Snowballs and Showers

By: Tammy

It was an early Saturday morning as Walker awoke.  Careful not to awaken Alex, he slid out of bed and got dressed.  Looking outside he was surprised to see several inches of snow blanketing the earth.  Glad for the day off he headed down the stairs and outside to the horses.  It was so peaceful and quiet that time of the morning, he truly enjoyed having the time to himself.

          Once the horses were fed and fresh straw had been laid for their bedding Walker headed out into the corral.  The sky was gray and yet almost serene as tiny snowflakes fell all around him.  Walking to the fence he marveled at Mother Nature.  He could go winters without seeing any snow and then suddenly there it was all around him. 

          Suddenly he felt something hit him, lightly, on the right shoulder.  Before he could turn around he was hit again, this time square in the back.  That was when he heard the laughing.  Turning he found Alex armed with several snowballs.  She had started a war, one even she wasn't sure if she could win. 

          Picking up a handful of snow Walker packed it every so tightly and threw it in her direction, hitting her in the forearm.  The fight was on.  Snow was flying and they both were ducking and laughing so hard it became a real challenge to hit their targets.   Alex reached down for more arsenals and standing up she was shocked to see Walker had disappeared.  There were so many footprints she could tell which direction he had headed.

          Walking cautiously toward the barn she checked around the corner to see if she could get the drop on him.  Unfortunately he already had that idea and before she knew it he tackled her.  They fell to the ground with Walker turning so Alex landed on top of him. 

          "Looking for someone?"  Walker asked once they stopped laughing.

          "Oh you…" She said lightly kissing him. "I actually got the drop on you…"

          "I must admit you did…but it was fun."

          "But you know what is better than a snowball fight?"


          "The hot shower afterwards." Alex said jumping up and racing indoors with Walker right on her heels.

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