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Alex Cahill sits in C.D.’s bar waiting for her fiancée, Cordell Walker to meet her there. Court had ended sooner than she had expected.

Ranger Sydney Cook joined her.  “Hey Alex.!”

“Hi Sydney! Have you heard from Walker yet?”  Alex asked

“Yes, he said he’ll be a little late.  He’s doing something about the Thompson case, I think.”  She sat down at the bar. “This has been a long case.”

“Tell me about it! Walker and I have planned to go on a fishing trip for the past three weekends; but every Friday something comes up and Walker has to cancel.”

Walker had been the first to arrive at C.D.’s. He went in to wait for the other guys. He didn’t think Alex would be there so soon, since she had court today. Once he saw the two ladies he quietly walked toward them.  They had not seen him. As he came near he heard Alex say, “you know Sydney as many times as Walker has canceled this trip; I am beginning to think maybe he doesn’t want to go away with me.”

“Oh, come now Alex, you know that’s not true.”  Sydney said firmly.

Sydney, I don’t know about that.”

Alex’s statement was like a knife in his heart.  How could he have let things get this bad?  He wanted her to feel that he would never, ever avoid being with her.  He stepped back so they could not see him as they turned when they heard Trivette and Gage coming into the bar.

“Hi guys!” Alex and Sydney greeted the fellows

“Ladies,” Jimmy acknowledged with a charming grin.

“Where is Walker?”  Alex asked.

“Right here,” he said as he walked up behind the other Rangers.  He smiled warmly, not wanting Alex to know he heard what she had said earlier.

Trivette went to the end of the bar and ordered some milk and cookies, Gage followed, ordering a beer.  Sydney followed them shortly.

Walker smiled at Alex.

“What?  She asked.

“I was just thinking how much I love you,” he said. Then he kissed her lips gently.

She said, “I love you too, dear, ” as she hugged him closely.

Walker put his arm around her waist and guided her to the booth in the back.  She slid in the seat and he sat next to her.  He brought his arm around her shoulder and kissed her lips again.

“What was that for?”  She asked, curiously.

“Just because you mean so much to me, he replied while squeezing her shoulder to bring her closer.”

“Ohh, Walker, that was so sweet.”  “Ok, you win major fiancé points,” she said laughingly as she started to return his kiss, but suddenly there was a noise at the bar.

An argument had started.  One man, who had obviously had too much to drink, said belligerently, “Watch who you’re bumping into!”

“I didn’t bump into you, you bumped into me!” the other man said.  Then they pushed one another and a stupid fistfight started.

“Excuse me,” Walker told his lady.  He hurried over to the bar and was joined by Trivette, Gage and Sydney.  Others then joined the two men, who were fighting also.  The three groups faced off against one another.  “Look, guys make the right choice and walk away.” Walker stated, calmly, but coldly.

“Okay, Ranger okay” one of them said.  He turned as if to leave, then turn back around and took a swing at Walker, who was expecting it.  The Ranger blocked the punch and gave him a fist across the face.  The others began exchanging punches and before long the two fighting groups were thrown out of the bar.

Once the last one was tossed out, Walker turned, and said apologetically, “Sorry Marta, but we had no choice.”

“I know, Senor Walker” she said and shrugged, “It comes with owning any bar and grill.

Walker once again joined his love.  He just gave her “a what else could I do” look, with a winsome smile and roll of the eyes. 

Alex just shook her head and said, “Now, where were we?” as she slid close to him.

“We were…. um,” Walker stuttered as she began to rub her hand up and down his inner thigh, “Um……I think we were just going to leave.” He said, hoarsely.

As they left Trivette called “Where are you going, so early? It’s only 9.”

“We thought we would catch a movie,” Walker said.  “We’ll see you later, and remember we leave on our fishing trip tomorrow morning”.

“Why don’t we all go to the movie?”  Gage asked.  Sydney elbowed him in the side and whispered, “Gage!”

“What?”  He asked, innocently and was rewarded with a pinch on his arm. “Oh, Okay, geezzzz. Well, have a good time. I guess we’re gonna’ stay here for awhile longer.”

Neither Alex or Walker was actually listening to them. Their minds were on each other.

With a wave they were gone.

Gage rubbed his side and said “Ouch, Syd, That hurt!”

She just gave him a look that he knew all too well.

Trivette just laughed.

By the time Walker and Alex reached the Ram they had decided to go to the video store and rent a tape since it was getting a little too late to go to the movie theatre.

With the movie rented they went to Alex’s condo to relax and be alone. 

The movie, which was a total bore,  was half done when the fire of desire threatened to consume them both.  The kisses became deeper and more urgent.  They forgot everything around them. All that mattered was extinguishing the fire burning deep within them.

Suddenly, the cell phone rang. They both jumped as if a shotgun had gone off in the room.  Walker realized it was his phone. “Damn,” he said.  “Hello,” he answered in a gruff voice.

“Walker, Man, I’m so sorry to bother you but this is important,” Trivette said, knowing his partner couldn’t possibly be too happy about the interruption.

“What’s up?”  He asked, but his voice was not as gruff this time.

“We have a good tip. Thompson is receiving a drug shipment in an hour at his warehouse.”

“Okay, I’ll meet you there,” he said, sighing.  He gave Alex  a “Oh Lord, am I really sorry look.”  She was a bit upset, but she understood.  Loving a Ranger meant being left abruptly, rather often.  She just shook her head ruefully and said, “Be careful, my love.”  With a quick kiss and a whispered, “I will,” Walker melted into the darkness outside the door…

At the warehouse several crates marked  “RELIEF SUPPLIES” had been unloaded.  Six men were on uncrating the packages. Huge numbers of bundles of drugs, wrapped in blue plastic sealed with packing tape, were piling up around the warehouse floor. 

When the Dodge Ram burst through the warehouse door, the men unloading the crates were shocked out of their skins.  Their surprise and alarm was even more pronounced when three police cars and the S.W.A.T. team followed.  Officers and Texas Rangers emerged, swarming, from the vehicles.

One man tried to run to the back of the building to warn the boss, who was in the office near an exit.  But he wasn’t anywhere near as fast as James Trivette. Jimmy managed to tackle the guy a few feet later.  The boss was warned only when he heard gunfire.

Walker had anticipated the back door getaway by “Mr. Big.”  He grabbed Gage and the two of them staked out the back door.  When Thompson’s bodyguard came running they were greeted by flying fists and feet.  As usual, bodyguard went down hard but the boss was as easy as it gets.  One punch and he was out cold on the ground.  One bodyguard grabbed Walker from behind. Walker hit his attacker with his elbows, breaking the hold.  Then he turned and hit the man full in the chest with his fist.

From behind Thompson stuck a knife in Walker’s left side.  Gage saw what was happening and he ran to help, but the older Ranger had knocked the boss unconscious.

After the fight was over and the suspects were taken into custody, Walker found that he had a knife wound and 3 broken ribs.  Walker refused to go to the hospital, as usual.

“Walker, man!  You’re seriously hurt. Look, go with the ambulance.  I’ll call Alex.” Trivette said.

“No!” Walker said “Don’t you dare call Alex.”

“What?”  Trivette asked, “Are you insane?” “She’ll kill me if she finds out you were hurt and I didn’t tell her.”

“Look, Trivette” he said, “I’m okay.  There is absolutely no need to worry her.  I’ll go get patched up and then I’ll tell her myself, okay?

“You’ll tell her?”  Jimmy asked, (He knew Walker).

“Yes, I will,”  Walker promised as they loaded him into the ambulance.

Walker was patched up, and the doctor wanted him to stay overnight. “Not happening, Doc.  Thanks anyway.”

“Come on man, just take it easy.  They only want you to stay one night.”  Trivette said

“No!”  Walker said firmly.

Trivette gave his partner a long, long look.

“Look, Trivette, I promised Alex we would go away this weekend and I just can’t disappoint her again.”

“But you‘re hurt!  She’ll understand.”  Jimmy said

“Trivette, we’re just going fishing..  What could possibly go wrong?”  Walker asked.  Trivette just rolled his eyes and thought to himself, “Oh, yeah, famous last words!!”

Against doctor’s orders Walker left the hospital.  It was almost 1:30 AM when he returned Alex’s condo.  He opened the door with the spare key that she a given him and went inside.  Silently he went through the house and found her asleep in her bed.  He did not want to disturb her, so he stretched out on the sofa in the living room and tried to get comfortable.  Sleep did not come easy nor did it last long when he did finally doze off.  At 5:00 am, irritably still half-awake, he finally decided to give up and get up.  After starting the coffee he went to wake his angel.  He sat on the side of the bed “Honey, wake up,” he said softly

“hmmmm,” she said, still half asleep.

“Alex, come on! We have to get going,” Walker said laughingly, while tickling Alex’s feet.

Alex jumped and woke fully.  “Walker, when did you to get back?”

“About 1:30, I didn’t want to wake you so, I slept on the sofa.”

“How did the bust go?” she asked as she stretched.

“Okay, we got the drugs and Thompson and his gang are in jail.  Trivette is finishing up the paperwork.  I wasn’t about to miss our trip again,” he told her as she got out of bed.   He stood. She came to face him.  “I love you,” she said and started to put her arms around him.  He stepped back and said, kiddingly,  ”Oh no, you don’t, you temptress! Come on, get dressed so we can get started.”  Then he turned on his heel and quickly left the room.  He wanted to take her in his arms but he knew his side was too sore to stand it.

As she came out of the bedroom dressed, he had a cup of coffee waiting for her.  He handed her the coffee and kissed her cheek, softly and tenderly. Alex nuzzled against him in affection and enjoyment.  After the coffee cups were empty they headed out the door.  Walker had to use all of his control to hide the pain he felt while carrying some of her camping equipment.  He knew that if he showed he was hurt she would never go on the trip.

He was relieved to sit down as the trip began. The driver’s seat fit his body just right. His seat belt actually seems to support his ribs, giving the bruised and broken ribs some relief.

The trip started off quietly and the scenery was truly magnificent.  After awhile the sun went behind a cloud and the wind turned cold.  They had to turn the heater on in the truck. The farther out-of-town they got the colder the wind felt.

They drove for hours just enjoying the fact that they were alone.  Alex fell asleep and Walker was lost in thought about how much he loved his intriguing, beguiling, maddening, and passionate lady.  He wondered how he ever got lucky enough to find her.  He was so deep in his ruminations that he failed to notice it had started to snow.  The road was covered by the time he realized it.

He knew now he had to keep his mind on the road.  He drove on though the storm.  Before his mind could even grasp that the event was even happening, an animal ran out in front truck. He swerved to miss it, but lost control and the truck skidded into a roadside ditch.

Alex woke, jarred and shook up. “What happened?”

The impact took Walker’s breath away as the seat belt tightened around his already sore ribs.  In a moment he could breath and said, shakingly, “It’s OK, Alex, we just skidded off the road.”

“Walker, it’s snowing!”  The concern in Alex’s voice was evident.

“Yes, it has been for some time now” he said, “I’m going to see if I can push the truck out.”  He opened the door and said as he got out, “Slide over in the driver seat, Alex, and when I tell you- give the truck a little gas.”

“Sure” she said.

He positioned himself in back of the truck and said ”okay”.

She gave it some gas as he pushed the truck and the tires spun, almost coming out of the ditch.  Suddenly it slid the other way- farther into the ditch and sending him onto his knees in pain.

When Alex realized what was happening she jumped out of the Ram. When she saw him on his knees, she ran to him to try to help.  The strain of pushing truck had broken the knife wound open.  Blood began to soak through his shirt.

“Walker, Oh my God, you’re bleeding!” she gasped.

“I’m okay,” he said, while barely able to breathe.

“No, you’re not! You’re hurt and hurt badly,”  she said. “Walker, let’s get you back to the truck.”  She helped onto his feet.

“Alex, I’m okay. Really,  he said as he stood.  Then he began to wheeze.

“Yeah, right” she said, as she helped him to the truck.  Once they were both inside and quiet, his breathing calmed down.

“Walker, we can call for help on the radio.”  Alex reached for the microphone, keyed the button and announced “this is ADA Alex Cahill. We need help at…”  The radio began to squeal and make static noises.

“Darn radio is out again,” Walker said.

“Great, now what?”  she asked as she looked out at the snow, which was falling even more heavily now.

“Alex, I’ve been fishing in this area before.  There are cabins around here that are rented out, and even if no one is there we should have a supply of wood and food, at least,” he said, applying pressure to his wound to stop the bleeding

“But Walker, you’re hurt and you need professional medical attention.”

“Once I get the bleeding stopped, I’ll be fine.  And it’s just about stopped now.”  After a few minutes he said, “Alex, I think we’d better get going before the snow gets any deeper.”

They bundled up in most of the clothes they had brought with them, in order to keep as warm as possible and headed out to find shelter.

After walking almost a mile, the events of past 24 hours were beginning to take a toll on Walker.  He began to walk more and more slowly.  Finally, he had to stop to catch his breath and rest.

Alex had not realized he was getting slower and slower, so she was ahead of him.  As he took short breaths he began to feel stronger.  Suddenly he heard a scream.  He jumped and started running and screaming, “Alex!!”  He ran towards the sound as fast as he could.

Not knowing the trail, Alex had gotten too close to the edge and fallen into a ravine.

“Alex!” Walker called out in fear and anguish, as he came in the edge.

“Walker, be careful.”

“Thank God, Walker whispered into the wind.  What happened?”  He asked.

“I slipped down here,” she said, a little embarrassed by her position.

“Hold on, hold on, I’ll get you out.”  He said as he looked around for a path.  He started downhill and slipped a few times himself.  Finally, he reached her at the bottom.  Alex started to stand then yelped out in pain.

Walker looked at her in alarm and concern. 

“My ankle.  I think it’s sprained,” she said.

“Here, I’ll help you” he said, putting her arm around his neck and his arm around her waist.  He helped her out of the ditch, slowly.  He did his best to hide the pain in his ribs.                

Finally they were at the cabin. How, exactly?  He wasn’t sure.  He just knew they were there, and he was grateful to whatever Providence had guided them there.

The cabin was dark and the front door was padlocked from the outside. He used the handle of his gun to break the lock. The cabin was not furnished very fancy but it would be warm and keep the snow out.  He gently helped Alex to the sofa.  He then fell next to her and the whole world went black and silent.

“Walker!” she said, very scared.  She realized she had to do something. Alex looked around and, then, with some trouble, she stood.  She made sure Walker was laid flat on the sofa and put a throw cover over him.

It was chilly in the room, so she limped to the fireplace and started the fire.  Before too long the room was decently warm. She started the wood stove and put some water on to boil for the tea she found in the cupboard.

Walker began to move his head back and forth and mumble.  Quickly Alex went to his side, knelt next to him and held his hand.

Walker found himself in a place of  beauty and peace.  He felt no pain.  There was a beautiful light and then a figure approached him.  As it drew near he murmured, “ Mother.”

“Yes, son, it’s me,” the translucent figure said.

“But how?” he asked, “ I mean am I…. dead?”

“No, son it’s not your time,” she said, smiling the sweet and serene smile he remembered from his childhood.

“I don’t understand,” he said.

“Cordell, my beloved child, I’m here to tell you that you have made an excellent choice for your life’s partner.  Love her, cherish her, always be in awe and astonishment in the face of the love she has for you, for you have found a heart that is unassailable in it’s faithfulness to you.”  Then she began to fade.

He uttered in anguish, “Don’t go!” Alex touched his forehead and was highly alarmed at how hot he was.                                                       

“Oh my“ she said, in a low voice.

He began to mumble “Don’t leave.”  Then he opened his eyes.  “Alex, what happened?”

“Just relax, you have a fever but it seems to be breaking,”  she said, comfortingly.

He lapsed into unconscious, once again. She pumped some water from the hand pump and wet a cloth. Then she lovingly and gently placed it on her cowboy’s forehead.

Lost in his world of darkness, Walker was comforted when, after awhile the figure of his Mother reappeared.

“Son, your father and I want you to know that we feel you have chosen well.  Your Alex is a very beautiful woman, and she loves you so very much.”

 He started mumbling again “Yes, Alex is so beautiful and I love her so much, too.”

Alex had to smile, even though she was worried.  He did not say those three little words very often. She rewetted the cloth and put it on his head again.

He quieted down and seemed to be resting comfortably.  Alex sat in the chair next to the sofa. She dozed off but was awakened by his rambling several times during the night.  Just before dawn he opened his eyes. “Alex!” he called out. He was very weak, but he started to get up anyway.

“Walker, just rest, she said, as she lightly pushed him back down on the cushions.

He reached up and took her hand. He fell asleep again, almost immediately,  but this time it was a peaceful and restful sleep.

Alex was also able to get a few hours sleep. Then she was awakened by a hard knock on the door. She was startled. “What?”  she said, cautiously.

“Walker, Alex” was the frantic call from outside the door.  It was James Trivette.

When the snow had stopped, Walker’s truck was found.  Jimmy remembered the area from being there with C.D. and Walker a few times while on a fishing trip.  He joined the search and when he saw the smoke coming from the chimney.  He knew, instinctively, that it was them.

Walker and Alex were airlifted to the hospital in Dallas.  Alex was treated for her sprained ankle and released.

Walker had an infection and they kept him in the hospital.  Once he was settled, Alex was allowed to see him.

“Hi” she said, quietly, almost shyly.

He smiled and said “Hi”.  Then he asked, “How did you get us out?”

She explained everything to him. Then she said, “you were out of it for a while”.

“No, I wasn’t. Not really.  I was just visiting with my Mother. She’s given us her blessing and she loves you very much, Alex.”

  Tears filled Alex’s eyes. 


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