missing scene

by Jennifer

“Now get on back to the bunkhouse.” Travis drawled.

Walker turned and began to stroll slowly back toward the bunkhouse as Travis turned toward the door to his trailer, and after hearing the door to the trailer close, he quickly turned to the left, heading behind the trailer.  Seeing Alex’s retreating back heading for the ranch house, he breathed a sigh of relief. He didn’t like using Alex in any kind of an undercover operation, feeling it was too dangerous to ever involve her, but she was the logical choice, and the choice that would raise the least amount of suspicion should Travis notice her missing. Turning back toward the path, he continued on to the bunkhouse.

By the time he returned, most of the men were already in their bunks, too tired from a full days work and a couple hours of poker to do much more than sleep.  After showering, Walker donned a clean pair of jeans then lay down in his bunk. But, sleep didn’t come easily for him. A certain beautiful blonde woman sleeping in a house not too far from him filled his mind, and aside from wondering if she had found anything in Travis’s trailer, he found himself wondering what she was wearing to bed that night. Chastising himself for having such thoughts when he could do nothing about the stirring of desire in his hardening manhood, he turned over onto his side, his back to the room, trying in vain to think of something, anything, other than Alex.  He turned his thoughts to Travis, and the killing of Nicole’s husband.

After an hour of lying there, running over all that had happened, and wondering what Alex may have found, he turned back around. He scanned the room, noticing all the men were asleep.  Quietly rising from his bunk, he slipped on a shirt, and grabbing his boots, made his way outside.  After slipping on his boots, he crept quietly through the dark toward the ranch house.  Standing below the darkened windows, he squinted up at them in deep concentration, trying to sense Alex’s presence in one of them.  After a few moments his eyes alighted on one, and he felt a familiar stirring deep inside, and knew without a shadow of a doubt that was the room Alex was staying in.

Within a minute he had climbed up on the balcony, making no sound at all.  He crept quietly over to Alex’s window and to his relief, found the window was not locked. He slid the window slowly open and crawled inside.  After closing the window he turned to gaze at his fiancée, his earlier question about what she wore to bed answered. With the moonlight shining through the window, he could see she was wearing one of his shirts. He smiled, thinking how he should’ve known that without having to wonder. Any time Alex went out of town without him, or spent the night at her apartment instead of his ranch, she took one of his shirts to sleep in…said she slept better that way.

He made his way over to the bed and sat down beside her, placing one arm on the other side of her sleeping body. She stirred as she felt the depression on the bed, and he leaned over to press a soft kiss to her lips. As she always did when he kissed her, she opened up to him and began to kiss him back as she drifted up from the depths of sleep. 

She sighed as the kiss ended. “I sure am glad you came Cowboy. I was dreaming about you” she murmured, a telltale huskiness in her voice.

“You were…what about?” he whispered as he kissed her again.

“Mmmm, this” she moaned into his mouth as the kiss deepened.  Wrapping her arms around his neck, she pulled him down on top of her, his arms immediately enveloping her.  The kiss continued, gaining intensity, and just as her hands began to pull his shirt from his jeans there was a knock on the bedroom door.

Walker and Alex froze, his shirt clutched in her hand, his hand tangled in her hair, each holding their breaths.

“Its me Alex.” Nicole stated from the other side of the closed, but unlocked door. “I heard a noise…you hear anything?”

“Uh, no Nicole.” Alex replied. Walker grinned and began to nibble on her ear. “I, uh…I haven’t…” her voice lowered to a whisper, “…oh God…”, then rose again, “heard anything” she ended, trying to pull Walker’s face away from her own.

Walker continued his playful assault on Alex, bringing his lips around to her lips, kissing her soundly as Nicole continued. “Okay, maybe it was some animal.” 

When Walker released her lips, Alex managed to breathe “Yeah, maybe some animal,” as his tongue followed his hands down her neck to the open vee of the shirt she wore.  Walker’s mouth quickly covered hers again as a soft whimper escaped her lips,  swallowing what was left of the whimper…but not before Nicole heard her.

“You okay, Alex?” Nicole questioned when she heard the whimper. She reached out to grasp the door knob, and began to turn it.

Walker and Alex jumped apart as they heard the wedding band Nicole still wore clink against the door knob as she grasped it. As Alex lunged for the door, Walker moved quietly and quickly to stand behind it.  Alex grasped the door knob, opening it just a fraction as Nicole pushed on the door.

“Oh!” Nicole exclaimed, surprised to see Alex at the door. “I’m sorry, Alex. I heard you…well, I thought…” Seeing the flushed countenance of Alex’s face, Nicole rightly surmised that Alex had a nighttime visitor, and would’ve bet all the money she had that a certain undercover Texas Ranger was not in the bunkhouse.  Not wanting to let on that she knew what was going on, Nicole let her off the hook. “Never mind, Alex. I can see you’re okay.  Must have been some critter making the noise. Sleep well.” And with that she turned to leave.

Alex breathed a sigh of relief and closed the door, turning toward Walker, a smile playing across her face. “You are so bad, Cowboy.”

“Yeah, but you enjoyed it” he whispered in return, enveloping her in his arms.

“So I did.” She brushed her lips against his. “So what brought you to my room tonight? Miss me?”

“Of course I missed you, but I also came to find out if you found anything in Travis’s trailer.”

“Oh!” Alex exclaimed, moving from his embrace.  She continued in a soft voice as she crossed the room to the desk under the window, “I found his date book in a desk drawer.”

She turned back around to face him, “I wrote the information down on a piece of paper in case I forgot…” she smiled, “but I remember all of it.  I flipped through the pages….”

She continued to talk, but Walker heard none of it.  Alex stood in the moonlight, and it was then that Walker finally noticed just exactly what she was wearing. It was his shirt alright, but only one button was fastened, a button halfway down the shirt.  The moonlight illuminated her, giving a glow to her soft blonde hair, and an almost sheer quality to the shirt. As she spoke, his body began to respond to the sight before him. He took in the sight of her cleavage, the roundness of her breasts just visible through the opening of the shirt. His gaze moved to her delicious navel, and moved further south.  His reaction to the sheer white panties she wore brought an instant hardness straining against the jeans he wore. 

“Walker…you’re not listening.” Alex murmured as she caught sight of the bulge in his jeans, a sight which caused an immediate wetness between her legs. 

No more words were spoken.  Walker crossed the room and slipped his arms around her, underneath the shirt, gathering her tightly against his body as he kissed her fiercely.   Alex’s soft whimpers of pleasure mingled with his low moans as he picked her up and carried her to the bed, laying her gently down in the middle.  He took off his shirt, and then his boots, and as he placed his hands on the button of his jeans, Alex sat up and brushed his hand aside.  

Walker gasped when she cupped his hardened arousal, squeezing gently, before unbuttoning his jeans.  She slowly lowered the zipper, and licked her lips as his cotton covered erection sprang forth.  Hooking her fingers in the elastic of his shorts, she lowered them, along with his jeans, over his hips.  Unable to help herself, she took his warm erect pulsing shaft into her mouth as soon as she uncovered it.  One hand grasped his soft sac, the other his manhood, as her tongue explored every inch of him.  Walker moaned as softly as he could, his hands buried themselves in her hair as his hips began to move in motion with her hand and mouth.

Feeling a climax beginning to build deep within himself,  Walker pleaded with her, “Alex…please” as he pulled her gently off his shaft. Kicking his jeans and shorts the rest of the way off his legs, he pulled her up and wrapped his arms around her, brushing his lips against hers. He slowly increased the pressure as he moved his lips over hers, eliciting more soft whimpers from her.  Parting her lips with his tongue he delved inside to duel with her tongue in an intimate dance.

With an arm around her waist, he gently lowered her to the bed as he deepened the kiss, stretching out over her.  His fingers renewed their earlier trek, gliding in feather light touches down her neck and across her chest, wandering down her cleavage to gently cup a breast.  Bending down, he nudged one side of the shirt aside with his teeth, immediately drawing a breast deep into his mouth, as his hand caressed the other.  Alex gasped as she arched her back, moving her hands to the back of his head, holding him tightly to her breast.  His hand left her breast and unfastened the lone button before continuing down her stomach, reaching under the elastic of her panties to tangle his fingers in the nest of soft curls at the juncture of her thighs.  Reaching around inside her panties to cup her buttocks, he pulled her against his erection, before slipping the panties over her hips and down her slender legs.   He nibbled at her ear lobe as his hand roamed back up her legs, to cup the soft mound of her womanhood, dipping his fingers into the warm moisture below, finding her sensitive bud and caressing it in slow lazy strokes.  Her soft whimpers became cries of ecstasy as he entered her with one finger and then another, and he covered her mouth with his own, kissing her passionately, to muffle her cries.  When her cries died down he left her mouth and kissed his way to her breasts as his fingers kept up a slow rhythm.  After laving her nipples to taut peaks he continued his loving trek down her abdomen, stopping to run his tongue around her navel, then…oh…so…slowly traveled lower. 

Alex clamped a hand over her mouth when his tongue separated her feminine lips, and stifled her own cries when he flicked his tongue over her sensitive bud of arousal.  The second time his tongue flicked the sensitive bud she came explosively, her legs stiffening, her hips rising up off the bed, this time not bothering to stifle her screams of ecstasy. 

As her cries filled his ears, Walker rose over her and with a low growl entered her in one long stroke, burying himself deep within her.  He began to thrust slowly, riding the electric pulses of Alex’s climax. Dipping his head he took a breast into his mouth, drawing her nipple deep inside to suck on it powerfully.  As her climax began to ebb, Alex felt another one begin, and wrapped her legs around Walker’s waist, drawing his thrusts deeper. He groaned as he thrust deeper, and bracing himself with just one arm, reached under her with his other hand to grip her bottom, touching her very core as he quickened the pace of his thrusts.  With mutual cries, Walker and Alex spiraled out of control, reaching the peak of their lovemaking with an intense explosion of ecstasy. 

As they came down from the high of their lovemaking, Walker collapsed on top of Alex. After a few moments he braced himself on his elbows and gazed into her eyes.  Brushing the damp hair off her forehead, he smiled as she struggled to control her breathing. 

“I love you” he whispered.

“I love you too, Cowboy” she breathed.  “That was incredible.”  She pulled his head down to meet hers, their lips meeting in a tender kiss. 

Walker ended the kiss, “Yes it was…but I really need to get back to the bunkhouse” he finished as he began to withdraw from Alex’s body. 

Immediately Alex wrapped her legs around his waist again, and tightened her arms around his neck. “No!” she exclaimed softly. Then loosening her grip on him, “Stay with me a while, Darling.  You don’t have to get back just yet…do you?” she whispered, giving him her best superlative pout. 

He gazed into the face he knew he could never refuse.  “Okay,” he whispered back, “But I have to get back before everyone begins to wake up.”  He rolled to her side and lay on his back, gathering her into his arms.  As his arms made contact with the shirt she still wore, he slipped it off her shoulders and discarded it on the floor by the bed, once again sliding his arms around her, gathering her nude body tightly to his own.

Laying her head on his chest, Alex yawned. “Thank you for coming tonight Darling. I was really missing you at night.”

“Well, after seeing you this afternoon when you went to go riding…in those jeans…I um…well they hugged your body so nicely…” he cupped her bottom for emphasis, “…I couldn’t get you off my mind.”

Rising up a little so she could gaze into his eyes, she smiled. “I’ll have to remember that and wear those jeans when I want to entice you.”

“Hon, I’m afraid you don’t have to do much to entice me.” 

Their lips met again in a tender kiss before Alex settled back down. He pulled her closer when she yawned again. “You’ll have to tell me what you found in Travis’s trailer again in the morning…since I didn’t hear what you said earlier.”

“Okay.” She whispered sleepily.

“Besides, I don’t want Trivette to know I’ve been here, I’d never hear the end of it.”  Alex’s steady breathing told him that she was already asleep.

Instinctively Walker woke at 3:30 am, waking Alex as he lightly ran his hands over her nude body, his arousal pressing into her hip.  After coming together again to make love, Walker quickly dressed as Alex succumbed to sleep again. He stood gazing at her for a few moments, then bent to kiss her cheek before leaving the room the same way he came in, through the window.

Walker crept quietly back into the bunkhouse, having removed his boots before entering. Slipping off his shirt, he lay back down in his bed. The next morning, as he finished washing up, Trivette and Gage cornered him in the otherwise empty bathroom.

“Missed you last night pard.” Trivette grinned wickedly.  “Woke up at, oh 2:00 am…and low and behold, you weren’t in your bunk.”

“Yeah man,” Gage grinned, “We saw you here at ‘lights out’, but darned if you weren’t here later.”

“What would a ranch hand be doing at 2:00 in the morning, Gage?” Trivette whispered conspiratorially. 

“Alright, cut it out.” Walker said, shaking his head. “If you must know, I went to see if Alex found anything in her search of the trailer.”

“What did you find out, Walker?” Trivette asked.

“Um…well…” Walker scratched his beard. “Actually, nothing” he muttered, his face beginning to turn red.

“Nothing?” Trivette gasped with mock indignation.  Then unable to keep it up, he began to laugh.  His voice lowered to a whisper, “Oh mighty Texas Ranger man, sidetracked by a woman!”

“Not just a woman,” Walker grinned, “but Alex. You guys are just jealous” he winked, then walked out of the bathroom, leaving his partner and the junior Ranger staring after him, and wondering if he was right.

The sun was up when Alex woke. She stretched languidly, a smile crossing her features as she remembered the previous night. Sighing contentedly she rose to begin the day, anxious to tell Walker what she found in Travis’s trailer…and taking pleasure in the fact that her fiancée found her so desirable that he couldn’t keep his mind on the matter at hand when she stood before him dressed in one of his shirts.

The End