by dreamer36:

            At 6:00 a.m. the alarm clock was ringing wildly.  Alex Cahill (Assistant District Attorney of Tarrant County Texas) rolls over and hits the snoozes alarm.  She still rest on her pillow and thinks to herself, Alex Cahill you are really lucky.  Not only; are you engaged to be married to the man you love with all your heart but you also have a job you like and are good at, not to mention good friends to share your life with.  She smiled and closed her eyes again.

            The phone rang, she jumped a little, and “Hell-o" she said.

            The voice on the other end was that of her fiancée, Cordell Walker, (Texas Ranger) "Alex, could you meet me at C.D.'s for breakfast at 7:30."

            "Sure" she then asked "Is anything wrong?"

            "Nothing major I’ll explain when I see you." He said.

            "Okay I’ll be there"

            "Don't go back to sleep", he said.

            At C.D.’s, Walker was waiting at a table near the front door when Alex came in.  She saw Jimmy Trivette (Walkers partner) sitting at the bar.  He looked like he hadn't slept all night.  She walked to the table, where Walker sat, she nodded at Jimmy.  Walker rose and pulled out the chair next to him for her.  She thought, something’s up he doesn't usually do this, but she said nothing.

            He kissed her on the cheek and said "Morn'in"

            They sat next to one another and said nothing for a few moments C.D. walked over to them and asked “Coffee Honey?”

She shook her head yes.  Then she turned to Walker and said ”Okay, What’s up?”

“Well” Walker started “ Trivette and I have to go to Fairview to pick up a suspect and we won’t be back for about 2 or 3 days so we won’t be able to go to the reservation this week end .”                         

“Alex smiled and said “That’s okay you’ll just have to make it up to me.”

“I will, will I?” he asked as he smiled at her.

Trivette walked by and said “ Walker, ready to go?”

“Meet you at the truck,” Walker turned to Alex and gave her a kiss that showed just how sorry he was to be leaving her.  Alex said “Another kiss like that cowboy and I’m libel to go with you.”

Walker whispered “Promises, promises”

 Alex just smiled and told him goodbye.  He told her that he would call her later.  Then he left.

C.D. brought Alex her coffee and said “Honey, you know how it is.”

“Yes, C.D. I’m afraid I do.  I don’t have to like it though.” She said sipping some of the hot coffee in the cup.

The trip to Fairview started out long and was promising to be longer.  Trivette was complaining about having to make this trip on the very weekend that he had planned to go Mexico with his newest girl friend. 

            Walker said “ Trivette do you think I like this anymore than you do?  Alex and I were going to see Sam and White Eagle at the reservation this week end.”

            Walker listened to the complaints for about 2 hours then he said, “Trivette you’re giving me a head ache.”

            “ Okay man all you had to do was ask” Trivette sarcastically said.  Then he turned his head toward the window and said nothing.

            After 15 or 20 minutes of silence Walker said “Look Trivette I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.  It’s just that I had plans for this weekend too.”

            Trivette said, “It’s okay man I understand.”  He looked out of the window at the quiet countryside “ I wonder what the weather would have like in Mexico?”

            Walker just laughed and said nothing

Alex worked on the pile of paperwork cluttering her desk.  She shuffled folders from side to side.  She decided to take a rest and get a cup of coffee.  She filled her cup and walked to the window she looked down at the hustling crowd.   She smiled as she thought, Walker sure knows how to ruin a weekend, then she smiled.  As she aimless stared at the crowd she saw what she thought was a familiar face.  She looked again, It can’t be she thought La Rue was killed almost a year ago.

            There was a knock on her door, “ Come in” she said.

            Her secretary opened the door and said “ I’m sorry to bother you but this just came for you.”

The young lady handed her a single red rose in a glass vase with a pink ribbon tied around the neck of the vase..  The attached card read THINKING OF YOU. XO

            The secretary said “I’ll bet Ranger Walker sent it to you.” Then smiled and said, “You are so lucky.”

            Alex smiled she knew she was lucky but this is out of character for Walker.

            Around lunch time Alex left her office and drove to C.D.’s bar and grill as she entered she was immediately greeted by C.D. Parker, he was more like a father to her than a friend.

            “Alex honey glad you’re here, something was delivered here for you a few minutes ago.” He handed her a small box of chocolates with a note on it that said UNTIL YOU’RE IN MY ARMS. XXOO. “Didn’t know Cordell had it in him.” C.D. muttered as he walked to serve another customer.

            Alex just looked at the note for a while then she picked up a glass of water that C.D. had set in front of her.  C.D. asked, “What’ll it be honey.” Alex didn’t hear him, her eyes were fixed on the doorway.  She gasped loudly and dropped the glass she held.  As the glass shattered on the floor everyone turned to look at her.  C.D. rushed over to her and asked what the problem was.

            Alex was crying she had covered her face with her hands.  “ Alex are you okay.  What’s wrong.”

            She just cried, “ It can’t be he’s dead I saw Walker kill him.”

            “Who?”  C.D. asked, “ Who’s dead?”

            Alex blurted out “LA RUE he’s right there.” She pointed at the door.

            C.D. looked at the door.  No one was there.  “ Honey he’s not here he is dead.  We all saw it.”

            On route to Fairview Walker and Trivette stopped at a small diner for lunch.  Walker ordered a steak and fries.  Trivette ordered a salad and said to Walker “ I don’t know how you can eat that stuff man you’re kill’in yourself with that you know.”

            “Trivette this is real food, not like that.”  He pointed at the salad the waitress had just sat in front of his young partner.

            They continued their meal.  Walker said “ Let’s get going I want to get to Fairview before dark.”

They paid their bill, tipped the waitress. And continued on their way.

            Trivette asked “Who’s this suspect we are supposed to pick up?”

            “Her names Holly Barren she’s wanted for conspiracy to commit bank fraud in Houston.”  Walker told his partner.

            “I remember that case, she romanced the bank president then threatened to tell his wife if he didn’t help her rob the bank.  Right?”

“Exactly” was the reply from the older Ranger.

            Alex had calmed down and conceded that La Rue couldn’t be alive “I guess I’m just tired C.D.”

            “Why don’t you go home and take the afternoon off Alex?”

            “I can’t I’ve got too much paper work to do.”  She replied.

            “Honey you’ve been working hard on your last few cases not to mention fund raising for The HOPE House, you really should take some time off.” C.D. said again.

            “Okay I guess I could take this afternoon and rest.  Thanks C.D. you’re a doll.”

            “Well I am rather sweet aren’t I.” He said smiling.

            Alex left the bar and drove to her condo.  When she got to her front door there was a bouquet of flowers and balloons sitting in front of her door.  As she read the card she smiled it said YOU ARE EVEN SWEETER THAN THE FLOWERS.  She thought, Trivette must have helped Walker write this one.

            She entered her condo placed the flower arrangement on her hall table and proceeded into the kitchen to make some tea.

            The telephone rang she answered it. “Hell-o” The caller hung up the phone.

She said “Must have been a wrong number.”

She then proceeded into the bathroom and filled the tub with warm water and bubble bath.  This should relax me, she though. Returning to the kitchen she made a cup of tea, placed it next to the tub on a small table.  She began to undress and then she lowered herself into the warm luxurious bubbles.  She felt all the tensions of the day melt away.  Really beginning to relax she thought about the gifts she had received today.  Walker was really sweet.  She loved him so much but she still wasn’t sure what was going on.  He didn’t usually do things like that.

After an hour in the tub she decided to get out and take a nap. After departing the tub she dried herself and put on a bathrobe.  She when in the bedroom and reclined on the bed.  She drifted off the sleep.

The ringing of the telephone woke her. She answered very sleepily.  “Hello” Walker said “Alex, are you okay?  She said “Yes I just woke up.”   Once the cobwebs cleared, “How did you I was home?”

“I called C.D.’s and he told me you went home.” 

Trying to change the subject she said, “Thank you.”

“For what?” Walker asked very puzzled.

“The flowers and candy, they were sweet.”

“You’re welcome but I didn’t send you any flowers and candy Alex.”

Trivette sat facing Walker in the booth of the small diner, they had stopped for dinner.   He asked,   “Who sent Alex flowers and candy?  Did you? “ 

Walker said “Trivette I didn’t send her flowers and candy.”

Alex asked, “Then who sent them?”

“Maybe a secret admirer.”  Walker suggested “But I wish I would have thought of it”

“When do you think you’ll be back?”  She asked.

He could hear the concern in her voice, he left the booth and went outside to talk more privately. “Look, Alex C.D. told me about you thinking you saw La Rue today.  He’s not going to hurt you again.  He’s dead.  I promise you that.  I’ll be back tomorrow and we’ll take some time off.  Okay?

“I miss you, Walker hurry back dear.”  Then she says, “I love you”.

“I love you too.”  He said as turned around his face turned red, Trivette was now standing behind him and had heard him tell Alex he loved her.  Jimmy grinned widely.  Walker said, “Don’t say a word, not one word”.

Jimmy said, “I’m not going to say anything.”  Then as walked off he muttered “I love you too”.

The older Ranger gave the black man a hard glance as he climbed into the truck.

Trivette knew just how far to push his partner.  Trivette knew also that Walker did care very deeply for the lady ADA.

Alex hung up the phone receiver.  She wondered, about the gifts she had been receiving all day.  Who could have been sending them if Walker didn’t.  

Alex sighed, deeply wishing her cowboy were there with her, she wouldn’t worry as much if he were here.  She began to drift off to sleep once more.  As she slept she was again startled by the telephone ringing.  Walker wouldn’t be calling back who could this be she thought.

As she picked up the receiver her face lost all expression and all the color drained from her face, “Hell-o Alexandria my love.”  She slammed the receiver down and yelled;’ OH MY GOD IT’S LA RUE”

The phone rang again. This time she let the answering machine take a message. ‘Hell-o this is Alex I’m not able to come to the phone but if you’ll leave a message I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.’

The caller said, in a horrifyingly familiar voice, “Now Alexandria why did you hang up on me?  You know you can’t fight me I’ve come back for you my lady love.”

As the caller hung up Alex’s heart was beating in terror.  What was going on she knew La Rue was dead.  All the old fears rushed back to her, his trying to rape her, tearing her clothes, chaining her to the bed at Walkers ranch and trying to kill Walker.  That day in court. When he killed the judge and humiliated her.  She remembered Walker bursting through the courtroom door and shooting La Rue she saw him fall to the floor dead.

Was she going crazy?  Did she just imagine this all?  Was she dreaming? All these questions filled her head.  She shook her head to clear the cobwebs looked at he answering machine rewound the tape and played it again.  She froze when she realized she was not dreaming the message was real.  She sat on the couch pulled he knees to her chest buried her head in a pillow and cried like a baby.

She did not sleep all night, when she started to doze she would hear La Rue’s voice again echoing in her head.

At work the next day she found it hard to concentrate.  She spent the most of the morning staring at the rose on her desk.  The rose she had thought was from Walker.

Walker and Jimmy had picked the prisoner up and started back to Dallas.  Since the prisoner was a female Walker did not make her sit in the back of the truck.  Although halfway back he wished he had.  She complained about everything.  Walker thought are we ever going to have any peace?

Walker had not wanted to stop except for gas on the way back he was concerned about Alex and the gifts she was receiving.  Trivette was getting hungry and complained to Walker almost as much as the female prisoner.  “All right” he finally said “We can stop at the next place and you can pick up some sandwiches.”  Jimmy agreed with that and at the next place Walker turned the truck into the parking lot.  Jimmy went into the store to get the sandwiches and some coffee.  Walker waited in the truck with their guest, she had been sitting between the two Rangers.  Walker was a little preoccupied with thoughts of Alex when the female next to him reached down and squeezed the inside of his upper leg.  Walker instinctively knocked her hand back and looked very shocked at her.  She seductively licked her lips and said real low “we could loose your partner and have some fun.”

Walker just said “or not”.  Then he sighed with relief as Trivette came out of the store and to the truck. They returned to Dallas almost 4 hours early.  It was almost 5:00 p.m. when they arrived.  They took the prisoner to the lock-up then headed for C.D.’s.  Alex sat at the bar looking very lonely.  They walked in Jimmy said “Hey Big Dog got anything to eat Walker tried to starve me on the way back.”

Alex heard Jimmy’s voice and ran into Walkers arms as he walked in the door behind the younger Ranger.  She hugged him tightly.  He looked at C.D. and mouthed ‘What’s wrong?’

She began to cry.  Walker looked lost, what should he do now.  He wasn’t good at emotion (especially not in front of a room full of people).

C.D. suggested that Walker take Alex in the back room and calm her down.

Walker had to walk to the back room practically dragging Alex with him.  She refused to loosen her hold on him.

“I’m sorry”, she sobbed “I’m so scared” she began crying harder.

Walker was very uncomfortable he squirmed to break her grasp a little.  He couldn’t so he began to stroke her hair and said, “shhh it’s all right Alex I’m here now.  Tell me what’s wrong.” She just sobbed harder. She choked back the tears long enough to say  “La Rue”.

“La Rue’s dead Alex.  You know that.”  He answered.

Just then C.D. knocked on the door to the back room.  He stuck his head in around the small opening and said “Everything okay Cordell?”

Walker motioned for him to come in.  He entered and sat on a crate near Walker.  “What’s been going on C.D.  I can’t get anything out of her except La Rue.

“Cordell” the older man started “ Alex is convinced La Rue is still alive.  She says she saw him yesterday and he called her on the phone last night.”

“That’s crazy C.D. it’s been almost a year since I shot him.”

Alex finally stopped crying enough to speak.  “Walker I know it sounds crazy but it’s true.” She fought back more tears, She proceeded to tell him about the gifts, the notes, the phone calls and “this morning “ she added “I found a dead rose at my front door and this was attached” she showed him a note that said BEAUTY STILL DIES XXXOOO.  “All the notes ended with those X’s and O’s I figured it meant hugs and kisses.  I thought they were from you until we talked last night.”  She took a long deep breath to prevent the tears from flowing again.

Trivette peeked his head in the door and said, “Walker, the office called the Captain wants us there ASAP.”

“Not now Trivette,”

“Yes now it sounds important.”

Walker looked at C.D. and said “Keep an eye on her please,” 

“Sure thing,“ was his reply.  Then C.D. walked out the door and took Jimmy’s arm he said, “Let’s give them a minute.  He pulled Jimmy out of the room.

Walker pulled Alex close to him.  “He kissed her cheek and said “Alex I’ll be back as soon as I can then we’ll figure out what’s going on.”   She looked into his eyes with a very frightened look.  Their lips met in a deep kiss.  Alex seemed to draw courage from the kiss, which lasted for a little longer than it usually, would have.

He then turned and left. 

At ranger headquarters Walker stood before the captain.  In his hand he held a paper.  He looked at Walker and said, “as you know the department takes a very dim view when it comes to misconduct charges filed on our officers.

“This is serious.  You are being charged with mistreating your prisoner”. Walker just looked at the Captain.

The Captain continued.  “According to the complaint you and Trivette were transporting a female prisoner to Dallas. She claimed you would not stop and let her get something to eat, or let her go to the bathroom.  “Oh come on Cap’n we were just in a hurry to get back.  She got fed.”

Jimmy was sitting at his desk, “Boy can you believe what that woman said.  Walker how can they believe her?” 

Walker said nothing he didn’t even hear his younger partner he was thinking about La Rue.  He remembered his last meeting with the crazed madman.  He knew he was dead.  How was it that he was now tormenting Alex almost a year after his death.

“Walker did you hear me?” Jimmy asked him.

Walker said, “What? I’m sorry Trivette I wasn’t listening.”  Without, giving the younger man a chance to ask his question again he asked “Trivette could look something up for me.”

Jimmy was puzzled but he said “yeah”

The bar was busy C.D. Parker was running back and forth from the bar to the tables.  The phone behind the bar rang.  He asked, “Alex honey could you get that for me please,?”

“Sure” she replied and walked around the bar to answer the phone.  “C.D.’s” she said.

The music was loud in the dance hall and it made it hard to hear.  She plugged her free ear with her finger and said, “This is Alex Cahill.”

The muffled voice on the other end of the line said, “This is Officer Morgan of Dallas Police Department.  I’m sorry to have to tell you but there’s been a terrible accident.  Ranger Walker is in critical condition.  Ranger Trivette asked me to call and have you brought to the hospital.” Alex gasped for breath.  “I’m sending a car for you.”  The voice said.

            C.D. turned around, seeing Alex slowly putting down the phone receiver he asked, “Who was it?”

            Alex had tears in her eyes.  She said, “It was DPD.  There’s been an accident and Walkers in critical condition.  Jimmy asked them to call me.”

            “My gosh honey let’s go.”

            Alex said “C.D. they’re sending a car for me.  You need to find someone to take over here before you come.  I’ll meet you there She went to the door and left when the patrol car arrived.  As she left C.D. thought what hospital?

            He was trying to figure out the next move.  He called Mabel and asked if she could come over and take care of the bar for him.  She told him she would be right there. Then he called Ranger headquarters surely they would know what hospital Cordell was in.

At Ranger headquarters the telephone at Cordell Walkers desk rang.  He crossed from Jimmy’s desk, where they had been working.  Walker picked up the receiver and “Walker” was his reply.  The party on the other end said, “This is Miss Cahill’s office, Ranger Walker.  Someone called here and said Miss. Cahill wanted us to call your office and have you meet her at 2279 Aster Blvd.  She said she has someone to talk to and wants you there.”

Walker told Trivette, ”I’ve got to go meet Alex.”  

“I’ll go with you,” Jimmy said.

“No,” Walker said “Stay here and keep looking,  Okay.” Walker then rushed out of the office.

The phone rang at Trivette’s desk.  Jimmy picked up the phone and said “Trivette.”                                           C.D. was shocked, “Jimmy what are you doing there?”

“This is my phone C.D.”

“No, you don’t understand.  Alex just got a phone call from DPD saying Cordell

had been in a bad accident and was in critical condition in the hospital and you wanted them to call her.”

C.D. “Walker’s fine in fact he just left her to meet Alex but he didn’t say just what or where.”   “Jimmy, Alex just left here in a patrol car to go to the hospital.” C.D. yelled.

“Whoa big dog, what are you talking about?” Jimmy was really confused.

C.D. when through the whole story again.

Jimmy said, “C.D. do you think some ones playing a joke on Alex and Walker?”

“I don’t know Jimmy but if it is a joke it’s a bad one.”  C.D. replied to answer his friends question.

“Jimmy I’m on my way up there as soon as Mabel gets here to take over.” The ex-Ranger turned bartender disconnected the call.

Walker arrived at the address Alex’s office had given him.  He felt a little uneasy, it seemed quiet, too quiet.  He departed the truck and cautiously drew his gun and began to look around.  As he slowly went around a corner, gun at the ready he heard a noise behind him.  Quickly he spun around but as he turned he heard a gun shot ring out.  He saw the flash of the gun and felt the burning in his side.  He went down.  Then almost instinctively he tried to jump back but a large boot to his fresh bullet wound sent him back to the ground and into unconsciousness.

 He woke up in more pain than he had been in a long time.  As he tried to sit up his head started to spin.  He lay back down.   Alex was at his side.  Her tear strained face looked at him with love in her eyes.  “Walker” she choked back her tears, “thank God you’re alive.”  She hugged him. 

 “Alex” Walker whispered,  “What happened?”

  She used the cloth on the bottom of the bed to wipe the wound on Walker’s side the blood had slowed but it was still oozing blood and looked like it may be infected. 

She picked up a first aid kit, which was left near the bed.  As she carefully opened the box and note fell to the floor.  She picked up the note and began to read it.  A scared look came across her face.

Walker tried to sit up a little, leaning on his right elbow he asked. “What?”


Walker wondered what sick fool could have done this.  “Alex what happened?  How did you get here?  How did I get here?  I mean I left you at C.D.’s.”

Alex answered, “I got a call from someone who said they were from the DPD and that you had been a bad accident, were in critical condition.”  She took some bandages from the first aid kit she was holding. “The person said they were sending a patrol car to pick me up and take me to meet Jimmy at the hospital.”

Walker jumped as she applied some antiseptic to his wound. “I’m sorry” she said, “I don’t mean to hurt you.”

“That’s okay.  Do what you need to.”  Walker flinched.

“This is going to hurt I need to apply pressure while I’m putting on the bandages.”

“Go ahead.” 

Alex pressed firmly and applied the gauze the best she could. “Maybe this will keep out anymore dirt.”

Walker thanked her for the first aid.  She kissed him and said,  “You’re welcome.”

Alex then continued her explanation “after the phone call I was to go the hospital in the police car and C.D. would follow when he found someone to relieve him at the bar.  As soon as the car arrived I rushed out to go.  Everything is blank after that till I woke up here and you were lying there.”

Walker tried to sit completely up on the side of the bed.  Alex helped him after his first attempt failed.  Walker held his side and tried to stand.  That was a bad Idea.  Blood oozed through the bandage and through his shirt.

Alex shouted, “Oh God, You’re bleeding again.”  She grabbed the cloth she used before and applied pressure.  Walker sat back on the bed, he wasn’t steady on his feet. 

Alex said, “Walker sit still”, he was squirming trying to stand again.

“Alex we’ve got to get out of here” Walker argued.

“If you don’t sit still so I can stop the bleeding you won’t be alive to get out.” She said firmly.

“All right doctor.”  He said lying back down.

Alex knew the ordeal was wearing him down, he gave up too easily.

At Ranger Headquarters Jimmy and C.D. were still trying to figure out what was going on.

“Big Dog, this doesn’t make any sense why would anyone lure Walker and Alex away?” Trivette asked.

“Don’t know Jimmy but somethin’ funnies go’in on here that’s for sure.” The semi-retired Ranger replied.

Walker weakened from the gun shot had drifted to sleep while Alex tried to stop the bleeding from his side.  Thank goodness the bullet had gone all the way through.  Walker slept for about an hour, he woke up sweating.  Alex was wiping his head “Walker” she said, “I was beginning to worry about you.  I think the wound may be infected. You’ve got a fever.”

“I’ll be okay Alex.” Walker said softly. “ Help me up.”

“Lie still I just got the bleeding stopped, it might start again if you move.”  Alex said concerned.

“Don’t worry Alex I’m fine.” He said as he tried to sit up.

She knew not to argue with him so she helped him stand.

He stood up slowly. His head spun and he felt woozy.  He stumbled as he started to walk, he caught himself by leaning on the wall.  Alex gasped, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to keep him down any longer.

He walked around the room.  His walk was slow and his breathing was labored.  Alex watched, as the man she loved stumbled and almost fell.  She gave him a shoulder to lean on.  Once he gained his balance.  “I’m okay Alex.”  She just backed off.

Walked tried the door.  It was a solid steel door.  There was no knob on the inside, the hinges were apparently on the outside.  This was not going to be easy, he thought.  He tried to move the door but the pain in his side made him stop, he bent over held his side.  Once again Alex came to his side to help.  This time he leaned on her as she helped him back to the bed.

Walked felt embarrassed, showing weakness especially in front of the woman he loved.  He knew Alex loved him regardless but he was usually the strong one, now he was leaning on her.

Alex sensed his feelings but she said nothing. She moved closer to him and kissed him.  He put his good arm around her and held her close.  She rested her head on his shoulder, he felt her tremble and he said softly, “Alex we’ll get out of here, I promise.”

She smiled but still said nothing.  They sat for a long while not saying anything they were just being close.

The door began to open.  Walker jumped up.  His head spun but he managed to keep his balance.  He moved in front of Alex to keep her safe.

Both of them were shocked to see Victor La Rue step into the room.

La Rue laughed a fiendish laugh and said “Surprised to see me Walker?”

Walker said nothing he just looked at him.

Alex asked “How can he be alive, you killed him”

Walker said “I don’t know”.

“Alexandria it’s simple, my love for you is so strong that I just couldn’t leave you.” La Rue said.  Then he laughed again.  “But seriously I have brought you some food, gotta keep up our strength can’t get run down now.  I see our patient is up and about, good “..

“La Rue what do you want with us.” Walker asked

“It’s really simple Walker.  I’m going to kill you and then Alexandria will be all mine.” La Rue boasted.

Walker lunged at La Rue.  Weakened from the loss of blood his reactions were slow and La Rue met in with a punch to the side.  Walker fell to the floor.  Once again blood gushed from his side.  Alex screamed “Walker” as she ran to his side. 

  La Rue said, “I can’t wait until you feel that way about me, my dear”

“That will never happen” she said with anger in her voice.

“We’ll see about that” he said as he closed the door behind him.  As he closed the door she ran for it hoping to keep it open.  She didn’t reach the door in time.  She banged on the door and cried “ NO NO NO!!”

Walker groaned, she turned around and returned to his side.  For the third time she applied pressure on his wound.  The bleeding stopped sooner this time.  He was still running a temperature.  She helped him back to the cot. 

“Walker how can he be alive?  How?”

“I can’t answer that, I don’t know” He said.

At Ranger headquarters Trivette’s desk phone was ringing.  He answered it.  The receptionist said “Ranger Trivette there’s a Sam Coyote on the phone he wanted to talk to Ranger Walker but since he’s not here he wants to talk to you.”

“Put him on” he said.  “ Hi Sam. How’s everything?”

“Jimmy where’s Washo?”

“I don’t know” Jimmy said.

“He’s missing isn’t he?” Sam asked.

“How did you know?” The younger Ranger asked.

“White Eagle is here, he is really concerned about Washo and Alex.  He had a dream that they were in danger.  I know it sounds crazy but. ”Jimmy interrupted “Sam I’ve been partners with Walker long enough to know not to question these things.  If White Eagle is concerned that’s enough for me. I’ll keep you informed.”

“Thanks Jimmy, if you need help just call” Sam offered.

“Sure thing” was Jimmy’s reply.

Jimmy called the District Attorney’s office and talked to Alex’s secretary.  He found out that someone had called and asked them to deliver the message to Walker from Alex.  She repeated the message to Trivette.

He told C.D. “Come on Big Dog we’ve got a lead.” They made their way to 2279 Aster Blvd.  Once they arrived Jimmy checked the paper he had written the address on.  “Yeah, this the place.”

Carefully the two Rangers checked the outside of the building.  In the back alley they found Walkers truck.  “ Jimmy something’s wrong.  Cordell would not leave his truck.”

“You’re right C.D.”  Jimmy said from the corner of the building. “Take a look.”

The semi-retired Ranger joined Trivette.  They both looked at a stain on the pavement.  “Looks like blood son” C.D. observed 

 “I’m worried this doesn’t look good.”

“Don’t worry Cordell’s okay I just know it.”

“Where are they?’  Jimmy asked.

Walker spent the last hour trying to find a way out of their prison.  The windows were barred and the glass was tinted. The window sills were 5 foot off the floor.  Against Alex’s wishes Walker pulled himself up to the window by holding onto the bottom of the window sill..  Once near the glass he tried to break it.  Then he found it was unbreakable glass.

He jumped down, the pain was bad as he hit the floor. 

Alex asked “What next?”

Walker ran his hand through his hair. “I don’t know”. He said.

At Ranger Headquarters 4 hours had passed since they had found Walkers truck in that alley.  Forensics had gone over the truck but found nothing unusual.  They did an analysis of the blood.  It was Walker’s blood type.

Just then the phone rang, Jimmy answered the call hoping it was Walker.  It wasn’t it. “No”  He said  “No phone calls please unless it’s Walker or ADA Cahill.”

            As he talked on them phone his gaze fell on the computer screen. Slamming the receiver down.  He said to C.D. “Big dog you aren’t going to believe this.  With all the excitement I forgot Walker had me checking on something.” He pointed to the screen. 

            C.D. looked, he blinked his eyes took his glasses off and rubbed his eyes.  He looked again and asked Trivette if he was sure.

            “Yeah, it says here that Victor La Rue has a twin, his name is Vincent La Rue.  He’s been in Parkview Mental Hospital for the past 10 years.” Jimmy punched a few keys on the keyboard then he said “it says here that his doctor is a Dr. Donald McGee.”

            “Let’s go” was C.D.’s reply.

            Walker sat quietly trying to figure a way out of their prison.  Alex watched him silently, she knew he was hurting but wouldn’t let it show.  He had lost a lot of blood and his temperature was high but still he wouldn’t give up. 

            Walker suddenly said, “Alex, I’ve got an idea.” He motioned for her to join him and whispered something to her.  She smiled and said, “that might work.”

            He then put his arm around Alex’s waist and pulled her close to him.  He said “Alex Cahill I love you.”  Then he kissed her tenderly.

            “I love you too Cowboy.” Alex answered after the kiss.

            Walker heard the door being opened.  He lay very still on the bed.  Alex sat on her knee next to the bed crying as La Rue came into the room, she wailed “HE’S DEAD, WALKER’S DEAD.  You killed him you animal”..  La Rue came closer to admire his handy work.  

            Bending over Walker he began to gloat. In an instant Walkers knee came up and knocked La Rue back.  Alex went to the corner, she knew she would just be in Walker’s way.            

            Viciously La Rue swung at Walker, Walker ducked and returned a right hook to La Rue’s chin.  A kick to La Rues ribs sent him back against the wall.  La Rue charged the Texas Ranger and tackled him.  Both men went crashing onto the bed.  Walker kicked the mad man back.  He felt himself weakening but he knew he had to stay strong.  Again he saw La Rue charging him.  The mans hands went tightly around Walkers neck.  Walker’s sight blurred and he started to black out.  With a head butt he was able to break La Rue’s hold.  He kicked La Rue with about 3 round kicks.    

            La Rue’s body lay motionless on the floor.  Alex ran to Walker who had his arms held out for her. “Are you okay?” he asked her.

            Just then Trivette and C.D. ran into the room.

            “Walker “ That was all Trivette was able to say before Walker collapsed.

            The ambulance rushed to the hospital, Alex stayed by Walkers side until they arrived at the emergency room.  As the medics rushed through the hallways Alex ran beside them not letting anyone keep her away from Walker but as they entered the examining room door she was left behind.

            Jimmy and C.D. had stayed behinds waiting for the second ambulance to take La Rue to the hospital.  They arrived to find Alex crying in the waiting room. She hugged them both.  C.D. asked “anything yet?”

            Alex shook her head and said “no the Doctor’s still in there with him.”

            She shivered as the second medics wheeled La Rue past her.  Jimmy knew what she was thinking.  He said “Alex that’s not Victor La Rue, that’s his twin Vincent La Rue.  Walker had me checking into La Rues background really deep and I found out he had a twin.”

            “Why haven’t we heard about him before?” She asked.

            “Apparently he’s been in a mental hospital for the past 10 years.  We never thought there would be two of him.  C.D. and I went to talk to his doctor, the doctor said that Vincent seemed to be improving but about a year ago he got word that Victor had been killed and it was like his whole personally changed.  He actually thought he was Victor La Rue. He had an obsession with you and Walker.  He had escaped around a week ago.   The doctor did have an old family address for the La Rue’s, we took the chance that you would be there.”

            The doctor comes into the waiting room, he asked, “are you here with Ranger Walker?” They all said,” Yes”.

              “Are you family?” the doctor questioned.

            Alex said, “I’m his fiancée.”  Then she asked, “How is he doctor?”

            The doctor answered” He has lost a lot of blood and he has an infection in the gun shot wound but he strong and I think he’ll be find with rest and some antibiotics.”

            “Can we see him?”  She asked.

            “In a few minutes, they’re taking him to his room now.”

             Alex stood next to Walker sleeping in the hospital bed.  He was pale looking, he had IV’s running into his arms and a oxygen hose taped to his face.

            She slipped her hand into his free hand.  He squeezed her hand and said. “Where am I?” very softly.

            “Everything’s fine you’re in the hospital, just rest.”

             “What about La Rue?  He asked.

            She explained everything to him in a soft low voice lulling him back to sleep.  Jimmy and C.D. stood at the foot of the bed after she finished the story she said  “I hope La Rue wasn’t triplets.” And she smiled.

            Jimmy said “Alex what are you doing trying to give him nightmares.” C.D. just laughed.     

                                                                        THE END

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