By: Sarah Lauren09

Walker was busy with paperwork when Alex Cahill walks into the room. “How about lunch at twelve, Cowboy?” Alex asks Walker. “Sure, I guess.” So, Alex heads back to her office and started working on the Smith case. Walker and Trivette had a callout and were busy. Twelve o’ clock came around, and Alex was at C.D.’s already. About the time Alex got her food, Walker walked in. “Sorry I was late Alex. I got caught up in a drug ring.” “It’s fine, Cowboy,” said Alex, giving Walker a passionate kiss. As soon as they were finished eating, they both headed back to work.

About five, Alex was already at her apartment when Walker calls. “Alex, I know it’s your birthday next week, so I have a surprise for you, but you will have to come out to the ranch to figure out what it is.” About six thirty, Alex pulls up. Walker was sitting on the porch swing. Ready to find out what her surprise is, she rushes up the steps. “Walker, where is my surprise?’’ “Right here,” said Walker as he got down on his knee and asked her to marry him. An excited Alex said YES!!! They planned a three week vacation in the mountains. They packed and left immediately.

While Walker went fishing, Alex curled up on the couch and watched some movies.

Walker gets back only to find Alex asleep on the couch. She almost woke up as soon as he moved her curly blonde hair from her face. “Sleep well, beautiful?” Walker asked his fiancée. She answered back with a quick kiss and sat there smiling. “Alex, what are you up to?” Alex turned away, still smiling, and started watching her movie.

Walker was puzzled. What’s wrong with Alex, he thought. So, Walker went to get a hot shower and get ready for bed. When Walker was finished, Alex got her shower. When she walked out of the bathroom, she found Walker asleep on the bed. She got dressed and gave Walker a kiss on the forehead.

Morning came, and Walker was up cooking breakfast. When Walker went to the bathroom, Alex snuck into the kitchen and got a piece of bacon. What she didn’t know is that Walker was watching her the whole time. Walker snuck up on Alex and wrapped his arms around her waist. Alex jumped and screamed. She turned around and playfully slapped Walker.

“What was that for?’’ Walker questioned Alex. “Just because,” retorted Alex. Walker had planned to go horseback riding that afternoon. Alex got a warm shower but little did she know that Walker had snuck behind the door that led into the bedroom. Alex got out of the shower and grabbed a towel. She started to dry off when the power suddenly goes out. Walker thought to himself “Well, my plan is working better than I thought.” Alex called Walker’s name over and over but Walker never answered. She immediately drops her towel and starts looking for Walker. When she pulled back the curtains to bring in some light, Walker snuck up behind her and grabbed her side and said, “ROAR!!!!” Alex yelped and turned around and accidentally hit Walker square in the nose. It started to bleed. “You’re gonna regret this, lady!” he yelled. He started to chase Alex around the house when she cuts the chase off and turns around. “Walker,” she said, a little irritated, “I am naked running through a cabin, and you don’t seem to care?” “You’re the one who decided to run around naked!” said Walker.

Alex went to get dressed to go horseback riding. She came out in a blue t-shirt and a pair of faded blue jeans. “You’re beautiful,” said Walker. “Thank you!” Alex answered. They then left to go riding. When they got back, it started to snow. By morning, the roads were blocked and Walker and Alex were stranded at the cabin.

“Walker, what are we going to do?” questioned Alex. “We’ll just sit here and wait,” said Walker. Walker built a fire and sat down beside Alex on the couch. They cuddled and kissed and finally went to sleep.