Self Defense
By Sissy (

"Alex, after work this evening, your training in self defense is going to resume. You were almost mugged this morning. If Trivette and I hadn't happened along, you could have been hurt."


"No, Alex, you're not going to talk me out of it. Tonight, and this time you will take it seriously, okay?"

"Darling, I don't really think it's necessary, but I'm willing." She gives him a very seductive smile, "If I remember right, our last training sessions was very … interesting." She takes a step toward him.

He puts his hands on her shoulders to keep her away from him, "Alex, this will be different, this time it will be all business, I promise you." She gently pushes his hands aside, and circles his waist with her arms, his voice drops to a murmur, "Alex … I mean it."

"I know you do, darling. But that's tonight." She reaches up and touches her lips to his, "Kiss me, then you'd better go back to work before we start a … session right here in my office."

He wraps his arms around her, pulling her tight against him, he moans softly, "Alex…" then takes her mouth with his, probing deeply with his tongue, bringing a soft giggle, then a whimper from her as she circles his neck with her arms.

He reluctantly pulls back, looks deep into her soft blue eyes, kisses her softly, then turns to leave, saying, "Later?" And hearing a murmured, "Count on it" from Alex as he quietly shuts the door after him.


When Alex gets home she sees Walker's truck already parked in front of the house. 'That's odd, he doesn't usually get home this early?' Then as she remembers his pledge to restart her defense lessons, she smiles, thinking of the last time he tried to teach her karate, and how the lessons had ended with them making love on the mat instead of learning chops and kicks. She pauses momentarily at the door, trying to compose herself before facing him. No sense in discouraging him, but she knows him like a book, he has good intentions but he's as much to fault as she is, that the lessons end early.

She pushes the door open, "Walker?" No answer. Maybe he's in the barn taking care of the horses. She goes upstairs to the bedroom to change into something more comfortable but when she opens the bedroom door, she sees the gi that Walker had given her, lying on the bed. "He is serious." Deciding on a shower first, she strips, puts her robe on and goes into the bathroom.

Coming from the bathroom, after her shower, with just a towel wrapped around her, she is suddenly grabbed around the waist, and turned around. "Walker! What…?"

"I thought we would get … this out of the way first, before we go to the gym." He pulls her up against him and she feels his arousal against her stomach, he then lowers his head and kisses her deeply letting her know just exactly what his intentions are.

She slides her arms around his neck, burying her fingers in the hair at the nape of his neck as she moves her hips against his, causing him to moan against her lips. She feels the towel being pulled away, and mumbles against his lips, "You're overdressed," and pulls the towel away that's wrapped around his torso. Stepping closer to him, she pushes him up against the wall, pressing herself up tight against him, "Hmmm, you feel … delicious." And begins nibbling on his neck as her hand slides down his side, then moving between them, touching and caressing his already swollen manhood.

A murmur, a shiver, "Alex…" as he picks her up and carries her to the bed. Lying down beside her, he drops his head down to her breast, suckling one and caressing the other, as Alex arches up, passion blurring her senses, her nerves quivering and tightening with desire.

He moves up to kiss her again, and slides his hand down her body, lightly caressing her belly, and then his fingers find her warmth. He caresses her even as he kisses her, feeling her body moving against his hand. His fingers stroke and push her, deepening inside her, until she is lurching up, choking out, gasping, "Walker, oh, God." His breath speeds up as her passion filled universe explodes around her threatening to take him with her.
When she slumps back, quivering as the aftershocks of that wild pleasure continues to careen through her, he moves over her, pushing deep into her. He begins to rock back and forth, slowly at first, wanting to bring her again to the peak of ecstasy. When he feels her start to respond and move with him, his thrusts become deeper, faster, bringing them closer to the ultimate pleasure.
He thrusts down hard and deep into her then feels her start to tighten around him just seconds before both of them shudder, as waves of pleasure ripple through them, then he brings his mouth down over hers as she cries out against his lips.
As Alex feels him spill into her she's wondering if she is going to die, knowing she isn't, but never wanting the incredible, shattering feelings to stop.
For a long while she lays quietly beneath him, listening to his breathing return to normal, she lets her hands slowly stroke over his back down to his bottom and back up. Her voice ragged with raw emotion, "God, Walker, that was incredible."
He slowly withdraws and rolls to her side and as she snuggles up against him, he murmurs, "Honey, you are incredible, and I love you very much." He kisses her tenderly, tightens his hold on her and sighing contentedly, they close their eyes and in just seconds they are asleep.
When Alex wakes, she reaches for Walker, but not finding him she sits up, and sees him coming from the bathroom. "Come on, baby, let's go to the gym."
She lies back down, pulling the sheet up around her, "Walker, you got to be kidding."
"No way, woman, let's go!" He yanks the sheet back and stands there, grinning at her.
Knowing she's not going to get out of this, she slowly gets up and as she moves up to him, he kisses her quickly and putting his hands on her shoulders, turns her around and gently pushes her into the bathroom, pulling the door shut behind her.


Walker is working out on the Total Gym when he sees Alex come into the basement. He smiles at her, noticing that she seems to have been rejuvenated with the shower. Also hoping that the 'romp in the bed' has taken care of her romantic antics and they can get through these lessons with a minimum of horseplay.
But after several tries at showing her how to take down an assailant, he realizes that his little ploy did not work. Because every time he throws her to the floor, or he lets her throw him to the floor, she reaches up and pulls his head down for a kiss, not just a light kiss, but one that he feels clear down to his toes. If she isn't trying to kiss him, she seems to find ways to touch him where she knows it will do the most good. She's determined on bringing him down to his knees with desire.
"Alex, will you please pay attention." She stands across from him in the stance that he has shown her, but her face is clearly showing her intentions, and they don't include exercises. The kind he is talking about any way. "You need to be able to defend yourself if the need ever arises."
She smiles, "The need has already risen." Glancing down at his body, she notices the bulge even in the loose fitting pants of his gi.
"Alex, please, this is important. I may not always be around and I want you to be able to take care of yourself."
"Darling, what makes you think I can't?" She moves a step closer, he moves a step back.
"I didn't see any sign of that this morning when that mugger came at you." Watching her closely, she takes another step towards him. He steps back, again.
"If you remember right, he never got close enough for me to do anything, before you jumped him."
"Are you telling me that you could have handled him?"
"Well, we'll never know now, will we?" She takes another step toward him, and he backs up.
"Okay, lets find out." He leaves the room to return a few minutes later with her purse. "I've taken everything out, so nothing gets broke." He hands her the purse, "Put it over your shoulder like you always carry it, and I'll take it away from you."
She takes the purse and does as he says, "You'll … try … to take it away from me."
He smiles now, "Alright, now walk away from me, and so you won't know when I make the grab, keep your eyes to the front, okay?"
"Okay." She begins walking away but she doesn't go three steps before she feels the pull on her purse. It surprises her, not expecting him to try this soon. But instinct kicks in and she tightens her grip on the purse at the first feel of pressure, takes one step back then lunges forward, catching Walker completely off guard. She throws her hip out, bringing him over and down to the floor, where she immediately straddles him, and pushes down on his throat with her arm. When he starts gagging, she eases up. She smiles down at him, seeing a very surprised husband looking back at her. "There, is that what you wanted?"
He coughs, clearing his throat, "Yeah that's it." He grins at her, "But where … I never thought you ever paid enough attention to learn it." He moves to sit up, but she presses her arm against his throat, again.
"Huh uh, Cowboy." Murmuring softly, "Your training session is over … and mine is beginning." She stretches out the length of him, keeping her eyes locked on his, moving her hands up under his gi, rubbing her thumbs over his nipples.
He knows he could toss her off easily, but he's no fool. When she reaches up under his shirt, and begins teasing his nipples, he closes his eyes, as pleasure starts coursing through him. No, he's no fool. He lays perfectly still as she pushes his gi open and she slides down and begins nibbling on his nipples but when she takes one in her mouth with a strong pull, his body lurches up, and he forgets about lying still. He brings his hand up to her gi, pulling it open, but she pushes his hand away before he can touch her bare skin, and in a passion filled voice, she murmurs softly, "Not this time Cowboy, my turn." She begins plying hot kisses to his chest, neck, finally taking his mouth in hers, biting softly before thrusting her tongue between his parted lips, playing exotically with his, bringing moans from deep in his throat. At the same time her hand begins a slow soft circling caressing motion down his chest, playing with the hair on his chest momentarily before moving her hand down farther following the line of dark hair to the top of his pants. When her hand meets the barrier she sits up and unties the string and moves the pants down his hips in a tantalizing slow decent. As they clear his feet, she uses the same slow movement to push his briefs down. As the briefs clear his hips, his manhood is released, huge, swollen throbbing for relief. She touches him softly, his body jerking involuntarily, and then she stretches back out beside him. She takes his hand then, bringing it up to her breasts, letting him caress her, bringing her nipples to hardened nubs.
She moves her hand down to the nest of hair around his member, tangling her fingers in it before circling him with her hand. She softly caresses him with gentle strokes until she hears, a moaning, "Alex, God, woman," she stops the caressing, leans down and kisses him softly then letting go of him she straddles him, bringing him deep inside of her. When she begins to rock back and forth, his guttural groans bring her pleasure, knowing that he is responding to her caresses. She is doing this to him. As desire builds to a feverish pitch, the moves become frantic, as they both work toward release. He puts his hands on her hips pulling her down on him as he drives into her with such force to almost topple her off of him. When she utters a cry of ecstasy, he shudders beneath her, and with one last thrust upward he spills his seed into her. Alex shivers and collapses down on his chest as his arms pull her tight, holding her as if he would never let her go.
Lying side by side, kissing each other softly, heartbeats slowing, and bodies that are drained, and eyes getting heavy with exhaustion. Suddenly Walker sits up, "Alex, what time is it?"
Her sluggish response, "I don't know, why?"
"Because I told Trivette to bring Josie and I would teach her some defense moves, too."
Alex quickly sits up looking frantically at the clock, "What time did you tell him?"
"I told him about 7:00, what time is it?"
She quickly begins pulling her pants up and tying the belt around the top, "We have five minutes to get dressed."
He ties the belt around his gi just as he hears, "Hey, Walker, anybody home?"
"Why didn't you tell me you had asked them to come, Walker?"
"I … kinda got distracted." He moves over to the Total Gym, "Here Alex, lie down here, work out on this and I'll practice kicking the bag.
"Down here, Trivette!"
He walks through the door with Josie in tow, "Wow, you guys have already worked up a good sweat. Do you guys do this every night?"
He hears a muffled giggle, and glances at Alex, then back at Trivette, "Just about, Trivette, sometimes twice in one evening."

The End