BY: melissa beck []

Cordell Walker and Alex Cahill made their way to fort worth, Dalton reed was refusing protection but that wasnít about to stop them, he was going to get it anyway, a million thoughts were going through Walkers mind as Alex sat next to him staring blankly out the window.

Man, I must be out of my mind to do this, I know the history between these two, I might as well just push them together, someone needs to shake some sense into me, look at her she is so beautiful, I know she has feelings for me, but more than that I know what my feelings are for her, why canít I tell her, I should have told her a long time ago, I canít loose her, what am I going to do If I loose her

Walker was brought out of his thoughts by Alex playing with the radio stations she seemed to be looking for a particular song, she searched and searched.

"Alex, what are you doing"
"Oh I'm sorry Walker, I was just trying to find something better to listen to"
"Oh, ok, well go ahead, keep looking, its going to be a long ride"
As Alex continued to look, she had thoughts of her own,

I canít believe Walker is doing this for me, I know he feels something, I can tell every time we are together, I wish I could tell him how I feel, but if he doesnít feel the same whatís the use, seeing Dalton again brought back all sorts of memories, but they werenít the same, oh god Walker, I love you canít you see it, canít you feel it, I wish I knew how you felt, it would make this so much easier.

Alex finally found a song she seemed to like, Walker listened to the words carefully,

They read you Cinderella you hoped it would come true

That one day your prince charming would come rescue you

You like romantic movies, you never will forget

The way you felt when Romeo kissed Juliet

All this time that you've been waiting

You donít have to wait no more

I could love you like that

I would make you my world

Move heaven and earth if you were my girl

I would give you my heart

Be all that you need

Show you your everything thatís precious to me

If you give me a chance I could love you like that

Walker sat listening to the words, he was lost in his thoughts, I love you Alex, I have always loved you, why canít I just tell you, and now where am I taking you, to see Dalton again, I canít loose you to him, I have to do something before its too late, he continued to listen to the song, I know I love you more than anyone ever did or ever would, you mean everything to me, why canít I tell you, what am I afraid of.

I never make a promise I donít intend to keep

so when I say forever, foreverís what I mean

I'm no Casanova but I swear this much is true

I'll be holding nothing back when it comes to you

your dream of love is everlasting

well baby open up your eyes

I could love you like that

I would make you my world

move heaven and earth if you were my girl

I will give you my heart

be all that you need

show you your everything thatís precious to me

if you give me a chance I could love you like that

you want tenderness, I've got tenderness

and I see through to the heart of you

if you want a man who understands

you donít have to look very far

I can love you like that

I would make you my world

move heaven and earth if you were my girl

I would give you my heart, be all that you need

show you everything thatís precious to me

If you give me a chance I could love you like that

Alex, I could love you like that, You are everything to me, Alex, did you hear me?

Walker looked over at a sleeping Alex, her head resting on the window and the soft sounds of sleep coming from her body "well thatís just great, I finally said it and sheís sleeping, well I am just going to have to say it again."

Walker and Alex arrived at Fort Worth, went to their respective rooms and prepared for the case, the next morning Alex came to Walkers room to have breakfast, she was surprised to find Trivette and C.D. there, they were helping out with the case, Walker asked her to go and get Dalton, when they came back Dalton made his conditions known to Walker, he would accept protection if Walker rode the bull, which he did, the next few days were a little strained to say the least, Walker could see Alex and Dalton getting closer but he did nothing to stop it, then he saw Alex coming out of Daltonís trailer very early in the morning, he had to try and hide his feelings if this is what she wanted he wouldnít stand in her way, he loved her more than anything, he loved her enough to let her go, if thatís what she wanted, but he wondered if it really was what she wanted, he never told her how he felt, was it too late or should he say something now. He decided to listen to her instead and see if she said anything to him.

OH Walker what am I going to do, its never going to work"
"He loves you I can see it in his eyes"
Alex thought she could see love in Walkers eyes, was she wrong, why wouldnít he say anything, was it because she was with Dalton, was Walker willing to let her go. Did he love her, she was sure he did, but right now she had to settle things with Dalton.

"Thank you Walker"
"For what?"
"For being here for me"
"I'll always be here for you, you know that"
ĒI'll talk to you later ok"
"Ok Alex, bye"
Walker had a hard time holding himself in check, please Alex, canít you see how much I love you, please donít go with Dalton, Walker was brought out of his thoughts by the voice of his partner

"Trivette, what is it"
"Man where were you just now"
"Oh I was just thinking"
"Walker, we need to have a talk, come over here and sit down"
"What did you want to talk about"
Trivette brought his hand up and slapped Walker along side of his head, something he knew could cause him great pain but Walker hardly moved

"What was that for"
"Someone needs to knock some sense into you, whatís wrong with you"
"What do you mean"
"I mean Alex, whatís wrong with you"
"Trivette, I donít know what your talking about"
"Look Walker, I have watched you for the last 3 years, I know how you feel about her, why donít you tell her, and why are you sitting here while Casanova gets his hooks in her again. Youíre pushing her right to Mr. Reed. Canít you see that? The next thing I hear, you will be best man at the wedding! Walker, come on, do something about it! Use the L word if you have to but donít let a woman like that get away.† I can see how she feels about you, and I can see how you feel about her. Why are you letting Dalton win her back? Get off your butt and tell her how you feel!"

The next few days were rough, the attempts on Daltonís life were heating up but Walker and the gang had managed to keep him alive, the hit men were all taken out and Dalton was ready to testify. Walker accompanied Alex to Daltonís ride. Dalton had told her he wanted to ride one more year and he would come back for her. Alex pulled Dalton aside.

"Dalton, look I know that we had something once, and this time together has been nice but."
"But, your in love with Walker arenít you."
"How did you know."
"Oh please Alex, I 'm not stupid, I can see it written all over your face, every time you look at him."
"I'm sorry Dalton."
"Alex, let me ask you something, does Walker feel the same way."
"I think so, even though he never said anything, but even if he doesnít, it doesnít matter, I could only love only
him, and if I have to do that without him I will, I could never love another man the way I love Walker, its that simple."
"Ok, Cahill, I wish you luck you know that, I only want whatís best for you."
"Goodbye Dalton, and good luck."
"You too Cahill."
Dalton had a good ride and Walker and Alex cheered him on, Alexís hand rested on Walkers knee as they watched Dalton dismount the bull, Walker excused himself and went to congratulate Dalton.

"Walker, I donít know if I told you how much I appreciate everything you did for me."
"No problem Dalton, its my job."
"Yeah well, I still wanted to say thank you. I know it must have been hard on you."
"I'm used to it."
"Thatís not what I meant."
ĒJust what did you mean then."
"I meant with Alex."
"Walker, I know how she feels about you, itís written all over her face, the question is do you feel the same, because if you donít, I will come back and pursue her, that I promise."
"Dalton I donít think Alex and me is any of your business."
"Oh but it is, you see I told her I wanted to marry her, I told her to wait for me for one year and she turned me down."
"She did?"
"Yes, because of you."
"Walker, donít play dumb, you know how Alex feels as well as I do, and you still didnít answer my question."
"Whatís the question?"
"How do you feel about her?† I guess what I'm asking is, do you love her or not?"
"Well, thatís something that I think Alex needs to know, not you. Now, if youíll excuse me, I have to go. I just came by to congratulate you on the ride."

Walker left Dalton in search of Alex, he needed to tell her something and he wasnít going to wait any longer. He found her sitting up in the stands. Motioning her to come down she joined him by the gate, Walker grabbed her hand.

"Come on lets go."
"Walker where are we going?"
"You'll see."
"Walker, tell me where we're going."
"Alex, its a surprise, donít you like surprises?"
He helped Alex into the Ram and headed out, Alex had no idea where they were going but when Walker stopped the Ram they were parked on the top of a hill, with the most beautiful sunset staring them in the face.

"Walker, this is so beautiful, how did you know to come here?"
"I have my ways, now come and sit down, I need to talk to you."
They made their way to a huge rock, sitting on the edge of the hill, Walker sat and motioned for Alex to join him, he took her hand in his and looked deeply into her eyes.

"Alex, the reason I brought you here was because I have some things I want to say to you and I didnít want anyone or anything interrupting us."

"Ok" Alexís heart was about to jump out of her chest, she loved this man so much, just looking into his eyes was enough to melt her heart, but she wasnít going to say anything, he seemed anxious to do the talking, something Walker never wanted to do and she wasnít about to stop him.

"Alex, I really am not very good at this, but I think its time you know something."
"Ok, I'm listening."
"Well, when we first came here to look after Dalton, I wasnít to thrilled at the idea of you two being together again.†† I know about your history and what happened between the two of you before, so it did bother me. ††I wasnít sure how you still felt about him and then when I watched the two of you, I thought that the old feelings had returned, and if he was what you wanted, I was willing to step aside, I only want you to be happy."
"No please, let me finish, anyway, when I saw you coming out of his trailer that morning, and you donít have to
tell me what happened.†† Itís none of my business, anyway, I realized something. Even though I only wanted what you did, a part of me hoped and prayed that what you wanted was I.† Alex I guess what I'm trying to say is that I love you, I know I never said anything before, but I have always loved you, ever since the day in the courtroom when you grilled me and made me so angry, but still the fire in your eyes, in your beautiful eyes melted my heart.† I tried to get you out of my mind I really did, but not a day went by that you werenít there, but then something happened, you werenít just in my mind, you were starting to take over my heart, every time I saw you I wanted to tell you that I loved you.† I donít know why I never did, I think it was because I was afraid, and for a while I didnít know what I was afraid of, until the other day when I saw you coming out of the trailer.† I realized what It was, I was afraid that you didnít feel the same way, I guess I was protecting my heart, if I never told you how I felt then you couldnít tell me you didnít feel the same way and my heart would stay unbroken, but that didnít work.† It broke the other day when I saw you with Dalton, a part of me for some time has felt that you belonged to me, that may be selfish on my part because I never told you how I felt, but when I saw you that morning, I felt like someone ripped my heart out of my chest.†† I told you that I knew Dalton loved you, I could see it in his eyes, but what you didnít see was the love I have for you in my eyes.

"Walker, I saw it, every time you looked at me, I saw it, at least I hoped thatís what I saw.† Walker, I love you too, I have always loved you, ever since that day in the courtroom, you grabbed a hold of my heart and you have had it ever since, and as far as Dalton is concerned, I thought maybe we could go back, maybe I wasnít what you wanted and I knew Dalton loved me, he even asked me to marry him, but I told him no.† I couldnít marry someone I didnít love with all my heart and soul and you are the only person I feel that way about.

Alex do you believe how stupid the two of us are, why didnít either of us say anything before."
"I donít know, but we are saying it now, Cordell Walker, I love you, I love you so much."
"Alexandra Cahill, I love you too, more than you will ever know, more than I have ever loved anyone before"

They sealed their love with a kiss, holding onto each other and watching the most beautiful sunset either had ever seen, happy and content and finally knowing how the other felt.

Walker and Alex went back and joined the others; they were ready to make the trip back to Dallas. Alex rode with Walker in the Ram, this time she sat next to him with her hand on his knee and his on hers, both very happy that the other finally knew how they felt. Walker wanted Alex to come back to the ranch with him but he wasnít sure how to bring the subject up, maybe he would just come out and ask her.

"Alex, would you like to come back to the ranch, I could fix us dinner?"
"Sure, sounds great, but your going to fix dinner?"
"Yeah, I can cook you know."
"If you say so, maybe I should take some Pepto Bismol."
"Funny, now my feelings are hurt."
"I'm sorry honey."
"You know, I like that Alex."
"Honey, I like that you called me honey, honey."
"Me too."

"Alex, I love you, I donít want another day to go by that you donít hear me say that, I waited too long as it is."
"Well, we have a lot of time to make up for then"

Walker pulled the Ram into the driveway and ran around to help Alex out, they walked hand in hand into the house, even though she had been there many times before for some reason this time it was different, this time they both knew how they felt, they had finally said it and now Alex was wondering what was going to come next, as Walker put the wood in the fireplace she sat and looked at him, like she never had before

Man, honey are you gorgeous she thought to herself, I want you so bad I donít think I can stand it, but I wonít do that, I wonít throw myself at you, you are going to have to make the first move, I only hope it doesnít take you as long as it did to tell me you loved me.

Walker turned around to see Alex sitting on the couch, she looked so beautiful and he could hardly keep his eyes off of her, you are so beautiful honey, I want you so bad, but how am I supposed to know if thatís what you want, I donít want you to think I only told you I loved you so I could get you in my bed, but you know me and you know I'm not like that, boy this is going to be hard, maybe she'll give me a sign and then I'll know.

Dinner was wonderful, Walker surprised Alex with his abilities in the kitchen but then again living alone all of this time he had to be able to make something, after dinner they sat in front of the fire both wanting the same thing and neither saying anything. It was getting late and Alex didnít know what to do, should she ask that he take her home, or was she just supposed to assume she would be staying there, this was really getting hard, finally Walker broke the silence.

"Alex I donít really know how to say this, I donít want to upset you."
Oh great he changed his mind, he doesnít love me after all and now he's going to send me packing.

"What is it?"
"Well, I would really like it if you would stay here tonight, its kind of late and I'm a little tired from the trip, do you mind?"
"No that would be fine, plus I have some clothes out in the Ram from the trip, could you go and get them for me?"
"Sure, be right back"
"Oh man this is hard, now I'm going to be staying here, sleeping here, even though I have done it before that was different C.D. and Trivette were here then and I slept in the spare bedroom, just where on earth am I going to sleep tonight, if I had my way, with Walker"

Walker went out and grabbed Alexís suitcase, well that takes care of that, I said it now what do I do, where is she going to sleep, she has been here before but that was different, C.D. and Trivette were here and she slept in the spare bedroom, where is she going to sleep tonight, if I had my way, with me.

"Here you go, if you want to go up and take a shower, I'll take one when your finished."
"Ok, I'll be right back."

Walker stoked the fire while Alex was gone, he was pacing like a wild animal, trying to control his emotions and it was getting harder and harder, even though he told Alex he didnít want to know about her and Dalton, he wasnít exactly being truthful, he did want to know in fact it was killing him not knowing.† He wondered if he should come out and ask her, or wait for her to tell him, he decided on the latter, it really wasnít any of his business.

After they both finished their showers, they sat in front of the fireplace and Walker decided he had to know, it was just killing him too much.

"Alex I have to ask you something, and please donít get mad, but I have to know."

"Go ahead, you can ask me anything" he turned to face her and took her hands in his.

"Alex I know I said I didnít have to know but I do, I need to know what happened with you and Dalton."
"Walker, that doesnít really matter anymore does it."
"Itís ok if you donít want to tell me I understand" Walker didnít have to hear anymore he already knew the answer and he was ashamed to admit it, but he didnít like it and it did bother him.

"Walker what are you asking me exactly, do you want to know if I slept with Dalton."
Alex had a look on her face that spoke volumes, he already knew she did, and he had to admit it hurt, it hurt like hell, if she loved him how could she do that.

Alex saw the hurt on Walkers face, she knew he knew and there was nothing she could do to change it, to her it was a mistake but she didnít know how Walker felt at the time and she just got caught up in old feelings, afterwards she knew it was wrong.

"Walker, I'm sorry, but yes, I did, I know this is hurting you but at the time, I didnít know how you felt, and I knew it was wrong, afterwards, when I saw you I knew I shouldnít have done it, I'm sorry."
"Alex its ok, I didnít have any kind of claim on you, you had every right to do what you wanted, I'm sorry if I overstepped my bounds."
ĒNo, donít be sorry, I canít take it back, if I could I would and if I knew how you felt I never would have donít it.

"Well, its in the past now, lets not talk about it anymore."
"Are you sure."
"Yes, we donít have to think about it anymore, its in the past and we are in the future."
"I'm glad you feel that way, like I said it was a mistake."
"Alex, its ok, you donít have to apologize for it."

They continued to sit by the fire, holding each other, both wanting the same thing, but now Walker was a little reluctant, he really didnít know how Alex felt about it, would she think it was a mistake to, he just held her, stroking her hair.

Alex leaned in and kissed him, he pulled her closer and deepened the kiss, both of them felt the flames of passion burning deep in their souls, they both knew they would not be able to stop them, he wanted her as much as she wanted him. Their growing desire for each other was reaching fever peaks, as the kiss ended Walker looked into Alexís eyes, all he saw was passion and a deep need, she saw the same in his eyes, he stood up and took Alex hands in his, helping her to stand in front of him.

"Alex, I love you so much, I need you."
"I love you too, Walker, please make love to me."

He needed no other encouragement, he lifted her up and carried her upstairs to his bedroom, gently putting her down on the bed, they spent the night, exploring each others bodies, touching and kissing everywhere, they made love long into the night, it was something neither of them had ever experienced before, their bodies and souls became one, afterwards, they made love again, this time each begging for release, it was intense and powerful, taking them both to the heights of passion they had never experienced before, they finally lay in each others arms, content and totally in love. Early the next morning Alex awoke to find Walker looking at her.

"Walker, what is it?"
"Honey, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen."
"Well, thank you, you are the most amazing man I have ever seen, Walker, last night it was, well there are no words to describe how wonderful it was, I love you."
"I love you too, and it was just as incredible for me, I have never in my life experienced anything quite like that before."
"Neither have I, its like we were made to be together, we fit each other perfectly."
"I couldnít have said it better myself, now what do you say we get up and go on a picnic, we can take the horses down by the lake."
"Sounds good, let me shower and I'll be right there, that is unless you want to shower with me" she said with raised eyebrows and a wink.

"Well, I guess, if you twist my arm I could be convinced."

They took the horses down to the lake, enjoyed a picnic lunch, lay in each others arms, made love and watched the sunset, neither had ever been so totally happy before, they both new they belonged together for all time and this was only the beginning.

2 months later:
Alex had been feeling really awful lately so she decided to make a trip to the doctor, after an examination the doctor called Alex into his office.

"Alex, please sit down."
"What is it doctor, is everything ok?"
"Well Alex, your pregnant."

"Yes, I take it your happy about this?"
"Well, yes, how far along am I?"
"About nine weeks, thatís the best I can figure."
"Thank you doctor."
"I'll set up another appointment for you and my nurse will give you your vitamins."
"Ok, thanks again."

Alex left the doctors office thrilled with the news, she only hoped Walker would be just as happy as she was, once she was in her car she pulled out her calendar and counted back.

"Nine weeks, he said I was about nine weeks" as she looked through her calendar, her eyes started filling with tears.

"Oh my God, no it canít be, now hold on Alex, you were with Walker too, oh my God, this canít be happening, Walker, Dalton, whose baby am I carrying, oh Walker please, it has to be yours it has to be."

Alex sat in her car for the longest time, she didnít have any idea what she was going to do, she couldnít tell Walker, she wasnít sure this was his baby, it could be Daltonís, but how was she ever going to know, unless the baby was born there was no way of finding out, she sat in silence as the tears streamed down her face.

Alex had a dinner date with Walker, she didnít know how she was ever going to keep this from him, she needed to come up with something, seeing him right now was just too hard, she went home and tried to figure out what to do, as she lay on her bed, memories of she and Walker, the man she loved more than anything filled her mind, suddenly Dalton was there too, and the night they had spent together, the mistake she knew she made that night was coming back to haunt her.†† What she was going to do she didnít know, right now she couldnít even think. She was brought out of her thoughts by the ringing of her phone.

"Hi, I canít come to the phone right now, please leave me a message and I'll get back to you soon, wait for the beep."
"Hi honey, its me, just calling to remind you about dinner tonight, I'll pick you up at 7, I love you, bye baby."

"Oh Walker, will you still love me when you hear this, I canít keep this from you it wouldnít be fair, but how, how am I going to tell you.

Walker arrived right on time; Alex was ready when he knocked on the door.

"Hi honey, are you ready to go?"
"Yeah, just give me a minute to get my purse."
Walker sensed right away that something was wrong, first of all it was Alexís cold hello, usually she kissed him and they barely made it to where ever they were planning on going, when they did they were always late, and second she looked a little pale and her eyes were a little puffy, he hoped she wasnít sick and that everything was ok.

"Alex, are you ok, you seem a little distant."
"No I'm fine, just a little tired thatís all."
"Are you ready to go?"
"Come on."

Dinner was unusually quiet and all night Walker got the feeling Alex was trying to tell him something, she kept looking at him with a sad face, he didnít think she was mad at him, and he was sure he hadnít forgotten any special date in their relationship, but he knew it was something, something was causing her pain and he needed to find out what.

"Alex, Iím worried about you, are you sure your ok?"
"I said I was, how many times do I have to tell you."
Whoa, ok, thatís the last time I will ask that question, she must be having a bad day, maybe a dance will help

"Honey, I'm sorry, do you want to dance?"
Donít show so much enthusiasm, whatever it is I hope it goes away soon, Walker led Alex to the dance floor, even though she seemed to be in a world of her own, something was definitely going on.

When the visions around you

Bring tears to your eyes

And all that surrounds you

Are secrets and lies

I'll be your strength

I'll be your hope

keeping your faith

when its gone

the one you should call

was standing here all along

and I will take you in my arms

and hold you right where you belong

till the day my life is through, this I promise you

I've loved you forever

in lifetimes before

and I promise you never

will you hurt anymore

I give you my word

I give you my heart

This is a battle we've won

and with this vow, forever had now begun

just close your eyes

each loving day

I know this feeling wont go away

till the day my life is through

this I promise you

over and over I fall

when I hear you call

without† you in my life baby

I just wont be living at all

and I will take you in my arms

and hold you right where you belong

till the day my life is through

this I promise you.

When the song finished Alex had tears in her eyes and she bolted for the door, Walker ran behind her and caught up with her outside. Putting his hands on her shoulders he could hear her sobbing, slowly turning her around his heart was breaking, he didnít know what he did to make her so upset.

"Honey, whatís wrong, why are you crying?"
"Please Walker, just leave me alone."
"No, tell me whatís wrong?"
"I canít, please, your better off without me."
"Alex, what are you talking about?† I'm not going anywhere, tell me what has you so upset?"

"Walker, I want to go home and if you wonít take me, I'll call a cab."
"Come on honey, I'll take you home."
The ride in the Ram was tense to say the least, Walker didnít dare open his mouth for fear of getting his head bit off, but he knew it wasnít him, something else was bothering her, and tonight he would find out what it was."

Opening the door to her apartment, Walker led Alex inside, noticing the blinking light on her answering machine, she hit the play button, several messages from colleges and one from Walker and then this one:

"Alex, hi itís Dalton, just called to see how you were doing, give me a call."

Walker could feel his blood pressure rising, what the hell did he want now Alexís tears started falling again and Walker was beginning to wonder just what was going on, why was she crying and why was Dalton calling, he stood there and didnít say anything he waited for Alex to explain this to him and when she said nothing he spoke.
"Ok, Alex, what is going on, and I'm not leaving until I get some answers, what is wrong with you and why is Dalton Reed calling you? He knew he sounded short and angry but he couldnít help it, he was at this point both angry and scared.

"How should I know why he's calling why donít you ask him, maybe both of you can compare notes."
"Alex, what are you talking about?"
"Well, you both got what you wanted didnít you, please Walker, leave me alone."
"The hell I will, not until you tell me whatís wrong."
"I'm pregnant, there are you satisfied, I'm pregnant."
"Alex, is that what all this is about, were you worried that I wouldnít be happy about it, well I am, I am more than happy, I love you, you know that."
"Well, donít get to excited, I didnít say the baby was yours."
Walker was sure he didnít hear her right, she couldnít have said what he thought she did, how could the baby not be his, they had been together now for over 2 months, once again more tears were falling from her eyes.

"Alex, what did you just say?"
"Walker, Iím so sorry, I didnít mean for you to find out this way."
"Alex, what is all this about, how can the baby not be mine?"
"Walker, Iím nine weeks pregnant. When I first found out I was so happy and I thought you would be too, then I looked at my calendar and counted back."
"Yes, I'm so sorry."
"Alex, you canít be sure this is Daltonís baby, you wonít know that until after its born."
"Walker, how can you even stand to look at me, after what I did to you."
"Honey, what exactly is it you think you did to me?"
ďI could be carrying another mans child, how can you even look at me?"
"You could be carrying my child, and thatís the only thing that matters to me right now.† Listen honey, I love you, all of you no matter what happens, I am not leaving you."
"Oh my god, Walker how can this be happening, why now?"

Walker took Alex in his arms and led her to the couch, he held her tight, his insides were doing summersaults, but he couldnít let her see that.† He lay her head on his shoulder and tried to get her to calm down, he also wondered what Dalton wanted and why was he calling her now.† Had she said something to him, he doubted that but why was he calling now of all times.

"Honey, are you feeling any better?"
"A little, you always make me feel better, just being here you make me feel better."
"Good, thatís what I'm here for."
"Alex, I want to get married."
"I said, I want to get married, that is if you want to marry me?"
"Walker, you donít have to do that."
"I know, I want to, I was going to ask you anyway, I figured since I waited around forever to tell you I loved you, I didnít want to wait around to ask you to marry me, so what do you say, will you marry me?"
"Yes, I love you so much, but what if this isnít your baby?"
"That doesnít matter, if it is that would be terrific, but if it isnít I am not going to love you or the baby any less."

"Walker, you are so amazing, how did I ever get so lucky, you are everything a woman could ever want, how come no one has snatched you up yet?"
"Well they tried, but I waited for the right one, and I'm looking at her right now, you are the only one for me."

2 months later:

The wedding was beautiful, everyone was there, all their friends and family, they had the reception at C.D.'s there was plenty of food, friends and a good time, Walker and Alex left for a weeklong cruise, which according to both of them ended way too soon, but they settled in at the ranch and Alex felt like it had always been her home.†† Walker made sure of that, he took her shopping for new things for the house and pretty soon they were going to start working on the nursery. So far neither of them brought up the possibility that this wasnít his child, they both felt already that it was. And there was a part of both of them that didnít want to know, although they knew they had to for the babies sake, heath wise and all, they had to know if Walker wasnít the babies father, biologically that is.

"Come on Alex one more you can do it."
"Honey, why are you torturing me like this? Donít you love me?"
"You said you wanted to stay in shape, I'm only trying to help you."

"Oh yeah, I said that didnít I."
"Yes you did, now come on, one more thatís my girl. Ok, you can rest now."
"Your a slave driver you know that?"
"A slave driver is that what you called me, come over here and say that."

Alex made her way to her husband, falling onto his lap, one of her favorite seats, he caressed her face and nuzzled her neck, a place he loved to kiss, slowly sinking to the floor, the same thing happened that always happened, they ended up making love, lying content in each others arms.

"Yeah Hon?"
"What if this isnít your baby, what are we going to do?"
"Alex, please, lets not talk about this."
"But what are we going to do, do we have to tell Dalton if its his?"
"Yes we do, we canít keep something like that from him, he has a right to know?"
"I guess youíre right, but what if he wants custody, then what?"
"Honey, why are you beating yourself up with this, donít worry about it until we know for sure."
"Your right."
"I'm always right."
"Unless I'm right, then your wrong."

"Come on, lets go upstairs and make dinner, I'm starved, all that working out you know."
"I did most of the work."
Alex let out a small chuckle, together they went upstairs and made dinner, there was a knock on the door and Walker went to answer it.

"Dalton, what are you doing here?"
"I heard you and Alex were married now, that was fast, is she here I would like to talk to her."
"Ok, come in."
"Honey, who was at the door, Dalton."
"Well I guess congratulations are in order and from what I can see, a double dose."

Alex looked down and knew what he was talking about, all of a sudden she started getting nervous, seeing Dalton and knowing he knew she was pregnant, it was only a matter of time before he started asking questions.

"So when is the baby due?"
Times up.

"Dalton, do you want something to drink."
"Sure sounds great."
Walker what are you doing, donít offer him something to drink, get him outta here before he starts asking anymore questions.

"So Dalton what brings you by tonight?"
"Alex, are you avoiding my question, when is the baby due?"
"Here you go Dalton, I hope ice tea is ok."
"Walker, do you want to answer my question, it seems your wife is avoiding the subject."
"What was the question?"
"Ok you two, what is going on here, I asked a simple question twice and now I'm going to ask a third time, when is the baby due?"
"September, came Walkers reply, while Alex blurted out at the same time, October."
"Well, which is it, September or October?"
"Well actually, were not sure, could be September, could be October."
"What Alex means is that, it could be late September or early October."
"I see, well let me ask you this Alex."
"What is it Dalton?"
"Is this my baby or not"
Walker rose from his chair and headed in Daltons direction, with a look of anger on his face.

"Dalton I donít mean to be rude, but I will, just what kind of question is that?"
"Walker, I am sure you know that Alex and I were together while you were protecting me, unless of course she didnít tell you."
"She told me, but I still donít understand what that has to do with anything."
"Walker, I can do the math, and from what my head tells me there is a chance that this is my baby, are you going to deny that the possibility didnít cross your mind?"

"Yeah I'm going to deny it and I donít want you here harassing my wife, now I will ask you once to leave peacefully, if you donít, I wonít ask again,.† You will leave and I'll help you, do you understand what I'm telling you?"
"You havenít seen the last of me, I promise you that, both of you."
Walker closed the door and Alex was so close to him he almost knocked her over, she wrapped her arms around him and he could feel her trembling.

"Shhh its ok honey, donít worry about it, he was just blowing smoke, everything will be ok."
"Walker, I told you, what are we going to do now?"
"Nothing, we arenít going to do anything, we are going to wait for the baby to be born and then we will have a blood test and then we will raise our child together. "

"I love you so much."
"Me too baby, me too."

Walker tried to calm Alex with his words, but his thoughts were totally different, what was he going to do if this was Daltonís child, he loved Alex more than anything, but could he handle it, even he wasnít sure.

Five months later:

Walker was awakened by Alexís screams.

"Honey, are you alright, is it the baby?"
"Oh my god, Walker, hurry, this baby is coming."

Walker went into overdrive, he quickly called the hospital, checked on Alexís condition, grabbed her suitcase and carried her to the Ram, driving as fast and as safely as he could he pulled into the emergency room entrance, and quickly picked her up and carried her in.

"Please my wife is in labor, I need a doctor."
"What is the name?"
"Ranger Cordell Walker."
"Not your name, her name."
"Oh sorry, Alexandra Walker."
"Did you call your doctor?"
"Yes, Dr. OíBrien he is supposed to meet us here."
"Ranger Walker, Alex, I see you made it on time."
"Please doctor, Alex is in a lot of pain."
"Calm down Ranger, thatís to be expected."
"Oh, sorry, I guess I'm just a little bit nervous."
"Well thatís expected, come with me Alex, everything will be ok."

Walker accompanied Alex to the labor and delivery room, he was so nervous he was making her nervous, he tried to stay calm, but this was more than he could handle, first there was the pain he had to watch Alex go through, then there was the prospect of a little life he was responsible for and finally, soon he would know if this was indeed his baby, although right now he didnít care about that, it was his no matter what any blood test said.

"Come on honey, you can do it, breath, one two three four, ok relax."
"Walker, I canít do it anymore, I'm so tired."
"I need something for the pain, please."
"Alex, come on its time to start pushing."
"Come on honey, once more, thatís my girl."

The beautiful sounds of an infant crying could be heard throughout the room, when they placed the baby in Alexís arms. She looked up into the tear filled eyes of her husband.

"Walker, oh my God!"
"I know honey, I know."
Staring up at them was the most beautiful red headed little boy they had ever seen, he was the spitting image of his father. Alex looked down at the little face of her newborn son, hers and Walkers, there was no doubt who his father was he looked just like him.

"Walker, honey I am so happy, he is yours can you believe it."
"Yes I can baby, I knew all along he would be mine."
"Really, how did you know?"
"Well the way I figure it, we had a much better chance then you and Dalton."
"And howís that?"
"Well, the odds were certainly in my favor, you said you and Dalton were a mistake, and we both know that wasnít the case with you and me, plus, you know what a good marksman I am, I never miss."
"Walker, that was awful, it was right but still awful."
"I know baby, but I couldnít resist, plus it made you smile and I love nothing more than your smile."

Walker left Alex alone to rest and they took the baby back to the nursery, when he went back to the waiting room, he found Dalton waiting for him.

"Well Walker, do you congratulate me or do I congratulate you"
"Dalton, would you like to see the baby?"
"You mean?"
"No, heís mine, just wanted to know if you wanted to see him, in case you had any questions."
"I still want a blood test.Ē ďFine, have it your way, but thereís no need for one, and if you went to see him you would realize it."

ďOk. Walker, have it your way."

All it took was one look and Dalton knew the baby wasnít his. He looked just like his competition. Heíd lost Alex for good and he needed to move on, because she belonged to Walker and now they had a family. Deep down he was happy for all of them but still a little sad for himself.

After Dalton left Walker went back to join his wife and new son, kissing Alexís cheek while she slept. He then went over and sat in the rocking chair, holding his new baby boy.

"I knew all along you would be mine, the good Lord would have it no other way, and I love you son."
"Oh, hi honey, I was getting to know our little boy here. You know, we really should give him a name."
"Well, I have been thinking about thatÖ"
"Well, what do you think about naming him after your father and Uncle Ray?"
"I would like that very much, Alex. So, John Raymond Walker, it is.Ē

"I like it. Itís a wonderful, strong name.Ē

"I think so, too, sweetheart.† Alex, I have never been so happy in my entire life, except, of course, the day I married you."
"Me, either, Cowboy, me either.Ē


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