Sharing Cookies


A/N: This takes place during the first couple of seasons…before Alex and Walker were an official couple, back when there was so much unresolved sexual tension.

Needing a break from poring over pages and pages of evidence reports in a cold case he was currently trying to solve…again, Walker trudged into the courthouse cafeteria, intending to down at least two cups of coffee before heading back to his desk. However, upon entering the room his attention was immediately drawn to the secret object of his affection, who sat at one of the tables with her back to him. Forgetting the coffee, he moved up behind Alex and found her eating Oreo cookies.

Pulling out the chair opposite her, he sat down and looked at her expectantly, watching as she twisted the two sides of a cookie until they came apart.

Alex eyed him suspiciously. “Something you want, Walker?” She proceeded to lick the white cream off one side of the cookie.

Walker’s eyes narrowed and his breath caught in his throat as he watched her tongue slip out and lick the creamy white substance from the cookie half. “Yeah,” he replied as if she should know what he wanted. “A cookie.”

“No,” she stated firmly, turning to the other cookie half and licking the white cream off of it.

Walker’s mouth fell open, his gaze following her tongue. He blinked when she finished, his gaze moving back to her face as she ate the two round creamless cookie halves. “Didn’t your mother ever teach you to share?” he asked. “Mine did.” Then, with an air of authority he informed her, “My mom said you should share your Oreo cookies with your friends.”

Alex shrugged. “She did. I’m choosing not to obey her right now,” she replied as she separated yet another cookie, her eyes lighting up when all of the cream came off on one half.

Walker’s throat dried as he watched her tongue flick out once more to lick the cream off the cookie.

“It’s a sin not to share,” he croaked out, his voice rough as he tried to speak.

Alex snickered as she continued to lick the cream off the cookie. “No it’s not!”

“Yeah it is,” Walker told her, watching as she popped the cookie into her mouth. “It says so in the Bible. Thou shalt share your Oreo cookies with your friend.” He shook his finger at her. “Not obeying that commandment means you’re sinning.”

Now Alex was outright laughing as she picked up another cookie and began to separate the halves. “It does not! You’re just making it up.” Having separated the halves, she began to lick the cream off one side, sighing as she began.

It was too much for Walker to take, watching her pink tongue flick out and lick the cookies clean. What he imagined that tongue doing to him! In one swift movement he stood, leaned across the table and kissed her hard, his tongue slipping between her parted lips…and taking Alex completely by surprise.

He broke off the kiss, tasting cream and something he was sure was uniquely Alex. He grinned at the stunned look on her face. Her eyes were wide, her cheeks flushed, and her lips were slightly parted. One cookie half was suspended in mid-air, still held in her hand.

After a few moments Alex breathed out, and then in. “Well…okay then…here.” She slid the cookies across the table, smiling demurely. “You can have some.” She stood up to leave, brushing crumbs from her lap. Then, placing her palms on the table she leaned toward Walker. “If that’s how to get a kiss from you, I’ll have to bring Oreos more often,” she murmured, then winked before turning to leave the room.

Now it was Walker’s turn to be rendered momentarily speechless, Oreo cookie suspended in mid-air.