By 59 Katie 59


Chapter One


Alex asked Walker as they were sitting down for their dinner "are you going to be able to watch the twins and Cord tomorrow like I asked you to do when I go to see my doctor? I need to see why I'm not always able to feed the twins myself. I wasn't planning on switching them to formula until they were six months old but with me not always being able to feed them I sometimes have to use formula." Walker replied "Trivette and I have to be in court for the Fellner case. C.D. and your father said that they would come out here and watch them for us." Alex then said "that's good to hear because after I see my doctor I have an appointment with D.A. Moody."

"Why are you going to see Moody?" Walker questioned Alex who replied "to talk to him about my returning to work part time when the twins are six months old. I'll switch them to formula full time then to make things easier. As for why I want return to work then I'm going to need some money of my own to take care of myself and the twins." Young Cord then questioned her "what about me Miss Alex? Are you going to keep on taking care of me too? I like it went you cook dinner instead of Daddy, it tastes a lot better. Or are you going to leave me like my Mommy did?"

"Of course I'm going to keep on taking care of you sweetheart. I promise you Cord that Miss Alex will never ever leave you. As a matter of fact when I'm working and you're not in school you can go with the babies to the daycare center as their big brother and help keep an eye on the twins for me. How does that sound to you?" Young Cord answered "I'd like that Miss Alex."

Walker then asked Alex "what about the money you won on the lottery? Did you spend all of it?" Alex responded "as a matter of fact I spent just about all of it buying this ranch. What little I had left over I put into savings accounts for Cord and the twins so that they could go to college if they want to when they got older. Plus I put enough money in the bank to live on for six months, but that's it. After that I'll need to earn some money of my own. So that means if I want money to spend on my family I have to go back to work at the D.A.'s office."

"Alex you and the babies are my family and I will take care of the three of you just like I take care of Cord. You don't need to go back to work so soon. The babies need you here at home with them. Why don't you wait until they are at least a year old before you go back to work?" Walker objected to Alex's plan but she sternly told him "I will not be beholden to you Cordell John Walker. I will pay my own way and before you object again I suggest that you put your money where your mouth is and agree to put money into a joint bank account that I will contribute to so that the expenses for our family can be shared by the both of us. I know not to suggest that I help out with the expenses for the ranch. Are you okay with that?"

"You are so very stubborn lady." Was Walker's answer. Knowing that he was going along with her wishes Alex teased him "and you are the most hard headed man that I have ever met."

The next day while they in Walker's truck headed away from the courthouse after testifying in the Fellner case Trivette asked him "how long is Alex going to be living at the ranch with you anyhow?" Walker rebutted "why do you want to know that?"

"I have this friend who would be great for Alex but I don't think that he'll go out with her while she's living at your ranch with you and your son." Trivette was answering when Walker quickly pulled over to the side of the road and stopped the truck as he demanded of his partner "did Alex ask you to fix her up with someone?"

Trivette carefully replied "no she didn't Walker but I thought it might do her some good to be able to go out and enjoy herself for a change. This last year has been so hard on her and you must know that because you caused most of her problems. And it's not like you're going to be able to help Alex out with enjoying her life either. You have a wife after all." Trivette was somewhat surprised when Walker stated "I won't have a wife for much longer. And I know how hard the last year has been on Alex and I will see to it that she can enjoy life again." Trivette nodded okay then changed the subject knowing that his partner wasn't going to say another word on the subject of Alex's future happiness.

That evening while they were eating dinner Walker noticed that Alex seemed upset about something so he questioned her about her day had gone. Alex replied that she was going to return to work in two weeks’ time. While he wanted to object to her plans Walker didn't because Alex had a rare smile on her face when she had told him about returning to work. Young Cord then asked her "Miss Alex is two weeks enough time for you to teach my Daddy how to cook?" After suppressing her laughter Alex answered the child "not the way your father cooks Cord but just so you know I'll still cook dinner at least five or six days a week. Your father will be in charge of dinner at least one day of the week though."

"Can we order out those days?" Cord asked them causing Alex to laughingly answer him "that's up to your father but if it's okay with him, it's fine by me." Walker looked at a still smiling Alex then said to his oldest child "it's fine by me. Now how about you finishing your dinner son?"

That night after Cord and the twins were asleep Walker and Alex went into the master bedroom where they were both still sleeping together even though the babies were sleeping through most of the nights now and she didn't need Walker's help as much with them. After closing the door Walker asked her "what did the doctor tell you?" Alex lowered her head before mumbling "that I'm unable to keep on breastfeeding my babies because I simply can't produce enough milk for the two of them and there's nothing they can do about it. Oh Walker you must think that I'm a failure as a woman and as a mother to your babies."

Walker pulled her to him as he replied "you are the best mother that the twins could have." Alex pulled away from him and snapped "what about me being a woman to you? We've been sharing this bed since we brought the twins home and you haven't even shown an interest in me sexually. That means to me that you never really did find me sexually attractive. That I was just someone that handy for you to sleep with. And I know now that you only asked me to marry you because you felt obligated to, that and the fact that you wanted children. Well you have your children now, don't you? So I guess that means I can forget about having sex with you ever again. Let alone me ending up with you for a husband."

Walker pulled Alex back into his arms kissed her soundly then said to her "It was never about just having children to me Alex. I love you and I will marry you just as soon as I get a divorce from Merilee. As for me showing an interest in you, you told me that you weren't about to be my mistress. I would never ask you to do something that you didn't want to do with me." Alex then questioned him "if you love me like you claim that you do why aren't we making love? How can you share a bed with me and not try anything at least once? Why can't you show me that you have some sort of feelings for me? That is if you have any feelings at all for me, which I doubt by the way." Walker decided that any more talking was a waste of time and showed Alex what his feelings for her were.

 After they were done and resting in each other's arms Alex said to Walker “You are really great at showing me what your feelings are for me." Walker just pulled her closer. After a few minutes of silence Alex kissed Walker on his chest then slid her hand lower as she told him “It’s my turn to show you what my feelings for you are. Do you have a problem with that?" Walker had no problem with that.

The next morning when they woke up still in each other's arms Alex said to him "this is always where I thought I would end up, in the arms of the man that I love. But I always thought we would be husband and wife before we had children." Walker raised up to look Alex in her eyes as he vowed "I will make things right for you Alex." Alex responded "I know that you will in time Cordell Walker but I'd better see about getting on some kind of birth control after I stop breast feeding the twins. In the meantime we are going to have to use condoms. We didn't use anything last night and we should have. While I am glad that we had the twins I don't want to have babies out of wedlock again. You can understand that, can't you?" Walker said that he understood so Alex changed the subject to their children going to the daycare center when the both of them were working.



Chapter Two

Alex did indeed return to work at the D.A.'s office but it was part time because she didn't want to be away from the children for too long. After she came home from her first day back at work Walker suggested that they take the children to C.D.'s so that she wouldn't have to cook dinner on her first day back. After they were seated in the booth C.D. came over to them and after fussing over the babies asked Alex "how did you first day back go honey?" Alex replied "it went okay but I have to tell you C.D. that I'm glad that D.A. Moody agreed that I could work part time until the children were older. I don't like the thought of them spending too much time in the daycare center." Walker who hadn't known that Alex was only going to be working part time questioned her "how long are you going to be working part time? What happens when Moody needs you to get a conviction in a big case that will last for a while? Who's going to watch the children in the evenings then?"

"If my boss asks me to take on a big case that he needs a conviction in I will most certainly do it. You can watch them on the evenings that I need to work. And before you say anything else Cordell Walker I suggest that you remember just last week you and Trivette were on that stakeout that had you gone from home for six straight days. Leaving me by myself to watch all three of our children." C.D. took young Cordell into the back room to show him something because he thought Walker and Alex were going to fight about her working and the hours that Walker was working himself. After C.D. had left with his son Walker told Alex "I was just doing my job. Are you telling me that you don't want to watch my son in the evenings when I'm working?"

Alex responded "yes I do know that you were just doing your job Walker. As for Cord I have no problem watching him in the evenings when you are working and you know that by now. What I am telling you that my job is just as important to me as your job is to you. And that we are going to have to figure out who we can get to watch our three children if we are both working late at the same time. And speaking of children, have you filed for a divorce yet? And what are you going to do about getting at least partial custody of our oldest? We need to get the future settled as quickly as possible for all three of their sakes." Walker realized then that Alex cared for young Cordell as much as she cared for the twins. He picked up Alex's hand as he answered her "your father is taking care of the divorce for us. I'm going to meet Merilee on her next tour stops and have her sign the papers to get the divorce started. I'll see when she's going to be able to visit Cord. I'll also see if your father can meet with her then to get started on the custody agreement for Cord. Hasn't he told you any of this?"

Alex shook her head no as she explained "my father is not allowed to tell me what he's doing for you because you're his client. Not to change the subject but how about you watch the twins on Saturday while I take Cord to the mall? He's outgrowing everything. Unless of course you want to take him shopping." Walker answered "I'll watch them. Do you need any money to buy him clothes?"

"I still have a little of my own money." Alex replied then changed the subject. Several weeks later Walker with the papers for the divorce suit in his jacket pocket went to Merilee's dressing room where he found her with another man who was all over her. Walker cleared his throat causing the man to tell him "hey can't you see that we're busy here buddy?" Merilee quickly said to the man "Jonas how about giving me a minute alone with him?"

"Why should I leave you alone with another man when you're my girlfriend? Don't you think you ought to rethink what you just told me?" Jonas questioned Merilee in what seemed to be a threatening manner. Merilee kissed Jonas soundly on his lips then told him "Jonas there's no reason for you to act this way. This here is Cordell Walker, my soon to be ex-husband. I told you that we were going to get a divorce just as soon as we could then the two of were going to live happily ever after. I thought that was you wanted. Was I wrong about that?"

Jonas answered "I'm not going anywhere. So Cordell I suggest that you agree to give my Merilee her divorce because she doesn't want you around anymore. Have you got that?" Walker ignored Jonas and asked Merilee "would you like me to remove him?" Merilee laughingly replied "like you could Cordell. No what I want you to do is to get a lawyer and get our divorce taken care of. The sooner that you do that the sooner I can be rid of you. So when are you going to get a lawyer?"

Walker removed the divorce suit papers from his jacket pocket as he told her "I have some divorce papers here that you need to sign so that they can be filed with the court." Merilee snatched the papers from Walker and quickly signed them then handed them back to him. Jonas then said as he attempted to show Walker the door "You'd best be on your way now Cordell."

Walker quickly grabbed a hold of one of Jonas' thumbs and forced him to kneel on the floor in pain. After a minute Walker released the thumb then stepped back and said to Merilee "when are you going to come and see my son?" Merilee sneeringly replied "on my next tour stop in Dallas. It's in two weeks. We'll meet at C.D.'s or would you prefer we met at the ranch? Oh wait a minute you no longer have the ranch, do you?"

"C.D.'s is fine. My lawyer and I will be there that Sunday at six in the evening to discuss with you custody of our son. If you can't make it there then call C.D. and let him know." Walker said to her and Merilee told him "he's your son and he'll be with you most of the time for the next several years until I get my career back on track. After that we'll see if I can fit him into what will be a busy life for me. What with all the touring that I'll be doing for my adoring fans I will have a lot less free time than I do now."

Jonas then pulled Merilee to him kissed her soundly then suggestedly said "who knows by then you'll have another son to take up your free time. Cord will just have to stay with his father all the time then. Our son by the way will be raised to be manly just like I am. I don't want another man's child being a part of my son's life or mine for that matter. Merilee I'll allow you to see your son Cord but only until you have my son." Merilee then stated "I think that it's time for you to leave Cordell. Jonas and I have something that we need to do." Walker even though he wanted to stay and straighten out Jonas on the way he was talking about his son turned and walked away because it wasn't the time or place to straighten Jonas out.

When Walker returned to the ranch Alex sensed that the meeting with Merilee had upset Walker and she assumed it was because a part of Walker still wanted Merilee as his wife so she asked him what was bothering him and Walker said that nothing was bothering him. That night in their bedroom when Walker attempted to pull Alex close to him she shrugged him off as she said "don't even think that you're going to use me a subsitute for Summers because you're not. And don't bother telling me that you haven't been bothered about Summers ever since you met with her. I know that you have." Walker got out of bed and reached for his pants as he replied "I am not upset because I want Merilee and you know that Alex."

Alex got up from the bed and put her robe on as she demanded "then what has you so upset Walker. I know that it has something to do with her. Please tell me what it is Cordell. Maybe I can help you with it." Walker stopped at the door turned to face Alex and told her about what had happened when he had seen Merilee on her tour stop. Alex went to Walker and hugged him then said "I'm sorry Cordell. I know how much you want your son to be happy and it doesn't sound to me like Merilee is the least bit worried what her actions can do to your son. You need to have your lawyer file for full custody of Cordell. I want him to be happy just as much as you do and I now think that's only going to happen if you have full custody of young Cord. I will do whatever you need me to do to make that happen."

Walker pulled Alex to him as he told her "I love you lady." Alex pulled back a little as she replied "I know that you do Cordell but not tonight if you don't mind. Something that I ate today must have disagreed with me." Walker led Alex over to the bed and settled her into it. After getting into his side of the bed Walker asked her while picking up the phone "do you want me to call a doctor for you?" Alex reached over Walker and replaced the phone then said to him "if I don't feel better in a couple of days I'll make an appointment with Dr. Stine. But right now all I want to do is to get some rest. I've been so tired lately." Walker turned off the lamp on his bedside stand and they settled down to sleep.

The next morning Alex was feeling better but the next three nights she was again sick to her stomach. When Alex was sick to her stomach that following morning Walker decided that Alex was going to see a doctor and told her so. Alex said that she would call her doctor when she had a spare moment. Walker knowing that Alex wasn't as concerned about herself as he was and would probably not call her doctor stopped by Alex's office and insisted that she make an appointment to see Dr. Stine. Knowing that Walker wouldn't leave her office until she did so Alex called Dr. Stine's office and made herself an appointment. Alex hung up the phone and informed Walker that the earliest Dr. Stine could see her was in a week. Walker offered to take the day off of work and take Alex there but she refused the offer.


Chapter Three


Alex went to the doctor's appointment where Dr. Stine asked her a few questions then told her she thought it was simply a case of Alex being overtired from what she had been through in the last year. Dr. Stine then assured her "I think that your being tired all the time will start to ease up now that your babies are sleeping through the night. I'm sure that the blood tests will show that. But I would suggest to you that you learn how to take it easy when you can. If anything turns up in the blood test results I'll let you know. I'll make you an appointment to see me in say three months? But if you're still feeling tired in a couple of weeks you are going to have to consider cutting back on your hours at work." Alex thanked Dr. Stine and left her office.

After they had the children in bed Alex told Walker what Dr. Stine had told her and he replied that he would do whatever she needed him to do so that she could continue to work part time. Alex answered that she knew that Walker was willing to help her but if she was still tired in several weeks she would seriously think about retiring from the D.A.'s office. When Alex told him that Walker noticed that she looked upset about possibly having to quit her job so Walker silently vowed that it wouldn't come to that because his future wife loved her job and she did a lot of good in it. Alex then changed the subject to Merilee coming to town to visit young Cord.

"Are you going to be at C.D.'s then?" Walker asked Alex who replied "not on your life cowboy. No way am I going to let her know that I've returned to town. And before you say anything Cordell if Summers finds out that I'm living at the ranch with you and young Cord she will delay your divorce. She will also try and take your son away from you then once she gets him she will send him back to live with her parents in Ohio. If you don't believe me go ask my father who's your lawyer." Walker decided to change the subject and did so by laying a kiss on Alex who told him that he didn't play fair. Walker winked at Alex then proceeded to make her forget about everything but him.

Walker met with Gordon who told him that Alex was right about Summers and that was why he too wasn't going to be at C.D's that evening either. That he thought it best for an associate of his by the name of Edels take over as Walker's lawyer. Walker agreed with Gordon who then gave him Edels phone number. Gordon then stressed to Walker that since Summers had more or less ceded custody of their son to Walker that Walker wasn't to do anything that could make a court think Summers was to be given either visitation or partial custody of his son. That meant he Walker was not to allow Summers to take the child anywhere without a judge ruling that she could do so because the parent who had physical custody of the minor child at the time of the custody hearing would most likely would end up with permanent custody of the minor child. Gordon then told Walker that he needed to call Edels as soon as possible to discuss with him the divorce and child custody cases. Walker said that he would call him as soon as he could.

The Friday afternoon before Summers was to return to Dallas to see young Cord, Dr. Stine called Alex at her office and told her some shocking news. After that Dr. Stine gave Alex the number of another doctor and told her to make a follow up appointment with that doctor. After ending the phone call with Dr. Stine Alex called the other doctor and made herself an appointment with the doctor. Later on that afternoon Walker stopped by Alex's office to see if she wanted him to pick the children up at the daycare center. Walker entered Alex's private office to find her deep in thought looking out of a window. Walker turned Alex away from the window to face him as he asked her "what's the matter lady of mine?" With a somewhat sad look on her face Alex replied "nothing that I feel like dealing with now Cowboy. I will think about telling you about it after you meet with Summers in C.D.'s. Okay?"

"Alex just tell me whatever has you so upset and I'll help you with whatever it is." Walker urged Alex to tell him but she stated "I said that I don't want to deal with it right now and I'm not going to. Drop it, will you? I need to think about what's best for me and the children before I say anything to you. And yes I know that you're their father but right now I simply need some time to think. Can you at least think about me and what I need for once?" Walker knowing that Alex wasn't going to say anything else to him about what was bothering her changed the subject to the children and Alex told him to go ahead and pick them up from the daycare center. Walker trying to lighten Alex's somber mood  grumbled that she was just trying to get him to let her drive the truck home while he had the children in the van. Alex replied that she had a little more work to do that evening and really didn't want all three of their children stuck at the daycare center much longer on a Friday evening. After Walker left her office Alex sat down at her desk lost in thought. After about an hour Alex picked up the phone and called her house, the answering machine picked up so Alex left a message that she wasn't going to be home anytime soon and that most likley she wouldn't make it home at all that night but that she would try to be home before the children woke up. That she would see the children in the morning.

When Walker got Alex's message he called her office but she didn't answer him so he hung up the phone. About three o'clock in the morning Alex tiptoed into the house and headed to the guest bedroom. Walker who had been sitting on the couch waiting up for Alex got up and went into the hallway where he asked her "why are you going into the guest bedroom?" Alex replied "because it's late and I didn't want to wake you up be getting into bed with you."

"How about we both go upstairs to bed?" Walker suggested as he moved to put his arm around her shoulder. Alex placed her hand around Walker's waist as she answered "okay. Walker I want you to always remember that I love you and all three of our children."

Walker grew more concerned about Alex's health and pushed her to tell him that matter was but she responded that she still needed time to think about it. Seeing the love on Walker's face Alex said "it's nothing bad but will you please give me some time to get my thoughts in order before I tell you? I have to follow up on something to make sure that things are as they seem to be. After I confirm it I will tell you what you need to know." Walker nodded okay and they headed up to their bedroom.

That Sunday evening Trivette entered C.D.'s to see Summers there with a man all over her. C.D. was looking on in disgust. Breaking away from the man Summers spotted Trivette and questioned him "so tell me Ranger Trivette where is that partner of yours living at with my son? Did you or C.D. feel sorry for Cordell and take him in?" Trivette snapped back at her "what's it to you?"

"Well I really don't care where Walker is living at but it would be nice to know that my son has a roof over his head." Summers snidely answered Trivette who got mad and all but yelled at her "like you give a damn about my nephew. Hell you sold Walker's ranch out from under him and young Cordell. Why don't you do Cord a favor and just leave? He doesn't need a mother like you."

The man who was with Summers got up and stated "I'm allowing my girlfriend to be a mother to her son until she has my son. When that happens that little brat you call a nephew will no longer see her. So back off now if you know what's good for you. “Losing his temper Trivette questioned Summers "you take Walker away from Alex by telling him that you had his son then that wasn't good enough for you so you sell his ranch out from under him? Where was your concern for your son then? Do you understand that if Alex hadn't bought the ranch with her lottery winnings your son would have been homeless?"

"What do you mean Cahill bought the ranch? Is that witch living there too?" An irate Summers asked Trivette who answered without thinking "yes Alex is living at the ranch with Walker and young Cord. And that's the way it should be and would have been if you hadn't pulled your stunt. As a matter of fact Alex and Walker just had a set of twins." No sooner than the words had left Trivette's mouth he realized that maybe he shouldn't have said anything about Alex being at the ranch and her having had twins to Walker too.

Trivette then went over to the bar where C.D. told him "Jimmy she was going to find out sooner or later." Trivette replied "I think Alex would have preferred Summers to find out later, like after she gave Walker his divorce." Merilee stormed over to the bar and demanded that Trivette answer her questions about Alex but both he and C.D. ignored Summers so she returned to where she had been sitting at.

Shortly after that Walker came in with Cord who went over to his mother and asked her "Mommy why did you leave me?"  Ignoring her son Summers went to Walker and told him "you can forget about that divorce Cordell because I'm going to fight it and a matter of fact I'm going to name that...Cahill as the other woman unless you give me Cord tonight. So what is it going to be Cordell? Your son or that tramp Cahill and her little twin bastards?" This infuriated Walker who told Trivette to take Cord into the backroom but before he could do so the child said "Mommy my baby brother and baby sister are not little bastards whatever that means. And Miss Alex is not a tramp, she's real nice to me. She cooks a lot better than you and Daddy do."

Jonas grabbed young Cord by his shoulder as he told the child "you need to learn how to shut your mouth boy. You only speak when I tell you that you can. That's the first thing that I'm going to teach you when you live with your mother and me. Now keep your mouth shut and go outside and wait for your mother while I deal with your loser of a father." Walker ripped Jonas' hand away from his son and motioned for him to go into C.D.'s backroom. As Walker squared off with Jonas, Summers yelled at her son "get your behind outside right this minute before I blister your backside young man."

Cord looked at his mother as he said "Miss Alex has never blistered my backside and neither did Grandma and Poppy. I want to stay with Miss Alex and the babies. Daddy and Miss Alex said that I could. Please let me stay with them." Before Summers could answer her son C.D. assured the child that he would be staying on at the ranch then he led the child into the backroom. After Walker took care of Jonas, Summers snarled at him "this isn't over by a long shot Cordell. Cahill will regret the day she went after my son."

Jonas picked himself off of the floor then yelled at Summers “Let’s go. I'll take care of that idiot cowboy some other time." After they left Trivette said "I'm sorry Walker, I spilled the beans." Walker nodded okay and got his son out of C.D.'s backroom. Shortly after that Edels came in saying that he had run into traffic and was sorry that he was late. Then he asked if Miss Summers had been there. Walker told Edels what had happened then he took his son and left C.D.'s.


Chapter Four


Several weeks later Walker received Merilee Summers' divorce petition and it named Alex Cahill as the co-respondent. She also filed for full custody of young Cord and in the petition for that Summers named her parents as the primary child care providers should she win full custody. Summers' custody suit alledged that Cordell Walker was an unfit parent who was in the habit of working late and leaving their impressionable young son with a woman who had loose moral standards, I.E. Alexandra Cahill who had recently given birth to twins out of wedlock. When Walker asked Alex what her being named co-respondent meant she told him that there were still laws on the books in some states, including Texas in which the person named as the co-respondent in a divorce by the presiding judge meant the divorcee was prohibited by law from marrying the co-respondent after the divorce was granted. When Walker questioned Alex further about it she snapped at him "if the judge finds that I am indeed the co-respondent in your divorce from Summers the state of Texas would never consider our marriage, should we ever get married to be a legal one. That means that if we were to have any more children in the future they too would be born out of wedlock." Walker attempted to pull Alex to him in an effort to console her but she shrugged him off and told him "you'd better go see your lawyer Edels as soon as possible to fight Summers' divorce and custody suits."

Walker went and saw his lawyer Edels who assured him that young Cord would remain with Walker during the custody fight as long as Walker didn't do anything stupid. Attorney Edels quickly got a court order stating that Walker had full custody of his son and should continue to have full custody of the minor child in question during the custody fight. That Alex Cahill could be considered to be a primary child care provider for young Cord since she and her twins who were in fact Cord's half siblings were sharing a house with him and that she had been taking care of the child along with his father Cordell Walker ever since Miss Summers had turned her back on the child. Furthermore that his client Cordell Walker intended to marry Alexendra Cahill once his divorce was final. Edels was able to get the court order for temporary custody because of Summers having left her son behind to persue her singing career. Edels then cautioned Walker that he shouldn't even think about having any more children until after the divorce was finalized because it would look bad to the judge who had already admitted his reluctance to give Walker sole custody of young Cord and had in fact only done so because of the mother leaving the child behind when she had resumed her singing career.

Walker returned back home to the ranch and told Alex what Edels had told him. Alex replied "I figured all that out Cordell John Walker but sometimes things just don't work out the way that we think they should. I mean look at us. Who would have thought we'd be here living together with three children but not as husband and wife. That you would be married to Summers and not me and that we would be living in what a lot of people would call sin. Did that ever occur to you? Because I have to tell you that was something that would have never occurred to me. Not in a million years." Walker answered her "Alex we will get married. You know that. Don't you lady of mine?"

Walking away from him Alex sadly said "no I don't know that. You and I both know that Summers will see to it that the judge names me as the co-respondent in your divorce thereby assuring that I will never be your legal wife. If I have to I will live with that just as long as we end up with custody of Cord. I won't give up my one shot at happiness with you only to have us lose our oldest son." Walker went over to Alex and pulled her to him as he said to her "Alex stop it. You don't have to give up on your happiness with me to insure that Cord stays here with the two of us. Okay lady?"

Alex stepped back from Walker as she questioned him "why can't I sacrifice my happiness in order to keep Cord here with us? Isn't that what you did when you married Summers? You gave up your happiness with me in order to insure that your son would live with you. I love that child as much as I love the twins and I will do whatever I have to, to keep him here with us, where he belongs. And can we please change the subject? I'm tired and all I want to do is to go to bed."

Walker teased her "with or without me?" Alex replied "Cordell I thought that I just told you that I was tired." Walker getting concerned about Alex's health asked her "what is the matter with you lady? And don't tell me nothing or try putting me off again about your health. You've been sick a lot lately. Now what did Dr. Stine tell you was the matter with you when you saw her last month? Did you ever confirm what you said you needed to confirm?"

"I told you that I couldn't tell you what was wrong with me until after I got something confirmed and I haven't done that yet because I was so busy with those double murder cases which as you know I got a conviction in just today. And before you say anything else to me I already made a follow up appointment with the doctor that Dr. Stine suggested that I see. It's next Thursday and she'll hopefully confirm what my health issue is at that appointment. After that happens I will tell you what is going on. Okay?" Alex informed Walker who answered "Okay, for now."

Several days’ later Walker and Trivette were riding in Walker's truck back to Ranger headquarters when Walker mentioned that Alex was still getting sick to her stomach. Trivette who had put two and two together about Alex's health asked his partner "didn't it ever occur to you Walker that Alex is expecting again? I mean she was stick to her stomach all the time before she left town last year and we all know now why that was. Don't we?"

"Trivette, Alex would have told me if she was pregnant. She wouldn't keep something like that from me again." Walker said but Trivette pointed out "Alex didn't tell you about the twins, now did she? Yes I know that she had her reasons not to tell you then. And I don't think this time is all that much different. I mean just think about it, she's been named as the co-respondent in your divorce and if the judge agrees with Summers about Alex, you and Alex may never be able to legally wed. Alex has already had your children out of wedlock and I doubt if she wants to go through that again. So she may be putting off finding out for sure in the hopes that it will all work out somehow. Alex loves your son as much as she loves the twins and she can't bear the thought that she might cost you him. See what I'm saying?" Walker nodded okay so Trivette changed the subject.

That night in their bedroom Alex was sitting up in bed reading a magazine when Walker entered the bedroom. He sat down on the bed and reached for her hand as he asked her "Alex you know that you can tell me anything, don't you?"

Alex put her magazine on her nightstand then took Walker's hand and raised it to her lips then she kissed his hand. After releasing Walker's hand Alex said to him "I'm so sorry Walker and I didn't mean for this to happen but I'm pregnant. I know that I should have told you sooner but I was so hoping that I wasn't pregnant. That's the last thing we need right now." Walker objected "Are you telling me that you don't want the baby?"

Tears started rolling down Alex's face as she explained "that's not what I said. What I meant was that once the judge finds out that I'm carrying your babies again he will legally name me as co-respondent in your divorce from Summers and we won't be able to get married. That means all of our babies will be born out of wedlock. It also might cost you custody of Cord and that isn't right either. Oh Walker I love you so much and I love being the mother of your children. The three that we have now and the two that we're going to have in five to six months. I just wish that everything was behind us and we could be a happily married couple looking forward to the birth of their babies."

Walker pulled Alex to him as he vowed "everything will be okay. You and I will get married before the babies are here. You have my word. Now how about you get some rest?" Alex replied "I hope that you're right about the future Cordell Walker. However I can worry about it tomorrow but right now I should get some rest. I'm not tired enough yet to fall asleep on my own. I don't suppose that you're interested in tiring me out so that I can fall asleep in your arms?" Walker answered with his actions. When they were done Alex laid in Walker's arms as she stated "we can do anything just as long as we do it together. We and our children will be okay." Walker tightened his arms around Alex as he vowed to himself that no matter what it took he and Alex would raise all of their children together and that they would be together for the rest of their lives.

The next morning when she noticed that Walker was awake Alex explained to him "when I started getting sick to my stomach I suspected that I was pregnant again so I went and saw Dr. Stine who then sent me to see Dr. Bates. She's an O.B.G-Y.N. and she confirmed that I was indeed pregnant. Dr. Bates told me that she thought it was possible I was right when I told her that I thought I was carrying twins again but that I needed to have a sonogram done to confirm it. I knew from what happened the last time I was pregnant that I was most likely right about it being twins again. I put off telling you about my pregnancy so that I could have the sonogram done first, that way I would be able to show you the sonogram pictures of the babies. Walker you have to understand that last time I wasn't able to share any of this with you. Honey I was determined to share the pregnancy with you but only once I could show you proof that I was carrying your twins again. Will you ever be able to forgive me for not telling you sooner?" Walker assured her "Alex it's okay. I know about the babies now and that's all that matters to me. I'd like to go to your appointment with you when you get the sonogram done. Is that okay with you?" Alex replied "I'd like that Cordell."


Chapter Five


Walker went with Alex when she got her sonogram done. After the technician got Alex ready for the sonogram she had him bring Walker in the exam room so that he could watch it being done. Shortly after that Dr. Bates entered the exam room and asked Alex "who do we have here?" Alex introduced Walker "Dr. Bates this is Texas Ranger Cordell Walker. He's the father of my babies."

"Nice to meet you Ranger Walker. Would the two of you like to know what you're having? If you don't want to know ahead of time please tell me now." Dr. Bates told the pair. Walker looked at Alex who answered for them "we would both like to know what we're having so that Walker will know how to do the nursery."

Dr. Bates nodded to the technician who began the sonogram. The monitor was turned slightly so that Walker and Alex could see what was happening. Pointing to two blobs on the screen Dr. Bates said "well Alex it looks like you were right. I see two babies. And from what I can see and from what the monitor is picking up they are doing good." Looking at the screen in wonder Walker questioned the doctor "that's our babies? Can you tell what they are?"

Dr. Bates answered "I should be able to let you know that in a couple of minutes." Then she turned her attention to the technician and told him "Jeremy go over them again will you?  Only slower this time." Jeremy did as Dr. Bates had asked him to do. Dr. Bates then said to him "thank you, I know what they are now. Would you please print up a picture for the parents?" Jeremy replied that he would and after cleaning off Alex's belly handed the printed picture to Dr. Bates then left the exam room.

Dr. Bates then said to the pair as she handed Alex the picture "here's the sonogram picture for your twins. And just like last time you are having one of each. Now Alex since you’re having another set of twins so close to your first set I want you to greatly reduce the stress in your life just to be on the safe side. Your blood pressure is just a little bit high but right now it's nothing to worry about, just so long as it doesn't get any higher. Also and this is just me being ultra cautious I would like to start seeing you every two weeks until the babies are here. I don't expect any problems but it's better to be safe now than to be sorry later. Any questions?"

Alex responded "I'll go on maternity leave to reduce the stress in my life. Now Dr. Bates what about sex? We can still engage in it, can't we?" Noticing that Walker was studying the carpet because of her patient's last question Dr. Bates smilingly answered "yes you can. My receptionist will let you know when your next appointment is Alex. Ranger Walker is was nice to have met you. I'm counting on you to help my patient reduce the stress in her life." Walker replied that he would see to it that Alex reduced the stress in her life.

Walker walked Alex to her private office and told her that he would be by later to see what time she was going to head home for the day. That if she wanted him to he could drive them home in the van and leave his truck at work. Alex told him that sounded good to her so Walker then suggested that they stop by C.D.'s on the way home and eat their dinner there. Alex replied that was the best idea he had all day. Walker winked at Alex then left her private office. Alex picked up her phone and called D.A. Moody to request a meeting with him. Moody told her that he was free in about ten minutes and for Alex to meet him in his office.

At the meeting Alex got straight to the point "D.A. Moody I'm sorry to do this to you on such short notice but I have to take a maternity leave. I would like to start it as soon as I finish the Dewey trial. It's scheduled to start first thing tomorrow morning and shouldn't take me more than three or four days to wrap up." Moody answered "A.D.A. Cahill I have been hearing rumors that you and Ranger Walker are currently living together with your twins and his son at his ranch. I've also heard rumors that Ranger Walker's wife Merilee Summers has named you as a co-respondent in her divorce suit. And while I know how you choose to live is your business I do have to run for re-election. I have to answer to the public. Some of my backers have been urging me to fire you under the morals clause that's in every A.D.A.'s service contract. I think everything considered it's best if you turn over everything you have on the Dewey case to A.D.A. Holland this afternoon. He'll conduct the trial. As for you taking a maternity leave I think that it's best if we consider this to be your last day of employment here. I'm sorry to do this to you A.D.A. Cahill but I do have to be accountable to the people of this county for my staff and their actions. If you and Ranger Walker get married in the future I would have no problem with you returning to work here as a A.D.A. at that time."

Alex replied "I understand D.A. Moody and I'll hand over my notes on the Dewey case to A.D.A. Holland then I'll clean out my office." D.A. Moody told her okay so Alex left his office. As Walker was helping Alex put the boxes of her personal possessions into the van he asked her "Are you going to have a new office when you return from maternity leave?"

"I'm not returning to the D.A.'s office after the babies are born. Moody knows that Summers named me as the other woman and since he has to answer to the public I no longer have a job at the D.A.'s office." Alex told Walker who pulled her into a hug. After a few minutes Alex stepped back from Walker and suggested that he follow her in the truck to the daycare center to pick up their children. After they had the twins in the van Walker told Alex that he and Cord would meet her at C.D.'s.

As they were sitting in a booth at C.D.s Walker and Alex were watching as C.D. was unsuccessfully trying to teach Cord how to play darts. Walker nudged Alex in the ribs as he teased her "he's about as good at playing darts as you are." Alex teased right back "I don't know about that cowboy. If I recall right I put a dart into a picture of my intended target. And furthermore I do believe that I was able to land my target too." Walker kissed her then they turned their attention to the twins who were eating some fries.

Trivette came in and sat down on a chair by the booth and asked Alex "so Alex how are you feeling?" Alex looked at Walker who nodded okay so she answered "I'm doing just fine and so are our twins, both sets of them." Trivette got up from his seat kissed Alex on her cheek then told her "that's great. I'm going to be an uncle again. Hey have you guys picked out names yet? Because if you haven't I can think of one for a boy if you're having one."

"I'll just bet that you can Jimmy. Walker and I have already agreed on our newest son's name. And it's James Gordon Walker." Alex answered Trivette who preened for a minute then questioned them "what about my god daughter? What is her name going to be?"

Alex told him "Walker and I haven't come up with a name for our daughter yet. When we do we'll let you guys know." Trivette nodded okay then spotting a pretty lady entering C.D.'s got up from his seat and went to hit on her. Alex turned to Walker and asked him "Is it okay with you if we name our daughter Sydney Ellen Walker? Sydney is a friend of mine and I think we should honor Ellen's memory by naming our daughter after her because she was very important to you." Walker picked up Alex's hand kissed it then told her "lady of mine that's fine by me."

That night in their bedroom Walker suggested to Alex "have you thought about taking a job with the State Attorney General's Office after your maternity leave is over with? They could really use someone like you." Alex replied "not really. I don't want to think about work right now. All I want to think about is the so very handsome man in my bedroom with me. So tell me cowboy how do you feel about us engaging in sex?"

Walker didn't bother using any words to answer Alex instead he let his actions speak for him leaving Alex quite happy to be sharing a bed with her very own cowboy.


Chapter Six


It was a couple of months later and Merilee Summers' attorney had filed a motion with the court in which he asked that there be no paternity test taken on Cordell Summers Walker as neither party was disputing the fact that Cordell Walker was the biological father of the minor child in question. The judge called a court session in order to address the matter. After Summers was sworn in she told the court that her son was conceived during a one night she and Cordell Walker had years ago. She was then dismissed and Walker was sworn in. He told the court that he didn't need a paternity test taken to know that young Cord was his son. The judge questioned Walker further about the matter but Walker stated that Cord had his blood type and that was all the proof that he needed to know that he was his son. The judge then ruled that since Cordell Walker had admitted paternity of the child there was no need for a paternity test. That Cordell John Walker was the legal father of Cordell Summers Walker.

After Walker was dismissed from the stand the attorney for Summers addressed the court by saying "your honor it has come to our attention that Miss Cahill is expecting children out of wedlock again. Therefor it is the wish of my client that her son be removed from the custody of his father and sent to live with my client's parents in Ohio. She fears that her son will end up with very loose morals if he spends any more time with Miss Cahill and Ranger Walker. Both of whom are in the habit of producing children without the benefit of marriage." Edels quickly objected "your honor I must protest the petition to remove the child from my client's home. It is one thing to take a child from his father and give custody of him to his mother but it is quite another thing to send the child to live with grandparents who may resent being forced to take on the chore of raising a child while his mother tours small arenas in the hopes of relaunching her career, such that it is. My client believes that it is in the best interest of his son to remain with himself and Miss Cahill in a loving and secure home. At the very least your honor the court should contact Miss Summers' parents and see how they would treat the child before tearing him away from his father and the woman who has been taking care of Cordell Summers Walker ever since his mother turned her back on the child. Miss Cahill has been a true mother to the child ever since she returned to Dallas. Miss Summers has not been a mother to the child in quite some time."

The judge ruled "this court will contact Miss Summers' parents and see if they can provide a secure and loving home for Cordell Summers Walker. In the meantime in light of Miss Cahill being with child again I am leaning towards naming her as co-respondent in Miss Summers divorce from Cordell Walker. Edels I want a brief from you no later than next week with a valid reason why I should not name Miss Cahill as correspondent. Court dismissed."

As they were leaving the courtroom Merilee said to Walker "if you don't want your precious Cahill named as co-respondent in our divorce give me custody of Cord." Walker didn't bother to answer her. That evening after Walker told her what had happened in court earlier in the day Alex sadly said to him "well I guess this means that I will never be your wife and both sets of our twins will be born out of wedlock."

Walker tried to pull Alex to him in an effort to comfort her but Alex almost angrily shrugged him off then went into the bathroom where she slammed the door shut. Walker then got himself ready for bed. When Alex returned from the bathroom she stood by the side of the bed as she questioned him "why didn't you come to me when she told you that she had given birth to your son? Why couldn't you have trusted me enough to know that I would have moved heaven and earth to help you get custody of your son? Do you have any idea what it's like for me to give birth to the children of the man that I love but not be his wife? Do you know how badly you hurt me by turning your back on the future we had planned together?"

Walker got up from the bed and went to Alex's side where he answered her "I know what I've done to you. I also know that I will never be able to tell you how sorry I am that I hurt you. Alex you are the one woman who's always been there for me and I walked away from you when I shouldn't have. I trust you but at the time I was concerned that I would never get to know my son if I didn't agree to Merilee's terms." Alex stepped back from Walker and all but yelled at him "since when do you back down from a fight Cordell Walker?"

"Alex I did what I had to do at the time. It wasn't a fight; it was my son that needed taken care of. After we were married I went to see a lawyer to see if there was any way that I could still be a father to my son without still being married to Merilee. He said that I could so I was going to explain everything to you first before I filed for a divorce but then Trivette told me that you had left town. After that all that mattered to me was my son and keeping him in my life. I lost the woman that I love because of my actions but I wasn't going to lose my son also. When you returned to the ranch that day and I saw you for the first time in months and I saw that you were carrying my babies I felt that I was going to have a family of my own for the first time since I was a child. I LOVE YOU. More than you'll ever know." Walker ended his explanation with a heartfelt vow. Alex replied "I love you too Cordell but there are times when you make me so mad that I want to strangle you."

"And right after you get over that impulse we kiss and make up." Walker said as he pulled Alex to him. She threw her arms around his neck and they began kissing. After they were done Alex teased Walker "You know when ever this is all over with you owe me one hell of a honeymoon Cordell Walker." Walker answered "How does Paris sound to you?" Alex snuggled closer as she said "like heaven."

Several weeks later Walker and Cord were slowly riding their horses back to the barn when Sydney Cooke pulled up in her car. After getting out of her car Sydney waved at Walker and Cord who were still a short distance from the barn. Just then she heard what sounded like Alex's voice calling out for help so she took off in a sprint for the house. Walker seeing this spurred his horse into a faster pace while telling his son "you go into the barn and wait there for me."

Walker hurried into his house to find Sydney trying to defeat Jonas while Merilee was trying to kick a fallen Alex in her stomach. Walker told Sydney "I've got him you help Alex." Walker squared off with Jonas while Sydney grabbed Summers away from a still prone Alex who was clutching her stomach and moaning in pain. Walker kicked Jonas through the living room window while Sydney twisted Summers' arm behind her back and took her outside. Walker went outside after Jonas who quickly dropped to his knees and pleaded for Walker not to hit him anymore. Sydney who still had a grip on Summers asked Walker "what do you want me to do with her?"

Walker went to Summers and told her "if anything happens to the babies that Alex is carrying you will regret the day you were born." Merilee scoffed at him "you would never hit a woman and you know that my Cordell."

Sydney snapped "no Alex's Walker would never hit a woman but I would have no problem with doing whatever I had to so that you would regret even thinking about hurting Alex again. Now I suggest that you leave here and never come back." As their attention was on Summers young Cord came out of the barn and Jonas who had been inching away from them grabbed the boy and yelled at Merilee as he hurried to his car with the child "get in the car." Merilee sprinted to the car followed by Walker and Sydney. Jonas then held a knife to Cord's neck as he said " Another step by either one of you and I'll slice the brat."

Merilee got into the car and told Jonas "please take that knife away from his throat before it slips or something." Jonas still with the knife on Cord's throat opened his car door and started to slip into the car. He then looked right at Walker and sharply pressed the knife into Cord's throat drawing blood. Jonas then shoved the bleeding child to the ground and floored the car away from the house as Walker and Sydney ran to the child. Walker turned his son over and quickly placed pressure on the neck wound. Walker then told Sydney to go check on Alex then call an ambulance. Sydney went into the house.

Walker seeing that the bleeding was easing up picked up his son and headed towards the house with him. At the same time Trivette's car came flying down the private lane to the ranch. The car that Summers and Jonas was in at the last possible second swerved to avoid Trivette's car and skidded off the road and flew into the air. When it landed nose first the car flipped over several times before coming to a rest. Trivette stopped his car and motioned for Gage to check on the car while he hurried to the house.

Inside the house young Cord was sitting on a chair while holding a towel to his neck while Walker was kneeling besides Alex who was moaning in pain. Walker looked up at Trivette who told him "there was a car flying down your lane and it wrecked. Gage is checking on it. Alex had called me and said that she spotted Summers and Jonas getting out of a car and starting towards the house. Alex also said that you and Cord were out taking a ride. What happened?"

Walker quickly explained. A short time later Gage came into the house and said "I'll call the police then the coroner. I can stay here and deal with everything Walker while you go to the hospital." Walker nodded okay. Sydney who had been upstairs checking on the babies came back down the steps then and told Walker that she would watch the twins for him.

Dr. Bates entered Alex's hospital room and quickly checked the fetal monitors. Then she asked her patient "how are you feeling?" Alex answered "I'm feeling better now but what about the babies? Are they going to be okay?"

Dr. Bates replied "the monitors show no signs of the babies being harmed in any way from the blows that were inflicted on you. Alex I would like to keep you in the hospital for the next several days to make sure everything stays okay. Now before you get upset this is just my being cautious again. Okay?" Alex then said "okay Dr. Bates. My stepson was brought to this hospital with a stab wound to his neck and I would like to know how he is doing."

"Ranger Walker is waiting out in the hallway with him. I'll tell them that they can see you for a while but after that you are to get some rest." Dr. Bates informed Alex then left the hospital room. Walker and Cord came into the room. Noticing that Cord was hanging back Alex asked him "are you okay honey?"

Cord answered "no Miss Alex. Did my Mommy hurt you and the babies that you have inside of you? That man with her stabbed me in my neck. I had to get stitches in my neck and it's going to hurt when I get them out. Miss Alex was my mother hurt when that man wrecked his car? I haven't seen her here." By the time he had finished speaking young Cord had tears in his eyes so Alex opened her arms as she told him "come here sweetheart. The babies are just fine and that man has been taken care of. When you get your stitches out I'll kiss it and make it all better for you."

Now in Alex's arms Cord questioned her "what about my Mommy Miss Alex? Is she going to be okay?" Alex looked at Walker who shook his head no so that she would understand that Merilee Summers was dead. Alex with Walker's help explained to the child that his mother was dead.

Cord then said to them "does this mean I'm going to stay with the two of you? Or are you going to get tired of me like my mother did and leave me? What happens when you have the new babies? Will I have to leave then?" Alex answered "your father and I love you very much and we would never ever leave you. Honey you know what a good big brother I think that you are to Angela and Ray. Sweetheart how about we make a deal? And that is that you also become a big brother to these babies too? What do you say? Angela and Ray love their big brother and so will James and Sydney when they get here. That way you will always have a home with your father and me and your four little siblings. That sound good to you?"

Before answering her Cord asked his father "what about my horse Starfire? I won't have to share him with my brothers, will I?" Walker replied "when they are old enough to ride a horse they will be given their own horses. Cord you will always get to keep your horse. Okay son?" Cord held out his hand to his Alex as he said "we have a deal Miss Alex." After shaking his hand Alex told him "that we do and it's for the rest of our lives."

Walker then had Cord wait in the hallway while he talked to Alex. Walker questioned her "are the babies okay? What about you?" Alex responded "they are fine but I'm going to stay here for a few days just to be on the safe side. I'm okay but right now I'd better get some rest. Everything else we can deal with some other time." Walker leaned over kissed Alex then left her room knowing that his family was going to be okay. Walker then vowed that he and Alex were going to get married as soon as they could.