The Baby Cometh

By Vonnie (

& Chris (

Alex walks into the nursery, looking around at the finished room, with the dressing table, the crib, and the rocking chair with the lamp beside it, all just waiting for the small bundle. Her eyes wander back to the crib, outfitted in soft shades of yellow, green, blues and pinks.  She lays one hand on her bulging belly and raises the other to lightly send a set of wind chimes, hanging by the window, to tinkling, the sunshine coming in the window, catching the movement, sending brilliant pieces of colored light bouncing around the room.

“Do you like it?” she whispers to the tiny person who is resting snug and secure within her body.

She hears footsteps coming up the stairs, and the baby begins his gymnastics in her stomach.  As always when Walker is nearby, the baby seems, for some obscure reason (maybe a Cherokee connection?), to be excited by his presence. The baby is moving and gushing with cheerful energy, Alex winces as it turns and kicks heartily.

Walker is pulled into the room by the sound of the chimes, sees Alex and moves up behind her. He pulls her hair to the side and kisses her softly on the back of the neck then slides his arms around her waist, pulling her back against him. She turns her head for his kiss as his hands drop down to wrap around the bulge of her abdomen. When the baby stirs and kicks against the pressure of his hand, he begins to softly rub her belly, and the baby gradually ceases his kicks and pushes.  As he feels the baby’s action quiet Walker’s face relaxes into a rare, shining smile that transforms him, washing away the worry and pain that has marked his day, bringing out a seldom seen boyish look.

“He sure is getting anxious, isn’t he?”  Turning her around in his arms, he kisses her with more passion. “How’re you doing? You getting any rest?” He nuzzles her neck with soft kisses then moving down he slides his tongue into her cleavage.

“To much, I’m bored.” Alex moans, throws her head back, wanting more. 

“Maybe we can fix that … a little.” He slides his hands up under her maternity smock, rubbing his hands softly over her belly before moving up to slide his fingers under the edge of her bra. Feeling her swollen breasts, he caresses them gently before moving around to her back to free them.  He lifts the smock over her head and slides the bra straps off her shoulders. His eyes take in the very pregnant woman in his arms, “God, you’re beautiful,” he says in a husky voice.

Desire sweeping through her, she murmurs, “for an elephant,” before Walker covers her mouth with his, probing deep with his tongue. Gasps push their way up from deep inside her to find release against his lips. She slides her hand down between them and touches his manhood, as it strains against his jeans. She fumbles at the button, then the zipper. Taking him into her hand, he groans, then presses himself against her hand, as she softly caresses the length of him. “Cordell,” a raspy voice full of desire, “please.”

He bends over and scoops her up into his arms, carrying her quickly to their bedroom. He yanks the blankets back and lays her gently down on the bed. He finishes undressing her, then discards his clothes on the floor with hers. Stretching out beside her, his hands and lips begin moving over her body, touching, teasing, and nibbling.

Her body feels like every nerve is stretched to its limit. When his hand slides down over her belly to cup her, she feels his fingers slide inside her and her hips, of their own accord, move with him, as he pushes them deep, she groans, twists her body with the pleasure that’s building rapidly. She vaguely feels him shift, the lifting of her hips, then he’s plunging his tongue into the center of her heat. She screams, drives her hips up as sensation rams into sensation. Her body tightens and he moves up to kiss her then holds her tight, letting her come down in his arms.

As he holds her in his arms, he feels her hands moving down to take him, stroking him, caressing him, “Alex …” he murmurs. She pushes him back onto the bed and maneuvers herself down his length, letting her hands brush softly over his chest, bringing his nipples to erection, then farther down to tangle in the hair surrounding his manhood.  She gently squeezes the soft sac as she kisses him before taking him into her mouth, bringing deep growls up from his soul. He reaches down, tangling his fingers in her hair, trying to pull her away before he spills his seed. He is so close to losing it all when she suddenly sits up and straddles him, “Alex, are you suppose to …?”

“It’s all right,” she gasps as she slides down on him, slowly, “this way … my way” and begins rocking gently. He keeps his hands on her hips, letting her set the pace. He feels the roar of pleasure climbing higher as she continues to move over him, her pace steadily increasing. She feels his fingers link with hers, holding tight, as she rides to the top of the crest with him. His name tumbles from her lips as he rushes to the peak with her.

Breathing heavily, she moves off of him and lies down beside him, as he wraps his arms around her, holding as tight as he can with her huge belly between them.

Fully sated and content with life, they languish in the afterglow of their love. “Alex, are you sure about…?”

“Yes, honey, I’ve still got about six weeks to go. But this is may be the last for quite a while. I wanted this at least one more time before the doctor puts a stop to it.” She brushes her hands through the soft hair on his chest, “Six weeks after the baby comes will be an awfully long time.” Begins kissing his chest, then stretches up to place a kiss on his lips.

“I know. That will be a long time not to able to touch you. But the time will go fast with the baby and all.” ‘I hope.’

She sits up, “I need to go fix dinner.” She smiles at him and grabs his hand, “Come on, hon, help me get up. I feel like a beached whale.” Walker takes her hand and helps her up.

“A very beautiful beached whale, though.” He helps her dress, than slides his jeans on, and they go downstairs to start fixing supper.


Two days later when Alex sees the Doctor, he indeed tells her, “No more sexual intercourse until further notice.”  He hears a small groan from Alex, smiles and says, “Now, Alex, you’re getting pretty close and we don’t want any problems now, do we?”  He gets a small “No” from her and pats her on the shoulder, then tells the nurse to help Alex get dressed, “Alex, you’ve dropped down now so in reality you could come at any time, so be prepared.  I want to see you back in here next week, if I don’t see you before, okay?”

Alex is helped to sit up, then looking at the Doctor, “But I thought I still had six weeks to go.”

The doctor turns to face her, “I don’t know where you got your figures, young lady, but you are at the final stage. If you’re lucky you might make three weeks.”

Thinking about the love she had shared with her husband just two days ago. “Ahh … Dr. Keats, my husband and I made … ahh …”

He looks down his long nose at her, and with a grumpy look on his face, says “Hmmm … I see.  Well, I didn’t see any problems but lets put that on hold for now, okay.”

Alex’s face turns a light shade of pink, and she mumbles, “Yes, sir.” The doctor turns away, to hide a smile and leaves the room.


Six days later, Alex is lying in the hospital bed, her blonde hair tousled on the pillow and her face drawn up in pain.

Walker leans closer and takes her hand. She squeezes so tightly that his fingers ache. He watches as her face scrunches up with pain and sweat glistens on her forehead. He wrings out a cloth in a basin of cold water and places it on her forehead.

“Has the pain gone away?”

“For a few minutes. Oh, Walker, this is awful. Worse than anything I’ve ever gone through before. I don’t think I can stand another one.”

“You could always ask for the epidural.”

“No! I want it natural and ... natural it’ll be.”

Her face twists with the pain of yet another contraction and she arches in agony, then rolls up and whimpers in the pillow, grabbing for his hand again.

“Alex Walker,” he whispers, bending over to draw her hair away from her face. “You’re the most beautiful woman on earth and I love you!”

She groans and rolls her head from side to side on the pillow, and he becomes still, feeling helpless and worried. He holds her hand and wipes the sweat from her face and kisses her forehead, letting her feel his love, letting her know that he’s there.

Endless hours later, as he is holding her hand through one of her resting spells, her water breaks, and then everything begins moving at a faster pace. The doctor comes into the room, checks Alex and the room is readied for the delivery of their baby.

Now the pushing begins in earnest. Each contraction that racks her body has Walker and Alex working together to bring this baby into the world. Walker talking her through each one as it bears down on her. Alex straining to expel the baby from her body.

When the baby finally slides out, Alex falls back into Walker’s arms exhausted. Smiles light up their faces as the doctor lays the baby on Alex’s stomach to cut the cord. Walker holds her up to see their baby, her labor of love, a healthy boy.

The baby lies there scowling, his face screwed up in intensity, and then yowling. He has a lot of thick red hair, still streaked with dampness and while they watch, the infant yawns, lifts a wrinkled hand, palm out, and holds it against his cheek, then sneezes.

At the sound of the tiny sneeze, Walker’s heart melts and he leans his head against Alex, “You did a great job, sweetheart,” he says huskily, kissing her again. “You made a beautiful baby.”

We made a beautiful baby, darling,” she murmurs, eyes full of tears as she stares at the small piece of humanity that they just brought into this world. “I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“Mr. Walker, if you’ll leave for a few minutes, maybe make a few phone calls, we’ll get your wife and son cleaned up then you can come back and stay with them for awhile longer.”

Walker leans over and kisses Alex softly, “I love you, very much. I’ll … call your Dad, and Jimmy and C.D., and I’ll be right back. I love you.” Presses her head to his chest, squeezes her hand, another kiss and he backs toward the door not wanting to take his eyes away from her.

It’s more than an hour later before they allow him back into the room. He pushes open the door and when he sees Alex sitting up in bed holding their son in her arms, he feels very special and a little awed by the prospect of raising a child. But he makes a vow right then and there, that he will do everything in his power to be there for his wife and his son. And with the good Lord willing maybe two or three more children, as well.

His eyes are bright with moisture as he moves close to Alex and kisses her cheek. “Is he awake?”

“No, not now.” She looks up into his face, “Darling, he looks so much like you. The broad shoulders, the red hair, his chin.”

“But he has your eyes and how do you know he has my chin, Alex? You can’t see my chin.”

She giggles and traces her fingers around his chin, “I can just tell.” Alex lays the baby on the bed between them and unwraps him, in a voice filled with love, murmurs, “Oh, God, Walker, isn’t he beautiful. Our baby, darling, isn’t he just perfect.”  

As Walker watches Alex gently caressing the tiny body, he feels the tears building up behind his eyelids at the perfect little miniature person that is his son.  Walker touches the little hand and the baby’s fingers close around his, holding tight, bringing a lump to his throat.

“How big?”

“He came in just under nine pounds and he’s 21 inches long.”

“That’s pretty big, isn’t it?” Shakes the baby’s hand gently, he leans in bringing his face closer to the baby’s, “Poor Mom. No wonder she had such a hard time with you.” He leans over and raising his finger slightly places a kiss on the tiny fingers. “What name did you pick out honey?’

“I thought we could name him after our fathers, honey. John Gordon Walker. How’s that sound to you?”

With a voice husky with emotion, “That sounds fine to me. How about you son?”

Just then the nurse comes in to check the baby and change his diaper, “Mr. Walker, you need to let your wife get some rest now, also this big guy, too.  You can come back in the morning and stay just as long as you like.”

Walker nods at her and moves up next to Alex. “It is pretty late, almost midnight. I have to take care of the horse yet,” he sits on the edge of the bed, takes her hand in his, “I’ll be here early. When do you think they’ll let you go home? I’ve already put in for leave so I’ll be off for the next couple of weeks.”

“I don’t know, hon, maybe tomorrow, or Friday.” She yawns and snuggles down farther into the bed. Walker hits the button to lower the bed flat, so she can sleep. “I don’t like the idea of you not being beside me.”

“You’re so tired you’ll never miss me.” Leans over and kisses her softly, stands and pulls the covers up around her chin. “Sleep well, honey, I’ll see you in the morning.” She’s asleep before he gets out of the room.


Alex slowly pulls herself awake, blinking her eyes, she notices the strange room, but when she moves, her sore body and full breasts, remind her that she gave birth to their son, last night. She stretches her arms up over her head and opens her eyes fully and sees the love of her life sitting in the chair next to the bed holding a tiny bundle wrapped in blue. “Hi, Cowboy.”

He flashes her a smile, a smile full of love, as he holds his son, “Good morning, honey. You look rested.”

Just then the nurse comes in, “Well, Mr. Walker, you’re here early.” She reaches for the baby, “Let’s get this big boy changed so he can have his first meal.” Walker reluctantly hands John to the nurse and moves over to stand at the side of the bed next to Alex.

Alex reaches for Walker’s hand and waits with nervous anticipation, “Is he hungry?”

“This big boy?  Oh, yes, probably ready for steak and potatoes.”

“Well,” a nervous giggle, as she opens the gown and drops the flap on her nursing bra, “I don’t think that’s on the menu,” she takes the baby in her arms and softly murmurs, “Good morning, John.”  With his arms flailing, and a cry of indignation, Alex puts him to her breast. He roots around in panic then latches on to the nipple and begins nursing with lusty energy.

Alex looks up into Walker’s eyes, than they both turn to watch the baby. “Let him nurse on this breast for five or ten minutes then switch him to the other. Then the next time begin with the right breast.” The nurse watches for a few seconds then quietly leaves the room.

They watch as the baby vigorously nurses, his little hand lying against her breast, sometimes his fingers closes into a soft fist only to open against her breast again. She turns to look at Walker, and sees the moisture in his eyes. He leans down to kiss her softly then they both turn their eyes back to the baby.


The week following the return of the Walker family to the ranch is a memorable one. After all the visitors have come and gone, Alex tries to set up a routine for feeding the baby that is suitable to everyone but comes to the realization that no matter what routine they setup the baby will have the final say so.

With the baby on a demand schedule, (baby demands, baby gets fed) Alex is lucky to get four hours of uninterrupted sleep. Since Walker is unable to help with the feedings, he takes over the other household chores. Washing clothes, cleaning house and he’s getting proficient in the kitchen, too, with the help of Alex’s cookbooks. Alex learns to sleep when the baby sleeps. At the end of Walker’s two-week leave, John is starting to sleep most of the night, with only a setback once in a while.

Walker slips out the door to stand on the porch watching as the stars fill the sky.  Tomorrow he goes back to work. He has enjoyed being home, watching his son pack on the ounces, and getting the feel of being a father.  This past two weeks has been the happiest that he can remember. Ever since he proposed to Alex, his life has taken on a whole new dimension. And it just keeps getting better every day.

His mind is so consumed with thoughts of his life and how lucky he is that he doesn’t hear when Alex comes out the door. He jumps slightly when she comes up behind him and slides her arms around his waist, and murmurs softly, “Penny for your thoughts, cowboy.”

“Umm … just thinking about you and that little guy upstairs. And how very lucky I am.”

She tightens her arms and murmurs softly, “I know, I feel the same way. Like heaven has been dropped in our laps, and still a little awed by it all.”

“Uh huh. Heaven. And I have to leave it and go back to work tomorrow.”

She doesn’t say anything, but snuggles closer and just wishes these past two weeks could last forever.


Monday morning, the sun barely showing, Alex wakes and stretches, turns to snuggle up to her husband, only to find him gone. She turns back over and sits up to see him, with just his jeans on, entering their bedroom carrying their son.

“Good Morning!  I didn’t hear him, is he hungry?” Her voice still full of sleep.

Walker grins at her, “Well, he seems to be pretty content so far, but I imagine he’ll be hungry soon.” He sits down beside her on the bed, cradling the baby in his arms close to his chest. The eyes of the baby are locked on his daddy’s face, peering very intently at the bearded face in front of him.

When Alex croons softly, “Good morning sweetheart, how’s our little man today?” His eyes begin looking for the recognized voice of his mother. When his eyes find hers, he frantically begins wiggling, and his mouth begins the sucking motion.

Walker smiles, and softly murmurs,  “He knows your voice.”

“Probably because I talk to him while he’s nursing. He knows your face when he sees you, now you need to talk to him, let him learn your voice, too.”

“Here Momma, he knows where his food his.” He waits until her breast is bared than slips the baby into her arms.  He looks into Alex’s eyes, “I’m just a tab bit jealous that he gets your breast and I don’t.” He leans over settling his lips over hers, lingering a bit to long, as he feels the pangs of desire building. “I want you so much it hurts,” he whispers.  Moving his lips across her cheek than to her ear before moving back to her mouth. He kisses her softly and pulls back. “I need to get ready for work.”

“Darling, tonight, maybe we can…” Giving him a pleading look as he stands.

He smiles softly at her, “I’m looking forward to it.” Kisses her once more before going into the bathroom.  He comes out and sits on the edge of the bed to pull his boots on. “Don’t you overdo things today, okay?”

“I won’t.” He leans over and kisses her and turns to go out the door.

“Be careful, honey.”

He stops at the door and looks back at her, “Always. See you both tonight.”


Walker receives a lot of congratulations on his new fatherhood, and a lot of teasing from the Rangers that are family men, about his life would never be the same. Babies, they said, have a tendency to change the whole world. After everyone leaves him, he turns to sit down at his desk, and picks up the first folder from a stack of many, opens it but just stares at it. All he can think of is the family he had left back at the ranch, wondering how Alex is making out, and wishing he were there with her.


Finally giving up on doing any paper work, “Come on Trivette, we need to check out the witness to that robbery yesterday.” Walker grabs his hat and heads for the door with Trivette right behind him. On the way a call comes in about a jewelry store robbery on 7th Street, just four blocks over.

Trivette picks up the mike, “This is Ranger Trivette, we’re on that robbery.” Walker hits the siren and the gas pedal as his mind instinctively kicks into Ranger mode. Mind alert, eyes seeing everything. He shuts off the siren a block away and cruises up to the back of the store. Spotting the get-away car in the alley, it takes but a minute to put the driver to sleep.

“Trivette give me five minutes than use the bullhorn out front.” Trivette grabs the bullhorn as Walker eases the back door open. Trivette makes his way to the front of the store and gives Walker his five minutes, then begins his spiel. “Texas Rangers, we have you covered, put down your weapons and come out with you hands in the air.” Trivette repeats the warning once more and when he hears glass breakage, he moves up close enough to look into the window. One robber is stretched out on the floor and Walker is wrestling with two others in the center of the store. He storms through the front door in time to grab one man who was ready to fire at Walker.  Chopping his arm down, the gun flies out of the robber’s hand sliding across the floor. Trivette gives him one good kick to his mid-section and a hard right to his nose and a second man is on the floor. Trivette looks up in time to see the man that Walker is fighting take a punch to the nose and then take Walker’s famous spinning back kick to his head. Three men on the floor.

Walker looks up to see a big smile on Trivette’s face and matches it with one of his own. “Just like old times, huh, pard?”

“Yeah, Trivette, it is. It feels good, too.”

“Well, I know one thing, fatherhood sure never slowed you down any.”

“Thanks Trivette. Lets get these guys called in, I wanna call Alex, make sure she’s not overdoing it.”

On the ride back to Ranger Headquarters, Walker dials his home, and listens to the rings, waiting for Alex to pick up. He lets it ring at least 20 times but no answer. “Hmmm … maybe she taking a shower. I’ll call back later.”

Trivette sees the worry lines gather around his partner’s eyes, but decides not to comment. When they arrive back at headquarters, Walker goes straight to his desk and the phone. Punches in his home number and listens. This time when Trivette sees the worry on his partner’s face, “Maybe she’s outside, Walker. It’s a nice day, maybe she took the baby out to enjoy the sunshine.”

“Yeah, maybe.” He spends the next hour writing up the report on the incident at the jewelry store, with several calls made home. By the time he finishes the report he is as edgy as a bear right out of hibernation. “Trivette, I’m going home. I have to see if they are all right.” He grabs his hat and takes off out of the room.

When Walker stops the truck in front of the house, he has second thoughts about checking up on Alex.  ‘I don’t want her to think that I don’t believe she can handle things by herself.’ He pauses with his hand on the door handle, “Well, I’m here now. Too late to back out.” He gets out of the truck and starts toward the house, that’s when he sees the door standing wide open. His fears return and he makes a dash up the steps and into the house. “Alex!” Not waiting for an answer he takes the stairs at a run, checking their bedroom first, then the nursery. Finding the rooms empty, he flies down stairs, glancing into the living room as he heads for the kitchen. No where! The house is empty!  Turning around in the kitchen to start back to the living room, his hears the lilting refrain of a lullaby.  He slowly edges toward the back door and looks out into the backyard.  Alex is sitting in a chaise lounge feeding the baby, and singing.  He just stands and stares at the beautiful sight. His heart fills to bursting as he watches the picture in front of him. He doesn’t move until she finishes the song, than he quietly pushes open the screen door and walks toward her.

Alex senses Walker’s presence and has a smile already in place when she looks up to see him coming toward her. As before the baby was born, the appearance of his father brings on frantic wiggling that only ceases when Walker reaches down to rub his hand over the baby’s head. Feeling his father’s touch, he pulls away from his mother’s breast to look up into his father’s eyes, feeling the connection between them.

As the baby quiets and resumes his nursing, “Darling, this is a nice surprise. Surely you’re not taking a day off already?”

“No, not really. I’ve got to go back. I got worried. I’ve tried to call you all morning and when I didn’t get an answer … I panicked I guess.”

“Oh, honey, I’m sorry. We’ve been outside most of the morning. Napping and being just plain lazy.”  She reaches up to cup his chin in her hands drawing him down for a kiss. “And trying to get use to not having you around. We both miss you. Too bad they don’t give new father’s maternity leave, too.”

He kneels down next to her chair, takes the baby’s hand in his, kisses the fingers, “I wish. But I guess I’d better get back. I kinda left Trivette in the lurch.” Kisses her softly, stands, reluctantly moves away from them, “I’ll see you tonight, hon, and you just be lazy, you’ve earned it.” And taking the smile she gives him, he turns and walks away.


Over the next few weeks, Walker and Alex settle into a routine, and all seem to be thriving as a family. But as one week passes into two and then a third, Alex begins to feel a sense of restlessness that she is uncomfortable with and not knowing why, is causing her to doubt herself as a good mother. Why does she watch her husband go to work every morning with envy, when she loves being at home with the baby.  She thoroughly enjoys her time with the baby and wouldn’t give it up for anything but she also misses the feeling of satisfaction when she has won a hard fought battle in court. As the baby takes less and less of her time, the mundane chores of a housewife leave her with a feeling of emptiness.

Walker can feel the change in Alex but can’t put a finger on just exactly what it is. He tries to be more attentive, and she seems responsive to his actions but something is missing. Alex is wanting to go back to work but is ashamed to say anything to Walker, not wanting him to think less of her as a mother.

Walker knows that Alex has her six-week checkup coming and insists that she make a day of it, getting her hair done, her nails or whatever she feels like. Maybe even planning a lunch date with several of her friends.

“Walker, I can’t do that.”

“And why not. I’ll take the day off and me and John can get to know each other better.”

Alex looks at Walker with a smile on her face, “And how may I ask, do you plan on feeding him?”

“Well, why can’t you pump your breast, for that day? You have before, in an emergency. While this isn’t an emergency, it will do you good to get away for a day.”

“Walker, I don’t think…”

He looks hard into her eyes, “Don’t you think I can take care of him?”

“Darling, I know you can. It’s just…” She pauses, thinking of a day out, selfishly thinking only of herself, “Do you think it would be all right?”

“Honey, I think it’s exactly what you need. No one expects you to devote all your time to taking care of John. You have to take care of yourself, too, or you won’t be totally there for him. It will be good for you and him. And me. I like to take him one on one, too.”

She feels the tears fill her eyes, and folds up into his arms, “I have been a little up tight, haven’t I?”

“Well, maybe a little. Now, go call your friends and set up a lunch date, okay?”


Alex still a little apprehensive about leaving John, but she knows that Walker will take good care of him. So with a smile on her face she looks up into the mirror and sees her husband holding their baby watching her as she puts on the finishing touches of her make-up. She stands and moves up to him, “How do I look?”

“Beautiful. Honey, you always look beautiful to me. Dressed to the hilt or wearing nothing at all.” He slides his free arm around her waist, pulling her close and kissing her softly on the lips. “Which is the way I like you best.”

“You would.” She returns his kiss and adds another one. “Maybe I’ll have some good news when I get back.”

“Hmmm … I sure hope so. But right now, you just concentrate on having a fun day, okay?”

Downstairs he watches from the open door as she stands at her car, one arm in the air waving at him, then she gets in the car and leaves.


“Well, John, what’s it going to be first. Oh, oh, I guess it eating time, right?” He takes a bottle of breast milk, (Alex had pumped earlier), warmed it to body temperature, then takes John outside in the warm sunshine and to sit in the swing to feed him.

Putting John down in his crib to sleep, “Now, little man, I’ve got a lot to do before your Mom gets home, so I guess I’d better get with it.” He leans over and kisses his son on the forehead then quietly leaves the room.

Going into their bedroom, he strips the bed and remakes it with the black satin sheets he had gotten earlier. He went to the closet and took a box out that he had hidden in back and set it on a chair. He takes out candle after candle and places them around the room. After which he pulls out the package lying in the bottom of the box, opens it and takes out a sheer, white, shimmering negligee, lying it on the foot of the bed. The last thing taken from the box is a spray bottle of lavender spray that he sprays lavishly around the room. He sets the bottle on the dresser by the door for another quick spray just before Alex is due home.  He turns and looks back into the room, and desire begins building with the anticipation of what’s to come.

He checks on John before heading downstairs to get two filets out of the freezer. Scrubs two potatoes for baking later, and mixes up a salad, covers it, and returns it to the refrigerator.  As he finishes setting up the table, with two candles and two place settings, he hears a whimper coming from upstairs.  

He dashes up stairs, peeks into the nursery to see John trying to wake up. Arms and legs kicking, with a soft whimper thrown in as a warning of what is to come.  When John catches site of Walker leaning over the crib, he becomes still and his lips curve into a smile. Walker’s heart skips a beat at the smile. John has smiled at Alex several times but this is the first that he has given his daddy.  Walker picks him up and as he changes his diaper, begins talking in a low soothing voice telling him about the horses, his Cherokee relatives, and “Maybe one day I’ll take you in to watch your mom in the courtroom. She would like that. You’d be proud of your mom.”

He takes John downstairs, heats a bottle and sits down in the recliner to feed him.  Walker comes awake with a tickling in his nose. Opening his eyes, he sees the baby lying on his stomach on Walker’s chest. Every time he breathes in, a few strands of John’s thick red hair is drawn upward into his nostril, hence the tickling. He smiles, takes his hand and rubs it over John’s head and glances at the clock. ‘WHOA! Alex will be here in less than an hour. I’ve got just enough time to put John down and get me a shower.’


When Alex opens the front door, she shuts her eyes and inhales the aroma of steaks grilling, baked potatoes, and a slight whiff of lavender. Feeling him close, she opens her eyes to see Walker standing in front of her, with his most seductive smile on his lips, which are settling lightly over hers. She whispers against his lips, “How did you know?”

His voice thick with desire, “I wished it so.” His lips slide across her cheek to her ear, touching every nook and cranny with his tongue, but when he begins doing things just behind her ear, she feels like her knees have turned to water. He finally reaches out to touch her, “Come on, dinner’s ready.”

“Dinner? I was hoping we could go straight to desert.” She puts her arms around his neck pulling his head down to capture his lips again, begins probing with her tongue.

His tongue wraps around hers as she enters his mouth, taking his breath away, “Alex, first we eat, than we can play, without interruptions.” He pulls back and that’s when she notices that he is dressed in black. Black loose dress pants, and a black shirt open to his waist, sleeves rolled up to his forearms. ‘God,’ she thinking, ‘he looks sexy as hell.’

With his arm around her waist, he guides her into the dining room, pulls her chair out and seats her. “You stay right here, I’ll be right back.”  She watches him disappear into the kitchen, to return a few minutes later with two steaming plates.

For the most part the dinner goes uneaten, as they can’t seem to take their eyes off of each other. He whispers softly, “I take it you aren’t very hungry either.”

“Well … I am. But only for you.” When she sees Walker stand and hold out his hand for her, she wastes no time in joining him.

He pulls her close, bringing his lips down on hers with such passion she almost loses it right there. Feeling his rock hard arousal against her belly, she presses hard against him. He kisses her with such abandon that her head is spinning and desire is building to a seismic level inside her, ready to burst forth any second. “Walker, please…”

He picks her up in his arms and carries her up the stairs and as he pushes open the door, the aroma of lavender fills her senses. The light of numerous candles flickering brings tears to her eyes as she realizes he did this for her. As he lets her slide down his body, she clings to his neck and murmurs softly. “Oh, Cordell, I love you so much.”

He walks her backwards to the bed, and in a husky voice, “I know it won’t stay on long, but please, would you …?” He picks up the sheer white negligee holds it out to her.

She gasps, “Oh, Cordell, it’s beautiful.” Staring into his eyes she takes it from him and goes into the bathroom.

Walker dashes into the nursery to check on the baby, who is sleeping very soundly. When he returns to the bedroom he manages to get his shirt, boots and socks off before she returns to stand shyly at the door of the bathroom. With just the candle light for illumination, the startling figure in front of him takes his breath away. A whisper, “Oh, God.” And as she takes a tentative step toward him, “Oh, God, you’re beautiful.” And when she walks into his waiting arms he feels like this must be what heaven is like.

He slowly brushes his lips across hers, feels the tingling starting in his toes. Then he gently covers her lips with his, tasting her, then readjusts his mouth on hers, touching her lips with his tongue, before entering the sweet honeyed cavern exploring its depths, dancing with her tongue, bringing soft moans from deep down inside her. His kisses devouring her, like he can’t get enough of her taste. His hands begin sliding over her soft skin, caressing, bringing her senses to a sweet awareness of his desire.

Her body is being played like a fine violin, and her senses are humming as sensations on top of sensations begin flowing through her. She feels a climax rising, “Cordell,” she whispers and as it plows through her with an exploding force, her knees buckle. Holding her against him, he slips the negligee over her head and lets his hands graze over her desire, sensitive skin.  Each new place he touches sends ripples of pleasure across her skin. He slides his hands down to cup her bottom, to pull her up against his throbbing erection. He moans into her hair, trying hard to keep himself under control, wanting to make this a night they will both remember.

“Walker, I can’t wait…”

“Let it go baby. Let it go.” He whispers huskily. And she does. The orgasm hits her hard, collapsing her against him. He picks her up then and lays her down on the satin sheets, stretching out beside her, holding her tight as she comes down, kissing her tenderly. His hands move down to cup her, his fingers barely touching her, bringing a throaty growl from her as her hips thrust up, “Oh, God … Walker … please…” When his finger slides into the warm wet heat, she cries out, her hips moving with the rhythm of his fingers. Her body shudders violently as he replaces his fingers with his tongue, bringing her quickly to another climax. As sensations of ecstasy shoot through her, he lifts her hips up and slides into her, deeply, filling her completely. Feeling her muscles constrict around him as the orgasm takes her, he slowly starts his drive to release.  Going slow until she begins moving with him, wanting to take her with him this time. As passion builds to a dangerous level, the thrusts become faster, deeper until both succumb to the explosion that blasts through them leaving their hearts beating wildly, and bodies slick with their exertion.

They snuggle together, hearts and breathing finally easing, tangled together, content and satisfied.

Several minutes later, “Darling, if this is what it’s like after only six weeks, what would it be like after two months?”

His voice muffled by the pillow, “We’d probably kill each other.”

Alex giggles, “You’re probably right.”  She kisses his shoulder because that’s the closest part of him she can touch with out moving.  “Darling?”


“You’re wet.”

“I know.”

“I mean you’re wet from my milk, I’m draining all over you.” He rolls over then and looks at her and indeed her breasts are seeping. He leans over and gently takes her breast into his mouth, tasting her milk.

“Walker?” He lets go of her nipple and kisses her softly on the lips.

“Just wanted to see what I was missing.”

They get up then, strip the bed, and while Walker showers, Alex pumps her breasts. After he remakes the bed, they climb back in, knowing that John will be waking before to much longer.

Nestled together, “Alex, I think you ought to consider going back to work. At least part time.”

She sits up and stares at him. “Walker…?”

He pulls her back down into his arms, “Wait, now hear me out. You miss the challenge of the court system, honey, you know you do. I can feel it. I asked the doctor about it yesterday, and he could see no reason you couldn’t, part time anyway, until your strength got build back up. Would you like to try it?”

“Oh, Cordell, I’ve thought how much I miss it, but was afraid it would show I didn’t care about being a mother. Being a mother will always come first but I can’t deny I haven’t missed work.”

“I know. I got to thinking how I felt the first day back, the excitement, and I knew you had to miss it, too, especially since law has been your life for so long.”

“I guess this is where careers and parenting kinda butt heads, huh.  It won’t be easy to take on both, but I’ve got a feeling the rewards will be out of this world.”

“I think you’re right, Alex,” just then a cry from the nursery, brings smiles to their faces, “and that little man in there is the biggest reward so far.

The End