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Despite this being my own (very) short story, Iím not sure I agree with my own conclusion.†† Some days I think Ďyes, they have.í† Other days I think Ďno, they havenít.í† In either case, I find it fascinating that, after all these years, the audience still isnít sure.† Thatís very rare in todayís graphic television market.


June 2000

Jimmy discreetly tried to watch as they poured themselves a coffee.† Theyíd always eaten and drank after each other, so the one mug they were filling didnít prove anything.† As they talked, Trivette saw them smile at each other, laugh, and steal gazes.† Nothing new.† Even his hand at her elbow as they walked back to the desk didnít confirm anything.

Jimmy was growing frustrated.† He knew it was none of his business.† C.D. had told him that so many times, but he still felt he had to know.† Knowing now would help clear up questions that had plagued him in the past; it would crystallize some memories, and make them more real.† The two of them were a big part of him.† In subtle and personal ways, the answer to this question would impact his life.† Pretending to go through a new stack of papers, he snuck another peek.

She was beside him, leaning in towards him and a file they had opened.† He was seated, so he had to lean forward to see what she was pointing at.† Their heads were almost touching.† Suddenly, she looked at her watch.† By her expression, Jimmy guessed she must be running late.† Thatís when Jimmy saw it.

She leaned over to whisper something in his ear.† A deep, crimson blush spread across his entire face.† She pulled back and gave him a small smile before leaving.†† He stared after her for a few moments, the blush still fully evident.

Thatís it!† Jimmy thought excitedly.† That had never happened before.† Trivette instinctively knew that she had just made a promise she could now keep.† The blush had said it all.† Jimmy smiled to himself.† C.D.ís gut feeling had been right after all.† They had waited.

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