By Katie 59


Chapter One



Walker entered Alex's outer office handed his wife a folder and told her "Here's the paperwork on the Trelaine case A.D.A. Cahill-Walker." Taking the folder Alex replied as they went into her private office "Okay thanks Captain Walker, I'll get started on it right away." After she closed the door Walker pulled Alex into a hug but she stepped away and asked him "By the way Walker, when do you think you'll be getting home?"

Walker answered "Probably late, there's a lead on the home invasion case that I want to follow up on. Is there a reason why you want to know when I'll be home?" Alex said ďI was hoping that one of us could be home for dinner with our children for a change."

Walker questioned "What are you going to be doing that you won't be home on time? I thought that you were only going to work part-time until all the children are going to school full-time and that's three years away." Alex answered him "That was my plan but when my boss all but begs me to take on these cases I can't turn him down, I need to see that these people are convicted. Walker D.A. Moody just asked me to prosecute the Portman case for him."

"Maybe you'd better start turning D.A. Moody down; you shouldn't have agreed to handle another case. You are only supposed to be working part-time, not full-time like you did before we got married and had children. Alex you need to spend more time at home with our children." Walker was saying when Alex broke in and asked him "Can't the same thing be said about you, the one who's never home on time anymore? Walker you're the captain and there is no reason for you to keep on doing all that fieldwork, constantly putting yourself in danger when there are other Rangers who can do the job just as well as you can."

This made Walker mad so he snapped "My job is very important to me Alex." Alex held her hands up and said "I know that honey and I wasn't saying that it wasn't but there are times when you can and you should let someone else handle some of your easier cases. Our children need you at home just as much as they need me at home."

"I don't think you're in a position to cast the first stone, are you? Working all the time anymore, why is that Alex? Is there a reason that I don't know about that's keeping you away from your family?" Walker questioned his wife who informed her husband "Okay that's quite enough. I suggest that you go back to Ranger headquarters while I file this paperwork before we both say something that we don't mean. We're a little too close to that point as it is." Walker turned and left her office.

After Walker left Alex sat down at her desk for a minute then picked up her phone and called her boss "D.A. Moody this is Cahill-Walker, I don't think that I'm going to be able to handle the Portman case after all."

"I thought you might say that because I know that you only planned on working part-time for awhile longer but I really want to get a conviction in this case." D.A. Moody told Alex who said "What about Phil? His case went to the jury today and as far as I know he's free for the next several weeks. Phil is a pretty good A.D.A.; can't you assign him the case?"

Moody answered "His record is pretty good but yours is the best, however A.D.A. Cahill-Walker I will give that case to Holland. I have been giving you a lot of cases to handle lately, more than I promised you I would. Turn over the files you have on the Portman case to Holland as soon as you can."

Alex said "I'm going to do that right now then I'm going home to my family." After Moody hung up Alex got the Portman files took them to fellow A.D.A. Phil Holland and then headed home to her family.

When Walker got home he was surprised to find Alex already there so he asked her "I thought you said you were going to be handling the Portman case?" Alex replied "I had Moody assign it to Phil Holland. What about you? I thought you needed to follow up on a lead on the violent home invasions?"

"I assigned Cooper and Swanson to handle it, now what's for dinner?" Walker asked his wife who smiled and said "Turkey meatloaf, now how about you seeing to it that the children wash up for dinner?" Walker then asked "Well when is your next case?"

"Not for several weeks, why?" Alex replied. Instead of answering that Walker said "Okay I'll have Angela and Ray help me set the table for dinner." Walker did that and the Walkers spent a nice relaxing evening at home.


Chapter Two


When they were in their bedroom Alex questioned "Walker do you really think that I'm neglecting the children with all the cases that I've prosecuted recently? Or do you think that I staying away from my family for another reason?" Walker answered "No I don't think that you are neglecting our children, I know how much they mean to you." Not giving up Alex asked "What about you? Do you feel that I'm neglecting you? There were nights when I got home late and was too tired to have sex with you."

"It's okay Alex; I know how important your job is to you." Walker replied as he got out a pair of shirts and a t-shirt to wear to bed. Alex said "So you do think that I've been neglecting you when it comes to our love life. Walker why didn't you say something to me about it?"

"Alex there were nights when I came home pretty late too. If anything I've been working more hours than you have but that's going to change. You and our children matter more to me than my job." Walker stated causing Alex to respond "I love you too Cordell."

Walker pulled his wife into his arms and teased "If you love me like you claim to lady, would you mind showing me?" Alex teased back "Sure I'll show you how much I love you and then when I'm done you can show me how much you love me." They showed each other how much they loved each other.

About an hour later the phone rang and Walker answered it then said "Okay, I'll be there in an half an hour."Walker got out of bed and got dressed as Alex asked him "What's wrong?"

"Cooper and Swanson ran into a little bit of trouble trying to arrest someone we think is connected to that home invasion group. I'm going to help them out." Walker replied as he leaned over and kissed his wife on her cheek. Alex said to her husband "You better be careful out there Cowboy because I have plans for you for tomorrow morning."

Curious Walker asked "What do you want me to do around the house now?" Alex smirkingly answered "Me darling." Walker just shook his head and left their bedroom. Walker returned several hours later and slipped into bed with Alex who stirred and asked him "Did everything go okay?"

Walker answered as he pulled her into his arms "It was a piece of cake honey, now how about we get some sleep?" Alex snuggled closer to Walker and fell back asleep.

The next morning Alex decided to let her husband get some more rest so she quietly got out of bed and took care of getting breakfast for Angela and Ray, the triplets were still sleeping. In a quiet moment after Betty had taken Angela and Ray off to their respective school bus stops Alex decided to read the morning paper to see exactly what her husband considered a piece of cake to be. Alex was stunned to find out that Walker had walked directly into the barrel of a gun being held by the main suspect in a series of home invasions, Danny Nixon and had barely managed to avoid getting shot. When Walker came down for breakfast Alex raised her eyebrows at him as she asked "So last night was a piece of cake?"

Walker replied "I said that it was." Alex then sighed and remarked "I keep forgetting that what you think is a piece of cake would scare the living daylights out of most ordinary people."

"Alex I knew that he didn't have the guts to shoot me while I was looking at him, so yes it was a piece of cake." Walker said and Alex got up from the table went over to where her husband was sitting pulled out a chair sat down next to Walker and informed him "Even after all of these years you are still a crazy cowboy but that's okay because you're my cowboy and I wouldn't want you any other way."

Walker winked and then said "Well after all of these years I'm still crazy about you lady." Alex told him "I know honey you showed me that last night and I'm still madly in love with you my darling. I'd have to be to put up with your stubborn children."

"What did Ray do this time?" Walker questioned and Alex replied "The usual, overflowed the bathroom sink because he still thinks if he puts his army men in water they become navy men. I wonder how long it's going to take him until he understands that he shouldn't keep overflowing the sink?"

"It might be awhile considering he gets his stubbornness from you honey." Walker told his wife who smiled and said "I'll just remember that tonight when it's time for bed."

Walker got up kissed Alex on the cheek and told her "No you won't because you can't keep your hands off of me. See you later." Walker left the house as Alex mussed to herself 'He is so right about that, thank god I had the brains to wait all those years for Walker to come to his senses because he is so worth it at night.'


Chapter Three


Walker was again very late so Alex put the children to bed without their bedtime story from their father. She then waited up for her husband for awhile but since it was almost midnight decided instead to go their bedroom and do her monthly self-exam for breast lumps. Walker entered the bedroom when Alex was in the middle of it and asked her "Why don't you let me do that lady? It'll be more fun that way, I promise." Before she could answer him Walker began to run his hands over Alex's chest but she stepped away from him and questioned "Why were you late yet again? What happened to your promise to start spending more time with the children? Angela and Ray asked me where you were more than once."

"Something came up that I had to take care, I'll explain it to them in the morning. Now where were we?" Walker asked as he again began to run his hands over his wife's chest. Alex sighed and told him "Walker this is a serious matter, I need to make sure that I don't have any lumps in my breasts. Now will you just let me finish this in peace?"

"Okay honey, I'll let you finish doing what you're doing. I'll take my shower and then when I'm done you'll let me make sure that you did the job right, won't you?" Walker told Alex who answered "Okay mainly because if I don't agree you'll keep asking me until I agree to what you want me to do."

"Alex I don't keep asking you to have sex with me when you don't want to. I never have and I never will." Walker objected.

"No you don't come right out and ask me to have sex with you, what you do is come out of the bathroom wearing a towel while you're still wet then you whip off the towel to dry yourself. You know that I can't resist you when you're standing there naked and wet." Alex said to her husband who winked and then went into the bathroom for his shower. Alex started her self-exam again and thought that she had felt a small lump but when she went back to the spot she couldn't feel it again so then she wasn't sure if one was there or not.

Walker came out of the bathroom dressed in a towel which he whipped off as he asked "So lady can I examine you?" Alex didn't answer so Walker ran his hand along her face and asked again "Alex, can I examine you?"

Seeing her husband standing there naked while holding a towel to dry himself Alex answered "Yes, but Walker I want you to take this seriously because I need to know if you find any lumps, okay?" Walker replied "Okay honey I'll take this seriously."

Walker did as his wife asked and when he was done Alex questioned him "Did you find anything?" Walker said "I'm not sure, can I do it again?"

"Is this your way of saying that you didn't feel anything and can we please move on to our lovemaking?" Alex teased her husband who replied "Something like that."

Later on in the middle of the night Walker pulled Alex into his arms again and began to caress her breasts. This caused Alex to wake up and tell him "Walker take it easy. Since when do you like to be so rough?"

"I wasn't being rough Alex." Walker told her but Alex moved away and said "You most certainly were, earlier tonight and just now. Good night."

I touched you the way that I have always touched you, honey you know that I would never ever hurt you when we're in bed together." Walker told Alex but she informed him "Right, that's why it hurt so much."

"Alex I..., never mind." Walker told his wife as rolled onto his side away from her. Alex lay on her side of their bed and began to wonder if she had really felt a lump earlier. Then she wondered if the pain she had felt both times was from a lump and did she have breast cancer. Alex rolled back over to tell Walker that but then she decided not to upset him until after she went to a doctor for a mammogram.

The next morning Walker got up and went into the kitchen where Alex was cooking breakfast and asked her "Alex, are you okay?" Before she could answer Angela came into the kitchen and questioned her father "Daddy where were you last night? How come you didn't read Ray and the babies their bedtime story?"

"I had something to do Angela but I promise you that I will read you guys your bedtime story tonight." Walker answered his daughter who informed him "Just Ray and the babies Daddy. I'm a big girl now and I don't need a story read to me before I go to sleep. Mommy, I'll go set the table now." Angela then left the kitchen.

Walker tried again "Alex, are you all right?" Alex answered "I don't want to talk about last night right now if you don't mind."

"Okay." Walker said and he too left the kitchen as Alex called up her family doctor and set up an appointment for a mammogram.


Chapter Four


Alex was in Dr. Stineís office where she explained "Dr. Stine during my monthly breast self-exam I thought that I felt a small lump but when I tried to find it again I couldn't. Then later on I experienced some pain in my breasts. Can you do a mammogram to check to see if there is a lump?"

Dr. Stine replied "Okay, let me examine you first to see if I find anything." Dr Stine then examined Alex and when she was done said to her "Mrs. Walker we should do a mammogram because I think that I felt a lump but I want to be sure. If you would please follow my nurse into exam room B., we'll do the mammogram now." Alex got up and followed the nurse into exam room B. where the mammogram was done. After it was over Dr. Stine asked ďMrs. Walker how would you rate the pain you just felt during the mammogram? Was it a mild dis-comfort or was it something more?"

"It was very painful, unlike anything that I have ever felt before. Why did you find something?" Alex questioned her doctor who answered "When I examined you I found what I thought could be a lump but I'm not sure because it was very small and didn't show up on the mammogram. Mrs. Walker how long have you felt pain in your breasts?"

"Just last night, doctor do I have cancer?" A very scared Alex asked. Dr. Stine told her "Mrs. Walker there's no reason to be alarmed. What you need to do is to make an appointment with breast cancer specialist to pinpoint the lump and what's causing the pain. Now if you like I can set you up an appointment with Dr. Alphonso Wheeler, he's quite good."

"Okay how soon can he see me?" Alex questioned as she got dressed. Dr. Stine said "Mrs. Walker, the pain that you're feeling right now doesn't automatically mean you have breast cancer. There are a variety of things that could cause minor to severe pain in that area, most of which aren't cancer related. Dr. Wheeler can do more in depth tests and he'll let you know what your problem is and what your options are."

"Okay let me know when he can see me will you?" Alex asked Dr. Stine who assured Alex "Mrs. Walker, I'll have my nurse call Dr. Wheeler and see when he can fit you in; I'll have her call you at your home later today. Now try not to worry, it will probably turn out to be something minor." Alex left Dr. Stine's office and went home still troubled.

Back at Ranger headquarters Walker asked Ranger Swanson "Have you and Ranger Cooper gotten anywhere with your questioning of Danny Nixon?" Swanson replied "Yes we have, Nixon gave us the name of who he said was the mastermind in the home invasions, a man by the name of Andrew Wheeler."

"Okay you and Cooper bring him in for questioning." Walker told Swanson so she and Cooper brought Wheeler to Ranger headquarters. Walker sat in on the questioning of Wheeler. Cooper started off by saying "Mr. Wheeler we have reliable evidence that you are the ringleader of a home invasion group. What do you have to say about that?"

Wheeler answered "I say that I want a lawyer and I want one now." Walker asked "What's the name of your lawyer?"

"I don't have one but I'm sure that Alex would help me out." Wheeler replied. Walker questioned "Does this Alex have a last name?"

"Yes she does, we were quite serious about each other a few years back. Her name is Alex Cahill and the last I heard she was still a lawyer. Now can you arrange for someone to call her to represent me?" Wheeler said to Walker who informed him "From what I've heard Alex is still a lawyer, with the D.A.'s office as a matter of fact and I doubt if she would stoop low enough to represent the likes of you."

Wheeler rebutted "I'm entitled to a phone call to a lawyer by law so I suggest that you arrange that call unless you don't follow the law. Do you follow the law Captain Walker? Or do you ignore it when it suits you?" Walker growled "Arrange that phone call Swanson, I'll be in my office."

Alex got home to hear that Ranger headquarters had phoned her so she called back. Ranger Swanson answered and told her "Mrs. Walker, there's a suspect in custody by the name of Andrew Wheeler who said for us to call you as his lawyer."

"Okay, I'll be there as soon as I can." Alex answered and hung up. Swanson went into Walker's office and told him "Captain Walker, Mrs. Walker has agreed to represent Wheeler."

"Thank you Ranger Swanson, you and Cooper are to finish your paperwork on this case by tomorrow morning, tell Cooper that." Walker instructed Swanson who nodded and left Walker's office. Walker picked up his phone to call Alex but then decided that they could talk about how well she had known this Andrew Wheeler at home.


Chapter Five


Alex went down to the county jail where she met with Wheeler and told him "Mr. Wheeler I don't understand why you called me to represent you, I work for the D.A.'s office." Wheeler replied "You're the only attorney whose name I remembered. Please Alex, I didn't do what those Rangers are accusing me of doing. They are framing me; all they have is the word of one of the men involved in a home invasion ring who told them that I was the ringleader. I swear that I'm not, this man is obviously lying about me so that he can get himself a better deal."

Alex replied "Mr. Wheeler since you called on me to be your attorney I will see to it that you get released, but that's all I will do for you. After that you will find yourself a new attorney because I will not represent you in any future legal proceedings."

"Alex, can't you represent me for old times' sake? We were once so close. Alex, I swear that the Rangers are framing me led by their Captain. What's his name by the way? I want to know it when I sue him for framing me." Wheeler said to Alex who told him "The Ranger Captain's name is Walker and he is not framing you."

"How can you say that when you haven't even heard what else he's done to me? Alex he beat me up when he was arresting me, I can show you the bruises. Don't you wonder how many innocent people he's responsible for putting in jail by framing them also? Not to mention how many other people he's beaten up because he felt like it." Wheeler said to Alex who told him "Captain Walker would never frame anyone. He also does not go around beating people up. I know this because he is my husband but more than that I know that Captain Walker has always followed the law, whether or not he agrees with it. Ranger Captain Walker did not assault you; nor did he frame you. Now Mr. Wheeler since you called me to represent you I'll go see about getting you released because they don't really have anything they can hold you on. After I do that I am no longer your attorney. Is that clear?"

"Yes but I'm still think you should represent me because of how close we once were. No two people could have been closer than we were." Wheeler said to Alex who informed him "We were never that close Mr. Wheeler as you well know. Good day."

Alex entered Ranger headquarters and told the receptionist "I'm here as Mr. Wheeler's lawyer, is Captain Walker in his office?" The receptionist answered "Yes ma'am he is, you can go right in."

Alex went into Walker's office where she formally said "Captain Walker, you and I both know that you have no valid legal reason to hold Mr. Wheeler so I suggest that you release him immediately." Walker replied "Is that so defense attorney Cahill?"

"Yes it is, now are you going to release him or do I have to file a motion with Judge Hull who will order you to release my client?" Alex questioned Walker who answered "Alex that man is the head of a violent home invasion group; you know the one that is responsible for three deaths."

"If you had that sort of evidence against Mr. Wheeler you would have already gotten the D.A.'s office to file charges against my client. No Captain Walker what you have is the word of the one man you do have evidence on, who wants to cut himself a deal. You've placed Mr. Wheeler in the county jail with the hopes that will lead him to confess. There is not enough evidence to hold my client and you know that. Now when will Mr. Wheeler be released?" Alex asked.

"As soon as the paperwork is done." Walker snapped at Alex who said "Walker, I am only doing my job. Mr. Wheeler called me, I had to help him."

"Since when does your job as an A.D.A. include getting former boyfriends off?" Walker questioned his wife who told him "See to it that my client is released in an hour." Then she left Walker's office without another word. Walker picked up the phone and called Swanson into his office and told her "Mr. Wheeler is to be released, call up the county jail and inform them."

Swanson said "Wow A.D.A. Cahill must have been really close to Mr. Wheeler at one time to get him out so quickly." Walker snapped "You were just told to see to it that Mr. Wheeler is released, I suggest that you go and do what you were just told to do Ranger Swanson." Swanson did as she was told.


Chapter Six


When Alex got to her car there was a message on her cell phone to call Dr. Alphonso Wheeler back so she did. The nurse told her that she had her choice of appointments; one early next week at eleven o'clock Tuesday morning or one the week after that Monday afternoon at two. Alex choose the one on Tuesday morning at eleven. Alex then asked "Is there anything that I should be doing before then to lesson the pain?"

"In cases like this we usually advice our patients to wear looser fitting bras to see if that lessons the pain, also we advice taking some pain reliever but only when it's needed." The nurse answered Alex who thanked her and then wrote down in her day-planner 'A. Wheeler 1745 Oakdale Lane suite 16 Tuesday morning at eleven, loose bra.' Then Alex went home to her family.

When Walker got home he found all the children in the living room along with their mother who told him "Before you say anything cowboy, keep in mind that our children are here. Besides I am planning on telling you everything later, okay?"

Walker replied "Okay. Since it's my night to cook dinner what do you guys want?" Angela answered "Pizza Daddy." Ray said "No Daddy I want brownies." Walker smiled and questioned the tripletís "Well what about the three of you, what do you guys want?"

Mikey said "Cereal Daddy," While Sam and Coop said at the same time "Cookies." Walker then told them "Okay, since you guys don't agree about what you want to eat I'll make spaghetti for dinner." Angela and Ray looked at each other while the tripletís all started shaking their heads no. Alex laughed and told her husband "From the way our children are reacting they don't like your spaghetti too much."

Angela said "It sticks together and it doesn't taste as good as yours does Mommy and Daddy always burns the garlic bread." Ray feeling the need to chip in added "And Daddy makes me eat that yucky salad too; it has those red things in it."

Walker protested "I'm not that bad of a cook, am I?" Alex let him off the hook by saying "Not really but since I want the children to actually eat dinner tonight I've already taken care of it. However that means you have dinner two nights next week dear and only one of them can be a pizza night, the other night you are cooking dinner."

"Great, what is for dinner by the way? Because I'm starved." Walker asked his wife who told him "Fish, a side dish and a salad. And if you're good apple pie." Ray said "But Mommy I don't want to eat a yucky salad. Can I eat my pie first?"

"No Ray you can't, you can just eat a couple of bites of salad as long as you eat the rest of your dinner. Then you can have your pie, okay?" Alex told her oldest son who got up and kissed his mother on the cheek and told her "I will Mommy, I love you." Walker then said "Come on you guys; let's go wash up for dinner."

Later after their children were in bed the Walkers were in their living room when Alex said to her husband "I'm sorry that I was being so formal in your office today but I was acting as Wheeler's defense attorney. Since he called me I felt that I had to at least see to it that he was released because you didn't have any grounds to hold him on. However Walker I did not appreciate you saying that he was my former boyfriend because he wasn't."

"Alex how can you represent a man who leads a group that has killed three people during violent home invasions?" An upset Walker questioned his wife who replied "I am not representing Mr. Wheeler any longer. Walker he used his attorney phone call on me and I felt obligated to at least get him released which I did but I also made it quite clear that was all I was going to do for him. I am not his attorney."

"Okay but you should have told him to get another lawyer instead of getting him released. We needed to get a confession out of him." Walker objected but Alex pointed out "If I had done that he could have filed an appeal on that alone. Now enough about him, I have something that I need to tell you."

†††††††††† Not giving up Walker asked "Exactly what do you consider not to be a boyfriend because Wheeler made it quite clear that you two had been very close at one time. So Alex when did you know him and how close were the two of you by the way?"

"We were not close, ever and we had exactly one date. And no I didn't sleep with him. It was right after the professor and before Dalton. Now back to what I wanted to talk to you about. The other night when I objected to how rough you were, it turns out that maybe you weren't being all that rough. Walker when I did my breast self-exam the other night I thought I felt a lump." Alex said to Walker who replied "But honey I didn't find one."

"I know but..." That was as far as Alex got because the phone rang. Walker went into the kitchen to answer it and when he returned he told her "I have to go."

"What else is new, I need to talk to you and you need to go help someone else. Good night." Alex said as she got up and headed for the steps. Placing his hand on his wife's arm to stop her Walker told his wife "Alex, honey we'll talk when I get back."

†† Alex snapped "No we won't because I'll be sleeping. Don't you dare wake me up when you get home." Walker sighed and left the ranch.


Chapter Seven


When Walker got home hours later Alex was indeed sleeping so he took a shower and then slipped into bed with his wife. A few hours after that Alex woke up to pain in her chest and discovered that Walker had his head laying on her chest. Alex then removed Walker's head from where it was at causing him to awaken. Walker sat up, turned his lamp on and after noticing the look of pain on Alex's face Walker asked his wife "Honey, what's the matter? Do you need me to get you some aspirin? You look like you have a headache or something."

Rubbing her chest Alex replied "Would you mind getting me a couple of aspirin? My chest is sore right now." Walker got up from bed went into the bathroom and got his wife a couple of aspirin and some water to wash them down. After Alex took her aspirins Walker questioned "Alex, are you in pain from me touching you in my sleep?"

"A little bit, don't worry about it." Alex admitted but Walker told her "From the look on your face it's more than a little bit of pain and I am worried about it. Alex first thing in the morning you are going to call Dr. Stine and get an appointment to see what's wrong with you. Have you got that lady?"

"I already saw her and she did a mammogram because of what we thought was a lump in my breast. Walker Dr. Stine thought she felt a lump in my breast but when she did the mammogram she couldn't find it so she made me an appointment with a breast cancer specialist. The pain that I'm experiencing in my breasts has to be a sign that I have something wrong with me, I just know it." Alex answered her husband.

"Breast cancer specialist? Alex do you have breast cancer?" A very concerned Walker questioned Alex who replied "I don't know. I have an appointment to see the specialist next week. Walker, I'm scared that it's going to turn out bad. If it turns out bad and I need to get an operation will you be there with me during the operation?"

"Of course I will honey, I'll go with you to your appointment next week too." Walker assured Alex as he pulled her close but then she winced so he quickly released his wife. Alex told him "You don't need to come with me next week, it's just a preliminary appointment to run some tests. There's no sense in you missing work for no good reason."

"Alex are you sure? If you want me to go with you to hold your hand next week I will." Walker asked his wife who replied "No honey, I'll be okay. I only want you to be there if I have to get operated on, I can't go though that by myself."

Walker answered "I'd do anything for you, let me know if you change your mind about me going to that appointment with you next week." Alex didn't answer and they grew silent; both thinking things over. A few minutes later Walker asked her "How long before the aspirin kick in?"

A puzzled Alex questioned "About twenty minutes, why?" Walker replied "Well since we're both awake how about us spending some quiet time together?"

"Walker please not right now. I'm worried sick that the lump will turn out to be breast cancer and that they'll have to remove..." Alex broke down in tears as her husband tried to assure her "Alex it could be lots of other things besides breast cancer. Maybe you have some scar tissue from when you were shot and that's bothering you."

"In both of them? No it has to be cancer and I'm going to die the same way my mother did, disfigured and in agony. Walker promise me that you won't let that happen to me. I know what she went through and I can't go through that." Alex responded. Walker tried again "Alex don't do this, I promise you that it won't be cancer. Honey are you sure that you don't want me going to that appointment with you next week?"

"Yes, I'm very sure about you not going to the appointment with me. Walker you can't promise me that it won't be cancer and you know that so please don't." Alex retorted so Walker replied "Maybe but I can promise you that I will always love you no matter what."

"Even if I have to have a double mastectomy like my mother did? Not that it did her any good, she died with two months of having that done to prevent the spread of the cancer." Alex told her husband who vowed "I will love you no matter what lady, I'm never letting you go."

Alex smiled a little bit so Walker suggested "How about you going back to sleep? I'll stay on my side of the bed, I promise." Alex laid back down as her husband moved over to his side of the bed. After just laying there for awhile Alex unable to sleep asked her husband "Well then since you vowed to me that you will love me no matter what cowboy do you think you can make love to me right now know? After all we are both awake right now and all of our children are sleeping." Walker teased back "I'm a Texas Ranger, I can do anything I set my mind to."

"Prove it." Alex challenged Walker who was more than up to the challenge.

†† †††††††† In the morning Alex received another phone call, it was Wheeler who said "Cahill, those Rangers are threatening to arrest me again, I need you to be my attorney. You have to help me for old timeís sake." Alex replied "Mr. Wheeler I made it quite clear that I was not going to be your attorney anymore. Please do not call here ever again."

As Alex was hanging the phone up Walker who had just re-entered the bedroom asked "Who was that on the phone?" Laying back down in bed Alex replied "Nobody important, now how about we wake up the same way we fell asleep?"

Walker answered as he leaned over to kiss his wife "I'd love to but I think I hear our children." Alex got up and informed her husband "Walker I think you had better talk to them about their timing, right now it's not so good."

Walker kissed her again and said "I will, soon."


Chapter Eight


Walker decided to bring Andrew Wheeler back in Tuesday morning for questioning concerning the home invasion ring. During the questioning Wheeler asked him "Captain Walkerwhat is your first name and how do you spell it by the way?"

Walker said "What's that to you?"

Wheeler smirkingly said "Because I need to know your first name for when I file my lawsuit against you and the Rangers for harassment, police brutality and wrongful imprisonment."

"That's nice, now are you going to save yourself and everybody else a lot of time and confess to being the ringleader in the home invasion group?" Walker questioned Wheeler who instead of answering asked "Did you know that when I sue you, your wife will be my attorney? As a matter of fact she's on her way here to get me released and then we're going to have lunch among other things for old timeís sake. "

Trivette who was in the room interjected "That's not true and you know it Wheeler, now start talking."

"It's true, Mrs. Walker is my attorney of record, isn't she Captain Walker?" Wheeler replied and when Walker didn't say anything Wheeler turned to Trivette and asked him "Ranger Trivette is it? Did you know that Alex as my attorney made her husband here Captain Walker release me? Did you know that Alex and I once were closer that any two people could ever be?"

Keeping his control Walker got up and said "Cut this lowlife lose Trivette." As Wheeler was leaving the room Walker said to him "Make no mistake about Wheeler we will nail you for being the ringleader of that home invasion group."

Wheeler replied "Sure you will Walker. But enough about what you plan to do to me, right now I'm off to see Alex. Wouldn't you like to know where?"

Walker ignored Wheeler and went into his private office where he called home. "Betty, it's me Walker put Alex on the phone will you?"

Betty replied "Alex, isn't here."

"Did she say where she was going? I need to talk to her about something." Walker said and Betty answered "No she didn't but Alex left her day-planner on the dining room table, do you want me to look at it and tell you where she's at? That way you can get a hold of her."

Walker answered "Okay, just this one time."

Betty got the day-planner and told Walker "Here we are, Alex wrote down what I think is an address. 1745 Oakdale Lane, suite 16. There's also a name and some letters which don't make any sense."

"What's the name and what are the letters?" Walker questioned Betty who answered "A. Wheeler is the name and the letters are l,o,o,s,e, b,r,a." There was a moment of silence as both Walker and Betty thought they realized what the letters meant. Betty then said "Walker, I must be reading them wrong."

"I'll see you later Betty." Walker responded and hung up the phone. Walker then went to the address that Alex had written done and was surprised when he ended up in an office. He asked the receptionist "Where can I find Alex Walker? Is she with Wheeler?"

"Are you her husband? She wasn't expecting you to be here." The receptionist answered.

†† †††††††† "I'm sure that my wife wasn't expecting me to come here but I decided to come and surprise her. Now where is my wife at?" Walker barked at the woman who then pointed to a door that led out of the room and said "Go through that door, she's in the first room on the left."

Walker went to the room and opened the door to find Alex on an examining table topless with a man leaning over her. The man who was in there with her looked up and demanded "Who are you? You can't just barge in here. Leave at once or I'll have you removed."

Alex told him "Dr. Wheeler, this is my husband Cordell Walker." Alex then told Walker "Honey, this is Doctor Alphonso Wheeler, he's the specialist that I was telling you about."

Wheeler said "Now that we have the introductions out of the way, can we get to the matter at hand?" Walker took Alex's hand as she questioned "Did you find anything Dr. Wheeler?"

"Yes I did Mrs. Walker, in your left breast you have some scar tissue that's causing you the pain that you feel there. I can remove that and end your discomfort." Dreading the answer Alex asked him "And in my right breast?"

"I did find a small lump and I advise that you get a biopsy done on it as soon as possible." Dr. Wheeler replied.

"Can you do it right now?" Alex asked Dr. Wheeler who answered "Not today, the rest of my day is booked. How about tomorrow afternoon at three? It can be done right here in my office as an outpatient procedure. The lab should have the results by the next day. The lump is fairly small and if it's benign you can choose not to have it removed but to be on the safe side if it isn't removed you will have to have checkups every so often to make sure that it doesn't get any bigger. However if it's malignant we'll have to plan a treatment course for you. Now Mrs. Walker I'll also remove the scar tissue the same time I do the biopsy. You can get dressed now."

"Okay tomorrow afternoon at three." Alex said. Wheeler made a note and then left the office as Alex asked her husband "Honey how did you know where to find me?"

"I'll explain later, right now you'd better get dressed and I'd better get back to Ranger headquarters." Walker said and then rather quickly left the room ashamed that he had thought his wife was cheating on him, if only for a few seconds.

When Alex got home Betty asked her "Did Walker find you?" Alex replied "Yes he did. How did you know about that?"

"Walker called here looking for you and I got your day-planner and told him where it said you were going to be." Betty answered.

Picking up her day-planner Alex questioned "Betty did you tell my husband everything that I had written done for today?" Betty said "Yes I did, Alex is everything okay between you and Walker?"

"Yes Betty everything is okay. Why did you read this and think that I was cheating on Walker or something?" Alex half-teased but then Betty said "Alex you wrote down to loose your bra, a man's name and an address."

"I'm not having an affair. Now how were my children?" Alex said and Betty said "They were okay."


Chapter Nine


Walker entered the house and asked Betty "Where are Alex and the children?" Betty replied "Out in the barn with the horses."

"Okay, I'll go join them." Walker said but Betty told him "Alex left you a note on the dinning room table. She said to make sure that you know it's there, I'll be going to my cabin now." Betty left the ranch house as Walker went into the dining room and picked up the note from his wife which read;

†††††††††††††††††††††††††† Cordell,

†††††††††††††††††††††††††† You're in charge of dinner tonight.

†††††††††††††††††††††† ††††You can cook dinner while I have

††††††††††††††††††††††††††† our children in the barn with the

†††††††††††††††††††††††††† horses. No you can't order pizza.

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Alex

††††††††††††††††† †††††††††P.S. : You can't make spaghetti either.


Walker went into the kitchen and opened the fridge to discover that Alex had thawed out some ground meat so he decided to make hamburgers and french fries for dinner. As he was getting ready to place the food on the dinning room table Alex came back in with the children. Noting that dinner was done Alex said to them "Come on you guys, let's wash up for dinner." Ray objected "But Mommy why do I have to wash up? My hands are clean from when your horse Angel licked them."

Walker told him "Son when your mother tells you to do something you are going to do it, understand?" Ray replied "Yes Daddy but I'm not happy about cleaning my hands twice." Ray went and washed up along with the other children.

After they had eaten dinner the Walkers were in their living room watching their children play when Walker asked Alex "How mad are you at me for my telling Betty to snoop into your day planner?"

"That's not what I'm mad at you about and you know that Cordell." Alex responded to her husband who said "It was just for a few seconds Alex."

"What was for a few seconds?' Alex questioned Walker who said "Can we talk about it later? I don't want the children overhearing us."

"Overhearing what Daddy?" Angela asked her father but her mother answered "Nothing important honey, now why don't you and Ray tell your father what you're giving the tripletís for their second birthdays?"

Ray excitedly said "Daddy I'm giving Sam and Coop one of my big army menís each. Angie is giving Mikey her dolly Sarah." Angela told her brother "My name is Angela, not Angie and I'm giving Mikey my dolly Susie, not Sarah."

"I'm proud of you guys for giving the tripletís some of your toys." Alex told her oldest two children. Angela replied "I don't play with Susie anymore and Ray said that he doesn't like the big army men because they make the water go over the side of the sink when he plays army men."

Walker pointed "Ray, the sink wouldn't overflow if you didn't put too much water in it." Ray didn't buy it as he said "No Daddy it won't go over the side anymore now that I'm only going to play with my small army menís in it."

Alex interjected "Okay Ray but from now on any water you get on the bathroom floor you are going to be cleaning up with a towel. Now I think it's time for you guys to go to bed." They headed upstairs with the children where Walker volunteered to get all of them ready for bed but Angela told him "Daddy I can help Mommy with Mikey, why don't you get the boys ready? They really need a bath."

Alex took both of her daughters hand and said "Come on you two." Walker got the boys ready for bed and tucked them in after reading a story to Ray and the tripletís. Walker then went into his bedroom where Alex was already in bed so he got himself ready for bed.

Alex questioned her husband as he got into bed with her "I want to know exactly why you had Betty read my day-planner. Did you think I was up to something?" Walker replied "Because Andrew Wheeler was saying that you were still his attorney of record and that he was going to be suing me for harassment, false imprisonment and police brutality. Plus he said that you were going to meet him later on."

"So you had Betty look into my day planner to see if he was lying when you should have already known he was lying about me still being his attorney." Alex said to her husband who asked her "Well is he suing me? I mean he had to have told you, right?"

"Walker anything Wheeler told me when I was his attorney I can't tell you. Also if he does end up suing you I can't represent you either because I was the attorney of record for him first." Alex explained to her husband then she questioned him "Tell me Walker when Betty read you what I had written down, what did you think about it? And is that the real reason you showed up at Dr. Wheeler's office?"

"It was just for a few seconds Alex, I swear." Walker answered. Alex looked at Walker then said "You doubted me for more than a few seconds, that's why you showed up at Dr. Wheeler's office. Not because you were concerned about me and knew that I needed you there."

"I am always concerned about you Alex and I shouldn't have doubted you for even a second and I know that. So does this mean you don't want me coming with you tomorrow? Because I really want to be there for you." Walker said to his wife who replied "I need you there tomorrow to hold my hand, if nothing else. Are you taking the whole day off? Or are you going to work in the morning then meeting me there?"

"I'm taking the whole day off and I'm driving you to the doctor's office." Walker answered Alex who said "That's settled, I think we'd better get some sleep." They both settled down in bed and went to sleep.


Chapter Ten


The next morning Alex was a nervous wreck and was worrying herself sick that the lump would turn out to be malignant so Walker made a suggestion to ease her mind"Alex how about we go for a ride on our horses?" Alex replied "Are you crazy? How can you even ask me to go for a ride when I'm worried sick that I'm going to die the way that my mother did; scarred and in pain."

Walker pulled her close and said "Alex that is not going to happen, you have my word." Alex questioned "But what if it turns out to be cancerous?"

"If that ends up being the case we will go see whoever we have to, to make sure that you're cured." Walker answered his wife who asked "But what if they have to remove my breasts? I know you Walker and you can't be with me without touching them. If I lose them how are you going to be able to make love to me? That's if you don't lose your desire for me altogether, most men would."

"Alex I will never leave you and I will always desire you, you know that. Honey when you were nursing Angela and Ray I couldn' know and we were still able to make love. I love you, all of you. If worse comes to worse and you have to have a mastectomy I promise you that I will still make love with you. Okay lady?" After Alex gave her husband a brief nod Walker added "Not to change the subject but since you don't want to go for a ride how about we spend some time with your very stubborn children?" Walker said to Alex who wiped away a stray tear and replied "Cordell the children have always gotten their stubbornness from their father, not me."

Walker smiled and said "That's what you always say Alex and then you tell me you're right." Alex smiled then and teased "But darling, I am always right."

That afternoon at the doctor's office Walker went to go into the examining room with Alex but Dr. Wheeler objected "Mr. Walker, I don't allow men to be in the room when I'm doing these sorts of procedures."

Walker replied "I promised my wife that I would be here with her today and I will." Dr. Wheeler tried again "Mr. Walker in order to operate on your wife I have to touch her chest and cause her some a fair amount of pain, it's unavoidable. To be frank most men can't handle that aspect of the procedures that I perform on their wives."

Alex said "Please can't he be here Dr. Wheeler? I need him here and Walker will sit beside me without saying a word. You won't even know that he's here." Dr. Wheeler replied "Very well but the first bit of noise out of you Mr. Walker and you will be removed from this room, understand?" Walker nodded okay and Dr. Wheeler performed the procedures, first he removed the scar tissue then he did a biopsy on the lump. During all of this Walker stoically sat besides his wife who squeezed his hand to the point it turned white.

When Dr. Wheeler was done he motioned for Walker to move to into the hallway with him and informed Walker "Your wife will be a little groggy for about an hour. I'll be back then to check up on Mrs. Walker to make sure that she's okay to leave." Dr. Wheeler left as Walker returned to the room and again sat down besides his wife.

Dr. Wheeler returned and after checking Alex over said to them "We should have the results back by tomorrow afternoon at one. Call here around two and we'll let you know whether it's benign or malignant. Now for the next week or soyou will be sore Mrs. Walker so I suggest that you avoid doing anything that puts any pressure on your chest. Also you should go without a bra for the next several days until you can wear one without discomfort. Before you leave here make an appointment with my nurse for a follow up appointment to see that the incision sights are healing okay."

Walker answered "We will." Dr. Wheeler left the room as Walker started to help Alex put her bra and blouse back on but Alex said "Walker can you please turn your back until I'm done?"

A puzzled Walker asked "Why? I've see your chest any number of times." Alex replied as she rolled up her bra and shoved it into her purse "Just give me a little privacy, will you?" Walker kissed his wife on her cheek and said "Okay, I'll go make that follow up appointment for you while you put your blouse back on."


Chapter Eleven


Alex carefully put her blouse on then went out to meet her husband in Dr. Wheeler's outer office where she found Walker glaring at Andrew Wheeler who was there saying to Dr. Wheeler "Alphonso, you're my witness that Ranger Walker is going out of his way to harass me by visiting my friends and relatives then harassing them too."

Alex ignored that and told Walker "I'm ready let's go." Andrew Wheeler turned around and noticing Alex said to her "Why Alex what are you doing here? Are you helping that husband of yours in his harassment of me? Because if you are I'll file a complaint with the state bar because you were my attorney first, therefore you can't help him."

Alex replied "Dr. Wheeler is my doctor, now if you'll excuse us we'll be on our way." Walker took Alex's hand and they went to leave but stopped when Andrew Wheeler snidely said to them "Did my brother become your doctor before or after I informed your husband that I was going to be suing him? By the way what's wrong with you Alex? Because if it turns out that you were here trying to get information out of my brother to use to help that husband of yours out and don't have anything the matter with you I'll include you in the suit too."

Before she could say anything Dr. Wheeler broke in to say "Andrew we're only half-brothers, now please leave before I have you removed for bothering a patient of mine."

Andrew then said "This isn't over Alex, for either one of you." He left and Dr. Wheeler said to the Walkers "Sorry about that but Andrew can be pretty annoying at times and doesn't know when to let up. Now Mrs. Walker as to me still being your doctor in light of the fact that Andrew seems to hold a grudge against your husband; I can understand you wanting to get another doctor. However if the lump turns out to be cancerous changing doctors at this time would delay your treatment. It would be best to begin treatment as soon as possible if it is cancer and not waste precious time finding another doctor."

Alex replied " I don't want to change doctors at this point so I'll call you tomorrow afternoon and we'll go from there." Dr. Wheeler said "Okay."

As they were heading to Walker's truck Andrew Wheeler who was waiting for them outside said "Well how much did you find out from my brother about me?" They ignored him so he went to block Walker's path but Walker easily shoved Wheeler aside causing him to fall to the ground. When they neared their truck Alex went over to the passenger's side and started to get in the truck when Wheeler ran up and tried to grab Alex's arm but she hit him in the head with her purse causing Wheeler to then grab at her again and he ended up grabbing her in the chest area causing Alex to cry out in pain. Walker quickly grabbed Wheeler and threw him over the hood of a car and told him "Get lost before I really lose my temper." Wheeler scurried away as Walker opened the truck door sat Alex on the seat and asked her "Honey do you want me to get Dr. Wheeler for you?"

Alex replied "No, it's just that when he grabbed me it hurt so bad. I should be okay, just take me home." Getting into his side of the truck Walker answered "Okay I'll take you home but when we get there you are going to rest, understand?"

"While I'm resting who's going to be taking care of the children?" Alex questioned her husband who said "I am, I've done it before."

"Okay, I won't disagree because right now this really hurts." Alex replied as she winced. Walker questioned "Alex shouldn't we back into Dr. Wheeler's office and have him check where that jerk grabbed you?"

"Walker, all I want to do right now is to go home and rest." Alex answered and when Walker hesitated to leave she added "Honey if it still hurts after I've rested we'll call Dr. Wheeler and see what he says, okay?"

"Okay stubborn." Walker said and they went home.


Chapter Twelve


The next day Walker wanted to take off again but he had to go into work because Danny Nixon the man who had named Andrew Wheeler as the ringleader of the home invasion group had been found dead in an alley. Entering Ranger headquarters Walker was greeted by Trivette who told him "Sorry about calling you in Walker but Mayor Dimsdale insisted that you be here to brief him personally."

"Are there any leads on Nixon's death?" Walker said to Trivette who explained "No, he was found dead in an alley with his hands duct-taped behind his back, his eyes duct-taped shut and a scalpel protruding from his mouth. Walker the M.E. said that the scalpel had been shoved in Nixon's mouth so hard and deep that it had started to come out the back of his neck. But the M.E. also said that she didn't think that was the cause of death but would let us know what actually killed Nixon after the autopsy is done. Since Swanson and Cooper haven't come up with anything else I've assigned Gage and Sydney to help them out. The mayor said that he wanted you in his office as soon as you got here."

"So I'm just here because his honor Mayor Dimsdale has decided that I didn't have anything better to do with my time than to personally brief him?" Walker asked Trivette who replied "Well we could use your help too, sometimes you can sense stuff that I can't."

"Trivette you can come up with things that I don't, mainly on that computer of yours." Walker pointed out but Trivette rebutted "Not this time, I've made every computer search that I could think of and other than Nixon telling us that Wheeler was the ring-leader there are no leads. Do you have any ideas? Should we bring Wheeler in again for questioning?"

"No don't bring him in for questioning because right now he's planning on suing me for harassment, among other things. You'll never guess who he's related to?" Walker answered Trivette who asked "Okay who's he related to? A serial killer?"

"No Dr. Wheeler the breast cancer specialist that Alex went to see yesterday. Andrew Wheeler is the half-brother of Dr. Alphonso Wheeler." Walker replied.

Trivette whistled and said "Is Alex changing doctors because of that?"

"No she's not but right now I'd better go see the mayor and get this over with because Alex has to call Dr. Wheeler later today to see if she has cancer." Walker told Trivette who said "I hope that it turns out that the lump is benign. Alex once told me that her greatest fear was dying like her mother did from breast cancer."

"I know Trivette and I'm praying that Alex doesn't have breast cancer. But right now I'd better go talk to his honor Mayor Dimsdale so I can be there when Alex calls Dr. Wheeler and finds out whether or not she has cancer." Walker replied and then left Ranger headquarters.

At the mayor's office Walker found himself quickly losing his patience because Dimsdale had decided that Walker was going to appear with him at a news conference. Walker said "I have plans this afternoon, you'll have to have your news conference without me."

Dimsdale insisted "Captain Walker, I'm your boss and you will be there. Do you understand that?" Walker answered "The Governor is my boss and he would much rather that I spend my time assisting my fellow Rangers catch the people responsible for those home invasions than wasting my time appearing at a news conference with you. Good day Mayor Dimsdale." Walker left Dimsdale office as Dimsdale yelled at him "Get back here right now Ranger Walker or I'll have your badge."

Walker went back to Ranger headquarters where Cooper told him "Boss we may have a lead in Nixon's death. The M.E. said that the scalpel that was found lodged in Nixon's throat may be traceable. What do you want us to do?"

Walker told him "Cooper, I want you and Swanson to canvass the alley where Nixon was found, something may have been overlooked. Also Cooper tell Rangers Cooke and Gage that I want them to go over Nixon's rap sheet again to see if they missed anything. I'll have Trivette do some more computer research on this case."

"Okay, Walker you'll be here all day if we need to get a hold of you?" Cooper questioned Walker who replied "I'll be home, call me only in an emergency."

Around two o'clock Alex called Dr. Wheeler's office "This is Alex Walker, Doctor Wheeler said for me to call there to see about the results of a biopsy on a breast lump."

The receptionist told her to hold on that Dr. Wheeler wanted to talk with her "Mrs. Walker this is Dr. Wheeler, the lump is benign."

"Thank god." Alex said as she breathed a sigh of relief but Dr. Wheeler then said "Mrs. Walker, it is a cyst and you should have it removed as a precaution in light of the fact that your mother died of breast cancer. At least think about having that done will you?"

"Yes I will think about it but right now I just want to be thankful for the fact that I don't have cancer. Dr. Wheeler I'll set up an appointment to see you next week and then you can explain everything to me and what I should do then." Alex told him and then hung up the phone. Turning to Walker who was sitting right besides her Alex said "I don't have cancer."

Pulling his wife close Walker told her "Thank god, I love you Alex." Alex kissed her husband and said "I love you too Cordell but maybe you should get back to Ranger headquarters and help them find the people responsible for those home invasions, okay?"

Returning his wife's kiss Walker replied "Okay, I'll see you when I get home.



I don't own Walker Texas Ranger, C.B.S. and other entities do. Neither I or this story is meant as an infringement on their rights, it was written as a tribute to a good show.