By Beth Copeland a.k.a. betcop

Golden sunlight streamed through arched windows, outlining the room’s single occupant with its warm glow.  As she sat, gazing through the glass at the fields beyond, motion high in the sky drew her eyes upward.  Outlined against the brilliant azure sky was an eagle - alone and circling.  As she watched, the eagle was joined by its mate.  Together they danced across the sky, dipping and wheeling in perfect unison.  And, then they were gone, sights set, perhaps, on the future.  Together - soaring as one over the green fields.

Alex Cahill drew her legs up beside her on the window seat, and relaxed against its cushions.  In these last few hours, she wanted just to reflect upon her life, as it had been - for soon it would be forever changed.

Regrets?  There were a few, but then, who didn’t have some?  Sorrows?  Now there was something.  Sorrows came in many forms, both real and imagined, but, either way, the pain was very real.

Joys!  Oh, the joys!  Far outweighing the sorrows and regrets.  The soul lives for joys, craves the glorious, heady sensation!  The realization that, no matter what, these joys can be tucked away, only to be taken out one day and relived to their fullest as a fond memory.

Fears?  Yes, there were a few, but facing them head on, never wavering, with the one you love at your side…Well, that would be more than enough to last a lifetime of fear.

Funny how one’s strongest emotions could be summed up, and embodied by, one person.  It has been said that love and hate are but two sides of the same coin.  Alex laughed to herself at the analogy, but it was so true.  How can you be so aggravated, so frustrated, by a person, only to realize that you have been forever changed by a single, unexpected encounter that turns your world upside down?

She swung her legs around and faced the room.  It wouldn’t be long now.  In the distance, the faint, sweet strains of organ music could be heard.  Voices in the corridor rose and faded as their owners scurried down the hallway.

Across the room, freshly pressed, hung a dress.  The dress her mother had worn, the dress her father presented to her as a gift, sharing a last request from a woman to her cherished daughter.  Alex brushed a silent tear from her cheek, pausing, as the sunlight caught the diamond on her finger, fragmenting the light into a rainbow that chased through the room.

The ring.  His ring - the symbol representing the deep love between them.  In an instant, Alex was transported through time to a room, and a man who had eyes only for her.  Gentle eyes, full of relief and the love that had sustained him through a living hell.  Eyes that spoke volumes in a single glance, that could read her very soul.

She closed her eyes, feeling again his touch at that moment, as he softly questioned her, and…!  Oh, the intensity of her joy as he slipped the ring on her finger and spoke the words she had yearned to hear, “Alex, will you marry me?”  The passion, barely veiled, in the kiss that sealed their commitment to each other.  The wonderful security of his arms, holding her close.  The realization that he needed the security of having her with him always.

Alex opened her eyes, drawing a deep, shuddering breath, steadying her breathing against the waves of emotion that flowed over her. At times, she felt her heart would burst with the power of the love she felt for him.

Love!  That most enigmatic of emotions!  That which hides itself deep in the soul, prompting, guiding, shaping, growing until, at last it springs forth, wild in its desire, tough in its resolve, never allowing itself to be contained.  Love that permeates the very soul and wells up from the heart.  A mere mortal cannot stand in the way of true love.

A soft footfall echoed in the hallway outside the chamber.  Alex, lost in her reverie, didn’t notice the red-bearded man standing in the doorway.

Oh, God, she’s beautiful!  Thank you for allowing her to come into my life, for allowing her to stay in my life.  And for giving me the wisdom to understand that I need her in my life, for now and forever.

Cordell Walker was content to stand and gaze upon the woman who, in several hours, would be his wife.  He wondered if she had seen the sign from the spirits - the lone eagle joined by his mate, engaging in the dance of life.  The awesome significance of the sign had almost overwhelmed him as he watched from the field where he had gone to meditate.

His eyes took in the blonde curls, golden in the sunlight, imagining the soft blue of her eyes.  Eyes that could flash fire in an instant, and well with tears for the pain of others in her world.  Eyes so blue, he could drown in their depths.

Walker vividly recalled the night when he first knew the depth of her love for him, when it mattered that she understand him, what made Cordell Walker who he was.  How it shook him to the very core, the realization that Alexandra Cahill loved him!

How he struggled to tell her he loved her, too, more than she would ever know.  The gut-wrenching fear when he almost lost her, the sorrow that she may never know the depth of his love.  The sweet relief and joy, knowing she would live, and the overwhelming passion that a single, soft “Yes” could invoke.

The time had come - their love had been tested by the fires and had been found pure.  Today was simply the reaffirmation, before God and the world, of the love between this man and this woman.

Sensing his presence, Alex turned and found the man she was to marry, watching her with that tender, half-smile that turned her heart upside down.  Walker entered the room, approaching her almost shyly.

Alex rose to meet him in the center of the chamber.  His hand softly brushed her cheek where a remnant of a tear lingered.

“Is there anything I can do?” he questioned, his voice husky with emotion, full with the love that filled his heart.

Alex smiled, knowing he felt what she felt, that he had seen the sign of the eagles, and that this day had been blessed in the fullest sense.

“Oh, Walker, ‘ she began, her voice barely a whisper. “It’s really going to happen, isn’t it?”  She settled her head into the crook of his neck, taking comfort in his embrace.

He pulled away slightly, needing to look into her eyes.  The love he saw reflected there rocked his soul.  Walker was silent for a moment, drinking in the face before him, like the parched desert takes in the rain.

“Alexandra Cahill, you are the light in my life, you bring out the best in me,” He tucked away a lock of pure gold that had strayed from its place, “you are truly my soul mate and I love you with all my heart.”

Alex’s eyes filled with tears of joy.  Trembling in his embrace, she gently stroked his red-gold beard. “Cordell Walker, you complete me, you make me whole.  You are the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me.  Your love gives me strength I never dreamed existed.  I love you with all of my heart.”

His hand caressed her face as their lips met softly.  He felt her tears on his face, tasted the salt on his lips.  Walker drew Alex tighter to him, rocking her as she sobbed, the intensity of the last hour finally taking its toll.  His tears ran freely as he kissed the top of her head.

As she grew quiet in his arms, her tears finally spent, he ran his fingers through her hair, easing away the tension in her body.  Once again, the tide of emotion had carried them to each other for solace and comfort

“Alex, honey, it’s time,” he whispered.

She looked up at him then, full of the love and peace of this fiercely gentle man.  She touched his lips softly, then giggled shyly.

“I guess you had better leave, huh?”  Her eyes flashed mischievously, “Or you may get more than you bargained for…”

Their laughter rang through the room, mingling with the caroling of the bells, calling everyone to celebrate - celebrate the love, pure, strong and confident.

The love of this man and this woman.  Forever.


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