Swan Song
(the missing hours)
By Vonnie (sissy@svs.net)

"Alex, for the last time ... no!" He stands and starts back up the aisle. Alex winks at Jimmy and follows Walker. Joining him outside, he turns with a glaring look at her. "Alex, I ... said..."

His words are cut off when she places her lips against his softly, working them over his, sucking his bottom lip gently before releasing him. "No?"

His voice husky, "You're playing dirty."

She brushes her fingers over his cheek, smiles at him and murmurs softly, "Umm uh." Tracing her fingers over his lips, "Shall we get started?"

Walker makes a quick trip to the ranch to change clothes and pack a couple of changes, then he goes back to Dallas to pick up Alex then they're on their way to Cradle City, Utah.

<*> <*> <*>

Walker drives all night, stopping once to fill up with gas, but Alex gives up the ghost about midnight and as sleep overtakes her, she lies down on the seat with her head on his thigh. As the sky begins to brighten in the east, Walker feels he is getting too sleepy to continue driving. He doesn't want to stop but he doesn't want to go off in a ditch, either. When he pulls off into a rest stop and parks, Alex sits up, awakened by the cessation of movement, yawning and glancing around she sees the restrooms, "Good," looks at Walker, "I'll be right back."

When she returns, Walker is slumped over the steering wheel, almost asleep. "Scoot over, darling, let me drive, while you get some sleep." She opens the door and prods him with her elbow to move over. "Come on, Walker, I can drive, and I know this highway takes us right into Cradle City.

He looks at her with heavy lidded eyes, ready to deny her offer, then thinks better of it, knowing he wouldn't win anyway. Reluctantly sliding over, he stretches his legs out in front of him, pulls his hat down over his eyes, and crosses his arm over his chest, and mumbling under his breath, but loud enough for her to hear, "I can't sleep when someone else is driving." By the time she has maneuvered the Ram back out onto the highway, he is snoring softly.

<*> <*> <*>

Walker is slowly climbing out of the cocoon of sleep, with the help of Alex's voice gently nudging him awake, "Honey, we're here. Do you want to get something to eat before you look for that Forest Ranger?"

He sits up, and pulls his hat off as he looks into Alex's bright blue eyes and beautiful smile. "Maybe we should find a room first."

With a mischievous grin and a twinkle in her eyes, she murmurs, "Why, darling, you aren't even completely awake, yet. Are you sure?"

"Alex, stop it. You know what I meant." He gives her a look of exasperation, opens the door and slides out of the truck. He walks around the back of the truck, stretches his arms over his head, and glances around trying to get his bearings. Feeling her touch, he turns around to look into her beautiful blue eyes, lowers his arms and pulls close as she slides her arms around his waist. Leaning down, he gives her a quick kiss then pulls her closer. "Come on, let's get some rooms and then find a place to eat. I'm starved."

"Hmm … me, too." Lowering her voice to a whisper, "but not for food."

He grins at her and as she starts to walk away, he gives her a light swat on her rear end as she goes around the truck to get in. He finally locates a motel that has a vacancy sign blinking and as he stops the Ram, she volunteers to check it out. "I'll get the rooms, be right back."

She returns shortly and climbs into the truck, "The rooms are down this way." He follows her directions until she tells him to stop.

"Cabins? You got cabins?"

"Yes, dear." She opens the door, getting out of the truck. "That's all he had left." She reaches behind the seat and drags her overnight bag and a small suitcase out then starts up to the cabin door. Opening the door, she drops her luggage inside and stands looking at him.

"Which one is mine, Alex?"

Standing in front of her door, she crooks her finger at him, smiles wickedly and gestures to the open door.

"Alex, you didn't?"

She disappears inside, and shrugging his shoulders he gets his bag out of the truck and follows her inside. "Alex, you can't keep doing things like…" She grabs his arm and pulls him inside. The door slams shut behind him.

<*> <*> <*>

She circles his neck with her arms, pulling his head down for a passionate kiss. The second thing he does, is drop his luggage after he takes his free arm and pulls her up hard against him. Feeling her tongue invade his mouth, he moans as he sucks on it, bringing a soft cry from her lips. Her hands begin pushing his jacket off his shoulders, and as it falls to the floor her hands are already tugging on the buttons of his shirt. When his chest is bared, she drops her head letting her lips caress the third most loved part of him. Her mouth finds his nipple, letting her lips close around it, her tongue teasing it to a hard nub.

He groans and pulls her back up to cover her mouth again. His tongue delving deep into her warm cavern, probing it for all the delicious tastes that he knows is there.

Alex feels a deep burning inside her, as his tongue explores her mouth, her second best loved part of him, because she knows his tongue and mouth can bring her so much pleasure. She moans and rubs the part of her that is on fire against the part of him that she knows can extinguish that fire.

He takes a step back and peels her sweater over her head, tossing it away. His eyes lock with hers as he skims his palms up over the curve of her hips, leaving trails of heat in their wake. She can feel his arousal pushing against his pants, against her, inhaling sharply just imagining him inside her.

His eyes leave hers, and what he sees nudges him another step closer to the edge. Pert nipples already hardened to tight buds at he center of two exquisite mounds that are a perfect compliment to the rest of her.

He touches a nipple and it tightens more. He bends his head and kisses it, she moans softly and arches her back in a burst of pleasure that startles her with its intensity. Trying to slow himself down, he kisses the other nipple, drawing it into his mouth, as her fingers tightened in his hair, her back arching higher.

Her trembling fingers seek out his belt buckle, releases it, then she unbuttons his pants and finding the tab of his zipper, pulls it down. Working her hand inside his shorts, she pulls his erection free of its confinement, then begins a slow caress of its length, from the throbbing tip to its base nestles in the tight curls at his groin. As her fingers trace over his inner thighs, her hand cups his sac, her fingers gently kneading then returning to the part of him that gives her the most pleasure.

His voice ragged with desire, "Alex ... God ... don't!" He pulls her hands away and wraps his arms around her, stumbling and falling back on the bed. He quickly lowers her jeans and panties in one quick yank. Dropping down between her legs, he slides his hands under her hips bringing her up to his mouth wanting to make sure she's ready to accept him. He touches her with the tip of his tongue and she cries out, then she cries out again as he spears it into her, arching up, she grabs for his head, sinking her fingers in to his hair.

"Walker ... please..." She's in agony wanting release, passion wound so tight through her she can't think.

He lowers her hips to the bed and plunges into her, pulls back then thrusts deeper, as her legs wrap around his hips enabling him to go deeper still. Their cries at release intermingle as they climax simultaneously.

Deliciously spent, completely satisfied, and with bodies relaxed, they lie nestled in east others arms, their energy gone. A soft murmur against his neck, "Darling ... that ... forest ranger?"

"I know ... I'm working on it." Several minutes later, he gets his leg to move then his arm, finally turning his head, he places a soft kiss to the top of her head.

Almost an hour later, they leave the cabin to locate Forest Ranger Ben Sheridan.

Swan Song Chapter II
By Sissy (sissy@svs.net)

While Walker is talking to Ranger Sheridan, Alex notices the Outfitters store and ducks inside to do some quick shopping, when she comes out she asks Walker if he likes her outfit.

"I'd better, I've been waiting here for three hours."

"It was only an hour. They have great shopping here besides the man inside was telling me about the legend of Big Foot." And of course the mention of it being dangerous up there in the mountains.

"You know he's right Alex, maybe you should stay here."

She looks defiantly at him saying, "Not a chance."

"I didn't think so." Their eyes lock and a silent language takes over. The two Forest Rangers take off saying they are going to spend the afternoon getting the trip outfitted, and Walker moves up to her and says, "I'm hungry, lets get something to eat."

"Sounds great." Her eyes light up, "Afterwards ... let's go dancing."

He chuckles, "No way, Alex."

He takes her arm, "Oh, come on Walker."

He turns her around, "I said … no way."

Alex insists on going back to their cabin to drop off her shopping bags, with the intention of talking Walker into going dancing after they eat. He takes his jacket off and hangs it over the back of a chair, unbuckles his belt, slips the button on his jeans, and pulls his shirt out of his pants, slipping it over his head.

She watches him for a few minutes, then sits down on the bed to take her boots off. Smiling as an idea begins to form, she takes her shirt off, slides her jeans down past her hips, and as she steps out of them she grabs her robe off the bed slipping it on.

She picks up one of the shopping bags, smiles at Walker, and goes into the bathroom saying, "I'm going to get a shower before we go out to eat."

He watches her go into the bathroom, with a slightly surprised look on his face, "Hmm ... I think I just won an argument." But as he puts on a clean shirt and trousers, he muses, 'Why don't I feel like a winner.'

Thirty minutes later when Alex comes out of the bathroom, Walker takes one look at her and all thoughts of being the winner of an argument is forgotten. Just having Alex look at him the way she does makes him a winner.

"Well, darling, are you ready to go eat?"

"Ah ... yes, I'm ready."

They find a small nightclub that boasts good food and a small band. After eating, Walker surprises Alex when he stands, offers Alex his hand and says, "Would you like to dance?"

"Oh, Walker, you really are a dear." She takes his hand and stands, saying, "I would love to dance."

(And you all saw the dance. With lots of eye contact, her hands in his hair at the nape of his neck, cheek to cheek, soft looks, and close contact.)

<*> <*> <*>

It was still fairly early when they arrive back at their cabin but they have a long ride ahead of them tomorrow and thought it best to turn in early. Alex slides her wrap off and notices the small sack that he sits on the small table. "What's that, Walker?"

He stands from lighting the small gas fireplace, the only heat for the cabin, and says, "Well, I noticed you didn't eat much at dinner, and tomorrow will be long day, so I brought something for us to snack on before bed."

"Hmm … smells good, what is it?"

"Just fried chicken and biscuits." He stands, watching her spread out a quilt from the bed on the floor in front of the fake fireplace. "How about we eat in front of this fireplace, since the room hasn't warmed up, yet?" She slips her shoes off and sits down on the blanket.

"Why not." He shrugs his jacket off, throwing it over a chair then sits down on the floor beside her. As they eat they talk about the trip up the mountains, but soon their appetites are sated and as the conversation on the upcoming trip dwindles, their eyes meet and lock. Seconds later, he slides closer and curves his hand around her neck, pulling her forward until his lips are hovering over hers.

"Alex," his voice husky, "I…" She silences him with her fingers on his lips.

Her eyes stare into his for several seconds then her arms encircle his neck. Their lips cling together as they kneel facing each other. As her breasts flatten against him she arches into him.

They continue to kiss while he unbuttons the top of her dress and Alex tugs his shirt out of his pants and runs her hands up under it, over his hard furry chest. He releases her long enough to quickly take off his shirt and toss it aside, then he wraps her in his arms, while his mouth devours hers again.

She hears his quick intake of breath when he slips his hands beneath her skirt, encountering a very sheer lacy bikini panty. He caresses her bare thighs, his breath short and ragged, "Oh, God, Alex…"

She helps him as he slips her dress up and off, then kisses her as he slides her slip and panties down over her hips. Watching his face, Alex stretches out on her back on the carpet. As he gazes at her, the cup of her bra barely covering her heaving breasts, and the blonde patch of her hair covering her feminine mound, his eyes glaze over with desire.

Walker's eyes never leave hers as he unbuckles his belt and opens his fly. He steps out of his trousers and underwear. His virile nakedness makes her catch her breath. His belly is flat and hard, his arms and legs, are well define with hard muscle.

Lustfully, she drinks him in, from the soles of his feet to his proud erection, to his mouth, and then to his eyes, heavy with passion.

He lies down beside her, kisses her breast through the cup of her bra, then lowers the lace and caresses her nipples with his tongue. Lifting his head he gazes down at her as his thumb tantalizingly caresses her nipple. He watches as her flesh responds to his touch then bends his head and takes her nipple into his mouth, tugging on it gently with his lips, his teeth. As a bolt of fire shoots down to her center, her back arches up off the carpet. His mouth feeding from her breast, tasting her, sucking her nipple deep as if he can't get enough of her.

He runs his hands over her stomach and along the outsides of her thighs. Moaning, she reaches for him, strokes him as he groans from the pleasure of her touch. Their lips come together again, kissing hungrily, greedily.

He puts his hand over her knees, pushing them apart. She holds her breath, waiting for his hand to slip between her thighs, but, instead, he lowers his head and as his open mouth finds her center, his tongue moves inside her.

She cries out, and as his tongue continues to dip into her, she arches her hips up, and seconds later, she climaxes, her chest heaving; her body drenched with perspiration; her hair clinging damply to her neck and throat.

Walker's skin is also covered in a thin sheen of sweat as he moves over her, his eyes close as he guides himself into her. Her body seems to swallow him into a snug fit and his face softens into a look of immense pleasure as his hips begin a rolling motion, forward and back. Slowly, going deeper each time, he sinks into her again and again.

Alex had thought it was over for her, but feels her body answering to his steady thrusts. She never thought lovemaking could be this intense. She surrenders herself to it, to Walker, totally.

He slips his hands beneath her hips and tilts them up, holding her tightly. He seems to be focusing on each plunging motion, each slow withdrawal. As the tempo gradually increases his breathing becomes rapid and ragged. Suddenly his arms relax and he collapses on top of her, his whole body racked with spasms, every muscle is stretched tight, and his breathing is harsh, rough. But by then Alex is already in heaven with her second orgasm.
It takes a long time for their hearts to slow, their breathing to even out, but Alex is still feeling the aftermath of the orgasms, lying still, idly combing her fingers through his mussed hair, tasting the salty drops from his brow. He groans softly, and finally stirring, he withdraws from her and rolls to her side, enveloping her in his arms. She snuggles against his chest, and feeling a kiss on the top of her head, she lifts her head and touches her lips to his throat. The last thing she remembers before falling to sleep is his hand lying protectively over her breast.

Until he is shaking her awake. "Alex," he says softly, "time to get up, we'll be leaving in about an hour."

She moans softly, "Hmm...?" Glancing around, she realizes that Walker had carried her to bed sometime last night. Ahh ... last night! She slowly opens her eyes, and sees Walker sitting beside her on the bed, fully dressed. "Hi" she murmurs softly.

He leans over and kisses her softly, "Hi, sleepy head. Better hurry and get dressed. Unless you've changed your mind."

"Not a chance." She begins kicking the covers off, and taking the robe from his outstretched hands, she stands, watching as his eyes scan down her body. She smiles, her voice breathy, "I don't guess we have time for...?"

"No, afraid not." He gives her a kiss and adds, "If you want to take a shower before we leave you'd better hurry." He backs away from her as she turns for the bathroom.

One hour later, after breakfast, they are all mounted and ready for the trip to the mountains.

<*> <*> <*>

Swan Song Chapter III
By Vonnie (sissy@svs.net)

The ride is long and, outside of beautiful scenery and a loud roar every once in awhile that Walker says is the wind, just a little boring, letting her mind wander. Which inevitably wanders back to last night, bringing a soft smile to her face and a yearning deep in her belly. Moving her horse closer to Walker's, she grins at him as he looks at her wondering what she's up to. Waiting till he isn't looking at her, she lays her fingers on his thigh, slowly dragging them up his leg.

Her touch sends a shiver through him, bringing his attention back to Alex and his senses spiraling. He drops his hand down to hers, trapping it beneath his. His eyes lock on hers, and the smile slowly fades from her face, as her eyes drop to feast on his mouth.

A soft whisper, "Alex..." and her eyes come back to his. He gives her hand a slight squeeze then releases it, letting her hand slide off his leg. His mind is drawn back to the trip when Ranger Sheridan calls out to Walker, asking him to join him. Glancing quickly at Alex, his eyes showing his desire for her, he nudges the horse in the ribs with his heels and moves up to the front of the line.

They stop at noon to water the horses and to let them graze while they have a light lunch. The mood between Alex and Walker is back to normal with them picking at each other. But the under lying current between them is definitely sexual, and at every chance, they touch, either with their hands or their eyes. The time speeds by and within the hour they are back on the horses, continuing on their journey.

By the time Sheridan calls a halt for the evening, Alex is feeling numbness in her derrière, and a weakness in her legs. A meal is quickly put together and eaten and after the last cup of coffee, everyone begins to make ready for sleep.

Speaking low, "Walker, let's get away from these rocks, I can't sleep on rocks."

"I've already got the sleeping bags rolled out, come on, over here." With the moon out, it was easy to follow him. When he stops and gestures to the ground, she smiles then glances back to see where the two Rangers are.

"Oh, this is perfect, Walker. Grass is a lot better than rocks, anytime."

"I'm glad you approve. Now, let's turn in, morning will come early enough as it, so … bedtime." He takes off his coat and boats and slides down into the bag.

Alex watches him as he burrows down into the bag, then she too, slips off her jacket and boots and crawl into her sleeping bag, then zips it up.

Walker's almost asleep when he hears a soft voice on the verge of a shiver, "Walker? I'm cold!"

"Well, put your coat back on."

"My coat only covers so much, Walker." She becomes silent, but her breathing is shaky. "Would you lay with me, Walker. At least until I get warm?"

A soft whisper, "Alex, you know that's not a good idea."

"Please, I didn't know it would be this cold."

Hearing the shiver in her voice, his heart warms as he begins to feel sympathy for her plight.

"Walker, I'm so cold." She listens for a few minutes then finally hears the zipper slide down on his bag.

A mumble under his breath, "I can't believe I'm doing this." But the idea of curling up with her in his arms is taking root in his senses, and his blood is heating up quickly.

"Alex, I shouldn't be doing this."

She looks up and sees him looming over her, "Just until I get ... warm?" She lifts the corner of the bag and scoots over as much as she can.

He sits down and slides his legs down into the bag, "Alex this bag isn't big enough for both of us."

"I think ... it is." Pulling on him to hurry it up. "Come on, Walker, you're letting all the cold air in." And she did shiver then for real. The air decidedly has a chill to it.

He slides down in the bag, zips it up then turns to take Alex into his arms. She snuggles closer, feeling the heat from his body, even through his clothes. "Hmm … this is so much better, isn't it?"

Pulling her tight against him is his answer, and his body is definitely getting warmer, and it's starting to make that fact known to her. She slides her arms around him pulling his hips in tight to her body. She smiles as she feels his growing erection against her belly.

Her fingers begin to unbutton his shirt, but instead of his chest, they encounter another shirt. A turtle neck sweater. She moans, then in a soft seductive tone, "Walker I want you." Her hands begin to tug on his shirt, trying to pull it from his pants.

"Alex, we can't ... we're not alone."

Her breathing uneven, fast, "I think we're very ... alone." Loosening his belt and unbuttoning his pants, the shirt pulls out and she sighs as she slides her hands up under the turtleneck, caressing her hands through the hair on his chest, letting her fingers brush over his nipples. Groaning at the contact, he lowers his head and his mouth tenderly eats at hers, with one kiss after another ... hot ... wet … and deep,

"Alex…" His fingers fumble with the buttons on her shirt, then he pushes the fabric aside and his hand closes over her breast soft, and warm, cupping it in his hand. A whisper, "Thought … you were cold."

"I'm getting … warmer." Her voice is husky with desire. She tries to push the turtleneck up out of her way. Sensing her frustration, he releases her long enough to shrug his shirt off and to wiggle the sweater over his head, then quickly takes her back in his arms. Sliding his arms underneath the shirt, around to her back, he closes his eyes at the feel of her soft warm skin.

As one arm holds her close the other moves to the front to cup her breast in his hand, letting his thumb brush across her nipple, bringing it to a hard sensitive peak. Lowering his head he touches it with the tip of his tongue, causing Alex to moan and arch her back, her head falls back and her hips come up against his. When he pulls her nipple deep into his mouth, a firestorm engulfs her, settling in her most feminine part. He pushes her to her back, and he kisses her again, a long thorough kiss, his tongue going deep into her mouth, twining around hers in an erotic dance of desire before moving back to her breast. . Alex's soft cries are blended with his as he sets her body on fire.

Her body raging with desire her hand gropes at his jeans, she unzips them, then slipping her hand inside, she cups him, lifting him up and out. She runs her thumb over the tip, feeling the pearly drops beading there, she caresses him, setting his hips to grinding against her hand.

At Alex's touch he moves his hand down across her belly, to her jeans. He releases the button, then slides the zipper down. He begins tugging on her jeans, and with Alex raising her hips, they slide below her knees.

"Honey ... maybe we should..."

Her voice high, shaky, "No! Don't you dare stop." She wraps her arms around him, pulling him hard against her.

"Shh ... I wasn't. Just wanted to...." He shifts his weight, then with one hand at her waist he turns her, bringing them belly to belly, hips to hips, with her breasts snug against his chest.

"Oh ... yes." She murmurs as she thrusts her hips forward grinding against his rigid manhood.
Moaning softly, he lowers one hand down her body, and between her thighs, his fingers weaving through the soft tangle of blonde hair before sliding lower, touching her, parting her flesh, then spearing inside, again and again. When her release comes, she screams out and he quickly covers her mouth with his, swallowing it as her body stiffens in his arms.

Lifting her leg over his hip, he slides easily into her warm moisture, her muscles, still undulating with spasms from her climax, grip him as he thrusts into her, going deeper with each plunge, the pace steadily increasing. Alex feels the tide rising again, and when Walker find his release, she is soon following with another orgasm of her own.

After several minutes, he murmurs softly, "I need to..."

"No!" she cries softly holding him in her arms.

"Alex... ?"

"What ever it is, I don't want you to do it because you'd have to move. And if you move, I'll have to," she giggles, then yawns, "and I don't think I can."

Walker smiles and pulls her tighter into his arms, chuckling softly, "One of these days your little subtle trysts could cause us some embarrassment."

Her voice soft, barely a whisper "Are you telling me you … want me to keep my distance?"

He snuggles his face into her hair and his voice husky with emotion, "What would you do ... if I did?"

She tilts her head up, kissing him on the neck. "Ignore you."

Tightening his arms around her, he smiles into her hair, "Good."

His soft words and warm body lulls her into a state of cozy contentment and shutting her eyes she drifts off to sleep.

<*> <*> <*>

The next morning, just barely light, Walker prods Alex awake, "Come on, Woman. Unless you wanna go back." He watches the sleeping bag, until she pokes her head out, "Well?"

A voice still full of sleep, "No, I don't wanna go back." She unzips her sleeping bag, and starts to climb out.

"Alex, we've got two men up and about so you better be dressed when you come out of that bag." He squats down at her head, smiles and whispers "Good morning." As her eyes light up, he stands, finishes rolling his bag, and walks down to the campfire.

Swan Song Chapter IV
By Vonnie (sissy@svs.net)
& Chris (ckline-usa@foreverliving.com)

After stowing everything on the packhorse, they continue their gradual ascent up the mountain. The air is getting a nip to it and to the north, clouds were moving in. Alex, with her eyes watching the clouds muses to herself, 'I hope we're gone before that storm get here.' Feeling a hand on her arm, she turns, looking straight in Walker's eyes.

"It's moving slow, we'll have plenty of time to get down before it hits." She smiles softly at him, acknowledging his expertise about such things, and relaxes in the saddle, enjoying his nearness.
The past two nights had been a heavenly experience for her. Being with Walker without the constant interruptions their daily lives always seemed to bring is something she couldn't … wouldn't pass up. She knows she provided the spark that brought out the lover in him, but loving him like she did, she couldn't help it. She knows he loves her but he is having a hard time saying the words. She could wait for the words but she couldn't wait for matrimony to share his body. She's been in love with him for years, and deeply believes that he loves her, too. He had come close once to telling her how he felt but he had been interrupted. And the night she spent in his arms on that rafting excursion, was all the proof she needed. With the danger that surrounds their occupations, especially his, it is hard not to take while she can. She wanted him for eternity, but needed him now.

Walker glances out of the corner of his eye at Alex, wondering why she's so deep in thought. Another look at the clouds, hoping he's right about the time. This ride has been like a therapeutic massage for him. His mind is clear and more relaxed than he can remember. Except for maybe the whitewater trip, well … the first part anyway. He will always remember that night. Maybe he shouldn't have instigated it, but he would never regret it. Making love to Alex is foremost in his thoughts when he is alone with her, sometimes when they're not so alone. These last two nights were beautiful, his blood turns to molten lava just thinking about them, and that part of him over which he has no control has gotten hard just remembering. If Alex hadn't called out to him last night, he would have been in her sleeping bag before morning anyway. He had never come out and asked but he knew she had taken the responsibility for precautions against … accidents during their nights together. One of these days, he'd have to tell her…"

Just then Ranger Sheridan stops and dismounts, calling for Walker to join him. They ride closer and Walker joins Sheridan at the cliff's edge.

(Just follow the episode now till when Walker pulls Alex up the cliff after the terrifying thrashing in the brush and the horrific growls that made her blood run cold.)

When she comes over the top, Walker pulls her into his arms as she wraps her arms around his neck, hanging on for dear life. As he lets go of her to check on the deputy, they hear the loud roar that they've been hearing the past day. Fearfully she asks, "Walker, what is that?"

"I don't know." Then they hear a loud scream that is definitely human.

Alex grabs on to him again, and asks, "The horses are gone?"

"Yeah. We've got a long walk down. We'll make camp tonight and walk down tomorrow morning."

"Make camp? With what?"

He slides his arm around her waist and guides her away from the cliff and the body of the deputy. Making their way down the mountain Walker finds a stream and decides to make camp. After a search of the area he finds the remains of a campfire, along with a bent spoon and a small battered pail. After dining on his soup of herbs, worms, and snails, (yuck) he suggests that she try to rest before they begin looking for shelter against the night and the storm.

She finds a spot sheltered by the trees and lies down. Lying on her side with her head resting on her arm, "Walker," she says softly, "don't you think you should rest, too." Watching him with concern in her eyes.

"I'm alright, Alex, I want to keep watch in case those men come back." He smiles at her and she mouths 'Okay' at him and shuts her eyes. Thinking she wouldn't sleep, with all that's happened still fresh on her mind, she draws her legs up, sighs deeply and with exhaustion taking over, she is soon asleep.

Walker stands quietly by the river, the rushing sound of the water, brings a soothing calm to his senses. This wilderness, this dependence on nature for survival, is something his Cherokee heritage has instilled in him. But for Alex, he would already be weaving his way down the mountain. He turns, watching her sleep by the trees, thinking how much he loves this woman, vowing that he will get her safely down the mountain. As she turns over, curling into a tight ball against the cold air, he takes his coat off and wraps it around her shoulders. Touching her gently, he then stands and moves over to sit on a small log next to a boulder. Looking to the north he sees lightning, knowing the storm is getting closer. He'll give her another hour then he will wake her, so they can find shelter before it hits.

Walker is caught completely by surprise when the bear attacks him; he fights with all his instincts but knows he's no match for a bear. When the bear knocks him away with a swipe of her claws, Walker rolls up on his knees, one hand at the gaping wound on his chest, his eyes locking, with a strong intensity, on the bears. The bear slowly swings her head from side to side, her eyes never leaving Walkers, as she begins to back up. Somehow realizing that this human is no danger to her, huffs, growls, than slowly ambles away.

Alex is up the instant the bear growls, watching helplessly while the bear is mauling Walker. Not comprehending why the bear is leaving, just thankful that she is, Alex rushes up to Walker, as he collapses on the ground. When she rolls him over and seeing the gaping wounds made by the bear's claws, she sucks in her breath. Taking her coat off she rolls it up and puts it under his head and tearing the sleeves off her shirt, she tears them up for bandages to use on his chest.

All the while she works feverishly to stop the bleeding, she's whispering, "Hold on, Walker, don't you die on me, stay with me … oh, God, Walker it's going to snow." She looks around, knowing she had to get him out of the open, she grabs him under the arms and begins dragging him over under the pines where she had been resting when the bear attacked. Because he is so heavy it takes her close to an hour to drag him the twenty feet. Finally getting him situated where she wants him, she checks the bandages and notices that the bleeding has slowed down, but hasn't completely stopped.

She retrieves her coat and his, from where she had thrown it off, and returns to his side. Checking the bandages, and finding them soaked she replaces them with clean ones, then takes the bloodied ones down to the river, rinses them, and wrings them out. Returning to his side she feels the cold gust of wind telling her that the storm is almost upon them. She covers him with her coat, slips her arm under his head, then draping his coat around her shoulders she snuggles up close to him, letting her body heat work in combination with his to keep the chill away, praying that fever doesn't take a hold of him.

Alex wakes several times during the night to check Walker's bandages and notices that the rain has turned to snow and by morning there is several inches of the white stuff covering everything.
Walker stirs and Alex wakes up with a start, glad that he is feeling better. "Walker what are we going to do?"

He explains to her about finding herbs after locating several he makes a fire and she takes the herbs and boils them in water. She comments about the smell, then she adds the bandages, and after letting them soak in the mixture picks them out of the pan and moves over to place them on Walker's chest. Kneeling in front of him with the bandages, "This looks like it will hurt."

"That's all right." He replies as she spreads them over his wound. Looking into her eyes, he sees a woman he would die for, a beautiful woman. He softly murmurs, "You're beautiful."

She gives him a disbelieving look, "Yeah, right. I've been up on this mountain for two day, I'm really beautiful."

His eyes still intent on her face, "You could be spend a year up her and you'd still be beautiful."

Her eyes meet his, hold his gaze, "Now you get romantic." As their eyes feast on each other, she lowers her head, and mindful of his injuries, touches his lips softly with hers. When his lips move under hers, she deepens the kiss then remembering the circumstances, pulls back and seeing the questionable look on his face, she murmurs softly, "Just until you're able to finish what we start." She gives him another light kiss, then begins pulling his shirt and coat together to hold the bandages in place.

Swan Song Chapter V

By Vonnie (sissy@svs.net)

After resting, they begin making their way down the mountain when the came across the man impaled on a sharpened tree stump. Alex screams and a roar answers her. Determined to find out what it is, Walker makes his way up a hill, with Alex clinging to his sleeve, locating a cave.

(Follow the episode to the point where they come running out of the cave like the devil himself is after them.)

"Are you alright?"

"Never felt better."

"Yeah, right." As she follows him down the trail, "Walker I will never ask to go along on a trip again."

"Is that a promise?"


They are hurrying so fast, that they keep sliding on the rocks that litter the trail. At one point Alex's feet go out from under her and she falls on her bottom and since she is still holding Walker's hand, it jerks him to a stop. When he leans over to help her up, she notices fresh blood on the bandage. "Walker, you're bleeding again. Let me take a look at it."

"No, we need to get farther away from that cave. The bear! Come on." He helps her up and they continue the frantic pace down the mountain until Alex lets go of his hand.

She drops down on the nearest large rock, panting heavily, head bent, trying to suck air into her tortured lungs. A forced whisper, "Walker ... rest ... I need ... to rest." Moving back he sits down next to her, breathing almost as hard as she is.

When her breathing settles in an almost normal rhythm, she begins taking notice of their surroundings. "Do you know where we are?"

"Not really, I just know we're going in the right direction."

When he moves around to help her up, "Walker, your shirt! It's soaked with blood! We've got to stop so I can take care of that."

He looks down and seeing all the fresh blood agrees with her. "Okay, but let's find somewhere suitable for camping first."

They set out again, at a slower pace, with Walker showing the effects from the blood loss. When Walker sees the small cave, well, not exactly a cave but the indention into the rock wall is deep enough to give them protection on three sides plus a roof as well.

Alex gets Walker to sit down and begins collecting branches and twigs to start a fire. Bringing wood into the cave, Walker has a fire started by the time she brings in another armload. Sitting down, she lets out a tired sigh and says, "Walker, we need water."


"Listen ... for what?" She says in exasperation.

"Just listen."

She's quiet for a few seconds, "Walker, what am I listening for?" He places his fingers over his lips and stares at her hard. "I don't he ... water? Is that running water?" She jumps up, grabs the mangled bucket and goes to find the water.

When she returns she finds Walker stretched out on the ground, passed out from the loss of blood. "Oh, God. Walker?" She kneels down beside him and pulls open his coat. She murmurs tearfully, "Walker".

She peels off the blood soaked bandage, cleans the wound then applies a dry dressing to Walker's chest. Wishing she could do more.

Sitting with her back against the rear of the small cave, she pulls Walker into her arms, holding him tenderly He opens his eyes, his voice a whisper, "Alex ... I'm ... sorry." She brushes his lips with her fingertips, "Just rest, darling, go to sleep," and with tears falling, she shuts her eyes, leans her head back against the wall of the cave and drifts off into a restless sleep.

Jerking awake, Alex sits quietly, starring out into the dark night, her arms around Walker tightening slightly, as she tries to pinpoint just what it was that woke her up. Whuff! Her head snaps around, her eyes straining to see into the dark surroundings. Hearing movement in the brush on her left, she whispers softly, "Whatever it is, it's big!" Not being able to stand it, she eases Walker down to the ground, he moans softly then lies still. Picking up the knife, she crawls to the edge of the cave, after letting her eyes adjust to the darkness, she sees a large creature moving through the brush near the water.

When it takes a step her direction she squeals, and falls back on her bottom. Coming quickly to her feet, she steps further out of the cave, ready to defend herself with the knife. What she sees sets her off in a sudden fit of giggles. Then just as suddenly they stop, because she realizes that what she sees may be their way out of here.

A horse! A real live beautiful horse! Taking her time, she eases up to the animal, speaking softly as it nervously takes a step back. Finally, she manages to get her hand on the remains of a lead rope dangling from the halter. One of their pack horses. She leads him around by the cave and finally loosening the ropes, begins going through the packs that had slid sideways on the horse. She prays for a first aid kit of some kind, however small, as she begins to unload the animal of two sleeping bags, some cooking pots, coffee mugs, a packet of dried beef and a small can of coffee and finally ... a first aid kit. Ignoring the other stuff, she grabs the kit and returns to Walker's side. She searches through the kit and finding the tube of antibiotic, she lets out a very happy "YES!" Removing the bandage on his chest she quickly applies the cream carefully over the wound, then covers it with clean bandages. Looking at him and taking a deep breath, "That's all I can do Walker, I hope it's enough."

Taking one of the sleeping bags she spreads it out next to him and with a lot of shifting and tugging she gets it under him. After securing the horse to a tree, she lies down next to Walker and pulls the second sleeping bag over them. Needless to say it doesn't take long for her to fall asleep.

She wakes the next morning with the sun in her face, but the air has definitely gotten colder. Turning onto her side, Alex takes a quick glance at Walker then snuggles down into the sleeping bag. She sits up quickly realizing that his eyes are open. She smiles at him and murmurs softly, "Hi. How are you feeling?"

"Weak." He raises his hand to her face, and she quickly takes it bringing it to her lips, then holding it to her cheek. "Are you ... alright?"

"Yes ... just worried about you."

"Where did you find the horse?"

She smiles, "I didn't. He found me." She reaches out and brushes her fingers down his cheek, as tears fill her eyes.

"Alex?" He tries to turn to her, wanting to take her in his arms, to stop her tears.

"No ... oh, Walker don't. I'm all right," she reaches out, placing her hand on his shoulders, pushing him back down. "I'm just so glad you're going to be all right." She leans over him, laying her head against his. "I was so scared."

He slides his arm around her, holding her gently to his side. "I'm going to be all right, Alex." He caresses her back with his hand. "But we need to get down off this mountain before the weather turns bad."

He attempts to get up but Alex holds him down, "Honey, you don't even have the strength to get up, so we're staying put until you're stronger."


"Don't you Alex me. We tried it your way and look what happened. Now ... we do it my way." She smiles at him, and slides out from under the cover and stands. "But I will need some help from you."

"I'm glad." Giving her one of his beautiful smiles, "How can I help you?"

"Well, I've seen rabbits all over the place, but I need you to show me how to set a trap." He patiently explains what she needs to gather, and then he shows her how to set it up. When she is sure she has the hang of it, she takes off out into the brush. Thirty minutes later she returns with a grin of triumph on her face. "All set, now I guess we wait."

While they wait Alex gives Walker some water, then goes back out in the brush to collect firewood, knowing if she is lucky enough to catch a rabbit, it will have to be cooked. She hasn't even caught one yet and already she's dreading the thought of dressing it out. A shiver runs through her just thinking about it. But she knows Walker needs food if he is going to get his strength back. After she has collected a sizable pile of branches, brought in more water, and checked Walker's bandages she goes to check on her rabbit trap.

When she comes back into camp, she's weeping softly. "Alex?" He says quietly. "What's the matter? Are you all right? Didn't the trap work?"

"Yes, it worked." Holding up a rabbit in her hand.

"It did? What's wrong then?"

"Nothing." She turns around holding the rabbit. "Now show me how to dress it out."

"Bring it here, Alex, let me do it."

"No! I'll do it. Just tell me what to do."

She gets the knife and following his instructions, all the while brushing tears from her eyes, she soon has the rabbit dressed out and on a spit over the fire. While it is cooking, she sits against the cave wall, quiet and subdued.

"Alex, come here." When she doesn't move, he starts edging toward her.

"No, I'll come to you."

When she is sitting beside him, he pulls her close and kisses her on the mouth lightly. "What's wrong Alex? Is it the rabbit?"

"Yes." She sits quietly for a few minutes, then snuggles her face into his neck. "I didn't think it would get to me like this. But ... I killed ... a bunny. A soft, furry little bunny."

"Honey, it was a necessity for our survival. It's not like you did it for sport." He caresses her back, talking softly into her hair. "Since I can't do it, you've become our breadwinner and I'm proud of you. You've taken charge and doing what has to be done." Kissing the top of her head, "And I couldn't have done it any better."


"Really." He tilts her head up and brushes the tears from her eyes, "Now, come on, lets eat."

Later after eating their fill of rabbit, Alex banks the fire and crawls into the sleeping bag and cuddles up into Walker's side, pulling the cover over both of them. With her head on his shoulder, his head lying against hers, she shuts her eyes.

She's just about asleep when she feels Walker restlessly moving beside her. "Walker, are you all right? Would you like some water?"


"What's wrong?"

He takes her hand, slides it down over his belly, to the hard bulge in his trousers, curling her hand around him, cupping him.

Alex, upon feeling his erection, smiles and kissing him on the shoulder she pulls open his trousers and works his erection free. Her fingers move over him barely touching, lightly caressing as she shifts herself under the cover. Her fingers trace the length of him, as she lowers her head, kissing him, then licking, her tongue moving softly over him, teasing then taking him into her mouth, sucking gently but deeply as his hips gently begin to move against her.

Walker groans, feeling the sensations flowing, letting himself go with them, and feeling the wave of pleasure building, his hand reaches out to find her, touch her. Feeling his hand she guides it down to the soft triangle of hair between her legs. He cups her, his fingers parting her flesh, finding her hot moistness, then sliding inside her. His fingers stroking, again and again, his thumb finding that small nub and massaging it gently, bringing soft moans as she pushes her hips against his hand. When the wave reaches the crest, his body stiffens as he's swept away with a flood of sensations, then slowly lowers him softly back to earth. Alex clamps her hand over his, holding it hard against her as passion finds its release, she curls herself around his hand, until the spasms slowly subside. She straightens then and turns around, snuggling close as he wraps his arm around her.

Walker lies still content in the afterglow of love, sleep is close, but his mind is full of this woman beside him. It never ceases to amaze him, how this lady can adapt to extenuating circumstances. This trip has reaffirmed his belief in her. The belief that she is capable of putting forth whatever it takes to survive. His lips touch her hair, thinking that if anything happened to him, she would never know that he loves her. Nuzzling his face through her hair, he whispers softly, "Alex, I love you, with all my heart." She mumbles into his neck and he smiles, knowing that she is asleep. He kisses her hair again and he shuts his eyes, hopefully, joining her in her dreams.

The next day, Alex gives Walker the okay to begin moving around, no lifting, nothing heavy, just walking to build up the strength in his legs. Alex sets another trap, catches another 'bunny', but her conscience is eased realizing it's a necessity. By the end of the day, Walker has convinced Alex they should start the trip down off the mountain come morning. After packing what little they want to take with them, they turn in, wanting to begin the trip at daybreak.

By the time the sun clears the horizon, the sleeping bags are rolled and what little they feel is necessary to get down the mountain, is packed on the horse.

"Walker, I want you to promise me, that if you start having problems, you'll ride, you can't afford to open that wound up again."

"Alex, I'm all right. Quit mothering me okay?"

She raises her eyebrow, "Oh, is that you think I'm doing?"

His eyes fasten on hers, "No." He pulls her into his arms, "That is definitely not what I think you're doing." Gives her a deep kiss, then taking her hand they begin walking, with Walker leading the horse.

They stop at noon, make a fire and warm the remains of the rabbit for their lunch. They jump when they hear a shout, and look up to see a small group of riders coming toward them.

It turns out the riders are a search party that had come looking for them after not returning within the week. They had found Ranger Sheridan and his deputy and three of the horses, of which two carried the bodies of the Rangers. On the trip back down the mountain they had seen the smoke from their fire and were surprised to see the Texas Ranger and his lady.

By the time the group arrives back in Cradle City, Walker and Alex are exhausted. Alex insists that Walker see a doctor and they are immediately taken to the small hospital.

Walking down the steps of the hospital, "See, I told I was all right."

"That may be, but I wanted to be sure." She looks from his face to see his truck sitting at the curb. "How...?"

"I had one of the guys to bring it over for me. Now ... can we go to the cabin? I'm exhausted, and I know you must be, too."

When they arrive at the cabin, they both stumble inside, slip their coats off, letting them fall to the floor. "Walker, I'm going to take a nice warm shower then I'm going to sleep for a week." Sitting down long enough to slip her boots off, she starts for the bathroom, shedding her clothes as she goes. Twenty minutes later, she comes out of the bathroom wearing a short gown and without looking at Walker, crawls into bed pulling the covers up around her head.

Walker is almost asleep when Alex comes out of the bathroom, smiles as she crosses the room and disappears under the blankets on the bed. He stands stiffly and takes his turn in the shower. Not up to digging through his luggage for clean underwear, he raises the covers just enough to slip under. Lying flat on his back, he locates Alex's hand under the blankets, sighs deeply and closes his eyes.

When Walker wakes he's half on his side holding Alex in his arms, her head on his shoulder, their legs tangled together. He touches his lips to her hair lightly not wanting to wake her. Totally enjoying the sensation of holding her close to him. Realizing there is another part of his anatomy that is enjoying it, too. They're wound together, soft against hard, hairy against smooth, a blending of two people that are perfectly attuned to each other. One completes the other. A wondrous combination of the rugged and virile with the soft and feminine. Two people who are deeply committed to one another whether they realize it or not.

She lies there several minutes without opening her eyes, knowing she's wrapped in Walker's arms. It's a place that assures her of love, contentment, and security. Her lips turn up at the corners when she feels his lips touch her hair. Her fingers resting in the mat of hair on his chest slowly begin to curl and uncurl moving lightly over his still tender skin. As her hand trails over his stomach following the hair as it tapers down his abdomen. Her smile widens when she realizes he's as naked as the day he came into this world. Hearing the swift intake of his breath, she raises her head, letting his mouth cover hers in a sweet tender kiss, then another and another with each one becoming deeper than the one before. His tongue slips between her lips, tasting her, enticing her tongue to play with his.

Sliding his hands beneath her gown, which is bunched up around her waist, he touches her breasts. He holds their fullness and kneads them, aware of their swelling at his touch. He quickly pulls her gown over her head, and feasts his eyes on her soft mounds. With thumb and forefinger he touches her nipple, rolling it slowly, tugging it taut. Making a low hungry sound, he quickly ducks his head, taking it into his hot mouth. Closing her eyes against the sweet torment, she cries his name and arches closer.

Their legs untangle, letting their bodies touch from knees to chest. Rubbing her face in his chest hair she brushes kisses across his nipples.

She reaches up tightening her hands in his hair, drawing his head down to her. She opens her lips to his, pliant, eager for the taste of him. Her tongue slips into his mouth to join with his.

Her hand glides down his back, stroking, kneading. Walker kisses her again, more deeply, his tongue seeking, stabbing her with its heat. Her breasts nestle against the fine mat of dark hair that covers his chest. Her fingers stroke the soft fur, tracing tiny circles in the curls, outlines his nipples, nipples as hard as hers.

Walker's hand brushes across her breast; his fingertips circle them, teases the sensitive tips before sliding sensuously down her belly. His hand slips between her thighs, rubbing her lightly, making her arch against him as she instinctively seeks release.

She's soft and hot and wet. He strokes her, fingers parting her trembling flesh, sliding up and down the juncture of her, and finding the hard little bud at the center of her being.

Sensations assail her as he rubs her there, lightly at first, than harder and faster as she opens to him, pushing against his hand, straining toward the pleasure she knows is coming.

A flood of pleasure explodes through her, she stiffens, gasping, crying out, then suddenly Walker pushes his fingers deep inside her, thrusting them in and out of her frantically as she rides the tide of ecstasy, as her body, still trembling with the aftermath of her climax. Before she knows what is happening he is over her, his hands on her thighs, spreading them wide. Opening her eyes she sees Walker bent over her, his hand around his turgid member, guiding it to her, pushing it against her, rubbing and exciting the key to her pleasure again. In seconds, he plunges into her, swift, hard, and deep.

Her mouth opens to cry out, but he covers it with his, his tongue mimicking the movements of his body as he withdraws, then thrusts deeply once more. His hand is upon her mound, kneading her, so the pleasure builds within her again and she knows nothing but him, the feel of him throbbing inside her, stretching and molding her as the pace accelerates feverishly, as does her own. She clings to him tightly, instinctively wrapping her legs around him, arching her hips to meet each powerful stroke as once more he carries her over the edge into the subliminal abyss of ecstasy. As she falls, Walker can hold back no longer, he shudders convulsively against her, burying his head against her shoulder, his breathing matching hers as he spills inside her.

It's several long minutes before either one can move, then Walker realizing that he is still sprawled on top of her, slides off to her side. Both lying flat on their backs still reeling from the intense loving they had just shared. Alex rolls into Walker's side, her head on his shoulder, his arm coming around her, holding her close. A soft whisper, "Oh, God ... Walker ... that was... What was that?"

An equally soft whisper, "I ... don't know." He tilts her head up, looking into her face. "Did I hurt you?"

"Oh, no. No, you didn't hurt me." She places a kiss on his chin and snuggles close again. "That's not ... what you did ... to me."

Eyes close, serenity sets in, "I ... think we should probably start back to Dallas tomorrow, don't you?"

Walker thought she had gone to sleep, but finally she says, "I guess."

"We'll go ... in the morning, then, okay?"

"Um mm." As she snuggles closer, Walker pulls the blankets over the both of them and closes his eyes.

With a deep sigh, "Tomorrow ...

The End