Slumber Party



The Texas sun shone brightly in the sky, the temperature already rising into the mid 80's for the early may morning. Texas Ranger Cordell Walker headed towards the barn to feed and groom the horses not wanting to wake his wife this early, he wanted her to get as much sleep as she could, it was getting close to her due date and rest was what she desperately needed.

Walking up to his horse Amigo, Walker gently padded the anxious animal on the head and quickly filled the feed bucket, repeating the action with his wifeís horse Angel and the others that occupied the barn. After cleaning out the stalls he gathered the last of his things and started heading towards the house.


Alex Walker was just coming out of the bathroom, a place where she felt like she spent most of her time lately, when she heard the front door close. Knowing it was her husband returning from his morning chores she headed downstairs to greet him. Holding onto her back she descended the stairs and headed into the kitchen where she found him making coffee. Before she could make her way to him, he quickly turned around with a smile and moved towards her taking her in his arms.

"Good morning, hon."
"Morning sweetheart."
"Your back is bothering you again isnít it?"
"A little but I'm getting used to it, I am ready for this baby,Walker I can tell you that."
"I know, I am too, how about some breakfast, anything you want just name it."
"Your so sweet, how about just some toast, I'm not that hungry, really."
"Ok, if you say so, but I want you to have something more substantial for lunch, deal?"


Walker and Alex were just finishing up with breakfast when the phone rang.

"Walker, its Trivette, hey you got any plans today?"
"Well... not really, why?"
"Good, Gage and I are coming right over, sit tight, we'll be there in 30 minutes."
Walker tried calling to his partner again but got a dial tone, Trivette and Gage were evidently in a big hurry to come over so he knew he would have to wait until they got there to find out what was so important.


"Honey, who was that?"
"It was Trivette, he and Gage are on their way over here right now, sounded important."
"Ok, well I'm going to go up and make the bed."
"Do you want help?"
"Walker, you know what happens every time we try and make the bed together, it never gets made, it only gets messier and we end up being late for wherever we are supposed to go, besides, Jimmy and Gage will be here any minute and we wouldnít want to be interrupted so, no thank you, I can manage."
"Ok, if you say so" Walker tried giving her a hurtful look but she saw through it and headed up stairs giggling to herself. She loved him so much, they had been married almost a year and if you asked either one of them it only got better with each passing day, their love grew more and more as time went on and their devotion to each other was evident to all that knew them.


Walker had been picking up the kitchen when the front door opened, revealing to his eyes his wide eyed partner and Ranger Francis Gage, who also had a big smile on his face.

"Trivette, whatís this all about, whatís going on?"
"Walker, Gage and I have an idea, and we were hoping you would go along with it."
"Ok, out with it, and for some reason I donít think I'm gonna like it."
"No, it will be fun... promise."
"Ok, ok, since we all have the weekend off, we were thinking of taking a little fishing trip."
"Yes, fishing."
"Well, I canít go, you know Alex is only three weeks from her due date and I canít leave her alone, I wonít."

"We have that all worked out."
"Walker, just hear us out ok."

"Ok, I'll listen but I'm not leaving Alex alone."
"We realize that, and we wouldnít ask you to, but we had an idea, how about if Sydney and Erika come and stay with her, we'll only be gone tonight and tomorrow night and part of Sunday, she'll be ok Walker." Trivette had been seeing Erika Carter since she came back to town, they had dated rather seriously after he had helped her father last year and now she was back and they had took up right where they left off. Rangers Gage and Cook had also began seeing each other in a new light although they hadnít taken their relationship to the next level it was more or less known how they felt about each other, it seemed as though Walker and Alexís love was contagious and everyone wanted to have what they had.
"I donít know."
"Well, it wouldnít hurt to ask right?Besides Alex may be ready for a break anyway."
"Whatís that supposed to mean?"
"Walker, you know how you are, hovering every two minutes, she may want you to go."
"Thanks a lot."


While the men continued talking Alex made her way to the living room, seeing the three friends in deep thought she knew something was up and it wouldnít take long for her to find out."

"Hi guys."
"Alex, how are you feeling, you look wonderful."
"Ok, whatís going on, when I'm greeted with how wonderful I look before anything else is said, I know something fishy is going on."
"Honey, its nothing, come and sit down."
"Cordell Walker, your hiding something from me, now out with it."
"Alex, Walker isnít hiding anything, Gage and I just had an idea and we came over this morning to run it by your husband thatís all."
"Ok, so whatís the idea?"
"Well, Gage and Trivette wanted to go fishing, and they wanted me to join them, just tonight, tomorrow night and part of Sunday, but I told them I couldnít go."
"Why not?"
"Alex.... you know why not."
"Walker look, you have been working practically non-stop for months, plus I needÖ"
"See partner I told you, she needs a break from you."
"Alex?"Walkers face had a look of hurt and sadness, he couldnít imagine that Alex really wanted to be away from him, he was sure she wouldnít want that.
"Itís ok honey, I wasnít going to say that, I was going to say that I need to get things ready for the baby and if your here you wonít let me do anything."
"Well, your not going to be alone anyway, Sydney and Erika are coming to stay with you, I guess my partner here has already made the arrangements."
"I sure have, so what do you say Alex, can we have your husband for about 48 hours?"
"Ok, sounds like fun, me and the ladies can have a little slumber party, you know girl talk."
"Oh no, you guys know what that means donít you?"
"Well, take it from me, it means these three women are going to discuss one thing and one thing only."
"Whatís that?"
"The three of us."
"No!, they wouldnít."
"Oh yes they would."
"Well, maybe we will discuss the three of them, howís that, whatís fair is fair."
"Jimmy" Alex tried speaking through her laughter.
"If you can get Walker to talk, I myself will pin a medal on you, he wonít do it, trust me."
"We'll see, and get the medal ready Counselor, cause he ainít gonna have a choice."

Sydney and Erika arrived around 11,just as the guys were finishing up putting the last of the gear in the truck, they had decided to use Walkers truck since it had the most room and it was four wheel drive, they were going fishing about two hours away, a lake Trivette knew about that was supposed to be well stocked and not too many people knew about, but it was on the other side of a dirt road that wasnít traveled much and the four wheel drive may come in handy.


Walker shut the tailgate and walked slowly towards his wife standing on the porch, his smile brightened as he got closer to her, he loved her so much and no matter what he ever wanted or needed, whether it was work, personal time alone or time with her, Alex was always willing to help him and give him whatever he needed, this was going to be the first time they have been apart in a long time and he knew he was going to miss her.... a lot.


"Well, I guess we're all ready."
"I guess so, its looks like you have everything" Alex could feel the tears welling up in her eyes and she didnít want him to see it, but it was too late... he noticed.
"Come here hon."

Alex walked the couple of steps toward her husband, where he proceeded to wrap her in his arms tightly, nuzzling her neck, moving up towards her ear, he whispered something that made her smile, forgetting all about her tears for the time being. After giving her yet another kiss goodbye, the men headed for the truck and the ladies waved goodbye from the porch. Walker put his fingers to his lips and blew Alex one last kiss and gave her one last wink before getting behind the wheel and driving the Ram out of the driveway.


"Well" Alex was the first to speak, "I guess its just us girls now, so what do you guys want to do first."
"How about lunch, we'll fix it and you'll eat it."
"Ok, whatís going on, what did my husband do to you guys?"
"Come on, I know him, he did something."
"Ok, he just wanted to make sure you had a good lunch, he said you didnít eat much for breakfast."
"He is unbelievable."
"Yeah right."
"Ok, he's wonderful, just the best."
"Yeah Alex we can tell, you are one lucky woman."
"I know, believe me, I know."

The ladies ate a good lunch and to the pleasure of Sydney and Erika, Alex ate more then her share, but she seemed to be getting tired so they suggested she go in and rest a while and they would clean up, they wanted her to be awake for their slumber party, as they had come to call the little weekend they would spend together. All three of them were looking forward to just the girls, fun, relaxation and talk, an all around fun weekend.


Walker had made the turn on the dirt road, as the weather had been pretty good this year the four wheel drive wasnít necessary, the road had a few ruts but nothing major and the silver Ram made it with no problems. After unpacking the truck and setting up their tents, which Gage had seemed to remember this time everything was ready and so were they, they got their fishing poles and headed down to the lake, sitting on the banks they cast and sat waiting for the fish.

After about a half hour of silence Trivette spoke.

"So, Walker, what was that you whispered to your wife before we left, I saw the smile on her face."
"Nothing Trivette, none of your business."

"Ah, come on, its just us guys, you can tell us."
"Ok, suit yourself, but I'll get it out of you before we leave, you know I will."
"No, I know you wonít, just drop it."
"Ok... for now."

The sun was beginning to go down and they had caught a good amount of fish, after cleaning them they got the fire started and were all set to cook their catch, Walker took care of the cooking and Trivette and Gage got everything else ready, since this wasnít a survival expedition, the girls had packed them all kinds of food and drinks, snacks and necessities, which as time went on they found out just how necessary some of them were.


After Alex, Erika and Sydney had finished up with dinner and cleaned up, they all made a trip up to the babies room, Walker had decorated it so beautiful, but Alex had some things she still wanted to do, she had some clothes to put away, she knew by the look of the room that Walker knew that they were having a girl and she didnít question him as to how he knew, but if he went to all the trouble he did, he had to be right and she would trust that he was.

"Oh my, Alex, this is so beautiful, did Walker do all of this?"
"Yes, every last detail."
"Wow, it looks wonderful, he must be really excited."
"Yes, he is, I know he doesnít show it much, around headquarters or anything but he is every bit as excited as I am, maybe even more if thatís possible."

"You know, I hope someday that I get a husband as devoted as yours, I'll say it again, you are very lucky, Walker is totally devoted to you and you guys are gonna make the best parents."

"I hope so Syd, its scary though, you know, the uncertainty of it all, knowing that we are responsible for a persons life, I hope we know what to do."
"You will, your both level headed and you have so much love to give a child, everything will be fine, you'll see."

The three women embraced and went about the tasks at hand, and that was putting away box after box of baby things, things from Alexís shower, things Walker had bought, Uncle Jimmy, who was already in gear to spoil away. After everything was finished they headed back downstairs where Alex made ice tea, and popcorn, they had rented a movie and were settling in for some tears, they had picked out Titanic, a movie Walker had no interest in watching so Alex knew it would be the perfect movie for three women to watch together, the love story was what peeked their interest.


Walker had lit the fire and the three men settled around, just listening to the night sounds and enjoying the quiet, Trivette poured three cups of coffee and handed one to each of his friends.

After crouching down by the fire they each sipped their coffee, and soon, the words were flowing.

"So Gage, when was the first time you fell in love?"
"You heard me, tell Walker and me about your first experience being in love."
"Ok, well, it was right after I joined the police department, she was a rookie too, we worked together day in and day out so it was kinda inevitable, anyway, after several months I started looking at her differently, you know how it is, we dated for a while but then she got transferred and it just didnít work out, but that was the first time I knew real love."
"So you have a thing for your partners huh?"
"And whatís that supposed to mean?"
"Nothing man, just an observation thatís all."Trivette noticed Walker was awfully quiet and he needed to get him to open up, after all, it was just the guys and Walker certainly was a guy.. he must have something to say.

ďSo Walker, how about you, when was the first time you fell in love?"

"Seriously, we're having a serious discussion here, and it wonít go any further, you can trust us."
"Itís not that."
"Then what is it?"

"Its just that there are many different kinds of love, a love you have when your a teenager, it seems real but later you find out it isnít, then there are sometimes when you think your in love but you find out it wasnít real after all, sometimes your an adult and you think its a true love that will last forever but then something happens that you think you will never get over, but you do... and then you find it... the one true love that you waited all your life for, a love that outshines everything that you ever thought was love, a love that only gets better with time, stronger and more precious with each passing day.A love that takes your breath away just by having that person stand next to you, or look into your eyes, love thatís real and deep in your soul, an ache in your heart when you have to be apart, its very rare and some people never experience it.

"I'll say, Gage commented, " Walker, I never ever heard you talk like that, now care to elaborate?"
"Walker, if I'm hearing you right and understanding what your saying, your saying, you have really only felt real love with Alex, is that right?"
"Thatís right."
"But what about... the others?"
"Others, again Gage got his voice heard, come on I want to know about the others."
Walker looked in Trivettes direction and gave him an I'm gonna kill you look, but Jimmy just laughed, Walker was opening up and it didnít take long, he seemed like he really wanted to talk, the once quiet Texas Ranger had changed a lot over the years and Trivette gave all the credit to Alex, Walker used to be so involved in his job nothing else seemed to matter, but that was all changing, Trivette, along with everyone else knew what Walkers number one priority was now, and that was his wife and soon his child.


Meanwhile back at the ranch the ladies were getting towards the end of the movie, their tears were flowing and the box of tissues moving from one to the other and back again.

"Oh, that was so beautiful."
"Yes it was, the love they had in so little time, it was amazing."
"Yes it was."
"Alex, when was the first time you fell in love?"
"Well, I thought I was in love many times, in high school, I had a boyfriend his name was Billy, he was really something, but I grew out of it, after that I met Joshua, I even married him, but that was a big mistake and I donít even really remember it, it didnít last but a couple of months, like I said it was a mistake."Sydney and Erika just looked at each other and back at Alex, they had no idea she had been married before but it obviously wasnít the real thing and she didnít seem to want to elaborate so they dropped it. "Then when I was in law school I met a man, maybe you heard of him, Tony Seville, he treated me like a princess at first, but it soon turned into a nightmare."
"Isnít he the one that was killed in your bed?"
"Yes, like I said it turned into a nightmare, anyway, then there was Dalton Reed.He was a witness in a murder trial I was prosecuting, we fell in love during the trial, well at least I thought I was in love, but that soon ended when he went back on the rodeo, we came across each other years later and tried to pick up where we left off, but it wasnít right for me, something stopped me.

"Really, what was it?"
"It was Walker, I knew I was in love with him and it was completely different then anything I had ever experienced, I knew right away that it was a love that would last forever and nothing could ever change it.

"Wow, how did you know?"

"Itís very hard to explain, its something that you have to experience for yourself, what about you guys, when did you know real love?"
Both girls answered at the same time and their answer was the same, they had felt like they were in love now, Erika with Trivette and Sydney knew her feelings for Gage went way beyond friendship but what Alex was describing was something special that they both hoped to have one day, with the men that had now captured their hearts.


"Come on Walker, give us details, how did you know the difference, and when did you realize it was different?"

"Listen you guys, I really donít want to talk about this, lets get some sleep, ok?"
"Ok, but tomorrow I want to hear everything Walker, you have my curiosity peeked and now I have to know."
"We'll see Gage, maybe tomorrow but right now I'm exhausted."
"Ok, night Walker."


Alex went upstairs to sleep, Sydney and Erika took the spare bedroom, even though they referred to it as a slumber party, which you usually slept on the floor in sleeping bags, for Alex that was impossible. Before Alex got into bed, she went to the window, opening the window she stuck her head out and looked up towards the heavens, locating the star she wanted she stared at it and closed her eyes.

Walker lay on his back in the sleeping bag, staring up at the stars, locating the star he wanted, he stared at it and closed his eyes.

When Alex opened her eyes, she looked once more at the star.

"Good night Walker, I love you."
Walker opened his eyes and looked once more at the star.
ĒGoodnight Alex, I love you"


Walker tossed and turned during the night, lying on one side and then the other, he tried lying on his stomach, he moved to his back but nothing helped, he couldnít get to sleep, finally he got up and walked around, causing his two friends to wake.

"Walker, something wrong?"
"No, go back to sleep, I canít sleep thatís all, everythingís fine."
"Whatís the matter, canít sleep without Alex?"
"Everythingís fine Trivette, go back to sleep."
Walker knew that Trivette was right, he couldnít sleep without Alex beside him, he had only been gone about 12 hours and he missed her so much already, he'd never last another day and a half, he would never tell his friends but he wanted to go home, he wanted to be with his wife."

Alex awoke early the next morning, she too had trouble falling asleep, but once she did, she slept straight through the night, with no trips to the bathroom which in itself was a miracle.

She made her way downstairs where Sydney and Erika were already making breakfast.

"You guys are up early."
"What about you, Alex shouldnít you sleep later then this, I mean you must be tired."
"Well, I'm used to getting up early, Walker is an early riser and well, we usually wake up together, I guess I'm just used to getting up with him."Alexís voice took a somber tone, she seemed sad and her both friends noticed it.

"You miss him, donít you?"
"You have no idea, I feel like part of me is missing or something, this is the first time in a longtimethat we have been apart, its harder then I thought it would be but I'll be ok, donít worry."

The girls spent the afternoon making cookies, going for a walk, they made lunch on the patio, and talked about everything and anything. As they sat on the patio, Sydney and Erika were once again curious about her relationship with the Texas Ranger. Walker was to everyone so quiet and reserved, but Alex seemed to know a totally different side to him, one that only she saw and they were anxious to find out all about it.

"So, Alex, tell us about your relationship with Walker, I mean I have always been so fascinated by it, he seems like one person at work and then when your around he seems so different, whatís it like being married to him, and when did you know he was the one."
Alex was only to happy to oblige her friends, she loved talking about her life with Walker, it

brought her so much joy and she wanted to share it with her friends."

"Well, the first time I met him he was a witness in a robbery case I was working on, things didnít go so well at first, I thought he was cocky, arrogant and a little obnoxious, he was stubborn and mule headed but I also saw something in his eyes, tenderness, strength, devotion and I saw someone who had a lot of love to give, love that was bottled up and pushed to the side, at first I wanted nothing to do with him... we didnít exactly start out on the right foot, but that soon changed and we became friends, good friends who trusted and cared for each other.


Walker cast his fishing pole into the water and waited for the fish to bite, Trivette sat beside him and cast his line and Gage who had just come from the camp to sit on the edge of the lake joined in. At first the talk remained on them, their careers in the Texas Rangers, cases they had worked on together, jokes among the three of them but Gage was more then curious about these "others" that Trivette had mentioned earlier he wanted to know what made Walker tick and he wanted to know now.

"So, Walker tell me about the others, I'm dying here."
"Gage, its nothing really."
"Sure it is, what others?"
Trivette got the ball rolling, he told Gage all about Amy, Walkers girlfriend who had left him after he was shot, he told him how she gave him an ultimatum and he chose the Rangers and she left. Gage found nothing too interesting in that but his interest was still peaked he wanted to know more.

"Walker, tell him about the singer, you remember her donít you?"
"Trivette, I try not to think about her, that was a mistake I still feel like I have to make up for"
"Whys that?"
Walker went on to describe the details of his brief encounter with Merilee Summers.

"Well, it started about nine years ago, one night at C.D.ís he had a country singer, Merilee, she came to perform but there was more to it then that, during the show, her ex husband came in and threatened her, I took care of him.She decided that she needed protection and I was put in charge of it.Ē

"So where was Alex, at this time."
"Oh Alex, Walker should I tell him about that?"
"No, I'll do it, anyway, Merilee was in a lot of danger so I moved her and her daughter out to the ranch with Uncle Ray and me, she was there about 2 weeks."
"So what happened between the two of you?"
"Gage, nothing, it was over before you could blink, end of story."
"Walker, come on, thatís not all of it, how about Alex, after she left, tell him about that."
"Trivette, I really donít want to get into this, it was a difficult time for Alex and for me."
"Oh, do tell this is interesting."

After some persuasion Walker told Gage what he wanted to hear.
"Ok, anyway, Merilee and I got kinda close, and Alex was none to happy about it, but at the time we really werenít together or anything, we were still just friends."
"Just friends, huh, so why then did it bother her?"
"One time a little bit before that there was a guy who had a vendetta against me, he called himself Ranger Bodine, he started taking out people I arrested, he needed to prove that he was a better man then I was and we finally had it out... he didnít make it, anyway, before I went after him Alex came to the ranch, she chewed me up one side and down the other, she couldnít understand why I had to go after him alone.I told her why and also that she would never know how much she meant to me, how special she was, it wasnít long after that, that Merilee showed up."
"Walker, how could you have done that if you had all but told Alex you had feelings for her?"
"Well, I like to call it temporary memory lapse, I really canít explain it and I still donít understand how I could have acted that way, first of all I canít even say that it was a physical thing because Merilee wasnít even my type, I think maybe I was with her because I knew nothing would ever come of it, I knew I would never fall in love with her and she wasnít the one that was meant for me but I was stupid to say the least and it was over before it even began. Alex had already crept into my heart, almost before I even knew it happened and it scared the hell out of me I knew if I let myself admit what my feelings really were and she didnít feel the same I would never get over her, but like I said I was stupid and let things get out of hand, and Alex was hurt, really hurt and it took a long time to get her to trust me again, at first she hardly talked to me at all, I tried to apologize to her but she told me there wasnít anything to apologize for, she said what I wanted to do was my business and she could care less, but I knew that I had made a terrible mistake, my feelings for Alex didnít change even while Merilee was here.I could still kick myself for letting any of it happen, like I said, I still feel like I need to make up for it, even after all of these years, the look on Alexís face, the hurt in her eyes, I still see it sometimes, I wish I never heard of Merilee she was definitely the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life.

"Was she pretty Walker?"
"Well, in a strange sorta way yeah, but she was no Alex, that I knew right away."

Trivette soon put his two cents in.

"I'll say, you were so stupid, you had the most beautiful woman in the world right in front of you and you walked right by, then to make matters worse, you flaunted Merilee in front of her like she meant nothing, your lucky Alex ever forgave you, thatís all I can say."
"So Alex was jealous?Why would someone like her be jealous of another woman, ever, I mean Alex is....."
"And just what is Alex, Gage, come on, you were going to say something about my wife, lets hear it."
"Itís nothing Walker, really, I was just going to say that Alex is a wonderful woman, sheís beautiful, smart, so nice, I mean just being around her makes you smile, she a special lady thatís all I was going to say."
"Yes she is, she's everything you just said and more..... god I miss her."

"Walker, can I ask you something?"
"This Merilee, did anything happen between you two, what I mean is, and if its too personal just say so, but, did you sleep with her?"
"No, I didnít, and I'm really glad that I didnít, I donít know if Alex would have been able to forgive me for that, but we have forgiven each other a lot, some things, I had to forgive but I donít want to talk about that."
"Oh Dalton Reed, that was another bad time."
"Trivette, what did I tell you?"
"I know, donít ever mention that name, sorry."
"Who's this Dalton Reed anyway?"

"No one, just someone I DONíT want to talk about."
"Walker almost lost Alex to Dalton a few years ago, but it was his own damn fault."
"It was not, how can you say it was my fault, she's the one that was with Dalton."
"You let her be with him, you took her right to him, you practically told her it was ok, you never said anything to stop it, so as far as I can tell, it was your fault and its not like you moved your relationship with her ahead at a reasonably fast pace, I mean Walker it took you forever... your lucky she waited."
"Ok, enough about him, not one more word, got it."

The mention of Dalton Reed still sent Walkers mind spinning, after all this time he was the one man that he really could have lost Alex too and it still hurt to some extent.
"Ok, got it."


"Alex, have you ever been jealous of anyone?I mean Walker is a very good looking man, surely he must have had women after him?

Sydney and Erika noticed again the sad look on Alexís face, they were sorry they brought it up, obviously someone had gotten to Alex over the years she had known Walker and maybe she didnít want to talk about it.

"Sorry, lets change the subject."
"No, its alright, really, there were a couple of times, once a long time ago, Walker and I were making some headway, I thought that maybe there was a chance for us, but then....." Alexís face took on an almost angry look, she held her head down and took a couple of deep breaths before she continued.

"Anyway, then SHE came into town, her and her entourage, the sequins, the fringe, the big hair, she had a pretty enough face, but I could tell right off the bat she was trouble with a capital T, she set her eyes on Walker and slithered her way into his life, her name was Merilee Summers, her ex husband had made threats against her and she wanted Walker to protect her, well he ended up moving her into the ranch to keep on eye on her, then to make matters worse, he used me to try and get a restraining order against him.I sat by and watched them getting closer every minute.It broke my heart but I held my head high and if thatís who he wanted I was willing to step aside and let him be happy, but I knew she would wasnít right for him, after the dust settled, she got an offer for her music career and left, she wanted Walker to go with her but he said no and stayed here in Dallas, as far as I know he never saw her again."

"Oh, I'm sorry Alex, so what happened after she left?"
"Nothing really, my relationship with Walker was strained to say the least for a while, of course we were still friends that would never change, but I was hurt, hurt and angry and he knew it, he took things slow, really slow, we saw each other occasionally and one night several months later he brought it up.

"So what did he say, what was his excuse for behaving the way he did?"
"He took me to dinner, I could see in his eyes that he regretted what happened, but I didnít say anything about it, I just wanted to pretend it never happened, like I said I was hurt. After dinner he took me home and I offered for him to come in, we sat and had some coffee and thatís when he said it."
"What did he say?
"He said, and I quote." "Alex, I'm so sorry, I never should have treated you that way, I took our relationship and your feelings for granted, I know how much I must have hurt you and I will try until my dying day to make it up to you."

"After that neither of us ever mentioned her again, the one thing I do know is that Walker wasnít in love with her, that I have always known."
"Alex, did anything physical happen between them?"
"I donít know, I never asked him but I donít think so, Walker is not the type to sleep with someone after only knowing them 2 weeks, he just isnít that type of man.I have always believed that in order for Walker to make love he had to be in love, I still believe that."
"Were there any others times, I mean that you have been jealous of someone else?"
"Well yes, a lot of times women would always seem to be throwing themselves at him, smiling, winking and just glaring at him but he always seem to be able to handle them, and it used to bother me but I got over that too, Walker never really paid much attention to them, and when he looked into my eyes I always knew we were meant to be together.I saw something the first time he looked at me, I always knew he was the one, but the hardest one to get over was Ellen."
"Yes, Ellen was Walkers fiancťe, she died about 15 years ago, I actually never knew about her until her killer was released from prison, Walker withdrew into himself and shut almost everyone out, including me, I respected his need to handle it on his own, and after he caught the guy again, we talked. It was you might say a major breakthrough in our relationship.It explained a lot of things to me about who Walker was, I never knew that he went through something so painful and I just wanted to be there for him. We went to Ellenís grave so Walker could say goodbye and afterwards we talked about, jealousy and ghosts and love, he told me for the first time that night that he loved me, and I knew it was real, I knew he wasnít just saying it to appease my feelings.He meant it and we have been together ever since, he told me he loved me more then he had ever loved anyone, including Ellen, that his heart belonged to me and I completed his soul."Alex had a smile on her face and a gleam in her eyes.

"What is it?"
"Oh nothing, I was just thinking of something Walker said to me before he left, I was starting to tear up, I knew I was going to miss him and he pulled me into his arms and whispered something."
"What, what did he say?That is if you want to tell us."
"Well.. he whispered in my ear that only his body was leaving, his heart stays with me."
"Oh, that is so beautiful, man there is so much more to this man then anyone knows, well except you that is."

Walker had kept his distance from me for years, but I found out it was to protect me, he didnít want anything happening to me because of him, Ellen was killed because of being with Walker and he swore it would never happen again, but after a while it was useless, he knew as well as I did that we belonged together and anything else didnít really matter, if we only had a short while or forever, we wanted to be together.

Sydney and Erika were fascinated by Alexís revelations, they both knew Walker was a complex man, but the things Alex was telling them were amazing.


"So Walker, have you ever been jealous, I mean besides the unmentionable."
"Guys, everyday of my life."
"Yes, you have no idea what I have had to endure, ever since the first time I met Alex, I knew it was going to be hard, harder then I was prepared for. I amprobably according to Alex, the least jealous person around but thatís not true. Every day I have to fight to keep myself under control.

"Tell us about it"
"Well, like you said Alex is a very beautiful woman, any man would love to be with her, and many, many have tried, we used to just be sitting there and someone would come up wanting her to dance, I had to keep myself in check so I didnít pounce on the guy, people that have worked at the DA's office, always asking her out, Rangers, asking her out, madmen like LaRue, Dewey Baker, the Trammell brothers, all obsessed with her, wanting her for themselves, men always looking her up and down, watching her walk, the way she carries herself, she's just so damn beautiful, anyway like I said Alex doesnít think I am the jealous type but boy is she wrong, I have felt like killing more then one person that I am sure of. And even now, Alex is married to me, clearly carrying my child and yet still, men give her the eye, but one thing I never have to worry about is any of them getting to her, Alex loves me, that I know with all my heart, I am so lucky and the best thing is I know how lucky I am.

"Walker, I want to know about Dalton Reed, I know you didnít want to talk about him, but I want to know the story and if you donít tell me, Trivette will so you may as well go ahead."


"Alex, lets ask you this, what about Walker, has he ever been jealous?"
"Walker, is not the jealous type, but there was one time, it was the biggest mistake I have ever made but it made my mind up once and for all and I think it decided for Walker what he really wanted."
"Who was it?"
"It was Dalton Reed, the man he was testifying against was getting rid of the men set to convict him, and Dalton was the last one alive, so Walker and I went to protect him. In the beginning he refused our protection but eventually he accepted it,Dalton and I got closer as time went on, one night and like I said it was the biggest mistake of my life.Dalton asked me to come back to his trailer with him, Walker was so infuriating at the time he was wishy washy as far as our relationship was concerned, one minute, you would swear he loved me, and the next he backed off he was constantly doing that, anyway, Dalton asked me to come back to the trailer and so I did, well one thing led to another and.....

"You slept with him, didnít you?"
"Yes, I regret it to this day, afterwards, I knew I made a mistake, I didnít feel anything for him, anything like love I mean and I knew that it was Walker I wanted but like I said he kept putting me off. The next morning I came out of the trailer and who do I run into but Walker, the look on his face, he knew, I didnít know what to do, so stupid me talks to him about Dalton, I told him it wasnít going to work that he loved the rodeo, Walker told me he loved me too, he could see it in his eyes, but it was the look in Walkers eyes that broke my heart. I could see it for the first time, I knew he loved me and he would let me go if thatís what I wanted but it wasnít, I wanted him and at that moment I knew I would always want only him."
"Alex, does Walker know you slept with Dalton?"
"I think so, after we got back things started to go well for us and neither of us ever mentioned Dalton again, we seem to have a tendency to do that, we just donít go back there once its over we move on and forget it but I will never forget the look in his eyes, he looked so hurt. I think he knew then and there that if I came back without Dalton he would try to make a relationship with me and thatís pretty much what he did, he was different almost from the time we got back, we spent more time together and we got closer everyday and then thatís when I found out about Ellen."

"Come on Walker, lets hear about Dalton."
"Not right now Gage, we need to get back and cook these fish, plus something is biting me and I need to get some antiseptic before it gets out of control."

"Yeah, you know what, I feel like I'm being eatin by bugs too, lets head back."
The guys made their way back to camp and got the antiseptic out of the backpack that Alex had sent along with them, each taking a turn putting it on the bug bites.

"Man, those things really itch, its a good thing your wife was smart enough to send this stuff with us, other wise we may get cranky."
"Remind me to thank her when we get back"
"Speaking of that, maybe we should head back tonight instead of waiting until tomorrow."
"No way partner, I told her 48 hours and thatís what I'm gonna get, you can last another day without her."
"Your cruel, you know that Trivette."
"Yeah, I know but this is too much fun, I finally got Walker to talk about his life and I ainít gonna miss the rest."

Night was falling again, the ladies watched another movie, worked a little more on the babies room and made a wonderful dinner.Alex lit the fire in the fireplace and settled on the couch with her two friends.

"Alex, I have to say the ranch looks wonderful, I can see Walker let you make some changes around here."
"Yeah, he's coming around.It was hard at first, but I didnít push anything, Walker has lived here alone for a long time and I didnít want to come in and take over but little by little he is helping me put my stamp on things. God I miss him."
"He'll be home soon, and then you can....."
"Sorry, and I know this may be to personal and a little embarrassing and if you donít want to answer, you donít have to, but Walker.... I mean he is so..... well you know.... built...I was just wondering if he was a good.... you know lover."
The blush in Alexís face was rising and her two friends could see it clearly even through the light of the fire, she was clearly embarrassed and neither of them thought she would answer the very personal question.

"Do you really want to know?"
"Yes, I for one have always wanted to know."
"Ok, then I'll tell you but if this gets back to him, your both dead do you hear me."
"Our lips our sealed, now tell us."
"Ok, he is the most magnificent man I have ever been with, I mean that, Walker is an incredible lover, he is so gentle, so tender and ....god so good. I mean I have had sex before, I have even made love before, but with him its so different, Its almost like going to heaven its just so incredible you canít even put it into words, but Walker always tells me that its me, its the two of us together, we bring out feelings in each other that neither of us knew we had. We can actually make love all night long and have many, many times, well not so much lately but we have found ways around this."Alex gently lays her hands on her protruding stomach. The one thing I do know is that I ache for him when he isnít around, I could never get tired of being with him, I love him more every day and sometimes I donít think its possible to love him anymore but when tomorrow gets here I do, I love him more."Alexís mind started wandering, she was picturing Walkers body moving over hers, her eyes were becoming filled with desire and she stared off into the fire.

"Alex, Alex are you ok?"
"Oh, sorry, I was just thinking about..."
"Uh ha, we can imagine what you were thinking about, sorry for bringing it up."
ĒItís ok, he'll be back soon, right?"


The men had cooked the fish, cleaned up and were sitting around the fire, Alex had in one of her playful moods packed marshmallows in the back pack, she knew it was a joke and they would probably bring them back but she didnít care.

"Hey Walker, look at this."
"Whatís that?"
"Marshmallows, your wife packed us marshmallows, is that the cutest thing you ever saw, so do you think we should toast them, it could be kinda fun."
"You know what, lets do it, she must have had the most beautiful smile on her face when she put them in there, the least we can do is eat them, it will make her happy."
"Lets do it"

"Come on Gage, lets gather some sticks, and get these things toasting, now their messy so be careful."
"Yes dad."
"Very funny."
With the marshmallows on the sticks the men sat around the fire toasting away, eating them as fast as they could toast them laughing and having a good time, the stickiness from the marshmallows on their hands but they didnít care, they were enjoying themselves.

"So Walker, lets here about this Dalton Reed and donít leave anything out."
"Ok, I give, what do you want to know?"
"Everything, like I said donít leave anything out."
Walker went on the fill Gage in on the reasons why they were going to protect Dalton, why he took Alex with him and why the whole situation made him uncomfortable.

"So he finally agreed to let you protect him."
"Yeah, but he had a condition, a condition he knew I wouldnít be able to pass up, he wanted me to ride the bull in the rodeo, if I did, he agreed that he would take our help, so I rode the bull, man I had just recovered from a stab wound not to long before and it took everything I had to ride him but I did it."
"Yeah you did, your stubborn pride wouldnít let you do anything else, you did it to show off Walker."
"Maybe, the man who had his sights on Alex challenges you, there was no way you were gonna back down, I would have been disappointed if you did."
"Well, he knew what he was doing, he did it just to get to me and it worked."
"So what happened after that."
"Well, the threats on his life were building up, every time we turned around someone else was trying to kill him so we had to be on alert."
"You should have been more on alert if you had, you know what wouldnít have happened."
"What, what happened?"
"Alex.... one morning Walker was checking the grounds and what does he see, Alex coming out of Daltons trailer first thing in the morning."
"Trivette, did you have to bring that up."
"Oh whatís the difference now anyway, anyhow, Walker sees this, then to make matters worse, Alex is talking to him about Dalton, you know getting his advice."
"Trivette, do you mind, and by the way, how do you know that?"

"Well, while you were checking the one side, I was on the other, I heard and saw everything."
"So anyway, there she is, looking as beautiful as you could imagine asking Walker what she should do, I nearly died, anyway, the advice you gave her was pretty good, but if Alex didnít see it, I did, I could see it in your eyes partner, you were hurtin man."
"Yeah I was, big time, I vowed to myself then and there if Alex came back without Dalton, there would be no Dalton ever again, and well you know how it turned out."
"Yeah, it turned out great."
"Walker, when did you know that she was the one, when did you know for sure that you loved her like no one else."
"I can tell you that."
"Trivette, I think Gage asked me"
"Ok go ahead, but I'm going to tell you when I first noticed it, I mean really noticed it, I kinda knew all along that you had feelings for her, but there was one time when I knew it was love and a love like I had never seen."
"Really and when was that?"
"No you first."
"I think that I have always loved Alex, from the minute I laid eyes on her, you know at first it was physical, she is so damn beautiful, her eyes are like pools of the bluest water, and when she smiles at you, your heart just melts, anyway, like I said I have always known that I had feelings for her, but I think the first time I really knew that I didnít want to live without her in my life, that I would give up my life for her and that if I had to die, I wanted to die with her, because without her, there wasnít anything left for me to live for, not the Rangers.. not anything, nothing mattered without Alex.

"Walker, your talking about Max Kale arenít you?"
"Yes, when I saw Alex tied to that chair, with that bomb attached to her, I knew at that moment when she begged me to get out of there to save myself, I couldnít do it and the fact was I didnít want to, I would die right there with her if I had to, but she wouldnít die without me, I wanted to be with her no matter what the circumstances even if it was our last minute on earth, I wanted us to be together if it was.

"But that turned out ok, Alex was ok."
"Yeah, thank God, but after that there was no turning back, we were pretty much together from that moment on, of course it was a while before I told her how I felt but she knew, and she told me she has always known."
"So Trivette, is that the time you were thinking of?"
"Then when?"
"Walker, the first time Victor LaRue came into Alexís life, after he took her hostage with Trask."
Walkers face took on a somber look, the very mention of Victor LaRue caused his blood to run cold and his fist to clench, flashes of the pain and terror that man caused Alex haunted him to this day, he was a person Walker would never forget.

"LaRue, who's that?"
"Gage, believe me you donít want to know" Trivette went on to fill Gage in on the terror that LaRue had caused both Walker and Alex and of his obsession with both of them but mostly with Alex.

"So you knew then huh?"
"Walker, I have never seen you like that before, you had that look in your eyes, and I had no doubt that if he did something to Alex, if you didnít get to her in time, you would have killed him without any regard for your own life.I watched you the whole time it was like you had left all reason behind and the only thing you focused on was Alex and getting to her, you took risks I didnít think you would take, you almost lost the fight with him because you couldnít concentrate on him, Alex was the only thing on your mind, I knew then that you loved her, really loved her.... deep inside your heart."
"Your right Trivette, like I said, I think I have always loved her, I want to thank you guys for this really?"
"Your welcome."
"Trivette, I was being sarcastic.It isnít bad enough that I miss my wife terribly but all this talk is only making it worse, now lets go home."
"No, no way, tomorrow that was the deal."
"Fine have it your way but I'm not going to be pleasant pretty soon."
They all just laughed and continued talking around the fire, switching topics for the time being, since they knew Walker was missing Alex they didnít want to torture him any more.

Alex and the girls had moved outside to the porch, it was a beautiful clear night and looking at the stars from the porch of the ranch was so relaxing, she and Walker did it almost on a nightly basis it was something they both loved and looked forward too.


"Alex, I have another question for you."
"Ok, why not, we have talked about everything else, how bad could it be?"
"Well, I was wondering, what has been the most frightening time for you?
"Well to some extent every day is a little scary, every time Walker puts on his badge and gun and walks out the door I worry if he will be walking back in, but I try not to think about it too much, I knew when I married him that he was a Ranger and I have accepted it but sometimes I worry, I just canít help it. But I think the most frightening time for me was when Walker went off that bridge in the car, I was so scared, I loved him so much and I didnít want to loose him, we werenít really dating or anything but that didnít matter, it didnít change the way I felt about him.C.D. was a big help to me, he made me look at happy times with Walker instead of dwelling on what might happen.... but he was ok and I'm still very thankful for that.

"Now if your asking about me personally, I would have to say every time I have ever been in contact with Victor LaRue, Walker and I beat him in the end but it was a tough battle, he almost got us more then once.. but we had each other, we have always had each other and we both know that will never change.

"It must be hard for him to deal with people coming after you like that, how does he handle it?"
"Walker is a very strong man, he can handle anyone and most times many by himself, but there have been times when I have been a victim to this one or that one and it has really taken its toll on him, sometimes more so then me, he has told me that more then once, sometimes it clouds his thinking worrying so much about getting to me or making sure I'm ok. Like when the Chairman took me just to get to Walker, when he came inside the house Walker told him to let me go, that he was the one he wanted but the Chairman had other things in mind, he told Walker I was part of a test."
"What kind of test?"
"Thatís what Walker said, anyway, he wanted to know how much he loved me, he planned on setting the bomb to go off and he was going to leave, he wondered if Walker would come out after him or stay there with me and die."
"What do you think he would have done?"
"I have no doubt that he would have stayed with me, but for Walker that was never an option, I knew all along that he would get both of us out of there, but the look of pain in his eyes when he was asked the question of how much he loved me, I knew how much he did and so did he but I knew he would never answer the question, his only thoughts were of finding a way out and well, he did, like he always does. Sometimes it just amazes me what that man is capable of, sometimes without any regard for his own life he takes chances that would put an end to most people but Walker always comes out the winner time and again.


"Walker since we know already how much you have been scared when something has happened to Alex, what I want to know is has there ever been trouble in paradise, I mean real trouble"
"Well, once."
"Really, tell us about it, you and Alex always seem so happy its hard to believe that you ever even fight."
"Well, for the most part we donít, but there was one time."
"The Bradshaw case" Trivette spoke up looking in his partners direction for a reaction.

"How did you know?"
"Walker, the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife, I wasnít sure you were going to make it to be honest with you."
"Gage, Alex and Walker were both like walking zombies, it was one of the first cases since they had been married or ever for that matter that they were on opposite sides and both their stubborn streaks kicked in to high gear along with Walkers jealousy but enough out of me, Walker you tell him."

"How come I donít remember that case?"
"You and Sydney were in Houston on assignment, you had been gone a couple of weeks."
"Too bad I missed it, seeing you two fight would have been fun."

"Gage, there was nothing fun about it, it was the worst time of my life and my wifeís."

"Sorry, anyway what happened?"

"Well, there had been a series of kidnappings and murders on the outskirts of Dallas, the victims were all young women around late teens to early 20's, anyway, finally we arrested a man his name was Tony Bradshaw, he was a well known attorney and had also gone to law school with Alex.... any way what happened was, all the evidence had pointed to him, we finally caught up with him and arrested him, thatís when the trouble began.†† Alex couldnít believe that he was capable of the things that we presented her with, she had known him for a long time and had been friends with him in law school, I told her we had him dead to rights but she didnít for some reason trust me on this one thatís when we started having a major difference of opinion."


Walker arrived at Alexís office around 10:30, he had the evidence file in his hand and the suspect in the interrogation room everything was all set to have Alex go in and question him, he knew this Tony Bradshaw was guilty, what he didnít know was how much trouble it was going to cause him in his personal life proving it.


"Hi, honey everythingís is ready, Mr. Bradshaw is in room C."
"Walker, I'm not going to go in and grill Tony, I told you he couldnít have done this."
"Alex, I have all the evidence right here, why donít you take a look before you make a decision."
"My mind is made up, he didnít do it, I know he didnít."
"Really, and how do you know that, because you knew him years ago, people change Alex."
"Not him, He couldnít have done it any more then you could."
ĒYes you."
"Alex, what are you trying to tell me, that you were involved romantically with this guy."
"No, we were just friends but good friends, I know him Walker."
"Maybe not as well as you think, he's guilty, and I know it."
"Ya know, your not always right, there is a chance that this time your wrong."

Walker went on to tell Gage about Alexís refusal to question her old friend, the crimes he committed made Walkers stomach turn but Alex stuck by her gut feeling that he was innocent, as Walker stuck by his that he was guilty. As long as they had known each other they had tried to keep their working relationship and their personal relationship separate and so far it had worked, but this time the tension and difference of opinion spilled over into their home life.

Alex had gone into question Tony after much persuasion from her husband, but things didnít go exactly as he had planned.


"Alex, my dear, its so good to see you, you are as beautiful as I remember if not more beautiful if thatís possible, Alex, you have to believe me I didnít do anything this guy is saying."
"This guy is my husband Tony, Ranger Cordell Walker but I guess you two have already met."
Walker was already getting an uneasy feeling, this guy was a scumbag and he knew it, if he could only convince Alex of this and if he made one more comment about how beautiful his wife was he would be on the floor before he knew what hit him.

"My apologies Alex, I didnít realize you were married and to a Texas Ranger no less."
"And whatís that supposed to mean?"
"Well, Alex has always been so picky in her choice of men."
"Thatís enough Tony, I married the man I love with all my heart, drop it now."
Walker for a minute thought Alex had come around, but it was only a passing thought.

He went on to tell her of how he had been set up, that he was innocent of all charges he had her believing his lies and fighting with her husband right in front of him.

"Walker, check the sites again, recheck if you have too but find out who's responsible for these crimes."
"Alex, your looking at him."
"Walker, check again, you must have missed something."
"Really" Walkers comment was firm and a little sarcastic something Alex found not the least bit appealing.

"Please, just check again."
Walker left the interrogation room after grabbing his hat and slamming the door, bursting through Company B headquarters Trivette could see the anger etched on his face, something he hadnít seen in quite some time, especially since he and Alex had gotten married, Walker had a permanent smile on his face, but something had caused the happy Ranger to look not only unhappy but downright mad.

"Walker, everything ok?"
"Fine Trivette, lets get out to the Hill house and check again, maybe we missed something."
"We didnít miss anything and you know it, whatís going on?"
"Nothing, lets just check again."

Walker and Trivette had checked the last crime scene again and again, finally Walker had enough and threw down the notepad he had been writing on.

"Thatís it, we have the right guy, I'm sick of this."
"Walker, whatís going on?"
"Nothing drop it."

Trivette knew better then to push the subject, Walker was obviously upset with something or someone but he figured he would tell him if he wanted to so Trivette kept his mouth shut.


Later in the week Alex had been getting ready for bed, the disagreements over Tony's guilt or innocence were weighing heavy on the newly married couple, few words were spoken during their time at home. Although they had managed to keep things somewhat normal outside of the office the arguments were only just beginning.

"Walker, did you lock up before you came upstairs."
"Well, I donít know, maybe I should go check again."
"Whatís that supposed to mean?"
"Nothing Alex."
"No, what did you mean by that?"
"Ok, I'll tell you, since when in all the years we have known each other have you ever and I stress the word ever questioned my ability as a Ranger, donít you think I know what I'm doing, I can gather evidence and I have had enough experience to arrest the right person."

"I didnít say you didnít."
"The hell you didnít."
"Walker, if this is about Tony, I'm telling you I know the man and he isnít capable of the things your accusing him of."
"And why is that Alex, what makes you so sure, were you in love with him?"
"No, and I'm not going to elaborate any further, good night."
Walker and Alex went to sleep for the first time with angry words between them, before Alex awoke the next morning Walker was already gone, a fact that she was none to happy about, since they had gotten married they rode to work together whenever possible, and today was a day.. that was supposed to happen but Walkers leaving without her only infuriated her more. She got ready for work and headed to her office, tension and anger filling her thoughts, Walker had always trusted her as she had him but this case was causing a major problem, she had thought of handing it over to another District Attorney, fighting with her husband wasnít worth it.

Alex made her way to Company B headquarters hoping to see her husband and set things straight, she had decided to take herself off the case and let someone else find the truth, opening the door Walker was sitting at his desk, his head buried in a file.

"Walker, I have decided."
"Alex, look, I donít want to talk about this anymore, you have your opinion and I have mine, if you canít see something staring you straight in the face, thatís your problem not mine."

As soon as the words leftWalkers mouth he regretted them.

"Well, is that so," Alex could feel the tears forming and she would be damned if her husband was going to see them, she turned on her heel and headed to her office.


"Man Walker, I had no idea a case could cause so many problems, so what happened, how did everything finally get settled.

"Well, lets just say, I took stock of what was important but not before the final blow almost came."


Over the next few days Alex and Walkers relationship was deteriorating rapidly, the arguments at the office started at home too, Walker finally had enough and was planning on leaving the ranch and heading to the badlands he knew it was probably the cowards way out but fighting with Alex was something he hated and he knew if he stayed there it was only going to get worse, he thought leaving would solve things but the mention of it only set Alexís temper rising.


Alex arrived home early on Tuesday afternoon, opening the front door she threw her briefcase on the chair along with her jacket, not hearing Walker anywhere in the house she went up to take a shower.

After her shower she changed into jeans and a t shirt and headed to the barn, she hadnít ridden Angel in a while and maybe a nice ride would clear her mind. Arriving at the barn door she saw her husbands muscular back, he was putting things in a backpack, sensing her presence he turned around, but for the first time he didnít have a smile on his face, or greet her with open arms.

"Walker, what are you doing?"
"Alex, I need to go away for a while, I'm heading for the badlands."
"The badlands?"
"Oh thatís just great, run away like you always did."
"Alex, I'm not running away, I need some time to think, time by myself."
"If I hadnít come home were you even going to tell me or just leave."
"Walker, is this how your going to handle every problem that comes up, your going to leave.Ē

"Alex, I canít take this tension between us."
"Walker, I donít like it either but what do you want from me, I know Tony didnít do it."
"Tony, I'm sick of hearing you defend him."
"Whatís the matter with that, you would go to the ends of the earth to prove someone innocent if you thought they were, why is it so hard to accept that I'm doing the very same thing."
"Because I know he's guilty and this is exactly why I'm leaving."
"Walker, this is more then me defending Tony, whatís really bothering you?"

"Cordell Walker, I know you, we have had problems before with cases but I have never seen you so upset at a difference of opinion."
"Alex, this is more then a difference of opinion besides, if you saw what I saw."
"What did you see?"
"Alex, the things he did to these women, I have seen a lot in my years as a Ranger but even I couldnít take this, these women were brutally raped, they had the roman numeral 2 carved in their stomach, do you know what that is."
"Of course I do."
"No, do you know what its a symbol for?"
"What do you mean?"
"It means lawyer, I'm telling you he is guilty, why wonít you trust me on this."
"Trust you, why arenít you trusting me?"
"Because your opinion is bias, your not thinking clearly."
"Oh you think because he was a friend of mine that I automatically believe what he's telling me."
"I gotta go, I donít want to say something I'm going to regret."

"No say it Walker go ahead."
"I'll see you when I get back."
"If you leave Walker, I wonít be here when you get back, I'm not going to watch you walk away from me because things arenít going the way you want them too."
Walker turned and headed for the Ram, after throwing his things in the back he got in and drove down the dirt road heading towards the highway. Visions of his wife filled his mind as he pulled out onto the interstate, how he wondered did things go so wrong, was he being unfair to her, was his judgment clouded because he was
jealous, did Alexís prior relationship with this man really bother him, Walker shook his head and turned on the radio, maybe some music would help.


I see the questions in your eyes

I know whatís weighing on your mind

but you can be sure I know my part

cause I'll stand beside you through the years

you'll only cry those happy tears

and though I'll make mistakes

I'll never break your heart

I swear by the moon and the stars in the sky

I'll be there

I swear like the shadow thatís by your side

I'll be there

for better or worse till death do us part

I'll love you with every beat of my heart


I'll give you everything I can

I'll build your dreams with these two hands

We'll hang some memories on the wall

and when there silver in your hair

you wonít have to ask if I still care

cause as time turns the page

my love wonít age at all

I swear, but the moon and the stars in the sky

I'll be there


Walker couldnít take anymore, he quickly turned the Ram around and headed back to the ranch, pulling up the dirt road his heart was in his throat, how could he have been so stupid, Alex was his whole life and he let a case come between them, he silently cursed himself for the part he played in this whole ordeal, he prayed that Alex would forgive the way he acted, he prayed she was still there.

Walker threw the Ram into park and headed for the front door, taking the steps in one quick jump he called for his wife as he entered the house, getting no response he headed for the barn, seeing Angel gone he quickly saddled Ranger and headed for the spot he knew Alex would go to, it was a special place for both of them it was the very spot they had gone to after Alex found out about Ellen, it was where he told her for the first time he loved her, that she was his whole lifeand for years Alex had commented how much she enjoyed going there to clear her head and think, he only hoped he knew his wife well enough that he would find her there now.

Walker rode Ranger and came upon the clearing, overlooking the stream there was a large rock and he could see the form of his wife sitting on it from atop his horse, tying Ranger to the tree he headed in her direction, with a lump in his throat and tears in his eyes he slowly walked up behind her. Alex had heard him coming and slowly stood up and turned around just as he got behind her. Neither of them said a word, Walker put his arms out and Alex walked the steps toward him. As Walker enveloped his wife in his strong arms, they both said at the same time

"I'm sorry."
"No sweetheart, me first, I'm so sorry, I never should have acted like that, I never should have left, if you believe Tony, then I trust your instincts, I'll do some more checking."
"No, I trust you, I donít know why I didnít see it before, I saw everything you had on him, if it was anyone else I would have thrown the book at him, I just canít believe that someone I knew could be capable of these awful things.

"Alex, you were right about something, it wasnít just that... something else was bothering me."
"What was it?"
"Alex, I love you with all my heart, you are my whole life and I guess I was hurt."
"Hurt, why?"
"Alex, you have always trusted my word on everything, if I said it, you believed me, you know I would never lie to you, but this time, you didnít trust what I was telling you, for the first time, you doubted me and the worst part was you took his word over mine, you believed him when he said he was set up, a man you hadnít seen since college, A man you hardly know anymore, but what I was saying, you questioned, I am your husband, the man who shares your life, your bed and your home.. the man who loves you more than any man ever could.. so why?, why didnít you trust what I was telling you, why Alex, why did you take his word over mine?"
"Oh Walker, I am so sorry, you have to know that I love you more than anything in this world, I have always loved you and I always will, no one can ever change that, please believe me, I canít believe that I acted like this, your right, I was unfair to you, I have always trusted you and no one should ever come before you and I promise no one ever will again, please believe me, I love you more than anything in this world, please say you forgive me."
"I do, honey, lets not let anything like this happen again, I couldnít take it."
"Me either Cowboy."

Walker picked Alex up and carried her over to the grass, laying her down he moved over her and kissed her with all the love he had for her, they made love until the sun set, holding each other they vowed to never let anything, especially work come between them and threaten the love they have for each other.


"Walker thatís incredible, so what happened, was he guilty or not?"
"He was guilty, Alex realized it, but soon after we had DNA evidence and he was convicted, he made excuses that he was set up but Alex let him have it, not only for committing such awful crimes but for tricking her into believing him, he used her past friendship with him to his advantage and she wasnít too happy about it. He was convicted and given the death penalty.

"So, did you guys keep your promise to not let work interfere again."
"Yeah we did, neither of us ever wanted to go through that again."

"Walker, what about the Rangers?"
"What about them?"
"Well, Alex seems to mean everything to you, what if she asked you?"
"Well, I have thought about this myself from time to time, I mean the life of a Ranger is so unpredictable, I mean you could be here one minute and gone the next, is it really fair to ask someone to share that kinda life?"
"I have thought the same thing, I mean can I ask Erika to be part of that, would it be fair to her"
"Yeah, how do you handle that, how does she handle that?"
"Well, Alex has always known what I do for a living, she has always accepted my life as a Ranger she knows what comes with it."
"But what if she asked you to give it up, what if someday she's had enough?"
"Yeah Walker, what would you do?"

"Well, its like this, being a Ranger has always meant a lot to me it has for most of my life been everything that I am and a big part of my life."
"So you wouldnít do it?"
"I didnít say that."
"Then what did you say, come on Walker what would you do?"
"Well for one thing, Alex wouldnít ask, she loves me for who and what I am but if she did, if something changed and she asked me to give it up."
"There would be no question as to what I would do."
"You wouldnít do it man, I know you, being a Ranger is who you are."
"Well Trivette, your wrong, for her... I would give it up in a heartbeat, no questions asked, believe me she wouldnít have to ask twice, but like I said she wouldnít ask, you see, for me, if Alex asked I would give up anything for her even the Rangers, but for her, she loves me enough that she accepts it and me, what I'm trying to say is, I love her enough to give it up and she loves me enough not to ask, its thatís simple.


Walker jumped up from the spot he was sitting in.. a concerned look on his face.

"Come on guys, we gotta go, I have to get home."
"Walker, whatís going on?"
"Listen Gage, I know that look, I call it Cherokee, if he says go the way he just did, we gotta go."


Alex had gone up to the bathroom a while ago, Erika and Sydney looked at each other at the same time.

"Hasnít she been gone a long time?"
"Yeah, lets go check I hope she's alright?"
As they made their way up the stairs Alex was still in the bathroom, they slowly knocked on the door.

"Alex, are you ok?"
"Sydney, my water broke, call the doctor... her number is on the pad by the phone in our bedroom."
"Oh god, ok, donít worry Alex."
"Should we try and call Walker?"
"It wonít do any good, you canít reach him out there, the cell phone wonít work."
"Oh god, Alex, we're sorry, I know how much you want him here."
"Itís ok, really" Alex opened the door of the bathroom, Erika took her arms and helped her to the bedroom, the contractions werenít to severe but she knew this was it, once her water broke she knew this baby was coming and the one thing she wanted and needed the most wasnít there.... Walker.

Sydney called Dr. Bates and filled her in on Alexís condition, they timed the contractions and the doctor informed them that when they got to 10 minutes apart to get Alex to the hospital immediately, they could bring her in now but Alex wanted to wait, she knew she couldnít wait until tomorrow when Walker got back but she tried putting it off as long as she could. Sydney and Erika packed Alexs things and got everything ready, they were timing the contractions and they were just about 10 minutes apart. They helped Alex down the stairs, each carrying a suitcase and holding one of Alexs arms, she was scared and they knew it, if only the guys hadnít come up with this fishing trip Walker would be with her but they couldnít do anything about it, even if they tried to go and get him, he still might not make it on time. As they opened the front door, Walker was looking at them from the other side his hand perched ready to open the door

"I'm here baby, whatís going on, is it the baby?"
"Walker, Alex is in labor, her water broke and we already called the doctor."
Walker took over and picked his wife up and headed for the Ram, gently placing her in the front seat he turned on the lights and sirens and headed for the hospital. Trivette and Erika followed in his car and Sydney and Gage in her car.

"Gage, what happened, how did you guys know to come back?"
"Well, I didnít.. but Walker jumped up and said he had to get home, I didnít think much of it but Trivette said when he says it like he did, we'd better get going, he was a nervous wreck driving back here, you could tell he was worried about something and I can see from what we came back to he was right, man how did he know?"
"Gage, Alex and Walker, they have a special connection, I mean wow, they have a love like I have never seen before."
"I know, I never realized it before but they really have something thatís rare."
"Really, did Walker say anything?"
"Oh Syd, Walker said a lot, the man is so amazing, he's like a puzzle that everyday a new piece fits into, I donít think I will ever really understand him but I have a much better picture since we left that I know, he's incredible."
"So I've heard" Sydney could hardly keep the blush from appearing on her face.

"You heard what?"
"Oh, just that Walkerís incredible, his wife told us some things thatís all, but nothing we didnít know already."
"Yeah right."
"I wonít tell Gage, so forget it, besides you wouldnít be interested anyway, its.. you know, girl talk."

"Oh no, Walker warned us about that, I hope my name wasnít mentioned."
"Well actually Alex did most of the talking, Erika and I were interested in her relationship with Walker, you know he seems so serious all the time but I'll tell you there is a side to him that no one but his wife knows and its nice, its real nice."
"I saw another side to him too, Walker is romantic Syd, did you know that?, not only romantic, but loyal, sometimes jealous and from what I heard very much in love with his wife, thatís one thing no one ever has to wonder about he loves her with all his heart.

"Yeah I know... he loves his wife and she loves him thatís all that really matters and now their going to have a baby, its just the greatest."
"Yeah it is."

Walker pulled into the emergency entrance of the Methodist hospital, during the ride in the truck he had timed Alexs contractions and whispered reassuring words of love to her trying his best to keep her calm although right now he was the one that seemed to be loosing his composure.

"Honey, are you alright?"
"I'm ok, I'm just glad your here, I didnít think I could go through this without you."
"Donít worry, everything will be ok, we have each other remember that."
"I know, and pretty soon we'll have our baby."
"We sure will, hang on honey and donít get out, I'll help you."

Walker threw the Ram into park and ran around the other side to help his wife out, rather then letting her walk he just lifted her into his arms and headed to the sliding doors. He was confident that the doctor would be there waiting for them.

"Excuse me but my wife is in labor, I believe her doctor has been called."
"Whatís the name sir"
"Ranger Cordell Walker."
"Not your name, her name."
"Oh, sorry, Alexandra Walker, she's my wife."
"Yes sir, I believe you mentioned that."
"Whatís her doctors name?"
"I donít know, I canít remember."
"Dr. Bates honey, remember now?"
"Oh yeah. Doctor Bates."

"Ah sir, would you like to put your wife down, we are getting her a chair."
"Well, ok" Walker slowly put Alex down into the wheel chair just about the time Doctor Bates came out through the swinging doors."
"Alex, Ranger Walker, I guess this is it huh, ok lets get you checked out, oh Ranger Walker, you can go in through those doors and get ready."
"Yes, you will have to put a gown on and then you can meet us in labor room 3."

Walker saw his friends coming in through the doors, stopping for a minute to fill them in, he then headed for the room to change.


Alex had been taken to the labor room and hooked up to the fetal monitor, the babyís heartbeat was strong and steady and Alexís contractions were getting to be about 5 minutes apart, Dr. Bates informed her that it could be a little while but this baby was definitely coming today. As the doctor checked her one last time Walker came in through the door, seeing his wife in pain caused his face to take on an expression of worry and concern.

"Itís ok Cowboy, I'm ok."
"Are you sure, you donít look ok."
"Honey, this is all part of having a baby, it doesnít hurt that much I promise."
"Alex, how can you say that, I can tell how much pain your in, I can feel it."
"It will be worth it, I'm ok."
"Ok, if you say so, but I still donít like seeing you in pain."
"Do you want to trade places?"
"I didnít think so."
Alex had been having contractions now for about 4 hours she was 8 centimeters and her contractions were coming about 2 minutes apart, Dr. Bates had been in several times to check on her progress and assured the Walkers that they would be seeing their new baby any time now. Walker was of course loosing his patience, why was it taking so long and why didnít they give Alex something for the pain.

"Alex, why donít they give you something, I mean they must have something to take away the pain."
"Honey, I wanted to have this baby naturally and thatís just what that means, no drugs."
Alex no sooner got the words out of her mouth and she was hit with the mother of all contractions, she was sweating, she tried her breathing but that wasnít working anymore and she was according to Walker, getting a little nasty, his beauty was slowly turning into the beast and he was the target she aimed for.

"Cordell Walker, donít ever come near me again, do you hear me."
"Alex, you canít mean that."
"Oh yes I do, never again, I canít go through this again, god Walker this hurts so much."
"I'm sorry honey, I love you this is all my fault."
"Your damn right it is."
Walker continued holding Alexís hand, stroking her hair and wetting her lips, it pained him to see her hurting so much he wished with all his heart that he could take her pain away but right now he wasnít going to say anything."
Breath honey, come on, 1,2,3, ok let it out come on sweetheart you can do it."
"To hell with you, I canít do this anymore."
"Yes you can, come on, pretty soon we are going to see our baby, she will be beautiful just like you."
"Right, I looked really beautiful, donít patronize me Cordell."
"You heard me."
Walker tried to ignore the comments coming from his wife, he figured it was the pain talking he knew she only called him Cordell when she was angry or feeling romantic and right now he was pretty sure romance was the last thing on her mind, in fact according to her it was never going to cross her mind again, he hoped that was the pain talking.


Alexís contractions were now coming every minute and lasting up to 45 seconds, Dr. Bates came in and checked her one last time, she was 10 centimeters and fully effaced, it was time to go to the delivery room.

"Come on Alex, its time to meet your daughter."
Walker held her hand down the short corridor, entering the delivery room Alex was prepared for the arrival of her baby.

"Ok, Alex, come on when I say push I want you to give it all you have."
"Come on baby, you can do it, I love you so much."
"Walker, I canít, please I canít do this."

"Yes you can, come on ready, now push."

Alex pushed with everything she had after several seconds, the doctor told her to rest, but Alex had a tremendous urge to keep pushing.

"I canít rest, I need to push, god Walker, this hurts."
"I'm sorry honey, I really am."
"Ok Alex, one more time, come on this should do it, Ranger Walker, would you like to come down here and watch your baby being born."
"Go ahead honey" after kissing his wifeís hand and leaning down and kissing her lips Walker moved to the end of the table just as Alex gave one last push and leaving her body was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen in his life, the baby he and Alex had created out of the deep love they share, she was beautiful, even before she was cleaned up he could tell that she was the most beautiful baby ever created, at least in his eyes she was. Alex heard the cries of her newborn daughter and saw the tears in her husbands eyes.

"Oh my god, honey she is so beautiful, sheís perfect just like you!"
"Mrs. Walker, would you like to meet your daughter."
"Yes, please."
Alexís eyes filled with tears as the nurse brought her new baby girl into view, she had reddish blonde hair, and the most beautiful face she had ever seen. Alex held her in her arms and Walker stood beside her admiring the view, his beautiful wife, and his precious baby girl, he knew at that moment that his life would never get any better then this, he had everything any man could ever hope for.

"I love you so much honey."
"I love you too, Walker isnít she beautiful?"

"She sure is, just like her mom, my little angel."
"Walker, lets name her Angela, Angela Walker."
"I love it, and I love you."
"I love you too."


Walker and Alex drove the Ram up the long driveway of the ranch, awaiting their arrival, was Sydney and Gage, Trivette and Erika, neighbors and friends, as Walker helped Alex and their daughter out of the truck they made the Walker to the front porch, Walker never moving his arm from around Alexís waist wanting to keep her as close as he could as he lovingly gazed at the beautiful face of his newborn daughter. Once they made their way to the porch they turned around and Alex introduced the newest member of the Walker family.

"Everyone, I would like for you to meet Angela Walker."
"My little angel."

Walker helped Alex inside followed by their friends, closing the door behind them they prepared to start another new chapter in their life, that of parents.