Seeing Double

by  Katie 59

Chapter One

Alex was in a hurry because she had slept in and if she didn't get a move on she would be late for work. She hadn't planned on being at work today but she had gotten a call informing her that she was needed to handle a case. Walker who wasn't going to work asked her “When will you be home?”

“Hopefully not too late. I wasn't planning on going into work today but this case came up and I have to help them on it. Then I'm supposed to be meeting a potential witness in the Girabaldi case at three. I'm hoping that doesn't take too long. I'll call you later." Alex said right before she left the house.

Later on that day she called her husband “Hi honey, it's me. I'm running a little late." Walker questioned her “How late?”

“I’m sorry my meeting has been pushed back until five. I know that you had plans but I really need to meet this witness. He's a key witness to some of Girabaldi's crimes and I need his testimony." Alex told her husband hoping that he would understand.

“Alex, I don't get the day off too often, a day which by the way you were supposed to spend at home with your children and me. Can't you cancel your meeting? I really want you home with the children tonight. You know how important the plans I made are to me." Walker said to her.

Getting a little upset with her husband insisting that she come home from work to be with their children so that he could go out with his colleagues Alex said to Walker "Yes I know you've made plans, this is important to me too. However since your plans are more important to you than my job I'll see what I can do." Then she hung up on him.

Walker was looking at his watch wondering where his wife was when she came in the door. Grabbing his truck keys he said to her “About time you got here. I thought that you weren't going to come home on time, breaking yet another promise to me."

Alex had had it and snapped at him “That’s enough Walker. I've had a long day and I don't need to come home to you acting like a caveman. I don't know what your problem is anymore with me working but you had better get it out of your system. You married a working woman, one that you said that you were proud of don't forget that. I'm here, so go."

Walker went to the door and walked out of it angrily slamming it shut behind him. Alex looked at the door and wondered just what in the hell was the matter with her husband. His behavior this last week was really worrying her. She knew that he was working on a stressful case but once they had children they hadn't brought the stresses of their jobs home with them. He was acting like she was neglecting her family because of her job when he was the one who had spent most of the last week working overtime every night. She decided that after he came home that evening she was going to confront him about his caveman act.

Chapter Two

Alex stayed up to watch the late news when there was a teaser that said 'Up next, a Texas Ranger who rides bulls for a new children's charity in town.' Alex said to no one “If that's Walker, I'm going to kill him." Sure enough when Alex watched the story it was Walker riding the bull. Alex was mad to begin with but when the report showed the bull tossing Walker like a rag doll Alex got really upset. When Walker was being interviewed he told the reporter that he did it for the new children's charity, one that Alex hadn't heard of before. After realizing that her husband was okay in spite of being tossed from the bull Alex got furious because she felt that Walker had snuck off behind her back to go bull riding breaking a promise that Walker had made to her before they got married [Walker had been injured by a bull while Alex was watching and had promised never to ride a bull again.] Now he had broken a promise to her that along with his recent cave man act made Alex very mad at her husband.

Alex was still up when Walker came in holding a bouquet of roses. Looking at the roses Alex informed her husband “If those are for me, you can keep them."

“Why?” Walker asked hoping she hadn't seen all of the news. Alex replied “You made the news, you and the bull that you were riding until it tossed you like a rag doll."

“Oh. Well, what should I do with the roses then? “Walker questioned Alex who was by now mad as hell and asked “Do you really want me to tell you what to do with them right now?”

“Alex, you're over reacting. It was just this one time; I don't plan to do it again." Walker said to his wife. Still mad she questioned him “You break your word to me and I'm over reacting?”

“I had my fingers crossed when I made that promise so it didn't really count as a promise to you." Walker said trying to get Alex over being mad at him but that didn't work because she got madder. Throwing her hands up in the air Alex said “Fine, whatever. By the way since I had to cancel a meeting with my key witness in the Girabaldi case this evening I have to meet with him tomorrow morning in my office at ten. So just so you'll know, I'll be at work for several hours tomorrow and then I'll come home and watch our children.   Now goodnight."

Without looking back at Walker Alex headed up to bed. After locking up Walker followed her and when he got into bed with his wife Walker where he told her “I’m sorry Alex.”

“So am I. Walker, what is wrong with you lately? Why have you been behaving so differently towards me?” Alex questioned him and Walker replied “I can't explain it Alex, I didn't mean what I said about your working. It's just that I'm working on a very stressful case right now, you know those poor little kids that were being abused while wearing nothing but cowboy hats and vests. Then some sicko posted what they did to those kids on the internet."

   Looking into Walker's eyes Alex said “I know that honey but you need to let it go when you come home."

“I’ll try but it's hard when we have young children ourselves." Walker answered as he gave his wife a kiss on her cheek.

Chapter Three

The next morning Alex was in her office waiting to meet her witness when the secretary showed him in. Alex stood up to greet him but just stood there staring at him without saying a word. He asked her “Are you okay? You look like you've seen a ghost?”

Quickly recovering Alex coolly said to him “I’m fine Mr. Sharpe. Now what are you willing to testify to in the Girabaldi case?”

“I want blanket immunity for any crimes that I may have committed." Mr. Sharpe informed Alex who answered him “I can't give you blanket immunity in return for your testimony in this case without knowing exactly what you'll testify to and what kind of crimes you're talking about.”

Making himself at home and smirking Sharpe told Alex “I can hand you the Girabaldi case on a platter, all you have to do is forget about my minor crimes. It's not like I did anything real bad, not really.”

Wanting to nail Girabaldi but not wanting to give immunity to Sharpe without knowing exactly what he considered minor crimes Alex told him “Let me check on a few things and then I'll get back to you.”

“I’m leaving town with the charity bull riders in a few days, we're going from town to town to raise money for our children's charity. You can reach me at the arena.” Sharpe said to Alex.

She asked him “Are you one of the riders?” Sharpe laughed and answered “No Ma'am, I'm one of the clowns. I would never be crazy enough to ride a bull like that Texas Ranger did last night, at least before the bull threw him.”

“Do you have any brothers? You remind me of someone.” Alex said to him.

“I was adopted as a baby but I've been told that I look just like a man by the name of Dalton Reed who used to ride the bulls.” Sharpe told Alex who replied “You look like you could be his twin brother. I'll call you no later than tomorrow afternoon.”

Alex saw him out of the office and then called Ranger headquarters requesting all the information that had on her witness Coulson Sharpe and also whatever they had on Dalton Reed. Alex decided that she wouldn't mention to Walker that Sharpe looked exactly like Dalton Reed; Walker had enough to worry about.

After picking her children up from daycare Alex went home. When Sharpe got back to the arena he boasted to Walker “Man that lady was hitting on me I tell you. Saying that I looked just like Dalton Reed who I heard was her former lover. What I wouldn't give to be her current lover, she is so hot looking. What a beautiful blonde and those long legs. She was all over me, she wants me so bad she can taste it and I just might let her if you know what I mean?”

“Is that a fact?” Walker asked him.

“Yes, she's calling me tomorrow to set up a meeting with her. I bet that I get lucky with her.” Sharpe said and then changing the subject asked “Hey, you riding a bull again tonight?”

“Sure am, anything for a good cause.” Walker informed him and then left the arena to go home. On the way home Walker thought about the fact that Coulson Sharpe looked exactly like Dalton Reed, a man he had once thought he'd lost Alex to.

When Walker got home Alex was cooking dinner, looking up when he entered the kitchen Alex said to him “Hi honey, how was your day?”

“Okay, what about you? Did you get anywhere with your witness?” Walker questioned back.

“No, he wants immunity for his crimes and until I know what they are I'm not willing to do that. As a matter of fact I'm having some of your Rangers investigate him. Just to be sure that his testimony is worth granting immunity for.” Alex told her husband.

“Okay, by the way I have to go back to the arena tonight.” Walker told Alex who told him “Just so long as it's not to ride a bull.” When he didn't answer Alex snapped at her husband “That's what you're doing tonight, isn't it? What about your promise to me?”

“I’m not breaking my word to you, not really. I told you last night that when I made that promise I had my fingers crossed so it really wasn't a promise.” Walker answered upsetting Alex who slammed the skillet down on the stove and told him “Yes it was a promise to me but you know what Walker? Break your neck for all I care if it means that much to you.”

“Look Alex, I have to get in good with these people who are holding the charity bull-riding events. I think they have something to do with the case that I'm working on. Nobody has ever heard of this charity before and Trivette's getting nowhere on his computer. This is our only lead.” Walker said to his wife.

Still mad Alex tried to calm herself down but wasn't completely successful because she told Walker “Okay but you had better not get hurt tonight.  Because if you do I'm not kissing it and making it better.”

Walker said “Alex, I know what I'm doing. I won't get hurt, I promise." Unfortunately that night Walker's chinch strap came lose somehow and he was thrown from the bull almost getting trampled in the process. When Walker got home Alex handed him an ice pack and went to bed without saying a word to him.

Chapter Four

The next day Alex called Coulson Sharpe at the arena and told him “Mr. Sharpe, I'm sorry but I can't agree to your terms. If you want immunity you'll have to tell me what crimes you've committed locally and in other states.”

“Look, how about we meet at four? I can take care of you then, okay?” Sharpe asked Alex who reluctantly agreed while thinking it wasn't such a good idea but she did want to get Girabaldi so badly “Okay, four it is. Where do you want to meet at?”

“How about La Mancha’s? It's two blocks from here.” Sharpe told Alex and she hung up the phone. When Sharpe hung up the phone he turned to Walker who was there and said to him “Man was I right or was I right? She wants me bad. We're meeting at La Mancha's for an early dinner and then who knows what else. See you around, I have to get ready for a date with a hot looking babe.”

Walker decided to trail Sharpe to find out who he was meeting with thinking it might have something to do with the case that he was working on. Walker was stunned when Alex pulled up to the restaurant and entered it with Coulson Sharpe. About a half an hour later Alex came out and getting into her car drove away. Walker went back to the arena.

When Coulson got there Walker asked him “What happened to the hot date?” Smirking Sharpe answered “She gave me her home phone number and told me to call her there later when her husband is at work; she said that he's always there anymore. She told me that after she makes sure that he's going to be late we'll go to a motel. Enough about this, I've got to get ready for tonight's show, See you around.”

Walker went to Ranger headquarters to discover that not only had his wife requested information on Coulson Sharpe but that she had also requested information on Dalton Reed who was once her lover. Looking at the files Walker realized that Coulson Sharpe was the witness Alex was considering granting immunity to. Walker then wondered why Alex hadn't mentioned that the two men looked alike and he also thought that maybe Sharpe's resemblance to Reed was affecting his wife's thinking.

Alex went home after getting Angela and Ray from the Hope center, something that her husband never seemed to have the time to do anymore. When she got home Walker was there and started in on her by questioning “Why didn't you tell me that your key witness looked just like your old lover Dalton?”

Alex defended herself “I didn't think it was that important.”

“If that's the case, why did you meet him at LaMancha's today? You know when you gave him our private number and told him to call you when I'm not here so that the two of you could meet at a hotel?” Walker snapped at her and then realizing that he had gone way too far reached for his wife as he said “Please Alex, I didn't mean that.”

Backing away and not giving Walker a chance to explain Alex replied “You meant it Walker because after all of these years deep down inside you don't trust me like I have always trusted you. As for Dalton having been my lover, it was very brief and it never would have happened if you hadn't paraded your Merilee in front of me like I meant nothing to you. Think about that why don't you?”

Just then the phone rang and Alex answered it to find Sharpe on the other end. He said to her “Hi beautiful, do we have a deal?”

“Like I told you earlier today Mr. Sharpe we have no deal, don't call here again. I intend to prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law if you step out of line while you're in town.” Alex replied and then hung up the phone.

Walker looked at Alex and said without thinking “Are you sure that you're not interested in him because of how much he looks like Dalton Reed?”

A very mad Alex told her husband “Cordell John Walker, you are being a horse's ass and you know it. Either you trust me or you don't, now which is it?”

Walker started to say something but the phone rang and he answered it “Okay, I'll be there.” Then he left the house without saying a word to Alex who stood there in total disbelief that Walker didn't trust her the way she had always trusted him.

Chapter Five

Right after Walker left Angela came into the kitchen and told her mother “Mommy, I think that little Ray is sick. He's holding his ear and crying.”

“Okay, let's go check on him.” Alex said as they did just that, Ray was running a fever so Alex called up the doctor who told her to bring Ray to his office. She took Angela along with her and since she was mad at Walker Alex didn't leave him a note saying where she and the children were. Meanwhile at the arena Walker was instructing a Ranger trainee to keep an eye on Sharpe and to report to Walker anywhere the man went and who he met. After he did that Walker went home to find the house empty. About an hour later the Ranger trainee called Walker and told him “Coulson Sharpe is meeting with a woman at a motel about three blocks from the arena.”

Walker asked “What does this woman look like?”

The Ranger trainee answered him “A beautiful blonde with long legs. I'll stay here and let you know tomorrow if he goes anywhere else but from the way that blonde looks, I doubt it.”

Walker hung up the phone and tried not to think Alex was cheating on him but he couldn't stop himself from thinking that. Walker knew that he had been upsetting Alex lately with his behavior but that he couldn't seem to help that either. About two hours later Alex came in carrying Ray followed by Angela. Picking his daughter up Walker told her “Come on honey, I'll run your bathwater for you and after you've had your bath I'll read you a bedtime story.”  Then he left the room before Alex could say anything to him.

Walker ran the bath water for Angela and when she was taking her bath Walker went and found his wife who was getting ready to put their son into his bed. Walker confronted her “Where were you with my children tonight? Did you drop them off at the Hope center and go meet him at the motel? Well did you?”

Putting a sleeping Ray into his bed first Alex looked at her husband in shock then snapped “You have all the answers, don't you?” Then she left the room.

Walker was reading Angela her bedtime story when she asked him “Daddy, is little Ray feeling better?” Walker questioned his daughter “What do you mean honey?”

“Mommy and I took him to the doctor's because he was holding his ear and crying. Mommy said that the doctor gave him something to make him feel better.” Angela explained to her father.

“Yes honey he feels better, he's sleeping and I think that it's time for you to go to sleep too.” Walker told his daughter and then turned off her light as she snuggled under her covers.

Walker went into his bedroom, a very irate Alex was there and she told him “In case you're interested I took my children to the doctor's office because my son has an ear infection, he has to stay home indoors for several days so that it can get better. I would have told you about it but you said not to call you at the arena, not even for an emergency.”

Walker asked her “Alex, can we talk?”

“No, not until I get over my urge to strangle you and that might take awhile.” Alex replied and turned off her lamp and rolled onto her side away from him. Walker then went a took a long shower because he knew that it was going to be very hard getting Alex to understand that he hadn't meant his stupid accusations.

Chapter Six

The next morning Walker asked his wife “Alex, can we talk about things tonight?” Still mad Alex answered her husband “You can talk all you want to tonight, I'm not sure that I'll want to listen to you.”

Walker then questioned her “Do you have to go in to work today?”

“No, I'm not going into work today with Ray sick. I can do what I need to here, why are you asking about it?” Alex replied.

“No reason. Alex I am sorry about last night.” Walker said to his wife but she didn't want to hear it so she told him “Look Walker now is not the time to discuss this, the children are here. Just go ahead to work will you?”

“Okay, I'll call you later honey.” Walker said. Alex's answered “Whatever.”

Walker left for work and Alex began reading through the report on Coulson Sharpe and the group that he was in town with. Alex was stunned to learn that in all of the towns with missing children the charity group had been in those towns about the same time the children disappeared. That in one of the towns shortly after they left one of the missing children had turned up dead. Alex looked at the photos of the missing children and some of the pictures of the exploited children and realized some of them were the same. Getting alarmed because she thought they may be onto Walker Alex called Ranger headquarters for him but Trivette answered and told her that Walker was at the arena.

“Trivette, I think they are behind the internet kiddie porn ring and I think they think Walker suspects them. I don't have time to go into details right now but would you please go there and make sure that Walker's all right?” Alex said to him.

Trivette told her “Alex, he can take care of himself.”

“His cinch strap came lose the other night, what if that wasn't an accident? You know how Walker was about his gear, always double and triple checking it. What if that was an attempt to get rid of him? Please Jimmy; Walker's not thinking clearly on this case he's too involved because of our children.” Alex pleaded with Trivette. Realizing what she was getting at Trivette agreed to go to the arena to check on Walker.

Back at the arena Coulson Sharpe was bragging to Walker “Man what did I tell you? That lady wanted me something bad last night. She was so ready for it we barely made it inside the room before we got down to business.”

Walker knew then that Sharpe was onto him but Walker played along “So she was all over you? Was she any good?”  Backing up and pulling a gun Sharpe told him “Drop the act Captain Walker, I know that she's your wife. She told me last night about how much I looked like the only man who's ever pleased her, you know Dalton Reed my long lost identical twin brother. At least that's what I'll be telling anyone who asks. Your wife is about to become a widow. The story goes like this, that after you found about our affair you came to my trailer and confronted me. Fearing for my life I was forced to shoot you and kill you in self defense. Now start walking to my trailer.”

Walker started walking towards the trailer waiting for an opening. Trivette showed up and asked Sharpe “Dalton, is that you?”

Hiding his gun Sharpe answered “No, you have the wrong man.”

“Come on Dalton, I know that it's you." Trivette said as he neared him, then he kissed him on the cheek saying  “Don't tell me that you forgotten me already? After what we did that night?”

Sharpe shoved Trivette in shock giving Walker the opening he had been waiting for. Walker took him down quickly and told Trivette “Thanks, he was planning on killing me. They were on to me.”

“Don’t thank me, thank your wife. She sent me out here because she was worried about you. Alex thinks that there is a connection between this so-called children's charity and that internet kiddie porn ring. Look, let's get this scum bag back to headquarters and then we can see where we're at with this case.”

Chapter Seven

At headquarters after going over what they knew they realized that Coulson Sharpe and the so-called charity group he was with was a front for a kiddie porn ring. They were trying to get him to tell them where the missing children were but Sharpe was refusing to do so. In fact he had taken to taunting Walker about his wife “Hey Captain Walker how's that hot wife of yours? You know the one that I spent some time with at the motel? Hey if you want me to tell you where the children are, how about having her ask? You know if she asks me in the right way I just might tell you.”

Getting mad Walker snarled as he grabbed Sharpe's shirt collar “There is no way that I'm letting her anywhere near you, so start talking.”

Just then Alex entered the room and told him “Captain Walker, I suggest that you release Mr. Sharpe right now.”

Walker released him and then asked his wife “Alex, what are you doing here?”

“My job, now if you will please excuse us Captain Walker I have business with Mr. Sharpe." Alex told Walker who left the room without looking back.

Turning to Coulson Sharpe Alex said “Mr. Sharpe we have enough evidence to put you away for a very long time.” Sharpe answered “Whatever beautiful.”

Ignoring him Alex then said to Sharpe's attorney “Mr. Winesap I think that you should know that we also have enough evidence to link this group that your client is a part of to the death of a child and of course running an internet child porn ring. That would make your client eligible for the death penalty in our state. However if he tells us where the rest of the missing children are being held we might be willing to let him plea down to a lesser charge and only receive life in prison. It's his choice, you have five minutes.”

Alex got up to leave the room when Sharpe said to her “So I was part of the ring, so what? I didn't kill any kid; Stella did when he cried too much. She was the one in charge.” Winesap told him “Mr. Sharpe be quiet, please.”

Alex smiled and said to Sharpe “In Texas that doesn't matter, if you were part of a group that committed murder then you're held just as responsible as the murderer by law and you face the same death penalty. You just admitted being part of a group that killed a child.”

Looking at Winesap who nodded that Alex was right Sharpe then caved in and told them where the children were being held.

Alex went into the hallway where Walker was and formally told him “Captain Walker, here's the location where the children are being held. You don't need any search warrants because you already have probable cause. You are also looking for a woman named Stella who is the one alleged to have killed the child and is the ringleader.” Taking the paper Walker went and got the others to get the children while Alex picked up her own children and went home.

It was well after midnight when Walker got home. After checking on Angela and Ray he got into bed with Alex and pulled her close. When Walker noticed that she was awake he said “Thanks for saving my butt today. How about I show you my thanks?”

Alex snapped at him “Get your hands off of me right now.”  Puzzled Walker removed his arms and questioned “Are you sick or something?”

Alex asked him “You can't be serious?” Still uncertain about what his wife was so mad about Walker tried again saying in a teasing voice “Come on beautiful, you know that you want to.”

Getting out of bed Alex glared at him and then asked “Is that all I've ever been to you, a pretty face?” Digging himself in deeper Walker answered “Yes.”

Alex then left their room and getting out of bed Walker followed her into Ray's room where she was making sure that he was sleeping okay. Going to her Walker asked “Alex, can you please tell me what is the matter with you?”

Alex shot back “You're the one with a problem not me.”

Walker questioned “What problem is that?” Alex replied “The problem you have is that you've never trusted me.”

Walker said “I trust you.”

“No, you don't. The other night made that quite clear. I'm too tired to talk about this tonight.” Alex told her husband who asked “Are you coming back to bed?”

“Maybe, please just leave me alone right now.” Alex pleaded with Walker and he went back to their bedroom finally realizing how much he had hurt his wife with the remarks he made the other night. Walker didn't know how he could make Alex understand that he did trust her and hadn't meant to say otherwise.

Chapter Eight 

The next morning when Walker woke up Alex and the children were already gone for the day and Alex had left a note for him on the dining room table asking that he meet her in her office at noon for lunch and to bring the food.

It was now 12:15 and Walker was late as always so Alex called Ranger headquarters looking for him only to be told that her husband had gone home for the day. Stopping at the Hope center for Angela and Ray Alex was surprised to find that Walker had already picked them up. When Alex got home there was a note for her on the dining room table telling her to take her horse Angel and meet the rest of them out by the small lake on their property.

When Alex arrived she saw Angela running around while Walker was trying to get a crying Ray calmed down. Dismounting Alex took him from Walker and rocked Ray until he fell asleep. After placing Ray on the blanket Alex greeted Angela “Hi honey.”

“Mommy, you're here. Daddy said that you would be. We're having a picnic, are you staying for it?” Angela said to her mother who replied as she sat down on a blanket “I sure am sweetheart. I'm free the rest of the day and I'll be spending it with my children.”

Angela ran around for a little while longer until she too fell asleep. After placing his daughter on the blanket with his son Walker asked his wife “Can we talk now?”

“I wanted to have this talk in my office where the children wouldn't overhear us. Why did you change my plans without consulting me first? Why didn't you call me and tell me that you had already gotten Angela and Ray before I went to the Hope center to pick them up? It would have been nice.” Alex said still quite clearly mad at her husband.

“Because you wouldn't strangle me in front of them, that's why. I thought that you might in your office.” Walker answered her.

Still mad Alex told him “Don’t use my children against me.”

“I’ll use whatever and whoever I have to to get you to listen to me. Alex, I trust you, I always have and I always will.” Walker said but Alex responded “You have a very funny way of showing me that you trust me by accusing me of cheating on you.”

“I didn't mean that, I was under so much stress with this last case that I took it out on you and I shouldn't have. I wasn't thinking straight, honey I know that you would never cheat on me like I never would cheat on you.” Walker tried to assure Alex who was tempted to forgive her husband but Ray woke up crying and clutching his ear.

Picking her son up Alex felt his forehead and said to Walker “He’s burning up; we have to take Ray to the doctor's office. He wasn't supposed to be out of doors, I told you that.”  Walker gathered their things up and they took Ray to the doctor's office.

Chapter Nine

The doctor removed some ear wax from Ray's ear and told the Walkers to take their son home and keep him indoors for the next several days. Once they got home Alex said to Walker “I’ll have to make some phone calls to rearrange my schedule so that I can stay home with Ray. Hopefully I'll be able to.”

“No, I'll take them off you go to work.” Walker told Alex.

“Are you sure? Isn't there some follow up work that you need to do on that case? Don't you still have to find the head of the ring, Stella? “Alex questioned her husband who replied “I’m sure, nothing is more important to me than my family.”

“Just great now you think that I consider my job is more important to me than our children are.” Alex said.

Taking her by the arms Walker assured her “No, I don't. Alex one of us has to stay home with the children so that the other one of us can go to work. It's my turn to stay home with them, you're always doing it. I know that you consider Ray and Angela more important to you than your career. Alex you need to make sure that those scum bags we just arrested end up in jail for a very long time for our children's sake and the sake of other children. Okay honey?”

“Okay, if you're sure?” Alex questioned Walker who answered “I’m very sure Mrs. Walker. Now how about we get our son into his bed?” They put Ray into his bed and as they were leaving his room Alex said to her husband “Walker we do need to finish that talk we started today about trust.”

“I know but can we wait until Ray's feeling better?” Walker asked Alex and she agreed that the talk could wait until Ray was better. In the next several days Alex had all but sewn up the case on the kiddie porn ring with the exception of finding the leader Stella. None of the people arrested would say what she looked like or where she was at, not even for immunity. To Walker however they were two of the longest most tiring days he could remember because Ray cried for his mother a lot. Walker didn't tell Alex that because he didn't want her feeling guilty about working while their son was sick. He knew that his wife was their best chance for making sure that the people he arrested wouldn't be getting out of jail any time soon and he wanted her to able to focus on that. When Ray was felling better Alex told Walker that they were going to finish their talk that night and he agreed.

Chapter Ten

Sitting down on their couch the Walkers started their talk about trust with Alex going first by asking her husband “Do you really trust me?”

Walker replied “Yes.”

“How can I believe you when you tell me that? You accused me of having an affair and yet you say that you trust me.” Alex asked and Walker answered “You that I didn't mean what I said the other night Alex. This case got to me and you know that, I had to find those people and I guess that I let the stress of that get to me and I took it out on you.”

“You’ve had trying cases before but you've never accused me of cheating on you.” Alex pointed out.

“And you've never accused me of cheating on you?” Walker questioned getting mad. Wondering what her husband was getting at Alex replied “You know I haven't.”

“What about those two times you found me with Merilee? You thought that I was cheating on you with her, do you deny that?” Walker questioned his wife.

“I never flat out accused you of sleeping with her even though I found her kissing you on the chest on our living room couch. Not to mention the next time the two of you were naked in the shower together. And that's a different matter altogether.” Alex told her husband.

“Yes you did in the hospital the first time.” Walker informed Alex who got mad and said to him “No, I didn't, I called her your girlfriend. I didn't accuse you of having an affair and don't forget that I had just gone through a horrible ordeal right before that while you were off helping her. Damn it Walker, those were different circumstances and you know that.”

Now mad himself Walker snapped “Then explain the differences to me because I'm just not getting it.”

“I lost you to Merilee once; you never lost me to Dalton. You were the one who threw my love for you away after that white water rafting trip.” Alex explained.

“You didn't hurt me when you agreed to wait for Dalton to return for you after that rafting trip?” Walker questioned.

Sighing Alex answered “Not nearly as much as you hurt me when you paraded Merilee in front of me, hell you had her in my office flaunting the fact that you had slept with her. Walker, you have to have known then that I cared for you. That I was waiting for you to be ready for a relationship that you appeared not to be ready for quite yet. But you're not being ready sure changed with Merilee, didn't it? I didn't sleep with Dalton that time and you know that. Look this is getting us nowhere, all I'm asking for is for you to trust me the way that I've always trusted you. Walker, I have always believed in you and you faithfulness to us even when you yourself didn't believe in your loyalty to our marriage.”

“Oh yes, the D.V.D. I was wondering when you were going to bring that up.” Walker said really making his wife mad. After taking a deep breath Alex replied “I brought it up to show you the kind of trust that I have in you and the kind of trust that I'm expecting my husband to have in me, that's all. Please Walker I love you and I know that this last case has been hard on you rightfully so but I need you to trust in me or we have no marriage worth having."

“I do trust you but I don't know how to make you understand that after what I've said to you recently.” Walker was answering his wife when the phone rang. Walker answered the phone and told the person calling “Okay, I'll be there.”

Walker turned to Alex and said “I’m sorry but I do have to go, Coulson Sharpe escaped from jail.” Alex asked “With or without help?”

“With help, I'll explain when I get back.” Walker answered as he kissed Alex on the cheek and she told him “Be careful.”

“I’m always careful now that I'm a family man.” Walker said and left.

Chapter Eleven

About an hour after Walker left Alex heard a noise in the kitchen and going to investigate it she saw that it was Coulson Sharpe. Pointing a gun at Alex Sharpe told her “Well it looks like I have a hostage.”

Alex calmly said “Mr. Sharpe I suggest that you give yourself up before my husband gets here.”

Sharpe replied “I don't think so because for one your husband is most likely headed to Houston in search of Stella because that's where we were supposed to be next. However if he isn't on his way there your husband thinks that you cheated on him with me so do you really think he'll come home to protect you?”

“My husband believes no such thing, your scheming and lies didn't work. Walker believes in me, he always has and nothing will ever change that. Now I'm giving you one last chance to turn yourself in.” Alex told Sharpe but he neared her and said “You know what; I'll just take you with me. He'll probably just think you ran off with me anyhow.”

“Walker will never think that about me, he trusts me.” Alex replied when Angela came down the steps calling out for her mother “Mommy, where are you?”

Blocking the doorway Alex yelled “Angela run to the barn and find Mr. Cal now.” Angela ran out of the house and Sharpe said to Alex “No more playing around, let's go now." When Alex didn't move he placed the gun to Alex's temple.

Outside Angela ran into her father “Daddy, Mommy told me to run to the barn and find Mr. Cal.” Walker picked his daughter up and after kissing her on the cheek said “You did a good job honey, now how about you go into the barn with Sydney and show her the kitties?” Walker handed Angela to Sydney and headed to his house.

Nearing the kitchen Walker heard Sharpe tell Alex “Lady either we go now or I shoot you and then I'll go out to the barn and get your daughter and put her on the web and maybe your son too. If you know what I mean?”

“My husband will never let you get away with this; he'll hunt you to the ends of the earth.” Alex vowed but Sharpe laughed at her “Your husband who fell so easily into believing that you were cheating on him with me? Are you nuts lady?”

“I’ve already told you that Walker believes in me and make no mistake about he will hunt you down like the animal that you are.” Alex stated as Walker entered the kitchen. Walker told Sharpe “Drop your weapon and we'll settle this man to man.”

“Okay you first.” Sharpe answered as he appeared to put down his weapon. Walker put his gun down but Sharpe quickly picked his back up and said “You’re an idiot Walker. Did you think that I would really give up my gun to a man like you who believed that his wife was cheating on him with a man who looked just like her former lover? You are so foolish and your wife and you are about to pay for it with your lives. I knew that my escape wasn't all my doing but there was no way I was going to lead you to Stella so instead I came here. You weren't expecting that were you?”

“I never believed that Alex would cheat on me, ever. I was just setting you up and it worked didn't it? Now drop the gun.” Walker tried bluffing it out but Sharpe raised his gun to get a better shot at Walker. Alex picked up a skillet from the stove and slammed it into the back of Sharpe's head.

After cuffing him Walker told Alex “Angela is in the barn with Sydney.” Alex went and got her daughter. After Sharpe was taken away after again refusing to give up Stella Trivette entered the Walker's living room and said “He’s not saying a word about Stella. Do you need anything else before I go home?”

Walker muttered “Maybe a g-string." Trivette not catching what Walker had said asked “What did you say?”

Alex quickly replied “Nothing important Trivette. Will you thank the others for us?” Trivette nodded okay and left the ranch.

Chapter Twelve

Alex turned to her husband and questioned “If you were just setting him up, why did you accuse me of cheating on you with him? He wasn't here to hear that now was he? Why Walker?”

“Alex, I wasn't thinking straight. I told you that, I let this case get to me. Here let me show you something.” Walker said as he got his jacket and pulling a picture out of the pocket showed it to Alex. Looking at the picture Alex said “My god, she looks just like Angela. How can anyone be that depraved?”

“I don't know when I saw this picture with the others that were posted I felt as though I had to do everything that I could to find this group and I wasn't going to stop until I did so. I wasn't able to leave this case at work and I took some of my stress out on you and I'm sorry for that. I do trust you Alex, you have to believe that.” Walker told her but Alex didn't answer him so he added “Alex, we had Sharpe bugged because we were hoping he would lead us to Stella. I heard every word you said to him when he broke in here, did you mean what you said about my trust in you? Alex I know that you would never cheat on me just like I would never cheat on you. Aren't you going to say anything?”

“Walker I love you and I would never betray our wedding vows and neither would you. However you also questioned the fact that I was working when we have children, are you okay with me working? Because if you aren't we are going to have a major problem because my job means as much to me as your job means to you.” Alex answered.

“Alex, the woman that I love is the best A.D.A. that I have ever known. Yes I am okay with you working because you do as much as I do to see to it that our children and society is protected from criminals.” Walker assured his wife.

“Okay but it had better never happen again, you got that Cordell?” Alex said to Walker who pulled her close and vowed “Never again, I promise you that Alex.” 

Alex then giggled surprising her husband who asked her “What’s so funny?”

“You asking Trivette for a g-string.” Alex replied still smiling as she hugged Walker who said to her. “I thought that you liked the way that I looked in it.”

“Honey while I liked the way you looked in it I like the way you looked out of it much better. Don't you remember that I burned it because you barely fit into it and I didn't want any harm coming to that part of you?” Alex teased him as she began to unbutton his shirt but Walker took her hands to stop her.

Looking into her eyes Walker said “Alex, I’m sorry about the way that I behaved during this case. Have you forgiven me for it? Alex I do love you and I do trust you, always have and always will.”

“Cowboy if you want forgiven I suggest that you earn it by making love to me.” Alex teased Walker who understanding that Alex had indeed forgiven him starting unbuttoning her clothes as he vowed “All night long lady.”

When they were done and lying on their living room floor Alex said to him “Cordell you really do know how to make me forgive you, although I should have been a little more understanding about the stress that you were under.” Pulling her up off the floor Walker said “Well when we get into our bedroom how about you make love to me in an effort to be more understanding?”

“Oh yes that sounds good.” Alex eagerly agreed as they headed up to their bedroom. When they were done Alex asked Walker “We’re okay now, aren't we?”

Walker teasingly answered “Alexandra Walker, we're better than okay, we're great.” Snuggling closer Alex replied “You’ve got that right Cordell.”

I don't own Walker Texas Ranger, C.B.S. and other entities do. Neither I nor this story is meant as an infringement on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a good show, nothing more.