Sweat Lodge

By Sissy (sissy@svs.net)

Chris (ckline-usa@foreverliving.com)

“Alex, honey, you’re wound tighter than a spring.”

“I know, darling. This has really been a delicate case and trying to handle it with kid gloves has every nerve in my body screaming and every muscle wound tight.  I feel like I’m ready to explode. Thank God it goes to the jury, tomorrow.”

“Well, I know just how to take care of those sore muscles. Don’t make any plans for the weekend, okay?”

“I don’t know Walker, I’m not sure I’m going to feel like going anywhere this weekend. I just want to fill up the tub with warm water and stay there all weekend.”

“It’s not really a trip. Well, it’s a short drive, but it’ll be worth it. You’ll see.” He kisses her gently on the lips, and slides his arm around her waist. “Come on, finish your chili and I’ll take you home.”

Just then, C.D. slides into the seat across from them, “Alex, how are you doing?  It looks like this trial is about to do you in.”

“I’ll be okay, C.D. It’s almost over; goes to the jury tomorrow and hopefully, they won’t take too long to make a decision. As soon as the verdict is in, I get a week off to recuperate.”  She hides a yawn behind her hand. “Walker, I think I’d better go, before I fall asleep right here.”

Walker stands, takes her hand, and as she slides out, they turn back to C.D. “Goodnight C.D. See you tomorrow.”

“Alex, hang in there, honey, it’ll be over tomorrow.”

As they walk up to her apartment door, “Walker, do you want to come in for coffee?”

“I’ll come in but only if you let me make you a cup of tea. It’ll help you relax a little before bed.”

“You got a deal.” She stands aside to let him unlock the door, and after they enter, he pushes it shut and goes to the kitchen to start brewing the tea.

“I think while you fix the tea, I’ll go to take a shower.” She yawns again, and starts pulling her jacket off as she enters her bedroom.

“Okay, Alex. The tea will be ready when you come out.”

Alex comes out twenty minutes later with one of Walker’s shirts on, sits down on the couch, drawing her legs up underneath her. “How long is Jimmy going to be gone, I thought he was due back today?”

“He was but now he won’t be back until next Wednesday, I guess they want him to learn a new program for the computer.” Walker brings in two cups of tea and sits down beside her, offering her one. She takes it, blowing on it then sips quietly. He watches her for a minute than takes the cup from her hands, and sits both cups on the coffee table. “Alex, turn around,” She turns her back to him and he starts massaging her neck and shoulder muscles, kneading gently, until the knots slowly loosen. He feels her relaxing, her body giving in to the gentle rubbing, “Come on, Alex, I’m putting you to bed.” With that he picks her up in his arms and carries her to the bedroom. He pulls the blankets back, lays her down, then covers her and gives her a tender kiss on the forehead, “Go to sleep, hon. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Goodnight, darling… Walker?” He turns to look at her. “Thank you.”

He nods, “Goodnight, hon.” turns the lights out, and goes out the door.


“The prosecution rests your honor.” As Alex turns back to the prosecutors’ table, she sees Walker sitting in the back row. He winks and gives her a smile. She flashes him a smile in return and, sitting down, feels her heart rate increase. She takes a deep breath as a calmness settles over her.

The jury is given deliberation instructions by the judge and, as they file out, Alex stands and starts putting papers back in her briefcase. Feeling Walker’s presence close, she turns and smiles at him, “I’m ready, let’s get outta here.”

Leaving the courthouse, he directs her to the Ram. As they pull out into traffic, Alex notices that they are traveling in the opposite direction of C.D.’s. “Where are we going, Walker?”

“I thought we’d go to Café Marina for lunch. It’s fairly close in case the jury comes back early and they call you.”

“I don’t think it will take the jury long, but I think it will be longer than a lunch hour. It would be nice, though.”

“Who said we’d only be gone an hour? We could take a really long lunch hour, couldn’t we?” He reaches over and takes her hand in his and brings it to his check, holding it there.

“What kind of plans do you have for this weekend? Didn’t you say something about taking care of these tight muscles?”

“I sure did, but we’ll discuss that after lunch. Just relax now and think happy thoughts.”

At the Café Marina, they have a light meal, without interruption, and as they drink their coffee, Walker notices that Alex looks exhausted. He knows that what he has planned for the weekend will make her feel much better, IF he can convince her to go with him. “Come on, Alex, I’m taking you home, maybe you can get a couple of hours rest before the jury comes in.”

She’s tired enough not to argue with him. Without any urging, she gets up and lets him guide her back out to the truck.

On the way to her apartment, Alex calls her office to let them know where to reach her in case the jury returns.


At her apartment, he helps her slip out of her suit and when she lies down on the bed, he covers her with a blanket from a chair.

Returning to the kitchen, Walker makes himself a cup of coffee and takes it out to the balcony. On his way through the living room, he picks up the cordless phone and takes it out with him in case anyone calls.

As he rocks gently on the glider, he thinks about the plans he’s made for the weekend. He’s not sure if he can convince Alex to go with him. He decides that the best thing to do is not tell her where they’re going until tonight. C.D. has planned a victory party for this evening if the jury comes back this afternoon, which everyone is hoping will happen. Walker decides that he’ll tell her what he has planned after the party.

The ringing of the phone brings him out of his reverie; he quickly picks it up. “Cahill’s.” He listens for several minutes, “Yes, I’ll tell her, she’ll be there in about 30 minutes.” He hangs up the phone and heads back into the apartment. Just as he enters the living room, he sees Alex come out of the bedroom. He looks at her and nods. She ducks back into the bedroom, returning in a few minutes fully dressed.


Alex stands as the jury is brought back to the courtroom. The judge asks if the verdict has been reached and the foreman responds, “Yes, your honor.” The judge is handed the verdict by the bailiff, looks at it and has the bailiff return it to the foreman.

“Would you please read the verdict, Mr. Foreman?”

“We, the jury, find the defendant, Gilbert Johnson, guilty of murder in the first degree.”

Alex smiles, visibly relaxes and sits down. Pandemonium breaks loose as everyone comes up to congratulate Alex on her victory. She stands to accept the accolades and, as the crowd starts to thin out, Alex feels Walker’s presence. She turns to see him standing at her side with a warm smile on his face, “Are you ready to go?” She nods, puts her papers in her briefcase, then turns and lets Walker guide her out through the crowd.

They head back to her office to drop off her briefcase and check messages, then head to her apartment so she can change into something more comfortable for the victory party at C.D.’s.


Walker and Alex arrive at C.D.’s around 6:00 p.m. “We won’t stay long Alex, I know you’re exhausted, but everyone that’s been in your corner from the beginning are here. They know how much this case meant to you and they all just want to let you know how proud they are of you and help you celebrate your victory.”

An hour later the party is still in full swing, Walker and Alex are standing side by side talking to some friends when Walker feels her lean heavily against him. He slips his arm around her waist to support her, leans in and whispers, “Let’s tell C.D. goodbye and head for home. I don’t think anyone will mind or even notice if we leave now.”

Noticing that he isn’t taking her home, “Walker, were are you taking me? I’m not up for anymore celebrating. All I want is a hot bath and a warm bed.”

“I’m taking you to the ranch, I need to pick up a few things then we’re going to the reservation to see Sam. He’s setting up a sweat lodge for you. The best thing in the world for tight muscles and frazzled nerves.”


“No arguments, now, Alex. Just listen to Dr. Walker.” He smiles at her warmly, puts his arm around her, and pulls her close into his side.

“Dr. Walker?” She giggles. “I’m too tired to argue with you so I guess we’re going to the reservation.” She then snuggles up against him.


They had picked up the few things that Walker needed and are on their way to the reservation by 9:00 p.m. Alex is lying with her head resting on Walker’s thigh as he drives, feeling content just being close to him.

He looks down at her, wondering if any man has any right to feel as happy as he feels at this moment. He starts to touch her then pulls back, not wanting to disturb her. The love he has for this woman is more than he has ever felt before, even with Ellen. Alex has infiltrated every part of his body and every aspect of his life.

As Walker stops in front of Sam’s house, Alex sits up and looks around, a little disoriented, but complaining muscles quickly remind her of why she is here.

“Washo, you made good time. It’s been awhile, how are you? Alex, congratulations on your victory.” Takes her hand in his, “The sweat lodge will soon take all the kinks out and soothe your frazzled nerves. Washo knows what he’s talking about, trust him.”

“I sure hope so, Sam.”

Sam turns and, with Walker and Alex following, leads the way down a path that takes them through the trees and down by the river. About 150 yards from his house they find a hut that has a small fire in front of it and two sleeping bags spread out on the ground. “Take your time, Washo, no one will bother you here.” He shakes Walkers’ hand, turns and walks away, disappearing into the night.

Walker looks into the hut, and seeing that everything is ready, turns to Alex, “Take your clothes off, hon, and wrap this towel around you. I’ll go to the other side and do the same.”

“No, Walker, stay here… please?” He looks into her eyes sensing a little anxiety, he unbuttons his shirt, then takes it off. She watches him for a few seconds, than starts removing her clothes as well. As the last of his clothes is removed, he takes a towel and wraps it around his waist. He picks up the other towel and as Alex removes the last of her clothes, looking for all the world like a goddess in his eyes, he wraps the towel around her. Then taking her hand, they enter the sweat lodge.

Sitting on blankets, “Alex, just relax, clear your mind and let the steam work. I’ll be right here beside you. If you feel the heat getting to you, tell me, and I’ll take you out, okay?”

She nods, and shuts her eyes, wills her body to relax.

Thirty minutes later, Walker carries Alex out of the sweat lodge and lays her down on the sleeping bag. He fastens both bags together, and taking off their damp towels, he slips his shirt around Alex and pulls on his jeans. He draws the other bag over them. Laying her head on his shoulder, they both finally give in to the feeling of complete tranquillity that the sweat lodge has induced and enter the realm of sleep.

Alex slowly wakes feeling totally content. The day is just barely showing light and she realizes that she is lying along side of Walker, her head on his shoulder, and her arm across his bare chest. She slowly draws her fingers through the soft fur there, feels the ridges of his muscles, then follows the fur down over his stomach to where it disappears into his jeans.

Walker stirs, tightening his arms and pulling her closer. She looks into his eyes, eyes that show the same desire that’s burning in hers. He lies still, trying to control the fire that has been ignited in his groin.

But the desire has already swept through Alex. She pushes herself against his hard frame and seals her lips to his tightly, sliding her tongue between his lips.

Walker’s control nearly shatters into a thousand pieces when her tongue presses into his mouth. He hears her tiny cry and holds her more firmly, even as she pushes up against him. Although his embrace is strong, even demanding, he continues to keep the touch of his hands gentle, his mouth slow as the kiss deepens and grows in intensity. 

Alex moves one hand slowly, firmly down his side and around to his stomach. It rests at the top of his jeans for just a moment before circling his waist and coming to rest on his lower back. She releases his mouth and presses her lips to his chest and flicks the tip of her tongue across one nipple and he looses what is left of his control. Walker pulls her lower body tight against his with one hand and slides his other hand down between them, seeking and finding the open throat of her shirt.  He quickly thumbs the buttons, till the shirt falls open. He cups her breast gently as his thumb begins to brush slowly over her nipple, already tightened with arousal. She feels the heat from his hand ripple over her skin, feels the evidence of his desire pressed firmly into her lower body as she melts into him. She moves against him, and is rewarded when a stifled moan rumbles in his throat. She moves her hand back to the button on his jeans, pushing it free, then tugs at his pants. Walker reaches down and quickly slides them off and pushes them to the bottom of the sleeping bag. She moves back up against him, her arms going around his neck pulling his mouth to hers again, kissing him hungrily, and groaning as she pulls his tongue into her mouth. He rolls her beneath him as they continue to kiss. He slowly sinks into her wraps his arms around her as he begins to move within her. Slowly at first, but increasing the speed, sending peaks of pleasure with each thrust until the wild sensation takes them like a tidal wave crashing into oblivion.

As their senses slowly return and their hearts quiet to a steady beat, Walker rolls to the side, keeping Alex wrapped in his arms. He murmurs into her hair, “I take it the sweat lodge took care of your tight muscles?”

“Either that or the exercise we just had.” She whispers, “but either way the tightness is gone.”

“See, I told you. Just what the doctor ordered.”

“Do you know what I want for a wedding present?”

“What’s that?”

“A sweat lodge in the basement at the ranch.”

The End