Room With A View

Pam Gooderham

Walker lay on his back staring up at the ornately decorated ceiling. The white plaster was formed into the shape of laurel leaves, the edges of which were painted in aged gold.

The heavy beige and wine embroidered curtains had not been closed, and the room was subtly lit by the neon lights from the street below. In the background, the illuminated and spectacular, Eiffel Tower.

The past three days had been a whirlwind.

He and Alex had married amongst friends in a fairy tale ceremony, and, after an aborted first try, had finally arrived in Paris, France.

Once the door of their room closed, the pair had thrown off their clothes where they stood, and collapsed, exhausted, into bed.

            They slept, showered, made love, and slept again. On waking next they had made love, this time without frenzy. Exploring, giving of each other, basking in the sexual freedom only experienced by true love within the bounds of marriage.

Walker had never known such heights of passion he had enjoyed with Alex,

and he now found himself both elated and humbled at the same time.

            He checked his watch.

Now on European time it read five am. He turned, wanting to watch his new wife as she slept, but was surprised to find her awake. Propping up his head and turning to his left, the fingers of his free hand lightly traced a line down from her breasts to her navel. He witnessed a soft smile, and returned it with his own.

In the heat of their actions the bedclothes had been flung on the floor.

Walker grasped and wrestled with the fine cotton top sheet, and with a billow that formed a tent as it wafted down, the crispy white linen fell over their heads.

Alex chuckled but did nothing.

He used an arm as a pole to stop the motion of the sheet, and leaned over, kissing her lips. In one movement the cover was whipped off their heads and Walker wrapped it around them, carefully tucking Alex up.

            “I don’t want my wife getting cold.” And he couldn’t help but kiss her again.

His wife responded only with a smile crossing her lovely sumptuous lips.

            “Penny for your thoughts.” Walker offered after a few seconds.

            Alex didn’t reply immediately.

He waited.

“I’m not thinking anything, really.”

“You’re too quiet! Is there something on your mind? You seem… unsure?” Now a married man, Walker had entered uncharted territory and needed some reassurance himself. He made a half joke. “Your new husband hasn’t disappointed you already, has he?”

Alex sat up. “No! Of course not. Don’t even think it!” He was kissed repeatedly. “It’s just that… well, I was lying here thinking that…well, we’re… married!”

Walker nodded. “I know what you mean.” Another thought struck him. “You don’t have any doubts, do you?” he asked tentatively.

“No. Not with you, anyway.”

“Then, with what?”

“It’s difficult to explain.”


Alex realized Walker wasn’t going to let go. She gave a small, reserved smile. “It’s just… well,… y’know, I’ve wanted to be your wife for so long. You are the man of my dreams. It’s all I’ve ever thought about for years. But, now it’s actually happened…”

When Alex paused, Walker became apprehensive himself. What if he didn’t measure up to Alex’s dreams?

“I’m a bit scared.” she finished off and looked down.

“Scared? Of what?” Walker was taken back. Hurrying, he gathered her into his arms and Alex snuggled against his chest. His physique was breathtaking. He had muscles like rocks and hands of steel, but yet he was so gentle. Handsome in a rugged way, but with this appealing boyish charm, especially in situations he wasn’t used to. She closed her eyes while burying her nose into his soft red beard. This was bliss beyond measure.

“Why are you scared?” Walker whispered then kissed the bridge of her nose.

“What if… what if I disappoint you?”

Alex was surprised when he gave a breathy laugh. “I’ve been worrying, incase I disappoint you.”

“You have?”

“Mmhuh.” Walker nodded. “You know what I think?”


“I think, since we’re both a bit scared, we ought to stick together like glue.” He said it with great confidence, “How’s that?” Walker broke away to see if she concurred with his genus, and took pleasure in her big smile.

“I think it’s brilliant!”

“There you go!” They snuggled back together. “My first brilliant decision as a husband. Wonder if I’ll ever have another one?” he joked and chuckled quietly.

Alex laughed out loud this time, “Oh, Walker!” When the laughing died down. “I love you so much.”

“And I love you, wife. And, you could never disappoint me.”



“Will you tell me? If I do something that makes you uncomfortable?”

“I’ll tell you.”


“Happy now?”


“Good.” After a few seconds Walker couldn’t help but kiss his partner again. “Besides,” he continued as an after thought, “it must be obvious I’m not disappointed.”

Alex had felt his arousal. She chuckled, happy with anticipation. “Are we ever going to leave this room and see the sights?” With provocative endeavor her hands started wandering below his waist. It made Walker inhale sharply, his skin becoming tingly, his longing to take this beautiful woman overwhelming. But he broke his desire for a second and looked out of the window. “At least you can say you saw the Eiffel Tower.”

Alex laughed and gave a mischievous and knowing raise of her eyebrows, “Which one?” 


She laughed again, “You’re blushing.” He was too. He had gone quite scarlet, but at the same time coyly proud. Alex giggled at his expense and witnessed the bewildered shake of his head.  Alex laughed louder and pulled him towards her. “You’re gorgeous! And I’m the luckiest woman on earth. Walker? I love you so much.”

The Texas Ranger’s tongue separated her lips, tenderly feeling his way around her mouth. His touch, sublimely feather-like, made Alex breathless, her stomach turning up side down in sheer anticipation.

Her whimpers of excitement made him feel like a giant. Walker had always longed for her, but he never knew she could create desire and passion to this degree. Pressing himself into her he moaned as her hands reached down to cup his testicles. It took every force of will not to explode then and there. Breaking off his kiss to inhale, it took power unimaginable to control his libido.

“Walker? I need you. Please.”

He was kneeling between her legs and there she was, stretched out before him. Full breasts with hardened nipples, glorious body and a skin as soft as warm silk. And she wanted him. Beckoning her hips, Walker slowly inserted himself.

Alex gasped. He was more than she could possibly imagine. This wonderful man was taking her! She was pleasing him! Time went by in a blur and the muscles of his shoulders and arms became glistened with sweat created by his efforts. As his manhood slid up and down Alex wondered whether she could take it any longer, and with a cry and her back arching to herald the start of her uncontrollable pleasure, his manhood throbbed within. Over and over, until he was bent double. Walker’s eyes screw up tight and he growled from deep within his body. When finally he looked up, his face was one of gratitude.

He panted, “That was… incredible.”

“Oh, Walker!” Alex clung to him, still in the throws of her passion.

He wanted to reassure his love. “Sweetheart. I love you. Sshh.”

“Walker, Walker….” Alex couldn’t bear to let him go. Her mind flashed through pictures; his face covered in bandages! The terrible lacerations he suffered from a bear when they were in the mountains of Utah. The mess of injuries inflicted by Caleb Hooks. His collapse from the effects of scorpion and rattlesnake bites!

“Walker!” Alex was breathless with apprehension. “Don’t let anything happen to you!”

Walker’s whisper was quietly reassuring. “Nothing’s going to happen. C’mon, honey. Put those thoughts away, okay?” It wasn’t physically possible for them to be any closer. Alex’s emotions began to calm. She looked up to find him smiling at her, and she offered him a smile in return.

Walker pulled back a bit and looked around. “If we don’t leave this room today, house keeping are likely to break down the door!” He felt her inward laugh. Slowly and regretfully withdrawing, Walker retrieved a towel for her comfort and they dozed for another few minutes. Alex’s new husband playfully pinched the side of her midriff and he delighted that she squirmed in submission. “How about we shower, have an early breakfast, then I take you to see the city?” The sight of Alex’s eyes coming out like doorstops make Walker chuckle. How many times had he witnessed her smart, aggressive cross-questioning in court, and now here she was, like a child with her hand in the cookie jar.

Alex looked at the handsome man that had become her whole world. “That would be wonderful.” She paused.  “Walker?”


She began to smile. “We’ve come a long way since we first met, haven’t we?”

Immediately Walker grinned and repositioned to lie on his stomach. “Yeah, we sure have.”

Alex turned on her side languishing a leg over his butt. “Do you remember,” she recalled, “that time we both got wet at the start of the Santana mustangs case? You sat on my sofa drying out and I’d changed into my bath robe?” They both started grinning, “And you couldn’t help looking at my legs?”

Walker’s smile was broad. “I never forgot what your legs looked like after that. You turned me on so much I was afraid you’d notice how uncomfortable I was.”

Both chuckled at their memories.

“Then you forgot your gun.”

The pair collapsed over each other in laughter.

Walker held a hand over his eyes. “I must have looked like an idiot!”

“No! Not at all. I knew what was happening. I thought you were a real gentleman. Made me want you all the more!”


“Oh, you better believe it.”

There was a sigh. ‘I don’t think I’ll ever understand you women.”

“Then I thought I’d lost you to Merilee.” It wasn’t said accusingly. Alex’s head went to one side, “If the time had been right,” out of genuine interest Alex’s tone pitched slightly higher, “would you have married her?”

“No.” Walker turned over making his voice breathy. “I realized pretty soon, she wasn’t the one.” Walker was looked peeved. “But, I did have it pretty bad for her, didn’t I?” The Ranger mimicked Alex in a pseudo incredulous high-pitched voice when she accused him at the time, “You washed your truck?”

“Oh you!”

He was swatted, but easily and instinctively defended with an open, half-hearted block. This made Walker laugh more. “Well, what about you and Dalton? I thought that cowboy was going to beat me to it.”

The mere thought of the Rodeo rider made Alex also shift on to her back and the lovely blond blew through her lips.

“Cat got your tongue?” he teased.

“He might have been the one,” Alex admitted honestly. She propped up on an elbow to say defensively and pointedly, “Since no one else appeared interested at the time!”

“You, um… still happy with the way it’s turned out?”

The radiant smile he witnessed dispelled all doubts. “Walker? You’ve always been the one. It’s just that for a long time I didn’t always know you thought about me any more than you would a friend. You remember when you held me at the rodeo when we were protecting Dalton, and you told me you knew he loved me because you could see it in his eyes?” Alex continued as he nodded, “When I looked into your eyes, it was then, for the first time, I knew you really loved me. You do disguise your feelings rather well, you know.”

There was a small laugh. “I guess.”

Daylight started to melt away the dark. Alex pulled Walker to his feet and stood looking out the window. She cuddled into him. “It is an amazing city, isn’t it?”



Walker gently pulled back her head to make sure she could see his whole face. “I… I want you to always remember something.” He paused. “The vows we took at the ceremony,” he took a small beat, “I’ll will be faithful to you. Don’t ever be scared, or worried.” His hand caressed the side of her face, “I do love you. Don’t have any doubts, okay?”

“Okay.” It came out as a husky whisper and tears formed in the clear azure eyes.

“Right now, though...”
            Alex became sober. “What?”

He chuckled to lighten the moment and his shyness with emotional topics. “I’m hungry!”

“Oh you!” She laughed with him, gave a squeeze and headed to the bathroom. “Okay, shower, dress, and eat. I’m on it!”

Walker looked about. His years in military service had made him a tidy man. The discarded dirty clothes were placed in a laundry bag, the room made presentable, and the suitcases stowed ready to open. Alex had the keys in her purse so he couldn’t do any unpacking.

The smiling Texas Ranger lay back on the bed. There was nothing else he could do until she came out of the bathroom.

So, he was married. ‘I’m a married man’, Walker was unable to stop the repetitious thought.

And his smile broadened.