Being married to a Texas Ranger was one thing, but being married to Cordell Walker, that was a true test...

Once again Alex sat alone with a table of cold food and burnt out candles in front of her.  Walker had called to say he was on his way home but 3 hours later, she was still alone.  Like always, her mind was going a mile a minute wondering where he could be and if he was all right!  Just than the phone rang, she checked the caller-ID and read Methodist Hospital. She was not at all surprised but still very concerned, she answered it.  Quite to her surprise the voice on the other end was Walker’s, he was okay!  She began to question him but was quickly cut off by the sound of a crying baby.  She hung up the phone even more confused because all he had told her was to meet him at the hospital and he would explain then. 

At the hospital she rushes in not really sure why she was there, or for that matter, why Walker was.  Alex saw Walker from behind and approached him only to find him cuddling a sleeping infant.  She knelt down in front of him and gives him a curious but tender glance, that brings a smile to his face.  As all the questions begin to flood her head, Walker offers her some answers...the sleeping infant belongs/belonged to friends of his from the reservation who had been killed in a car accident.  When the

victims were brought to the hospital one of the doctors recognized the male as being there earlier that week to visit Walker when he was injured.  The doctor had placed a call to Company B in hopes of reaching Walker because there was no other way of find out who these victims were. 

As Walker continued to explain the situation to his wife, the infant began to wake.  He gently handed the small redhead to Alex and preceded to tell the rest of the story.  The people killed were Billy Blue Feather and his wife Maria. They were killed instantly when a truck slammed their car, but by the grace of the Spirits their daughter Sheyanne was spared!  Awhile back, when Walker was last at the reservation, they had made him the baby’s Godfather and in letters they had written named him the person to care for their child if anything ever happened to them.  It was important to Billy and his wife for Walker to do this because he was just like the child, half Cherokee, half white.

When he finished telling Alex of this tragedy and the wishes of his “late” friends, he looked at her in a way kind of seeking permission.  Her eyes were filled with tears and baby lay sleeping once again.  He sat beside her and before he could say another word she spoke...”Walker I know the kind of man you are, and this precious little baby needs us and we will give her everything in life she deserves.”  Wow! Walker knew that Alex was a terrific person but to just accept this without much thought was beyond what he could of hoped for.  Both knowing this baby would never replace the one they had lost only months before.  But, now, they were ready to start life with their new found daughter.  With tears in their eyes they waited for the doctor to clear the baby for release and as if on cue they turned around to see a nurse with papers for them to sign.

Little did they know that those paper were the first of many to follow.  They were busy the next few weeks finalizing all the details of the adoption, but on September 20, 2000 the tiny girl became Sheyanne Walker.  After a few weeks of being parents things started to take their toll on Alex. She decided to go for a check up and be sure nothing was wrong, after all she had a baby to care for now.  It was a routine visit filled with blood work and tests, nothing out of the ordinary.  Walker came home from work that night only to find his two ladies asleep on the sofa as peacefully as could be.  Deciding not to wake his sleeping wife he went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.  Alex woke to the terrific smell of meatloaf filling the house and found her husband in the middle of mashing some potatoes, Only she found herself making a b-line to the bathroom.  Walker follows close behind to make sure she’s all right and suggests she lie down for a bit while he finishes the meal. At that point, Alex knew it was an argument she COULDN’T win as she sleepily went straight to the bedroom.  After a few minutes Walker returns to the bedroom to find a sleeping Alex and places a cover over her and kisses her head tenderly. 

The next morning Alex awakes feeling much better and tends to a crying Sheyanne while Walker sleeps, she knows he’s probably been up most of the night with their daughter.  Walker wakes and informs Alex that he has taken the day off from work to give her hand in case she still felt ill.  Alex was quite surprised by this but it was just his nature to take care of her at all times.

Later that afternoon the phones rings and Walker hands it to Alex informing her that it’s her doctor.  After standing there half listening to the conversation Walker is confused, what could he be telling her.  Alex’s expression changes several times during the call, making it even more difficult for him to figure out what was going on.  There is a look of great surprise and shock on Alex’s face when she hangs up the phone and faces Walker to tell him what the doctor said.  After a year of believing they would never have a child of their own, then becoming the parents of this beautiful baby lying in front of them, they were about to be given another great blessing.  With tears in her eyes Alex simply tells Walker they’ll be needing twice as many diapers in a few months.  Puzzled he looks at her, then realizes what she’s telling him and can’t believe his ears.  After giving up hope of ever having a family they were now blessed with Sheyanne and, soon, another baby would fill their home with even more love and laughter.

The End  All the Usual Legal Disclaimers.