By Katie 59

Chapter one

Alex opened the letter from the Texas State court of appeals which stated that Coulson Sharpe was to be released from prison because the plea agreement he had reached with the Tarrant County District Attorney's office was null and void. The letter went on to state that was because of a clerical error that occurred shortly before Alex had gotten Sharpe to admit to being part of a internet porn ring and that his admittance was inadmissible to the court thereby making anything that happened after that also inadmissible. That Coulson Sharpe in the eyes of the law hadn't admitted anything. It went on to state that the Tarrant County District Attorney couldn't charge him with the attempted abduction of Alexandra Cahill-Walker because it occurred after his admittance and was directly related to it because he hadn't escaped jail by himself. That he had been allowed to escape in the hopes he could lead them to Stella the alleged ringleader. The letter also stated that the District Attorney couldn't appeal the ruling because of the clerical error. After folding up the letter Alex called up her husband. "Walker, I hate to tell you this but Coulson Sharpe is a free man because of a technicality."

"How is that possible?" Walker questioned his wife who answered "A clerical error that I didn't spot. I'll tell you more about it later, okay?"

"Okay, see you at home." Walker replied.

Alex was sitting at her desk rereading the letter when the door opened and Coulson Sharpe walked in and sat himself down. Alex told him "Leave now."

"Not until I tell you what I have to say. First of all I plan to make you pay for the time I spent in jail." Sharpe answered. Alex said "You either leave now or security will remove you."

"Relax blondie; I'll be gone before they can get here. Now as I was saying you will pay for the time I spent in jail but I going to let you figure out how I plan to do that." Sharpe then got up and as he headed to the door asked "By the way, how's that pretty little daughter of yours? I believe that her name is Angela, isn't it? You have another one by the name of Michaela too, don't you?"

"You go near my daughters and you'll regret it." Alex vowed but Sharpe laughed at her "By the time I'm done you will regret ever having put me in jail. I had a nice thing going and you had to mess it all up. See you around babe." Sharpe left as Alex composed herself.

Alex called her husband again "Sharpe is all ready out and I know that because he was just at my office." Walker questioned "Are you okay? What did he say to you?"

"The usual, that I was going to pay for the time he spent in jail. He told me that he had a nice thing going until I messed it up. Walker, I hate to tell you this but he asked how my pretty little daughter was and he knew her name was Angela. He also knew that we have a daughter named Michaela." Alex replied.

"I think that I'll find him and take care of him." Walker told his wife who told him "You can't do that because if you harm him you'll be the one in jail. Hopefully he was just running his mouth and nothing will happen. Walker, we'll talk about this later, okay? Right now I have to get to court."

"Okay but I don't like it." Walker answered and hung up.

Chapter Two

Walker was getting ready to leave Ranger headquarters when an attorney by the name of Larague entered the office and said to him "Ranger Walker, I am here as Mr. Sharpe's new attorney. Is there a place that we can talk?" Walker led him into his private office and after they were seated Larague stated "My client has a P.F.A. against you and I'm here to warn you to stay away from him. Ranger Walker you may not like it but in the eyes of the law my client is free to come and goes as he pleases, he hasn't done anything wrong. I've already spoken to the District Attorney's office and Moody assured me that he would be treated as such."

Walker told Larague "You client may be a free man but that doesn't give him the right to threaten my wife and children. You go tell your client that if he knows what's good for him he will stay away from my family."

"Is that a threat Ranger Walker?" Larague questioned Walker who replied "No, that was a promise. Your client was just in my wife's office threatening her and he brought up our daughters. You can also tell your client that he will be back in jail before he knows it, if he's still breathing."

"Mr. Walker it does sound like you are threatening to harm my client. Perhaps I should have D.A. Moody explain to you that you can't go around threatening innocent people." Larague said.

"Your client isn't an innocent man, he was part of an internet porn ring that preyed on children and then he attempted to abduct my wife while threatening my daughter. Perhaps Moody ought to explain to you that once a scumball always a scumball." Walker told him.

Getting up Larague said "Stay away from my client or you will be arrested for violating the P.F.A." He headed to the door adding "You know Walker my client is really thankful that A.D.A. Cahill-Walker made such an obvious mistake on her paperwork. He's a free man because of it. Good day."

Walker went to his wife's office and asked her "Can a man get a P.F.A. against another man?” Alex replied "Yes and let me guess Sharpe has one against you."

"How did you know that?" Walker questioned Alex who told him "It's makes sense for him to claim that he's afraid of you. Don't worry I all ready filed one for him to stay away from me and our children and got the Hope center included because Angela and Ray are there sometimes. If he comes where we are he can be arrested as long as it's not a public place unless he's follows us around. Walker, can we go get Angela and Ray and go home? You are done for the day, aren't you?"

"I'll follow you to the Hope center in my truck." Walker answered and they did that. At the Hope center Josie said to Alex "There's a man in your office who wants to volunteer here but there's something about him that bothers me so I told him he had to see you first."

"Okay, I'll go see him." Alex replied and went into her office to see Sharpe sitting there. Alex told him "Mr. Sharpe you are to leave here and never come back."

"You can't order me away from here." Sharpe replied but Alex informed him "Yes I can because I have a P.F.A. ordering you to stay away from me and my children and this Hope Center. Now leave before I have my husband arrest you."

Sharpe said "He can't arrest me because I have a P.F.A. against him. So there blondie."

"He can and will arrest you if you are in violation of my P.F.A., which you are by being here." Alex told Sharpe who answered "Okay, I'll leave but maybe I'll say hi to your pretty little daughter on the way out."

"Go near her and you won't have to worry about my husband hurting you because I'll take care of you myself." Alex was answering him when Josie entered Alex's office and asked her "Alex, is everything okay?"

"This is Mr. Sharpe whom I have a P.F.A. against, he's not allowed near me or my children or the Hope Center. If anyone sees him here again the police are to be called." Alex explained as Sharpe left.

Alex collected her children and went outside where Walker was standing glaring at Sharpe who was smirking at him. Alex said to her husband "I told Josie about him and she knows to call the police. Help me put them in the van, will you? We can talk about this later."

Walker helped put Angela and Ray in the van and they went home.

Chapter Three

When they were eating dinner Angela said to her parents "Mommy and Daddy the new teacher's aide Miss Stacey said that I was real pretty and should be a model for Mr. L. Anthony. He's takes the pictures and agrees with Miss Stacey, she told me he said so after she showed him a picture of me. What's a model and can I do it?" Alex answered her daughter "A model are those people you see in magazines and sales ads and no you can't do it."

"Mommy why not? Miss Stacey says that she knows Mr. L. Anthony who will take pictures of me and send them in." Angela questioned her mother who replied "Angela I have all ready told you no. Yes you are very pretty but you won't be modeling or having pictures taken of you."

Angela protested "But Mommy I want to." Walker then told his daughter "Angela your mother has all ready told you that you aren't going to be doing that."

"But Daddy, Miss Stacey said that she would meet with Mommy and explain to her about the pictures. Please Daddy let me." Angela pleaded with her father who replied "Angela Walker, that's quite enough. For the last time the answer is no. Now eat your dinner young lady."

Angela pouted "I'm not hungry."

Alex told her daughter "You will sit at the table with the rest of your siblings until dinner is over then you will go to your room and do your homework." Angela told her mother "Baby Michaela will be in there and I won't be able to do my homework. Why did you put her in my room anyhow?"

"Angela, Michaela is in your room because it's her room now. Just like Ray's room is also Cooper's and Sam's. After dinner I'll help you with your homework while Daddy does the dishes, okay?" Alex asked her daughter who answered "Okay Mommy."

As Alex was helping Angela with her homework Angela told her "Mommy how come you won't let me be in pictures when Aunt Erica is going to let J.W. be in pictures?  Miss Stacey said that we could be in the pictures together. Please Mommy, please."

"Angela honey I already told you no and I'm not changing my mind. As for J. W. being in pictures that's not my decision to make, that's his parent’s choice." Alex replied causing Angela to question her mother further "Why won't you let me be a model like J. W. Mommy?"

"Angela, honey when you're older and you want to be in pictures and be a model then that will be your choice to make but right now you are way too young and your father and I have decided that the answer is no." Alex told Angela who told her "Okay Mommy but I don't like it." Then she added " Mommy, how old do I have to be before I can decide to be a model?"

Alex replied "Eighteen and not a minute before then." Angela exclaimed "That's really old Mommy."

Alex laughed and said "Angela believe me when you're eighteen you won't think that's so old. Now how about we finish your homework?"

Alex and Walker were in their bedroom when Alex told him "Angela said that Erica is allowing J. W. to have pictures taken of him and that they could be in the pictures together." Walker said "I don't want Angela having pictures taken of her. She's way too young to be a model. I won't have our daughter exploited like that."

"Neither do I Walker. I was just telling you what she told me in case she tries talking you into letting her do that, she can talk you into things. I told her that if she really wanted to do that she had to wait until she was eighteen and old enough to make her own choice." Alex told her husband who asked "What did your stubborn daughter say to that?"

Alex replied "Your stubborn daughter exclaimed that that was really old."

Walker changed the subject by asking "What was the clerical error that allowed Sharpe to be released?" Alex answered "Believe it or not on one of the arresting forms his name was mis-spelled Sharpie. That was enough for the court of appeals to throw everything out."

"Alex, how could you have missed that? You're a lot better than that, aren't you?" Walker questioned his wife who answered "I'm sorry I wasn't as thorough as I usually am. I had something on my mind."

"Like what?" Walker asked.

"Things were getting to me." Alex answered not wanting to tell her husband that she had been distracted by his behavior during the Sharpe case and wasn't as thorough as she should have been but Walker said "Like a husband who was taking the stress of the case out on his wife?"

"That was no excuse for me not doing my job properly." Alex said.

"Alex, you're human. That simple little mistake should never be grounds for a court of appeals to have let him go. Don't blame yourself. Besides criminals like him always mess up and when he does I'll be there to arrest him again." Walker assured Alex who said "Enough about criminals, I want to fall asleep in your arms."

Walker teased "With or without making love?" Removing her clothes Alex teased back "With."

 Chapter Four

The next day was an off day for Alex so she was spending it at home relaxing as much as she could with toddler triplets and a three and a half year old. Therefore she wasn't all that happy when the doorbell rang. Answering it she found Erica's father there with J.W. and his half sister Destiny. After letting them in Alex asked him "Eric what can I do for you?"

He answered "What do you know about the pictures J.W. is supposed to be in with Angela?" Alex replied "Angela will not be in any pictures or do any modeling until she's eighteen and old enough to decide for herself that's what she wants to do."

"Then she won't be having pictures taking with my grandson?" Eric questioned.

"No she won't be. I'm sorry if this messes things up for J.W. but neither Walker nor I will permit that to happen." Alex said and Eric surprised her when he told her "I think that you're doing the right thing. I've met this Miss Stacey and something about her rubs me the wrong way. She's looks like the all-American grandmother but it's like her eyes don't match her looks. I know that I shouldn't speak bad about people that I've only met once but her eyes reminded me of a shark eyes when it's moving in for the kill. I know that sounds off the wall but it's the impression that I got the one time we met. I've told Erica this but J.W. wants to do it so bad that Erica said that he could as long as Angela would be with him. I thinks she thinks nothing can happen to J.W. if they are together or something like that. Mrs. Walker, I know that you just said that Angela won't be doing it but could you meet with this Miss Stacey and the photographer L. Anthony and let her think Angela is going to? I want to know what you think of them. I know that's asking an awful lot but I want to make sure that everything is all right because they are putting a lot of pressure on Erica to let J.W. pose and it just doesn't seem right. I know my grandson is special but they make it seem like he's the only child that can pose for their ads or whatever it is that they are doing."

Alex answered "I'll have to think about it but I don't want Angela exposed to these people if they make you uneasy. If I can meet with them without Angela being there I'll do it and let you know, okay?"

"Thanks, will you call me and let me know what you think then I can tell Erica?" Eric asked Alex who agreed and then suggested "If you like you can stay awhile so that Angela, Ray and J.W. can play. It's been awhile since they've seen him."

"He'd like that but I have Destiny with me." Eric said. Alex told him "She's included too, she's really so cute."

"Okay I wasn't in a hurry to drive back and J.W. said that he wanted to play with Angela and Ray for awhile." Eric replied. The children played together for awhile and then Eric left with his grandchildren. At the office Trivette was talking to Walker about his son J.W. "Hey Walker, I hear that our children are going to pose together? What do you think about it?"

Walker answered "Alex and I have decided that Angela will be doing nothing of the sort until she's eighteen." Trivette teased "I bet that went over well. I mean she's yours and Alex's child so she had to be pretty stubborn about it."

"Angela didn't like it and she let us know it but we are her parents and she has to listen to us." Walker said but Trivette laughed "Yeah that might work now when she's young but you are going to have fun when she's a teenager."

"Don't I know it. Now about the Hall case." Walker said and they turned their attention to Ranger business.

Chapter Five

Alex decided to meet the teacher's aide Miss Stacey at Angela's school in the employee's lunch room. Alex walked up to her and introduced herself "Hi, I'm Alex Walker, Angela Walker's mother. Angela was telling me something about you saying that she was pretty enough to pose for pictures. Can you tell me what if anything you said to her? I mean she might have gotten it mixed up."

"Nice to meet you Mrs. Walker. Yes I did tell Angela that she was pretty enough to be in pictures but that was because my son, L. Anthony happened to see a picture of her and said so. I'm afraid that I might have caused Angela to think that she would be in the pictures. My son has since told me that she doesn't have the right look for the campaign he's photographing children for." Miss Stacey told Alex.

"She was also telling me something about her friend J.W. Trivette being in those pictures." Alex said and Miss Stacey laughed and answered "Oh no not him too. No Mrs. Walker there was never anything said about either Angela or little J.W. being in those pictures for sure. Now if you don't mind I have to get back to work."

Alex left her daughter's school thinking that J.W.'s grandfather had described Miss Stacey perfectly because Alex felt that the woman was lying to her about what she had told Angela being in pictures. Alex headed back to her office and finished up some of her paper work then headed to the Hope Center where she stopped in to say hi to Josie.

"Alex, I'm glad that you're here. That Mr. Sharpe who was bothering you yesterday has spent almost the entire day just up the street watching this place. I called the police and told them about the P.F.A. but they told me that unless he comes onto the property here there's very little they can do about it." Josie informed Alex.

"I was afraid of that but the police are right, as long as he stays a certain distance away he's not violating the P.F.A. I think that he'll leave as soon as I take Ray and leave because he's just trying to upset me. Walker and I put him in prison for being part of an internet porn ring and a judge let him go on a technicality. Mr. Sharpe has decided to harass me in an effort to pay him back. Since I'm off tomorrow I think that I'll spend the day at home with the children and that way Mr. Sharpe won't spend the day up the street." Alex told Josie and then left with Ray.

After Alex got home she called up Eric Johnston and told him "Mr. Johnston I think that you are right about that teacher's aide Miss Stacey. However when I talked to her today she told me that neither Angela nor J.W. had been told that they could pose for pictures by her son Mr. L. Anthony. But that was after she told me that she may have led Angela to believe that she would be in those pictures."

"The way J.W. is talking they were begging him to be in them." Eric replied.

"I think that they were, listen I'm going to see what I can dig up on the two of them and get back to you but in the meantime perhaps J.W. shouldn't be allowed to go anywhere without either you or Erica." Alex suggested and Eric agreed "I think that's a good idea. Thanks for meeting her today and letting me know that I wasn't overreacting or something."

"Believe me right now Mr. Johnston I hope that I'm very wrong about the impression I got when I met Miss Stacey because she's a teacher's aide in an elementary school. Maybe it will turn out to be something that the children misunderstood but in the meantime I'm not willing to take any chances. I'll call you if I find anything out." Alex told him and hung up the phone.

Chapter Six

As they were eating dinner Angela said "Daddy guess what?" Walker answered "What honey?"

"Miss Stacey told me that Mommy came to school today to meet her and ask about me being in pictures with J.W. Daddy when can I have my pictures taken?" Angela asked her father who replied "You can't."

Angela protested "But Daddy Miss Stacey said that Mommy said that it was okay." Walker then told his daughter "Well I said that it's not. Angela you will not be having any pictures taken of you no matter what Miss Stacey told you or your mother told her." Angela whined "But Daddy I want to and Mommy said that it was okay."

Walker told his daughter "You were just told that you wouldn't be in pictures Angela Walker. Now after you finish dinner I want you to go do your homework."

With tears in her eyes Angela said "You're mean Daddy. I don't like you anymore." Walker looked at Alex first then he said to his oldest daughter "You're excused; go to your room right now young lady." Angela went up to her room as Walker asked his wife "Are you happy now?"

Alex replied "No I'm not and you're going to be very unhappy at bedtime." Walker questioned "What's that supposed to mean?"

"You figure it out." Alex answered and then she too left the table leaving Walker to deal with feeding the triplets and Ray. After dinner was over Angela shyly came into the living room and told her father "Daddy, I'm sorry for saying that you were mean. I didn't mean it."

"I know that you are honey. Did you do your homework?" Walker said to Angela who answered "I did Daddy and Mommy helped me with it. Daddy why did Mommy say that you were a stubborn mule-headed cowboy who thought he knew everything?"

"When did she say that?" Walker questioned and Angela replied "After I did my homework Mommy was straightening up the boys' room and was saying that, why?"

"No reason, sometimes Mommy and Daddy get mad at each other." Walker said.

"I know that Daddy but you and Mommy always kiss and make up, don't you?" Angela asked Walker who told his daughter "That we do honey. Now how about after you get your bath I read you a story before bed?"

Ray said "Me too Daddy and Coop and Sammie but not Mikey." Puzzled Walker asked his oldest son "Why not Mikey too? She's your sister also." Ray replied "I know Daddy but we already let Angela in our room so Mikey should get her story read by Mommy because Coop and Sammie said they didn't want another girl in our room. One girl is enough."

"Is that so Raymond John Walker?" Walker questioned hoping Ray would understand that he shouldn't exclude Mikey but Ray replied "Yes Daddy." Throwing his hands up in defeat Walker said "Okay but if Mikey cries because you four left her out you have to make her stop crying."

Angela then informed her father "Mommy will do that Daddy, don't you remember that Mommy has to kiss all of us and make us feel better when we're crying?" Accepting total defeat Walker told them "Okay, okay. I'll help you three boys get ready for bed while Mommy helps Mikey and Angela get ready for bed then I'll read a bedtime story in the boys' room."

After Walker read them their story Alex questioned her husband "How could you go along with excluding Mikey? She was crying about being left out until I brought her into the boys' room myself. What were you thinking, that is if you were actually thinking?" Walker instead of answering his wife asked her "How could you go along with letting Angela pose for pictures after I said that she couldn't?"

"Did it ever occur to you that Miss Stacey lied to Angela?" Alex asked her husband but didn't bother waiting for an answer instead she went downstairs muttering about a stubborn know it all cowboy.

Walker went downstairs and before Alex could say anything he told her "About Mikey, I tried to get Ray and Angela to feel guilty about excluding her but it didn't work." Alex broke in "So you thought it was better to let her cry about being left out? How could you do that to your own daughter?"

"How could you tell your own daughter that she was allowed to pose for pictures after we decided that she wasn't allowed to?" Walker questioned his wife who answered "I didn't but you didn't bother to ask me about it before jumping on me about it, did you?"

"Then why would this Miss Stacey tell Angela something like that?" Walker asked.

"Because she's up to no good, that's why. Walker I went to Angela's school to talk to her because Erica's father Eric Johnston had misgivings about her and the pressure that was being put on his grandson J.W. to pose for the pictures. Eric told me that when he met her, her eyes reminding him of a shark's eyes as they were moving in for the kill. When we talking at Angela's school I got the same impression about her. While she looks like an all-American grandmother her eyes are too...well shark-like for a lack of a better word. I also think that she deliberately misled Angela today to get our daughter to think I had agreed to let her pose. I'm going to see what I can dig up on Miss Stacey and her son the photographer Mr. L. Anthony as soon as I find the time to do so. But I also have another problem; Coulson Sharpe was hanging around just up the street from the Hope Center most of the day today. He didn't come within the distance that the P.F.A. specified that he had to stay away from where our children are at or I'm at so the police couldn't arrest him for it." Alex finished up.

"I'm going to go have a talk with him." Walker vowed but Alex told him "No you are not because that would be playing into his hands. Walker unless he does something there is nothing that can be done to him. If you go talk to him you can be arrested for violating the P.F.A. that he has against you. Listen Moody told me that he had to go along with the judge's ruling but he hopes that Sharpe steps out of line so that he can be arrested and put back in jail. Moody's worried about what Sharpe will do now that he's a free man because Moody believes like we do that he's a danger to the community. Walker please for now don't do anything, okay?"

"Okay for now but if he tries to do anything to you or our daughters I will make him pay, P.F.A. or not." Walker replied. Laying her head on her husband's shoulder Alex said "I know that honey; hopefully he's just being a jerk." Walker pulled his wife close as he thought to himself that Coulson Sharpe was more than a jerk that most likely he had something planned against Alex and that he Walker would stop Sharpe no matter what he had to do.

Chapter Seven

Early in the morning three days later Walker received a call from Detective Grear who asked him "Captain Walker, where were you last night?" Walker answered "At home with my family, why?"

"Because Coulson Sharpe has been murdered and he had a P.F.A. against you, as a matter of fact his attorney, Larague told us that you were the one who killed him." Grear told Walker.

"Well it wasn't me but when do you want me to come to police headquarters to answer your questions?" Walker asked Grear who replied "If you don't mind and have the time would around four be good? You can of course have an attorney present."

"I'll see you at four." Walker said and hung up the phone then he got out of bed and went downstairs. A little while later Alex rolled over in bed and reached for her husband, not finding him there she went looking for him and found him in the living room. Sitting down on the couch besides Walker Alex asked "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine but Coulson Sharpe was murdered last night and detective Grear wants me to answer some questions." Walker said to his wife who questioned "Do you want me there as your attorney?"

Walker answered "No, I don't need an attorney because I didn't kill that scum."

"I know that Walker but there are times when innocent people get arrested for crimes that they didn't commit." Alex pointed out but Walker dismissed her concerns "Alex, you're worrying about something that isn't going to happen. I was home with you all night, so I have a witness that I didn't kill Sharpe."

"My word that you were here all night won't mean much if they charge you because most people would think that I'm lying to protect my husband." Alex informed Walker who laughed and said "Alex stop borrowing trouble, okay?"

"Okay stubborn." Alex replied. Walker then pulled his wife into a kiss which quickly heated up but Walker was surprised when Alex told him "Walker, please you have to stop."

"Am I hurting you? Why do you want me to stop?" Walker questioned Alex who replied as Ray came into the living room "That's why dear." After taking a deep breath Walker told his wife "Remember where we were tonight."

"Yes dear." Alex teased as Ray told his mother "Mommy the baby boys are crying and I didn't do anything."

"Okay Ray, what is not doing anything?" Alex asked her oldest son who answered "I woke them up to play with me but they wouldn't so I yelled at them that they had to do what I wanted then Sam and Coop started crying for you Mommy."

Getting up from the couch Alex headed to the stairs as Walker told Ray "Son you can't yell at Sam and Coop when they won't play with you."  Ray said "But Daddy."

Walker told him "No but Daddy’s, Ray when they are older they will be able to play with you more, okay?" Ray answered "Okay Daddy but they'd better get older soon so that they can play with me."

At police headquarters Grear said to Walker "Do you have anyone to verify that you were home last night?" Walker replied “My wife."

"That's what I was afraid of. Mr. Walker, Coulson Sharpe was terrified that you were going to kill him for two reasons, one that he had been released from prison by an appeals court on a technicality and two that you wanted him dead because he reminded your wife so much of his long lost twin brother Dalton Reed that she slept with him during that internet porn case." Grear explained to Walker.

"I did not kill him and my wife did not sleep with him. Where did you get such nonsense from anyhow?" Walker questioned Grear who replied "From the papers that Mr. Larague filed to get his client a P.F.A. against you. Mr. Walker, I suggest that you get an attorney because Mr. Larague is all but demanding that we arrest you for his client's murder."

"How can you when I didn't do it?" Walker asked.

"This is strictly off the record but there are several high ranking members of the police department who would like nothing better than to see you arrested for Sharpe's murder. It doesn't seem to matter to them whether or not you did it; just that your name is dragged through the mud and if you end up in jail so much the better." Grear was saying when a police captain entered the room and questioned the detective "Well Grear, how does it feel to be the detective who's going to take down big bad Texas Ranger Cordell Walker?"

Grear answered "I have no idea what you are talking about Folsom." Folsom said "The rumor has it that there's more than enough evidence to send Walker here to prison for a good long time. Believe me Grear it couldn't happen to a more deserving man than him."

Walker told Folsom "I see that you're still an idiot Folsom. Detective Grear if you have any further questions get in touch with my attorney. Good day." Walker then left thinking that Grear was right about people using Coulson's murder to get him.

Later on Walker called Alex "Alex it's me, people think that I killed Coulson Sharpe." Alex replied "Yes I know because I just passed Captain Folsom in the hallway and he made a point of telling me that my big bad Texas Ranger of a husband was going to be sent to jail for Sharpe's murder."

"That's not going to happen because I didn't do it. Alex I think that you should know that in the papers that Sharpe filed to get his P.F.A. against me that he said he was: one terrified that I was going to kill him because he was released on a technicality and two you had slept with him during that internet porn case because he was Dalton Reed's long lost identical twin brother." Walker said.

"I know, Folsom told me that too. Listen Walker we can talk about this later, okay?  I have to be in court." Alex told her husband and hung up.

Chapter Eight

That night they were in their bedroom discussing things and Walker questioned his wife "Alex, do you know why this Folsom hates me so much? Did you date him or something?" Alex a little mad replied "No Walker, I didn't date every man in town while I was waiting for you to come to your senses."

"I didn't mean it like that, I meant..." Walker said but Alex cut him off "Yes you did and you know it. Admit it, you think that I threw myself at other men, don't you?"

"No Alex I do not think that about you and you know it. Is there something wrong that I don't know about that's making you question me like this?" Walker asked Alex who answered "Walker you came home very late last night and you didn't tell me where you were at. Did you take it upon yourself to do something to Coulson Sharpe?"

Walker got mad and said "That's just great my wife thinks that I killed a man. Just what else do you think about me, that I rob banks too?"

"No Walker I don't think that you killed him but I do think that you were following him in violation of the P.F.A. and if you were I hope no one knows about it. Please tell me Walker, were you following Sharpe last night?" Alex asked her husband who replied "I followed Sharpe for a little while to see what he was up to and who he met but then I stopped following that scumball and drove out to the lake to think for awhile before I came home."

"Okay but I'm willing to bet that someone saw you following him at least for awhile, why else would Folsom have been so smug earlier today?" Alex said as she got her night clothes and went into the bathroom shutting the door behind her. Walker got into bed to await his wife's return. Looking up when she came back into the room Walker asked "Hey lady, how about we take up where we left off this morning?"

"Walker we have to talk about the trouble that you may be in." Alex answered as she got into her side of the bed. Walker reached over pulled Alex into his arms and said "That can wait; I have plans for us right now."

Alex moved away and told her husband "No Walker we have to talk about it right now because I can't go through worrying myself sick about you ending up in prison." Walker tried again "Honey I am not going to end up in prison, I didn't do anything."

"Neither did I but D.A. Clark wasted no time in arresting me for Tony Seville's murder, did he?" Alex pointed out. Walker however said "D.A. Moody isn't going to charge me with Coulson's murder."

"No but a federal grand jury might." Alex answered Walker who began to understand why his wife was so worried about him. " Alex I don't think that's going to happen because I didn't kill him but would it make you feel better if I take this more seriously?"

Alex sighed and said "You are a stubborn mule-headed cowboy. What am I going to do with you?" Walker teased "I'm open to suggestions as long as they include us making love." Alex just shook her head but she pulled her husband into a long deep kiss that he returned. When they were done Walker asked "Do you know any good defense attorneys just to be on the safe side?"

"I'll give you a list in the morning." Alex replied as she snuggled closer to Walker so that she could fall asleep in his arms.

Chapter Nine

The next morning Alex gave the list of defense attorneys to Walker and then told him "I have the day off so I'm going to be looking into this Miss Stacey and her son L. Anthony because I need to know why a teacher's aide would lead young children into thinking that they should pose for pictures even after their parents told them that they couldn't."

"Aren't you going to be also investigating Sharpe just in case?" Walker questioned his wife who replied "No, I'm not. Walker I have copies of that case in my office at work, you can just stop by it and have my secretary give the files to you before you come home from work. Tonight we can go over the files to see who might have had a motive to kill Coulson Sharpe besides you. There were several children that the group that Sharpe was a part of abused and they even killed one of them. Anyone of those parents could have killed him because they thought he was getting away with what he did to their children. I've already gotten some very angry e-mails from some of the parents saying that I should be held accountable for his being released on a technicality and two of them even threatened to make me pay for it."

A concerned Walker said "Alex, why didn't you tell me about this?" Alex answered "Walker, I can't tell you each and every time someone threatens me. You would spend most of your time worrying about the threats, most of which are empty and not doing your job because of that. Walker the both of us have been threatened too many times to count so I only tell you about the ones that I have a reason to think are serious. However I might point out that you seldom if ever tell me about the threats against you, why is that?"

"Because I don't want you worrying for nothing. You've made your point Alex. I'll stop by your office and get your files on Sharpe before I come home today." Walker said as they got ready for their day.

Later on that afternoon Walker stopped in Alex's office for the records pertaining to Coulson Sharpe but her secretary told him that they had been seized by the Attorney General's office. After learning that Walker called up one of the defense attorneys just to be on the safe side and arranged to meet her in her office. Walker then called up Alex and told her what had happened "Alex, the records relating to Coulson Sharpe were seized from your office earlier today."

"They must have someone who saw you following Sharpe. Walker did you hire an attorney to represent you yet?" Alex questioned her husband who answered "I have a meeting with one by the name of Dwight. Is she any good?"

"Very good and I think that you may need her services before this is over with. Her reputation is pretty good; most of her clients get reduced sentences if not outright dismissals of the charges. She's tough but usually doesn't take on murder cases unless she's convinced that her client is innocent so let's hope that you can convince her that you didn't do it because if they have seized the records already they are planning on arresting you for Sharpe's murder and seeing that you end up in jail for it. The Attorney General's office doesn't prosecute cases without being pretty sure that they can win them. Their conviction rate is higher than mine." Alex told Walker.

Walker met with Dwight who after listening to everything Walker had to say asked him "Did you kill Coulson Sharpe because your wife slept with him during that internet porn case?"

"My wife did not sleep with that scumball and I did not kill him but I did follow him for awhile the night he died." Walker answered Dwight who told him "Okay I'll represent you but my fees aren't cheap. Since your wife has some money will she be paying my fees?"

Walker stood up and said "Forget it, my wife does not pay my way. I'll find an attorney that isn't interested in gouging people. Good day." Dwight laughed and said "Sit down Walker; I just wanted to make sure what kind of man that you were. I've heard that you won't use a penny of your wife's money but I wanted to see for myself just how much you would stick to your principals while under duress and I have my answer. Now as to my fees, I will make them reasonable but there will be a lot of expenses involved to investigate Coulson Sharpe to see who else had motive to kill him."

"Can Alex do some of that? She's always researching people on the internet." Walker asked and Dwight replied "How about the three of us get together so that we can plan on who's doing what in this case?"

"Okay can you come out to our ranch about seven?" Walker asked Dwight who agreed to meet them there.

When Walker got home he took Alex aside and told her "My attorney is coming out here so that we can discuss what we're going to be doing on this case." A puzzled Alex questioned "What do you mean, what we're going to be doing on this case? Walker, I can't be officially involved unless I take a leave of absence from the D.A.'s office. I can't do that because I have the Rochelle case starting next week, he's the one who tracked down his wife and killed their two children in front of her then he killed her. Walker, it's too late for me to hand it over to another A.D.A. and I really need to make sure that he ends up either in prison for the rest of his life or on death row. If you really need my help, can we make it unofficial? That way I can see that Rochelle gets convicted and at the same time I can help you without anyone being the wiser, okay?"

"Okay, I know how much you want to get a conviction of Rochelle and after what he did I can't blame you. Can you 'off the record' look into Coulson Sharpe for me? Dwight said that we needed to investigate him and that it would be expensive and well I don't have all that much money." Walker told his wife who replied "Still as stubborn as the day is long, not wanting to use the money that my father left me not even when you're in trouble. So yes cowboy I will see what I can find out about Sharpe and a good place to start with is whether or not he was Dalton Reed's long lost twin brother. Walker, I remember one time Dalton telling me that he and his sister Sally were raised by their father Dennis Conner Reed, Dalton said that his father never told them about their mother and they learned not to ask about her. Maybe Coulson Sharpe is Dalton's twin brother and when the parents split up they each took a boy with them. It's worth looking into and I can start with their birth records. When your attorney gets here you can explain it to her, okay?"

"Okay, what's for dinner by the way?" Walker asked.

"Turkey meatloaf, after being forced to hire an attorney even though you haven't committed a crime I thought that I would pamper you tonight and make you something special for dinner." Alex told her husband who teased "You know after our children are asleep you can pamper me some more."

"I was planning on that dear. Now go see to the children while I finish dinner." Alex said and Walker did as she asked. Later on that night Alex was all for following through on their plans but she noticed that Walker wasn't really into to it so she told him "Walker, we can do this some other night. Tonight you have too much on your mind."

"I promised you that we would do this Alex and I keep my word." Walker replied but Alex said to her husband "I know that you do honey but tonight I can tell that you really don't feel like doing anything. It's okay Walker, now try to get some sleep."

"Yes dear." Walker answered as he pulled Alex close and they fell asleep in each other's arms like always.

Chapter Ten

Alex started off by typing Miss Stacey and her son L. Anthony into a search engine on the internet. Pulling up the information on Miss Stacey first Alex found out that she had once been a starlet in Hollywood in mostly B movies and that her screen name was Stacey Elaine Larson. That she had given up her movie career to marry. Alex searched though the information on Miss Stacey but was unable to come up with the name of the man that she married.

Next Alex looked over the information on Mr. L. Anthony, it also had the fact that his mother had once been a starlet in Hollywood before she left there to marry L. Anthony's un-named father. There was also the information that L. Anthony loved to take pictures of happy children because he and his mother had gone through some rough times when he was a child according to the bio on L. Anthony. That he had started out in the business by being a fashion photographer in New York and Los Angeles but had returned to where his mother lived in San Antonio and began to take pictures of children to be used in advertising supplements to the Sunday paper. That nothing made him happier than to see smiling children. Alex searched through several more web pages but was unable to find anything else on either Miss Stacey or her son L. Anthony so she decided to contact the clerk of records office in San Antonio to see if she could find anything else out about the two of them. When Alex contacted the clerk's office she was told that a lot of their information was now on the internet and that if a person wanted to and had the time they could find out just about anything pertaining to civil records there. Alex then changed her search criteria to include Dalton Reed and Coulson Sharpe and then let her computer do a more in-depth search while she tended to Ray and the triplets who were starting to drive nanny Betty a little crazy. Alex told Betty that she could go get Angela from the bus stop.

Walker was in his office when a representative from the Attorney General's office entered and said "My name is Gergley and I'm here on behalf of the Attorney General's office. Captain Walker, would you mind answering some questions for me?" Walker replied "If my attorney Miss Dwight says its okay for me to answer your questions then I will but not until then, good day."

"What's the harm in you answering a few of my questions? It's not like we'll be charging you with anything if you give the wrong answers." Gergley tried to get Walker to answer the questions but Walker told him "That's a lie and you know that Gergley, you're here hoping that I'll be stupid enough to say something wrong so that you can charge me with perjury if nothing else when you find out that you can't prove that I killed Coulson Sharpe. Now as I just told you leave."

"You're making this harder than it has to be. Walker, if you're really innocent we can't charge you with anything now can we?" Gergley questioned Walker who answered as he went over to the door and held it open "Tell that to my wife who was charged with a murder that she didn't commit. Then to top that off the D.A. who did it became an Attorney General and used his position to further harass my wife. Good bye." Gergley left Walker's office.

Walker called up Dwight and told her what had happened and Dwight told him "I was afraid of something like this happening, thank god you knew enough not to answer his questions because you don't have to answer their questions but if you do answer them and lie they can and will charge you with perjury and probably obstruction of justice too."

"That's what I thought. Do you have any ideas why they are moving so quickly on this? The autopsy isn't back yet is it?" Walker questioned Dwight who replied "That's a good question and I would like to know myself who pushing this so hard because the Attorney General's office usually takes their time before deciding whether or not to charge someone and they usually wait until after the case makes it's way through the D.A.'s office. Although with your wife working there they can use that as an excuse to bypass Moody's office. I'll see if any of my friends know who's behind this and get back to you but in the meantime don't answer any questions from anyone about this, okay?"

"Okay." Walker said and hung up.

Chapter Eleven

Alex answered the ringing phone; it was Betty who asked her "Did Angela have plans to go anywhere else? She wasn't on the bus and the monitor told me that Angela told her this morning that she and J.W. were going with Miss Stacey to her son L. Anthony's studio to have their pictures taken by him. I asked the bus monitor was she sure about it and she told me that Miss Stacey showed her the permission slip that you had signed. Alex, what do you want me to do?"

"Betty please come back to the ranch, I'm going to get a hold of Walker and tell him and Trivette what's going on." Alex told Betty who agreed. Alex then called up Walker "Walker, it's me Alex. Angela didn't get off the school bus today. When Betty asked the bus monitor she was told that Angela went with J.W. to have their pictures taken by L. Anthony. The bus monitor said that Miss Stacey showed her a permission slip and said that I had signed it which I didn't. Walker, I'm going to Angela's school and see if I can find an address for Miss Stacey."

"Alex don't go anywhere just yet I'll have Trivette get a hold of Erica and see if she knows the address for L. Anthony because Trivette told me that Miss Stacey took Erica there once to show her the studio where J.W. would be having his pictures taken." Walker said to his wife and then called Trivette into his office where he quickly explained that their children went with Miss Stacey to get their pictures taken.

Trivette told him "I know exactly where the studio is at, after Erica told me about J.W. having his pictures taken for ads I drove by there and there were a lot of children there with their parents. Come on let's take your truck and get our kids."

As they were flying to where the studio was at Trivette said "I think that I'm going to ground J.W. until he's eighteen for this stunt." Walker replied "I'm going to do the same thing to my oldest daughter, if this was Angela's idea and I hope that it was her idea."

"What do you mean by that, who else's idea would it have been?" Trivette questioned Walker who replied "Miss Stacey and her son L. Anthony." Realizing what Walker was implying by that Trivette said "I hope that you are wrong about them." Mulling over things in their minds both Walker and Trivette fell silent.

Pulling into the place where the studio was Walker and Trivette got out of the truck and went to the door which they found padlocked. Now really concerned they both kicked in the glass windows and entered the building to find that it had very recently been deserted. Trivette called up Erica and told her that their son was missing and did she have a number for Miss Stacey. Erica gave it to Trivette but when he dialed it an operator told him that the number was no longer in service.

Moving off to the side Walker called his wife "Alex it's me, the children aren't at the studio and it's been deserted." Alex replied "Oh god Walker they've taken our babies."

"Honey we will find them I promise." Walker vowed but Alex said "Wait a minute, Walker if Angela has on her necklace that I gave her for Christmas or has the cell phone we gave her for emergencies with her we can track her. Put Trivette on while I explain to him the kind of signals he'll need to search for."

Walker handed the phone over to Trivette who after listening to Alex got his laptop and located the signals but they were in two different places. After showing them to Walker they decided that they would follow the one that wasn't moving while Gage and Cooper followed the moving one.

Arriving at the location where the non moving signal was coming from Walker and Trivette quickly entered the warehouse and started to search it when they heard what sounded like their children yelling. Quickly following the sound they found Angela trying to bite a man while J.W. was kicking an older woman in her shins. Walker yelled "Texas Rangers freeze." The pair released the children and raised their hands while the woman said "You have it all wrong, we have the mother's permission to photograph their children together."

Trivette said "You have the right to remain silent and please do so." The man then told him "Look my name is L. Anthony, the famous photographer and my mother was just helping me to settle these children down. I'm afraid that the building must have scared them a little. I should have known better than to bring them here to have a photo shoot, the building is a little spooky."

Cuffing him Walker growled "I know exactly who you are L. Anthony and you're under arrest for kidnapping. Now like my partner just told your mother you have the right to remain silent so do so before I silence you myself."

As Dallas P.D. were hauling them away Walker called up Alex and told her that they had found Angela and J.W. and that they appeared to be unharmed. Alex breathed a sigh of relief and told Walker to hurry home. Trivette in the meantime had called Erica and told her that he had found J.W. and that he seemed fine. Erica said to her ex-husband to please bring her son home to her as soon as he could.

Chapter Twelve

Angela jumped out of her father's truck and ran into the house calling for her mother, Alex quickly picked her daughter up and asked her "Are you okay honey?"

"Yes Mommy but that Miss Stacey and her son Mr. L. Anthony were mean to J.W. They made him cry." Angela answered her mother. Walker gently questioned his daughter "Angela, what did they do to J.W. to make him cry? Did they do anything to you?"

"Miss Stacey smacked him across the face when J.W. told them that he wanted to go home to his Mommy and Daddy. Then Mr. L. Anthony called him a big cry baby and said that he wouldn't take J.W.'s picture if he didn't behave himself. But Daddy J.W. wasn't being bad, he just wanted his parents because that place scared him." Angela answered her father who hesitated for a minute but then asked "Angela honey you haven't told me if they did anything to you did they?"

"Miss Stacey said that I was to change into a cowgirl outfit but Mr. L. Anthony wouldn't leave the room so I didn't change because Mommy says that you're not supposed to get changed in front of other people. So I told her no and Miss Stacey said that I'd better before she changed me herself. That's when J.W. and I tried to run from them but they caught us Daddy." Angela replied and Alex said "They hurt my baby."

"No Mommy they didn't, Daddy and Uncle Jimmie got there and arrested them for being mean to us. Mommy why did they take us to that nasty place to take our pictures? I mean Mommy how can they put our pictures in ads if they take them in such a nasty place?" Angela said to Alex who replied "They can't honey. They were just trying to upset you and J.W. because Mommy and Daddy and Aunt Erica and Uncle Jimmy told them that you children weren't allowed to pose for them."

Angela then said "Okay Mommy, can I go play dollies with Michaela now?"

"Yes you can honey." Alex answered and after Angela left the room she fell into Walker's arms. Walker hugged his wife then told her "Alex we have to find out more about these people to see where all they've been and if they've hurt any more children."

"Let me check my computer, I have it researching them." Alex said and brought her computer back and pulled up the results. After looking at them Alex said “Walker, Coulson Sharpe was Dalton Reed's twin brother and you'll never guess who his mother was."

"I'd say from the way you're reacting it was Miss Stacey." Walker told Alex who replied "Yes according to this old newspaper article when she was married to Dalton's father he reported her for child abuse and she agreed to give him all three children if he didn't have her arrested but she took one of the twin boys and left town, leaving behind Dalton and his sister Sally. Walker at the time she was going by Stacey Elaine Larson but Mr. Reed said that she preferred to be called Stella. My god Walker you don't think that she's the Stella who was the ringleader of that internet porn ring that we busted Coulson Sharpe for do you?"

"It's possible. I think that we'd better inform your office and the Attorney General's office of what they tried to do to our children today and what you found out about them. It's possible that Sharpe had a falling out with them and they killed him to silence him." Walker told his wife who said "But would his own mother and brother have killed him? Also Walker he said that he was adopted as a baby, why would he have said that when he was raised by his real mother?"

"I don't know if they killed him but I wouldn't put it pass those two. As for him saying that he had been adopted as a baby he obviously was lying. You call Moody and I'll call Dwight and she can pass the information on to the Attorney General's office." Walker said and they both did that. That night Alex made sure for herself that nothing had been done to her daughter other than her being scared by Miss Stacey and L. Anthony. Later she called Erica who assured that while J.W. had also been scared that he hadn't been hurt. Alex and Erica talked little more both thankful that their children were okay and Erica thanked Alex for including Destiny the other day when J.W. had wanted to stay and play at the Walker's. Alex told Erica that Destiny was a beautiful baby and was welcomed at the Walkers anytime and so was Erica.

Chapter Thirteen

Several days later the Walkers and the Trivettes along with D.A. Moody and Walker's attorney Dwight were at the Attorney General's office to have a meeting with Gergley. Entering the room Gergley told them "Putting together the information that we were provided by the D.A.'s office along with the information that we gathered ourselves in this case our office will be filing charges against the woman now known as Miss Stacey and her son L. Anthony for interfering with the custody of minor children in regards to the Walker's and the Trivette's children that they kidnapped. Good day."

Alex jumped up and said "Good day? I don't think so Mister Gergley we want some answers and we want them now, starting with, did Miss Stacey and her son L. Anthony kill Coulson Sharpe? Was he her son and his brother?" Gergley replied "I'm not at liberty to tell you that Mrs. Walker."

Dwight told him "You'd better get at liberty to say that, my client has a right to know if they killed Sharpe because he doesn't need the threat of being arrested for a murder that he didn't commit hanging over his head. Now did they kill Coulson Sharpe or not?" Gergley replied "All I can tell you is that my office will not be pursuing a case against Ranger Walker either now or in the future in regards to this matter. As for what D.A. Moody decides to do that's his business because the Attorney General's office likes to stay out of local matters if they can. Now if you would all please leave I have work to do."

Not leaving the group stayed until Gergley said to them "This is strictly off the record, my hands are tied in this matter. There are several missing children that they might know about and we're negotiating with them to see if we can find if the children are still alive and if not where they've buried them at. Mr. Walker the matter of who killed Coulson Sharpe won't be brought up because of the missing children but I do believe that one or both of them are responsible for Sharpe's murder."

Understanding that they weren't going to find out anything more the group left the office and Dwight told Walker that she would send him a bill while Moody told Alex that he would see her at work in the morning. Walker and Trivette started to leave when Erica said "Jimmy I don't have anyone to watch Destiny because my father is at work and I need to go to a job interview, can she please go with J. W. to the Hope center?"

Trivette answered "J.W. is going to the Walkers after school, I'm sorry Erica." Alex then said "Erica if you want you can drop her off at the ranch, one more won't make a difference and she seems like a really pleasant baby."

Erica replied "Thank you Alex, my father told me that he had her over your house the other day and you said how cute she was. Alex, I am really sorry for what I said about you when I was involved with that snake Winslow."

Alex told her former friend "As far as I'm concerned it's in the past. You know what Erica there is a job opening at the legal aide center that's affiliated with the Hope center, if you're interested I can talk to the staff there."

"I'd like that because I want to be able to help people out. Maybe we could meet some day and discuss it?" Erica asked Alex who said "How's today, just follow me to the ranch." Erica agreed and they drove off while Walker and Trivette went to work.