Sounds of Silence

By Sissy (

& Chris (

He’s been sitting at his desk for at least an hour, leaning back in the chair, coffee cup in hand, staring at nothing in particular when he should have gone home hours ago.  Trivette has finally run out of excuses to keep hanging around and looks over at his partner, “Are you going to be all right, Walker?”

“Yes, Trivette.” He quietly replies, “I’ll be fine. Go on home, Josie’s going to get worried if you keep hanging around here.”

“Are you sure you won’t come with me, have dinner with us? Josie would be glad to see you.”

“No, Trivette, thanks anyway.  I’m going to head home. I’ve got some chores that need to be done.” He stands slowly, takes his hat from the rack and walks toward the door dreading the idea of going home.

He takes his time driving home knowing what he’s going to find when he gets there.  Even driving slow he eventually arrives at the ranch.  He parks the Ram, gets out and with dragging feet makes his way up the steps to the porch.  He sits down on the swing wishing he could turn back the clock but knows that that is impossible.  He stays on the porch a while longer until he can’t put it off any longer, then stands and goes to the door.  His hand hesitates on the knob, then slowly turns it and pushes the door open.  He walks inside and shuts the door then leans back against it.

Silence!  It was deafening!

He never realized the sound of silence could be so loud.  He didn’t think he would ever get used to the silence that had taken over the house. He missed the sound of his kids playing and the bickering that’s always part of a household with four kids.  Even old Poptart was quiet, curled up in the recliner when she was usually being held by one of the kids.  He missed walking in the door and having the kids all jump him for a good wrestle. He missed tucking them in at night and listening to their prayers. Missed seeing toys scattered around on the floor.  He even missed the constant begging to go to the barn and ride the horses.

But most of all, he missed Alex. The way she would greet him when he got home, keeping the kisses subdued knowing there were always little eyes watching.  She always made it up to him though when the lights went out and they were in bed.  He missed seeing her during the day, too.  She always found a reason to stop by Ranger Headquarters or he would make an excuse to go to her office.  It was rare if they didn’t see each other at least once during the day.

One week wasn’t that long, just seven days.  That was how long they are going to be gone to visit Alex’s Dad in New York.  But after just two days, a week seemed like eternity.

She had asked him to come along but he and Trivette were working on a case and he didn’t feel he could leave.  Of course, as soon as his family was gone, they got the lead they needed and the case had been closed yesterday.  If he could turn back the clock, he would go with them. ‘Well, it’s not too late’, he thinks.   He goes to the phone, calls the airport and makes a reservation on the next flight to New York.

The house could be silent without him.

The End

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