Second Chances

By: Alphie (

The day was overcast with no sign of the sun. It was very muggy, so muggy it almost made breathing hard. Fortunately for Walker he was in court all day with air-conditioning. It was the only time in his life that he was actually glad to be cooped up in doors.

Finally after six hours court adjourned and as usual Walker waited for Alex outside court- room doors. As she approached he smiled. He was so happy to see her beautiful face.

They hugged and kissed then made their way to the elevators. Once they were in they discussed on a place to eat for dinner. Since both may never eat in Jackson , Mississippi ever again they decided to eat at a well-known restaurant named Grandmas Gumbo. It was supposed to have excellent gumbo.

Once they were inside Walker s truck Alex called Grandmas, got directions, and soon they were on their way.

Hey, Walker you want to stay here for another day?

He shook his head. Cant, remember that tournament tomorrow?

She smiled. How could I forget. Its state and ten of your students are competing.

Its okay, I really dont blame you. He chuckled. Lately, both of us have felt like chickens with our heads cut off. Especially with this hearing.

Yeah, but its finally over and we can relax.

You can, but Ive got to get back to work in two days.

Why dont you take a vacation once in awhile.

Walker shrugged. Dont know, might get bored.

Without warning the tractor-trailer in front of Walker started to swerve violently. On impulse Walker slammed on his brakes, but as he did the semi fished-tailed sending its trailer flying into Walker s pick-up truck. Walker had no time to react as the trailer slammed into the drivers side.

Paramedic Jacob Webb quickly jumped out of the back of the ambulance. Quickly he surveyed the scene and shuddered. The scene was like none hes seen before. A gray pick-up collided with a semis trailer and was barely recognizable. The drivers side door was completely smashed in which bent the truck at an odd angle. There is no way that the driver could still be alive. Hopefully he wont be assigned to take care of the driver.

Webb, since ya more experienced I need ya to check on the driver. Said Chief Wildon .

Cursing Jacob grabbed his medical supplies and headed toward the wreckage. As he neared the truck glass crunched under his feet and he could see that the back window of the truck was blown out. There was no noise in the wreckage just gut wrenching silence. He hated silence; it always made him nervous.

Hello, anybody awake! He yelled. There was no response.

He didnt want to look in the window, but he finally forced himself to. In the drivers seat there was a man who was pushed all the way into the back seat and almost behind the passenger seat. It appeared that his legs were pinned in the twisted metal and his chest was pinned by the steering wheel. The mans face though appeared to have no trauma, but one slight gash over his left eye and a few cuts. The back of the head might have trauma since he couldnt see it.

Placing his medical supplies down Jacob then reached in the wreckage to try and find the mans left wrist. He was able to find the mans wrist and remarkably it wasnt broken. Checking the mans pulse Jacob was shocked to know that the man had a pulse. It was very weak, but he had a pulse.

Webb, hows the driver? Asked Jessica Davis , Jacobs partner.

Jacob pulled his hand out of the window and rubbed his face. Alive, but barely. The passenger?

Shes strong, but unconscious. She paused.We can get her out within twenty minutes or so.

Thats good. Unfortunately though the driver isnt as lucky. His pinned by metal and steering wheel. It also appears that he could be pinned by the passenger seat.

After he said that he set up an i.v. to get some fluids to the man. Then he tried to get an oxygen mask to the mans face, but found it impossible to. Standing on his tiptoes he reached in and was able to place the mask gently on the mans face. As he did that the man slowly opened his eyes.

A smile crossed Jacobs face. Sir, dont move. Well get ya out of here as soon as we can.

Jacob gently held the mans hand.If you understand me squeeze my hand. The man did. Good, now Im going to play a little game.

Listen to me sir and listen real good. Im going to say the alphabet, but before I do that Ill say beginning, middle, or end. Squeeze my hand to indicate where the letter is in the alphabet. Then squeeze my hand for the letter.

The man squeezed Jacobs hand softly then the man closed his eyes.

Sir, try to stay awake. The man opened his eyes. Okay, lets begin.

Slowly Jacob said the alphabet and managed to get C-o-r-d before the man passed out.

Hey, Jessica! Jacob yelled. What names start with C-o-r-d?

First name that comes to mind is Cordell!

Jacob nodded then checked on the mans vitals. The pulse was still weak, but this time it was irregular. Cursing Jacob sat up another i.v. to help keep the heartbeat strong. Once he did the man gradually opened his eyes.

Sir, is your name Cordell? Jacob asked.

The man managed to nod.

Okay, Cordell lets try and get you out. Jacob said as he placed a c-collar on Cordell.

In Dallas , Trivette sat C.D.s Bar and Grill eating his dinner. He was so lonely with Walker and Alex gone, but they would be back tomorrow. He couldnt wait till tomorrow.

Suddenly something on the news broke him from his thoughts. Looking up he noticed a late breaking news annoucenment. On the screen there was footage of a gruesome wreck. It appeared that a pick-up truck collided with a semi in Jackson , Mississippi . What was eerie about it was that it almost looked like Walker s pick-up.

C.D., does that look like Walker s pick-up? Trivette asked.

C.D. shrugged. Why do you say that?

I dont know. I just have this funny feeling. Trivette sighed. Should I call the Mississippi Highway Patrol?

Nodding C.D. got the phone.Please let me know what you learn.

Trivette called and got a busy signal. He waited five minutes and finally got through.

Mississippi Highway Patrol. How can I help you?

Yes, my name is Ranger James Trivette and I was watching the news and noticed that the truck looks very similar to one of our mens. Is there anyway I can know for certain so that I can notify any family?

Hold on one minute, sir. There was a click.

Captain Mills .

Trivette told Captain Mills his story then waited for an answer.

Okay, Ranger all I know is that the pick-up does have Texas license plates. Can ya tell me the number on the plates so that I confirm if it is or isnt your mans?

Yeah, its AU9 075.

There was a long pause. Ranger, Im sorry to tell you this, but it is your mans truck. All we know right now is that there arent any fatalities but there is a critical. The captain paused. Im going to get you an address and phone number so you can give to the family.

After he got all the information he hung up and nodded to C.D.

Oh, God, no Jimmy. What are we going to do?

Go to Jackson .

Jacob shivered as a cold wind crossed his back. The weather is turning real bad and he could tell that a real bad storm was coming. Shining a flashlight on Cordell Jacob could tell that the man was losing his strength to live. About ten minutes ago Cordell started to go into shock. Lucky enough though Jacob was ready and covered Cordell with a blanket then gave him some medication.

Without any warning it started to rain hard. Cursing he looked around.

How much longer is it going to take?

We already got the female out. Jacobs friend Mitch said. Its going to take another thirty minutes to get the male out.

Wind started to blow really hard and hail begins to fall.

Quickly Jacob went to Cordell to check on him.

Cordell, hang on. Just another thirty minutes.

Cordell blinked then he rolled his eyes into his head. As he did this he began to shake mildly. Right away Jacob knew Cordell was having a seizure. The seizure only lasted for a couple of seconds but Jacob knew that Cordell head a serious head injury.

Jacob patted Cordells shoulder gently. Are you still with me buddy?

Blinking several times Cordell was about to close his eyes again when Jacob stopped him. Cordell just looked at him and Jacob knew by the look in Cordells eyes that he was on the brink of giving up.

Hey, Cordell was that your wife. He smiled. Just squeeze my hand for yes.

Softly Cordell squeezed Jacobs hand. Thats cool. And dont you worry none shes out right now and shes going to be just fine.

Hey, Jacob you need to go right now. Mitch said. Were going to start removing the steering wheel and seat. Also were going to try to cut him out.

Okay, but if you need me just holler. Jacob looked at Cordell.Im going to have to leave for a bit. But dont worry Ill be nearby if you need me.

Cordell swallowed hard.Noleave his voice was barely a whisper.

Sshh, dont talk. Jacob smiled. You just stay strong okay.

Quickly Jacob left Cordells side then stood and watched as the firemen started to work on the car. Standing there he felt so helpless. He wanted to be part of the action but he knew if he was there then it would slow down the rescue effort.

Sighing Jacob went to the ambulance and stepped inside. There he found Jessica sitting there getting everything ready. But for what Jacob didnt know.

Curious he decided to ask. Hey, whatcha doing?

Jessica looked at him. The nearest trauma hospital is only two minutes from here by ambulance. The Chief said that it would be quicker if we transported the male.

Jacob shook his head. No, he needs to get life flighted.

Why? Jessica shook her head. You got attached didnt you?

No, but he just had a seizure. That is a sure sign that he has serious head trauma.

Im sorry Jacob. Orders are orders.

Looking at his watch Jacob realized that twenty minutes went by. Jumping out of the back of the ambulance he ran through the rain and to the truck. Approaching it he noticed that the firemen managed to cut off the drivers side door and remove the steering wheel. Also he noticed that the passenger seat was gone.

So, Mitch was the prognosis.

Mitch shook his head. His legs are really pinned. Right now were trying to cut the metal away but it looks like we might have to amputate.

Jacob was shocked. You mean a double amputation?

Yeah, either that itll take about twenty more minutes.

But he wont survive both of that. Jacob watched as the firemen worked. Listen, talk to him. Tell him that everything is going to be okay.

Mitch nodded his head.Okay, whats his name?


Not to many white guys around here named Cordell. Mitch said.

Jacob shrugged. I dont know but he answers to it.

Nodding Mitch went back to the rescue just in time for one of the fireman to yell good news.

We got his right leg free! The fireman shouted. Hes almost out.

Clapping Jacob ran back to the ambulance and jumped in thankful for some cover from the rain. As soon as he got in he started to set up the equipment.

Okay, Jessica this man is going to the hospital real soon.

Jessica nodded. Alright, you ready?

Jacob smiled. Ready as Ill ever be.

Within five minutes Jacob could hear yelling and cheering from outside. Looking out the ambulance door he noticed that the firemen finally got Cordell free from the wreckage. He was placed on a gurney and Mitch and two other firemen started to push the stretcher to the ambulance. When they got there Jacob helped them place the stretcher in the ambulance then he shut the doors as soon as he knew that everything was clear.

Turning around in the cramp space he sat down by Cordells head and shines a light in his eyes. The pupils were having trouble dilating which might mean brain damage. He then checks Cordells head for any fractures he couldnt see. Finding none he then knew that the whiplash from the accident must have caused inner head trauma.

Jacob, we got to tube him. Jessica said while getting the endotracheal tube ready.

Nodding Jacob patted Cordells shoulder.Well have to put a tube down your throat to help you breath.

Cordell blinked then started to reach around. Quickly Jacob was about to grab hold of his hand when he noticed that it was his right. Looking at it he could definitely tell that the wrist was broken. So, instead he just patted Walker s shoulder again.

Dont worry. All you have to do is take a deep breath and we will insert the tube.

Jacob glanced up to Jessica. Okay, you can insert the tube.

Just as she inserted the tube the driver pounded on the small window that connected the back to the cab. It signaled that they had reached the hospital.

Quickly Jacob stood up as much as he could in the bay then waited for the bay doors to open. When they did Jacob immediately helped push the gurney out and into the emergency room. While doing this he yelled out Cordells conditions and statistics.

When the trauma surgeons took over Jacob placed his hands on his hips and squatted down. He was so exhausted all he wanted to do now was sit down and try to relax. But he knew that he had to get his ambulance ready for the other trauma patient. Knowing that he slowly stood up and started to walk back to the ambulance.

Alex looked ahead of her at the ceiling wondering where Walker was. The doctors told her that Walker was going to be okay, but she knew in her heart that he wasnt. She could feel him hurting, but she also could feel peace. Hopefully he will be all right.

Miss Cahill , A male doctor appeared in front of her. Im Doctor Smith and I will be your doctor for your stay. He looked at a clipboard. Okay, Im going to send you to CAT Scan and see if there is anything else wrong that we couldnt see on x-rays. Then Im going to send you to surgery so that we can stop some of the bleeding in your chest. Doctor Smith smiled. You are one very lucky women let me tell you that. You only have a few broken ribs and a minor concussion.

Hows Walker ? She managed to get out.

Doctor Smith sighed. His doing just fine. Now, lets get you to CAT Scan.

Walker looked around him at all the commotion and tried to figure out what was going on. All over was just a bunch of blurry images running around. And he could feel is someone pressing on his legs, which sent small pricks of pain up his body. He had trouble breathing and his head pounded with each beat of his heart.

Suddenly he could see someone or something in front of him.

Okay, youre going to feel pain. Just hang on. A voice said.

Blinking Walker waited then a sudden stab of pain in his chest caused him to grimace. The pain was almost unbearable, but as quickly as it came the pain slowly started to disappear.

Youre going to feel some pressure. The voice said.

Walker tried to nod but found it hard to do. Instead he closed his eyes and gradually started to fall asleep. Soon all he could hear was a loud beep and darkness quickly enveloped him as he could feel his whole body shake.

Jacob walked down the hall his arms full of medical supplies. He was about to reach the ER doors when he heard a siren. Looking behind him he could see doctors running to the ER yelling Code Blue. Lowering his head Jacob said a quick prayer then proceeded to where the ambulance was parked.

Jessica stepped out of the bay. Jacob, we need to go. Theres a pile up.

Nodding Jacob gave Jessica some of the supplies.Thats all we need right now is another car accident. He sighed.How bad is this one? Did they tell?

She shrugged. All was said was that there was three cars involved.

Okay, lets go before the Cap gets mad at us. Jacob slammed the doors shut then sat down on one of the seats. Jessica, what do you think are the odds for that man Cordell?

Well, what I observed he has some brain damage and both of his legs were crushed. She shook her head. Ill be surprised if he made it through the night.

Jacob sighed. Let me tell you this right now. In the five years that I have been a paramedic this man was one of the first fighters that I have seen. He rubbed his face. This man I could tell really loved life.

Trivette managed to get a flight to Jackson but found out that it would be delayed because of a big storm that hit the area. Frustrated he tried to figure out how fast it would take to get there by car. The delay would last probably for two hours and it was a five-hour flight. Cursing he decided to wait out the storm.

Sitting at the bar at C.D.s he watched the news hoping something would come up about the accident. When the news was over and nothing else was said about Walker he slowly stood up and got his hat and coat.

Hey, C.D. are you ready? He asked.

C.D. nodded. Yeah, Im ready. He got his hat and coat. Jimmy, are we flying?

Yeah, it would take almost a day to get to Jackson by car.

Well, lets hope it doesnt take that long for the delay. C.D. shook his head. Jimmy, I still cant believe that was Walker s truck.

Me neither Big Dog. Me neither.

It was early morning when Trivette and C.D. finally arrived to Jackson . When they did both was exhausted but they put that aside.

So, did you get the hospital where their at? C.D. asked as he made his way through the airport.

Yeah, I called that Chief. He sighed.Hopefully everything is alright.

C.D. nodded. Dont worry everything is fine.

When they stepped out of the airport they haled a cab and headed to the hospital. It took about twenty minutes but when the cab parked in front of the hospital entrance they immediately got out and ran inside.

Trivette went to the main desk. Hello, my name is James Trivette and I was wondering where I can find the ER?

The nurse pointed to her right. Through those doors turn a right then keep heading straight till you run into a hallway. From there turn right and you run right into it.

Thank you mam.

Quickly Trivette ran through the halls until he reached an area that was bustling with activity. Looking around frantically he searched for a desk but couldnt find one.

Cursing he stopped a passing nurse.

Excuse me, where is the desk located?

The nurse pointed behind her. Just keep on walking straight youll run right into it.

Trivette couldnt believe this place it was like going through a maze. When he finally got to the ER desk he was really annoyed.

Excuse me, but I can you tell me something. Trivette asked.

The male nurse looked up. It depends on what it is sir.

Nodding Trivette glanced at C.D. Im James Trivette and this is my friend C.D. Parker. We hear that our friends Cordell Walker and Alex Cahill are at this hospital.

Yes, I remember them. The nurse typed on the computer. Says here that Miss. Cahill is out of surgery and into recovery and it says that Mr. Walker is still in surgery and is expecting to be in surgery for almost twelve to fourteen hours.

C.D. nearly collapsed.Whats the matter with Cordell?

Im sorry sir but I dont have the liberty to tell you. What I can do is to contact Doctor Smith who is Miss. Cahills doctor and have him talk to you.

Okay, that will work. Trivette tapped his fingers on the desk. Do you want us to wait in a waiting room?

The nurse nodded. Yes, there is a waiting room at the end of this hall. You can wait there and I will tell Doctor Smith that you would like to talk to him.

Slowly pulling himself away from the desk Trivette started to walk down the hall. What could be so wrong that Walker had to be in surgery for that long? Oh he wished he knew what was going on.

Sitting in the waiting room Trivette couldnt help but notice a young black man sitting with his head in his hands. The young man was wearing a paramedic uniform that was covered in blood. This kid definitely had a rough night.

Looking at his watch he noticed that ten minutes had gone by. Where is the doctor?

Just then a tall, lean doctor walked in holding a clipboard.

Is there family for one Alex Cahill .

Gradually Trivette stood up and shook his head.Were friends but we consider ourselves family.

The doctor nodded. Okay, also you would like information on a Mr. Cordell Walker ?

Yes, hes also a dear friend. said C.D.

Doctor Smith looked at his clipboard.Unfortunately his doctor right now is in surgery. I can tell you right now that its going to be a long surgery.

C.D. was confused. Why a long surgery?

Well, what I have been told was that Mr. Walker s legs were shattered and that he has a serious head injury. I dont know anymore. He sighed.I can tell you this that Miss. Cahill is going to be just fine and as a matter of fact shes in a recovery room right now.

Trivette rubbed his face. Do you know why Walker suffered worst injuries then Alex?

Doctor Smith shrugged. Well, in a accident like this I believe that Mr. Walker absorbed most of the impact.

Oh, God. C.D. slowly sat down back in his chair. When can we see Alex?

You can go and see her now.

Doctor Smith explained Alexs condition then directed the friends through the ER and to the recovery unit. When they got there he went to a curtained area and turned to the friends.

Okay, she will be staying here for the night but by this afternoon if she still is doing well then we will be moving her to a room upstairs. Doctor Smith pulled the curtain back. Now, she will be sleeping for the next couple of hours but when she does wake up try talking to her and see if she remembers you. If she does then shes on the road to recovery.

Nodding Trivette said thank-you then sat down on one of the chairs by the bed. C.D. sat next to him looking at the woman that was almost like his daughter. He was so surprised on how good she looked. She only had a few bruises on her face and arms and a few cuts on her face as well. Maybe Walker did absorb most of the impact.

Trivette held Alexs hand. C.D., she looks so good. Amazing after what I saw on the news. He tried to hold back the tears.But what the doctor said about Walker it sounds

Sshh, Walker is going to be just fine. Hes just going to have a harder road ahead of him.

Yeah, but hes going to be in surgery for more then fourteen hours. Trivette shook his head. I have a real funny feeling C.D.

C.D. was confused. What do you mean by that?

I really dont know just this feeling as though something is really wrong.

Thats probably just a feeling. C.D. said hoping it was true.

The next time Alex woke up she was staring yet again at a ceiling. When will she ever see something besides tile when she wakes up? Sighing she turned her head to her right and noticed that C.D. and Trivette were asleep next to her. She had to let out a small smile. It was so cute how Trivette was cuddled up to C.D. Wish she had more energy so that she could wake them up but smiling even wore her down.

Suddenly an image flashed in front of her. It was part of the dream she has been having all night. The dream was about the accident and Walker but this dream was so vivid. In her dream she pictured Walker talking to her then him yelling her name. Then there was blackness but the blackness lifted and she was standing in an operating room. Peering around she noticed that Walker was on the operating table. Walking to the table she could see Walker with a tube in his mouth and tape over his eyes. He seemed so helpless but what was worse was that it appeared that the surgeons were doing brain surgery.

She put her hand to her mouth in the dream trying to hide her cry. When she did loud beeping sound could be heard and surgeons quickly started to run around getting equipment ready. Soon she could see them performing CPR and that was when her dream ended.

Hey, Alex are you okay?

Waking up from her thoughts she noticed that Trivette was smiling at her.

Yeah, just tired. Her voice was really soft. Hows Walker ?

Trivette nodded. Hes going to be just fine.

Alex shook her head. No, I had a dream. She swallowed hard. Hes in trouble, Trivette. All of sudden she felt a silent tug. Hes dead, isnt he?

C.D. patted her shoulder.No, hes not. Hes in surgery.

She could feel tears welling up. C.D. in my dream he was in a operating room. She started to get tired but she had to tell them. He was in surgery and it appeared to be brain surgery. Then before my dream ended something went wrong.

Dont worry Alex, everything is going to be fine. He said hopefully. Now, you try and get you some rest.

Nodding Alex decided to do just that.

Watching Alex fall asleep Trivette decided to catch some sleep since it will be more then ten hours till they here any news on Walker . Just when he closed his eyes someone tapped his shoulder. Annoyed he opened his eyes to see C.D. standing next to him.

What is it? Trivette said while yawning.

C.D. pointed to the door.Theres an officer here to see us.

Quickly Trivette stood up knowing that if an officer wanted to see them then it usually meant bad news.

The officer motioned for them to step out into the hallway and once they did the officer directed them to a small room. Once there the officer closed the door.

You may wonder why I wanted to see you? The officer said.

Trivette nodded. Yeah, whats going on?

The officer gave Trivette the bag that he was holding.

These are all the personal items that was taken from one Mr. Walker and a Miss. Cahill.

Taking the bag Trivette just looked at it. Thanks. He looked up at the officer. Do you know what caused the wreck?

The officer shook his head. Im sorry but I cant tell you that.

Why cant anybody tell me anything! Trivette yelled. For crying out loud I want to know something!

Im sorry sir. With that the officer left.

Cursing Trivette sat down on one of the seats and opened the bag. Inside he could see Alexs purse and necklace. He also noticed that her engagement ring lay at the bottom of the bag. Reaching in he took it out along with Walker s wallet. Sighing he opened it up to see Walker s drivers licenses and Ranger star.

He rubbed the star. Oh, Walker I wish I knew what happened.

Just then a doctor came into the room.

Hello, are you here for a Mr. Cordell Walker ?

Trivette stood up. Yes, we are. Are you his doctor?

The doctor nodded. Yeah, Im Doctor Ritter. He sighed.Listen, Im so sorry that you havent been informed yet. Unfortunately your friend Mr. Walker has been in surgery since he arrived. He looked at his clipboard. Mr. Walker has been fighting for his life and he still has a fight ahead of him.

C.D. stood up next to Trivette.What do you mean?

Doctor Ritter rubbed the back of his neck. Well, Mr. Walker suffered numerous injuries. Right now the one that we have been working on for the last three hours was his brain injury.

Brian injury? C.D. questioned.

Yes, at first it appeared that he had no head injury but when we took him to CT Scan we realized that Walker suffered a inner-head injury. This was caused by whiplash.

Trivette was getting annoyed. Get to the point, Doc.

Doctor Ritter nodded. Well, he has severely bruised the back and front of his brain which is causing a lot of swelling. What we did in surgery was insert an ICP monitor in his skull. He sighed. The monitor will be in place for about ten days. But right now it doesnt look good.

C.D. rubbed his face. Why?

Well, he suffered too much. The doctor looked down at his clipboard. Right now hes got a one hour rest before we take him to orthopedic surgery. From there it might go for about ten to sixteen hours. Just depends if the legs are savable or not.

Trivette was shocked. What do you mean savable?

His legs are crushed. Right now he looks like he may never be able to walk again.
What about his brain injury? What effect will that have? C.D. questioned.

Doctor Ritter rubbed the back of his neck. Well, he might be a vegetable or he might need help for the rest of his life.

C.D. went numb. Oh, God no. He could feel the tears starting to come. How much longer do you think that Cordell has? His voice quivered as he talked.

I estimate he probably wont make it through the other surgery. And if he does then it would probably be a day. Doctor Ritter checked his watch.Well, I got to go. But if something does go wrong then I will inform you immediately.

Watching the doctor leave Trivette threw the bag down and buried his head in his hands. Soon the tears he held back came flowing out, his shoulders heaving. He didnt understand why this had to happen to Walker . He was getting married in two months so why did God to this to him? Why?


Eleven Hours Later

Trivette sat in Alexs room looking out the window. The weather really turned worse and Trivette was really starting to get worried. Weather forecast said that there was a hurricane nearing but shouldnt be in the area for about another week or so. But if Walker makes it then they will be here for the full blunt force of this storm.

He sighed and looked at Alex still amazed that she survived the wreck with only minor cuts and bruises. Doctor Smith said that Alex could leave the hospital tomorrow if everything goes well. But Walker was still in surgery and will be for another six hours.

Slowly he got up and went out of the room and headed to the cafeteria. He was hungry but he didnt know if he could eat or not. Right now his whole body was numb and his mind was blank. He didnt want to think about Walker because if he did then he would start crying.

When he got to the cafeteria he went to the vending machine and got him some chips then he got a soda from the fountain. Making his way to a table he sat down and opened the can.

After about ten minutes he was done but he didnt get up. Instead he closed his eyes.

When Alex awoke this time she woke up seeing a window. Finally something new besides ceiling tile. But she could see that there was a storm. Listening closer she could hear the thunder rolling in the distance. Suddenly images of the accident flashed before her.

She could remember sitting in the truck talking to Walker . Then she remembered Walker saying something and a loud crash. She couldnt remember anything else after that.

Shaking her head she tried to get the images out. She looked around her to see if anybody was there. Finally she found C.D. sitting in a corner asleep. Why is everybody asleep when I wake up? And why hasnt Walker showed up yet?

Slowly she pulled herself up and sighed. Just another day till she will be going home. But she didnt want to go home especially not without knowing how Walker really is. Even though Trivette told her that he was going to be fine she knew in her heart that something was really wrong. She knew that deep down inside her she lost the only person that she truly loved.

Hey, Sweetheart.

Turning her head she saw C.D. slowly getting up.

C.D., thought you were asleep?

He shook his head. Nah, just resting my eyes a little. He came and patted her shoulder. So, you ready to go home tomorrow?

She shook her head. No, I want to know what happened to Walker .

Alex, Walker isishis not he had trouble getting the words out. Hes going to be okay, but for now he has a really tuff road ahead of him.

Nodding her head she knew that C.D. was just trying to help her but she knew that Walker was probably dying. But why didnt she fill sad. Maybe its shock or maybe that she was ready for it more then what she thought she would be. Still she felt bad not showing any feelings. Hopefully whatever happened to her will pass.

Trivette woke up with a jerk and looked around him. He completely forgot that he was in the cafeteria. When did he fall asleep? Looking at his watch he realized that an hour went by. Groaning he quickly got up and turned around. When he did he ran right into Doctor Ritter .

Doctor Ritter , what are you doing down here?

He smiled. To tell you that you can go see Walker . His smiled faded. We did manage to save his legs but it doesnt look like he will be able to walk again. Also when you do walk into his room there will be a lot of equipment and Walker may not look all that good.

Okay, Im ready. Trivette smiled. See, he proved you guys wrong already.

Your right. Doctor Ritter turned around.Come, follow me.

Trivette followed Doctor Ritter to the elevators. He pushed the second floor button and when they reached that they walked down ICU until they reached the coma wing. Trivette looked through the windows of the rooms as he passed and just saw men and women laying on beds some had their eyes open others just laid there. Boy, this place is already freaking me out.

They stopped at a room near the end of the hallway. Looking through the window Trivette could see a man laying on the bed. But the man didnt look at all like Walker .

Alright, the rules are only fifteen minute visits for the next forty-eight hours. Dont move him in anyway and when something happens immediately push the nurses help button.

Okay. Trivette nodded at Doctor Ritter then stepped into the room.

He couldnt believe the shape that Walker was in. Both of Walker s legs were in casts along with his right arm and both of them were in traction. Also a white bandage covered his head but Trivette could see something metallic with wires sticking out of the bandages. Must be the ICP monitor he thought. Also he noticed a tube coming out of his side and a tube inserted in his mouth. Man, he didnt know that Walker was this bad.

Pulling up a chair he sat down and looked at Walker . He wanted to hold his hand but he knew that moving him might cause something to go wrong. What that something was Trivette did not know. Sighing Trivette just placed his hand on the bed bar.

Hey, Walker . You know you proved the doctors wrong so far so I know that you can make it through this night. He sighed. Alex is fine. Shes being released tomorrow.

Suddenly he felt a presence in the room. Turning around he saw C.D.

Oh, Trivette. C.D. stepped to his side.Why did this have to happen?

Trivette shook his head. I dont know C.D. He could fill the tears starting to come. C.D. hes never going to be the same again.

C.D. patted his shoulder.I have the same feeling, Jimmy. I think all we can do now is hope and pray to God that everything will turn out alright.


Two Days Later

Trivette sat next by Walker with Alex by his side. When she first saw Walker Trivette thought that she might faint. But after she recovered she just sat down and looked Walker in the face. Trivette could tell just by looking at her that she hurt deep down inside but really didnt want to show it to anybody. He knew for a fact that Walker may never improve and so he never really got his hopes up. Even though Alex kept on telling him to keep the faith up.

He glanced at the monitors and shook his head. Nothings changed yet.

Alex patted his shoulder.Its only been two days. Hopefully things will change.

I dont know. He got up gradually. Im going to get something to eat. Do you want anything?

She shook her head. No, Ill eat later.

Trivette nodded. Alright. Ill be back in a little while.

He slumbered down the hall his mind wondering about what life would be with Walker not being there. Walker was like a brother to him and if he lost him then Trivette might not be able to live. Just seeing Walker the way he is hurt him.

Sighing he went to the elevator just when the doors opened. Standing in the elevator Trivette saw the young paramedic that was sitting in the waiting room the other day.

Hello. Trivette said as he stepped in.

The young man lowered his head. Hello.

So, what are you doing here? Trivette asked pushing the level one button.

Just wondering how Mr. Walker is doing? He looked up at Trivette. Youre a friend of his right? And if you are I dont want to intrude.

Trivette shrugged at the kid. I dont mind. You seem to care. The question is why?

Well, when I was at Mr. Walker s side the night of the accident something in my heart really reached out for the man. I always see many people in his kind of situation but the way he loves life made me really like him.

He was awake? Trivette said breathless.

Yeah, in and out but he was mostly coherent. The young man rubbed his face. He fight the whole time to stay awake I can tell. He even tried to talk but was to weak to.

The elevator doors opened by Trivette just stood there. Here was a man that might have seen Walker when Walker was still able to communicate with people.

He stuck out his hand. Names Ranger James Trivette.

The young man smiled. Name is Jacob Webb .

So, Jacob do you want to grab something to eat?

Jacob nodded. Yeah.

Trivette rubbed his neck. After we eat if you want you can go up and see Walker .

No, I cant do that. Jacob shook his head.Only family are allowed to see him anyway.

I can get you by. Trivette smiled. Besides Walker might want you there.

After Jacob and Trivette ate a small lunch they headed back to the elevator. Jacob couldnt believe that he was going to see one of his patients. In all his time as a paramedic he never really visited anybody in the hospital before that he has helped at a scene. He was really nervous about it to.

When they reached the ICU floor they headed down the hall to the coma ward. Looking around him Jacob couldnt believe how much equipment was really involved to help some one who was in a coma.

Then they reached Walker s room. Jacob was a little hesitant to step in and when he did he gasped. Walker was all bandaged up and laying incredibly still. Sighing he went to the side of bed and placed a hand on Walker s shoulder.

Have you prayed over him yet?

No, we havent. Trivette went to Jacobs side. If you want to you can. Ill follow you in prayer and Alex can too if she wants.

The blonde woman got up from the chair she was sitting in. I will.

Okay. Jacob smiled. Now, just place your hand on him and when you are ready pray. He looked at the Trivette. Why are you going to do this?

Trivette shrugged. If modern medicine cant help then we have to look to God.

Okay. Jacob bowed his head and closed his eyes. Dear God, I come to You today in prayer for this man named Cordell Walker . I pray that You heal this man from his injuries and help him fight this battle for his life. I pray that You help give him the energy and the strength Lord to do this. I pray that if it is Your will then he will come back to us as normal as You want him to be. I pray this in Your name, Amen.

Dear God. It was Trivette. I pray that You help Walker make it through this and I pray that You will help him through his recovery. I pray that You heal his injuries and pray that You help him through his struggle. And this I pray in your name, Amen.

Dear Lord Jesus . Alex said. Right now I come to You today to pray over Walker . I pray that you heal him Lord and help him fight. I pray Lord that You help him make it and pray that if its Your will that he will come back to us like the man he use to be. Amen.

Jacob opened his eyes and looked at the two people.

How do you feel? He asked.

Alex rubbed her eyes.Strange. She smiled. I feel more relaxed.

Trivette nodded. Same here. He looked at Walker . Gods is on your side.

Jacob looked at his watch.Oh, listen sorry to cut this short but I got to go. He smiled.Listen, nice to meet you guys. Hopefully well meet again.

Trivette just watched as the young man left the room. Something about Jacob made Trivette wonder. He was young but for a man of his age he was really mature. Maybe that comes with the job.

He turned to Walker and smiled. You are going to make it. I have faith in you.

Three Days Later

Walker slowly started improve better within the days that followed after Jacobs visit. The swelling in his brain finally started to go down and he even started to show some movement in his arms. Even though Doctor Ritter said that was just muscle reflex Trivette knew that Walker was getting better. X-rays even showed that his legs were healing better then first thought they would.

Today he sat by Walker s bedside and held his friends left hand. He rubbed it gently trying to get Walker s hands warmed up. When he did this Walker would sometimes move his fingers ever so slightly as though he knew that Trivette was there.

Suddenly he heard something. Thinking it was his imagination Trivette ignored it but then it came again. Quickly he looked up at Walker and saw him moving his head.

Walker , do you hear me? A slight squeeze came. Are you awake? A squeeze came again. This cant be happening.

He quickly got up and looked over Walker . He couldnt believe what he was seeing. Walker s eyes were moving rapidly and he started to make noises. A little worried he immediately called for a nurse. When the nurse came in she ran to Walker s side and shined a light in his eyes. She smiled as soon as she did.

Mr. Walker is responding to light. She said glancing up at Trivette.I never would of thought that would happen.

Trivette was shocked. Do you mean hes awake?

She nodded. Yes, I believe it does. She shined the light again in Walker s eyes. Yep, he sure is. Im going to get Doctor Ritter .

When she left Trivette smiled at Walker . Youre making it buddy. Keep fighting.

Whats going on?

He looked up to see Alex. Nothing. Just that Walker might be awake.

She smiled. Thats great! She went to Walker s side. See, Walker I knew you would make it. Now, just keep on fighting.

The rest of that night was a great night for the three friends. Doctor Ritter gave them good news about Walker . When he took the CT Scan of Walkers brain he noticed that the swelling has gone down tremendously. He couldnt explain why just that it was a miracle. Even checking the monitor attached to the ICP showed that activity in the brain has gone up.

With this good news the friends relaxed and even went to a small restaurant to celebrate. When they arrived back to the hospital Doctor Ritter was there to greet them with even more good news.

Mr. Walker has responded to vocal response. He said.

Alex clapped. Thats great news! She smiled. When do you think he will wake up?

Doctor Ritter shrugged. With coma patients you dont know. But hopefully by next week or the week after that.

Why that long? C.D. questioned.

Well, like I said coma patients are unpredictable. They could be responding the next minute but then be a vegetable the next. We just have to wait and see.

Trivette nodded. Okay, I understand. Listen, thank you for all of your help.

Your welcome. Doctor Ritter nodded. One of you can stay the night in the room if you want. As long as you dont get in the way if something does happen.

Alright, Doc. Thank you so much. C.D. smiled. Were going to have our Cordell back, Doc. Just wait and see.

The next day Alex sat at Walker s bedside rubbing his hand. She didnt look at him instead she looked at the monitor. Since she came to see Walker it became habit for her to constantly look at the screen to see if anything has changed. It took her a day or two to read the two monitors but when she was able to she can tell right off what Walker s condition was.

Today Walker was feeling better she could tell. His heart rate was doing real good and his temperature was normal. Also the pressure in his brain has gone down again. One thing though stood out and that was that there was something on the monitor that read assisted and nonassistd. Looking at Walker she couldnt figure out what that meant.

Slowly she stood up and pushed the nurses help button. Soon the nurse came in.

Whats wrong Ms. Cahill ? She asked walking to Walker s side.

She pointed to the monitor. What does that mean?

The nurse glanced at the screen and gasped. Hes breathing on his own.

Alex was stunned.Really? A smile quickly spread across her face. Does that mean you can start to take him off of the life support?

I dont know for sure, but I will get Doctor Ritter in here to check him out. With that the nurse left.

Within five minutes after she left Doctor Ritter came in with a tiny flashlight and a tape player. He went to Walker s side and smiled.

Okay, Ms. Cahill Im going to do some tests real quick. He turned on the light and shined it in Walker s eyes then he started to move it back and forth. He is responding to the light very well. He placed the tape recorder down. We dont have enough money in this hospital to get the Brain Stem Evoked Response Equipment so we do this.

What are you going to do? Alex questioned very curious.

Well, Im going to put these headphones on and see if anything changes on the monitors He placed the headphones on Walker s ears and pushed play. After two minutes Walker s heartbeat started to increase. Alright, he hears it. Mr. Walker is definitely on the road to recovery. And I cant really believe it either.

Alex was curious. Why not?

Doctor Ritter sighed. I have to admit when I saw his CT scan when he came in I didnt even suspect for him to make it this far. His brain was so swollen.

When do you think he will be able to wake up?

Hopefully by next week if not earlier. So, far hes proved us wrong on everything so maybe he will with this.

She nodded. I know he will.

Two Days Later

Walker s mind was a blur when he woke up. He tried to think but he couldnt think of anything. His head hurt real badly and he tried to ignore it but couldnt. Frustrated he tried to move his body but found it hard to do. Finally he was about to give up when he thought he heard voices. It almost sounded like Alex or Trivette.

He tried to talk but found that hard to do as well. What is wrong with him? Worried he slowly started to open his eyes. When he finally got them open he had to close them immediately from the blinding light. Trying again he finally got them open all the way.

Walker , your awake! It wasAlex he could tell from the voice.

Looking to the direction of her voice he saw her standing at his side holding his hand. With all his strength he managed to squeeze her hand. She squeezed back, which made Walker feel better. He tried to talk to her but all came out was a moan. There was something in his mouth that was stopping him from talking and it was really getting on his nerves.

Dont try to talk buddy. Trivettes voice said. Just try to relax.

Slowly his mind did start to relax and with the calmness Walker slowly went to sleep.

Alex was so excited when Walker woke up. Even though it was for a brief moment it was still an amazing feat none the less. Now, it is for certain that Walker will make it.

Later that night Alex was sitting in Walker s room about to go asleep when she heard something. Quickly she got up and went to Walker s side. This time she could tell that he was almost fully awake. His eyes were open more and he seemed to be more aware of his environment. Also he started to move around more which worried Alex.

Walker , dont move. She said trying to reassure him. Youre going to hurt yourself.

He started to moan and wave his arms around. Worried about him she patted his shoulders and started to rub it. That seemed to calm him down a lot.

Finally he calmed down and looked at her in the eyes. She noticed something that she didnt notice before. Both of his eyes had a red tint to them. Since Doctor Ritter didnt say anything about them then she knew that it was probably from the brain injury.

She smiled at him. Hey, Cowboy. How you feeling? She held his hand. Squeeze my hand if you are feeling alright. There was no squeeze. Are you feeling terrible? Immediately she got a response from Walker . Youll start feeling alright soon.

Alex expected him to go back to sleep but he didnt. Instead for the next hour he stayed awake just staring at the ceiling. She wondered what he was thinking in that moment. He barely even blinked which made her a little worried. But when she would ask him a question he would respond by squeezing her hand gently.

Finally he went to sleep leaving Alex alone again in the room. Sighing she slowly got up and looked at her watch. It was nearing eleven oclock and she was really worn out. So, she decided to go to sleep and see what will happen in the morning.

In the morning at seven Doctor Reeter came in with two male nurses waking Alex up from her sleep. They said they were taking Walker into x-rays to see how his legs were doing then they will take him to the CT scan. Hopefully they will come back with good news.

She was still sleepy but she couldnt get back to sleep. Instead she called Trivette and C.D. to see if they would like to eat breakfast at a small caf just a couple of blocks down from the hospital. As she started to walk there she noticed that a lot of people were smiling at her. Curious she wanted to know but decided to find out later.

When she arrived at the small caf she found C.D. and Trivette sitting in a corner booth. They smiled at her and Trivette scooted over so she could sit down.

Hey, guys. How are you doing this morning? She said sitting down.

Trivette nodded. Really good. He shook his head. Saw a newspaper for the first time since I got here and I cant believe what I read.

What did you read? She asked curious.

C.D. handed her a paper.Look for yourself honey.

Alex looked at the front page and gasped. There was a photo of Walker and her, possibly from their portfolio at work. Underneath the photo read: Texas Ranger Cordell Walker and fiance Assistant Distract Attorney Alex Cahill , from Dallas/Fort Worth Texas , who were victims of a horrible accident a week ago today. Looking at the top she noticed that they newspaper was dated two days ago.

She read further and got details about the accident. When she was done reading she put the paper down and started to cry. She never knew how bad the accident was till now. Now she understood completely why Walker was in the shape that he was in. But why did she survive the accident with only minor cuts and bruises. More then ever the questions flowed through her mind. Questions about the accident and questions about the paramedic that was mentioned in the article. In the article it read that a paramedic stayed by Walker s side the whole time and might have even saved his life doing so.

Trivette, do you know anything about this paramedic that they mentioned.

Trivette nodded. Yeah, its Jacob.

Stunned Alex couldnt believe that Trivette didnt tell her this news. This person was too vital to just ignore. Finally she sighed and patted his hand.

What did he have to say?

Well, he wanted to know how Walker was since he was there during the accident. How was I suppose to know that he saved Walker s live.

You mean he didnt tell you? Alex questioned.

He shook his head. Nope, we had lunch and everything but he didnt tell me any more of the accident. All he told me about was some of his life.

C.D. sighed. Maybe he didnt know it. I mean it is part of his job.

Trivette nodded. True. He looked at his watch. Hey, are you going to get something to Alex. Its been about fifteen minutes since you came here.

She shook her head. Not really hungry. She slowly got up. Im going back to the hospital. You two want to come.

Both men shook their head and slowly got up from the table.

Lets hope that when we do get back they have good news about Walker . C.D. said.

Same here. Alex and Trivette said in unison.

When they got back to the hospital they learned that Walker was still in x-ray but will be out in thirty to forty more minutes. So, they just sat in the waiting room and soon Alex fell asleep.

Trivette couldnt get to sleep like his friends did so instead he paced the floor waiting impatiently for the news about Walker .

About fifteen minutes passed and still no word. Trivette knew it will be longer, but he didnt want to wait anymore. Frustrated he started to head towards the elevator to go down to the gift shop to get a magazine when he noticed Jacob standing at the end of the hall.

He smiled and started to walk towards him. But as Trivette got closer Jacob turned around and walked the other way.

Hey, wait. Trivette said whiling running after him.

Jacob finally stopped by the stairs. What?

Trivette shook his head. Why did you run for?

I dont know. He lowered his head. My chief told me that if he catches wind that I been here before then I might get fired.

Man, Im sorry. Trivette smiled. Hey, do you know that caf just a few blocks from here? Jacob nodded. Okay, well meet there at your lunch time.

He smiled. That would be great. I have lunch around one everyday except Sunday. He shook Trivettes hand. You and your friends are sure the nicest people I ever met.

Thank you. After Trivette finished Jacob ran off.

He was in a good mood when he arrived back to the waiting room. After he visited with Jacob he went to the gift shop, got him a candy bar and a magazine. Now, he was ready for the last twenty minutes of the wait. But as he reached the waiting room he saw Doctor Ritter standing in the hallway.

Quickly he ran up to him. Whats wrong?

Doctor Ritter smiled. Nothing is wrong. Actually Im pretty amazed.

What happened?

He smiled at Trivette. His legs are healing really good. He shrugged.As a matter of fact its pretty amazing that without any physical therapy his muscles in both legs are developing really good. And the bones in both of his legs miraculously are healing on their own.

Trivette was confused. What do you mean healing on their own.

Well, usually patients with shattered legs we have to do numerous surgeries on them for their legs to be able to be 50% normal. Doctor Ritter grinned. Right now it appears that Walker will probably have only one surgery in the future for his knees.

Alex hugged C.D. Thats good news. She smiled. How about his brain injury?

That is a miracle let me tell you. He shook his head. I would of thought that he would be a vegetable for the rest of his life but the swelling has gone done tremendously. I suspect that he should be fully awake in two days. By then we will be able to remove the ICP monitor.

C.D. shook Doctor Ritter s hand. Thank you so much. Can we go and see him?

Sure, thing. Doctor Ritter shook his head again.It sure is a miracle.

The Next Day

When Walker woke up the next time his whole body hurt. Groaning he opened his eyes to see nobody around him. Maybe he was finally alone for once. But then he felt a presence. Slowly he turned his head that way and saw C.D. and Trivette sitting on He couldnt remember what those things were that C.D. and Trivette were sitting on.

Frustrated he swallowed hard and realized that he still had something in his mouth. Groaning loud he tried to get somebodys attention. It worked Trivette quickly woke up and went to his side. Walker slowly moved his hand wanting Trivette to hold it.

Hey, buddy. How you feeling today? Trivette said taking hold of his hand.

Walker squeezed Trivettes hand and tried to talk. But it was difficult to do so.

Sshh. you have respirator in your throat. Dont try to talk.

But he was restless and wanted to talk. He started to groan again and while he did that he started to move his arms. It hurt him to do that but he wanted to move.

Woah, Walker. Dont move. Trivette said. Just try to calm down.

Walker didnt want to calm down. He wanted to know what happened to him. Finally though after what seemed like forever he finally stopped fidgeting. Now though he had trouble breathing, but whatever was in his mouth started to choke him.

Trivette was really scared at what was happening to Walker and immediately ran to get Doctor Ritter . When he found him Doctor Ritter decided to go ahead and remove the respirator to see how Walker would do with out it.

When they got to the room Walker was already calmed down with C.D. standing next to him. Doctor Ritter told C.D. to move aside while he removed the respirator. C.D. came to Trivettes side who stood by the door.

What do you think they are going to do with him? C.D. asked.

Just then he could see Doctor Ritter starting to pull the respirator out causing Walker to gag. He couldnt stand to see so he turned his head to Trivette.

Dont worry Big Dog. Trivette patted C.D.s shoulders as he too looked away. Walker is getting a lot better then what was first predicted.

After two minutes Doctor Ritter had the respirator removed and in its place was an oxygen mask. He turned to the friends and smiled.

Alright, so far hes doing really good. He smiled. Now, all we have to do is remove the ICP monitor from his head. We will do that later on tonight.

C.D. shook the doctors hands.Thank you.

No, prob. He sighed.Now, he will want to talk, but try to make him stop. His throat will be very raw for the next two to three days. So, it will hurt worse if he attempts to talk.

Trivette nodded. Okay, well keep that in mind.

He watched as Doctor Ritter left the room then he made his way to Walker s side. When Trivette approached Walker he smiled.

Walker , so glad to see you smiling. Trivette said patting Walker s shoulder. Now, dont try to talk until two or three days from now.

Trivette. Walker s voice was really hoarse.

Dont try to talk. Just calm down. Trivette grinned. Welcome back.

One Month Later

Walker sat on the bed reading the book that Trivette gave him. It was an interesting book talking about miracles that happened to real people. Walker at first didnt really want to read the book, but he was bored and picked it up one day. Now, would be the fifth time that he has read it. It is one of his favorite books.

Sighing he closed the book, but not before he glanced at the back of the cover. On it Trivette wrote: To A Dear Friend, May God Always Be With You. Jimmy Trivette .

He put the book down and rubbed his face. His right wrist was finally healed after a month of being in a cast. But now he has to wear a brace for possibly another month. But his wrist was better compared to his legs. Right now both of his legs were in cast and might stay that way for awhile. Then he will have months of physical therapy.

What was really annoying him is that his legs were in traction. So, he couldnt move much, which was getting on his nerves. He couldnt turn around; he couldnt even sit up without people helping him.

Hey, how is it going?

Looking up he saw Trivette walking to him. Great. Really wanting to go home though.

Trivette smiled. Youll be able to do that real soon. He presented a bag. Here, got you a little gift.

You didnt need to. Walker took the bag. What is it?

Just open it up and see. Trivette sat down on the chair. Hope you like it.

Walker took the tissue paper out and saw a black ball cap in the bag. He pulled it out and smiled when he saw what it read. In large gold lettering it read TKD in Korean. Also he noticed that it had no adjustable strap. Trivette had it costumed made just for him.

This is great. He put it on.How do I look?

Better. Cracked Trivette. Now, your head will be a little warmer.

Thanks. Walker smiled. My hair is growing back just give it time.

Trivette started to laugh. You know what, Doctor Ritter told me that they were just going to shave half of your head. But he decided not to be that cruel and shaved the whole thing.

He still was cruel, Walker took off the hat and rubbed his head. Hows the scar?

Leaning over Trivette nodded. Good. When your hair grows back you wont notice it.

Walker sighed as he put the hat back on. When he found out that they had to put a monitor in his skull it worried him a little. But Doctor Ritter told him that they had it in place for only ten days but the surgery left a two each scar on Walker s head. And now Walker was finally getting some fuzz back, but it might take more then a year to get his hair back the way it use to be. In that period every time he would look in the mirror he will see a reminder of the accident.

Hey, Walker talked to Doctor Ritter and I have some good news.

Oh, just some. Walker joked acting as though he didnt space off.

Yeah, some. Trivette smiled. He says that you can go home in two days thats if you get a nurse to stay with you.

He groaned. Trivette, Alex and I talked about it. He sighed. But it would be easier on her. Guess, Ill do it.

Trivette patted his shoulder. You wont regret it. He shrugged.Now, Ill we have to worry about is how to get you home.

Walker nodded his head.Good question. He smiled.Well, it doesnt matter to me since Im pretty use to being uncomfortable.

Okay, we might rent out a van.

Alright. Walker smiled. And make sure it has a t.v. so I wont get bored.

Ill try to.

Just then Alex walked into the room with C.D. right behind her. She smiled at Walker as soon as they made eye contact.

How are you doing today, Cowboy?

Doing great. He pointed to his hat. Like it?

She pulled up a chair and sat down. Love it. She gave him a small bag. Got this for you. Know its not much but its something.

Walker dug through the tissue paper till he found a small velvet box. Taking it out he opened it to see a small angel. He knew that this really meant a lot to Alex and him. They talked about it a lot and both of them think that if it werent for an angel both of them would be dead.

He smiled and patted her hand. I love it Alex. He put the pin on his hat. Ill will always keep it near me.

Im glad you like it. She patted the collar of her shirt. I have one just like it.

Thank you. He turned to C.D and grinned. Did you get me anything?

C.D. smiled. Sure did. He gave Walker a wrapped package.Didnt really know what to get you.

Its okay. Walker tore the wrapping paper off and smiled. Wow, this is cool.

What C.D. gave him was an eight in one game set. Really nice with little chess marble pieces and hard wood checker pieces. There was even a deck of cards and two dices for the other games on the board. The whole set was compacting into a small wooden box with a rotating top.

He patted the box. Thanks so much C.D. Now, have something to do.

No, problem. He patted Trivettes back. By the way talked to the van rentals here and theres a transport van built for medical transports. It even has a built in t.v. and VCR along with a c.d. player with headphones, he shrugged. Thats if Cordell here would like to travel by road then by air.

Walker smile grew bigger. Thats perfect.

C.D. laughed.Alright. Now, have you decided on the nurse deal?

Yeah, Im going to. He shrugged.Its going to be hard at first but Ill get use to it.

Alex hugged him. Thats great! She immediately pulled back. Its not like I wouldnt mind taking care of you.

Thats fine Alex. He hugged her. I understand completely.

Im glad you do. She smiled.I really love you.

Walker chuckled. I know you do. He sighed. Dont want to kick you guys out but its nearing that time that Doctor Ritter usually does.

Trivette groaned. And we were starting to have fun. He smiled and pulled out a marker. But Im going to sign your cast first.

Which one. Walker cracked. I got two.

Both. Trivette started to sign on Walker s left cast. Okay, here goes.

After Trivette was done signing C.D. and Alex signed the casts. When they were done they smiled and left the room. Walker was alone in the room, which he didnt mind. Sometimes he wanted to be alone so he could think about his future.

He didnt want to mope about it so instead he tried to think about something positive. He k@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@\@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@\@@@@@@@\@@@@@@@@@@@@\@@@$@@@@@@@@@@@\&@@(@@@@@@@@\@@\@A&@@@@](&@](@@@@@@@\@A&@@@@@e?

Jacob nodded. Yeah, we meant about a month ago. He shrugged. I would have come sooner but Im really not allowed to be here.

Walker s heart started to flutter.Are you the paramedic that was at the wreck?

He nodded. Yeah. Didnt know that you would remember me.

Its strange. I really dont remember much about that day, but you I do.

I knew from the minute I started to work on you that you were a fighter. Jacob smiled. Now, look at you.

Thanks. Walker sighed. So, why cant you be here?

Ill be fired. Jacob shrugged. But when I heard you were leaving in two days I had to come and see you." He pulled an envelope out of his pocket. Got this for you.

Thank you. Walker opened it up to see a silver chain with silver cross dangling from it. This is awesome. You really didnt need to.

Jacob shrugged. Say its a get well gift. He went over and helped Walker put it on. If you dont want to wear it, you dont need to.

Walker smiled. Ill wear it. He sighed. I was thinking of something.


Have you ever thought of being a nurse?

A smile crossed Jacobs face. Sure, I have. Why?

I might have a job for you.

Four Months Later

Trivette sat at his desk catching up on the paperwork from the days events. Sighing he threw down his pen and rubbed his face. Doing this is not the same anymore. He knew it was just paperwork, but it wasnt the same without Walker . Walker was always there to help him with a case no matter how hard it was. But hopefully hell be back again.

Walker was doing remarkably well with his physical therapy and even started to walk some with the help of a walker. His doctor, Doctor Williamstead said that within a year and a half Walker would be walking again with no help. But Trivette knew Walker too much and he knew that Walker would walk within the year.

He smiled as he remembered the first time Walker s casts were taken off. He could tell that Walker was excited about it and couldnt wait for them to come off. But three months in a cast have taken a toll on Walker s legs. He had lost most of his muscle build but Walker just joked with it and said that they will be back to normal.

What was most amazing about Walker s legs were that the have healed so well that it just appeared that Walker s legs were just badly broken and not shattered. But x-rays showed the bars that was placed in his legs to help sturdy them up. So, well did they heal that Doctor Williamstead decided to go ahead and start with his physical therapy.

Sighing Trivette got his mind back to the paperwork. But he had trouble doing so, so he decided to get up and go see how Walker was doing.

Just as he was about to leave the company he saw Alex coming out of the elevator and just behind her was Walker . He was in a wheelchair but that didnt dampen his spirits any he could tell by the grin on his face.

He quickly went up to them and gave them both big hugs.

How are you all today? Trivette said.

Alex smiled. Great, but not for long.

Walker chuckled. Im starting to enjoy this time off from work.

She slapped him. You would. She sighed. Well, I got to go.

Trivette watched her walk off then turned back to Walker .

So, how are you doing?

He shrugged. Doing alright. He took off his hat. My hair is finally starting to grow.

Yeah, looks like it. Trivette rubbed the fuzz. Whats the matter age getting to you.

Walker playfully punched Trivette.Very funny. He put his hat back on. Oh, I hope you dont mind, but I dont have a ride back to the ranch.

No, problem. Ill take you. Trivette smiled. What time?

Whenever you get time. Walker started to wheel forward.Right now Im going to go visit the company and see how things are going.

When Walker arrived at the company he got a lot of smiles. Many Rangers came up to him and patted him on his back. It felt so good to be back here back to where most of his friends are. Glancing around he noticed that they still had his picture hanging up and his desk still was the same. Glad to know that they have faith in him.

He rolled over to Trivettes desk and realized that he was working on a case. Opening up the file he started to read it.

Do you want to help me with that?

Walker looked up to see Trivette.Sure, if you need me to.

Trivette smiled. I was joking. He took the file away from Walker . Your suppose to be on vacation anyway.

What kind of vacation is this? Joked Walker . It doesnt seem like a vacation.

Well, your not working here so its a vacation. Trivette sighed. When do you have physical therapy today?

Looking at his watch Walker shrugged. In about two hours. He smiled. Want to grab something to eat?

Sure. C.Ds?

Where else? Walker started to head out of the company. Youre paying right?

What? Trivette sat running after Walker smiling.

When Walker got to the car Trivette immediately went to his side to help him in. But Walker waved him off and slowly started to stand up on his own. Soon, Walker could feel the strain in his legs as he put all the weight on them. The muscles even began to tighten up and began to stiffen as he stretched them.

He grimaced as he looked at Trivette. Wow, this is hard work. He said chuckling. Now, lets see if I could sit down.

Thinking real hard Walker moved his legs and started to sit down in the car seat. In about a minute he managed to do so but he was out of breath.

Okay, now do I have to go to physical therapy today. Walker cracked.

Yes, you do. Trivette patted Walker s shoulders. Will Jacob be there?

He has to, hes my home nurse. Walker shrugged. Soon, I wont need him anymore.

Trivette rubbed Walker s shoulders. Will you still keep in contact with him.

Walker nodded. Yeah, I will. He said hes moving here so that he could help the handicap kids in the KDOOA.

Excited Trivette had to let out a small giggle. Thanks great!

Yep, sure is.

One Year Later

Walker slowly drove to C.D.s with Alex right besides him. He couldnt believe that it has been more then a year since the accident that altered their life forever. He still couldnt believe how far he has gotten since that day.

He remembered Doctor Ritter telling him in Mississippi that he might never walk the same again. But a year after that Walker was back to minimal work and even started to run five miles a day. He was making a miraculously recovery that shocked most doctors. And he knew that God had a role in this so he made it his will to pray and have devotion every day.

Stopping at a red light he looked at Alex and had to smile. She turned to him, smiled, and rubbed his shoulders.

Its been a year now. How do you feel?

Shrugging Walker turned his attention back to the road. Strange. I mean from what everybody tells me Im not suppose to be here right now.

Yeah, but you proved everybody wrong. She patted his back. Theres also another good thing about today.

He turned back to her. Whats that?

She pulled off the baseball cap. Your hair is finally almost the way it was.

Well, its still short, but Im starting to get use to it. He smiled. So, do you want to go to C.D.s to celebrate?

Celebrate what?

Walker smile grew bigger.Our second life together.