This story is dedicated to my dear sweet great uncle who passed away January 2. He was more like a grandfather to me in every way he was a lot like CD.  There are so many reasons I love the show WTR…but one the reasons I watch it is because as long as the show exists I will always have my favorite uncle.  "Goodbye my Sweetheart, take care and be good."

God hath not promised skies always blue, flower-strewn pathways all our lives through, God hath not promised sun without rain, joy without sorrow, peace without pain, but God hath promised strength for the day, rest for the labor, light for the way, grace for the trials, help from above, unfailing sympathy Undying love….

This quote comes for the  memorial of my dear Great Uncle Oscar….May you rest is peace…I will miss you….

Saying Goodbye



                A dreary, gray cloud hung over Dallas like a pall. Snow fell like frozen tear-drops as the temperature dipped well below freezing.  But even with the freezing temperatures it didn't stop the throng of people from attending the funeral of a famous Texas Ranger.  C.D. Parker was being laid to rest after a long, hard battle with cancer.

            Now his niece and her husband stood next to Walker, Trivette and Alex.  As the guns sounded Alex could feel the tears falling down her cheeks and her chest was weighing heavy as she held in the sobs.  Trying to say goodbye to a man who had been like a father to her was proving to be one of the hardest things she had ever done.  Glancing at her husband she could tell how C.D.'s death had affected him.  Without speaking a word she knew they were sharing pain and when he wanted to talk she would be there.

            Jimmy stood still as the bag pipes played their melancholy tune.  He had been there at the end, when C.D. had slipped away from them in his sleep.  In fact it had taken Jimmy several minutes to realize that the "Big Dog" was gone.  Checking for a pulse he had ran out the door to find a nurse who, after taking his blood pressure, informed him that C.D. was gone.

            "Hello?" Alex answered the phone early that morning.  Walker had left a day earlier to question a witness down near Houston and Trivette had sent her home.  At first she had put up a fight but with two children to contend with she finally relented.

            "Alex…C.D. passed away just a few minutes ago." She could hear how hard it was for Jimmy to tell her the news and even though Alex had known it was coming her eyes fought back the tears.

            "OK, Jimmy, I will get the children and we'll be right in."

            "Uh…Alex, do you want to call Walker, or do you want me to do it?"

            "He's supposed to be back in an hour or so. I'll just leave a message for him to meet us."

            "Alright…let's just meet at the bar."

            After hanging up the phone Alex noted that the tears were falling.  For several minutes she stood there unsure of what to do.  He was gone, the man they had loved for years, their "father" was gone. He had always been there to add an extra hand and never afraid to give his "two cents" in a matter.  For that they had loved him just like they loved each other.  For years they had been a family and now one of them was gone.  The puzzle was missing a piece…a piece that could never be replaced.

            "Mommy…mommy." Alex was pulled out of her trance as four year old Faith tugged on her leg.

            "What honey?" Alex asked picking up her precious daughter.

            "Why are you crying?"

            "Well…uh sweetheart, I'm not sure if you'll understand, but Grandpa C.D. isn't with us anymore."

            With bright blue eyes and the voice of an angel Faith looked up at Alex and said, "you mean he crossed the river?" Alex could only nod her head in amazement at the words.

            "Yes, Grandpa C.D. crossed the river.  Did Daddy tell you about that?"

            "Yes." Alex was amazed at how bright Faith was.  She seemed to grasp everything that they taught her.

            "Well we need to get dressed so we can meet Uncle Jimmy in town."

            "What about Daddy?"

            "We'll meet Daddy when he returns." Satisfied with that response Alex smiled through her tears as Faith bounced up the stairs to her room.

            A short time later Alex, Faith and C.J. came into C.D.'s bar.  At first Alex was apprehensive about meeting Jimmy there, why she wasn't sure.  For almost a year C.D. had been too sick to work.  In his absence Mabel had more than graciously ran the business.  Then six months prior C.D. had handed the pink slip to Jimmy.  But it wasn't owned just by him, C.D. had left it to all three of them.  Unsure of which one to give it to he had decided to give it to all of them, figuring between them all it would continue.  So in turn Mabel ran the business and Trivette, Walker and Alex "managed" it.  So far business was fine, if anything it had actually picked up.

            "Uncle Jimmy!" Faith said running up to her favorite uncle.  Alex followed closely behind with two year old C.J. on her hip. 

            "Hey there beautiful." Jimmy replied picking her up.

            "Mommy said Grandpa C.D crossed the river." Jimmy caught off guard glanced to Alex who only nodded her head.

            "Yes Faith, Grandpa C.D. crossed the river."

            "I'm going to miss him." Faith said matter a factly.

            "You know what so will I." Jimmy said noting that Alex's eyes had misted over.  Little C.J. didn’t' understand as he squirmed and demanded to be put down, which Alex obliged.

            "You know what Uncle Jimmy?" Faith asked starting in again.


            "I'm going to miss how Grandpa C.D. used to pick on me."

            Jimmy sat there a minute and chuckled.  She was right of all the things that he would miss that was one of the main ones too.  "'Big Dog' sure did have a way with words that's for sure."

            Alex nodded her head in agreement.  "Yes he did. He could take anything and make it seem funny.  And his smile, it radiated the entire room.  Whenever I was upset all I had to do was come here and listen to him for awhile.  Wouldn't be too long and I would be laughing like crazy."

            Just then the door opened and Walker came in.  Alex got up and met him in his embrace.

            "What's going on…I got a message to meet you guys here?"

            "Honey, C.D. passed away a couple of hours ago. I didn’t want to tell you over the phone." She could tell he was hurting, he had wanted to be there.  But the witness couldn't wait. 

            "Was someone with him?"

            "Yeah, Jimmy was there." Walker could only nod as Alex led him to a table.

            "Daddy!" Faith said reaching out her arms for him to take her.  Two tiny arms wrapped around his neck as C.J. toddled over and stood next to Walker who was now sitting in a chair.

            "Hi there." Walker said to both of his growing children.

            "Daddy, Grandpa C.D. crossed the river." Faith said happy that she was adding to the conversation.

            "I know honey." Walker was trying to be understanding and sociable but all he really wanted was to be alone.  But he also knew that they all needed to heal and get through the time together.  He hadn't gotten a chance to be with him in the end.  Sure he had spent as much time as possible with him, but in the end his job had come first.

            "Daddy, what are you going to miss about Grandpa C.D.?" Faith had asked.

            Walker sat there a moment taken aback to the question.  What would he miss most.  There were so many things about C.D. that he would miss.  His sense of humor, his abilities as a Ranger, his friendship…there were just so many things.

            "You know something I'm thankful the "old goat" did?" Jimmy asked smiling at Walker and Alex who were sitting close with their two beautiful children.

            "What Jimmy?" Alex asked looking up.

            "I'm thankful he never gave up on you two."    

Alex just laughed as Walker nodded his head.

            "Jimmy's right, if C.D. hadn't been there when we first met…goodness I don’t even want to think what could have happened."

            "You guys would have killed each other." Jimmy said as they all chuckled and nodded in agreement.

            For most of the afternoon they had sat around the table remembering the good times along with the bad times.  There were so few people that warmed your heart the way C.D. did.  Even in the end when he was in pain he was the picture perfect patient.  One afternoon in particular he was coming out of some of the drugs and the nurse had come up to him to see if he was comfortable.

            "Mr. Parker…how do you feel?"

            "With my fingers…" he had said without batting an eye.  The nurses had been in stitches for days over that one.    

            Everyone he met he touched their hearts.  Through his stories and through his actions C.D. Parker was one of the best men that lived on the earth.  He was gentle as a lamb and yet when the time warranted it he could be meaner than a hornet's nest.  They all knew that through the years there would never be another man that would equal C.D.  He was one of a kind that was for sure. 

            As the pastor finished the short grave side service a soft blanket of snow began to fall.  It seemed so peaceful and so serene.  A brisk north wind gently blew the flaps of the tent they were standing under.  Several groups had moved off as the small trio stood before the casket.  They all held hands and through their pain and mourning they said goodbye.

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