(Another alternative ending to "The Wedding" ... by Dee)

      Secluded in the bushes, Drell surveyed scrupulously as his well executed plan took shape.  Anticipating just the right instant.  The moment he would take revenge on the people who put him away for five years.  Five years of his life squandered in a lousy prison!  Five years of dreaming about this day!  The day he'd personally see to it that Assistant District Attorney Alex Cahill was made to pay. 

    Drell watched as the melee continued.  His mind was almost laughing now.  The screams, the hysteria, the fighting filling it with the sounds and scenes he had longed for all those years in the solitude of his cell.  Concern rose up within him as he observed one man, dressed in a tux, deftly take down three of his men using only his hands and feet with lethal force. No matter.  They were expendable.  And this man, with his red hair and composed manner, was standing isolated now, searching.  He was expendable too.  Drell focused his sight on the man's chest,  pausing as he saw him smile.  This was too simple!  Alex Cahill was approaching the man, they were smiling at each other!  Drell felt a bolt of euphoria.  All he had to do was hit his mark and he'd be gone before anyone knew what had happened!

    Walker let a smile slip when he spotted Alex and saw her relieved smile in return.  As they walked toward each other, Walker couldn't avoid being transfixed by her loveliness.  Even disheveled, Alex Cahill glowed.  He felt his pulse quicken at her approach, exuberance and love more than filling his heart, even in the mist of the surrounding confusion.

     "Are you OK, Alex?" Walker ventured, the concern in his voice apparent.

     "Yes." came her reply, slightly winded, full of relief in seeing he was fine. 

     Walker's face took on a thoughtful but calm demeanor, just the implication of a smile on his lips.  All he could see was Alex, brushing a stray hair back, walking toward him.  She was the woman he was going to spend the rest of his life with.  The woman he was being given a second opportunity at love with.

     After all this time, Walker had finally acknowledged to himself he wouldn't want to live a life without Alex.  He admitted to himself that he needed to know Alex would be with him eternally, more than she would ever comprehend, more than she herself would need him.  The wedding and last night's close call with a shooter had just driven home the point.  He loved Alex, and Walker knew she understood this, knew she understood him, but it was time to let go of the apprehension and make the commitment. 

     Alex was beaming, her beautiful blue eyes shining her love for him.  Her excitement transforming this situation beyond the chaos around them and into a private world that only the two of them could see, just by gazing into each others eyes.

       "Now, what is it that you wanted to ask me?" Alex voiced in such an exhilarated tone, her anticipation and delight teeming beyond her words and filling the space between them.

      Walker felt himself smile inside.  Just like Alex, getting right to the point!  Just like Alex to be so impatient!  They hadn't even performed a sweep of the area, or handcuffed the suspects and she wanted to get right to it.

     This was not how Walker had depicted this moment.   Hesitation crept in, but was hastily followed by acceptance.  Alex has waited long enough, he thought.  She's impatient for the question, but God knows she's waited long enough for me to reason this out.  No one else would have waited.  No one else could have waited  No one else could have taken the stresses and disappointments.  No one else has ever stood by me through it all, not like Alex has.  It won't be romantic and we'll both probably end up working through the night to get this case rolling, but the time is right.  The mess today just validates it.  Walker had made up his mind and he wasn't going to take any more chances.  The time was right!  He would ask Alex to be his wife.  He'd just have to make the romantic part up to her afterward.  That was continually the way with them anyway!  Walker's inward smile grew larger.

     Drell's hand pulled the trigger ....

     The shot rang out.  The screams and commotion piercing a crater in the realm that Alex and Walker had spent the last few seconds in alone.  Alex's face was distraught, full of fear, her arms reaching for him, her scared, tiny voice whispering his name with a breath of anguish as she drew near ... "Walker..."

      Reality faded to white and quickly returned as Walker felt the searing stab into his heart.  Hoarsely, he repeated her name, "Alex, Alex....Alex...." hearing the echo continue in his terrified mind.  He could perceive her body against his own.  His mind could see her blood on his hand.  "Oh my God ..."   Walker went numb.  It was happening again! 

     Scenes flashed through his mind, in rapid succession, Walker recalling each detailed second.  Alex's loving smile for him during the wedding ... the shooter collapsing in the junkyard ... Trivette's grin ... Alex, eyes wide, gazing at the stars.  

     The pain was inconceivable, ripping into his soul ... his body was trembling out of control now, his senses on the brink of explosion.

     The images continued ... Alex sobbing and reaching for him ... his parents, arm and arm at the carnival ... Alex giggling ... C.D. at the bar, his face scowling over a chess board ... the joy in Faith's face as she took her first steps ... Ellen holding a rose ... Uncle Ray building the ranch ... Trivette drawing his weapon ... the kids in their gis ... Alex on New Year's Eve.

     The pain overwhelmed even Walker's powerful body, his very being screaming for relief ... the reflections were accelerating now, blurring together scenes and times, his mind unable to decipher them until just a solitary thought remained ... Alex.         

     Walker was lost in the images of his memory.  The blackness blocking out any knowledge of time or the world around him.  The excruciating torment placed on both his body and mind too much for him to bear. 

     Slowly, Walker opened his heavy eyes, not remembering closing them.  He was burning, his body hurting and throbbing.  His throat felt like sandpaper, his mouth gasping the unfamiliar air in short takes.  His shocked body prostrate and weighted with fatigue.  A faint sound reached out to him.

   "Walker?" ...  his hand registered a squeeze, his eyes struggling to focus in it's direction.

     Gradually the image came into view.  The clutch on his hand tightened and Walker struggled to return it's assurance, his mind still reeling from the turmoil.

     A hand brushed softly across his forehead and remained on his beard as a tender kiss was planted on his cheek.

     "Everything's fine Walker.  Just relax.  You've been through so much, but everything's fine."  The soft voice was comforting, but laced with emotion.

     Walker's eyes closed briefly, then opened again, his face showing the battle to understand what had happened.

     Alex smiled through her tears, perceiving Walker's uncertainty. 

     "Walker? ... It's OK if you don't remember.  The doctors said it would take some time.  Just take it easy.  I'm going to stay right here with you, holding on to you all the way."  Alex placed her head gently against his.

     He couldn't make the words come out, Walker's weaken body not permitting him even a small amount of communication.  He moved his head, sluggishly, side to side.  Alex gazed into his eyes, understanding his questions.

     "I thought I lost you Walker."  The terror now evident on her face.  Alex closed her eyes and took in a deep breath, steadying herself from the thoughts.  "You were shot Walker... at the wedding.  Jimmy got him before he had a chance to shoot me too.  I'm so sorry Walker ... he was after me."  

Dee's Disclaimer:

As with all the other fanfic writers ... I have no connection or claim to WTR, Top Kick Productions, or it's characters.  If CBS or any lawyers are reading this - it's PURE fiction folks ... about fictional characters!  They are not real.  I know this, so I don't even wish to own any part of them!  Any scenes seeming to portray real life are based only on my life ... and no one would pay for it's story, so there is no need to worry about my profiting from it's sale.  I have never been wealthy and do not want to be wealthy - goals keep me humble and focused, wealth would spoil this. This story is for entertainment purposes only, and does not necessarily reflect the views of WTR, Top Kick, CBS, CN and AN, or anyone else connected with the show.  (Please, like you didn't know this ... there's hardly any butt-kicking!)  


To all who've encouraged me to write, chatted and mailed me, and made me LOL ... most notably ... The Pod, W's  Wild Woman, and The Steam room crew!  I found you all by accident ... a total mistake ... while researching info on Texas for a friends child's state project.   WTR, CBS and CN owe you all, cuz now I'm a fan.  You never know how your life will touch another person's life and I just want you all to know you've all touched mine.  (OK ... enough of the 'angel' seriousness here ... I'll also NEVER be able to hear the words "May I?"  "thigh" or "briefs" again without thinking of you all!  Picture me, fifty years from the old folks home.... LOL when some young male nurse says "MAY I ... take your tray?"  Yup ... you guys have touched me!  Dee  :)