SWEET TOOTH…another story written by Arla for 2 other characters..changed to fit our favorite couple!!

It was very late and the bedroom was lit only by the moonlight coming through the window.  Walker had found that despite his tiredness he couldn't sleep and so in order not to wake his fiancée with his restless tossing, he had got up and moved to sit in the chair in the corner of the room.  Walker listened as Alex stirred and then watched her as she slipped out of bed and padded quietly to the bathroom. He smiled softly and picked up another candy from the package beside him.

Several minutes later Alex stepped out of the bathroom. The light from the bathroom behind her added it's glow to that of the moonlight and it was enough for her to see Walker sitting in the chair clothed only in the boxers he had worn to bed.

"Walker?" she questioned softly and moved towards him. "What's wrong?"

Walker watched his fiancée as she glided towards him and smiled appreciatively at her chosen sleep wear. She was wearing the nightie that he had given her as a birthday gift. It was made from a cream-colored silk and was very short. The hem of the garment ended just a few inches below her butt, affording him an excellent view of her long slender legs. The light from behind her high-lighted the sheer material telling him that underneath she wasn't wearing any panties.

"Walker?" Alex’s concerned voice asked again.

"Nothing's wrong Alex," he replied softly. "I just couldn't sleep and didn't want to wake you. Go back to bed."

Alex continued towards him and smiled when she drew into the circle of light provided by the moonlight. "What on earth are you eating?" she asked when she saw the candy package on the desk.

"Gummy worms." Walker grinned and held one up for her to see.

"I haven't had those in years. Where did you get them?"

"I found them in the Ram and couldn’t resist. I guess Trivette left them there.  Wanna share?" he grinned.

Alex nodded and closed the distance between them. Since there was no where else nearby to sit, she straddled his legs with her own and slid onto his thighs. She smiled wickedly when she saw the desire flare to life in his dark eyes. She took the candy worm from his unresisting grasp and put one end into her mouth.  "This would be one hell of a lot more fun if you would help me." she muttered, the gummy worm dangling from her lips.

Walker grinned and then picked up the other end, placing it between his teeth.

Slowly they began eating, lips drawing closer as the gummy worm disappeared. Both paused, lips a hair's-breadth from each other, breaths mingling and then the candy was gone. Lips met, caressing lightly and then more forcefully as desire grew, tongues twining about each other, the sweet taste of candy mingling as the kiss deepened.

After a long moment they parted breathlessly. "Mmm, I'll never look at a gummy worm in the same context ever again." Walker murmured.

Alex chuckled and slipped her arms from around his neck. Her hands dropped and caressed the broad expanse of his chest, fingers combing through the light dusting of hair she found there.  "Care to try another one?" Alex asked with a wicked grin and rocked her hips suggestively, pressing herself closer to his growing hardness.  Desire ran like quick-silver through her veins as Walker  picked up another gummy worm, placing it between their lips and they began again.

Walker’s large hands dropped to Alex’s thighs caressing the warm silky flesh. The hem of her nightgown inched slowly upwards until his hands spanned her slender waist. Alex removed her hands from his chest long enough to pull the garment from her body, tossing it over her shoulder to land in some unseen spot. Her hands then returned to Walker's chest, skimming lightly, fingernails lightly scraping and teasing as they moved downwards. They

continued in their quest until her fingers reached his waist and then they undid the single button on his boxers freeing his hot, hard length.  Walker moaned into Alex’s mouth as her cool fingers wrapped around him and began to stroke in the slow steady rhythm that she knew he liked.

Thoughts of gummy worms where burned away in the white hot flame of their raging desire. As tongues moved and twined hungrily about each other, Walker's hand slipped between the close press of their bodies cupping the delta of moist curls at the apex of her thighs. He slipped a questing finger inside, seeking out her wetness before finding the tight bud of her desire.

Alex gave a sound that was half gasp half moan and arched her back as Walker's finger made first electric contact with her bud and began teasing it expertly.  Minutes later she screamed her pleasure as he brought her to a shattering climax. While Alex was still reeling in the pleasant aftershocks, Walker's hands once more spanned her waist and gently raised her up. Alex  helped by pushing her feet against the floor and bracing her hands on his shoulders until she was poised above his aching, throbbing member.

Walker's hands braced her as Alex lowered herself onto his shaft and took him deep into her body. She growled, deep in her throat as his girth filled and stretched her.  Walker’s  lips captured hers once more in a fierce kiss as Alex raised her legs and hooked her ankles together behind the chair.

They moved together, bodies meeting each other thrust for thrust as arousal built to a fever pitch. Alex was the first to be thrown over the pinnacle. She pulled her lips from Walker's and threw her head back, screaming her lover's name as she reached orgasm. Alex dropped her head, wrapping her arms around Walker's neck and pressing her lips to his sweat damp skin as he continued to pump into her.

"Alex!" Walker howled as he came and her body accepted his hot seed.

She held him tightly through the sweet aftershocks and then pulled away to look into his eyes.  "Next time you have a sweet tooth, let me know." she giggled softly.

Walker grinned and pressed a kiss to her pert nose. "I promise. You'll be the first to know."

"I'd better be." she threatened and playfully tugged on a couple of chest hairs.

"Ouch!" Walker laughed and stilled her hands. "I promise." he murmured again in a soft whisper and brushed a kiss across her hands.

"Alright then." Alex replied softly. "Now come to bed. We have a long day tomorrow."

Walker nodded and helped her off his lap.  Alex stepped away to retrieve her night gown and slipped it back on.

Navigating by the moonlight still filtering in through the lace curtains, he made his way back to the bed and slipped in beside Alex. Rolling over he pulled her close until she was tucked safely against his side and she settled her head on his chest. "Sweet dreams Alex” he whispered softly as he brushed a kiss across her head.

"You too." she murmured in a sleepy whisper.

Walker smiled, closing his eyes and followed Alex into dreams.

The End