by Katie 59

Chapter One

            Wearily Alex entered her private office tossed her briefcase on her desk before going over to look out the window wondering how she was ever going to be able to face her husband again after what had happened in the courtroom just a few minutes ago. Judge Gregson had allowed Walker to be called as a hostile witness by the defense attorney, without her objecting. Pernell's client John Barren was accused of shooting at Walker in retaliation for his twin brother Jack's death at Walker's hands. Jack Barren who was a mid level drug dealer who had refused to drop his weapon after being ordered to do so by Walker while being served with an arrest warrant. Jack Barren had then tried to shoot Cooper leaving Walker no choice but to shoot him. John Barren had been drunk at the time he had tried to shoot Walker so he missed him but then he fired again nicking Trivette in the arm. Swanson who had been able to get behind Barren then subdued him. All of which had been witnessed by a crowd of people who were eating in the cafe around the corner from Ranger headquarters. John Barren was currently on trial for two counts of attempted murder and resisting arrest. After Walker was seated on the witness stand the defense attorney Charles Pernell asked him "Ranger Walker are you or are you not responsible for the death of my client's brother Jack Barren?" Walker looked to Alex who didn't object so he replied "Jack Barren was told to drop his weapon, he refused and then shot at Ranger Cooper."

            Pernell than questioned "Isn't it also true Captain Walker that more than a few of the people that you have arrested over the years have had to be taken to the hospital because of the manner in which you arrested them? That you beat them up just to do it?" Again Alex said nothing so Walker answered "A few of the criminals that I have arrested have chosen to resist arrest."

            Pernell tried again "Tell me Captain Walker have you ever been called before a review board because of allegations that you abused someone? That the list of people you have been accused of abusing also includes your wife who was pregnant at the time?"

            Alex who still wasn't objecting to the line of questioning looked anywhere but at Walker who said "Aren't you going to object to this line of questioning A.D.A. Cahill?  It's your job to object, isn't it?" Judge Gregson rapped his gavel before Pernell could say anything then he told Walker "Captain Walker, it is not your place to tell the A.D.A. to object to a line of questioning. You are a witness in my courtroom not an attorney, understand?  Captain Walker you are to answer the questions that are put to you by Pernell, are we clear on that? If you take it upon yourself to object to the questioning again I will find you in contempt of court."

            Walker nodded then answered the question "Yes that list includes my wife." Pernell then asked him "Well did you abuse your wife like you abused my client's twin brother Jack before you shot and killed him?"

            "I did not abuse your client's brother Jack, he resisted arrest and was attempting to kill Ranger Cooper when I shot him. He choose to disobey an order to drop his weapon." Walker snapped back at Pernell who smiled and said "Oh but Ranger Walker you didn't answer the question completely. Now were you or were you not accused of physically abusing your wife when she was pregnant with triplets?"

            By now Alex wanted to crawl into a hole somewhere but she just sat there calmly as her husband replied "Yes."

            Pernell then turned to the jury as he said "What we have here is a man who claims to uphold the law but he yet he was accused of beating a pregnant woman, his wife no less.  Is it no wonder that my client felt compelled to seek justice for his brother who was murdered by this very same man? Mind you my client was drunk at the time and still grieving the lost of his twin brother. Why he is in front of this court accused of attempted murder I can't begin to understand, it's a miscarriage of justice." Alex finally objected "Your honor the defense attorney is giving an argument to the jury not questioning the witness."

            Gregson ruled "Pernell either ask the witness another question or dismiss him." Pernell sneered "I have no more questions of this wife abuser."

            The judge then told Alex "Cross examine will have to wait until after the lunch break. You may leave the stand Captain Walker." Walker left the stand as Alex avoided looking at him. Walker hesitated near the table for the prosecution but when Alex hurriedly started writing something in her notebook to avoid looking at him Walker snapped at her "Nice objections." Then he left the courtroom while Pernell sat at his table gloating. After Walker had left the courtroom Judge Gregson said "Court is dismissed until two this afternoon."

            Alex turned around when she heard the door opening expecting to find Walker there but it was D.A. Moody who was standing there. Moody said "Alex I have to check into the hospital for a couple of days, will you replace me during that time?  I'd ask Phil to do it but I don't want people to think that I'm trying to influence the outcome of the election with it being so close."

            "I understand and I'll be glad to replace you for a couple of days." Alex replied causing Moody to say "I was hoping you would say that because I've already signed the paperwork to make you my replacement."

            "Why bother with the paperwork?  I've replaced you before without any paperwork having to be done." Alex questioned Moody who answered "With my health the way it was I just want to be on the safe side. I'll see you in a couple of days Alex. Oh by the way don't forget that you have to attend Mayor Dimsdale's fund raiser in my place tomorrow night."

Chapter Two

            Alex picked up her phone and told Kayla "I don't want to be disturbed by anyone." Kayla questioned "Does anyone include your husband? He's waiting here  to see you."

            "Yes that includes Walker, tell him that I'm busy and can't be disturbed right now." Alex replied. Kayla hung up the phone and said "Uhm Captain Walker sir, A.D.A. Cahill-Walker said that she was busy and couldn't be disturbed right now."

            Walker snapped "Is that so?" Kayla answered "I'm sorry but that's what she told me to tell you Captain Walker." Walker then turned and left his wife's office without another word. Kayla then asked her aunt Ranger Swanson who was there to take her niece to lunch "Wonder what that's all about? He seems pretty mad at his wife about something."

            Swanson said "Kayla, it's best not to wonder what that's all about. Whatever it is they'll settle it themselves.  Listen kiddo married couples get mad at each other sometimes, it's no big deal when they do."

            "I guess you're right Aunt Nicky, come on we'd better leave for lunch because I have a lot of paperwork to do when I get back." Kayla told her aunt and they left Alex's outer office.

            Alex waited until the last minute to enter the courtroom to avoid a scene with Walker. After he had been sworn back in the judge told her "You may cross examine the witness now Miss Cahill."

            "Captain Walker have any of the allegations of abuse against you led to you being charged with anything?" Alex questioned Walker who answered "No."

            Alex then said "I have no more questions of this witness." Walker got up and started to leave the stand when Pernell said "Your honor I would like to ask more questions of this witness." Judge Gregson ruled "Okay but make it quick."

            Pernell then questioned "Captain Walker what about the time you were accused of abusing your wife?" Walker replied "What about it?"

            "You were accused of abusing your wife when she was pregnant with triplets so why weren't there charges filed against you then?" Pernell asked.

            "There weren't charges filed against me then because my wife refused to co-operate with the investigation." Walker answered Pernell who then questioned him "Why didn't she co-operate with the investigation? Did you threaten to hurt her again if she said anything?"

            "No I did not threaten to hurt her again. It was her choice not to co-operate with the investigation not mine. I have never told my wife what to do." Walker replied.

            Pernell then said "I have no more question for this wife abuser, he can leave the stand." Again Walker got up to leave the witness stand but Alex objected "Your honor, I have a few questions to ask this witness."

            Gregson again ruled "Sit back down Captain Walker. A.D.A. Cahill make it quick, my patience is running out with this line of questioning." Alex approached the witness stand and asked "Captain Walker who investigated the allegation that you abused your wife?"

            "Former detective Garrity." Walker answered Alex who then asked him "To your knowledge has detective Garrity ever been arrested for anything?" Pernell jumped up as he said "Objection your honor, what does that have to do with anything?"

            "You started this line of questioning so I'll allow the question. Please answer the question Captain Walker." Gregson said. Walker answered the questioned "Garrity was arrested for the kidnapping of Alex Walker."

            "Was he convicted of anything in regards to this matter?" Alex asked her husband who replied "He confessed that he kidnapped Alex Walker for his half brother Dewey Baker who had her hidden under the floorboards of a shack where the feds were hiding him out. Dewey Baker was shot and killed by the feds when he tried to escape and former detective Garrity was sent to a federal prison in Oklahoma to serve out his sentence."

            "In his confession did Garrity say that he had knowledge of what Baker had planned to do to Alex Walker?" Alex questioned her husband. "Yes, in his confession Garrity admitted that Baker was going to kill Alex Walker after raping her then he was going to plant her body on her husband's ranch to make it look like her husband had killed her."

            "Thank you, I have no more questions at this time." Alex told Walker who looked at Judge Gregson who looked at Pernell. Pernell said "I don't have any questions of this witness at this time either your honor." Walker got up and left the courtroom.

            Walker stormed into Ranger headquarters causing Trivette to ask him "Was Pernell that obnoxious?" Walker answered "Pernell I can take but when the A.D.A. just sits there without objecting like she should that bothers me."

            "I thought that Alex was the prosecutor?" Trivette asked him.

            "She is." Walker answered and then went into his private office closing the door behind him. Cooper asked Trivette "Aren't you going to talk to him about it? He's really mad at his wife, isn't he?"

            "No, I'm not going to talk with Walker about it and yes he's mad at Alex but he'll get over it.. He always does just like she always forgives him. Listen Cooper it's best to let them work it out because neither one of them takes too kindly to marital advice, believe me I know that from past experience. They'll be fine, they always are." Trivette replied.

Chapter Three

            Alex went back to her office after court had ended for the afternoon and asked Kayla "Walker didn't stop by here, did he?" Kayla answered "I don't think so but I've only been here about ten minutes or so."

            Alex nodded then told her secretary "I don't want to be disturbed by anyone for anything, I need to go over some briefs for the Balducci double homicide case that's coming up in two weeks." Kayla nodded okay and Alex went into her private office to find her husband sitting at her desk. Alex slowly closed the door behind her as Walker looked up at his wife then he asked her "Was there a reason for what happened in the courtroom earlier today?"

            "Yes there was." Alex answered as she neared her desk.. Walker held up his arms to her and Alex sat on his lap as she told him "I'm sorry about what happened but I had to treat you as a witness not as my husband. If there had been another way to do it I would have but..." Alex trailed off at this point because Walker kissed his wife soundly then told her "Okay but when we get home later I want you to explain to me why you would let a defense attorney bring that up without trying to object. Got that lady?"

            Kissing him back Alex replied "I've got that Cordell and I swear that I'll tell why I did what I did in Gregson's courtroom. But right now you need to know that I had to do it that way in order to get a conviction, otherwise I never would have done something like that to you." Walker pulled his wife closer as he whispered into Alex's ear "You owe me for that and I intend to collect tonight. All night long if need be."

            Alex slid her hands over Walker's chest as she told him "It will be all night long if I have anything to say about it dear. I love you so very much my darling." Then Alex began to kiss her husband while reaching for the buttons on his shirt.

            Kayla looked up from going over the paperwork she had promised to finish for Alex to discover her aunt standing there so she questioned her "Hi, what brings you by? I thought you were working late tonight?"

            Ranger Swanson answered "I'm looking for Captain Walker, Cooper said that he was here." Kayla said "I don't think so, as far as I know Alex is in there by herself. I mean if he were in there with her don't you think we would have heard them fighting by now?"

            Ranger Swanson nodded and started to leave the outer office when they heard Walker's voice say "That's enough, you had better stop it right now if you know what's good for you. I said stop it Alex and I'm not going to say it again."

            Kayla got up and headed for the door to Alex's private office as she told Swanson "Aunt Nicky you have to do something before he hurts her." Swanson grabbed her niece's arm as she told her "Kayla you don't know what's going on in there, it might not be what you think. We can't barge in on our bosses when they are in the middle of something, not if we want to keep our jobs."

            Just then they heard Walker say in a louder tone "For the last time Alex stop it before I give you what you deserve and you know exactly what I mean." Breaking free of Swanson's hold Kayla opened the door to Alex's private office only to find Alex sitting on Walker's lap kissing him passionately on the lips while running her hands down her husband's chest underneath his un-buttoned shirt to his belt buckle. Walker himself was kissing his wife back just as passionately while running his hands through Alex's hair. Realizing that they had company when Ranger Swanson cleared her throat Alex looked up then questioned her secretary "Miss Swanson didn't I tell you that I didn't want to be disturbed by anyone for anything?"

            Kayla nodded and started to close the door but Ranger Swanson said "Captain Walker I hate to disturb you but Cooper said that he would need help making the Coulter bust. Trivette isn't in the office and Gage and Cooke already left for the day. Do you want just me to go with him? Or should we wait for metro P.D. to back us up?"

            Walker replied "I'll go with you and Cooper. Tell him to be ready to leave in ten minutes." Swanson nodded and left Alex's private office closing the door behind her. Alex got up from Walker's lap as she teased him "You only need ten minutes to recover? I must be losing my touch."

            "We'll take this up later. By the way Alex, the next time you take it upon yourself to seduce me at work I suggest that you make sure you lock the door first." Walker answered as he slowly got up and started to rebutton his shirt. Alex grabbed him by the arm as she said "At least let me wipe the lipstick off of your face first. You can't go to arrest someone with lipstick all over your face, Trivette would never let you hear the end of it."

            Walker groaned "How much did you leave on my face?" As she was wiping the lipstick off of her husband's face Alex replied " Not nearly as much as I left on your chest. Want me to wipe that off too?"

            "No I don't because you wouldn't stop there and I have to go help Cooper and Swanson arrest Coulter." Walker then finished with his clothing and went into the outer office followed by Alex who watched him leave with a bright smile on her face. Kayla then said to her boss "Alex I'll remember to knock from now on, I swear I will. But I really thought that you were in danger otherwise I never would have barged in on you and Captain Walker. I mean he was pretty mad at you earlier today and it did sound like to me like he was threatening you."

            "Kayla let's get one thing straight, I never have and I never will be in danger from my husband. Sometimes what you think is going on is not what's really going on, okay?" Alex asked her secretary who replied "I understand that now, if you don't mind I'll be heading to the campus now to do some studying before class starts."

            "I think that I'll lock up and head home myself, see you tomorrow." Alex said as she headed back to her private office to get her things together so she could go home to her family.

Chapter Four

            When Walker finally arrived home around midnight Alex was in the living room sound asleep on the couch with a fire going in the fireplace. After looking at his wife for a minute Walker banked the fire then knelt besides the couch. Stroking Alex's hair Walker said to her "Come on lady wake up." Awakening Alex rubbed her eyes and then slid her arms around Walkers neck as she said "Darling you're home. How about we get started on you collecting what I owe you? I believe that you want to do that all night long, don't you?"

            Removing her arms Walker stood up as he answered "You owe me an explanation first, remember?" Getting up herself Alex replied "Yes I remember, do you want to talk here or in our bedroom?"

            Walker turned on the light leading Alex to tell her husband "Here then. Walker first of all I want you to know how sorry I am about what happened in court today but I had to let it happen without objecting. Pernell doesn't really have a defense to the charges so in order to get Barren off he has to get the jury thinking that you are a man who runs around hurting people just to do it. That his client had to take the law into his own hands in order to get justice for his brother."

            "But that still doesn't explain why you didn't object. Alex by not objecting weren't you letting Pernell get the jury to think exactly that?" A puzzled Walker questioned his wife who answered "No, Walker listen to me. If I had objected the jury would have been convinced that I was trying to keep your abuse of Jack Barren from them, which isn't the case. That just maybe John Barren was justified in trying to shoot you. I knew that Pernell would ask you about abusing me and when the judge let it be part of the record I was then able to bring up the fact that Garrity who was the investigating officer of the abuse charges was a criminal himself. By doing it the way that I did what the jury will think about is the fact that I was the victim of a kidnapping. They won't remember that there was an investigation of you for abusing me because the officer who led the investigation kidnapped me for his brother who was going to kill me and pin the crime on you, that's what the jury will remember about today. Walker a lot of people feel that what happens between married people is really none of anyone else's business and that's true to a certain extent. So the jury will dismiss Pernell's claims of you abusing Jack Barren and turn their attention to his client and what he did that day, attempted to murder two Texas Rangers."

            "But Alex I did hurt you that night when you were pregnant with the triplets, how can you still want to live with me after that?" Walker asked her.

            "And I nailed you in your god given equipment thinking that you were Baker. Honey neither one of us would ever intentionally hurt the other. Walker honey I thought you had gotten over feeling guilty about that night?" Alex said to her husband who answered "Alex I can still see the look that was on your face that night."

            "I know that you do and I can still see how white your face became after I nailed you between your legs when Trivette was driving us to the hospital after you guys rescued me from under the floorboards of that shack near where the feds had been hiding Baker out at. Cordell we're both aware of what happened then and while we're both still upset by what we did to each other then we are also both well aware of the fact that at the time we both thought it was Baker we were hurting. Now can you please let it go so that we can move onto other things?" Alex finished up with a plea for Walker. Pulling her into his arms Walker replied "Okay, how about you get started on making it up to me?"

            Alex smiled removed herself from her husband's arms and told him as she headed to the steps "I sure can as long as you get to the bedroom before I close the door." Walker quickly went after his wife and after picking Alex up hurried to their bedroom where he closed the door then dumped her on the bed. Alex watched as he went to the door and locked it.  Noticing her watching him Walker said "At least I remember to lock the door."

            "Come on over here cowboy and I'll thank you for having such a good memory among other things." Alex instructed Walker as she began to remove her clothes. Walker removed his clothes on his way to the bed.

            About four o'clock in the morning Alex was awakened by Walker running his hands through her hair. Alex rubbed her eyes and after yawning asked him "God Walker, aren't you tired? You have to be." Walker answered "I said all night long and I meant it lady." Alex told her husband as she sat up in the bed "Well I am tired and don't forget we have Mayor Dimsdale's fund raiser that I'm attending in place of Moody. But when has being tired ever stopped us from making love?"

            Walker questioned "Alex do you really want to do this? I mean you were asleep until I woke you up. If you want to go back to sleep without doing anything else with me tonight I'll understand."

            "I'm awake now Cordell and since you started this you most certainly are going to finish it." Alex replied causing Walker to start kissing her all over but before they could get much further the phone rang. Alex snatched it up as she said "Somebody has terrible timing."

            Alex answered the phone and after listening for a minute handed the phone to Walker who took it while Alex laid back down. A few minutes later Walker got up from bed and headed towards the bathroom to get dressed, Coming back into the room Walker told Alex "I have to go, Teddy Langston just reported an attempted break in and the mayor is insisting that I take care of it myself." Walker then reached for the door knob as Alex got up from the bed walked over to Walker kissed him then said "You be careful out there cowboy."

            Walker kissed her back winked then teased "I will because I know how you get when you make me wear a tux and I'm going to be wearing one to Dimsdale's event and we'll take this up after that."

Chapter Five

            About three hours later Walker entered the house and was heading up the steps when Alex came down them, so he asked her "Hey lady, how about we go back to bed?" Alex replied "I don't think so, the children are all awake. I was just headed to the kitchen to make breakfast. Do you feel up to making sure that your sons are dressed for the day?"

            "Okay what did Ray do this time?" Walker questioned his wife who answered "It wasn't Ray, Sam had an accident. I've changed the sheets and he's in the tub now. Walker do you think there's something wrong, I mean Sam has been having quite a few accidents at night lately."

            Walker said "I'll see what's going on with him while I'm getting the boys dressed for the day."

            As they were eating breakfast Ray said to his mother "Mommy Daddy told Sammie that he'll take care of the big bad monster." Alex asked him "What big bad monster?" Ray answered "The one outside of our window, it makes Sammie scared at night and he won't go down the hall to the bathroom because of that."

            Walker winked at Alex as he said "The monster will be all gone tonight Sammie and you can go to the bathroom like a big boy again." Sammie replied "I big boy again Mommy."

            As they were leaving for work Alex and Walker were by his truck when he told her "Cal is going to trim the tree by the boys' bedroom window while we're at work today."

            Alex nodded okay then asked him "Was there really a break in at Teddy Langston's house or was she just trying to hit on you?" Walker answered "No there was no break in and how did you know?"

            "The perfume on your clothes, it isn't mine. How hard was it for you to peel her off of you?" Alex answered him.

            "Let's just say that she was more than a little drunk when I got there. Langston threw herself at me and when I rejected her she told me that since I had taken her Brian from her she was going to take me from you." Walker answered his wife.

            "What did you say to that?" A curious Alex questioned her husband who answered his wife "That it was never going to happen."

            "Okay, it sounds like we really going to have an interesting time tonight at Dimsdale's fund raiser Teddy Langston is the guest of honor, I wonder if she'll make a scene tonight? By the way are you meeting me there or are we going together?" Alex said.

            "Alex you already told me to take my tux to work and that you were going to take your dress to your office. That way if anything came up we could both get dressed at work and meet at the fund raiser later." Walker pointed out.

            "Okay, I'll see you later then." Alex said then kissed him on the cheek got in her car and drove off. Walker got into his truck and headed to work. Later on that afternoon Trivette asked him "Hey Walker shouldn't you be getting ready for that fund raiser?" Walker replied "I will just as soon as we check out the lead in the Coulter case."

            They went and checked out the lead but the person they wanted to talk to decided that he'd rather fight instead of answering any questions and his buddies jumped in. Walker ended up with a gash on his cheek so Trivette teased him "Hey Walker is Alex going to kill you for messing up your pretty face when she wanted to show you off tonight?" Walker ignored him and headed to the Ranger gym to get ready.

            Alex was at the fund raiser fending off a rather obnoxious donor, he was Teddy Langston's date Richard Minard who asked her "How about it babe? You're here all by yourself and you shouldn't let that pretty gown go to waste. I'll be glad to show you how pretty I think it is, that is right before I remove it."

            "Not interested, go back to your date." Alex answered Minard who then said "I don't want to, I'd rather get to know you a lot better."

            "Well I don't want to get to know you, now please leave me alone." Alex replied as she headed to the ladies room. Minard followed her there and told her "I'll just wait right here for you then." Alex ignored him and went into the ladies' room where she took her time hoping that he would be gone when she left it. As luck would have it Minard was still waiting there so Alex walked away from him. Minard followed her as he whined "Come on beautiful I can make your night a memorable one." Alex ignored him and kept on walking. Minard then said as he looked at the entrance "Why would someone let a servant that looks like that in here. He looks like he's been in a fight. I'll have to speak to Mayor Dimsdale about what kind of staff he hires nowadays."

            Alex looked over to see that it was Walker and headed to him. Minard followed her over and told Walker "You shouldn't be in here at all, the servants are to use the back door. Leave now before I have Mayor Dimsdale remove you."

            Walker looked at the man and then at Alex who said to her husband as she led him away from Minard "Walker I see you made it. Come on our table is right over there." After they were seated Walker questioned his wife "A new friend?" Alex replied "Teddy Langston's date, Richard Minard, he has too much money and not nearly enough brains. What happened to your face?" Walker said "A witness wanted to fight instead of answering questions. Trivette said that you would be upset with me because I got my face messed up when you wanted to show me off tonight, are you upset with me?"

            Alex replied "Oh no, not when you've combined being in a tux with your fighter look. When I see you in a tux or having just been in a fight it's all I can do to keep from dragging you off to the nearest bed. Does it hurt honey?" Walker answered his wife "It doesn't hurt but I wouldn't mind you kissing it and making it all better later." Alex smiled as she said "That's where I'll start but where I end up is a different matter altogether."

            Awhile later they were dancing when Teddy Langston and her date drifted over to them. Minard asked Walker "How about we switch partners?" Walker ignored Minard causing Teddy to ask Alex in a slurred voice "Did you know that I'm going to take your husband from you?"

            Alex ignored her and Walker led his wife back to their table where they sat down and began to eat their dinner as Minard took Langston back to their table and started pouring coffee down her throat. A waiter came to the Walker's table and said to them "Pardon me for disturbing your dinner. Alex Cahill-Walker, there's a phone call for you. It's from a Mrs. Moody. If you'll follow me I'll show where the phone's at." Walker went with Alex to take the phone call. After talking for a few minutes Alex hung up the phone and turned to Walker who asked her "What's the matter?"

            "D.A. Moody died a little while ago." A shaken Alex answered her husband who then asked "Okay but why did his wife call you?"

            "Because I'm the acting D.A. and will be so until after the election when the next D.A. is sworn in. Walker can we go home?" Alex said to Walker who told her "Of course we can." They left the fund raiser

Chapter Six

            After Moody's funeral there was a meeting of all the A.D.A.'s in Moody's old conference room. As Alex was entering the room the newest A.D.A. Mark Blawnox said to her "Hey Cahill-Walker what are you doing here? Isn't this is a staff meeting for the A.D.A.'s? I mean the ones who work full time, not the part-timers like you."

            Alex instead of answering him sat herself down in the chair that Moody had sat at when he ran meetings with his staff to await the arrival of Phil Holland. Blawnox then asked Alex "Shouldn't you get out of that seat before Phil gets here?" Alex questioned him "Now why would I do that Mark?"

            He answered her "Because Phil's the acting D.A."

            Alex then informed him "No Phil Holland isn't the acting D..A., I am. Now if you would find yourself a place to sit we'll start this meeting just as soon Phil gets here." Phil entered the room and said "I'm here so that means we can get started. Now about the Pitcairn case, I think that you should handle it Blawnox."

            Blawnox then said "See I told you that Phil was the acting D.A. now I suggest that you get out of his seat Mrs. Walker." Alex calmly replied "The name is acting D.A. Cahill-Walker, D.A. Moody asked me to replace him while he was in the hospital and signed the papers making it official. Now that Moody has passed on I will continue to be the acting D.A. until after the election and his permanent replacement is sworn in. Does anyone have any questions?"

            Blawnox asked her "Come on Mrs. Walker why don't you stop acting like you're all important and step back and let Phil take over like he should? Everyone knows that he's going to win the election and be the next D.A. anyhow." Having had enough Alex told him "Mr. Blawnox understand this, I am the acting D.A. and I will be glad to accept the resignation of anyone who feels that they can't work with me. If A.D.A. Holland wins the election I will be glad to step aside for him but not before then. Now as to the business at hand, I want reports from all of you concerning the cases that you want to plead out and the reasons you think a plea deal would be in the best interest of Tarrant County. As for the A.D.A.'s who have no plea deals pending go about your business as usual but be sure to let me know what's going on with your cases. Any questions?"

            Most of the A.D.A.'s shook their heads no but Blawnox questioned Holland "What about the Pitcairn case?  How should I handle it Phil?"

            Holland answered him "I don't believe that acting D.A. Cahill-Walker has assigned anyone to that case yet." Blawnox didn't give up as he asked "You assigned me and that's good enough for me so tell me how you want me to handle it."

            Alex answered him "A.D.A. Blawnox you will not be handling the Pitcairn case, A.D.A. Sutton will be. Now Sutton the defense attorney will try to browbeat you into a deal but I want you to stand firm and tell him that we're going for the maximum sentence that we can get."

            Sutton asked her "I thought Moody was willing to accept a plea deal in that case?" Alex replied "Moody was and so am I but we do want Pitcairn to serve some time not walk with probation. Listen Sutton if you hang firm the defense attorney will back off some and then you the can work out a plea deal where Pitcairn will serve some prison time but not too much."

            Suttton said "Okay but do you have any objections if that time served is in a county jail?" Alex told her "None at all, as long as he gets some drug counseling while he's there. I think a sentence of three to six months would be okay in this case. He's still young enough that with the right guidance he can turn himself around. But he did beat someone up just to do it when he was high on meth so he does need to serve jail time."

            Alex then turned her attention to Blawnox and told him "A.D.A. Blawnox you will be assisting Holland with the Balducci double homicide case, any questions?"

            Blawnox questioned her "Why am I assisting on that case? I don't need babysat in the courtroom any more than you do. I can handle the case on my own, let Holland handle another case." Alex informed him "I assigned you to assist Holland because you are not ready to go against the attorney for the defense, Shaun Monroe on your own yet. Phil has faced him in court before and won several times. Also you can learn a lot from Phil on how to handle yourself in a courtroom. Blawnox you have what it takes to be a good A.D.A. but you are still a little green in the courtroom. Do well in this case and you can handle the next case on your own."

            Phil said "Mark as soon as the meeting is over you can meet me in my office and we'll get started on the Balducci case. Alex I assume that there will be no making a deal in this case?"

            Alex answered "You assume right Phil. Okay everyone the meeting is over, Phil can I see you for minute?" Alex waited until everyone had filed out and started to say something to Phil but he beat her to the punch as he said "Sorry about that Alex, acting like I was already the D.A. when I'm not."

            "It's okay Phil. The reason I assigned you to handle the Balducci case with Bawnox assisting was because I really want a conviction in this case and there can be no better A.D.A. for Blawnox to learn from than you." Alex told Phil who smiled as he said "I think that you are the best to learn from, after all I remember how well you trained me when I was first breaking in with the D.A.'s office. If it hadn't been for the way you taught me to approach my job I don't think I would have lasted in this job very long. I owe a lot of my success to you and the work ethic that you instilled in me."

            "Phil you always had the makings of a very good A.D.A. I didn't make you what you are, you did that on your own. Now Blawnox on the other hand is still a little green in the courtroom." Alex told Phil who got up from the table as he said "Just like I was before you got your hands on me. I'll train him the way you trained me Alex."

            After he left Alex returned to her office and told Kayla "I'm going to be in Moody's old office going through his files. I want you to come with me and help me organize them." Kayla replied "Okay but your husband left you a message to call him as soon as you could." Alex nodded and went into her private office called her husband and asked him "Hey cowboy what did you want?"

            "What time you were going to be home tonight? Trivette wants me to go to a hockey game with him." Walker answered his wife who said "It starts at seven thirty, right? I should be home by six at the latest unless the verdict comes in later than that on the Barren case. Are you coming home before you go to the game or going straight from work?"

            "From work." Walker answered Alex.

            "Okay see you later tonight." Alex said to Walker and then hung up the phone. She went into her outer office got Kayla and they went to Moody's old office where they organized his files. After that was done Alex was told that the verdict had come in on the Barren case so she went to the courtroom where John Barren was found guilty on all counts. A happy Alex then went home to her family.

Chapter Seven

            It was fairly late when Walker got home but Alex was waiting up for him. After locking up Walker sat down besides his wife on the couch and asked her "Now that Phil has taken over for Moody are you going to be working less?" Alex replied "Phil hasn't taken over for Moody."

            "Why not? I mean he's going to win the election and become our next D.A., so why wait for him to take over?" Walker questioned Alex who answered "Phil will hopefully win the election and become the next D.A. and believe me that can't come soon enough for me. Honey when Moody asked me to fill in for him he said that he didn't ask Phil to do it because he didn't want people to think that he was trying to influence the outcome of the election. Now that Moody has passed on I will honor his wishes and remain the temporary D.A. until after the election is over and the next D.A. is sworn in. After that I will be more than glad to go back to working part-time. Any other questions?"

            "How soon after the election will the next D.A. be sworn in?" Walker asked.

            "One month unless there's a court fight over who won the election and in the event that happens it could be as long as two or three months before it's settled. And I hate to tell you this but the race is tightening up, so that might happen." Alex told her husband who questioned "How can it be tightening up? I mean Phil's opposition, Joseph Watson was arrested by the feds for income tax evasion among other things."

            "Yes he was but there's been a lot of stories in the media about how those were trumped up charges to make Watson look bad so that Phil could win the election. Most of the negative stories about Phil have aired on Teddy Langston's station but some of the other stations are picking up on that angle and running with it. A lot of people think that where there appears to be smoke there's fire never mind the fact that there isn't even smoke there to begin with. Sometimes political contests have nothing to do with the truth but are centered around which side gets the media to go along with their spin. Mud-slinging is used because it works and until the public stops falling for it it is still going to be used by some candidates who don't have the moral character to do the right thing and wage an honest campaign based on their positions. However I do have some good news for you, Barren was convicted on all counts." Alex told her husband and then after pausing a minute she added "Walker I am still sorry about what I let Pernell bring up in Gregson's courtroom without objecting. I should have been able to find another way to get a conviction without allowing that to happen to you."

            Walker pulled Alex close as he said "Alex you told me why you did things the way you did them in the Barren case and I understood it was the only way for you to get a conviction. You did the right thing, you saw to it that a man who tried to kill two Texas Rangers was found guilty on all charges. Now enough about that. Since you're going to be the acting D.A. until after the election is over will you be working longer hours?" Alex replied "Yes but I'll try to get home each day as soon as I can. I don't want to spend anymore time away from my family than I have to."

            "I know honey, you always put us first. Alex since you're going to be working a lot of hours until after the election is over I'll help you out anyway that I can. And yes that includes taking care of your three stubborn sons and my two angelic daughters." Walker vowed to Alex who teasingly answered him "They are your three hard-headed sons. They get it from you, not me dear. My two girls are angels just like I am. By the way Cordell, does that helping out include giving me back massages?"

            "As long as I have don't have to stop there and you return the favor." Walker teased back causing Alex to grab him by the hand and pull him up from the couch as she questioned her husband "How about we go to bed and get an early start on those massages?"

            Walker didn't answer with words he just allowed Alex to lead him to their bedroom where they massaged each other then fell asleep in each other's arms.

            The next morning Alex came downstairs to find Angela watching a morning news show which was running a feature on the election but as far as Alex could tell the feature was mainly an attack ad against Phil Holland and the fact that Moody assigned Alex to replace him not Phil. The reporter ended by saying that the replacement D.A. Alex Cahill-Walker had once been in the county jail for attempted murder and that it made you wonder what kind of man that Holland was when a accused murderess was chosen over him to replace an ailing man. Alex got mad and turned off the T.V. as Angela asked her "What did that lady mean when she said you were an accused murderess? You didn't kill anyone did you Mommy?"

            Alex carefully answered her daughter "Angela I was arrested for a murder that I didn't commit and was in the county jail for awhile but your Daddy found the evidence to clear me. Now how about you getting ready for school young lady?"

            "Okay Mommy, I'm glad that they didn't keep you in jail." Angela replied as she left the room to get ready for school. Walker who had entered the room to hear what Angela had said to her mother asked his wife "What was that all about?"

            Alex said "Angela was watching the morning show and they had a feature that was basically an attack ad against Phil and near the end of it I was brought into it. They brought up Tony Seville's murder saying it made you wonder kind of man Phil Holland was when a accused murderess was chosen over him to temporarily replace Moody.  I told Angela that while I had been arrested and was in the county jail for awhile you found the evidence to clear me."

            Walker then said "Politics is really a dirty business, I can imagine how much mud-slinging they would do if you were the one who was running to be the next D.A." Alex said to him "So can I and that's one of the reasons that I will never run for political office, I would never put you and the children through that."

            Walker kissed Alex then told her "I'll try to be home by five, what about you?" Alex replied "Hopefully around the same time. If I get home then I'll make dinner, if I can't make it I'll call and let you know." Walker kissed her again and left the room to get ready for work.

Chapter Eight

            Phil and Blawnox were going over their preparations for the Balducci trial when Phil stepped out for a minute leaving Blawnox in his office. Phil had asked Walker to stop in his office to go over his testimony whenever he got a chance to. Walker got there when Phil was out of the office so he asked Blawnox "Is Phil here? I'm supposed to go over my testimony with him for the Balducci trial."

            Blawnox replied "No he isn't here but since I'm his co-counsel we can go over your testimony, whoever you are. Now according to the report filed by the Texas Rangers a one Captain Walker witnessed the defendant Carl Balducci shoot and killed Mr. and Mrs. Whitlock in cold blood. Then the same Captain Walker supposedly got the drop on Balducci and arrested him by himself. Now I'm assuming you witnessed what happened that day and can back up this Captain Walker's story to some extent."

            Walker questioned Blawnox "What do you mean to some extent? I tell the truth in the courtroom." Blawnox replied "I mean that this Captain Walker while he took sole credit for the arrest of Balducci have to of had some kind of help. After all who confronts an armed man who had just killed two people by himself? Now when you testify I think you should gloss over what this Walker said he did and stick to the fact that Balducci killed two people in cold blood."

            Walker then said "Is that what you think?" Balducci answered "Yes that is what I think and since I'm the prosecutor you have to testify the way that I want you to. By the way what's your name anyhow?"

            "My name is Captain Walker of the Texas Rangers, you know your main witness to the murders that Balducci committed." Walker snapped.

            "Okay Captain Walker do you care to explain to me how is was that you were able to arrest a man who had just shot and killed two people by yourself? Or are you going to admit that you had help because if you are it had better be done now before your lies becomes part of the record. Now which is it, did you or did you not have help when you arrested Balducci?"        Blawnox was saying to Walker when Phil came in. Blawnox then turned to Phil and told him "I was trying to get Captain Walker here to understand that he had better admit that he had help arresting Balducci that day. I mean if our main witness is lying about what he did that day we need to know now before the defense can bring it up."

            Phil Holland said "A.D.A. Blawnox, Captain Walker did not have help that day. If he says that he arrested Balducci by himself then he did." Blawnox objected "He had to of have help that day. Look if our acting D.A. finds out that you're letting a witness lie about his actions she's going to be running her mouth at me and I don't really need that blonde telling me anything about how to do my job. I have far more brains than she ever will. I'm a member of Mensa, for goodness sake." Then ignoring the fact that Walker was there Blawnox added "Phil, I don't understand why didn't you make her give it up and take your rightful place as the D.A.? She'll be back to being a little housewife again as soon as the election is over anyhow."

            Having had enough Walker told Blawnox "The name of the lady is A.D.A. Alex Cahill-Walker, my wife. I suggest that you understand that Moody choose her to replace him for a reason; the fact that she's the best at her job. Acting D.A. Cahill-Walker is not going to go back to being a little housewife as soon as the election is over. She will continue to be an A.D.A. for Tarrant County. Phil I'll see you later, right now I have some Ranger business to attend to."

            Phil said "Walker, I'll call you later after I've had a talk with Blawnox and straightened him out on a few things." Walker nodded and left Phil's office. Walker then decided to stop in Alex's office on the way back to Ranger headquarters.

            Alex looked up when he entered and asked "How did it go?"

            Sitting down Walker answered his wife "Let's just put it this way, A.D.A. Blawnox doesn't think I arrested Balducci all by myself, that I had to of have help." Alex said "But that's not what's bothering you, is it?"

            Walker smiled as he replied "You know me so well lady. Blawnox doesn't think too much about you being the acting D.A. either." Alex told her husband "Yeah, I kind of got that idea when I assigned Blawnox to assist Phil with the Balducci double homicide trial. Blawnox has the makings of a decent A.D.A. but is still pretty green in the courtroom, that's why I'm having Phil train him. He also needs to learn that not everything is what it seems, that the world isn't a black and white place. Blawnox has a very high I.Q. and he breezed through law school and aced the bar so right now he thinks he's knows everything there is to know about the law. In time he'll realize that you never know everything that there is to know, no matter how smart you are. He just has some growing up to do."

            Walker got up went over to his wife kissed her on the cheek then said "You're pretty smart yourself lady." Alex replied "I know that I am, after all I got a handsome cowboy for a husband."

Chapter Nine

            It was now election day and Alex stopped by Ranger headquarters to see Walker. After closing the door behind his wife Walker sat down at his desk. When Alex started to sit on his lap Walker told her "No way lady, you go sit in a chair by yourself." Alex went to the chair and sat on it as she said "You are no fun when you're at work."

            Walker changed the subject by asking "How's the election coming? Phil is going to win today, isn't he?" Alex replied "I hope so because I have to tell you that being the D.A. is a lot of work. I'd rather be in a courtroom prosecuting criminals than managing all the A.D.A.'s and the rest of the staff."

            "Still having problems with Blawnox?" Walker asked Alex who answered "No I'm not, why did you have a talk with him?"

            "No I believe that Phil did. But enough about them, are you going straight home from work?" Walker said to Alex who responded "I was hoping to stop by Phil's election headquarters to wish him luck then go home. What about you?"

            Getting up from his desk Walker told her "How about we go there together? When I'm done here I'll come to your office and get you." Getting up herself Alex said "That's sounds good to me, that way we can ride home together. You can bring me back to work tomorrow."

            "Okay just as long as you behave yourself in the truck." Walker teased as they left his private office. Alex simply smiled at her husband. Walker picked Alex up a couple of hours later and they went to Phil's election headquarters. When they got to Phil's election headquarters they were greeted by Kim River's, Phil's wife who told them "Phil's in his office getting some crucial election results, the pollsters say that this district that's coming in now will tell who's going to win. If Watson has a big lead there Phil could be in trouble elsewhere. If it's even it could be a very long night."

            Alex questioned her "And if Phil's is winning it?" Kim replied "He's not expected to win there so if he wins the district he should win the election. I just hope that Phil wins because this county doesn't need a man facing federal charges as the next D.A."

            Alex assured her "Kim, Phil is going to win. The people of this county will elect the best man for the job and everyone knows that's Phil." Kim then said "I know that but."

            Walker told her "No buts about it." Phil then came out of his office and said "It's looking good." Then he turned on the T.V. where an announcer was saying "In the election for D.A. in Tarrant County we can now predict that Phil Holland will be the next D.A."  As Phil was being hugged by Kim Walker asked Alex "You have no regrets about not running to replace Moody?"

            Alex replied "None whatsoever, I did my time as a replacement. How about we head home to our family cowboy?" Walker said "You got it lady." After congratulating Phil on his victory the Walkers left Phil's election headquarters and headed home to their children.

I don't own Walker Texas Ranger, C.B.S. and other entities do.  Neither I or this story was meant to infringe on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a good show, nothing more.