Alex Cahill sat on the couch in her apartment.  After her ordeal at the college she was understandably shaken.  All she wanted to do was unwind.  After all one of her students had been mugged and she had almost been also.  She needed to rest.

            Leaning back against the couch she closed her eyes. She thought about the past few days.  She did enjoy teaching the law classes very much but was it too much for her, with her work and everything.

            He phone rang, she answered it, “Alex”.

            Her friend C.D. Parker asked, “Are you okay honey?”

            “Yes C.D. I was just resting.  Have you heard from Walker?”  she asked.

            “No Cordell hasn’t called yet.” He said, “I’m sure everything is all right though.  Call if you need anything.”

            “Okay”  she said and hung up. Well she thought I guess I might as well call it a night. She walked toward the bedroom. Her doorbell rang.

            She turned around and went to answer the door.  She opened the door a few inches to see who was there safely.  She was relieved to see her Cowboy, well at least she wanted him to be hers.

            She opened the door wider. Walker smiled at her and asked ”Can I come in?”

            “Sure” she said.

            He entered the apartment and took his hat in his hand.  He was nervous  “Alex I”  he stopped then said ”Well what I’m trying to say” he stopped again and continued once more “I might have” again he stopped. He rubbed his beard then his ear. He was trying to tell her, that he was sorry for the way he had acted earlier; but the words were not coming out.

            She saw him struggling so she changed the subject,  she said “Do you want some coffee?”

            “Thank you, that would be great.” He answered.

            She went to the kitchen to make the coffee.

            He walked in the living room and thought ‘Come on Walker, Trivette’s right you’ve got to tell her how you feel.. Maybe Peter wasn’t anymore than just a friend but what about next time?  She won’t wait forever.’

            Then he thought, what if she doesn’t feel the same way as he does. Then what would he do?

            She entered the living room with two mugs of coffee. She handed him a mug.

            He sat on one end of the couch, she sat on the other end.  He looked at her then at the floor.  

            Alex knew he was trying to say something but this time she was going to make him finish.

            “Alex, I know I’ve been acting stupid the past few days. I’m not good with words,  I have a hard time expressing my feelings,”  He sighed loudly and moved a little closer to her. “Alex you are very important to me and when I saw you with the professor I felt threatened. I was worried I wouldn’t have a chance with you. I mean you two had so much in common. You were from the same town, he went to college, he probably likes opera, ballet and art museums. I’m a simple man, my idea of the finer things are old boots, worn out jeans. A night at C.D.’s is my idea of culture.”

            She moved closer to him and said, “Walker I know how you are and Peter is someone to share the opera, ballets, classic literature and the old masters. Whereas us...”

            Walker swallowed hard, here it comes he thought She’s going to tell me that we are also just friends and collages and the law is their bond.

            “We share a love for horses, the law, and people.” she continued “I don’t want someone like Peter. There is only enough room in my life for a crazy Cowboy, but he’s not quite sure how he feels yet.”

            He took her in his arms and said, “I’m sure he’s beginning to.”  Then he kissed her more passionately than he ever had before.

                                                                        THE END