By Katie 59

Chapter One

Half asleep Alex mumbled “ Walker , the phone's ringing. Don't you think you should answer it?" When the phone kept on ringing Alex realized that her husband wasn't in bed with her so she got up and answered it “The Walkers." It was Trivette on the other end who asked her “ Alex put Walker on will you?"

“Hold on, I'll go see if I can find out where he's at." Alex answered and started to lay the phone down to look for her husband but Trivette told her “When you find Walker tell him that Mr. Pran from the Vietnamese delegation would like to speak with him as soon as possible."

“About what?" Alex questioned because Mr. Pran was married to Ling Pran who had briefly been Walker 's wife during his tour in Vietnam . Trivette tried to get out of answering by saying “Look I'll just talk to Walker when I see him at work.”

“Trivette I know all about Ling Pran , last night Walker told me about what happened between the two of them all those years ago when he served in Vietnam . Now do you know why her husband wants to know where my husband is at?" Alex asked Trivette who answered “Are you okay Alex ? It had to be hard on you to find out that your husband has another wife that he hadn't told you about."

“Trivette, Mei Ling is not married to Walker . She divorced him years ago. As for the rest of it, yes I'm okay." Alex replied.

“I hate to tell you this Alex but I think that I should. I'm already at work because Mayor Dimsdale woke me up bright and early this morning insisting that I meet him at Ranger headquarters, which I did. When I got here his Honor the Mayor told me that Mr. Pran has lodged a complaint with the Mayor's office alleging that Walker was trying to get a member of the Vietnamese delegation, specifically his wife Ling Pran to defect. According to the complaint Mr. Pran said that Walker had tried to talk Ling into running off with him. Mr. Pran stated that his wife Ling refused to do so telling Walker that she wasn't leaving Mr. Pran ever. Mr. Pran said that Walker had threatened to take Ling with him, one way or the other. Ling told her husband that Walker said as far as he was concerned Ling was his wife and not Pran's. According to Mr. Pran , Ling thought that Walker whom she knew as John Firewalker had died in Vietnam so she hadn't divorced him. Mr. Pran told the Mayor that if his wife isn't back at the hotel suite by the end of the day he would file formal charges against Walker for kidnapping. That he would hate for an international incident to occur because Walker couldn't accept the fact that Ling now loved Pran instead of him. That during the meeting between Ling and Walker at the hotel suite yesterday Walker told her that he had never stopped loving her and that his marriage to you was a mistake that he would quickly get out of it for her. Mr. Pran also told the Mayor that Walker spotted him in the lobby and told him to step aside because Ling loved him. That when he refused to so Walker told him 'She's my wife, not yours' their daughter Mei Pran backs up her father's story about what happened in the hotel lobby." Trivette explained.

Alex protested “Trivette, that's all wrong. Ling divorced Walker years ago. She gave him a copy of it. Walker gave it to me last night, needless to say it's written in Vietnamese. Trivette I don't know what Mr. Pran thinks he's accomplishing by lying about my husband wanting to run off with his wife but make no mistake about it, Walker is not interested in being with Ling. Walker loves me and only me, he never loved her. Look why don't you let me go see if I can find that husband of mine? He's probably in the barn with the horses or something."

“Okay why don't you have him call me back when you find him Alex ?" Trivette suggested to Alex who agreed. After hanging the phone up Alex went looking for Walker only to discover that his truck was gone so she called up Trivette “Trivette, its Alex . Walker 's truck isn't here so he must be on his way to work. When he gets there tell him to give a call me when he gets a chance. I want to confirm our plans for tonight with him."

“What plans are those? Are you guys going out? Do you need a babysitter? If you do don't bother asking me because I don't watch five Walker children at a time. I know better." Trivette teased Alex who replied “No, we're staying home. Just have him call me later."

Chapter Two

Around noon Alex answered the phone and it was Mayor Dimsdale on the line who somewhat rudely told her “I don't know where that so-called husband of yours is with his first wife who's missing but you had better find him and talk some sense into him. I will not let Ranger Walker cause an international incident in my town. Have you got that Cahill?"

A seething Alex replied “My husband, Captain Walker of the Texas Rangers is not with Ling Pran . Have you got that Mayor Dimsdale ?" Dimsdale questioned her “If your husband isn't off with Ling Pran , then where is he? You can't answer that question can you? Why don't you just admit the truth Cahill? That Walker loves this Ling so much that he's willing to risk everything for her? Tell me Cahill how do you plan on telling your children that their father probably kidnapped a woman after she turned him down? That he wants her more than he wants anything else, including his children and his career? That he's only thinking of himself and what he thinks he deserves? Never mind the fact that this Ling loves someone else now? You know like her current husband Mr. Pran ?"

By now furious Alex replied “I will tell my children the truth, that their father loves them very much. Dimsdale instead of letting your dislike for my husband lead you to make false charges against him perhaps you should be telling the truth, that you have no idea what you are talking about and you never did. After you do that perhaps you should then also admit that you have let you personal hatred for Walker blind you to the truth that Mr. Pran is lying about his wife and my husband." Alex then slammed the phone down in the Mayor's ear. After taking a deep breath to compose herself Alex dialed Ranger headquarters and asked to speak with Trivette, instead she was put through to Sydney . Alex said “ Sydney , I was calling to speak with Trivette, they must have put me through to you by mistake."

Sydney answered "It wasn't a mistake Alex, Trivette is kind of busy with the media right now, Dimsdale released Mr. Pran's complaint to the media about Walker and set off a firestorm. Listen it's kind of crazy here right now, what with Mrs. Pran nowhere to be found. Alex , how about you call back here after you've heard from Walker ?"

“He’s not at Ranger headquarters yet?" Alex asked getting upset because she now knew that Walker was missing. “No, he isn't. Trivette was hoping that he decided to take the day off and had just forgotten to call in or something like that. Listen I've got to go. Alex , I'll stop by to see you after work. Hopefully by then Ling Pran will have returned to the hotel and her husband Mr. Pran ." Sydney replied and then quickly hung up the phone.

A little while later the doorbell rang and Alex answered it to find a member of the media there, Teddy Langston who shoved her mike into Alex's face as she asked her "How do you feel knowing that your husband Ranger Walker is being accused of kidnapping his first wife Ling Pran when she refused to run off with him? Mr. Pran has just released a statement begging your husband to return his wife." Alex told her “My husband has not kidnapped anyone, now leave." Langston refused to leave sticking her foot in the door so Alex couldn't close it as she asked “Is it true that your children were born out of wedlock since your marriage wasn't legal? That Ranger Walker is in fact a bigamist because he never divorced Ling Pran ?"

Instead of answering the questions Alex slapped Langston in the face and when Langston reared back in pain Alex slammed the door shut. Alex then went into the living room where her children were playing; looking at them Alex said to herself  ' Walker would never have left his family. I know that as surely as I'm standing here. I will find out what happened to him and help him anyway that I can. I will not allow them to lose their Daddy and I will never turn away from my husband for any reason.'

Later on that afternoon Sydney stopped out at the ranch and before she could say anything Alex told her “Just tell me the bad news that Trivette sent you out here to tell me and get it over with." Sydney answered "Okay, first Ling Pran still has not been heard from and neither has Walker . Secondly, Walker 's truck was found at the Dallas -Fort Worth airport in the long term parking lot. Third, there were two plane tickets bought for a Mr. and Mrs. Walker on the afternoon flight to Paris . The clerk after looking at pictures of the two of them swears that it was Walker and Ling who boarded the plane to Paris ."

Sydney , why are you telling me this? You know that Walker would never run off with another woman and leave his family." Alex said and Sydney told her “Trivette wanted you to know what was going on. Alex I have to ask you this, are you sure that Walker hasn't run off with his first wife?"

“Very sure." Alex told Sydney who said “Okay Trivette told me to tell you that as soon as the lab is done with Walker 's truck he'll make arrangements for it to be towed here."

“That’s good that way when Walker comes back his truck will be here waiting for him. Sydney first thing tomorrow morning I'm going to file a missing person's report on Walker so that I can get started on finding my husband and returning him to his family. Now if you don't mind I want to be alone with my children." Alex answered as she showed Sydney the door.

Out on the porch Sydney said “ Alex , about that missing person's report Trivette wants you to stop in and see him before you file it. Trivette says that while he knows Walker would never leave you he needs to find out more about Mr. Pran and wants Mr. Pran to think he's believes him. Alex , I have to tell you that most of us at Ranger headquarters feel the same way and that we will do whatever we have to help you find Walker and return him to his family." Alex nodded and Sydney left the ranch.

Chapter Three

Walker awoke to realize that he had a hood tightly secured over his head and he was shackled to a wall by his hands and that there was someone else in the room with him. Walker said nothing as he tried to remember what had led him to this state and the last thing that he could remember was heading for work in his truck when a heavyset woman by the side of the road had flagged him down. When Walker had stopped and gotten out of his truck the woman had told him that she had a flat and would he mind changing her tire. Walker agreed and when he was changing the tire the woman had stood behind him talking the entire time. After he was done changing the tire Walker had told the woman “There, all finished." The woman then had said as she hugged him “Not quite, I have to thank you for changing my tire." Then she had quickly shoved a needle into Walker 's arm.

The person in the room with Walker taunted him “Hey Captain Walker, how does it feel to know that no one is going to be looking for you? That you're most likely going to die here unless I change my mind and let you live?" Walker ignored the person who got mad and rapped Walker across his left shoulder with what felt like a cane. When Walker didn't react the person said “Still trying to be the tough guy everyone thinks you are, are you Walker ? Well that doesn't matter right now. What matters is that I have the great Captain Walker exactly where I want him, helpless. So you can keep on being the tough guy if you want to but in the meantime I have news for you. The reason that no one will be looking for you is because everyone including Cahill thinks you ran off with your first wife Ling Pran . As a matter of fact the two of you were seen boarding a plane for Paris . So Captain Walker even if by some miracle you manage to survive what I have in store for you, you will no longer have a family to go home to. After all do you really think that a woman like Cahill would take you back after you ran off on her? Don't bothering answering that question because we both know that you're not escaping here, at least not alive. However if you're nice to me, why I just might let you live as my... Now I shouldn't tell you what my future plans are for you right now, should I? That can wait until after I've softened you up some and make no mistake about it I will do exactly that. Now I must be going to work where by the way I'll be sure and tell your coworkers all about how I just happened to overhear you tell Ling that you would be picking her up at the hotel. Bye now Walker ." The person then slid their hand down Walker 's chest until they reached his waist. Walker kicked out with his foot but the person avoided it and promptly kicked him in the stomach then said to him “Nice try but I'm quicker than you are."

After the door closed Walker relaxed for a minute but then the door opened again and the person who Walker knew now was a woman re-entered the room and asked him “Don’t you think that I'm clever because I have you in two places at one time? I mean I have you shackled here and I also have you on a plane to Paris with Ling . Well she is on her way to Paris but you're not. However we're the only two people who know that the man on the plane isn't you besides Ling and she's not about to say otherwise. Did you know that Mr. Pran has filed a complaint with Mayor Dimsdale stating that you kidnapped his wife when she turned you down?" Walker again didn't answer and the woman told him “That resolve that you're displaying won't last long in here, I'll see to that. I will break you Cordie."

This time after the woman left Walker waited awhile then starting to test the shackles when he heard the woman say over what had to be an intercom “Don’t bother, you can't get out of them and even if you managed to I have a web camera that's trained on you. That way when I'm at work I can check on you anytime I want to." Walker then sank back a little as he decided to wait for awhile to test the shackles again. Walker was also thinking over everything the woman had said to him and he knew that he knew the woman but for the moment Walker couldn't place her voice because she had been altering it.

A weary Alex pulled herself out of bed and got herself dressed and ready for what was sure to be a hard day because she was going to Ranger headquarters to file a missing person's report on her husband who most everyone had decided had run off with another woman but Alex knew that wasn't the case. When Alex got downstairs Betty the nanny was in the kitchen and she had started breakfast, Alex told her “ Betty , it's your week off. You don't have to be here."

“I know but I wanted to be here for you and the children. Alex are you okay?" Betty said and Alex replied “ Walker did not run off with anyone. He's somewhere in trouble and if it's the last thing that I do I am going to find him and return him home to his children."

“I believe that you will Alex . Now do you want me to watch the children here while you get started on that?" Betty questioned her. Alex shook her head no as she answered “I’m planning on taking them with me to Ranger headquarters when I file the missing person's report so that everyone there will know why I believe that my husband hasn't run off. That he would never turn his back on his family."

“Okay but I would like to go with you if you don't mind. There's bound to be some media present and I can help you with the children." Betty suggested to Alex who said "That's a good idea, that way you can be with them in their father's office when I file the report, I don't want them knowing that their father is missing."

Chapter Four

As Alex was nearing Ranger headquarters she called Trivette and asked him “ Jimmy how bad is it? Is the media swarming Ranger headquarters?" Trivette answered “There are more than a few members of the media out in the hallway. Someone apparently told the media that you would be coming here today to file a missing person's report on Walker ."

“Do you think that I should wait for awhile and hope they go away?" Alex questioned Trivette who told her “I have Sydney and Gage standing by in the parking garage and they'll escort you into Ranger headquarters."

“Okay but you should know that I brought my children with me. I defy anyone to look at them and then try to tell me that my husband ran off with another woman. There is no way that Walker would ever turn his back on his family, no way." Alex replied.  A little while later Alex pulled up to the parking garage where Sydney and Gage were waiting. Getting out of the van Alex and Betty started to unload the children when Teddy Langston showed up and asked “ Angela Walker how does it feel to know that your Daddy ran away? Do you miss your Daddy? “As Gage was trying to get Teddy Langston to move away Angela answered "my Daddy didn't run away. Did he Mommy?"

“No sweetheart your father did not run away. Cordell Walker has never run away from anything and he's not about to start doing that now." Alex replied while glaring at Teddy Langston who then asked “ Mrs. Walker is it true Captain Walker isn't even married to you? That your children are..." That was as far as she got because Alex asked her “ Miss Langston do you want a repeat of yesterday? Only this time my hand will be closed." Langston left the garage. Alex , Nanny Betty and the children were then escorted to Ranger headquarters by Sydney and Gage. As they were going through the media in the hallway Alex heard someone say “ Alex has lost her little Cordie. Will she ever find her Cordie?" Alex stopped and tried to locate whoever had said that but Gage and Sydney steered her into Ranger headquarters.

After they were in Walker 's private office Trivette entered it and said “ Alex how about we go to the conference room for a minute? Sydney and Gage told me that they wanted to catch up with your children." Alex replied “Okay but just for a minute. Now you guys behave yourselves while I go talk with Uncle Jimmy ."

In the conference room Trivette said “ Alex I know that this is going to be hard but I need to know what Walker told you about Ling Pran . Plus we need to see that document that Walker said that Ling gave him, we need to get it translated."

Alex took out the document and handed it to Trivette as she told him “Here you can make a copy of it but I'm taking it with me when I leave here. Now as to Ling Pran , Walker met her while he was serving in Vietnam ; he was going by John Firewalker then. Walker first met her at a U.S.O. club then several more times on the base. They had a date and during that date they had sex, it was then that Walker realized that Ling had been a virgin. Walker told me that Ling was ashamed of having just slept with him and that she told him that she might as well kill herself to spare her family the shame of having a disgraceful daughter. Walker then agreed to marry her and the next time he was on base they were married. Walker planned on sending her to live with Uncle Ray while he finished his tour. Ling then talked Walker into taking her to his camp so that she could in her words thank the men who would be keeping her husband safe until he rejoined her in Texas. The camp location was secret, anyhow after he dropped Ling back off at the base Walker returned to his camp and it was bombed. Walker realized then that Ling was Viet Gong and had betrayed him. Walker tracked down the bombers at their camp resulting in a firefight during which time he saw Ling get shot. Walker assumed that she had died and left her laying there. Walker was promoted to Captain for that, it was then he stopped going by John Firewalker and became Cordell Walker. The rest you know Trivette. Now what are you doing about finding my husband?"

Trivette answered “We’ve spoken with the Paris authorities and they said that as soon as Ling got off of the plane in Paris she went to a guard and told him that she had been kidnapped by the man with her. The guards placed her in a secure room and the man who was with her in a different room then notified the police. When the police arrived Ling told her story to them and they took her to the Vietnamese Embassy. When the police went to the room that the man identified as Walker was in he was gone. According to the statement released by the Vietnamese Embassy Ling Pran after being abducted and forced to fly to Paris by Cordell Walker wants nothing more than to be reunited with her husband and to be on her way back home. The Mayor's office paid for the plane fares to Paris for Pran and his daughter. Alex , I'm sorry but it looks like we've hit a dead end because I doubt if we'll ever hear from the Pran’s again."

“My husband is missing and he's in trouble. If you're not going to help me I guess that means I'll have to find him by myself. See you Trivette." Alex said and started to leave the room when Trivette told her "Hold on there Alex, I believe you when you say that Walker is in trouble and I will help you find him but first things first we need to figure out why Ling Pran would lie about Walker like that and who the man on the plane with her was. Listen I'll bring the translation of that document that Ling gave Walker and meet you at the ranch tonight and we can figure what to do next then."

“Okay, I'll see you tonight Trivette." Alex answered and then left the conference room. Back in Walker's private office Sydney and Gage were trying to keep the children occupied when the door opened and Swanson walked in saying "Hey Gage did you hear that the Vietnamese Embassy is claiming that it was Walker who forced Ling into going to Paris with him?"

When Swanson saw the children she said “Me and my big mouth, I'm sorry I didn't know that they would be here when Mrs. Walker was filing that missing person's report on her husband." Angela questioned “Is my Daddy in Paris ? Is that why that lady was asking me about missing my Daddy? Did he make someone go with him?"

Gage looked at Sydney who answered “Sweetheart, you know that your daddy would never leave you guys. Now how about we color some more?"

“I’m sorry I didn't mean to tell them about their father running off with another woman and leaving them like that." Swanson then said causing Sydney to tell her “Ranger Swanson why don't you wait in the outer office for Ranger Trivette, I'm sure that he'll be here shortly." Swanson took the hint and left Walker 's private office. Awhile later Alex came back in and Angela asked her “Mommy did Daddy run away from home?"

“No your father did not run away from home. Angela your father might be gone for a couple of days but I promise you that he will be back home before you know it." Alex vowed to her oldest daughter who said "Okay Mommy but if he's taking too long to come back home you have to go and bring him home, Ray and the triplets miss him when he's gone."

Angela I plan to do exactly that. Now you guys tell Aunt Sydney and Uncle Gage goodbye then we'll be on our way home." Alex said and after the children said goodbye they left Ranger headquarters.

After Alex left Ranger headquarters Sydney walked up to Swanson and questioned her “Do you care to tell me why you told Walker 's children that he had run off on them?" Swanson defended herself  “I didn't know that they were in their father's office when I asked Gage did he know that Walker had forced Ling Pran to go to Paris with him."

“That’s not what I'm talking about and you know that Ranger Swanson." Sydney replied causing Trivette to break in “Ranger Cooke, why don't you go see if the lab was able to translate that document I dropped off there? Ranger Swanson I believe that you had something that you wanted to tell me?"

Sydney walked off as Swanson and Trivette went into Walker 's office where Swanson told him “Ranger Trivette I don't know quite how to tell you this but I think you should know. Marci the receptionist told me that she happened to overhear Captain Walker on the phone and that he was telling Ling that he would be picking her up at the hotel."

“Where’s Marci at now?" Trivette questioned Swanson who answered “She left for the day but before she left Marci told me that she didn't want to cause trouble for Walker but felt that people had a right to know what he did."

“Okay, I'll talk to her tomorrow but in the meantime Swanson why don't you see if it's at all possible to get a picture of the man who got off the plane in Paris with Ling ?" Trivette suggested to Swanson who agreed.

Chapter Five

Trivette was getting ready to leave for the ranch when Ranger Swanson stopped him in the hallway and told him “I just got this by fax from the French authorities, it's a picture of the man who forced Ling Pran to go to Paris with him. As you can see the man in the picture has a beard and looks like he could be Captain Walker . There's bad news, as you know when Cooke stopped in to see if they had translated that document they said that hadn't found anyone to translate it yet. I just stopped by the lab again and they still haven't found anyone to translate it." Trivette took the picture and said “Thank you Ranger Swanson , I'll see what I can do about getting it translated. Why don't you call it a day?"

“Okay, I'll see you tomorrow morning acting Captain Trivette ." Swanson answered then she walked away as Trivette studied the picture some more but all he could tell was that the man in the picture looked somewhat like Walker . Trivette then stuffed the picture in his jacket and headed off to the ranch.

At the ranch Trivette took Alex aside and told her “We haven't been able to find anyone to translate that document that Ling gave Walker . But we do have a picture of the man who was with Ling ; it was faxed to us by the French authorities. I brought it with me to show you." Trivette handed Alex the picture who took it and after looking at it said “That’s not my husband."

Alex I hate to say this but it does look like Walker ." Trivette replied.

Alex said " Jimmy this man has a full beard." Taking the picture from Alex Trivette looked at it again and said “ Alex , Walker has a beard; he's had one the entire time that I've known him."

Alex then took the picture back and as she pointed at the beard told him "Not always Trivette, remember when the two of you were at the reservation and Sam 's son got gum in Walker 's beard?"

“What’s that got to do with anything?" Trivette questioned Alex who told him “Because he had to shave his beard off because of the gum and that was recently so right now he doesn't have a full beard."

“You’re right Alex , I forgot about that because I'm so used to seeing Walker with a beard. So this isn't Walker in Paris . Now the question is where is he?" Trivette asked Alex who answered “I don't know Trivette but I do know that where ever he's at it's not good. Trivette we have to find him and soon."

“The first place to start would be to go back over all of yours and Walker 's cases and see if someone who has a grudge against you or Walker has been released recently. I'll get started on that first thing in the morning." Trivette said as he got ready to leave but Alex objected “I don't think that's the place to start. Now hear me out before you say anything, I think this has nothing to do with Walker being a Ranger. I have this feeling that the person who did this is not someone who Walker arrested in the past. To me this seems much more personal than that. I know that what I'm saying doesn't seem sensible but I have a feeling that I'm right. Trivette when I was walking down the hallway outside of Ranger headquarters someone said and I quote ' Alex has lost her little Cordie. Will she ever find her Cordie?'   Now this person whoever it is knows that Walker isn't in Paris . Jimmie I have this feeling that Walker doesn't have all that much time left because whoever this person is will kill him when they don't get what they want from him."

“And what would that be Alex ?" Trivette questioned Alex who answered "Just think about it Trivette, why make it look like Walker ran off with another woman? Unless for some reason this person wanted Walker to lose not only the respect of his peers but to also lose his family. This person wants Walker to become dependant on this person and only this person. Because of that I think that we are looking for the one person that we would never suspect of doing something like this, most likely a woman who appears to be a meek little mouse."

“You may have a point there Alex but if that's the case how are we ever going to find this person?" Trivette asked.

“As much as I hate to say this I think that you should act like you believe that Walker ran off to Paris . Maybe if you do that this person will slip up somehow and we'll be able to figure out who she is and where she has my husband at. Can you do that for me Jimmy ?" Alex finished with a plea and Trivette assured her “Yes I can and will do that for you Alex . As a matter of fact I might know where to start."

“Where?" Alex questioned.

“Marci the receptionist, Swanson told me that Marci told her that she just happened to overhear Walker on the phone telling Ling that he would be picking her up. I'm going to talk with her first thing in the morning." Trivette replied.

“That’s a lie because Walker didn't call Ling up." Alex stated causing Trivette to tell her “I know that Alex but maybe there's a reason that Marci felt compelled to tell Swanson that story. Now when I talk to her I'm going to act like I have to regretfully accept that Walker ran off to Paris and forced Ling to go with him. Then we'll go from there."

“Okay call me as soon as you find anything out." Alex told Trivette as she walked him to the door. Trivette said "I will, you just hang in there Alex ."

Back at the room Walker was in the door opened and the woman entered the room and told him “Cordie, do you want to hear the good news?"

Walker replied “Yes." The woman then said “You’re learning some manners, that's a good first step. The good news is that if you agree to behave yourself I'm going to unshackle you from the wall. One hand won't be shackled but your other hand will still be shackled to a chain but you will be able to move around this room a little bit. Misbehave and I will shackle you to the wall again. But be warned that if you try anything one of my friends will kill one of your children. Now since I know that you don't believe me that your children will be killed I'm going to show you a picture of them that I took in your office today. Now I'm going to place a shackle with a chain on your left hand then I'm going to release you from the shackles to the wall, left hand first. Once I remove the shackle from your right hand I'm going to leave this room and you are not to remove your hood until I tell you that you can, have you got that?"

“Yes I got that and you have my word that I won't try anything." Walker vowed. The woman then said “Guess what? I've decided that I can't trust you to keep your word so I'm going to... Wouldn't you like to know?" The woman told Walker and before he could say anything she tassered him until he lost control of his muscles. The woman then watched as Walker writhed in agony. The woman then shackled his left hand to a chain and removed the wall shackles then watched as he fell to the floor. The woman tassered Walker again then she leaned over him and whispered into his ear “Before you know it Cordie you will be all mine." Then she straightened back up and said “I’ll let you know when you can remove that hood but in the meantime get up from the floor and sit at the table."

The woman left the room and Walker managed to get himself up and find the table to seat himself. About ten minutes later Walker heard the woman's voice tell him “You may remove your hood." Walker removed it and looked at the table to discover a picture of Alex , Betty and all five of his children that had been taken in his office. Walker then laid the picture back down as he vowed not to let any harm come to his children. Walker also decided that the person who drugged him when he changed the tire may not have been a woman after all but a man dressed as a woman. Walker realized that he had to be extra careful when he made his move to escape because most likely there were actually two people if not more holding him. The woman's voice then told him "There's food on the table for you and as you can see a bed and a toilet. At night you will be allowed to move about the room but during the day you will have your hood on and be shackled to the wall again. As soon I tell you to in the morning you will put your hood back on Cordie then I will enter the room and you will allow me to reshackle you to the wall. If you don't follow my rules one of your children will have a fatal accident."

Walker told her “I understand." The woman's voice then said “You have ten minutes to eat your food and take care of your personal business then it's bedtime for you my Cordie." W         Walker did as he was told and crawled into the bed just as the light was turned off. Walker laid there in the dark wondering who that woman was and how she was able to take a picture of his family. Walker then vowed that he would worry about who she was after he had escaped and made sure that his family was safe. That for now he would let the people holding him think he had resigned himself to his fate.

Chapter Six

Trivette entered Ranger headquarters and asked Cooper who was there “Where’s Marci the receptionist at? I need to talk to her about something." Cooper answered “I guess she's home sick or something, she wasn't here when I got here."

“Okay, have you seen Swanson ?" Trivette questioned Cooper who answered “Yes, she's in Captain Walker 's office talking with Mrs. Walker ."

Trivette hurried into Walker's private office to overhear Swanson tell Alex "Mrs. Walker, the only lead we have is that Marci the receptionist told me that she overheard your husband on the phone telling Ling Pran that he would be getting her from the hotel right before he ended up running off to Paris with her." Alex said “Well she's lying because Walker didn't run off on me or the children. My husband is not in Paris , he's here in town and I will find him."

 Before Swanson could say anything else Trivette asked her “ Swanson do you have an address for Marci? Because she didn't show up for work today." Swanson replied “No I don't but Personnel should have one on record. Do you want me to go and ask them for it?"

“Would you?" Trivette said dismissing Swanson who left Walker 's office. Turning to Alex he told her “ Alex you have to let me look for your husband. Go home to your children, they need you right now."

“Trivette, I can't just sit by and wait for someone to find Walker . My children need their father home. I'll stay out of your way but I have to help find him otherwise I'm going to crazy." Alex pleaded with Trivette. “Okay if you want to be helpful why don't you see if Marci left anything on her desk that might give us a clue as to why she lied about Walker ?" Trivette suggested to Alex .

Sitting down at Marci's desk Alex turned on the computer and while she was waiting for it to come on she noticed that Marci had a framed picture of herself with a man. Taking the picture Alex went over to Cooper and asked him “ Cooper do you know who this man is?" Taking the picture Cooper looked at it then answered “I think that's her boyfriend, Officer Calhoun from Metro P.D."

“Is this Officer Calhoun the same man who was turned down to be a Ranger by Walker ?" Alex questioned Cooper who replied “Yes he is, from what I understand when Ranger Cooke was trying to show Calhoun the ropes he made a remark about women knowing their places and staying in them. When Ranger Cooke called him on it Calhoun said that he was sorry, that he had just made a bad joke and that it wouldn't happen again. Ranger Cooke took him at his word and didn't put that in her report to Captain Walker . From what I understand in spite of the remark he made about a woman knowing her place Ranger Cooke thought he had the makings of a Texas Ranger and told him that she would tell Walker that he, Calhoun would make a good Ranger. Calhoun was stunned when Walker announced that he would not become a Ranger in our company. Anyhow Calhoun then told Walker that he would regret not choosing him. Ranger Cooke asked Walker why he turned Calhoun down but Walker said only that Officer Calhoun wasn't cut out to be a Ranger in his squad. Walker then said that Calhoun 's reaction was pretty much what he had expected from someone like him and that was the end of it."

“What happened to Calhoun after that? Did he return to his police department?" Alex asked him.

“I think so but I'm not sure. Now if you'll excuse me I have to get some research in on my cases." Cooper answered and then walked away. Alex went back to Marci's desk sat down and went through her desk drawers. After not finding anything of interest Alex tried the computer next and went through Marci's recent history on it, online and offline. Most of the stuff was routine but Alex spotted a folder that said 'Cordie baby' Curious Alex clicked on it and a picture from a web-cam of a shackled man who had a hood over his head appeared on the screen with a link to a website. Alex deciding that it was her husband printed the picture up and then sent the picture and the link to the website to her computer in her office and Trivette's and her's home computers. Alex then went to go into Walker 's private office but was told by Swanson who had returned “Trivette is busy right now, is there something that I can help you with?"

“I need Marci's address." Alex replied but Swanson told her “I’m sorry but I have to give that information to Ranger Trivette."

“Fine, I'll find it by myself while Trivette is busy. When he gets done with whatever is more important than finding my husband make sure that you tell him to click on the link that I just sent him. I'm going to find Marci's address and then I'm going to get my husband." Alex said and started to leave when Swanson took a notepad wrote something down as she said “You didn't get this from me."

Alex took the note and left Ranger headquarters. About ten minutes later Trivette left Walker 's office and asked “Where did Mrs. Walker go?"

Swanson answered “She said that she was on her way to find Marci and to get her husband. Ranger Trivette before she left Mrs. Walker said to make sure that you clicked on the link that she sent you." Trivette announced “I was on the phone with the lab, they found someone to translate that document and it says that Ling Pran did get a divorce from Walker in 1974. Why Mr. Pran said otherwise we can find out another day but right now I'd better look at that link Alex sent me." Trivette then got his laptop and after clicking on the link said “My God, I wonder if Alex thinks that's Walker . I can't tell for sure with that hood on but this man has the same body type as Walker . Swanson I want you to come with me, we're going to see Marci and see what her explanation for that picture is and why she has the link to it on a Texas Ranger computer."

As they were leaving the office Cooper told them “Trivette, Mrs. Walker was asking about Officer Calhoun who Walker turned down for being a Ranger and his being Marci's boyfriend also." Trivette replied “ Walker never did say why he turned Calhoun down for being a Ranger and I know that Calhoun was pretty mad about it. I hope that he's not involved in this somehow. Okay Cooper you stay here and keep an eye on things, if Marci or Alex shows up call us. Also Cooper go over to Marci's computer and copy everything that's in a folder named 'Cordie baby'. Then see what else Marci has on that computer that she shouldn't."

Chapter Seven

Alex arrived at Marci's address and picked up her ringing cell phone, seeing that it was Trivette calling her Alex let it go to voice mail and started to get out of her new sports car when she saw a car come down the street. Alex waited until Marci got out of her car and then watched as she walked around to the back of the house. Alex got out of her car and after looking around to see if anyone had seen her she followed Marci to the rear of the lot where Marci unlocked the door to a shuttered cement block building and went in closing the door behind her. Alex waited a minute then she carefully tested the door and when it opened Alex entered the building.

Walker 's head snapped up as he realized that the woman had returned to his room. The woman said to him “Cordie I've decided to test you." Walker answered her “How do you plan to do that?"

“Simple I'm going to take the wall shackles off of you for awhile, if you behave yourself I'll leave them off until tomorrow morning. Now do you promise to behave yourself?" The woman questioned Walker who answered her “Yes I will behave myself for you."

“Good, you're starting to realize that I'm your boss. I even have a treat for you, would you like to know what it is?" The woman asked Walker as she undid the wall shackles but still left the shackle to the chain on his left wrist. Walker said “Yes I would like to know what my treat is."

The woman ran her hand all over Walker 's chest as she told him “Why the treat is that I'm going to be making love with you. Aren't you happy about that?" Walker replied “I don't know about being happy, I mean it's kind of hard to make love chained like this. Why don't you unchain my wrist and I'll be able to show you how I really feel about you?"

Before Walker knew what hit him the woman tassered him several times as she snarled “Why can't you just want to be with me? I love you Cordie and I know that if you let yourself you will love me. Just for that I'm going to have one of my friends kill one of your children. Now let's see should I start with the oldest or the youngest?"

Alex who had listened to the exchange slipped into the room and said  “You will never kill one of my children." Alex then punched Marci in the head dropping her to the floor. As Marci was lying on the floor Alex searched her until she found the key to the shackle that was on Walker 's wrist. Alex was undoing the shackle when a man entered the room and asked “Well what do we have here, a woman who doesn't know her place? Move away from your husband lady before I put a bullet through your brain."

Alex slipped the key into Walker 's hand then she moved away as she said “Officer Calhoun I do believe. Do you care to tell me why you and your girlfriend kidnapped my husband and are holding him in this room?"

Calhoun answered as he went over to Marci and helped her off the floor “Yes I kidnapped him just to show everyone what a loser he is. However he's going to be dead real soon just like you are isn't that right Marci?"

Marci pleaded “Can’t I keep him for just a little while longer? You promised me that I could keep him until after he fell for me and agreed to have sex with me and he hasn't done that yet. That I would turn him down then and we would then kill him, after having broken him." Calhoun laughed as he slapped Marci across the face knocking her back down " Don't you understand you fool? Walker here will never want to be with you. You're a loser just like he is. No what's going to happen here is that I'm going to have sex with his wife then blow her brains out then his? Now be a good little girl Marci and go wait in the house until I'm done. Lock the door behind you."

Marci picked herself back up and left the room as Calhoun laid his gun on the table and turned his attention to Alex . He told her “Get over here right now." Alex backed away from him as she answered “No."

Calhoun blocked Alex 's escape path and taunted her “Now I'm going to teach you how to respect a man like you should. I'm going to have so much fun doing it to." Alex looked him straight in the eyes as she told him “No I'm going teach you how to respect a woman."

“How do you plan to do that? I'm a police officer and I know how to subdue unruly people and you can forget about your loser husband helping you because he's still chained." Calhoun asked Alex as he grabbed for her.

“Who says that I need his help? I can take care of myself." Alex replied as she moved away from Calhoun again, this time causing Calhoun to turn his back on Walker . Calhoun grabbed for Alex again and this time he got her. “Now why don't the two of us have a little fun before I teach you that lesson?" Calhoun asked Alex who smiled and said “I don't think so. My husband is about to knock your block off."

Calhoun answered “You’re lying." Alex questioned him “Am I?” Calhoun then turned to check on Walker and as he did so Alex grabbed the chair and smashed it over Calhoun 's head. As soon as he landed on the floor Alex hurried to her husband who was removing the shackle from his wrist. Walker removed the hood and then shackled Calhoun to the wall. Awhile later they heard Trivette calling “Hey is anyone in here?"

Walker answered “In here Trivette." Trivette entered the room and after looking at a shackled Calhoun teased Alex “Well I must admit that you did what you said you were going to do Alex . Find Marci's address and then get your husband. Swanson has Marci in custody."

“Where are the children? Are they okay?" Walker questioned Trivette who answered “ Walker your children are at home where they always are and yes they are okay. Now do you want to give your statement today or tomorrow?"

“Not today, today I'm going home to my children. Come on Alex ." Walker replied as he led his wife out of the room that he had been held in. After they left the room Trivette spotted the picture of Walker 's family that was lying on the table. Trivette picked it up as he said to himself ' Walker 's one weak spot.' Trivette put the picture in his pocket and then he slapped a set of cuffs on Calhoun before releasing him from the wall. Trivette then read Calhoun his rights as he dragged him outside.

 Chapter Eight

As they were driving to the ranch Alex asked “Are you okay Walker ?" When he didn't answer Alex she turned her attention to the road because right now her husband didn't seem to want to talk to her.

After they arrived home Walker was being greeted by the children when Angela said “Mommy you went and got our Daddy back for us like you promised to do. Daddy, aren't you glad that Mommy found you where you ran away to?" Walker looked at Alex who told her daughter “Honey your Daddy did not run away, you know that."

“But Mommy the kids at school said that he did “ Angela told her mother. Walker answered his daughter “ Angela I did not run away, the children at school were mistaken."

“So does that mean we won't be getting a new Mommy? Because the kids at school who said you ran away with another woman told me that meant we were going to be getting a new Mommy. That you didn't want our Mommy anymore. Daddy, we want to keep Mommy as our Mommy." Angela said.

Angela I promise you that you will never get a new Mommy, okay? Your mother and I have both told you about listening to the kids at school before, haven't we?" Walker asked his daughter who replied “Yes Daddy but I told the kids at school that they were wrong."

“If you told the kids at school that they were wrong why did you ask if Daddy had run away?" Alex questioned her oldest daughter as Walker sighed and left the room.

“Because Ranger Swanson said that Daddy had run away with another woman. Mommy, Rangers don't lie so Ranger Swanson had to be telling the truth and I wanted to know if Daddy ran away from us." Angela explained to her mother who assured her “Honey Ranger Swanson wasn't right, while Rangers do not lie they can be wrong about things and Ranger Swanson was wrong about your father running away. Angela I swear to you your father will never ever leave us."

“Okay Mommy, come on Ray let's go play." Angela said and she left the room with her brother. Awhile later Walker re-entered the room and sat down on the couch besides his wife who was watching the triplets play. Walker pulled her into a hug and said “We’ll talk tomorrow; tonight I intend to thank you for finding me."

“Sounds real good to me Cordell." Alex replied. Later on when Trivette showed up at the ranch Walker hinted to his wife “ Alex the children look like they're getting tired."

Alex got up and said “Come on you guys, tell your Daddy goodnight." After Alex had taken the children upstairs Trivette said “Well Marci is keeping her mouth shut and Calhoun is claiming that you just showed up and shackled him to the wall for no good reason. D.A. Moody said that he wasn't sure if charges could be filed against Calhoun and Marci because right now he can't prove they had anything to do with your disappearance. The picture that Marci has on her Ranger computer looks like you but what that hood on you no one can tell for sure. Walker Moody really needs you to tell him what happened to you. Will you be in first thing in the morning to give your statement?"

Walker answered “Yes Trivette, I will. Now answer this for me, if you knew where I was why did you let Alex place herself in danger by trying to free me by herself?"

“I didn't know where you were at. Alex was the one who decided that Marci was involved in your disappearance. Walker I have to tell you, when you went missing Alex insisted that it wasn't someone either one of you had sent to prison. That instead it was much more personal than that and that it was most likely the work of someone that no one would expect, a meek mouse of a woman. I've got to hand it to Alex , when she's right she's right. Once Alex decided that it was Marci she took off without waiting for me, I was busy with something." Trivette explained.

“Okay. By the way, where's my truck?" Walker asked Trivette who answered “On it's way here as we speak. When the lab went over it all they found was your badge and gun locked in the glove department. They gave them to me and I've locked them in your desk at Ranger headquarters. Walker , I have to ask you this, how was Calhoun able to get the best of you?"

“By wearing a dress, listen I'll explain everything to you tomorrow before I give my statement but right now I'd better help Alex with the children." Walker replied as he got up. Getting the hint Trivette headed to the door but Walker stopped him and said “Thanks Trivette." Trivette answered “Just doing my job." Then he left.

After the children were sleeping Walker followed Alex into their bedroom and told her as he shut the door behind him “How about I thank you lady?" Alex turned off the light removed her clothes and slipped into bed. Walker smiled shed his clothes and got into bed with Alex where he thanked her.

Chapter Nine

            When Walker entered Ranger headquarters Trivette was there waiting for him in his private office. Walker sat down and said "On my way to work I was flagged down by what I thought was a heavyset woman who said that she had a flat and needed her tire changed. After I changed it this person while thanking me shoved a needle into my arm. When I came to I had a hood over my head and shackled to a wall and there was a woman in there who told me that everyone thought I had run off to Paris with Ling Pran and that her husband had filed a complaint stating that I had kidnapped his wife. The woman left and I was shackled to the wall until she returned that night when she tassered me several times. She told me that if I behaved myself I would only be chained by one hand during the nights that the hood would be removed then. That during the days I would be shackled to the wall again with the hood back on. After she left the room I was allowed to remove my hood."

Walker why didn't you try to escape?" Trivette asked Walker who answered “I thought about it but when I saw the picture of my family that had been taken at Ranger headquarters I realized that I had to make sure that no harm came to my family because of my actions. She said that she had a web cam on me and would know if I misbehaved and would then have a friend of hers kill one of my children. I couldn't do anything until I was sure that my family wouldn't be harmed. I had to make sure that they were okay and the only way I could do that was to let her think she was starting to break me like she had vowed to do."

Trivette nodded and then said “Okay we know that Marci was the woman in the room with you and that Calhoun was most likely the heavyset 'woman' that flagged you down to change a tire. However right now we don't have enough to charge them with your kidnapping because your truck was found at the airport and Ling Pran told the authorities in Paris after she got off the plane there that you had forced her to go to Paris with you. I'm guessing that it was Calhoun on that plane but with the Pran’s back in Vietnam we'll never be able to prove it. Walker , why did you turn Calhoun down for being a Ranger?"

“Because I caught him slapping Marci in the parking lot." Walker replied.

“He abuses her and she helps him kidnap you?" Trivette was asking when there was a knock on Walker 's door. Walker called out “Come in."

Swanson entered and said “Captain Walker , D.A. Moody just called to say that Officer Calhoun was found dead in his cell this morning. There's going to be an autopsy but most likely he died from hanging himself with his belt that the guard allowed him to have. D.A. Moody also said that in light of that he would be releasing Marci from custody pending possible charges later on. Glad that you're back Captain Walker ."

After Swanson left Trivette told him “ Walker just think about this; you did what you had to protect your family." Walker however said “Trivette, I'm still not even sure that we are a family. I don't know if Ling did divorce me like she said that she did."

“She did, we found someone to translate that document and it states that Ling divorced you in 1974, so that means your marriage to Alex is valid. Alex doesn't know that though because that was what I was busy with when she left Ranger headquarters to find you at Marci's." Trivette explained.

Walker said “That’s good now Alex and I can put all of this behind us. Now what happened on the Carter case while I was gone?" Trivette updated Walker on what he had missed then left Walker 's private office. Awhile later Alex went into Walker 's office and asked him “You okay?"

Walker answered "I sure am lady; I'm married to the only woman on the face of this earth who would risk her life for me." Alex said “Oh honey I didn't risk my life besides I've told you before I am not raising your stubborn children by myself. If I have to go and free you from the clutches of another woman I'm going to do exactly that. You're mine and it's going to stay that way."

“Speaking of being yours, Trivette got that document translated that Ling gave me and it seems that she divorced me in 1974." Walker told Alex as he got up and took her into his arms. Hugging her husband Alex said “I love you Cordell."

Walker kissed her and then replied “I know you do. How about we meet for lunch after I give Moody my statement?" Alex answered “It’s a date, see you later." Then she left and Walker got busy with Ranger work.

                    I don't own Walker Texas Ranger, C.B.S. and other entities do. Neither I nor this story is meant as an infringement on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a good show, nothing more.