Seven Days
By Sissy (

He stands at the window looking out into the dark, the sky just beginning to lighten in the east and the birds are starting to wake. The morning is warm, clean from the night shower but his eyes see nothing but the dark. His mind is churning with anticipation of Alex’s return. She’s been gone seven days, just one week, but it seems like an eternity.

Alex is a sensory experience unlike anything he's ever known. Her healing touch, the sound of her voice ... the fact that she tastes like heaven and that every breath he takes is filled with the fragrance of her. She always smells soft and fresh, like sunshine and rain mixed together. He can pick her out of a crowded room blindfolded, based on nothing but the natural scent of her hair and skin.

Granted they weren’t married, weren’t even promised to each other, but he could feel deep down in his soul that she belonged to him. He has gone on assignments many times but it had never bothered him like this. She had gone this time. Gone for a week with her abused women’s group on retreat. But he had felt a premonition of danger when she waved goodbye to him as she got on the bus.

But nothing has happened and she is due back later this morning. He still feels the same sense of dread that he has felt since she left but he shakes it off and goes to the bathroom to shower.

Walker is in his truck on the way to Dallas when he receives the call on his radio. The bus that Alex was on had been forced off the road by a speeding driver, sending it careening off the shoulder where it had slid down the side of the steep ditch where it had overturned and caught on fire. Most of the women just had minor bruises and burns but the driver and one woman had been burned severely when the bus had exploded. They were dead at the scene.

Walker feels like his heart has stopped beating as he drives in a daze to the outskirts of Fort Worth where the accident has happened. Driving straight to the hospital, he leaves the truck still running and the door open, in his paralyzed dash through the emergency room doors.

At the nurses station he grabs the first nurse he sees, “Alex Cahill where is she? Is she all right?”

A little frightened by his manner, “I … I don’t know.”

“She was on the bus that burned, I want to see her. NOW!”

The nurse frantically begins looking through the papers and charts, then with eyes stricken with sadness, “I think … I think she’s the one that … didn’t make it.”

Walker’s legs give way as his face turns deathly white. “No,” he whispers. “No … no … no.”

The nurse comes around to take his arm, guiding him to a chair. “I’m sorry … When you feel up to it they want you to go to the morgue to positively identify the … body.”

Walker doesn’t know how long he sits there, his body turning numb and cold by degrees as the realization hits him that Alex is gone. But … and this thought brings his chin up off his chest, it doesn’t feel like she’s dead. Wouldn’t he know if she were dead? With a faint glimmer of hope fluttering in his heart, he makes his way to the elevator, making a slow descent to the basement where the morgue is located. On feet weighing a hundred pounds each he makes his way down the hall to the door at the end, labeled MORGUE.

He stops in front of the door, his resolved disappearing fast, finally with a heavy hand, he pushes the door open. When an attendant shows, his voice a mere shadow of his former commanding tone, "I'm here … I'm here to see … to see the … the burn fatality."

When he is directed to the cover-shrouded table, he hesitates, shuts his eyes momentarily then nods. When the attendant pulls the cover down, he waits patiently until the Ranger looks down at death.

~ * ~

Walker pulls the door open, steps out of the room that smells like death and leans against the wall. His legs feel like his bones have turned to rubber. He sucks in his breath and makes his way to the elevator.

That wasn't Alex. It wasn't. But the blonde hair, the size! It couldn't have been her. That wasn't Alex!

In a daze he steps into the empty elevator and rides back up to the main floor. The door opens and he just stands there, his heart heavy with a dark void. Suddenly a fragrance caresses his nostrils, fills his mind, and hovers in the air. His heart rate increases as he steps into the lobby looking around for the source. He starts down the hall when suddenly a person leaving an examination room bumps into him.

He grabs an arm to keep the person from falling and … his fingers begin to tingle, the tingling flowing up his arm and spreading like a wave over his body. He turns to look at the person that he’s holding and tears begin to fall from his eyes as he looks into the loveliest set of blue eyes he’s ever seen. He wraps his arms around Alex, melding her against his body, his voice choking, “Alex … Alex … Oh, God … Oh, God ... I thought … I thought I’d lost you.”

He releases her enough to look at her, really look at her and sees the bandages on her arms and hands. “Are you … alright?” Without waiting for an answer he pulls her back into his trembling arms.

When he bumped into her, she instinctively knew it was Walker. She had been helping the women from the wreckage when the bus exploded, knocking her unconscious and when she came to in the examining room, the doctors were working to take care of her burns. When they had finally finished and said she could go, she had dashed out of the room to find a telephone to call Walker.

When he loosens his arms she sees the tears and the fear in his eyes and knows that he had been scared to death. “I’m fine, Walker. Just a few minor burns.” She takes her hand and softly wipes the tears from his eyes and murmurs, “Can … can we get out of here?”


He has her in his arms holding her tight into his side. He had made love to her as though his very life needed her to survive. In a way he did. He had gone to hell and back when he thought he had lost her without every telling her he loved her and he was desperately trying to set his world right again.

“Alex,” he whispers against her ear. “I love you, with everything in my soul.”

With tears glistening in her eyes, rises up to look at him, “Oh, darling, I’ve wanted to hear you say those words for so long. But … are you sure. It’s not just because of what happened today is it?”

“I’ve loved you for a long time, Alex. But I thought I had all the time in the world to say it. I was wrong. Today has proven to me just how fragile our time here is. Going into that morgue was like my world was coming to an end. I got a good hard glimpse of what would be left of me without you. And … it scared me … very badly. And I don’t want another day to pass without you knowing how much I love you.”

Alex snuggles closer, kisses him softly and whispers, “Or for you to know how much I love you.”

His hands reach up behind her head, tangling in her hair, bringing her lips down to his. She slides her body up over his, needing him every bit as much as he needs her. Their desperate urges have already been quieted but the need to be joined, to be complete, has not. He wraps his arms around her and slowly rolls her beneath him.

“I love you,” he whispers as if he can’t say it often enough now that he has finally declared his love for her. He feels her smile against his lips as he runs his tongue over hers, then catching her lower lip between his, he sips at it.

She slides her arms around his neck and caresses the hair at his nape, then fights for his lips, then his tongue, then the very air he is breathing. His hands begin a journey over the curves and swells of her soft body, stirring the embers of desire back into a roaring blaze. He finds her breasts and teases and taunts them mercilessly. “Will it always … be this way?”

“Always.” He rolls her nipples between his thumb and forefinger and hears a gasp whisper between her teeth.

“Promise?” She spreads her hand over his flat stomach, letting it follow the tapering line of dark hair to where it flares around his manhood.

“Alex … mmmmmmmmmmmmm … ah, yessss…” Her stroking of his magnificent erection leaves what little of the senses he has left, to his fingers, which find the tiny nub of pleasure between her legs and begins to caress it with the same finesse that she is caressing him.
They’re both breathing shallowly and their bodies are trembling with the same delicious erotic sensations. Cupping her bottom he draws her forward, capturing her mouth and swallowing her rapturous moans as he enters her.

With her knees braced on either side of his hips, she moves in rhythm with him. Her breasts rubbing against his with each forward surge, their mouths hungrily devouring each other. They rise together toward the pinnacle of passion but just before reaching it, Walker pulls her back.

“Watch,” he whispers. He lowers his gaze to the point of their joining, then, when her head is bowed, he slowly withdraws then just as slowly fills her again, then repeats the movement.

It’s too much for Alex. She cries his name once, then throws her head back and closes her eyes tight as waves of pulsing sensations pour through her.

Walker holds himself buried deep inside her, hoping to savor each one of her spasms, but their very strength breaks his control. Not even able to bring himself to thrust again, he gives a throaty moan and explodes. Arms trembling, he clutches her tightly to him. She is far more that his anchor in the storm of passion she is his anchor in life as well. And he thanks God that she is.

The tragedy that had almost destroyed their world, because with one gone, the world of the other would surely be gone, too, brought a strong need from each other to proclaim a joining of their souls.

The End