I feel?" Trivette answered as he struggled to sit up. Walker helped him to sit up a little then unbuttoned Trivette's shirt to reveal three bullets lodged in Trivette's bullet proof vest. Walker patted him on the shoulder as he said "It's more like three sledge hammers Trivette. You hang in there the ambulance is on it's way." Trivette closed his eyes and laid back down on the ground.

Walker went to over by his truck and called his house, after awhile a sleepy Alex answered the phone. "Alex it's me Walker. Do you know Erica's number?" Alex questioned her husband "How bad is Jimmy?"

"A leg wound that doesn't look too bad and three bullets that his bullet proof vest stopped. I want to let Erica know before J.W. found out about his dad from the media." Walker replied.

Alex gave him the number and said "Tell her that if she needs me to watch the children so that she can be with Jimmy at the hospital I will." Walker agreed and then called Erica up "Erica this Walker, I hate to bother you this late at night but Trivette has been shot and I thought you would like to know so that you can tell J.W. yourself."

Erica questioned "How bad? What hospital?" Walker replied "A bullet wound in the leg plus his bullet proof vest stopped three slugs so he may have some broken ribs and they are going to take him to Methodist Hospital. Alex said that she could watch the children for you while you went to see Trivette if you needed her to."

"There's no sense in me dragging them out this late at night, I'll have my dad come over here to watch them then I'll go to the hospital to check on Jimmy." Erica said to Walker who told her "Okay, I'll see you there."

Chapter Three

After Trivette had been loaded in the ambulance and taken away Walker went to the police van where the man who shot Trivette was being held. He questioned the four men inside of it "Okay which one of you shot Ranger Trivette?" The men looked at each other then one of them pointed to a man who looked like he was high on something. That man boasted "I shot that Ranger, what are you going to do about it?"

Walker barked at him "Make you regret it." The man laughed "Sure you will. Tell you what why don't you go and get my sister the big bad Texas Ranger to help you? She scares me far more than you ever could. My sissie Nicky Swanson who just had to out do dear old dad the policeman and become a big and oh so bad Texas Ranger."

"Like someone like you would have a sister in the Texas Rangers. What's your name scumball?" Walker asked the man who replied "Douglas Swanson and my sister is Nicolette Swanson, she's a Texas Ranger right here in town as a matter of fact."

Prine who had followed Walker over to the police van said to the officers who were standing by "You make sure that Mr. Swanson is taken to the infirmary in the county jail and handcuffed to a bed until he comes off of his high. He will be facing attempted murder charges along with his buddies." The other men started protesting that they had nothing to do with the shooting but the cops slammed the doors shut on their protests then got in themselves and drove away.

After the police van left Prine asked "Captain Walker do you really think that this Douglas Swanson is related to your Ranger Swanson?" Walker answered "Yes, Ranger Swanson has a brother named Douglas who also happens to be the father of Alex's secretary Kayla Swanson. Listen Joe I'd better be going to the hospital to check on Trivette."

Prine said "Okay, I'll go get started on what charges we're going to be filing against the people we detained tonight. Call me when you get a chance to and let me know how Trivette's doing." Walker agreed and left the scene as Prine took charge of things.

At the hospital Walker met Erica in surgery waiting room and asked her as he sat down beside her "Have you heard anything yet?" Erica answered him "No I haven't, the nurses said that the surgery may take a couple of hours. They have to remove the bullet from his leg and stabilize his broken ribs. Walker what happened tonight? Jimmy said when he called me to tell me that he couldn't pick up J.W. that it was going to be a routine bust, that it was nothing to worry about."

"Erica there is no such thing as a routine bust. As to what happened, Ranger Harlan took it upon himself to leave his assigned post; which was backing up Trivette with Ranger Trainee Brighton at the side door. Four men took off through that door and one of them shot Trivette." Walker explained to Erica who asked him "Was the man who shot Jimmy arrested?"

"Yes he was and he's on his way to the infirmary in the county jail until he comes down. He was high on something." Walker said as Ranger Swanson came down the hallway followed by Cooper, Ranger Trainee Brighton and Ranger Harlan. Swanson asked "How is Ranger Trivette?"

Walker stood up as he said "He's in surgery as we speak. Ranger Harlan I would like a word with you." Walker and Harlan went a little ways down the hallway and Harlan told Walker "Look Captain Walker I'm sorry that Trivette got shot but you needed me up front with you." Holding back his temper Walker replied "If you hadn't left your post Ranger Trivette would not have been shot. As for me needing you up front with me, that wasn't the case. Ranger Cooke and I were all that was needed to enter the front door."

Harlan didn't give up as he insisted "That's not true and you know it Captain Walker, you needed my help but you were too stubborn to admit it for whatever reason." Walker snapped back "That's quite enough Ranger Harlan, you disobeyed my direct order and that resulted in Ranger Trivette getting shot. As soon as this temporary assignment is up you will be returning to the Austin company of the Texas Rangers. Go back to Ranger headquarters and file your report."

Harlan stubbornly replied "I was told by my old Captain that your group was the best that there is and I have no intention of returning to Austin ever, I'm staying here. I deserve to be with Company B of the Texas Rangers because I'm one of the best Rangers that there is."

"You will not be a part of my group because you do not know how to follow orders. Everyone who works for the Texas Rangers' Company B. knows that they are to follow the orders that are given to them by their superiors, that's what makes this group of Rangers so good. They understand that if they have a concern they can bring it to mine or Trivette's attention. They know that we will listen to them and if they have a valid point we will go along with what they want to do. They also understand that they are never ever to leave their post during a bust because there was a reason they were assigned to that post to begin with, the safety of all of them. As to whether or not you return to your old post that your decision to make but you will not stay with my group. Now go back to Ranger headquarters and file your report." Walker told Harlan.

Harlan walked away as Walker returned to the others where Erica questioned him "Walker who shot Trivette?" Walker reluctantly answered her "One Douglas Swanson." Swanson then questioned "Not my big brother Douglas?" Walker nodded yes.

Chapter Four

After a moment of stunned silence Erica asked Walker "Are you telling me that Ranger Swanson's brother shot Jimmy?" Walker replied "It looks that way." Swanson then said to the group "I'm sorry, believe me I'm so sorry about it. I never thought that my brother was so far gone that he would shoot someone let alone a Texas Ranger. I'd better leave now." Swanson started to leave but Walker laid his hand on Swanson's arm to stop from leaving and told her "Ranger Swanson you are not responsible for the actions of your brother. He made his choices in his life, you didn't make them for him."

"I don't know about that Captain Walker, there are things that you don't know about concerning my brother and me. What I do know is that if it wasn't for my brother Trivette would not be in surgery right now. So I'll go back to Ranger headquarters and file my report." Swanson told Walker who nodded okay then she left.

Cooper said to Walker "Gage and Cooke told me to tell you that they were going get their son and that they would file their reports tomorrow. That they wanted to stop by here to see Trivette but really had to pick their son Matthew up from the sitter."

Several hours later the doctor came out and asked them "Is the next of kin for Ranger Trivette here?" Walker replied "I'm Captain Walker, these are his fellow Rangers and this is Ranger Trivette's ex-wife Erica Johnston. How did the surgery go? Is Trivette okay?"

The doctor somewhat aloofly answered "That's nice but I can only tell Ranger Trivette's next of kin how he is doing so you are all wasting your time and my time by being here. Have the head nurse notify me when the next of kin shows up."

Walker told him "Ranger Trivette still has his ex-wife Erica listed as his next of kin so I suggest that you tell her how he is doing so that you can stop wasting your time." The doctor then led Erica aside and told her how Trivette was doing then he walked away without another word even though it appeared that Erica was trying to ask him something about Trivette. Giving up on the doctor answering her Erica returned to the group to tell them " Jimmy should be okay, the leg wound wasn't serious. Dr. Zane said that he was able to repair the broken ribs rather easily in his words. Then he walked away before I could ask him what kind of follow up care Jimmy would need."

Walker patted her on the shoulder as he said "We'll get the nurses to tell us that tomorrow but for now why don't you go see how he's really doing?" Erica agreed and went into Trivette's room. Walker turned to Cooper and Brighton who were still there and told them "I want you two to go home and get some rest, you can file your reports tomorrow. That's an order by the way." Cooper smiled as he said "Okay Captain Walker, can you pass on our good wishes to Trivette when you see him?"

"Yes." Walker replied, they left. A few minutes later Erica came out, she said to Walker "Jimmy is doing okay and I'd better be getting home to my children. Do you know where a pay phone is? I need to call a cab and the nurse said that I couldn't have my cell phone on in the hospital, something about it interfering with the machines in I.C.U."

"I'll drive you home Erica right after I see Trivette." Walker told her then went into Trivette's room. Trivette spotted Walker there and questioned him "Who shot me? And did you get him?"

"Yes he's in the county jail as we speak. The man who shot you is Ranger Swanson's older brother Douglas Swanson. You try and get some rest Trivette. I'll explain everything tomorrow." Walker said to his old friend. Trivette nodded then he said "Man you sure can't choose your relatives, can you?"

"Trivette, Swanson is not at fault for her brother turning into a man who would shoot a Ranger." Walker was telling Trivette when Trivette's eyes drifted shut. Walker placed his hand on Trivette's shoulder as he said "I'm glad that you're going to be okay, you take it easy partner." Then he left Trivette's room and drove Erica home.

Walker quietly entered his house and after checking on all of his children entered his bedroom to find Alex sitting up in bed reading a magazine so he asked her "Honey why aren't you sleeping? You need your rest." Alex laid down the magazine as she answered "I was tossing and turning so much that I gave up on getting any sleep. How is Trivette doing? Who shot him by the way?"

"Trivette is okay, the doctor repaired his broken ribs and took care of the leg wound. As for who shot him it was none other than Ranger Swanson's older brother Douglas. Alex now that I'm home and you know how Trivette is doing I want you to get some rest." Walker said as he slipped into bed with her. Alex turned off her bedside lamp then replied as she slid down in the bed to lay her head on her husband's chest. "It's a shame that Ranger Swanson has a drug addict for a brother. Walker do you think that I should tell Kayla about her father's arrest?"

"Let Ranger Swanson worry about that, now go to sleep my lady." Walker told Alex who yawned then said "I am going to do exactly that, I wish I knew why I've been so tired lately. Hopefully Dr. Stine can tell me what's wrong with me tomorrow during my appointment with her. Good night dear." Walker tightened his arms around his wife and they drifted off to sleep.

Chapter Five

Walker entered Ranger headquarters to find Phil Holland who was now the D.A. waiting there for him along with A.D.A. Blawnox. After Walker led them into his private office Phil formally said "Captain Walker I want you to understand how sorry my office is for the mistake that was made last night."

"What mistake?" A concerned Walker questioned Phil who answered "A.D.A. Blawnox gave you search warrants that had mistakes on them and as a result of that the search warrants were ruled to be invalid by Judge Gregson. So that means that everything that happened after warrants were served doesn't count. Any evidence gathered after that point isn't admissible either."

            "What about the man who shot Trivette? Will he still be charged with attempted murder?" Walker asked Phil but before he could answer Blawnox said "What's the big deal anyhow? You can get another set of warrants in a couple of days and re-arrest everyone again. I'm sure that there will still be drug dealing, book-making  and prostitution going on there then. It's not like they are going to stop selling drugs  and pimping women just because you raided them."

Walker snapped at him "I don't call losing a case that took my Rangers four months to build because of your mistakes no big deal. Do you have any idea the danger they were in when they were getting the evidence the D.A.'s office needed so that we could get warrants to bust the Cell Block Bar? No Blawnox we can't just go back there and re-arrest them either. Right now by law we can't touch them."

Phil told Blawnox "A.D.A. Blawnox it's not that simple and you should know that because every first year law student learns that if an invalid search warrant is used the charges are automatically thrown out. Which means that most likely we will not be able to charge the man who shot Ranger Trivette, I'm sorry Walker."

Walker questioned "Isn't there anyway that you can still bring charges against the man who shot Trivette? What about dismissing the charges and then re-arresting him?"

Phil answered "I was hoping that Judge Gregson could be talked into it by my best A.D.A." Blawnox interrupted them "I told you everything would be all right Captain Walker, I'll go back to my office and get started on a new warrant."

Phil stopped him by saying "I meant A.D.A. Cahill-Walker. By the way Walker do you know when Alex is going to be in? I really need to get started building a case against Swanson before we have to release him. We can keep him in jail for seventy-two hours before we charge him with anything but when that time's up we either charge Swanson with something or we release him."

"I don't know when Alex will be in, she has a doctor's appointment this morning." Walker replied causing Phil to say "Okay, I'll just leave a note with Kayla for Alex to call me as soon as she gets in. Come on Blawnox, we're going back to my office where we'll go over the procedures for making sure that the search warrants are valid." They left Walker's private office. Walker picked his phone and told the receptionist " As soon as Ranger Swanson gets in tell her to report to my office." Jenna answered him "She's here now, I'll just send her in.

Swanson knocked on the door to Walker's private office then entered it.. After she took the seat that Walker told her to Swanson asked him "When do you want my resignation Captain Walker?" Walker answered "I don't want your resignation Swanson, I called you in here to let you know that the search warrants that we used last night were invalid and that means that Douglas Swanson may or may not be charged with Trivette's shooting. D.A. Holland is going to have A.D.A. Cahill-Walker look into it for him. Right now your brother is still in the county jail. Do you need to take a leave or anything to deal with this matter?"

Puzzled Swanson questioned "I don't understand Captain Walker are you telling me to take a leave?"

"No I'm not Swanson, it's up to you. If you don't need to take a leave your next assignment will be the jewelry stores robberies." Swanson told him "I don't need a leave Captain Walker."

"You and Gage are to get started on the robberies as soon as he comes in then." Walker told Swanson dismissing her. A few minutes later Walker got a phone call from Alex "Hi honey it's me."

"What did the doctor say about you feeling so tired lately?" Walker asked his wife who answered "It's nothing major, we can talk about it at home later but right now I'd better call Phil and see what he wants."

"Blawnox messed up the search warrants and Gregson threw the charges out. Phil came by here earlier to tell me he was sorry about it. Alex isn't there anyway to still charge Swanson with Trivette's shooting?" Walker said.

"There might be a way but someone would really have to sell it to Judge Gregson." Alex replied and Walker said "If anyone can do it, it would be you lady and Phil feels the same way because that's what he wants you to do. I'll let you go now so you can get started on it."

"Okay see you at home." Alex replied and then hung up the phone.

Chapter Six

Walker entered Trivette's hospital room to find Trivette's brother Simon standing there, after they shook hands Simon questioned Walker "What's this I hear about one of your Ranger's brother shooting my little brother?" Walker answered him "Ranger Swanson's older brother Douglas was the one who shot Trivette."

"How soon is the hearing? I would like to attend it in my brother's place." Simon said to Walker who replied "I don't know, the warrants were invalid and Judge Gregson threw everything out. Phil has Alex seeing if she can talk Gregson into allowing Douglas Swanson to be charged with shooting Trivette."

Simon walked over to the window and looked out it in disgust while Trivette said "Simon if there is anyone who can get Judge Gregson to let the D.A.'s office file charges against Swanson it's Alex. She can argue with the best of them, if you don't believe me ask Walker."

Walker half-smiled "Believe if there is anyone that knows how well Alex can argue it's me. Don't worry Simon one way or the other Swanson will pay for shooting Trivette." The men then started talking about sports like men do right after they had been talking about serious matters. A little bit later there was a knock on the door and a female voice asked "Can I come in?" Walker replied "Yes you can lady."

Alex entered the room handed Trivette a potted plant which he gave to Walker who placed it on the window sill. Alex kissed Trivette on the cheek. "How are you doing Jimmy?" Trivette answered her "Pretty good, other than my ribs killing me and did I mention I have a hole in my leg?"

Alex teased him "What you wouldn't do to get pretty nurses to notice you." Walker and Simon started laughing while Trivette objected "Hey I was shot, remember? This wasn't my idea, you know?" Alex kissed him on the cheek again as she said "I know but you must admit that you like the fact that your nurse is so pretty."

Trivette grumbled "I would if she wasn't married." Then he changed the subject "Alex did you convince Judge Gregson to let D.A. Holland charge Douglas Swanson with my shooting?" Alex looked at Walker then back to Trivette before she answered "No I didn't, I'm sorry. I did my best but Judge Gregson wouldn't agree to it. He ruled that since the warrants were invalid any activity that happened at the Cell Block bar afterwards couldn't be prosecuted, including your shooting Jimmy."

Walker went to Alex who laid her head on his shoulder as Simon told her "Sorry isn't good enough, you're supposed to be one of the best and you should have been able to make sure that the man who shot my brother faced justice." Walker replied "Alex did the best she could. Trivette I'll see you tomorrow."

Trivette nodded okay as Simon kept up his objections "Wait a minute you can't just walk in here and tell my brother that his shooter is walking and that you're sorry about it. I say get back to the judge's courtroom and keep trying until he agrees to try my brother's shooter. James says that you're a very good friend of his, some friend you turned out to be."

            Walker got into Simon's face as he said "Alex is a very good friend of your brother's, just like I am. You do not talk to my wife like that, understand?" Simon stood there glaring at Walker who was glaring right back at him so Trivette said "Simon sit. Alex, Erica wants to bring J.W. by later, would you mind watching Destiny then?"

"I've already told her that I would, she's going to meet me at the ranch to drop Destiny off then bring J.W. here." Alex said to Trivette then asked her husband "Would you mind walking me to my car?" They left Trivette's room as Cooper, Gage, Cooke and Brighton entered the room. After they greeted Trivette, Cooper told him "Swanson is out in the hallway, she wanted to tell you herself how sorry she is that her older brother shot you. Is it okay if she comes in?"

Simon said no at the same time Trivette said yes. Trivette told them "Tell Swanson to come in here." They brought Swanson into the room and left so that she and Trivette could talk. Swanson said "I'm sorry that my brother shot you. I offered to resign but Walker wouldn't accept it. If you want me to I'll transfer as soon as I can."

Trivette replied "Ranger Swanson what your brother does is not your fault. I don't blame you for it. I don't want you to transfer, you're the only Ranger in that office who appreciates my computer skills so I can't lose you." Swanson teased "Like the rest of them knows anything about computers."

"You do know a genius when you see one Swanson." Trivette answered her then turned serious "Swanson don't blame yourself for your brother, okay?" Swanson nodded okay.

Chapter Seven

When Walker entered his house he went looking for Alex only to find her sitting on a chair in the dining room looking really pale. Becoming concerned Walker hurried to his wife's side as he questioned her "Alex, what's the matter? Are you okay? What did Dr. Stine say about your health?" Alex got up from her chair as she said "I'm fine honey, I was just sitting down for a minute. Dr. Stine told me that I was slightly anemic."

"Did she prescribe any medication?" Walker asked Alex as he pulled her into a hug. Alex returned the hug kissed Walker on the cheek then said "No, she just gave me a list of foods that I should be eating and a lecture on taking better care of myself. If I do what Dr. Stine says I should be okay in no time at all."

"Alex you have got to stop running yourself ragged like you do. You also need to cut back on the hours that you work and I'll start helping you with our children more. Now what sort of foods does Dr. Stine want you to eat? Make me a list of them and I'll get them for you tonight so that you can get started on eating them." Walker offered but Alex rejected the offer by saying "No, I don't want you going out tonight and leaving me alone with your children."

Walker asked "Okay which one did what this time?" Alex led him into the out into the hallway and pointed out where there were more than a few crayon scribbles plus pen marks on the wallpaper. Then she said "Betty said that the triplets got a hold of their crayons and the pens then did this while she was making them lunch. I tried scrubbing the marks off but I can't get all of them to come off. So you know what means don't you?"

"We take the crayons off of the triplets and hide the pens until they are older?" Walker questioned Alex who answered "Well that too but this means we're going to have to replace the wallpaper in this hallway."

Walker groaned as he said "Don't tell me that you're going to be dragging me to home remodeling stores again? I swore that after the last time you dragged me into one I would never set foot in one again." Alex told him "I didn't exactly drag you kicking and screaming into one.. If you recall you agreed to go with me and very willingly I might add."

"You tricked me into going into one with you, so there." Walker replied causing Alex to question "I tricked you? Care to tell me how I did that because all I remember is asking you to come with me and you saying yes."

"Alex, we were in bed when you asked me. You know right after you woke me up by...well you know exactly what you did to me that morning to get me to agree to go. You knew that by doing what you did I would have agreed to anything that you wanted me to do." Walker answered.

"Okay I must admit that you might have a point there but cowboy I didn't hear you objecting at the time. Walker I am not about to drag you into a home remodeling store this time. I'll just sit you down at my computer so that you can help me choose the new wallpaper. How does that sound?" Alex replied as she grabbed her husband's hand and started to take him to where she had her computer at. Walker grabbed a hold of the door frame to stop her as he half-teased "No anything but that, please."

"You would rather face a roomful of criminals than help me pick out wallpaper, wouldn't you? Don't bother to answer that question because we both know what the answer is. How about you let me pick out the wallpaper by myself?" Alex said to her husband who breathed a sigh of relief then said " As long as it's not hot pink, it's fine by me."

Deciding to tease him some more Alex questioned "What do you think about a day-glow orange background with neon green butterflies landing on yellow and purple flowers?" When Walker's eyes started bugging out Alex laughed. Walker got even by saying "Do it and it's divorce court for you lady."

Alex kissed him soundly then whispered for his ears only "You would never divorce me cowboy and you know it. I'll show you the reasons why later in our bedroom." She pulled back from him and then said in a louder voice "Would you mind watching the children while I get started on dinner? Destiny's diapers are in her diaper bag along with a change of clothes." Before he could answer Alex beat a retreat to the kitchen. Walker went into the living room where Angela told him "Daddy can you please change Destiny? I think she just made a mess in her diaper, and it really, really stinks."

Walker started changing Destiny but she had made such a mess in her diaper that he decided to give her a quick bath to clean her up and took her into the downstairs bathroom. As Walker was washing her hair Destiny began screaming causing Alex to run into the bathroom and ask her husband "Walker what's wrong with her?"

"I don't know, I was just washing her hair when she started screaming. Should we call Erica?" Walker asked as Alex picked Destiny up from the tub and patted her until she calmed down then she placed Destiny back in the tub and finished bathing her, making sure not to pour water on top of Destiny's head while cleaning her hair.  Alex then picked Destiny back up out of the tub and handed her to Walker as she said "Can you get her dressed? I don't want dinner burning." Walker dressed Destiny as Alex left the room.

When Erica arrived to get Destiny, Ray told her "Daddy made Destiny cry when he was giving her a bath. She was really screaming too." Looking over her daughter Erica asked Walker "You poured water on top of her head didn't you?" When Walker nodded yes Erica explained "She's going through that phase where water being poured on her head scares her so I wash her hair with a wet wash cloth. Thanks for watching her so that J.W. could visit with his dad."

            Alex assured her "It was no problem at all, Destiny is such a sweet child. How's Jimmy doing?" Erica answered "Grumpy, so he's fine. Alex are you sure that there's no way that Swanson can be charged in Jimmy's shooting?"

Alex said "I've racked my brain trying to think of a way that Swanson could be charged but haven't come up with anything. It's just not right that a man can shoot a Ranger and not be charged because of a invalid search warrant." Erica agreed then changed the subject to other matters.

After visiting for awhile longer Erica left with her children. The Walkers put their children to bed and headed to their bedroom themselves. Alex asked her husband as he shut their bedroom door "How about I show you the reasons why you'll never ever divorce me?" Walker replied as he stripped "You show me yours lady and I'll show you mine."  Alex quickly stripped then showed Walker her's while he showed her his.

Chapter Eight

About five o'clock in the morning Walker was awaken by Alex shaking him by the shoulder and saying "Walker come on, you need to wake up right now." Walker bolted up as he asked "Alex what's wrong? Is it one of the children?"

Turning on her bedside lamp Alex said "I've got it." Walker sat up and questioned her "You've got what?" Grabbing a notebook from her bedside stand drawer Alex started to furiously write in it while Walker rubbed his eyes. After a while Walker asked again "Alex you've got what? If you woke me up to tell me something don't you think you ought to tell me whatever it is?"

Alex held her hand up as she said "I'll tell you in a minute, just let me finish this first." Walker slid back down in the bed as he continued to watch his wife write something down in her notebook. About five minutes later Alex stopped writing and finally answered her husband "I might have a way that Douglas Swanson can be charged in regards to the shooting of Trivette."

"How? Didn't Judge Gregson rule that anything that happened after we served those warrants wasn't subject to prosecution by the D.A.'s office?" Walker asked Alex who leaned over and kissed him on the cheek then got out of bed as she said "I have to research something first then I'll let you know. Why don't you try to get some more sleep in before the children wake you up?" As Alex left their bedroom in a hurry Walker replied as he too got up from bed "I'd still be sleeping if a certain blonde hadn't woken me up."

Alex was sitting at her computer going over something when Walker waved a cup of coffee under her nose. Alex grabbed the coffee cup drank half of it down then said "Thank you darling." Walker took the cup of coffee back and after taking a sip of coffee himself replied "I know how grumpy you are until you've had your first cup of coffee in the morning. Now can you tell me about your idea?"

"I'd love to honey but since I'm not sure that it will work I don't want to jinx it by saying anything. Can you take care of getting the children dressed and fed? I need to do a little more research on my idea and then run it by Phil Holland. I'm going to get dressed and head into work right now. I'll call you later Cordell." Without waiting for an answer Alex took the cup of coffee back from Walker finished it then headed upstairs to get dressed. Walker realizing that he really didn't have much of a choice in the matter got their children dressed and then fed them. After Betty arrived Walker dropped Angela off at school then headed to work himself.

Walker decided to stop in and see his wife before he went to Ranger headquarters only to find out that she wasn't there so he told Kayla "Can you tell Alex to call me as soon as she gets a chance to?" Kayla answered him "Yes I will. Captain Walker, can I ask you something?" After Walker said that she could Kayla asked him "Did my dad really shoot Ranger Trivette?"

Walker told her "Yes he did." Kayla then said "He was a good dad until my mother got sick and then when she died it was like he became a different person. Grandma said that it was the drugs making my dad act like that. Ranger Walker l know you help people get off of drugs, can you help me dad to stop taking them? He really needs some help." Walker thought for a minute before he answered her then he said "Kayla it is true that drugs make people do things that they normally wouldn't do but your dad did shoot a very good friend of mine. I'm sorry but in this case I can't help him myself,  I can give you the name of someone who runs an outreach program for drug addicts and he might be willing to talk to your dad."

"That's what Aunt Nicky told me and she also said that my dad wasn't going to be tried for shooting Ranger Trivette, is that true?" Kayla questioned Walker.

"The D.A.'s office is still looking into it. Listen I had better get to headquarters." Walker replied and started to leave the office when an older woman came in followed by none other than Douglas Swanson who said to Kayla "Hey kiddo how about giving your dad a hug?"

As Kayla was hugging her father Alex entered the office and asked him "Mr. Swanson, what are you doing here?" Kayla answered her boss "My grandma got my dad out of jail, isn't that great?"

Alex started to respond to that when Walker took his wife by the arm and led her into her private office. After closing the door he asked "I take it that your idea didn't work out?" Alex answered "Yes it did and that's why Swanson will be back in jail before he knows it. While it is true that Swanson can't be charged with shooting Trivette because of Judge Gregson's ruling he can still be charged with violating Trivette's civil rights. The Attorney General's office has agreed to prosecute Douglas Swanson for violating Trivette's civil rights. I'll explain it to you later in greater detail but right now you'd better get to Ranger headquarters while I ask Douglas Swanson to leave my office."

They headed into the outer office to find Ranger Swanson standing there glaring at her brother while her mother said "Nicky your brother is going to get clean this time for sure, aren't you Dougie?" Dougie smirked as he answered "Yes I am mother, after all young Kayla here needs me in her life since her mother isn't a part of it." Alex said "Please leave my office right now Mr. Swanson."

Walker waited a minute to see if he would leave and when he didn't Walker said "I believe that A.D.A. Cahill-Walker asked you to leave her office, now do it." Ranger Swanson told her mother and brother "Mom, Douglas you'll have to leave. Kayla has some work that she has to get done."

Douglas said "Okay little sister, I'm leaving, no need to suck up to your boss like that. Come on mother let's go." As Douglas reached for the doorknob the door opened and Phil Holland was standing there with a man who said "Douglas Swanson you are under arrest, please place your hands behind your back." As he placed his hands behind his back Mrs. Swanson grabbed a hold of her son's arm and protested "You're not allowed to re-arrest him for that unfortunate incident involving Ranger Trivette, Judge Gregson said my Dougie couldn't be tried for it."

The man told her "Ma'am if you would please step aside." Mrs. Swanson reluctantly stepped aside vowing "Dougie I will get you out of this, I promise. Kayla needs her father to be a part of her life." As Douglas was being led away he yelled at his sister "You put a stop to this Nicky or I'll tell everyone your secret."

Chapter Nine

After Douglas Swanson had been hauled away Kayla asked her aunt "Aunt Nicky what was my dad talking about?" Ranger Swanson replied "Nothing that concerns you." Then she changed the subject by saying to Walker "Captain Walker, Ranger Trivette's brother is in your office, he said that he wanted to talk with you about something."

Walker said "Okay go back to Ranger headquarters and tell him that I'll be there in a little bit, will you?" Ranger Swanson agreed and was leaving Alex's office when her mother Mrs. Swanson questioned "How can my Dougie be charged with the unfortunate shooting of Ranger Trivette? I mean the Tarrant County D.A.'s office was told by Judge Gregson that they weren't allowed to charge him with anything. Can anyone here explain that to me?"

Alex explained "The Tarrant County D.A.'s office isn't prosecuting Douglas Swanson for shooting Ranger Trivette. The Attorney General's office is prosecuting your son for violating Ranger Trivette's civil rights. Now if you don't mind I have some work that I need to take care of before I head home for the day."

Mrs. Swanson refused to take the hint to leave instead asking "Whose idea was that? Was it yours? Kayla has been telling me all about how you never give up on anything and that Ranger Trivette is a friend of your husband. Answer me because I'm not leaving here until I get an answer." Ranger Swanson tried to get her mother to leave by taking her by the arm and saying "Come on Mom, A.D.A. Cahill-Walker has to get her work done so that she can go home to her children."

Mrs. Swanson removed her arm from her daughter's grip and stated "I want that answer and I'm going to get it no matter what I have to do." Alex replied "Yes it was my idea."

Mrs. Swanson then told Kayla "Come on get your things, you will not work for a woman who's making sure that your dad goes to jail over a simple mistake." Walker noticing that Alex was becoming pale told them "All right that's enough, everyone leave this office right now." After the Swanson’s left Walker sat Alex down on her chair and told her "You are going to stay right here and rest. After I talk with Simon I'll come back and get you then we're riding home together." Without waiting for an answer Walker left her office locking the door behind himself.

Walker went into his private office to see Simon Trivette sitting at his desk, noticing Walker was there Simon got up and moved over to another chair and sat down in it then said "Has Alex come up with a way yet that man can be charged with shooting my brother?" Walker replied "A.D.A. Cahill-Walker has gotten the Attorney General's office to agree to prosecute Douglas Swanson for violating Trivette's civil rights."

Simon scoffed "He'll just get a slap on the wrist then, won't he?" When Walker said nothing Simon added "Can they really do that? Charge him with violating James' civil rights? I thought that was only used when people felt that police officers had gotten away with police brutality? How can they charge a civilian with it?" Walker answered "I don't know but Alex says they can. Simon it's probably the only way Swanson can be charged with anything in regards to him shooting Trivette. It's better than him getting away with shooting your brother all together, isn't it? Now if there's nothing else I'd better be getting my wife home to our children."

"About your wife, I didn't mean to imply that she wasn't doing her job but I was upset because it seemed like my brother's shooter was going to walk because the D.A.'s office screwed up their paperwork." Simon offered his version of a an apology. Walker stood up as he said "I know, tell Trivette when you see him that offer to bring J.W. to the ranch still stands."

Simon got up himself and headed to the door as he answered "James was telling me that and he said that I could bring J.W. there myself after school tomorrow, if that's okay with your wife?" Walker answered as he opened the door. "That's fine.." Then noticing that Ranger Swanson was sitting in the outer office with her mother and her niece Walker said "Ranger Swanson why don't you call it a day?"

Swanson started to answer Walker when Simon said "Wait a minute your low-life brother shoots my brother and you still have your job here?" Before Ranger Swanson could say anything Kayla told him "My father is not a low-life, he just has a problem with drugs. My dad was a real good father until my mom died from cancer." Mrs. Swanson added "Don't you talk about my Dougie like that, he's just had some bad luck is all." When Ranger Swanson didn't say anything Simon asked her "Well aren't you going to defend your brother too?"

Ranger Swanson looked around at everybody before she answered "No, I'm not. I'll see you tomorrow Captain Walker." Ranger Swanson left Ranger headquarters as her own mother said "Don't worry Kayla we'll get your dad off. Now how about we go back to that A.D.A.'s office so that you can get your things? I don't want you spending another minute around a woman who would find a way to prosecute your father just to get her name in the papers."

Walker told them "You will not be going to Alex's office right now, she's not feeling well. You will wait until after I've taken her home to get your things." Mrs. Swanson snapped "Good it serves her right, come on Kayla we'll just go to the coffee shop around the corner and get something to eat then come back after she's gone to get your things."

When it appeared that Kayla wanted to say something Simon told her "Look I'm sorry that you heard me talking about your father like that but he shot my brother four times and if my brother hadn't been wearing a bullet proof vest that day James would have died. You can understand why I want to see my bother's shooter face charges, can't you?" When Kayla nodded yes at Simon her grandmother said "How dare you agree with him? Your father is in jail because of his brother and your boss Miss A.D.A. Cahill-Walker. How can you forget that and agree with him? Now for the last time let's go young lady."

As Kayla followed her grandmother out of the door Walker told her "Kayla if you ever need to talk with anyone about this Alex will be glad to put you in touch with someone who'll help you." After they left Simon questioned Walker "Why did you offer to help her?"

"Because Kayla is not responsible for her father shooting your brother. Tell J.W. that I got a new colt he can ride on when he comes out tomorrow." Walker answered then walked away leaving Simon to think things over. Alex looked up as Walker entered her office and teased him "Is my handsome cowboy here to take me home?" Walker teased back "He couldn't make it but I would be more than glad to take a beautiful lady like you home to my ranch." Alex stood up kissed her husband then said "Come on Romeo, let's go before my husband shows up. He's not the least bit romantic."

Walker told her "Alex I'll show you how unromantic I can be when it's bedtime for you." Alex kissed him again and replied "Me too dear, unless of course you want to admit that I'm right as always." Walker pulled Alex into a kiss which left her breathless then told her "Still think I'm unromantic?" Alex kissed him back then answered "I'll let you know tonight after the children are sleeping." Walker wrapped his arm around Alex's shoulder and led her out of the office.

Chapter Ten

The next morning Alex went into her private office to find Kayla Swanson there so she asked her "Are you still working here?" Kayla replied "I don't want to quit but Grandmother was right when she said that I shouldn't be working for a woman who went out of her way to see that my dad was charged after the judge said that he couldn't be. I'll be leaving just as soon as my Grandmother arrives to help me take my things to my car.. I'll just go and wait in the outer office for her." Alex told her "I'm sorry that you're upset about your father but it's my duty to see to it that someone who shoots a Ranger faces justice. Kayla If you ever need anyone to talk to about your dad the Hope center will help you out." Kayla nodded and left Alex's private office, Alex then sat down at her desk to go over some paperwork.

Awhile later Alex was placing her things in her briefcase to take home when she heard loud voices in her outer office so she went out there to investigate them and found Douglas Swanson standing there yelling at his sister "Hey Nicky how about I tell young Kayla here all about her mother?"

Ranger Swanson told him "Why don't you go somewhere and come down from your high before you say something that you'll regret?" Kayla objected "Aunt Nicky, my dad isn't high. He promised Grandmother that he would never get high again. That's why we both posted bail for him." Ranger Swanson asked her niece "What do you mean, you both posted bail for him? Please don't tell me that you dipped into your college fund? It was your mother Karen's last wish that you went to college. Your grandmother and I both made sure that you had enough money in that fund to at least attend college."

Kayla answered her aunt "Yes I did use my college fund and Grandmother took out a mortgage on her house too. That's how much we both believe that dad will get clean this time and stay that way." Douglas sneered at his sister "Yes Auntie Nicky, my mother and your 'niece' believe in me when my own sister can't be bothered to but no matter because like I told you if you don't get the charges dropped against me I will tell your secret to young Kayla here."

Alex interjected "Okay that's quite enough. Douglas Swanson you are not welcomed in my office so I suggest that you leave before I have security remove you. Ranger Swanson perhaps you should report to Ranger headquarters?" Douglas said as his mother entered the office "I'm not going anywhere until Nicky agrees to get me off."

Ranger Swanson replied "I can't get you off and you know that Douglas. You shot a Texas Ranger four times just to do it. From the way you're acting right now I don't think that you're the least bit upset about it either. Look at you, you're as high as a kite. You must have scored a hit as soon as you were out on bail. Please Douglas think about Kayla for once." Mrs. Swanson said "Nicky honey your brother Dougie is not high, he promised me that he wouldn't do that again."

Dougie laughed "Oh but mother I am high and it feels so good. Now Nicky since you refuse to help me I guess that I'm just going to have to tell Kayla the truth about you." Mrs. Swanson yelled at him "Don't you dare Douglas Aaron Swanson, you gave your word to Nicky about that." Then softening her tone she added "What would Karen think about you telling Kayla about the past? Douglas come on let's go somewhere so that you can cool off. I'll get you something to eat." Mrs. Swanson took her son's arm and attempted to lead him out of the office but he removed his mother's hand and slapped her across the face. As her Grandmother fell to the floor Kayla asked her father in disbelief "Dad how could you have hit Grandmother like that? What's wrong with you?"

He told her "Don't call me dad you sniveling little brat, because I'm not your father. As for your grandmother she got what she deserved, always putting me down." Stunned Kayla questioned "What do you mean that you're not my father?"

"It was Karen who wanted you not me, I wanted a child of my own not somebody else's brat." Douglas told Kayla then stumbled his way out of Alex's office. Kayla looked at her grandmother and asked "Grandma am I adopted? Aren't you guys related to me at all?" Ranger Swanson answered "Kayla honey you are related to us, your grandmother will always be your grandmother and I will always be your aunt. Honey your mother Karen loved you as much as if she had given birth to you herself, you know that. As for your grandmother and me, we feel the same way. Listen kiddo right now your father is high on drugs and he doesn't mean what he's saying. You know that deep down inside he does love you. Now how about we go and let Mrs. Walker get some peace and quiet?"

Kayla questioned "Mrs. Walker what will happen to my father now? Will he be put back in jail?" Alex answered "If he doesn't show up for the trial or if he gets rearrested before then he will be jailed and the bail that was posted on his behalf will be forfeited."

"What does that mean?" Mrs. Swanson asked Alex who told her "It means that if Douglas violates the terms of his release on bail you will lose the money you put up for his bail. Now if you don't mind I have to see if Marge has another secretary for me since you quit Kayla." Alex went back into her private office but as she went to sit down at the desk Kayla entered the office and asked "Mrs. Walker did you really accept my resignation? Because if you didn't I really need a job back, please?"

"What about your grandmother, won't she be mad at you for working for me?" Alex asked as she again started to close her briefcase. Kayla replied "I think Grandmother will be okay with it, she told me to come in here and get my job back in case the bail money is lost. If that happens I'll need money to help with college." Alex then told her "Okay since I'm headed home for the day you can take that legal brief on the Porter case to D.A. Holland for me then meet with Keith to help him with the Lorraine brief. I'll see you tomorrow."

As Alex was leaving her outer office Mrs. Swanson asked her "Did you give Kayla her job back?" Alex replied as she dug a card out of her purse and handing it to Mrs. Swanson said "Yes I did, this is a card for the Hope Center if you or Kayla need any help or need to talk to anyone about Douglas' problem please contact them. They will help you." Taking the card Mrs. Swanson said "Why are being so nice to me after I was so rude to you?"

"Because I know what an addiction can do to a loved one, now if you'll excuse me I have to be getting home because Trivette's brother is bringing his son out to my ranch to ride the latest colt my husband took upon himself to get." Alex answered the woman who said "When Kayla was younger she wanted to learn how to ride a horse in the worst way and Nicky arranged for her to learn how but I wouldn't let her because I was afraid she would fall off and get hurt."

Alex told her "I know that feeling and believe me I really had to bite my tongue when Walker got our two oldest children horses to ride but you do have to let them fall off a horse in order for them to be able to get back on." Mrs. Swanson put the card in her purse as she said "I'll have to think about that."

Chapter Eleven

As he had promised Simon brought J.W. out to the ranch to ride the colt and as he was getting on the colt J.W. asked "Aunt Alex is this colt Ray's?" Alex replied "No honey when Angel gives birth the foal will belong to Ray." J. W. then asked "Well can he be mine then? I don't have a colt I can ride whenever I want to."

Simon told his nephew "J.W. you shouldn't ask people to just give you things." Alex told the child "Sweetheart why don't you just consider Thor your colt to ride when you come to visit us?" J.W. excitedly agreed by saying "Yes Aunt Alex, I will."

Alex asked Simon "Are you okay out here with J.W.? Because I really need to go into the house and check up on the triplets." Simon answered "I think I am, now where should I let my nephew ride to?"

"Walker has been letting him ride around the corral, he says that J.W.'s not quite ready to ride a colt in the meadow without someone being by his side. However Walker's Thunder hasn't been ridden in awhile so if you want to you can take him for a ride." Alex offered Simon who somewhat hurriedly declined the offer by saying "No I think that I'll just lead the colt around the corral while J.W. rides him." Alex nodded while trying to hide a smile then headed into the house.

Awhile later Walker came home and seeing J.W. riding Thor in the corral asked him "So J.W. how are you and Thor getting along?" J.W. answered "Real good Uncle Walker but my Uncle Simon won't let me ride him in the meadow. Can you take me?"

"Just for a short ride J.W., Thor needs to get to know you a little better before you can take him on longer rides. You wait here until I get Thunder saddled." Walker answered and headed to the barn when he stopped and asked "Simon do you want me to saddle a horse for you to ride?" Simon quickly said "No thank you, I was born and raised in a city and it's staying that way."

"Okay if you want to you can go into the house and wait there until we come back, it should be about an half an hour." Walker suggested and Simon went into the house. As Walker was coming back from the meadow with J.W. a car pulled up Kayla got out of it and asked "Is Alex in the house? Keith said that she needed to sign something." Walker told her that Alex was in the house and to go straight in.

When Kayla entered the house Simon asked her "What are you doing here?" Kayla replied "I need Alex to sign something for Keith." Alex came out of the kitchen took the papers from Kayla then signed them. Kayla then asked her "Alex can we talk?"

Alex led Kayla into her home office and asked "What did you want to talk about?" Kayla questioned "Do you think that my Aunt Nicky is really my mother? I mean from what my dad said I was adopted and Aunt Nicky said that her and Grandmother were related to me and the only way that could be is if Aunt Nicky had me then gave me away to my dad and mom."

            Alex carefully answered "Kayla what I know is that Ranger Swanson is only fourteen years older than you are. If you were adopted and I'm not saying that you were whoever gave birth to you did their best to make sure that you had people that truly loved you. Kayla that's all that really matters, isn't it?"

"I guess that you're right. I'd better be getting back to the office with these papers for Keith." Kayla replied and then left the ranch house as Walker and a very excited J.W. entered it. J.W. said "Guess what Uncle Simon, Uncle Walker said that Thor is my colt. Isn't that great?"

"My nephew is getting to be a regular cowboy now." Simon answered the child who went upstairs to play with Ray. Alex turned to Walker and told him "Kayla and her grandmother posted bail for Douglas Swanson and no sooner than he was out he got high. I feel so bad for her."

Simon questioned "Why do you feel bad for her? It's my brother who's in the hospital because of her father." Alex replied "Because she used her college fund and her Grandmother got a mortgage on her house in order to post the bail and they are both going to lose that money. Because right now the only thing Douglas Swanson cares about is getting high. I have no doubt that he'll be back in jail well before the trial. Now if you'll excuse me I'd better check up on Walker's triplets. Alex left the room as Simon asked "Why are they your triplets?"

"Because right now they're a handful and anytime they are like that Alex insists that they get it from me." Walker said as he to went and checked on the triplets. At J.W.'s insistence he and Simon stayed for dinner. After they were done eating Walker received a phone call from  headquarters and Cooper told him "Captain Walker, Swanson was just told by Dallas P.D. that her brother tried to rob a store for money and was shot and killed by the owner."

"Okay Cooper thanks for calling, if Swanson calls in tell her to take the next week off." Walker said and went outside where he said "Ranger Swanson is going to off for awhile, her brother was just killed while attempting to rob a store.

                     I don't own Walker Texas Ranger, C.B.S. and other entities do. Neither I or this story is meant as an infringement on their rights, It was written as a tribute to a very good show, nothing more.